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June 5, 2011

Parts highlighted in red in a section are the things I’ve most recently added:



5th June: Added info on his friendship with Kathy Hilton.


  1. Lol! My friends just sent me a link to your blog and I was like WTF how do you guys know each other?! Ha-ha. Nice to see you again, bb! xo

    • Omg it’s YOU! ๐Ÿ˜€

      You’ve found me bb, I’m out here stanning for Michael Jackson’s penis. Where are you posting these days???

  2. Hi,

    Your blog is pretty interesting ๐Ÿ™‚ You know, I just saw these Glenda/Michael transcripts for the first time in January and I was wondering in your opinion how credible you thought they were? I mean I believe them for the simple fact that it would take a lot of energy to sit there and make this up if it were a hoax. And the speech pattern is spot on for Michael too. I can’t help but wonder about the “S” parts of the transcripts and why many sites have that had it posted have abruptly taken it down and left everything else. I mean it’s so personal (it’s all personal really so why take some down and leave the rest) but I heard Glenda’s family demanded it be taken down to some bloggers. Is this true?

    • The Glenda transcripts I’ve posted here are from the tapes that are freely available to download for everyone.

      The S transcripts I have a lot of problems with… the original person who transcribed the Glenda tapes thought Sam was called Scott, they were wrong. The S transcripts use the name “Scott” at least 5-10 times, if that was a real person listening and writing it down then how did they manage to make such an obvious error? They should have realized his name wasn’t Scott pretty soon… There’s also other timeline errors with the S ones.

      Maybe I’ll post them up here and see if someone asks me to take them down too. ;D

      • Hey, thanks for the explanation ๐Ÿ™‚ As I said, I didn’t know these transcripts existed until January and they are interesting along with everything else you compiled. I don’t blame you for having issues with the “S” transcripts especially if there are timeline issues and errors as big as confusing the name Scott with Sam. I’ve never heard the audio but I’ve seen transcripts on this blog site: http://mjglendacall.blog.com/2009/11/28/the-complete-set-of-the-transcripts/ The girl took them down though after Glenda’s sister asked her to.

        P.S. I’ve always been a big fan of MJ. I’m 23 and even though thriller came out 4 years before I born, my dad was a musician and the record stayed on at our house from the time I was in the crib ๐Ÿ˜›

        • You were raised right. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          I’m not convinced Glenda’s sister is patrolling internet sites. I know her daughter was asking about them online but she wasn’t internet savvy at all.

          I’ll put them up this week with an explanation of some of the errors in them and see what happens…

  3. Please dont forget Jennifer Battan.
    I absolutely adore her.
    Thanks for your insightful but maddening blog!

  4. Almost forgot about Beyonce too.
    Would love any and all info about
    Michael’s relationships with both
    her and Jennifer Batten. Thanks!

  5. Girl, I just want you to know how much I love this blog of yours! I look forward to all your updates!

  6. Danielle here again ๐Ÿ™‚ Your blog is so awesome, thanks for the updates!

  7. Fantastic job on this site, La C.

    Seriously, not only is it great fun to read, it’s a culturally significant historical reference work.

    For the countless many craving for a deeper understanding of Michael Jackson the man, this is essential reading.

  8. Great updates! I went ahead and made my own articles regarding Jennifer Batten and Beyonce, I also included articles about Slash and Naomi! Thank you for the inspiration to gather all my own resources into one place.

  9. Love your blog very much. Learned a lot about MJ. Are you going to do anything about Debbie Rowe soon?

  10. Your blog is amazing. I’ve seen some things I haven’t seen before; makes all my old work look like crap, lol.

    I added you to my blogroll. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Hi! I’m a Japanese MJ fan and was writing about the women history of Michael in my blog using all these interviews surrounding Michael and his women, but I have deleted all my articles because I became so embarassed after seeing your blog so in depth! I was way too shallow compared to you. When I found your blog I thought this was so hilarious!Your blog isใ€€just what I wanted to do!Thank you so much for writing this blog!

    You know, a lot of Japanese people still thinks that Michael was either a gay or a pedophile and I wanted to do something about it that I kept on writing about his women in Japan. Is it okay if I translate and summarize some of your articles in Japanese?
    Please let me know via email. I want to tell you all the things that is going on in Japan such as Schaffel’s stupid movie! Japanese media really sucks!!

    • That’d be awesome, when you do it I’d love to have a link! It’s sad, I always thought Japanese people knew better than the rest of us, you guys were such amazing fans and MJ loved you guys. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Hey, I’ve got some questions for you… there are rumours MJ was getting on with some girls back in Japan on the Bad tour, did you ever hear any of those? Or anything about the Kano sisters and MJ?

      • OMG! I wasn’t expecting a reply, so I am surprised!!Thank you so much!!

        Honestly I think you know better than I do even about things happening in Japan lol, but about the Bad tour, are you talking about the singer Minako Honda? She had an interview with him and he hugged and kissed the way he always did.You know the gentleman way. Yuko Asano, an actress had met him at a hotel, but nothing special happened.
        There was a rumor that Michael wanted to marry Noriko Takahashi who is a Cirque du soleil performer, but that rumor was denied by her own blog. This was just before Michael passed away.

