1981:: Triumpth Tour Kiss

December 9, 2009

Jet Magazine, October 15, 1981


  1. Oh my God. I just got done reading the BRE award fiasco with Tatiana and it’s gotten me shaken to the core about the way Mike was doing people. But this picture… This is GREAT! I think I like this better than him and Naomi working out some kinks in the sand! I’m stunned to see him doing that. It’s so sweet and cute and he’s totally going for it.

    See? This is what happens… I get burnt or disillusioned then I see some sh*t like this and my head gets all turned around. What a tease Michael Jackson is.

  2. Is there any footage on this? I’ve searched on youtube, but not sure how to find it.

  3. Wow is all I gotta say and people say Mike is shy? yeah right lol I am not mad at her for passing through security to get close to him *sigh* If only I was 20 years old at that time lol

  4. i really love michael,but didn’t he think if the fans saw that they would get mad and jealous?

    • Even if they would in my opinion I don’t think it should matter. He was in the moment and sometimes Michael’s troubles were caused because people expected so much out of him. Give him a break people!

      Sorry if that sounds rantish but I didn’t really think there was anything wrong.

  5. So, she is not Tatum O’Neal? Is not Tatum the girl (Tatum was his first girlfriend)? :S

  6. OMG! damn, that girl is sooooooo lucky. ugh, how i wish that were me. 😦 i wish i was in my twenties in the 80’s. hell i wish i was even ALIVE in the 80’s! what i wouldnt give to kiss those beautiful lips….*dreams* XD damn, Michael. you a tease.

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