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1981-1984 :: Brooke Shields

December 21, 2009

March 31st 1981, Brooke Shields asks him to dance at the Oscars

Portrait of Brooke Shields hanging at Neverland

On how they first met in 1981, Conversations with Rabbi Shmuley, 2000/1

MJ: Now Brooke Shields, she was one of the loves of my life. We dated a lot. Her pictures were all over my walls and mirrors. I was at the Academy Awards with Diana Ross and she just came up to me and said, “Hi, I’m Brooke Shields. Are you going to the after pary?” I said, “Yeah,” and I just melted. I was about twenty three… during Off The Wall. I thought, “Does, she know[that photographs of her are] all over my room?” And we went on the dance floor. And man we exchanged numbers and I was up all night, spinning around in my room, just so happy. She was classy. We had one encounter when she got real intimate and I chickened out. And I shouldn’t have.

Brett Ratner interviewing Michael, 2003

Brett: Any posters in your bedroom as kid and of who?

MJ: Yeah, Brooke Shields. Everywhere. My sisters would get jealous and tear them off the wall.

Brett: Really? (both laughing) Brooke Shields? Okay.

Brooke Shields,

I met him when I was 13 (note: she was 15 in March 1981). There were a handful of child stars at the time – actress Jodie Foster, Michael and myself among them – and we were friends because we shared an understanding of how difficult life was in the public eye. When we were together, we were in a safe place. We could be ourselves.”

Ola Ray on the filming of Thriller (Oct 1983), 03/02/2008

Ola and Michael became good friends during the two-week shoot. “I teased him, saying I wanted to be his girl,” she says. Ola Ray remembered Michael talking a lot about Brooke Shields between takes.

“I had a crush on Michael myself and I would have loved to have been his girl but at the time he was interested in Brooke Shields,” Ola explains.

Michael is seen with Brooke at Princeton, sometime 1983-1987

After working in the dining hall in various capacities for 27 years, Wilder has seen it all. He has been witness to fraternity pledges wearing diapers and pink leotards — dressed as Cupid — to meals, and has even seen actress Brooke Shields ’87 and singer Michael Jackson on campus.

Rcokwell, 1984

Michael is having an affair with Brooke Shields and sees her a lot. Every time I talk to him about her he smiles and seems to be very, very happy. I keep saying to him ”Do I hear wedding bells, Michael?” and he breaks into a big grin. But he dates other women, including a former Miss Universe and Tatum O’Neal. He’s also very clsoe to Diana Ross but he isn’t obsessed with her.

16th January, 11th Annual American Music Awards 1984

February 7, 1984 New York Metropolitan Museum of Natural History to receive awards from CBS & The Guinness Book Of World Records to celebrate Thriller as the largest-selling album of all time

Evening Independant 17 Feb 1984

February 28th 1984, 26th Annual Grammy Awards

Circa 1984,

Michael narrating his private home movies of the ’84 Grammy’s,

(Scene of Michael and Brooke Shields leaving their car at an awards ceremony):

Girls: Michael! Michael!

Reporter: I was wondering if you’d…

(Walking to the Grammies; Clip labelled Grammy Awards 1984)

MJ: Oh this is on the way to the Grammy’s. I had gotten a record thirteen, I think, thirteen nominations for Thriller. And we, well, I didn’t know what was gonna happen really. That’s Emmanuel Lewis, one of my best friends.

Brooke: Oh you’re here too, Emmanuel (laughs)…Brilliant!


MJ: Oh there’s my man. The real creator of rock n roll, Chuck Berry.

(Chuck Berry lifting Brooke Shields)

Brooke: (laughing) I’m Michael’s size remember!


Brooke: I’ll take that as a compliment.

MJ: Emmanuel. He started to rope onto her dress! He’s a flirt. See, I liked her and he liked her too. So, it’s competition.

JET 27th Feb 1984

March 12, 1984, US magazine

Right On Magazine, March, 1984

Now,let’s talk about Brooke and her thing with Michael. She says they’re just friends and her mom is telling everybody the same thing. But their comments haven’t hushed up the gossips, who are still whispering that there’s some hot love affair going on.

Don’t believe it. All you have to do is see those two together and you know, there’s nothing going on. Like Brooke says, they’re just friends.

Its the most innocent-looking relationship you ever want to see. She’s more like a fancy decoration than a girlfriend.

And why is Brooke doing this? She’s no dummy. Its great publicity for her. Hanging out with Michael has gotten her more publicity than she’s ever had. What’s funny is that she’s getting all this attention by playing second fiddle to Michael.

When they’re out together, he’s the star. He’s the one everyone wants to talk to and photograph. Publically, she says she doesn’t mind taking a back seat to Michael, but privately, she’s telling her pals that she minds very much. After all Brooke has a big ego.

But all the publicity she’s gotten through Michael hasn’t helped her film career. Her new film Sahara, doesn’t look like a box-office smash.

The word around Hollywood is that this publicity is working against her. After all, she is white and Michael is black. They may be big stars but they’re still an interracial couple. A lot of people are turned off by interracial dating. Michael is such a superstar that very little could effect his popularity. But Brooke is in a different position. Its possible that people who don’t like interracial relationships are turning their back on Brooke.

One thing for sure Brooke has made a lot of enemies among black females. She was with Michael at the New York party, at the Grammys and the American Music Awards. She was getting some nasty stares from black females at those three events. It was particularly bad at the New York party. Black ladies there were really giving her dirty looks. If dirty looks could kill, Brooke would be in the graveyard now.

“Growing Up In The Jackson Family” Latoya’s Autobio (pub. 1991)

Around the same time Michael was recuperating, the press was linking him romantically with Brooke Shields, the actress and model. My brother had been as sheltered from the opposite sex as I was. He too believed that sex came after marriage, and marriage was the goal of dating. Up till then he’d had only one close friendship, with Tatum O’Neal in the late 1970s. Tatum, just fifteen then, was in some ways more sophisticated than Michael, running with an older, faster crowd. We always found it so strange that her father, actor Ryan O’Neal, regularly left her and her younger brother Griffin unsupervised for days at a time, but for them, and many kids in Hollywood, that was considered normal.

I recall so many times when I’ve seen famous children, sometimes not even in their teens, in the company of adults known to drink, use drugs, and who knows what else. Perhaps some of my siblings lost their childhoods, but it was to work, not drugs or alcohol. Very few Hollywood children ever really get to be kids.

Despite the press’s portrayal, Michael and Brooke’s relationship was a friendship, plain and simple – at least in Michael’s mind. It was obvious to Janet and me that she had other ideas. About to watch a movie with us at home, Brooke would declare, “I’m going to sit by Michael,” grabbing his hand. “Michael, where are we going to sit?”

Janetn and I concurred that she was a bit forward, especially when she started making plans for them as a couple. Brooke longed to accompany Michael to the two upcoming American Music Awards and the Grammys, and pestered him about it every chance she got.

“Michael, I’m going to be your date, right?” For a supposed question, it sure had a ring of finality to it. “It’s going to be you and me.”

“Well…” Michael laughed nervously. Just like when it came to business, he could never say no. He turned to me and whispered urgently, “La Toya, say something.”

“It’s your problem,” I hissed out of the side of my mouth.

“… Uh, I don’t know if I’m going to take anybody or not,” he replied at last, though to no avail.

“Sure you are,” Brooke said happily. “The two of us are going.”

Later Michael cornered me and asked, “La Toya, how can I tell her no?”

“You just have to tell her, Mike.”

Janet, who really couldn’t stand Brooke, calling her “Giraffe Butt” behind her back, eagerly offered, “Let me tell her!”

Michael surrendered, “No,” he sighed. “I guess I’ll have to tell her. But you know” — he lowered his voice — “She tried to kiss me!”

“She did?”

“Yea, she’s more aggressive than she looks.”

This was a common scenario. Other women, probably attracted to Michael’s relative innocence, approached him even more directly. But other women were simply friends, and he receieved many gifts from them, which he took as thoughtful tokens of their affection. One famous actress gave him a set of beautiful gray silk sheets monogrammed with her initials, ET. We thought they were so sumptuous and pretty: we never thought there was anything untoward about the gesture.

McCall’s May 1984

“She is the most sincere, understanding and interesting girl I’ve ever known,” Michael has said of Brooke. “We talk on the phone for hours without getting bored.”

The Ledger, 29th May 1984

Shields says Jackson won’t give her a “really, real answer”

The Ledger, 5th July 1984

The Ledger, 3rd Aug 1984

Contact Music, August 1984

BROOKE SHIELDS wanted to give former boyfriend MICHAEL JACKSON the perfect present for his birthday when they dated in the 1980s – a life-sized mannequin modelled on her.

The actress, then 19, begged her mother TERI to contact London company ADEL ROOTSTEIN to create her likeness for the THRILLER star.

But her dreams were dashed when she was told she would need to take three weeks out of her busy schedule for the figure to be made.

Managing director MICHAEL SOUTHGATE recalls, “I presumed it was because Brooke was launching jeans. But Teri just wanted one as Michael Jackson’s birthday present.”

But the gift would have been welcomed by Jackson, who previously said, “I like to talk to them. I surround myself with people I want to be my friends. And I can do that with mannequins.”

Cornflakes with John Lennon, Robert Hilburn, Re: Victory tour post concert party: (Los Angeles Victory tour sometime Nov 11th -9th of Dec 1984)

He [Michael] hinted that his relationship with Brooke Shields was more serious, but what I saw at his postconcert party in Los Angeles left me with doubts. Rather than staying at the house in Encino, Michael had booked a suite at a downtown hotel. Brooke and her mother showed up early, but sat for more than an hour in chairs near the door. Michael, meanwhile, was in his bedroom a few feet away, pillow fighting with a half-dozen five- and six-year-olds. He did come into the living room to say hello to a few celebrity guests, but then went right back into the bedroom to watch cartoons-all out of Brooke’s sight. Finally, Brooke’s mother had had enough and they both left. (Hilburn, Corn Flakes with John Lennon, p. 160)

Ebony, December 1984

User: PressProdx, Google Groups sighting, Mar 12 1997

When I went to GradNite during high school– 1984… we saw Michael Jackson and Brooke Shields get off of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad just as we were getting on!

Pittsburg Post Gazette, 16 Jan 1985

Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 16 Jan 1985

Latoya Jackson says in the February issue of McCall’s magazine that Jackson’s other regular phone friends are Jane Fonda, Quincy Jones and Brooke Shields. “Michael and Brooke have been friends for a long time,” she said, but she denied any romance between the two stars, who have been seen together at televised events.

“Michael had no intention of taking Brooke to those award shows,” Latoya said, “but she asked to go and he wouldn’t say no.”

She recalled that Miss Shields had visited Jackson’s parents home and asked him to escort her. Michael looked to his sister for advice, McCall’s said.

“It’s up to you,” Miss Jackson said she told him.

“But I can’t take her,” she said he replied.”

“Then tell her,” she shot back.

But, she said, “Michael ended up with her, even though he knew that careerwise it wouldn’t be a good move. His fans don’t like to see Michael with a girl because they’re all hoping he likes them.”

JET 15 july 1985

TV Guide, Volume  33, 1985

And Brooke Shields sent my producer, Andrea Davis, off on a desperate last- minute search for nail polish so she could get ready for her date that night after the news, a date with Michael Jackson.

Jermaine Jackson, Company Magazine, Mid 80s,

Jermaine in an interview with Company magazine denies that Michael’s dates with Brooke Shields and Tatum O’Neal were a smokescreen to hide that he was a homosexual.

He said:”No part of is serious because I know he really like Brooke.

”He plays the dating game and goes out to the movies with girls and has fun.

”Michael will marry. He’s just trying to find the right person, that’s all.”

