1977-79 :: Tatum O’Neal

November 30, 2009





  1. Wow you have some really rare articles in this post. Well done. Its sad to see that there were ugly rumors about Mike even in the late 70s. I assume Diana is up next 😀

    • Oh no, I’ve got another three more girls before I reach Diana! Four if I can figure out who he took to the 1977 American Music Awards…

  2. omg i dont know who to believe they both kept changing their stories. Rockforeveron which person you believe to be the victim michael or tate??

    • Well, I think Tatum is a victim in general, she was really oversexualized too young (not by Mike).

      I think they’re both hiding something.

      • I totally agree & see that too! Also, did anyone catch from the 1st season of the Jacksons’ variety show-on one of their 1st few episodes of this! While they were doing their read the magazine skit there was a part in the guy who was selling the mags shouts out, ‘There’s some cheesecake photos of Tatum O’Neal!’ The Jackson bros say altogether (running to see it fast), ‘What?!’ The Magazine Guy, ‘There’s some cheesecake photos of Tatum O’Neal, see!’ *During the time their show was at MJ & TatO had already met & I think there were rumors already beginnin’ on the 2. Anyway, when I saw that clip from that show it was so obvious to me & there was somethin’ goin’ on b/w MJ & TatO that neither one of ’em were ever willing to spill! It was so obvious in that clip from that show & MJ had already possibly had some sexual attraction towards her & I think everyone knows what “Cheesecake photos” means, right?!

  3. acho que tatum o neal poderia ter casado com michael jackson,acho tambem que ele jamais a esquecera ,mesmo se casando com lisa ,o primeiro amor nimguem esquece ,amo tatum neal ele È melhor atriz do mundo e michael o melhor cantor.quando michaelk falou que tatum o seduziu eu nao acreditei pois ele falou isso os para dar o que entender que le nao gostava mais dela .ele pode a tae ter amado outras mais na verdade ele amau mais do que as outras e lisa ele pode atido uma paixao por ela ,mais ela nao o merecia.

  4. i think that slore tatum o neal is just mean and i heard tha she and michael got caught doing stuff in ryan o neals hot tub. i rea d it in rumours. thats crazy. i think shes lying but i do believe that michael isnt as innocent as he let people belive if you know what im saying. p.s this site is awesome!

  5. and also i think she specializes in femae douche baggery.

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