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1989 :: Beverly Johnson

August 31, 2010

Pete Bennett, Promoter, 1974/5

Bennett, born Pietro Benedetto in the Bronx, signed Michael and his brothers on with CBS’ Epic Records in the mid-1970s. Bennett is also a close friend of Trenton casting director, Roz Clancy.

Beverly Johnson, a model, actress and writer, was the first black model ever to grace the cover of Vogue magazine in August 1974. She appeared on more than 500 magazine covers, including Glamour. Bennett said that Jackson had the hots for the sultry, black star.

“He had an eye for pretty girls, especially Johnson. She was about 25 and Michael was 16. But Beverly, I believe was dating Arthur Ashe at the time,’’ Bennett said.

“Often when I would be in his company, Michael would point a girl out and admire her looks or figure.”

At his 21st Birthday Party, August 29th 1979

Liberian Girl, April 1989

Films Liberian Girl video featuring Beverly.

OtW Magazine, 1989

On July 8th, Motown threw a big party for Diana Ross in California to welcome her tour there which opened on July 4th. Though the party was for Diana, Michael Jackson ended up being the talk of the night when he turned up with his date for the evening, supermodel Beverly Johnson (who appears in Jackson’s Liberian Girl video). The LA Times reviewed the party – one quote said: “Michael never let Beverly’s hand go all-night. Could this be true love?”