Tatiana Thumbtzen’s Autobio, Bad Tour, Feb, 1988

In the dressing room, I wanted to take off my makeup, but there were celebrities everywhere! One of the reporters teamed me up with a very tall Brooke Shields. I saw La Toya, Michael’s sister from a distance and I decided to join her. We stood talking and someone from the press asked us to pose for a photo which was later published in Rolling Stone. That magazine photo was one of the coolest experiences in my life.

Michael Jackson, Moonwalk autobio, 1988

Another love was Brooke Shields. We were romantically serious for a while. There have been a lot of wonderful women in my life, women whose names wouldn’t mean anything to the readers of this book, and it would be unfair to discuss them because they are not celebrities and are unaccustomed to having their names in print. I value my privacy and therefore I respect theirs as well.

Pittsburg Post Gazette, 5 Jan 1989

Slash on the recording of Give In To Me, Dangerous sessions 1990-1

“Hey Slasher, Michael Jackson is trying to get in touch with you,” said our manager. “He wants you to play on his record.”

“‘Oh wow!’ I said. ‘Okay.’ The next call was from Michael himself. ‘Hello Slash,’ he said in his typically nervous, timid voice, and off we went from there.

“I was flattered and I was intimidated but the sessions came off great. We did two songs – the cooler one was Give In To Me, which was like a new take on his song Dirty Diana.

“Michael was there with Brooke Shields, who he was dating at the time.

“It was trippy and the studio was dimly lit. I shook hands with them both and played.

“‘I really want to thank you so much for being on my album,’ Michael said. ‘I really can’t wait to hear what you come up with!’

“Then they split, and went off to dinner.”

Recording of Dangerous 1990/1, Sam L. Parity

Brooke Shields used to call him on the phone a lot. This was the pre-cell phone era, so I would usually answer his calls and then have to go find him in the studio. She was always really nice to me.

Brooke Shields Redbook, July 1991

When it comes to love, there’s an endless procession of male admirers, and Brooke still makes headlines.

Over the years, she’s been linked with John Kennedy, Jr., actor Woody Harrelson and singers George Michael, Michael Jackson and Michael Bolton. All of them, she insists, “were simply crushes. The press blew them out of proportion. I don’t pick up a male so I can make the papers,” she adds. ”I went on two dates with John Junior, He’s really nice guy, He said I reminded him of his mother.”

Latoya Jackson, Aug 31, 1991

“Michael and Brooke’s (Shields) relationship was a friendship, plain and simple– at least in Michael’s mind. It was obvious to me and Janet that she had other ideas.”

Elizabeth Taylor’s Wedding, 8 October 1991

Deseret News,

Shields, who was host Michael Jackson’s date for the affair, wore violet contact lenses. “I was like, ‘Liz, look!’ and she’s like, ‘Ooh. Don’t they hurt? I hope it’s worth it,’ ” Shields told The Baltimore Sun. “And I said, ‘Of course it’s worth it. I look like you.’ Shields said her gift to the newlyweds was a set of antique linen pillow cases embroidered with “yours” and “mine” that came from…[]

Morning Star – 21 Nov 1991

Dinner at The Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga Canyon, Nov 21 1991

JET 9 december 1991

Celine Dion, Authorized Bio, Oscars after party, 1992

Shields Up, Ring Out, Feb 26, 1992

The most suspicious thing about the “Under Suspicion” premiere Monday night was the 11-carat “friendship” ring Brooke Shields was wearing. Our sources say Shields was given the ring by “Suspicion’s” star attraction, Liam Neeson, and that it’s not a riendship ring at all – it’s an engagement ring.

Shields’ spokeswoman, though, begs to differ. “It’s just a friendship ring , and it’s not from Mr. Neeson.” We obviously need a new crowd of friends to hang around with.

“I don’t know how she washes her hands ,” was the buzz at the premiere. We do – with jewelry cleaner. OK, so Neeson didn’t give Shields the ring, but Shields did give Neeson a signed Francesco Scavullo photograph of herself  that our sources say he carries around with him. We hope it’s out of the frame. And, we’re told, Neeson carries around a copy  of Shields’ autobiography with the inscription, “Liam, I Love You With All My Heart and Soul, Brooke.” Nah, he definitely didn’t give her the ring.

Pre Oprah Show Interview, 10 February,1993

Oprah: She was the envy of all his female fans, especially when rumours broke out that they were a really hot item, Brooke Shields joins us by the crackling fire via satellite. Great to talk to you, Brooke, how are you doing?
Brooke: Fine, thank you.
Oprah: What makes Michael such a good friend, do you think?
Brooke: I think that his sensitivity, his honesty. I mean, as a friend, I’ve known him for so many years and what I feel is more important than anything…
Oprah: How many years?
Brooke: We were both about… I was 14, I think. And I think because we both grew up in the same business, I mean, it’s similar upbringings in the sense that we had to begin in this business at a very young age. We we learned a sense of, we had defense mechanisms that we’d built up and once we met we realized we didn’t really have to be wary of one another and that enabled us to build a friendship at a different level.
Oprah: Do the unfortunate comments and criticisms about him offend you? Do they upset you?
Brooke: They upset me constantly. I’m constantly upset at what people say. First of all, granted, you take everything with a grain of salt and there are many things sai about me that are unkind that I don’t find pleasurable. But so many people really don’t know him and don’t give him a chance and are so ready to criticise. I think what happens is when you see genius, when you see a talent that is unstoppable and untouchable, the first reaction people have is to criticise it, because it threatens them, it scares them and to augment their own self worth, they have to belittle him. He’s a sensitive human being and all this negativity bothers him and it upsets him.
Oprah: I want to know what the real deal is between the two of you. I’m not asking about now, but were you kind of, let’s see, what’s the word, were you kind of like… was there romance going on? Were you kind of romantically involved? Was there ever an exchange of rings or something?
Brooke: Well, let me say that right now, we’re closer now, than we ever were. We love each other more now than when we even knew we did when we were younger. Because we had fun when we were younger, it was a sense of relief.
Oprah: Okay, so this is a question, do you have a crush on him or did he have a crush on you?
Brooke: I think we both had a crush – and still do have a crush on each other. I mean, I think part of having a crush on someone is admiring them – almost, we have a lot of fun together, it’s almost unfortunate because we know each other so well. I mean, he just amazes me every time I sit down and talk to him.
Oprah: Does he feel more like a brother to you than a boyfriend though?
Brooke: It’s hard to say. I mean, I find it’s like love on a different level. I feel closer to him than some of the boyfriends that I’ve had. I mean, I feel more relaxed around him, more comfortable than I do. I mean, I’ve never really had a brother, so there is part of that. It’s like a love on a very different level and whenever I try to explain it to people it’s been misinterpreted. And it’s a shame, because it hurts him too, when he feels that people misinterpret the way we feel about each other. And he did, he gave me the most incredibly beautiful ring that you could ever imagine. Of course, people built that out of proportion, they said we were engaged. It really wasn’t really about that, it was a friendship ring. When he gave it to me, it was the most adorable thing, we hadn’t really ever exchanged gifts before, and —
Oprah: Are you wearing it right now?
Brooke: No, I’m not.
Oprah: Darn!
Brooke: I know! I’m sorry. ‘Cause I’m working right now. That’ll be it’s own show, Oprah. (laugh)
Oprah: Well, you know he’s doing his first interview tonight, what advice do you have for your close friend? What do you think of him doing this interview, do you think it’s good?
Brooke: I think it’s good because people need to hear him speak. And I think they will only be even more warmed by his presence, they will be more pleasantly surprised. I think a lot of what happens is people don’t understand him because they have no real concept of who he is. They see him professionally and they’ve no idea who he is personally. Now, granted that’s his prerogative, I think it’s fine when people don’t speak out in public if they don’t feel like it. But I think it will only help him. Because the people who already love him will just love him more, those who don’t think they love him will come away loving him. My advice to him is, which I’ve even told him personally, is just to be himself, because that is what people are going to love.
Oprah: I think you’re right. Thank you, Brooke.

10 Feb, 1993, Oprah

Oprah: Do you go out, do you date?

Michael: Yes.

Oprah: Who do you date?

Michael: Well, right now it’s Brooke Shields. Well, we try not to be everywhere, go everywhere, it’s mostly at home, she’ll come over, I’ll go to her house, because I don’t like going out in public.

Oprah: Have you ever been in love?

Michael: Yeah.

Oprah: With Brooke Shields?

Michael: Yes, and another girl.

Oprah: What kind of woman makes you…in the video we’re going to see later, we premier the world video, there’s a line where you talk about being quenched. So what kind of person does that for you?

Michael: [Sings] Quench my desire … Well Brooke, I’ve always liked her…

NewsBank – Feb 12, 1993

LaToya Jackson was also surprised to hear her brother say he was still dating BROOKE SHIELDS. “Michael told me that Brooke Shields was the most aggressive girl he’d met in his life. After being out with her, he’d come to me and say things like, “She tried to kiss me. She tried to stick her tongue down my throat.’

Toledo Blade, 18th Feb 1993

Brooke, People, Feb 22, 1993

He has dated Brooke Shields, but the actress says, with a smile in her voice, “He has not asked me to marry him. Maybe that’s going to be on the next Oprah show.” Shields, 27, also grew up naked before the camera and understands the slash and burn of early fame. “It is very hard,” she says of Jackson, “when your family turns against you, and when anyone you befriend slaps you in the face. It would amaze you the way people hurt him. What amazes me even more is his willingness to forgive. He acknowledges their frailty, and he allows it to eat away at him. Can you blame him for wanting to be surrounded by the innocence and purity of children? The light in their eyes is what he wants to keep alive in his own soul.”

“In a way,” Shields says — meaning the best way — “Michael is not of this world.”

35th Annual Grammy Awards, Feb 24th 1993

Feb 26, 1993

Michael Jackson may say she belongs to him, but Brooke Shields continues to be snapped with some of the other most eligible bachelors in Hollywood. She says the men at her side aren’t always dates, though. ”If the person I’m with is unaware of what it’s like to be in public, then I’ll say, ‘Get ready, tell your parents to buy the Enquirer,”’ she says. ”There’s a grain of truth in pictures (of) people that you’re seen with. You were at the same party, maybe you went out together, but very rarely is any of (the speculation) true.”

Bravo magazine 1993, Michael’s security guard discusses touring with Mike on the DWT

(Re: Oprah interview) He lied a little bit on the question about who he is dating. I think there is nothing more than a true friendship with the actress Brooke Shields. She never came to any of his European shows.

Beaver County Times, June 6, 1993

Q.Newspaper pictures of Brooke Shields at a charity event showed her wearing a huge diamond ring is it an engagement ring?

A One of my eagle-eyed spies saw that amazing ring at the recent posh sale held in Manhattan by The Lighthouse an organization helping the blind (Brooke was honorary chairwoman of the event. The ring an immense 11-carat diamond is a gift from none other than her good friend Michael Jackson. He tossed a box of Cracker Jacks at Brooke while she was a guest at his ranch, offhandedly saying,”Here, I never give you any presents!” The magnificent ring was the prize inside.

June 21st, 1993

RHYTHM AND BLUE LAGOONS, Time, Volume 142, Aug 27, 1993

Beware, Aretha!
Like Zsa Zsa,like Ivana, like Pia Zadora, Brooke Shields — no longer a model, not really an actress — can best be defined as a personality. Now she is adding another item to her list of not-exactly talents.

The Princeton-educated Pretty Baby is becoming a Rhythm and Blues singer and recording her first album. “It’s going to surprise a lot of people,” she boasts. The disc will contain all new tunes and will be completed with no help from chum Michael Jackson. ”He’s got enough people mooching off him,” says Shields.

