Michael Jackson The Flirt

February 28, 2011


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  1. My literally dropped at “elderly fish”. And still trying to pick it up off the keyboard…

  2. Wonderful entry.

    Those two flight attendants are beautiful. And thanks for adding the bits on Chili, Jodi, and pretty much the rest.

  3. Thanks for this -it’s so nice to read everyday things about him. Such a regular guy!

  4. Will you add the Toni Braxton story?

    • I only know about their picture together (where he looks adorably bashful) and that he liked her voice, was there more? Has she spoken about him?

  5. he called her two times. once he called, and said his name, toni didn’t believe him, so she hung up. and then his assistant called back, and said, toni this is really michael.

  6. Is that story about the yvete wombn trve?

  7. I want to skinny dip with MJ 😉

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