        I am surprised that you know Kano sisters lol!! I don’t think anything happened between Michael and them. Was there a rumor??

        Japanese fans truly believe he was the man of the man, but non-fans were brainwashed by the stupid Japanese media which import only the fake news that they didn’t even know that he had vitiligo. I was living overseas at the time of Oprah show, so I knew it for sure, but as Oprah show was broadcasted midnight in Japan, not many Japanese watched that show. Isn’t it sad?
        Although Japanese don’t have offence against gays (we have many popular showbiz people who are gay)
        , I was surprised to see many people still thought that he was gay even after TII!!God!The way he looks and treats Judith(she is half Japanese) and other girls in the film, how can they see him as gay?!

        I will re-upload the articles that I had written in the past adding your precious information in this blog. When I finish it, I will add you to my blogroll and I’ll be flattered if you have a link!

        Thanx so much!!

        • Thanks so much for sharing these Japanese stories! I’m off to google Minako/Yuko/Noriko… MJ seemed to adore Japan/Asia so I was hoping there might be some fun stories from over there. ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel like there’s another connection he had to Japan and a Japanese woman but I can’t remember it right now… hmmm

          There’s a story about how MJ spent some time alone in a room talking to the Kano sisters… got some people talking, ‘specially considering the reasons they’re famous. ;D

        • Ohhhh have you ever heard of a woman called Shirley Brooks? Has she ever done any interviews over there?

          She worked with Mike in CBS in the 70s through to the 80s and I’m interested in what she might have to say…

          He also had two Asian secretaries, Shari Dub and Joli Levine, not sure if they’re from Japan, but maybe you’ve heard about any interviews from them?

          I love speaking to international fans. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I’m not sure whether I’m replying at the right place(^_^;) If I’m making a mistake, please forgive me.

          I have summarized your “ass man” article here โ†’ http://mjwomen.cocolog-nifty.com/mj/2010/05/post-8ad7.html

          And the “unknown older woman” article here โ†’http://mjwomen.cocolog-nifty.com/mj/2010/05/post-0cd7.html

          And I’ve put you in my blogroll which is right top under the wig drawing of my blog, the fourth link.

          About the Kano sisters, they went to the staff only party when Michael came to the VIP party in Japan in 2007, but no one knows what happened between them. They are very mysterious lol. Nobody knows how they make money. Actually it’s the same question I have for Latoya as well.

          And God! I know nothing about the women you mentioned(>_<)I'm sorry that I'm useless! I think the latter two are not Japanese, though, but I guess I've got to research on them as well lol!

          By the way, a Japanese American called Mayumi Nina Sakazaki was Michael's coordinator for a decade from 1986 and she wrote a book about the episodes with Michael and the people around him. The book was out this month and I've ordered it yesterday at amazon. I don't think that she wrote anything romantical, but if she did by any chance, then I'll let you know.

          I also heard some Japanese women were close to the Jackson family, but I never heard of them being involved with Michael.

          It's really great to hear that he seemed to adore Asians, cuz many Japanese were dreaming of marrying Michael lol.

          And oooh I love talking to you! Thanks again for the reply! It's really nice of you!

          • They are very mysterious lol. Nobody knows how they make money. Actually itโ€™s the same question I have for Latoya as well.

            LMAO! ๐Ÿ˜€

            I also heard some Japanese women were close to the Jackson family, but I never heard of them being involved with Michael.

            Oh yeah, he seemed to have a few of them… Shirley, Shari, Joli, Yukido, Judith… you guys got it going on

            By the way, a Japanese American called Mayumi Nina Sakazaki was Michael’s coordinator for a decade from 1986 and she wrote a book about the episodes with Michael and the people around him.

            Ooh, yes, I’d LOVE to hear any cute stories she might have ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I know how you feel! I’m from the Philippines & I made a blog about MJ’s womanizing ways but after I came here, I’m quite embarrassed as it really is no comparison! I still keep my blog up though as a sort of introduction to Michael’s sexuality, If they’re not turned off or once it seeps it, I like introducing La Cienegas!

      • nenabunena
        I hope you know what “womanizing” is. MJ wasn’t a womanizer. He had respect for women. I’m kind of offended that a MJ fan would want to paint him in such a light, honestly.

        • If you read the blog that wasn’t what the blog was implying. Womanizing in Filipino is babaero, I don’t think your definition is the same as ours. But despite that, I still clarified what was meant by it.

      • I always had a good impression about the articles in the Philippines as they put vitiligo as “Michael Jackson disease”. I guess the awareness in the Philippines are much greater than that of Japan.

        And it’s good to hear that there are people who are doing the same thing in the Philippines as I do. Let’s keep up with this!

        • Hi Risako! IDK, I think a lot of the info on MJ came in more freely after he died w/c is sad to me. But it’s nice that our press or media have taken in this new info & have not maintained the tabloid ones. I just wish that MJ’s impact was much more you know? His career & image has been affected greatly by the medialoid/tabloid lies about him. I’m glad to meet a fellow MJ fan from Japan! Let’s spread the truth about MJ! I try to do it w/in my own Filipino community, hopefully w/ this site & others, MJ Truth will reach the greater public & be vindicated!

        • Hi, again!! Thanks for another reply!