Anchorage Daily News – 28 Aug 1993

Brooke Shields issued a statement Friday supporting Jackson, a longtime friend.

“I know Michael extremely well,” Shields said. “He is a person for whom I have the highest respect and whose decency is unquestionable… I cannot believe the allegations that have inflicted pain and heartache on one of the kindest people I know.”

King of Pop and a princess, Feb 4, 1994,

Brooke Shields is no longer Michael Jackson’s constant escort: The Gloved One stirred a Vegas crowd Wednesday night when he attended a Temptations and the 5th Dimension concert with The King’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley.

Mar 14, 1994

How does she feel about the troubles of her pal Michael Jackson? “He is a good person. I think I have said all I can about him in the past.” Added her mom: “He loves children.”

New York Amsterdam News, Apr 16, 1994

Also subpoenaed was Brooke Shields, who dated Jackson several years ago. Why she was called was not clear but she appeared with counsel. Jackson’s own mother was subpoenaed and asked questions about her son. It’s a circus said an observer close to the Jackson clan I’ve never seen anything like it.

May 12, 1994

It’s hard to keep track of Brooke Shields’ latest love interests. She was palling around with tennis star Andre Agassi last month but was seen last weekend at the Kentucky Derby chumming it up with movie star Steve Guttenberg. Then there’s the big diamond ring she sports, which she which she says is from yet another buddy — Michael Jackson.

Beacon Journal, May 15, 1994

Speaking of Michael, his good friend Brooke Shields, she of no visible career, is having a busy spring Shields who was making nice with Andre Agassi just seconds ago was chumming it up with actor Steve Guttenberg at the Kentucky Derby.

Shields had a rock on her hand from Michael Jackson not the peroxide tressed tennis bum and a security guard in tow though no one bothered her.

As Brooke recovered from foot surgery in hospital in July, from Andre Agassi’s book ”Open’,

I feel an enormous surge of protectiveness and tenderness-which ebbs when she gets a phone call from her close friend Michael Jackson. I can’t fathom her continuing friendship with Jackson, given all the stories and accusations. But Brooke says he’s just like us. Another prodigy who didn’t have a childhood.

Teri Shields, Fall, 1994

So what of the infamous televised comments of Michael Jackson on his supposed relationship with Brooke?

“Michael is a dear friend. He and Brooke are very fond of each other and he even bought her a huge diamond friendship ring,” explained Teri.

“I think because they have both grown up in the limelight as child stars, this makes for an obvious bond.”

Wichita Eagle, Dec 23, 1994

Christopher Andersen spent 18 months rooting around in Michael Jackson’s dirty laundry — literally. In an effort to save you rooting through his book, here are some of the things he claims…

Brooke Shields was the one who pursued their relationship calling him, dropping in at his home and inviting herself along to events such as his White House visit.

Sister Janet called her giraffe butt.

Slash, Vibe Magazine, 17 July 1995

“I have to admit working with Michael Jackson is different that working with your basic, gritty rock n’ roll band. One time when I went to play for Michael and he walked in with Brooke Shields, and there I am with a cigarette in one hand, a bottle of Jack Daniels in the other, and my guitar hanging low around my neck. And he doesn’t care. That’s not the way he is, but I don’t have to change for him. He accepts me for what I am.”

Brooke Shields, News of The World, June 1996

Speaking to French fashion magazine Max, Brooke, talks about her love life.

One of the oddest was Michael Jackson. She was often pictured on his arm going to restaurants and films.

But tucking into a croissant and orange juice Brooke made a special point of putting the record straight. “Now I have no more contact with him at all,” she told the magazine. “It’s been a very long time since we last met.”

Brooke Shields, Vanity Fair, 1996

G.W. All right, Brooke darling. Explain to G.W. the nitty-gritty of your friendship with Michael Jackson. Talk about those strange days with the Gloved One. Was it a genuine friendship?

B.S. It really was.

G.W. And to think people said he paid you to go on dates with him!

B.S. Like that’s the kind of person I am. That’s ridiculous.

Hairdresser Nicky Clarke, December 31 1996

He worked for Brooke Shields in the U.S. when she was dating Michael Jackson. Her hair was pinned up as a disguise when she went out to dinner.

The Mirror, April 8th 2000

BEAUTY Brooke Shields has revealed her romance with Michael Jackson was a sham. And she said the pop star hasnt spoken to her since she split with her ex- husband Andre Agassi.

The 34year-old was rumoured to be dating Jackson in 1996 before she met the tennis legend and said, ”He was one of my greatest love affairs.” But yesterday, she said the relationship had been purely platonic. ”He stopped returning my calls. It’s too bad, he’s a wonderful person,” she said.

2000/1 conversations with Rabbi Shmuley

SB: [Macauley Culkin] tried to hold onto his childhood for as long as possible. But there are other childhood stars who didn’t, like Brooke Shields, whom you were once close to. What about someone like Brooke Shields who to the world looks like she didn’t make childhood choices, she didn’t try to rediscvoer her childhood. Do you think it will all exact a price? Do you think Macauley Culkin and you and others can be healthier because you understand what you are missing and you need to compensate?

MJ: You know, with certain people I understand and with certain ones I don’t. With her she started out being a model, so it wasn’t like being on the set all day, every day. She did modeling. She wasn’t in a movie until she did, I think it was Pretty Baby, and she played a female prostitute at the age of… I think it started around twelve for her. There was a lot of photography, so it wasn’t like all day like what we did, all day, from early to night. I think it affects people differently, but it is all the same. She is very sweet, smart. She is not an airhead. She is real smart. A lot of people think that when someone is beautiful that are like an airhead. She is very smart.

SB: So why didn’t you have the nerve to ask [Princess Diana]?

MJ: I never aksed a girl out in my life. The have to ask me.

SB: Really?

MJ: I can’t ask a girl out.

SB: If she would have asked you out?

MJ: Absolutely. I would have gone. Brooke Shields aksed me out every time you saw us out together. It was her idea to go out and do it every time. I sincerley liked Brooke Shields too. I liked her a lot.

SB: Does she like kids?

MJ: Yes.

MJ: I love people like Brooke who are talented but work so hard. Brooke is a nice girl but she’s not Elizabeth Taylor. That’s the kind of lady I want to be seen with.

St. Petersburg Times, published June 5, 2002

THE WAY HE MAKES HER FEEL: Brooke Shields says she considers herself an expert on gays because in her single days she dated at least one: George Michael.

“And don’t even get me started on Michael Jackson,” Shields adds, according to a San Francisco Chronicle report on a Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation dinner Saturday in San Francisco.

Hearld Journal, 20th June 2003

Brooke Shields at one time was so taken with Michael Jackson, she nicknamed him “Peter Pan”

Joe Jackson autobiography, 2004

Then there was Brooke Shields, but she was too young then, but Michael was always a gentleman. He nevertheless courted her and bought her a ring with a big diamond. He frequently told his mother about how much Brooke meant to him.

Tatum, Brooke and Michael had a lot in common. All three were child stars.

Brooke was shot in a commercial for soap and was still practically a child when she was in ” Pretty baby “. Though Michael’s relationship with Brooke was limited to parties and discos, he treated her very seriously.

We invited Brook to a supper in our house in Los-Angeles. She was delightful. She had magnificent manners, she had perfectly considered our family and at once has found common language with my wife. We welcomed her with all our heart but respecting Michael’s private life did not ask unnecessary questions.

After a while Brooke decided to get a bachelor degree in one of the expensive universities on the West coast and Michael was constantly travelling because of his career. They didn’t see each other as often and their romantic relationship ended but they remained good friends.

Brooke had begun to attend university and Michael had fallen in love with a young dancer.

Brooke, although wearing his ring, had been in love with someone else.

7/7/09, Brooke

Brooke Shields says she “instantly became friends” with Michael Jackson after meeting him when she was 13.

“Nothing was jaded about him. I just was so impressed by his sweetness,” Shields tells Rolling Stone’s special commemorative issue on the King of Pop, on stands Friday.

“He was thoughtful, sensitive, sweet, and had a funny sense of humor,” she goes on. “If you got to talk to him about music or about the future of technology, his voice would get deeper, he would start talking, and it was as if he was this genius.”

Sexuality didn’t play a role in their relationship, she explains..

“As he grew older and the more he started to change physically, the more asexual he became to me,” Shields says. “It was easy for him to be a friend to me, because I was the most celebrated virgin ever; it’s ridiculous, but I was America’s virgin.”

“You saw women who were more sexual, who wanted to throw themselves at him and feel like they were going to teach him; we just found each other, and we didn’t have to deal with our sexuality. As I grew up and started having boyfriends, I would share with him, and he was like a little kid who talked about the bases- what first base was, what second base was, and it sounded very odd to the outside, I can imagine, but to the inside, to someone who’s never really left his bubble, you can understand how he would be curious.” Shields continues.

“There were times when he would ask me to marry him, and I would say, ‘You have me for the rest of your life, you don’t need to marry me, I’m going to go on and do my own life and have my own marriage and my own kids, and you’ll always have me.’ I think it made him relax. He didn’t want to lose things that meant something to him,” she adds.

She last saw Jackson at Elizabeth Taylor’s 1991 wedding.

“He seemed like his own funny self,” she says. “We snuck in and took pictures of ourselves next to her dress. We always seemed to revert to being little kids. It was a sanctuary for him, because he knew I never wanted anything from him but his happiness.”

Shields is expected at the Staples Center memorial at 10 a.m. PST.

Michael Jackson Remembered, Rolling Stone, July 13th 2009

Everybody was always confused by our relationship. Nobody got it, and I didn’t really care. My mom was always very positive in a sweet way about him, and he loved my mom. My mom would joke with him and rib him like he was a little kid, so he always got a kick out of her. He used to say, “It’s great you can be that close with your mom,” because she was also my manager at the time, where he had a very different relationship with his father, and I think he envied that.

We maintained our relationship for so long because it was never not real. People expect anything in entertainment or Hollywood to be transient, and it’s not as interesting a story for us to have been lifelong friends. People want sordid details or they want big blowups, and the truth of the matter is, from the time we met when I was 13, we understood each other and became very good friends, and that was it, we didn’t need to make it into anything else. I went to high school and college and I forced that into my life, and he didn’t have that luxury. He would laugh, I would tell him about whatever happened at college or high school, and I think he just always felt it was too unattainable for him, so vicariously, I would share with him football games or cheerleading.

What did I think of his marriage to Lisa Marie? I think we’re not dealing with convention, so somebody like Michael, he’s not going to just fall in love with somebody and get married. I think there were a few people that he could identify with, and what I know about Lisa Marie, she was very sweet, she could identify with him, they could talk about things that I’m sure she understood with regards to her father. So I think he tried to create a convention for himself. There were times when he would ask me to marry him, and I would say, “You have me for the rest of your life, you don’t need to marry me, I’m going to go on and do my own life and have my own marriage and my own kids, and you’ll always have me.”

He never actually formally proposed to me, though. He would sort of say, “Why don’t we adopt a child together? The way your heart works is what I want in my life,” and I said to him, “You’re always going to have my heart, we don’t need to adopt a baby, and I think it’s wonderful that you want to have children, adopt a child.” I wanted to fall in love and get married and have my own babies, and I said, “I don’t think that you need to necessarily do that.” This was just before he married Lisa Marie in the Nineties, I guess. He had discussed it with me, and I said, “I don’t think that’s the best thing to do for me.” I was just out of college, and wanting to fall in love and have a fairy tale, I was holding on to that. He just felt so bad that there were so many little children in Romania in these orphanages, and he wanted to try to give them homes, and I really wanted to be able to do that with him, but it would have divided my life too much.

