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Michael Jackson’s Porn

February 15, 2010

Michael’s home was raided in November 2003 after he had been absent from Neverland for 3 weeks. This is the complete list of the pornography found in his possession.

What porn was found?

1 E X H I B I T S



4 471 Photo of female image 3711
5 472 Photo of female image 3711
6 473 Photo of female image 3711
7 474 Photo of female image 3711
8 475 Photo of female image 3711
9 476 Hustler centerfold,
10 August 1992 3711

11 477 Playboy centerfold, Miss October 3711
12 478 Registration card for
13 briefcase 3711
14 479 Playboy centerfold, Miss November 3711
15 480 Playboy centerfold,
16 Miss March 3711
17 481 Hustler centerfold, June 1993 3711
18 482 Page 28 from “G-Spot”
19 article 3711
20 483 Playboy centerfold, unknown date 3711
21 484 Penthouse Page No. 153-154 3711
22 485 Centerfold, Miss May 3711
23 486 Penthouse, Page 8 3711
24 487 Penthouse centerfold 3711
25 488 Playboy centerfold 3711
26 489 Penthouse centerfold 3711
27 490 Penthouse, August 1991 3711
28 491 Penthouse centerfold 3711

1 E X H I B I T S


4 492 Club International centerfold 3711
5 493 Penthouse, double page 6/211 3711
6 494 Penthouse centerfold 3711
7 495 Penthouse, May 1992 3711
8 496 Hustler, Centerfold Special Holiday Honey 1991 3711
9 497 Penthouse centerfold 3711
10 498 Penthouse centerfold 3711
11 499 Penthouse, November 1991,
501 Playboy Magaine, Centerfold Miss November, SBSO 31
502 Playboy Nagazine, Centerfold Miss February (Not same:
503 Playboy Magazine, Centerfold Miss December, SBSO #3
504 Al Golstein’s 100 Best Adult Videos Advertisement, SBSO
505 Playboy Magazine, Centerfold SBSO #31722
506 Hustler Magazine Cover, May 1992, SBSO #317BBB
508 Page from Unknown Magazine, SBSO #317CCC
509 Brown Paper Envelope, SBSO #317F
510 Stiff Dick for Lynn Magazine (In Notebook), SBSO #317
511 Barely Legal Magazine, SBSO #3171
512 Just Legal Magazine, (Premier Issue) (In Notebook), SBSO
513 Finally Legal Magazine (In Notebook), SBSO #317L
514 Playboy Magazine, February 1993 (In Notebook), SBSO #317M
515 Hustler Magazine, Barely Legal (In Notebook), SBSO #3170
516 Playboy Magazine, December 1994 (In Notebook), SBSO #317P
517 Playboy Magazine, May 1994 (In Notebook), SBSO #317Q
518 Hustler Magazine, Barely Legal (In Notebook), SBSO #317R
519 Penthouse Magazine (In Notebook), SBSO #317S
520 Visions of Fantasy Magazine, A Hard Rock Affair (In Notebook), SBSO #3171
521 Visions of Fantasy Magazine, Sam Jose’s Black Starlett (In Notebook), SBSO

522 Double Dicking Caroline Magazine (In Notebook) SBSO #317V
523 Big Tits and a Hard Stud Magazine
524 Hustler Magazine, sBSO #317X
525 “The Second Female G-Spot” Article (In Notebook) SBSO #317BB
526 File Folder Title PRN, SBSBO #317DDD
527 File Folder Titled, “Thank You” SBSO #317EEE
528 Celebrity Skin Magazine (In Notebook) SBSO #317FFF

4 531 Oui, March 1998 in binder 3701
5 532 Over 50, Volume 5, #9, 1996 in binder 3700
6 533 XX rated, April 1995; XX
7 Close Up, April 1995 in binder 3701
8 534 Just 18, Volume 4,
9 Issue No. 10 3700
10 535 Plumpers centerfold 3700
11 536 Hustler, August 1992 in binder 3700
12 537 Hustler, April 1998
13 (No cover) in binder 3699
14 538 Penthouse, March 1992 in binder 3699
15 539 Juggs, June 1996
16 in binder 3699

17 540 44 Plus, June 1996 in binder 3699
18 541 Plumpers, May 1996
19 in binder 3698
20 542 Club International, March 1998 in binder 3698
543 Live Young Girls, September
22 2003 in binder 3701

23 544 Finally Legal, July 2003 in notebook 3702
24 545 Finally Legal Freshman Class
25 Orgy, August 2002 in binder 3702
26 546 Purely 18, October 2002 3703 in binder
27 547 Purely 18, December 2002
28 in binder 3703