          I have summarized 2 of this blog’s articles and the readers of my blog are really excited!
          They said these are the things we were waiting for!

          I totally agree on the thing you said about the information pouring out and accepted by the public after his death. I’m also surprised about people like Roger Friedman becoming pro MJ after his death. Same thing is happening in Japan after a tempo late. There were tons of Japanese media which were anti MJ. But now they praise MJ and making him GOD! That makes me really sick. I guess it’s all about money.So I’m revealing all the lies of the media in my blog as well.

          Oh did I talk too harsh(^_^;)?

          It was really great to hear from you again! YES! Let’s spread the truth!

          • Yay, I’m happy other people enjoy all this ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully we keep finding more stuff and people are willing to open up a little now…

            Well, I have to say, even if they’re tardy to the party I’m glad they’re coming at all. I think someone else on this blog said it best… the reaction to MJ’s death, the grief, the tears, the adoring coverage, the tributes… that’s how people really felt about MJ… I truly hope MJ knows the effect he had on people.

            The lies from the media… the lies from people who knew him who are now acting like they were fans and loved him and were close to him all this time… so many people trying to act like the last 20 years didn’t happen.

        • I don’t think you’re being too harsh Risako! IMO I don’t think we can ever measure up to the harshness of what the media did to MJ. I had heard somewhere the Karen Faye may have been Friedman’s insider, yikes, I don’t know if that’s true though. But I can almost believe anything when it comes to Karen Faye, who would’ve thought she would turn out the way she did? IDK.

          I’ve been thinking of doing a more extensive entry as well, but it’s hard & it will take a lot of research & resources.

  12. Finally, the NEW ENTRY I’ve been anticipating for! This was like awaiting a new Harry Potter book!

    • LOL! ๐Ÿ˜€ Grab a hot cup of coffee and get reading bb, I’d love to know what you think about it all.

  13. I love the new post, most of it seems legit to me, although I hope Paris didn’t really walk in on MJ and B, not that she’d probably even remember anyway.

    The Stephanie Mills thing has got to be true, it’s so like her. I don’t want to go and say she was the desperate type, but as far as MJ there’s no denying that she’s sprung. Like I told you in ’84 she put a song on her album called “His Name Is Michael”, can’t get more obvious than that!

    As for Diana and all the rest, it’s like so much of the stuff I’ve wondered about, I’m finally getting somewhere in filling up the blanks.

    Thank you so much for your blog, the more I read about it, the more I think that people really ought to know the real side to MJ. It is his private life, but it’s better than them hearing and believing all of the media shit.

    By the way, I wanted to get your okay on letting people know about your sight on YouTube. Not advertising it in a video, just in comments or messages, that type of thing. Hopefully your blog will get a lot more hits.

    Although, I worry if too many people find out, someone might go to the media or a family member and get it shut down. I don’t know if they really have the authority to do that though, this country being about Freedom of Speech and all.

    Anyway, can’t wait for your next updates!

    • LOL! IA about B and Steph and the Diana Ross thing is one of the most consistent things that any “insiders” relay.

      You’re welcome to share this site! I’d love to see all this info go viral, it’d be much more fun than having to see the usual BS about him spread about. I don’t know if you can put links into youtube messages anymore though because of spam.

      The Jacksons haven’t managed to stop all the really awful offensive websites about him around so I doubt that this website will be that much of a big deal to them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Thanks! People really need to know the truth about MJ. This gon’ blow them outta their minds!LOL

        • And, by the way, I just wondered what you thought about the Quincy/Eddie thing. I think the thing about Eddie is most likely true, he seems the type to me, and I’ve heard about him trying to get at MJ before.

          As for Quincy, I had thought maybe, but back in his day it was alright for men to show each other love, so when we’d see him kissing and hugging MJ I thought he was just being old school.

          At the same time I don’t totally rule him out. It’d explain why he made those rude comments about MJ out of no where.

          I just want to know when MJ found out he was gay and what he thought. I’d guess it was around Bad, and probably factored in their split. LOL

          P.S. I’d like it if you’d upload the S transcripts toom, if only for a week. I think I’ve already read them, but I think it was only a partial list.

          Thanks =]

          • I’ve heard a looooot of rumours about Quincy, doesn’t mean they’re true of course, I mean look at Mike… and well, Eddie is kind of a no-brainer after that transvestite hooker thing. LOL But IDK both stories seemed interesting (and made me laugh :D), I’m holding out to see if other things Honey has said have any truth.

            I might as well upload the S transcripts, at least just to piss off the people who wrote and then made all the fuss over them. The guy’s name is Sam and they call him Scott like 25 times in their transcripts and all that conflicting mess with Melissa from the original transcripts and their version… SMH I hate when people are blatently trying to mess with people

        • OK, thanks, I didn’t know for sure if there were two different versions of the transcripts.

          LOL, no wonder why Eddie’s able to pull off those transvestite rolls in his movies. I can’t help but laugh at this stuff either, I just hope they weren’t too aggressive with MJ. I wonder if he ever had to punch anyone despite his “Beat It” motto. LOL.

          Also, I finally found the Yvette story, but I haven’t read both versions. What are your thoughts on her, I think it seems like MJ in the latter years, but I could be wrong though, being that there’s two versions in all.