I hope when you write this, it doesn’t sound freakish. What it was was a young man who kept reaching to try to find happiness. I think he wanted to take his resources and make a difference to other people in their lives, and he knew that I wanted to do that in the world, too, so he would reach out to someone like me and say, “How can we make a difference, it’s easier to adopt a child if you’re two people.” He never said, formally, “Will you marry me,” it was never that for me, he never was that definitive, but I think he was a guy who kept searching for happiness.

The problem is when you try to bring that out and in this society, it turns into a tabloid sentence, which is, “He wanted Brooke Shields to live with him and adopt babies,” and it sounds ridiculous. And it never was that clear-cut. He found people he loved in his life and he didn’t want to let go of them and he wanted them all to live together because he didn’t want to go out into the outside world, which was so cruel and too much to handle, and it makes sense. I’ve seen many people in this position where they try to bring people into their circle, because going out of their life, just walking outside on the street is too much for them. That’s why he created Neverland, because he wanted to bring people in so that he didn’t have to leave and he could feel their happiness and he could somehow regain something that he felt he’d lost. So of course I was going to be one of the people he was going to call.

I can’t really guess why his last years were so challenging. I think just cumulatively, when you distance yourself that much for that long, and if you don’t have the healthy outlet creatively, because there was a period of time when I think his music was his strength, and that was where he could filter and pour himself into it, and it was clear, and he knew what to expect and he could make it what he wanted. His life, I think, was very hard to grasp, and I don’t know if the people around him were helping at all.

I don’t think he was surrounded by healthy people. I think he just created a world that he felt safe in, and we went out to dinner a lot less. We used to go out to restaurants — it was madness, but at least we could get to a restaurant and be at a table. Entering and leaving the restaurant was a mess, but we could at least do that, and slowly but surely, he stopped going out to restaurants. And he got thinner and thinner … at first, he made fun of me because when I was in college, there would be keg parties or whatever, and he was like, “I can’t believe you were drinking,” and I would say, “It’s college, that’s what you do in college, you drink, you get sick, and you don’t want to drink anymore, that’s the way it happens,” and he swore off all alcohol and he swore off everything, and he was so clean. He would make fun of me because I wasn’t as healthy.

My heart broke for him because once he felt the need to run — I felt like he ran. I was worried about him financially, I was worried about the kids, I was worried about his health. I always worried about his health, because I thought he was just too skinny. He would make fun of me, especially when I was in college, because I gained weight in college — what freshman doesn’t gain the freshman 15? — and I’d say, “I know you’re going to think I’m fat, but …” and it was a joke, but he also became very, very conscious of everything, and I used to say, “I think you’ve lost too much weight.” So I started worrying about his health from the thin standpoint.

I saw him less and less as our lives became different. At every major event in my life, he reached out to me, whether if it was when my dad died, when I had my first daughter, and had severe post-partum, we’d speak, and then it got more and more difficult to reach him, and some of the people in his life that I could call to get him, they were fired or they left or they went away, and in the last few years, it was harder to get the right number to get through to him.

I like to think that I was a good friend to him. That’s the way it always was, and our friendship never altered, it just stayed the course. No matter what was happening, the one thing that whenever we got on the phone with each other, he would just giggle or laugh and say, “Oh, Brooke,” and I was consistent, and I think that was important for both of us. I wanted him to know my kids, but it became harder to take him out and bring him into … it was just a trauma. I feel like he shouldn’t have gone that way. I’ve always maintained what a pure soul he was.

January 11th, 2010, Access Hollywood


Brooke Shields has broken her silence, speaking out for the first time about the emotional speech she gave during Michael Jackson’s public memorial in July.

Brooke opened up exclusively to Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush as she hosted the launch of LG’s Lotus Elite mobile phone at Las Vegas’ Palms Place Hotel and Spa.

“Did you see me shaking?” Brooke asked Billy, referring to her time on stage, which all the world witnessed over the summer at Michael’s memorial.

“That was a really riveting moment,” Billy said.

“Well, they didn’t tell us that the coffin was going to be there,” she said.

“I thought — because there was a fantasy moment in my head — that he was going to jump out and start the concert.”

But fantasy quickly turned into sad reality for Brooke during her emotional seven-minute speech about her special friendship with Michael.

“They had written me something,” Brooke said. ” I didn’t… I wrote my own thing and just had to do my own thing. But it was… I felt honored to be a part of it.”

Brooke explained it was someone very close to Michael’s heart who asked her to be a part of his memorial.

“His mom [asked],” Brooke told Billy.

But Brooke confirmed she and Michael hadn’t been in touch in a while.

“I had not only not spoken to him, I hadn’t seen him in years,” she said.

“There must have been many times where you wanted to pick up the phone and call him and say, ‘Can I help you? As a friend, can I come see you? Do you need someone to talk to?’” Billy asked.

“I did that, you know, 20 years ago,” Brooke said. “I mean… the rhetoric didn’t change, you know, I did that way back when, but anyway, I did my best.”

“You did a beautiful job,” Billy said of Brooke’s memorial speech.

“I hope I did a good job,” she said. “I tried.”

Brooke, Splash News, March 4 2010

Actress Brooke Shields has revealed that Michael Jackson thought he was dying and that she wasn’t surprised by the King of Pop’s death.

The former Suddenly Susan star, 44, made her comments in a US magazine.

She said: ‘He [Jackson] thought he was dying already.’

And while she was devastated by her famous friend’s death last June, Shields said that she was not surprised.

She said: ‘They were killing him – the people and the press.’

The Lipstick Jungle star also spoke out in defence of Jackson who faced child-sex abuse charges and a high-profile trial in 2005.

The mum-of-two said that she never believed the music legend was a child molester and that she warned him that his sleepovers with young boys would be misunderstood, telling him: ‘Michael, the world’s not going to get it.”

The former child star, who started modelling at the age of 11 months, also revealed that she doesn’t want her two daughters – Rowan, six, and Grier, three – to go into showbiz.

She said: ‘It’s a high like you can’t imagine… But, no, I don’t want them involved. Every day you’re told what you are not – you’re not short enough, you’re not thin enough, you’re not pretty enough.

‘You’re always losing out.’

Brooke Shield Introducted to Man In The Mirror: Michael Jackson by Ron Galella, released 2010

In February 1984, Michael called me about a week before the Grammys to ask me if I’d go with him. Although it wasn’t much time, a week was actually longer than he’d usually give me to get ready for one of our outings. He told me he really wanted me to be with him, and that Emmanuel Lewis would probably also be with us. That was also not unusual because the three of us often did things as a team: the odd-but to us perfectly normal-version of the Three Musketeers. We were all quite famous and had been working basically our entire lives. Emmanuel was much younger and we called him ‘Rubba” because he had this adorable face with chubby cheeks, and he could make funny faces and move like he was made of rubber. We would all laugh so much our sides would hurt. I think Michael and I simply appreciated the freedom we felt when we were together. We could laugh, act silly, and not have to be the professional adults we were normally expected to be.

I think Michael wanted me with him at this particular Grammys because of how groundbreaking Thriller was, and how huge it was for his career. I believe he felt safe with me around, and he knew I never wanted anything from him and that I would take care of him. Events like the Grammys can be daunting for anybody, especially somebody nominated for over seven awards. He knew I was familiar with the spectacle that accompanies such events and that I would not get star-struck or lose sight of him in any way.

I’m not sure if he thought he was going to win as many awards as he did. When I said congratulations on the numerous nominations, he just kept saying ”It’s crazy isn’t it?!” I joked with him that he probably would have gotten even more nominations if he had put me in the video instead of the girl he chose. He just got this mischievious smile on his face that I had seen so many times before and said,”Oh Brooke!”

Michael seemed to take all of it in stride. That evening he just kept getting up to accept another honor. He had such humility and grace, and although he was almost maniacally ambitious and perfectionist, he never gloated about his success. He would just look ahead and try to find ways in which he could be even better. He wanted to be the best at everything, including being a friend. Nothing was ever about ego. It was about his heart and how that motivated him. Even getting eight awards seemed to just make him more humble.

Anyway, he asked me and, as usual, I said I’d be glad to join him and help in any way I could, I promised we could would have fun no matter what. On Grammy night I found a fancy Mary McFadden dress in my closet that I had been given as a gift, I did my own hair and makeup, and waited for the bell to ring. The car arrived and we were on our way. Michael had a way of making you want to care for him. Hopefully that is what I did that Grammy night.

Brooke Shields, Love Magazine, UK, Autumn/Winter 2010

In the remarkably candid interview, Shields also discusses her relationship with Michael Jackson and described the King of Pop’s father, Joe Jackson, as the “devil incarnate.”


1981:: Triumpth Tour Kiss

December 9, 2009

Jet Magazine, October 15, 1981


1977 :: Liza Minnelli

December 1, 2009

Liza Talks About Michael at the Tony Awards, June 7th 2009
CBS Interview Over the Telephone About Michael, 25th June 2009
Liza Sings I Can’t Give You Anything But Love for him on his birthday, 29th August, 2009

Michael goes to the famous club Studio 54 in New York with LaToya & Janet. He meets a lot of people like Liza Minelli, Stephanie Mills, Tatum O’Neal and Andy Warhol.
December 31
Michael spends New Year’ s eve at the Studio 54 with Liza Minelli among others.


Feb 17th, Rolling Stone Interview

“Me and Liza, say. Now, I would consider her a great friend, but a show-business friend. And we’re sitting there talking about this movie, and she’ll tell me all about Judy Garland. And then she’ll go, ‘Show me that stuff you did at rehearsal.'” He feints a dance move. “And I’ll go, ‘Show me yours.’ We’re totally into each other’s performance.”

April 6
Michael attends a post concert party for Liza Minnelli at the New Universal Amphitheater, Hollywood with Quincy Jones & David Geffen.

8th March

Liza Minnelli accompanies Michael to Swifty Lazar’s Oscar Night Party but after a short stay, they go on to visit Liza’s father director Vincente Minnelli.

New Straits Times, 13th Aug, 1984, Hilburn

Liza Minnelli also favours the private moments with Michael. “He’s very artistic and an enormous showbiz buff,” she explained by phone from New York. “He can quote you lyrics from all kinds of musicals. Ask him the lyrics that Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire used in a certain picture and he can tell you.

“I find it hard to develop friendships in this business because people travel so much. But Michael is one of those people who stays in touch. You’ll ask him about something – and then forget you even asked him. But he’ll call you back even if it’s three weeks later – with the answer. He’ll have looked it up or found it out from someone else. He’s a wonderful, wonderful friend to have.”


Michael and Elizabeth Taylor go to see Liza Minnelli’s comeback tour.

July 30
Michael attends the funeral of film director Vincento Minnelli with his daughter Liza & widow Lee.

Lodi News Sentinel: Jackson sat with Minnelli’s fourth wife, Lee, and his daughters Liza and Christina Mirow of Mexico City.

Times Daily, 28th September, 1986
I thought of the last time I had seen her: late one night during the summer of 1984, staggering out of Elaine’s, a New York City restaurant, looking disoriented and disheveled as her friend Michael Jackson helped her into a limousine where she collapsed with a loud, fake laugh. A week or two later, I read that Liza had checked into the Betty Ford centre in Rancho Mirage, Calif.

Michael & Elizabeth Taylor attend a Liza Minnelli concert at the Universal Amphitheater in Hollywood .

March 9

Michael attends a performance of Phantom Of The Opera with Jimmy Safechuck & Liza Minnelli.

March 10
Michael is honoured by the United Negro Colege Fund, Liza Minnelli attends the event.

A book review in Ocala Star-Banner on “My Lips are Sealed” by Susan Mulcahy, 5th June, 1988

Mulcahy doesn’t divulge too much that would hurt the sources she still uses but she does drop some real gems — like Liza Minnelli and Michael Jackson together in the ladies room, using the phone to sing to her father.