1 E X H I B I T S

3 548 Tight, November 2002
4 in binder 3703
5 549 Hawk, November 2002 in binder 3704
6 550 Hawk, January 2003
7 in binder 3704
8 551 Live Young Girls, June 2003 in binder 3704
9 554 Girlfriends in binder 3709
10 555 Live Young Girls in binder 3709
11 556 Parade 3709
12 557 Finally Legal, February 2003
13 in binder 3710
14 558 Girls of Barely Legal in binder 3710
15 559 Hawk, February 2003 in binder 3710
16 560 Girlfriends, Special Ediitons
17 in binder 3711
18 563 White binder containing The Girls of Penthouse, August
19 2003 in binder 3708
20 564 White binder containing Barely Legal, July 200
21 in binder 3708
24 Gallery 5/2002 3708
25 580 Binder containing Playboy
26 Couples Volume 2, Issue 2 3707
27 584 Original evidence bag 3707
28 3602
1 E X H I B I T S
4 585 White binder containing Barely Legal, Anniversary
5 2002 3707

6 586 Original evidence bag 3705
7 587 White binder containing Naughty Neighbors, December
15 317-O, Hustler Barely Legal 3621 3643


Pimps Up, Hos Down (documentary)
4 Barely Legal DVDs (Fresh Picked Pink, Dirty Teens Come Clean, Hot! Wet! Tight! Pink! and Fuck Me I’m Legal)
Michael Ryan’s Believe It Or Not
Sloppy Dogs Presents: Fuck Me, I’m a Bad Girl
Adult World #2

Internet pornography:

With the ruling, jurors were denied the chance to sample the offerings of Websites such as, and One hard drive alone contained 1,700 photos of “adult erotic material,” Santa Barbara County Deputy District Attorney Gordon Auchincloss said.

1 Item #346: MacIntosh Power Book G3 laptop computer found in Jackson’s master bedroom;
2 which contained:
21 graphic nude female images
4 Item #347a: Power Mac G4 located in Jackson’s master bedroom; which contained:
5 19 graphic nude female images;
6 Records of multiple visits to the following websites:
9 Item #347b: Power Mac G4 located in Jackson’s master bedroom; which contained:
10 10 teenage sex imaging; documentation of user LD as “King 777 tut / privacy 969.”
11 Item #344 Sony, Vaio model PCV —- W20 laptop computer, located adjacent to the master
bedroom; which contained:
– Adult erotica: user ID:“Marcel Jackson / Dr. Black.”

Was there any child pornography?

There’s a very simple answer to that one: child pornography is illegal. Regardless of any child molestation charges, if he had been found to have porn involving minors he would have been arrested, charged and placed on the sex offender’s register, that simple.

Any of it homoerotic?

All of it was hetero (naked women, hetero sex) with some lesbian themed issues (the prosecution tried to refer to the lesbian issues as “gay” issues).

How do we know if they were his?

To begin with, he admitted that they were his:

The THRILLER singer’s attorney THOMAS MESEREAU told jurors his famous client had a healthy interest in adult females, on the second day of Jackson’s child molestation trial in Santa Maria.

Mesereau said, “Mr Jackson will tell you he found these kids going through his briefcase and he grabbed these magazines and locked them in this briefcase. “Mr Jackson will freely admit he does read girlie magazines PLAYBOY and HUSTLER, (but) absolutely denies showing them to children.”

Secondly, this is where the porn was found:

And also:

“To hammer home that point, [Ron Zonen] displayed pictures of [Jackson]’s Neverland porn stash. One photo showed a drawer where an issue of “Barely Legal” sat next to a jar of Vaseline.”

It was found in a box underneath his bed, in his nightstand,  a briefcase in a closet under his bed, his den and next to a sink in his locked personal bathroom. All places which suggest they belonged to Michael Jackson.

I’ve heard that some of it was porn confiscated from his employees, or that it had been planted by the defense in order to make him look straight, or that it belonged to a guest staying with him?

None of that makes any logical sense.

Why would Michael keep confiscated porn with his things? Not only with his things, but keep it under his bed, in his nightstand, and locked in his bathroom? If the porn disgusted him so much that he had it confiscated, why not — and this is totally crazy and off the wall — throw it out?

Why were these supposed employees of his bringing porn into Neverland to begin with? Not just one or two recent issues, but issues dating all the way back to 1991? They couldn’t bear to part with certain copies and brought them along, with 74 other back issues? That’s some kind of homesickness.