          • The original Yvette story is the shorter one with spelling errors and everything… I personally believe it. It’s been circulating the internet since before the trial (supposedly since 2002 and as far as I know it’s definitely been around since before 2004) and there are details in it that I don’t believe a fan would have known and that I also don’t believe a fan would use in a story about MJ. The wine drinking, the junk in his room, that MJ was the one who made the moves on her, the sweatpants/no make up, that he wasn’t interested in a relationship, the spanking, the finger thing ;), the flowers the next day, that she was Black/Latina, that she worked in the industry… it all seems pretty true… I just don’t think someone back then would’ve written him that way.

        • Hope it’s ok if I add something here, there are 2 versions of that Yvette story right? The original is the shorter 1, the longer one is a fanfic made from Cobracrack. Cobracrack is a fanfic site based on real situations, or videos, even that supposed ‘real letter’. Personally I don’t believe in the letter. Why? Well, it does sound like MJ after LMP for sure to me but the 1 line that makes me doubt it 100% is when MJ asked if she was on the pill? She just takes her word for it? Doesn’t sound like the careful & tactful MJ to me. If he had been that irresponsible I think he would’ve gotten a hell of a lot more women pregnant other than Blanket’s mom. My opinion of course.

          • I believe it, for the reasons I posted to Jjjazii. ๐Ÿ˜‰

            The whole pill thing IDK… Blanket is rumoured to be an accident, but I don’t believe he has any other accidents. Maybe he had a low sperm count (Debbie needed to be inseminated) and he felt he could risk things like that? IDK it just feels true to me… I wish she’d post an update somewhere though LOL!

      • That’s the thing, I read that Yvette story last year & considered it a possibility. Because like you mentioned she dropped a lot of things that were plausible & I find believable excepting the birth control issue. Let’s consider the sperm count theory – what about STDs? & where’d you hear Rowe was artificially inseminated? I personally believe it’s natural because MJ did say so & the fact that Paris was conceived in well, Paris. Also, I don’t think In Vitro is plausible because Rowe sure got pregnant fast in between pregnancies. Also IV has a high chance of producing twins or more no? & if it is to be believed that Rowe got pregnant while he was married to LMP, & if the National Inquirer letter is to be believed (w/c I do btw), MJ fooled around w/ different women in hopes of impregnating them after he found out LMP was on the pill.

        Aside from the birth control thing though, the rest seems more than plausible to me too, it seems all too real, but the pill thing is what keeps me wary.

        I have to ask though, now this is just my opinion ok? I think MJ got it on w/ Shana, Rawamba & Princess Stephanie, do you plan on doing any updates on them? Also on the Madonna front, I heard Madonna’s former bf at the time she was dating MJ, was saying that Madonna was head over heels in love w/ MJ. That all she ever talked about was MJ, ever heard anything about that? I’ve tried to research on it, even the supposed Madonna unauthorized bio that recounted their strip poker but I haven’t found it on the net or what the title of the book is.

        • By bf, I meant best friend btw. She’s a comedian, forgot her name though.

          • Ahh yeah, we heard the same thing. I quoted her in the Madonna post where she says that she was always going on about him.

            Has she written any books? ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Debbie said it was IVF in an article… it’s somewhere in my huge Debbie folder! I really need to get my ass on her post. I’m not sure if MJ would always use protection, guys don’t always use it if they feel they can get away with it… there’s just so many little things about that story that feel true to me, you know?

          I think MJ got it on with Shana and Grace for sure, but I don’t think they were long term and I think they fell for him more than he did them and with Grace working for him it was more complicated… Stephanie I wonder about, I need more juice on her… I haven’t even been able to find when they first met. She was pretty scandalous back in her day too…

          I don’t think it was Madonna’s BF that I heard say that but one of her supposed ex girlfriends, I think I included the quote in the Madonna section. She said all Madonna would talk about during that period was MJ ๐Ÿ˜‰ That strip poker story might’ve been in an article or something at the time. I’m pretty convinced about the stories of her asking him for his kids (and Prince, 2Pac and all those other black famous guys) but I don’t think they did anything beyond maybe some kissing… I’m tempted to take out bios on SO many people just to see if they have any more tea on MJ LOL! It’s amazing the stuff you find that people have dismissed/overlooked…

      • I’ve heard of that Debbie I article but I believe she denied it. I know the Yvette story does FEEL true but I just don’t know.

        I have no idea on how long/short MJ may have been w/ Shana or Grace but Shana did say they were on/off for 7 years, I’m open to that for now. & I believe MJ was planning on seeing her just before he died. As for Grace, IDK it doesn’t impress me as a very short-lived fling, him constantly firing & rehiring her impresses me as a lover’s spat & makeup, ie. The Notebook! As for Princess Steph, I guess what made me believe that something happened between these 2, aside from ITC, was the Diana Ross vid/event. You could see Steph’s face when Ross sat on MJ, the look of a woman pissed off that another woman was getting her man all excited & heated up right in front of her on public tv! Another, was when MJ received his award from Steph, it looked like they had a fight or something & you could see it in Steph’s face. MJ goes up, slyly asks a Princess to help adjust his mic stand while he stands back allowing her to do some handywork for him. It looked like he was putting her in her place! LOL! IDK, it just looked so funky to me, it was hilarious IMO! & like you said Steph was pretty wild back then, having a fore w/ a Black controversial figure sure would’ve kept a possible fling/whatever quiet. & she also fits the bill in what I believe was MJ’s type. He may say that he likes sweet women like Princess Diana or Mother Theresa, lol! But I think the key lies in the fact that MJ was attracted to older women, he liked women w/ experience. Steph, LMP, Ross, Taylor, etc. were all that no?