“Martha Graham at 95,” May 11th, 1989

Last year Liza Minnelli, a fervent supporter, took Michael Jackson to meet Miss Graham at the school, 316 East 63d Street.

September 7

Liza Minelli pays respect to Michael onstage at the concert for him held in Madison Square Gardens.

Liza Minnelli warbled “You Are Not Alone” before serenading Michael with a few lines from “Over the Rainbow” (a signature song for her mother, Judy Garland).

March 16

Michael is best man at the wedding of David Gest & Liza Minnelli celebrated in New York City.

June 13
Michael is inducted into the National Academy of Popular Music/Songwriters Hall Of Fame. Liza Minnelli & David Gest accept the award on his behalf.

Larry King Live special on CNN with Miko Brando, Liza Minneli, Deepak Choprah and Berry Gordy among others

August 31, 2009

Music legend and upcoming “Drop Dead Diva” guest star Liza Minnelli opens up about her late friend Michael Jackson, who she says did “more good than anybody will ever know.”

“I had good luck,” Liza says, comparing her life to the late King of Pop. “I had good friends. I had great parents, and I did not have people using me every second of my life. … I did not have people looking at me as a commodity without somebody else there to say, ‘Don’t treat her like that.'”

Liza said of her friend Michael, “Think about it, that kid did more good for people than anybody will ever know, and all of his friends know it.”


1978:: Janelle Commissiong aka Miss Universe 77

December 1, 2009

February 1978, Michael Jackson meets the new Miss Universe Penny Commissiong at the Hilton Hotel

Interview with Michael by phone from California, August 3, 1978:

L.R. You’ve been seen out with Janelle Penny Commissiong, the former Miss Universe. Is it a romance?

M.J. [Laughter, giggling.] That’s a hard question to answer. Like most of the people you may see me out with, like Tatum [O’Neal] and Janelle, they’re kind of on and off, they’re friends, and [hysterical laughter] … I talk to them. I don’t know how to describe it, really [more laughter]. I don’t know what to say.

Toledo Blade, Aug 8, 1978

DRIVE, HE SAID: Michael Jackson blew $80,000 of his “Wiz” salary on a new Rolls – a gift to himself – and moved on to Phase Two: he’s learning to drive so he can take Janelle Commissiong, a former Miss Universe, to the movie’s premiere Oct 24th.

Jermaine, 1984

But he dates other women, including a former Miss Universe and Tatum O’Neal.

Trinidad Tobego Guardian, 28 Jun 2009

In 1978, I was an absolute neophyte, just out of college with big, maddeningly elusive dreams of being a writer and photographer. Michael Jackson, born in the same year I was, already had a pop star’s career. With his brothers, he had been performing since the age of five and, on the day he arrived in Piarco, had logged an imposing number of hit songs both with his brothers and as a solo act.

The concerts in Trinidad and Tobago would constitute a sliver of the band’s performance history and register as a fragment of that for Michael Jackson, whose star was about to go incandescent. The group had just left Motown and signed with Epic Records, producing a nondescript album titled, Goin Places‚ which didn’t. In the United States, they were popular but considered a bit past their prime in 1978.

In Trinidad and Tobago, they were the biggest stars the country had seen since Sam Cooke. The Martineau brothers, trading as Spektakula Promotions, delivered concerts at the Queen’s Park Savannah and at Skinner Park in San Fernando, performances by a band that was polished and practised at delivering the hits of more than a decade.

Penny meets the boys

Through a confluence of event and opportunity, I ended up in a small meeting room at the Hilton where the Jacksons were to meet local performers a day before the first of their local concerts. Alfred Aguiton’s new public relations company, AMPLE, was handling the press liaison, and he struck on the idea of bringing Penny Commissiong down to meet the boys. His brother, William, worked at the hotel and facilitated the request and so it came to pass that the first black Miss Universe came to meet the future King of Pop.

And I was the only photographer in the room. Armed with a beginner’s Pentax, the K1000 and a little flash, I shot the encounter, prompting a bemused Penny to ask my colleague, Joan Christopher in an aside she later took some glee in reporting to me, “Does he normally shake so much?” The resulting photo of Penny and Michael greatly pleased the Epic representatives, who requested prints that were promptly circulated to the international press.

There is, regrettably, little that happened of any consequence during their short stay. The boys, minus their brother Jermaine who remained with Motown, were press savvy, presenting themselves as quiet, generally shy young black men who largely kept to themselves and signed autographs politely when cornered.

Michael was the quietest of the group, prone to gently bowing his head as if the weight of his enormous afro was just a little too much for him, speaking a pitch and tone lower than his brothers and responding to direct looks with a shy smile. Thriller, cosmetic surgery and vitiligo were still in this young man’s future. At his request, John Cupid and I accompanied him to the top of Picton Road in Laventille, his security rolling along in a car a respectful but close distance behind as he set out to “meet the people,” as he put it.

The lanky young black man, his hair a massive puff that swayed in the evening breeze, walked along the road, waving, shaking hands and chatting with surprised people relaxing in their verandahs on a warm sunny Sunday afternoon. I photographed the entire encounter for what I was told were his scrapbooks, memoirs he gathered of his travels.

In return for another pittance, I handed over my unprocessed film of this evening stroll. Somewhere in the collected properties of the Michael Jackson empire, I sometimes imagine, is an old scrapbook full of these pictures, images I’ve never seen. I learned less about Michael Jackson’s world that evening than I had the day before, when the security team I was travelling with switched cars with the Jackson’s official vehicle.

We bundled into the car in the evening on its way to Skinner Park, and it rolled into a huge crowd waiting for the pop stars. Hands pressed against the tinted glass and groped at the door handle of the backdoor. I had failed to lock the door, and it sprang open with a roar of screams, now clearly audible.

I looked up, into the face of Michael Jackson’s world, a web of grasping digits, wide eyes and open mouths beyond them, accompanied by a ululating screech. A hand shot past me, pushing me back into my seat and seizing the door handle firmly, gently but forcibly shutting it again as the hands retreated and the sound dimmed. Through my shock, I heard the guard growl, “You never, ever, forget to lock the door.”

Trinidad & Tobago Express, July 3rd, 2009

It seems we really never can say goodbye to the man who was Michael Jackson. Readers have been asking for more pictures of the Jacksons’ visit to T&T.

Spektakula Promotions Frank Martineau, who along with his brother Claude brought them to T&T on that now historic visit in 1978, said that he actually remembers very little, about the many places the brothers were taken to visit. Michael Jackson he remembers was ’very shy, introverted and very protected.’

The brothers however willingly met with the young people of T&T.

Yet Frank remembers the brothers valued their privacy and has this anecdote:

’The brothers were sitting around the pool and a member of our security team pulled up a chair to sit with them and the brothers were like ’excuse me’ and he had to leave them to talk. We used to laugh about that a long time after,’ Frank reminisced.

Their father did not accompany them, but there was a ’big, red, man’ with them who people mistook for Joe Jackson, Frank said.

Several activities were organised for the brothers. ’We had a committee comprising myself, Claude, Bunny Cummerbatch and Earl Patterson and we discussed everything. I think the man who took them to John John, which I actually don’t remember, was John Cupid.

The Jacksons came to Trinidad in February 1978, they stayed at the then Hilton Hotel. They had a wish fulfilled when they were introduced to T&T-born Miss Universe Janelle ’Penny’ Commissiong. While here they performed three shows, two at the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port of Spain and one at Skinner Park, San Fernando.

Martineau says the team realised sometime after that having so many shows just was not economical. ’You don’t want all that expense. I think we charged $20 and the shows were sold out at that price which was plenty money then.’

However many readers have been asking to see some highlights of their visit to T&T in 1978. Here they are in photos taken by Tony Forte and Hubert Alexander.


1977:: Stephanie Mills

December 1, 2009

Boy Scouts of America, 1989
Interview talking about her friendship to Michael prior to 2009
Stephanie talking about sharing the same bed with Michael and defends him, 28th Nov, 2009



1989 Boy Scout of America Awards

Stephanie Mills, May, 1976

Stephanie explains that her signing with Motown came about through Hazel Gordy, Berry’s daughter and the wife of Jermaine Jackson. “Hazel and Jermaine had come to see the show and wanted Suzanne de Passe from Motown to meet me. We all met up at a party for the Jackson Five here in New York and it’s always been one of my dreams to be with Motown – Diana Ross is truly my idol! At around about the same time, Burt Bacharach had seen the show and expressed an interest in working with me, so when I went out to Los Angeles to meet with Berry Gordy, and he asked who I’d like as producers. I went for Bacharach and Hal David.”

The Plaza Hotel, New York City, February 1977:

For a photo session, Michael wears a blue sweater, blue pants, a white shirt, and, for some reason, an E.L.O. (Electric Light Orchestra) pin. His bodyguard and a friend/publicist are with him, and when it comes time for photos, the publicist calls him into another room to tell him to take off his undershirt; when he comes back, Michael says that he could have been told that in front of us. He’d arrived late the night before and is staying an extra day so he can go see The Wiz starring Stephanie Mills (there were rumored publicity attempts to drum up a fake romance with her to calm down Michael’s black female fans who were upset he was never seen with a black girl). “I’ve seen [The Wiz] three times already,” Michael says. There is a discussion about birds—Michael had spent the morning at the Bronx Zoo visiting the birdhouse; he says he likes the exotic birds and used to have some, but they made a lot of noise, especially during the mating season, and usually at night, and the neighbors complained, so he had to give them away. It was his first trip to the Bronx Zoo. He asks if Coney Island is still any good, or if they have taken all the good stuff out. He talks about Disneyland—which he’d been to lots of times—and Disney World: “Disney World is better,” he says. “It’s more of a world, like they say. It’s a resort; they have everything—golf, tennis, hotels—it’s all fantasy time.”

Andy Warhol, Catherine Guinness, and Susan Blond were on the scene for this interview with Jackson. It took place at the Park Avenue nightspot Regine’s. The piece was published in March 1977.

MJ: Do you know Stevie Wonder?
AW: I met him once when he was playing with Mick Jagger at Madison Square Garden? He’s really great. I gave him a camera for a present and he was taking pictures with it but I don’t know if he ever, ahh . . .
STEPHANIE MILLS: C’mon, Michael, let’s dance.
MJ: Let me watch.
SM: Oh, c’mon, Michael, please . . .
MJ: It’s just I’m not used to dancin’ if . . .
SB: If he’s not paid for it.
SM: Michael, Michael . . .
MJ: I’m going to watch. I don’t like to be put on the spot.
CATHERINE GUINNESS: If a young lady asks you to dance, you can’t refuse.
SM: Michael, please. Michael, Michael, Michael . . . [MJ agrees to get up and dance.]

Michael Jackson: “Unauthorized”

After the Jacksons shattered box-office records at the Nassau Coliseum, Michael went out on one of his rare dates with the opposite sex. After seeing The Wiz for the fourth time, he escorted the musical’s tiny, Merman-voiced teenage star, Stephanie Mills, to the chic Park Avenue nightclub Regine’s for dinner. Throughout the meal she flirted with him, brushing his hand with hers, bumping his knees under the table, eve, for one fleeting moment, laying her head on his shoulder. With each touch Michael became rigid. And as his discomfort became more and more obvious, their unlikely chaperon for the evening, Andy Warhol, did what he always did best in such prickly social situations. Nothing.

Ellensburg Daily Record, 23rd Jan, 1978

Ellensburg Daily Record, 3rd Nov, 1978

Reading Eagle, Dec 28 1979

One of Mills’ dissappointments, although she’d rather not talk about it, is the fact that Diana Ross got the movie role in “Wiz,” a role that she wanted very, very badly.