If the porn had been planted by his defense team, why throw in porn dating back to 1991? Did they decide to throw in Plumpers, 44 Plus and Over 50 as a personal joke against Michael? If Michael had anticipated the raid, why had he been so upset that he trashed a hotel room on hearing that it was happening? He’d also been out of Neverland 3 weeks at the time.

And if it belonged to a guest, why was it amongst his things? Michael’s house was big enough that a guest could comfortably keep their homesickness briefcase of dozens of porn magazines in their own bedroom without it getting in the way of anyone else or needing to be looked after by Michael.

He fought against them being used in the court case because the defense believed it to be irrelevant and because Michael was obviously embarrassed. If he had planted them, why would he do that?

What about these fingerprints?

Another group of magazines contained only fingerprints of Jackson – 12 in all – and those included issues of Playboy and a publication called Visions of Fantasy, Sam and Jose’s Black Starlett.

Lodi News Sentinel, May 2005

What about Gavin’s fingerprints?

This is all anyone needs to know about Gavin’s fingerprints:

“I believe Tom Sneddon should be serving time in prison. You cannot falsify evidence and then just say “oh, we lost the case.” He had that boy put his hands on the magazine in front of the Grand Jury. And the reason we know that is because the alert Tom Mesereau, the defense attorney, got the jury transcript and one of the grand juror’s said, “shouldn’t that young boy be wearing gloves?” Then, after the Grand Jury, they sent it out for finger prints analysis. So when did the boy get his finger print on the magazine, when the boy testified that he hadn’t even been at Neverland for months when the magazine was published? Yet he claimed that was the magazine Michael Jackson gave him in bed. And Tom Sneddon directed all that testimony. “

Another piece of misinformation about this: I’ve heard fans say that this magazine was not found in the raid and was “planted” thus being an example of some of his porn being plants – this is not true. The magazine was Michael’s, it’s just that the Arviso’s had last been at Neverland in February and the magazine Gavin specifically recalled having been shown by Michael was an August issue so there had been no way Gavin would have been able to see or touch that issue when at Neverland.

And truly, if any porn had been planted by the prosecution… surely it would have been gay porn or any other kind of porn that would incriminate Michael? Why would lots of heterosexual and saphic porn bolster a case for pedophilia on young boys?

Couldn’t he have possibly searched for gay porn online and then deleted it afterwards in a fit of shame and disgust?

He clearly didn’t seem to have a problem with ordering porn catering to a non standard taste such as his Plumpers and Over 50, and being in the industry he was in and surrounded by lots of openly gay men and others who weren’t so open about it, he could easily have found methods of acquiring gay pornography if he’d desired it. He didn’t.

The FBI went through all the computers at Neverland and could find nothing. All the pornography on his computers was heterosexual. A lot of the pornographic imagery that was found on his computers was cached from  1998-2003. Meaning he had not emptied those caches or in any other way deleted these images during that time. In other words, if he’d been browsing gay porn it would have shown up somewhere on his computers. They looked for keyword searches to see if he’d been searching for anything like that or anything else suggestively incriminating, nothing.

He could still be gay though, right?????

Then you get the ridiculous arguments about there being men involved in straight porn and this was what he was getting off to… like I said, ridiculous. If a gay or bi man wants to get off he does not look up 1800 vaginas and their G spots. Just trust me on that.

So what does this say about Michael?

Well, to begin with, it can be said he was an equal opportunity lover. His porn included black women, chubby women, older women.  The Asexual Brigade seem keen to point out that asexuals can also use porn so this doesn’t strictly mean he desired anyone sexually but I think that’s just another way to try and emasculate Michael and make it seem as though even if he had porn and he enjoyed it, he was still somehow incapable of having sex with women. If all this porn had been found in another male celebrity’s house, would people automatically assume that it wasn’t his, that he didn’t enjoy it and that he didn’t transfer this enjoyment out of the women in these magazines into the real world? Only with Michael do people want to entertain these possibilities.

These people seem keen to ignore the two articles Michael had (carefully cut out and kept) on the G-Spot. I can’t see any reason why a person would keep articles like that unless they were interested in pleasuring a woman and this was something that gave them pleasure. Unless, maybe he was just really into anatomy? Strictly female anatomy, mind…

His magazines dated all the way back to 1991, and based on his experiences with Playboy we know he’d purchased a few magazines before that. Porn mags are all pretty much the same, why have them collected over a period of 12 years? The type of porn people watch on a regular basis indicates their personal interests and Mike’s porn is pretty consistent.

Also, he married Debbie Rowe and is rumoured to have had affairs with many older women, isn’t it uncanny that his porn collection seems to mirror these sexual relationships? I mean, seriously, just check the porn he had during the time period that Debbie became pregnant with Prince.

And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.