        As for Madonna, by bf I meant best friend, ex-girlfriend! In the Philippines we also say bf for best friend! LOL! Anywhoo, from what I heard the strip poker supposedly came from an unauthorized Madonna book. But I really have no idea if it may have come from an article.

        I’m tempted myself in getting the bios from anyone to everyone connected to MJ! YIKES!

        • There was an article she denied, but there was another interview she hasn’t denied. I do believe they had sex, but I think MJ might’ve been in a hurry…

          I don’t believe MJ was planning on rehooking up with Shana…. I think she was an on and off bootycall. The timeline sounds dodgy to me, I don’t believe he cheated on Lisa that early. MJ and Grace weren’t romantic in the last 5 years according to someone… but I think whatever sex they had made things complicated between them… did you know Grace and Shana are friends? LOL!

          IA he liked them with an edge, he was calling up Foxy Brown for chrisakes LOL!… I just can’t figure out when and where and how Stephanie fits in. She didn’t make it sound romantic when she discussed how she recorded ITC, but I can’t put it past him. I just need more info before I make my mind up.

      • “I do believe they had sex, but I think MJ mightโ€™ve been in a hurryโ€ฆ”

        ^^^^I don’t know, if MJ was in a hurry then IV wasn’t the way to go. The fastest way to conception is the natural way still.

        I think she was an on and off bootycall.
        ^^^^Maybe on MJ’s part but I think she was more than just some booty call. She came out when no other women did & she had an interesting statement after he died that revealed to me that she knew MJ more than LMP ever did. I don’t think MJ cheated on LMP early on either, only after the pills. But I think it’s possible that he did continue keeping in touch w/ her. Yep, heard about Grace & Shana.

        I wish that other poster on the Madonna entry would post the link to the video she downloaded, I’d like to see it myself! I’ll try to find the video though. & try to research & post here any rumors or whatnot I hear.

        • When a guy sees you and off for like 7 years, gets married to someone else, is talking abot Melissa and other girls on the phone (and not you), hangs out with June Chandler, with Brooke… then he isn’t serious about you. I think she was sprung though and was hoping he would get serious. I think he kept in touch with her… she was working with his manager so he kind of had to LOL! I don’t think she volunteered to come forwards, I think she was asked to by the family, just like they did with Tatiana in 93. I wish more women had come forwards. I think she was totally in love but… yeah, it’s obvious he wasn’t all the way with her.

          I don’t get why she only shared that one posed photo of her with MJ either… if they were that serious how comes there aren’t any others? :/ I confess… until she shows the goods I’m not that interested. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • I guess I believe there are different types of relationships. She may not have been the love of his life or even a serious dedicated gf, but I don’t think she’s just some booty call. His family may have reached out to her but for her to do it still, I think she deserves even a little bit of respect & for MJ to continue to keep in touch w/ her after when he didn’t w/ Tatiana shows that she was not just some fling to throw away as he did w/ Tatiana. As for why only 1 pic was shown, who knows? Maybe the others were more persona or private in nature? Knowing MJ’s need for privacy, maybe he wouldn’t have wanted private or more personal pics posted. Why, even when she came out, notice she didn’t even reveal anything private or personal between the 2 of them unlike Theresa? I don’t know of this Melissa person though.

  14. I Rlly Like Your Blog… And I was Hopin and asking is when are gonna put the S transcripts up? they are rlly interesting and another thing do you believe thats MJ talkin in those S transcripts?

  15. Oh, wow, the story’s been circulating THAT long. That’s got me convinced, there were way too many details in there that people didn’t learn about MJ until the trial.

    Too, be honest, I don’t think he was all concerned about safety either, and I believe that Blanket was probably an accident. We all know how much MJ cared about his image. He told people Blanket was a surrogate, because he didn’t want people to know he was illegitimate.

    Also, like I’ve said before I believe that Prince and Paris were completely naturally conceived.

    As for Madonna, she’s said before that she was obsessed with MJ growing up. Personally, I’d say they didn’t do nothing more than kiss, but I think it’s fully possible they did more, knowing the MJ of that era. I just think that he’s the type that prefers to play the domineering role.

    Shana, like many before her was probably more into him that he was into her, and wished it was more. Princess Stephanie’s promiscuous self, I thnk that ones pretty obvious, and Grace remains a mystery to me.

    Those are my thoughts. Thanks. =]

    • “Too, be honest, I donโ€™t think he was all concerned about safety either,”
      ^^^ Yeah but why wouldn’t he be concerned w/ safety after 40 years of playing it safe to the extreme? MJ fanfics have been going on long before MJ died. I like the Yvette story, but just because I want something to happen doesn’t make it true. I guess for now, until I read more than I feel can substantiate it, I will be hesitant or wary about it. My opinion of course.