“I visited the Wiz set,” Mills is saying, trying to sound cheerful and not succeeding, “and Diana asked me if I was bitter that she was there and I was just passing through,” she recollects. Ross, by innuendo, made her feel even worse. “She told me that if she didn’t get Wiz that Melba Moore or Lola Falana were next in line.”

JET 24 Jan 1980

Toledo Blade, 15 Aug 1980

EBONY Feb 1982

Rock & Soul, 23 March 1983

Though many questions about Michael’s personal relationships have been raised, very dew have actually been answered. When Rock & Soul asked Stephanie Mills about the rumours that she and Jackson were sweet on each other, she put them to rest immediately. “Just friends,” she said emphatically.

Michael Jackson Discharged, Boston Globe, January 29, 1984

Superstar Michael Jackson, hospitalized with burns from fireworks that ignited his hair during filming of a commercial, was quietly discharged from a hospital yesterday against his doctor’s recommendation. Dr. Steve Hoefflin said he believed it was best for Jackson to stay at Brotman Memorial Hospital burns institute, but reluctantly agreed to his release at 3:30 p.m.

(EST). Hours earlier, he had told reporters Jackson would be hospitalized “for several days.” He said Jackson may require reconstructive surgery. Nurse Pat Lavalas, the burn unit supervisor, said Jackson was in good spirits yesterday morning and he received many telephone calls, including get-well wishes from singers Teddy Pendergrass and Stephanie Mills. “He sang a Stephanie Mills song in the bathroom.He stayed in bed and opened telegrams, and he got a big kick out of one from a fan that said, I know you’re hot, but this is ridiculous,”‘ the nurse said.

Stephanie Mills, March 1984

She hopes, however, to get a chance to work with one of the other star of the Wiz movie-Michael Jackson.

One of these days I’m going to pin him up against the wall,”Mills said of Jackson. ”I think we’d sound great together.”

Billboard Special Honoring Michael, 21 Jul 1984

Moonwalk, 1989 autobio

When that meeting took place at CBS headquarters in New York, I was only nineteen years old. I was carrying a heavy burden for nineteen. My family was relying on me more and more as far as business and creative decisions were concerned, and I was so worried about trying to do the right thing for them; but I also had an opportunity to do something I’d wanted to do all my life – act in a film. Ironically the old Motown connection was paying a late dividend.

Motown had bought the rights to film the Broadway show known as The Wiz even as we were leaving the company. The Wiz was an updated, black-orientated version of the great movie The Wizard of Oz, which I had always loved. I remember that when I was a kid The Wizard of Oz was shown on television once a year and always on a Sunday night. Kids today can’t imagine what a big event that was for all of us because they’ve grown up with videocassettes and the expanded viewing that cable provides.

I had seen the Broadway show too, which was certainly no letdown. I swear I saw it six or seven times. I later became very friendly with the star of the show, Stephanie Mills, the Broadway Dorothy. I told her then, and I’ve always believed since, that it was a tragedy that her performance in the play could not have been preserved on film. I cried time after time. As much as I like the Broadway stage, I don’t think I’d want to play on it myself. When you give a performance, whether on record or on film, you want to be able to judge what you’ve done, to measure yourself and try to improve. You can’t do that in an untaped or unrecorded performance. It makes me sad to think of all the great actors who have played roles we would give anything to see, but they’re lost to us because they couldn’t be, or simply weren’t, recorded.

If I had been tempted to go onstage, it would probably have been to work with Stephanie, although her performances were so moving that I might have cried right there in front of the audience.

October 27, 2009

Not only did Mills speak on how she managed and coped with the hectic life of a performer, she also managed to briefly clarify the relationship between her and the king of pop himself, Michael Jackson.

“Michael was definitely my boyfriend back in the day,” said Mills. “But I don’t know if I was his girlfriend,” she said over loud bursts of laughter from the audience.

Mills then began to talk briefly about the friendship that grew between her and the late Jackson, and also went on to adamantly proclaim how genuine of a person he was.

Stephanie Mills, 28th November 2009

“Michael and I were friends for a very long time. I used to stay with him – actually – we used to sleep in the same bed, when he was shooting the Wiz movie. You couldn’t have told me I wouldn’t be Mrs Michael Jackson.

Stephanie Mills, Monique Show, January 2010

Monique: So… you’re on Broaday.
Stephanie: I’m on Broadway.
Monique: You’re doing The Wiz.
Stephanie: I’m doing The Wiz.
Monique: And in walks Mr Michael Jackson.
Stephanie: (screams)
Monique: Tell us about it, baby.
Stephanie: I gotta scream now. (laughing)
Monique: How was that?
Stephanie: Oh girl, at that time  I was what, 15, 16 years old and every girl in America wanted to be Mrs Michael Jackson and I just knew that I was gonna be Mrs Michael Jackson. Now, I’ll say this, he was truly my boyfriend and I don’t know if I was really his girlfriend, but he was my boyfriend, okay? And we spent a lot of – I got the chance to spend a lot of time with him. Especially when he came back, well, he would come to the show almost every day and sit back and watch and I got a chance to go to the house. So we became really, really good friends. And I was really in love and I just knew I was going to be Mrs Michael Jackson.
Monique: That brother is the greatest. He is the greatest.
Stephanie: The greatest. (cheers, Steph claps)
Monique: The greatest to walk the face of the Earth.
Stephanie: You know there’s some people that, like I won’t let anyone say anything bad about you ’cause you’re my girl and I won’t let anyone say anything bad things about people that I love.
Monique: Now, you believed that you was Michael’s girlfriend.
Stephanie: I was! I was washing his clothes. I stayed with him at Sutton place. I made him rice one day and he said the rice was really runny – but I can’t cook, I don’t profess to cook. But he ate it.
Monique: Well, Miss Stephanie.
Stephanie: What? I was trying to cook for him!
Monique: (laughing) So you was washing his clothes?
Stephanie: I was washing his clothes.
Monique: And then you cooked?
Stephanie: And then I cooked.
Monique: Now that sounds like an over night visit. (laughs, Stephanie winks at the audience) Did you go to Never Never Land?
Stephanie: Yes! (cheers, Monique laughs) You know, I’ll say this, I’ll say this… I did spend a lot of time with him.  I did spend the night. I did. I spent the night. I spent the night.
Monique: Mind your damn business! She ain’t going furthur than that, she spent the night.
Stephanie: But you know Michael was so sweet and so innocent. I don’t think the world was ready for the kind of person he was.
Monique: He was love.
Stephanie: He was love.

HERE I AM Blog Talk Radio, 22 March, 2010

About not getting the part of Dorothy in The Wiz:

“I am a big fan of Diana Ross so it really didn’t bother me at all ’cause, honey Michael was coming to my dressing room every day and I wasn’t thinking about The Wiz. I went to the set with him when they were filming so I didn’t think of it like it was devastating.”

WUNC Radio, April 2 2010

Host: Well apparently one of the people who saw that commercial was Michael Jackson who showed up every night and you developed quite a friendship Tell us about that.

Stephanie: Yes, yes, yes you know back then every little black girl wanted in America wanted to marry one of the Jackson Five. I got the chance to meet him because he would come to the show all the time. We developed quite a friendship. A friendship that lasted many years.

Host: I understand that you may have thought more of that relationship than he might have but you’ve kept that in your…


Stephanie: (laughing)I definitely thought that he was my boyfriend. At that time he was definitely my boyfriend. At 16 and 17 when you have a crush on a guy he’s your boyfriend.

Host: But it was more than that. You did sort of develop a relationship with him after that and get to know him personally after that.

Stephanie: Yes absolutely. I absolutely did. Yes we did.

Host: How do you access his career and his contribution?

Stephanie: Oh my god. He’s the biggest entertainer ever. He sold more records than anyone. His accomplishment is just unbelievable. But Michael was very disciplined and he loved to perform and dance and his fans. He loved the fans. That’s what he lived for and it showed in his life.

Mills and Jackson shared a bond earlier in their careers because they could relate to each other as child stars; the duo in fact dated for awhile in the mid-1970s. She admits that she was “madly in love” with Jackson and signed with Motown records at the time, in part, because she felt like she was “getting closer and closer to being Mrs. Jackson, because every little black girl in America wanted to marry one of the Jackson Five.”

News Observer April 9th 2010

“Well, Michael and I were really great, great friends,” she says. “We dated in the early ’80s and the ’70s, and we were good friends.” Mills insists she’s not only paying her last respects to the King of Pop on the song, but she’s also paying tribute to deceased friends and collaborators Teddy Pendergrass and Robert Brookins. “I really kind of relate it, or you can relate it back to when I recorded ‘Home.’ And when, you know, a lot of my friends had passed on with ‘Home,’ and I wanted people to remember their spirits and how wonderful the music was. It’s the same thing.”

Releases a cover of Yesterday, dedicated to Michael April 2010

<a href=””>Video here</a>

Philly Tribune, Friday, 21 May 2010

As for her own music, Mills is excited about the summer release of her new album titled “Breathless,” recorded on her own label, CJ Entertainment. She plans to tour in support of the project, which is produced by Josiah Martin.

“‘Breathless’ is, I think, some of my best work — really writing and me really expressing myself,” said Mills. “Some of it’s personal experiences that I had, and it’s just an album full of relationships and love and different scenarios of how I like men and all that, but if they want to find out more about me, they can go to my Web site,”

The diminutive diva explained that as a tribute to the late Michael Jackson, “Breathless” will include her interpretation of the Beatles classic, “Yesterday.”

“We had such a wonderful friendship in the late ’70s, early ’80s, and I just wanted to sing something from the Beatles catalog because I love the Beatles, and I know that he loved the Beatles’ catalog, and ‘Yesterday’ was one of my favorite songs,” Mills explained.

Actually, she admits to having a bit of a romance with the legendary entertainer, and recalled, “I was in love with Michael! I was really in love, and I thought I was going to be Mrs. Michael Jackson, but he was so slow! I was ready to become a bride! Oh my God! We were maybe 18-years-old. I got to know him as a person, as a friend and he was really all about our love — very affectionate, very loving. He was really all about love.”


1977:: Theresa Gonsalves

December 1, 2009

Blagazine Online, August 24, 2006

I read on your website that it was at the age of twelve that you felt drawn to one entertainer in particular. Would you tell us how their music affected you?
I was extremely drawn to the music of the Jackson Five and particularly that of Michael Jackson. I always felt he was singing directly to me. When Michael would sing I’ll Be There, I personally felt that he was telling me that he would be there for me. He made me feel like there was someone who actually loved me. I wanted him to be proud of me so the direction my life took was to make him proud.

Theresa, there are alot of young people that are infatuated with certain entertainers: having all their records, posters and any article that they appear in. What were some of the things you would do to get to know Michael Jackson better?
I wrote Michael Jackson constantly….Okay, I wrote him almost every single day and I kept track of the letters (smile). I didn’t write the normal fan letter. I wrote him about my life and everything that was going on it. I read everything that I could find about him. I would question some of the things that I read. But my letters were more geared towards telling him about my school grades, how my day would go and what I did in camp, etc. I learned how to get his home address under the freedom of information act because the post woman was tired of my sending him gifts to a P.O. Box. I never acted like a groupie and I never tried to have a sexual relationship with him.

When you began writing him, did you expect that he would actually respond?
I never actually expected him to respond. There were letters I received from the fan club people with autographed pictures. That was discouraging, but somehow I still felt in my heart that he was reading my letters.