  16. i was wondering guys where can i find the Yvette story?? and what are you guys thoughts on Omer do you guys think its mikes or what

    • The Yvette story has been reposted all over the place, I was thinking of reposting it here…

      Omer definitely isn’t Mike’s.

      • lol but the resemblance is remarkable… why do you think that rockforeveron??

        • You think there’s a resemblance? Those photoshopped pictures of MJ/Omer comparisons are so funny to me. He has his mother’s nose and the rest of him is SE Asian just like the man who is his father, Riz, it’s weird to me that anyone could possibly see anything else in him… he doesn’t even have the Jackson height, Jackson hands or the Jackson feet.

          And MJ wasn’t anywhere near his mother in 1984… I don’t know why anyone wants him to be MJ’s kid when he isn’t… the weird thing is if that if Jordy had still been around MJ now people would be saying he was his son too…

  17. lol you know your right never thought about the height and everything and with the whole jordy thing is is correct also. thanks for showing me another light.. and also its not like mike to deny a seed of his and omer said it himself that mj wasnt his dad. the main reason why i gave it thought is because joe kinda said in an interview that omer might be is grandson [ dont quote me on those exact words] but you get what im saying HOPEFULLY

    • Yea, lots of Omer stans use that Joe comment as hard evidence that he’s his kid… but I think his physical resemblance to both his parents (Riz & Pia), the fact that he’s clearly SE Asian, the tiny body proportions (LOL I mean even PP&B have huuuuge hands/feet & are tall) and the fact that there’s no way MJ and Pia could even have met in 1984 just rules it flat out. MJ would never deny any child of his, not the same MJ who walked around with dolls crying. People can make as many conspiracy theories as they want, it won’t change anything about who Omer is.

      And right now Omer’s currently doing cruise ships… could you imagine Paris, Prince or Blanket doing cruises? LOL!

      • Omer isn’t SE Asian though. His father is from Pakistan, South Asian, they’re part of the Caucasian group actually & South Asians are not known to be small. & Omer was raised in Europe so he would be European as well as South Asian.

        Joe did say Omer was/is MJ’s son but keep in mind Joe knows little of the Jackson & certainly MJ dynamics. He wouldn’t know any better, watch his Larry King interview, you can see how out of the loop Joe is w/ the family.

        Also, Omer never denied being MJ’s son, he apparently has stated this insinuating otherwise. Personally, I don’t believe he’s MJ’s son.

        • Well, he’s definitely S Asian. I wasn’t saying he was short ’cause of that, he just happens to be very small framed which is something that is kind of a deal breaker with the Jackson family ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • I agree on the short stature part btw.:-)

        • I don’t think he’s MJs son because MJ wouldn’t abandon his son for 12 years and then suddenly pick him up again.

          Although there is a strong resemblance not just between MJ and Omer, but Omer and other Jacksons [Prince, Paris, Blanket, and Tito’s son]. I’ve seen tons of comparison photos and stuff by Luverz123456789, who clearly believes the kid’s his son.

          The only way that I can imagine it being so, if MJ had a one night stand and the woman left and didn’t tell him about the kid until the late 90s when we started seeing them around.

          But wasn’t MJ celibate during that period? Gosh, I don’t know. Unless someone [other than Joseph Jackson] says that he’s MJs, I don’t believe he is. Also, why would MJ leave one of his children out of his own will?

          • There isn’t a resemblance… LOL! I think it’s funny. They use photos of 3T after their nose jobs, I mean c’mon. It’s even weirder because there’s even a father in the picture, Riz, who looks exactly like Omer. I think you’re talking about MJMedia/MJMysteries, who’s also obsessed by Shana? She also thinks Shana is Omer and Blanket’s mother… scary stuff.

            Yea, MJ was celibate during that period, MJ would never leave his son out of a will and include his cousins/nephews (as well as specifically state that he has no other children, someone who never got over Joe’s lack of love would do that to his own son?), would never ditch his son for years like that, Omer wasn’t spending time with Mike in the last few years (the BG had only heard of him, never seen him) there’s no connection between Mike/Pia, and MJ’s son is now doing an impersonation gig of Mike aboard cruise ships… there’s no way in hell MJ’s real kids will need to work aboard a cruise ship in their lifetimes. People like making conspiracies out of everything in Mike’s life though…

        • LOL, that’s what I think, pretty unlikely. I like MJMedia for her videos, but I’ve seen some of her posts on LSA, doesn’t seem to be completely straight in the mind [Shana?!].

          • She’s just relentless…. disagree with her and she’ll derail a thread with 200 pages of the same photos of Shana/Omer. She was really rude to the BG when they said they’d never met either of them, too.

  18. Hi, a MJ-fan from Sweden here! Just wanted you to know how much I love this blog of yours, it’s so fun reading about this other side of Michael. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Every person who thinks of him as a weird pedophile should read the things you’ve posted here.. You’ve written things even I didn’t know about before! It’s just about letting everybody know that he wasn’t like the media always has portrayed him, some assexual virgin! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Sooo, I’m definately gonna spread the word about this blog, hoping that’s ok.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Reeaally looking forward to all your next posts, keep it up!