Reading letters from someone you admire it great, and a dream come true for so many. What was it like to finally meet him on your sixteenth birthday, and how did it happen?
Every day in school, I would write on the board, “Theresa Gonsalves loves Michael Jackson” and whoever was assigned to clean the boards after school would never erase it but would add a comment like….”but he doesn’t love her” or “he doesn’t even know her”…so I vowed to meet him by the time I turned sixteen. In July of 1974, I rode to New York to see the Jackson Five perform and even though I knew what hotel he was staying at I decided to go back to Boston instead of trying to be a groupie to meet him. When I arrived home the next morning, I called the hotel. Instead of asking for him, I asked for his road manager who was Reggie Wiggins at the time and they rang his room. He told me Michael was still asleep in the next room. I had their tour schedule in my hand and knew that they were going to be performing at the MGM on my birthday and I asked Mr. Wiggins if I fly to Las Vegas for my sixteenth birthday could I meet Michael Jackson and he said “Honey, if you fly from Boston to Las Vegas just to meet Michael Jackson, I will make sure you meet him.” With that said, I began saving money to make this trip. I wrote letters to the MGM’s President’s secretary who arranged my room and I also wrote letters to every Black mayor I could find throughout the country asking them to contribute $5.00 to my dream. They all wrote back wishing me success with my endeavors but all stated they were unable to contribute. I worked a part time job after school and saved all my money sacrificing any new school clothes and I made sure that I had straight A’s in all my classes so I would be able to take a week off of school. In October of 1974, I called the Sahara Tahoe Hotel in Lake Tahoe where the Jackson’s were performing and at this time I did ask for Michael’s room and was shocked when they put me through. When I identified myself to him, he knew exactly who I was. I was in total shock as he recited the dates I was coming to meet him telling me I write it in every letter that I send him! So during the week of Nov 20-Nov 28, I was made their guest as we met for the first time.

How did the relationship between the two of you develop, and can you let us know how it affected the rest of your life?
The relationship developed into a friendship. I continued to write him and he continued reading my letters. I flew other places to hang out with him. I was invited to his home and when he was filming The Wiz, I spent two separate weeks in New York visiting him. Once I was going to fly to London just to meet him there! My relationship with him actually affected me in a good way. I became a strong woman, independent and it surely kept me out of trouble. In wanting him to be proud of me, I never did drugs. I have never smoked cigarettes. And, I can gladly comment that I have never been drunk in my life. On the other side of things, I also never learned how to have a real relationship with men.

Now, that we have set a foundation, Theresa, let’s talk about your son Todd and the song “Billy Jean” and the controversy that followed. First of all, did you know he was going to be writing the song, and how did you feel when you first heard it?
I didn’t know that he was going to be writing the song. I wrote him letters about my situation. At this time I was 23 years old and of course involved with the wrong type of man. I was living also in Encino at the time so I would see Michael from time to time. I didn’t feel betrayed or anything when I heard the song. I didn’t feel honored. That situation exists with so many women, more so now than in the past, or perhaps it is being put out there more. I had been with this man for over a year and here he was claiming my kid wasn’t his. His song let me know he could understand what I was feeling, but that women often put men in that situation.

Since Michael Jackson has had his negative dealings with the press, were you afraid of how the cloud of curiosity would affect your own family?
No, I didn’t feel that his negative dealings would affect us. We are very open and outspoken. I named my second son Mychal after Michael Jackson but spelled after the ex-lover Mychal Thompson who was from the Bahamas. I named my son after Michael as an honor for how he affected my life. I have been asked my opinion often and I will say that I do not believe Michael to be a child molester. But I will also say that you never truly know what a person is capable of as you take a look at all of the ministers that have sexually abused children. Michael Jackson has always worried about children. I remember being with him in New York and I had bought him a gift which was a book on child abuse and we shared our feelings on that even way back then (around 1977). As for being asked would I let my child visit him…that answer still remains yes but I would not allow him to sleep in bed with him or any man for that matter.

I think I read on your website that in 1984 Star Magazine ran the story saying that you were the real Billy Jean. Star, though not without its credibility issues, has been known to get many stories right. Did you agonize over revealing your identity and how did that change your life from that point? What about your son? Were you afraid of how he would be viewed as he grew older?
I didn’t agonize over that. I asked Michael if he was okay with it and he was. It didn’t change my life much at all. Both my sons have grown up being Michael Jackson/Jackson Five fans. Their friends often wondered how such young boys were so into the Jackson Five and now they know. As of today, my son Todd is married with two beautiful children!

All of this has the makings of a great movie, so it is no surprised that you wrote the book OBSESSIONS. What I am curious about is why you call is a novel, and did that make it easier for you to not feel a responsibility to tell the world all the details of your relationship with Michael Jackson?
“ OBSESSIONS” isn’t really about me and Michael Jackson. It is more about how my relationship with him actually led me to have an obsessive behavior towards men. I am not ashamed of my relationship or friendship with Michael Jackson and I shared with the world as long as it didn’t hurt either one of us. It was hard sharing my story of being obsessed with this man who happens to be my son’s father.

Finally, when was the last time you spoke to Michael Jackson, and what has been his response to the book?
I haven’t actually spoken to Michael Jackson since he was arrested. I took my son to meet him for the first time. He seems to have put most people at a distance. I was trying to get in touch with him though because I want to let him know he is not alone. See with Michael, I have never been a “YES” person. I never treated him like a star. He needed to have real people in his life. Yes, I came to love him for who he was, but I love him more for what he did for my life. He was okay with my using the title as such and I know he received a copy of the book…I have not heard any comments from him.


This is according to her publicist:

By now (in 1977) Theresa and Michael had known each other for years and she was visiting him in NYC while he was filming The Wiz. Instead of getting a hotel room, Michael insisted she stay at his rented penthouse apartment. She took his room. Theresa said his room contained “a twin-sized bed and a desk.” Trust me girls I was shocked that Michael had a small bed, but Theresa said that’s what Michael was comfortable with back then. Michael was also a gentlemen and slept on the couch while she had the bed. Sadly, even then Theresa confirmed Michael had trouble sleeping. One night during her stay, LaToya was suppose to go out with Bobby DeBarge (this was set up by Jermaine) and she was left alone for the evening. Michael came back from the set all excited because they had shown him an exact sketch replica of his set for his solo number in movie (“You Can’t Win”). They even gave him a copy of the sketch. Theresa and Michael spent hours talking about what happened that day and she still remembers the excitement on Michael’s face. Finally they went to bed, but neither one of them could sleep. Theresa could hear Michael tossing and turning on the couch and finally he got up to go to the bathroom. Theresa remembered cracking up: “Here I was in his room and I am listening to this man pee.” When he finished, he came into the bedroom and shut the door. He went over to the painting of his set to look at it and Theresa got out of bed and wrapped her arms around his “slim but muscular waist” (and btw girls if you saw pics of Michael back then, he had a 6-pak!!!). He turned around and that’s when they kissed for the first time. Theresa remembers the kiss like this, “it was a soft, gentle tounge kiss.”They kept going at it and Michael took her hand and led her back to the bed (yes ladies Michael intitated the sex, so some of us were wrong there too!!). There was no foreplay, only kissing and touching while they got undressed. Then Michael took her hand and guided it to his penis (which she would not tell me how big he was, but assured me he was “blessed”) and she guided him into her while they looked into each others’ eyes. And no ladies they did not use protection (shame shame shame)!!! Theresa said it lasted about 4-5 minutes (or as I teased her, about the length of one of his songs), but afterwards they stayed in bed for another hour and a half holding each other and making sure each other was ok. She said it was very nice and they became a couple afterwards, but Michael had to go back to the couch because LaToya was living with him too at the time and did not want drama to ensue (which later on in the relationship it did, thanks to other family members).


8/19/2009 Conversations LIVE! Radio welcomes back the woman who inspired Michael Jackson’s hit song “Billie Jean”: author Theresa Gonsalves. She talks about her life experiences, her relationship with Michael Jackson, how she has been handling Jackson’s death and waht is next for her.


1977:: Lola Falana :: American Music Awards

December 1, 2009


1977-79 :: Tatum O’Neal

November 30, 2009





1973:: Maureen McCormick aka Marcia Brady

November 30, 2009

16 Magazine, 1973

If you’re the kind of girl who digs mystery and craves excitement, you’d beter hold on to your stack of Jackson 5 LPs – cos you’re about to get the low-down on that super talented J5er Michael Jackson and life he leads off stage and away from the TV cameras and recording studios! In other words, you’re about to get an inside look at the oh-so-hush-hush secret life of Michael Jackson!

Michael Meets The Bradys

You might say that Michael’s secret life began one day last summer, when Michael and his talented brothers – Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon – were at ABC-TVs Hollywood studios taping part of their Goin’ Back to Indiana special, which was aired last Setpember 19th. Those lovable kids – Maureen McCormick, Barry Williams, Chris Knight, Even Plumb, Susan Olsen and Mike Lookinland – who make up ABC-TV’s The Brady Brucnh, were also shooting that day. Well, maybe it was fate that the two groups met – being on the same lot on the very same day – for during the afternoon the Jackson 5 and The Brady Brunch came face-to-face and a happier bunch couldn’t find you in all of California.

Especially thrilled about the meeting was Michael Jackson, for the Brady Bunch is one of his favorite TV shows. In the short time they got to chat that day, Michael was immediately drawn to Chris Knight and Maurren McCormick. He really dug Eve, Susan, Mike and Barry too, but somehow Chris and Maureen seemed to be on the exact same wave length as Michael. Because of the heavy work scheduled that day for the J5 in connection with their TV special, the Bradys and the J5 didn’t get nearly enough time together – but in the short span they did spend talking, Michael managed to exchange phone numbers with Chris and Maureen!

Maybe because the Brady gang were so busy filming their TV series and doing personal appearances – and because the Jackson 5 are constantly on the go with recording dates and concert tours – months passed by without Michael calling or seeing Maureen or Chris. But a couple of weeks before Christmas, Michael was cleaning out one of his chest drawers at home and found the slip of paper on which he had written Maureen and Chris’ phone numbers. As you’ve probably guessed already, before you can say the name of the J5’s latest hit reocrd – Michael was dialing the phone and asking for Maureen!

When Maureen answered and heard Michael’s voice, she was very pleased, cos during the many months that had passed she had planned to call Michael and say hello – but things had come up which compelled her to put off her call.

That first time they talked, the telephone wires at the Jackson and McCormick homes were busy for at least two hours! There were just so many things to be said – experiences and incidents that had to be told, and just plain old gossip about what was happening! When Michael and Maureen finally realized they had been talking for two hours, they couldn’t understand where the time had gone!

One of the many things they shared was their mutual admiration for each other. Maureen, who has just embarked upon a singing career, was very interested in Michael’s views on singing – and Michael, who has always had a secret desire to act, found himself asking “Mo” (as Maureen is called by her friends) the many questions about acting that he had stored up – one of which was, “How o you cry when they want you to?” When Michael and Maureen said goodbye to each other that night, they promised each other to speak again soon – and Michael checked Crhis Knight’s home phone number with Maureen.

The phone calls between the McCormick, Knight and Jackson households continued for weeks. When the J5 left on a concert tour, the phone calls stopped for a week or so, but after Michael returned home to California – once again the friendly threesome picked up where they had left off and resumed their groovy phone conversations!

It was really great, for soon all three found themselves looking forward to calling each other every night! n fact, Michael, Maureen and Chris joked about putting in a private three way line – so that all three could talk and listen to one another at the same time! During many of their conversations they tried to make plans to get together, but one of them was always going someplace or hard to do something. Finally, there came a day when all three would be free – Sunday January 9th. So all three made plans to go ice skating at a nearby skating rink!