  19. Hi jjjazii! You know, I’ve been reading up on LSA & I don’t get why so many people are giving MJMedia such a hard time. Sure she has her beliefs that I don’t necessarily have to agree w/ completely, but from my readings, she’s very observant & not to mention a long time MJ fan who’s not pretending to be an insider of any sort, just someone who researches & reads up on MJ. She believes that Omer’s the son of MJ (sure), she’s into the Illuminatti things as well (so what? I know loads of people, MJ fans & not who believe in that who are not crazy of loons) BUT is that enough to call her not right in the head just bec of those things? Why call her crazy yet believe Honeydipp who states she’s an MJ insider, says other very controversial questionable tabloid things about MJ (I won’t mention it here bec my post might get deleted if I do), & when her tales hold a very very striking resemblance to an old MJ fanfic written back in 2007? Why do think MJ Media may be Shana? I don’t get why so many MJ fans hate or ridicule Shana. As far as I’m concerned, she hasn’t spoken about their relationship or whatever it was other than back in the trial, & she hasn’t revealed anything intimate either like Theresa or even KF. I respect that, that she has kept mum about the entire thing when people ask her these questions regardless. Is the hatred for her because she’s tight lipped instead of having loose lips? Or because she’s not famous like LMP, DR, or any other potential MJ women? I really don’t get this intense dislike for her.:/

    • Hey. Sorry, I didn’t really mean touched in the head. LOL I’m one of those people that always think b4 I write. I just mean that I don’t believe that Shana is S or Blanket’s mother is all, and that it’s extremely unlikely to me seeing as we have no evidence on either matter. And I don’t have any problems with Shana, I respect that she hasn’t been blabbing to the media unlike Theresa.

      And like I said I like MJMedia’s page, she’s got a lot of videos you can’t find anywhere else. As for Honeydipp, I neither believe her nor do I not believe her. Like rockforeveron said, there’s a lot of stuff that sounds likely and a lot that you just don’t know for sure. I never take anything by word of mouth as the gospel as we’ve learned through the media’s crucifiction of MJ.

      I don’t believe MJMedia is Shana, and I don’t hate either of them. What I do believe and agree with her on is that all three of MJ’s children are his biologically 1000%.


  20. BTW Kitty, do you plan on doing an entry on Debbie Rowe?

    • I’m working on one, trying to make sure I have as much info as possible though… 6 people claim they believe MJ and Debbie had sex, it’s so funny most people refuse to even consider it…

      • You know, I think another cool entry would be on proving that MJ’s kids are his. I wish more people would understand. Once you get past the lightness of their skin you start to see the Jackson features. With Prince and Paris it’s harder to tell, but Paris is the darkest and she’s got the biracial nappy hair when she doesn’t straighten it. Prince and Blanket have got MJs eyes and original nose too.

        I look forward to your posts on Siedah, Shana, Whitney, Naomi, Beverly, and Iman!!


        • I’m doing a post about Debbie Rowe and that might make people think a little bit differently about the kids or at least make people rethink their relationship a bit?

          I think they’re his, too. People bang on about them being white… but then have to make excuses for their constant “tans.” ๐Ÿ˜‰ And those huge feet/hands don’t lie! LOL And people can call me crazy but I really see Katherine Jackson in Paris’ face, like right here it’s all I can see –>> http://i45.tinypic.com/2buq0w.jpg

          But I feel really disrespectful involving them in anything though and I don’t want this blog to turn into a warzone between people who don’t believe they’re his and people who do. There are pages and pages on forums across the net where people just argue back and forth and it gets really ugly and nobody ever gets convinced of anything. It’s so sad hearing stories about how people would ask why Mike had “white” kids right in front of his kids and him. When they’re older I’m convinced they’ll do a good enough job of telling people about who their father is more than anyone and Arnold Klein won’t get the tiniest look in.

        • Thank you! And yes, Paris does look like Katharine but she looks WAY more like a younger LaToya out of all of the Jacksons, starting at 39 seconds:

          Be wondered though, this person thinks that Omer’s MJs, other than that they do a great job of proving MJs kids are his. This is who I meant by the way not MJMedia.

          And, I don’t know maybe you shouldn’t do a post on them, but if you’ve got like solid solid facts along with the pix maybe people will be more convinced?


          • jjjazii, the vid has been removed, can you link another one pls?

  21. I just read your other comment, 3T got a nose job? Really? She thinks Shana is Omer & Blanket’s mom?

    • Yup, 3T had nose jobs…

      Yup, she thinks Shana is Omer and Blanket’s mother…. :/

  22. are you going to put up “S” transcript

  23. Yes…I do. I very want know of “S”…
    Mysterious girl..

  24. I didn’t see an email to reach you. I have some information that you might be interested in. My uncle worked for Michael in the late 80’s early 90’s and again during the last 10 years of his life. He told me about a girl that visited frequently and that after he heard the Glenda tapes he knew exactly who Michael was speaking of. Her real name isn’t Melissa, so he said it had to be a name Michael used to protect her identity. Everything else he mentions seems to pan out correctly. Anyway if you’d like to know anymore about it you can email me and I’ll tell you what I know. Or you can leave an email here and I’ll contact you. It might not give a straight away who is this girl, but it might help. She could very well also be the one the bodyguards are talking about.

  25. Hello .. I am here to ask for your clearance to post your preociosos texts on my blog, translated into Portuguese. And then my dear, I have your permission? The Brazilian fans will surely love …!
    Thanks! L.O.V.E. โ™ฅ

    • You’re welcome to ๐Ÿ™‚ Just post a link back here!

  26. I love your blog! I am an admin on PositivelyMichael, and one of our members directed me to your site. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Could you please contact me at admin@positivelymichael.com? I have a question for you…Thank you!

  27. Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog, I’ve been following it for quite some time and it’s one of the best out there about Michael imo and SO much fun to read, too! :)Keep up the good job!


  28. Hi. I love your blog! I’ve had such a lovely time reading the articles ๐Ÿ™‚

    I wanted to know if you could do a section on Karen Faye. There is such a divide among the fans about her that it’s hard to make sense of it all.

    Hope all is well. All my L.O.V.E. *hugs*

  29. Oh Man! I haven’t been here in a while, and I can’t believe that I didn’t subscribe the first time – but I did now!

    Wow, you have done SUCH an amazing job on this site!! So much work and dedication – and it shows! Just the way it’s all laid out and so easy to find anything you may be looking for! I’m in Awe…I really am! You’ve done MJ and his family proud! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve actually got a computer tonight, so I’m gonna spend most of the evening reading and catching up on here. I just love what I’ve read so far!

    GREAT, GREAT JOB Girl! Absolutely excellent! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Miss ya and hope to talk to you soon.

  30. I love this blog.Can you do a blog post on Grace,Karen Faye And Shana Mangatal and Joanna Tomae?

  31. No, LaToya and Michael did not have an incestuous relationship. You’re sick and I’m considering these posts trolling and deleting them.

  32. All this info came from a forum that shall remain nameless but you know what it is. all this is is copied posts from members who took the time to listen to , post and transcribe the Glenda tapes, We also did research and posted these stories of Michael and various women, some are real, some are speculation but it all was copied from various posts found there since Michael’s passing. At least credit the chicas over there for the information and photos. all you did was copy it and make it into a blog. I guess the updates will come when we post more info or spill more tea!

    • Uh… who are you?

      I post on the Lipstickalley forum regularly which is where I got the info from and we all research there together as a group.

      What’s your screen name on LSA?

      • are you gonna make more post?

  33. hey i love your website i have hear the rumor that michael and tatiana sleeping in the same room while the bad tour do you know anything about that????

    lots of love

  34. I love your website!
    It’s such a great database of MJ lettin people know who he really was.
    Amazing work, and hope you gon keep updatin.

    By the way, I made this video which includes some japanese people
    who ever worked with or talked to MJ.

    So if you got some time, i hope you and many other MJ fans to watch it.
    (it’s 12 minutes long video including the famous MJ speech and stuff,
    so just watch the part you’ve never seen, if any.)

    I know the title is definitely disguisting for i wanted more attentions to it,
    but the video itself is not disrespectful to him and his fans.

    Hope you doing great and have a nice 2011. x

  35. Hi!
    Do you have any info about this lady in white?

    She was with Mike in Poland 1997 too (0:20 & 1:54)

    Any ideas?

    • I hadn’t realized she was also in Poland with him, thanks for posting that.

      Someone said that she might’ve been the wife of one of the other guys standing next to MJ, When they were seated she was sat down on the other side of one of the men, with MJ sat next to that guy. But I don’t know, she is pretty and I’m sure he noticed her…

      • Yeah, but in Poland she is without her ‘husband’ only with MJ. Here, on 1:34, is her first appearance in Poland

        And in other videos from Poland you can noticed her. This photo is interestimg too
        http://home.c2i.net/mjj/michael_jackson_films_ghosts.htm Only MJ, Stephen King and Mistery Girl #? )))
        I’m so intrigued and a little bit jeluos, cause we don’t know anything about her. And I recall MJ’s words about him & LMP, that they didn’t hide from public before their marriage, but no one noticed them (or didn’t want to). Maybe the same situation with this lady. He didn’t hide her, but no one payed attention to her, because of him)))

  36. I love this blog!
    I just started reading it, and I`m gonna read every word!

  37. Hi, I’m a lecturer a.d writer and I just wanted to tell you how much I admire your work. You’re doing an amazing job. This is one of the richest and most thorough accounts of Michael’s life and personality I have ever seen, and I’ve been a fan for over fifteen years. Thank you for the wonderful and very detailed blog. Keep up the great job you’re doing.

    • That makes me happy ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad all this random info is as enjoyable for other people to read as it is to collect.

      • I wouldn’t call it random. I got the impression that you’ve taken a very systematic approach, almost academic, having taken all the significant details into consideration, like timing for all events and incidents etc. Also I have found both your reporting and personal comments very objective. Whereas most other blogs look like fanfiction IMO.
        Thank you very much for replying.

  38. Just wanna say that I LOVE THIS SITE!

  39. This site has been enjoyable to read, every aspect of it. You really worked hard in putting all these facts together to show different aspects of Michael’s life. Thank you for all of your hard work, and just wanted to say that I appreciate visiting here frequently. ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. I agree, this site is incredible

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