Since Chris and Maureen live pretty close to each other – and Michael’s home was nearby too – the rink was a perfect idea. Michael suggest inviting the other kids from The Brady Brunch to come along – and Maureen and Chris readily agreed. But after checking it out, Maureen learned that Barry Williams would be away and that Mike Lookinland wouldn’t be able to make it. Howeever Eve Plumb and Susan Olsen would be there, along with Maureen and Chris – or so they all thought at the time. But at the last minute Chris has to bow out because he came down with the flu! Michael was disappointed that all of the Bradys couldn’t make it, for he had hoped to get to know Michael Lookinland and Barry Williams a little better. And poor Chris – coming down with the flu! Well, Michael decided, he would just have to draw a personal “get well” card for Chris and send him a special note along with it!

Jermine Speaks

Hey, wait a minute, folks! This is that other Jackson 5-lover-boy-dude-namely me, Jermaine – and I’m cutting in on the line to say a few words with you! After all, “little brother” Michael can’t hog the phone all day, you know! But it looks like he’s done a pretty good job – huh?! In fact, he’s used up all our space this month! Never mind that, though, little soul sister – cos your main man ermaine will be right here in the June ish of sweet 16 – with goes on sale April 20 – not only to whisper sweet nothings in your shell like ear, but to also tip you off to the whole truth and nothing but ’bout that super-sexy skating party Michael had with his three “girlfriends,” Maureen, Susan and Eve!


Actress Maureen McCormick (52) is known to a large audience from the 70s tv sitcom “The Brady Bunch” as Marcia Brady (1969-1974 on US channel ABC). In her new memoir “Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice” she writes about dates she had with Michael Jackson back when he was still with The Jackson 5. She says the time with Michael Jackson was innocent:  “Once we went ice-skating and he held my hand as we glided around the rink. I wondered if he might try to kiss me, but he didn’t. After another outing, he did give me a kiss goodbye. But it was only a gentle peck on the cheek.”

American Music Awards, November 21 1974

Donny and Michael found good company in each other and remained quite friendly. All day long they chatted about their respective recording studios (both the Osmonds and the Jacksons have built studios in their homes) and about— guess what?— girls! At the party they straightened each other’s ties, and did a little “hamming it up” for the camera!”

Maureen McCormick also showed up at the bash. She arrived with a girlfriend and managed to mingle with just about everyone there! It must’ve been an interesting situation for Mike—he’s had a crush on Maureen for ages!”

From the 1991 edition of Randy Taraborrelli book:

…when the boys were in Vegas in 1975, Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady on “The Brady Bunch”) was always back in his [Michael’s] dressing room,” Susie Jackson remembered. (p. 391-2)

“Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice,” October 2008

Besides my parents the person who worried most about my driving was Katherine Jackson the strong-willed matriarch of the Jackson family. I met the Jackson 5 about a year and a half earlier when they visited us in the recording studio where we were doing the voices for the Brady kids animated series. Michael was a fan, and we became friends-as friendly as one could get with Michael.

But I think Michael really liked me. He called me and then I started driving over to his house, where we hung out and talked about TV and music. He let me watch him sing and dance in their studio, which was a thrill, as I had been a fan of the Jackson 5 for years.

Having performed onstage myself, I envied his talent. Once we went ice-skating and he held my hand as we glided around the rink. I wondered if he might try to kiss me but he didn’t. After another outing, he did give me a kiss good-bye. But it was only a gentle peck on the cheek. Michael’s parents made me nervous. I was a little afraid of his father, and his mother struck me as the strong, silent type.

I became even friendlier with Michael’s sister LaToya than I was with Michael. She was fun and had a good sense of humor. She used to confide in me about how strict her parents were.

Maureen McCormick, Billy Bush Radio, October 14th 2008

Billy Bush: Going back through the years you’ve dated some famous men. I want you to describe quickly in ten seconds describe quickly your dates with Michael Jackson.

Maureen: Very strange. Very strange. It was sweet and nice and all that but I feel like I never got to know the real Michael Jackson.

BB: No kissing?

MC: Yeah, we kissed but it was just on the cheeks. We held hands and we ice skated around an ice rink. I used to go to his house and hang out. I mainly hung out with LaToya and we’d take her shopping to the Topanga Plaza.

BB: But with Michael you never felt that hormonal rage that you-

MC: Oh, I did. He never acted upon it, but I did. I thought he was hot.

BB: You were ready for Michael? Did you make it clear to him that there could maybe be something there?

MC: (Laughs) No. No, I didn’t.

Maureen McCormick, 14th July 2009

Q: When you heard the news of Michael Jackson’s passing what was your reaction?

MM: Shock. Shock. I still am in shock, I still can’t believe that he’s gone. He was so amazing.

Q: What do you remember about him? You guys actually dated when you were young.

MM: We did date. We dated when I was 16. I had a chocolate brown Mercedes Diesel car.

Q: And you’d pick up Michael?

MM: I’d pick up Michael in my little Mercedez Diesel that I was so embarrassed to be in.

Q: How old was he at the time?

MM: If I were 16, he was 13/14

Q: Oh a younger man?

MM: Cougar, definitely.

I was just absolutely in love with Michael Jackson. I thought he was the greatest star ever. I couldn’t even believe that here I am little Maureen McCormick from the Valley driving up to the Jackson 5 house and going inside and hanging out!

Q: And Michael was like “Here comes Marcia Brady!”

MM: I wish, I wish! I mean, I don’t know!

Q: I’m sure he was!

MM: I definitely had a huge crush on him. And we kissed.

Q: On the lips?

MM: On the lips.

Q: A little peck action.

MM: A little peck action! It was close, but it was on the lips.

I thought he was the greatest thing in the world, I really did. I used to go hang out in their house, they had a family room. I remember being with his parents, they were always kind of there. I always felt I was being watched, like I wasn’t good enough or something to be hanging with Michael!

Q: The parents made you feel that way?

MM: I don’t know if it was them or my lack of self esteem or what? But I was just aware that this guy was a huge star.

Q: Could you tell they were as strict as everyone said they were?

MM: Yea, they ran a really tight ship. Michael talked about music all the time with me and his moves, he would dance for me. We once ice skating together at the Topanga Plaza, there used to be an ice skating rink there. I remember going around the rink and holding hands with him. It was really… I was in love. I thought I would maybe be Mrs Jackson.

Q: Aw.

MM: Yea, I definitely could’ve been. I would’ve loved it.

Q: So he seemed like a very normal kid to you?

MM: Um, yeah. He seemed, he always seemed younger than he really was. And I think I was younger than I really was and maybe that’s why we wer so connected. I think a lot of times child stars develop slower than normal people. But we related so well. He was like a little boy, very naive, so full of wonder, you know, everything.

Susan Olsen, 27th July 2009

RTV: I wanted to ask you, you’ve actually met Michael Jackson briefly, the Brady kids did, and then you had Farah on the Variety Show.

S: Actually, we more than just met Michael Jackson. He was sort of a friend.

RTV: Oh yeah?

S: Yeah. I would have one outing with him. Outing? (heh) We went ice skating. Michael and Marlon and Randy. And Maureen and Eve and me.

RTV: Maureen talks about that in her book.

S: Yeah, she says it was an intimate date between she and Michael. She had a crush on Jermaine!

RTV: That’s funny.

S: But she used to go to the house and stuff. She knew him way better than I did. I think Chris Knights kept in touch with him. I remember Maureen saying, “Michael Jackson wants your number, Susie.” And anyway, Michael was wonderful. He was a very, very nice guy. He was friends with us… we liked him so much because he was so normal. That’s exactly why we liked him. He was completely unphased by celebrity. He was just like sunshine. He had such a lovely personality. Very humble. I remember asking him who his choreographer was, “‘Cause you sure dance good, you don’t dance like us white girls!” and he says, “Choreographer? Man, we do it ourselves!”

RTV: That’s great! That was back in the era of the Brady Bunch doing music? Was that kind of “we do this touring music show and we apologize”-

Was that kind of, “we do musical shows”?

S: I remember Michael and I talking about… The reason we met was because of a special we were doing. We had a special. We had a cartoon coming up, they had a cartoon coming up. We were supposed to be like the Jackson Five and the Osmonds except with no talent. We should’ve done a Disney Franchise.

I remember talking, we knew we were just a big hype machine. I was like, “Listen to Michael Jackson, look at him dance, he is really good.” Well look at all of them. It was really to see Jermaine sing at Michael’s funeral. Remember it’s a talented family. There’s so many gifted people in that family.

RTV: I don’t think anyone in that family can’t sing.

S: I don’t think you’re allowed to, I think they were drowned at an early age.

RTV: That’s great. So here was Michael Jackson this normal kid. Did it shock you to see everything that he was sucked into?

S: Yeah, it did, because… well, I’m not gonna pretend I knew him. I hate when people do that. Can you imagine being dead and all these people are being, “We were very close, no we weren’t, I didn’t even know you, I didn’t like you!” But I really felt like he was so innocent, he was such a naive, sweet guy that when I started seeing what was happening to his face and everything – aw. The bad people were getting to him.

I wish that I’d gotten in touch with him, I really wish I did, that was one regret I had. But I didn’t want to be one of those people trying to get to Michael. What I gather now is he was really open to seeing people that he had known when he was a kid.


1972:: The Dating Game :: Latonya Simmons

November 30, 2009

Have dinner together at Sardi’s on June 29 and she attends his concert, June 30, 1972

She did have her date with Michael at Sardi’s the night before the Jackson 5 concert at Madison Square Garden on June 30, 1972.

Michael Jackson, Los Angeles Times, 1972

“We went out to dinner in New York. The next night we had a concert there and she came and was in the front row and everyone recognized her from television and started grabbing at her [giggles] and wanted her autograph [more giggles]. They had to put her backstage.”

Michael Jackson, August 20 1972

“I only did one show by myself.” he smiles. “That was the Dating Game. It was fun. I won number one. She got to go to New York to see our concert.”

October 1972 issue of 16 magazine

Andy Warhol Interview, 1977

Andy Warhol: Have you been dating in Hollywood?
MJ: No.
AW: But you’re so cute.
MJ: I’ve never been on a date-outside of The Dating Game. And that was work.

Michael Jackson’s Relationships and Loves

Latonya Simmons won a date with much sought-after Michael Jackson when she was 10 years old.

The year was 1972: a 14-year-old Michael Jackson is about to make a young girl’s dream come true.

10-year-old Latonya Simmons was competing against two other girls to win a date with the 14-year-old superstar on The Dating Game.

“When he picked me—oh God! If you looked at the other girls they were very upset,” said Latonya. “I used to always pray, please, God, let me go out with Michael Jackson, and then all of a sudden it happened.”

And when it did, Latonya took no chances. During The Dating Game, Jackson asked her, “Girls always follow me around, tell me what you’d say to them.” Latonya answered: “Go away; he’s mine, not yours!”

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Latonya, a one-time hospital administrator in Los Angeles back in 2003. Latonya recalled going out on four or five innocent dates with Michael, nothing more than a peck on the cheek.

“It was just kid stuff, we were kids,” she said.

Michael’s love life would become a real-life dating game played out for the world to see.

Michael revealed his first love was Tatum O’Neal in 1979. But in 2003, he told 20/20 he spurned Tatum’s sexual advances because he was too shy.

Tatum called the allegations “crazy.”

In 1984, Michael reportedly dated Brooke Shields. Rare footage shows Michael and Brooke arriving in a Rolls Royce to the 1984 Grammys.

Then there was the King of Pop’s marriage to the daughter of the King of Rock and Roll – Lisa Marie Presley.

“And they said it wouldn’t last,” said Jackson at the 1994 MTV Video Music Awards. The marriage lasted less than two years.

But only one girl can claim the title of Michael’s first love. “I guess I was his first date, yeah,” said Latonya.