1977:: Theresa Gonsalves

December 1, 2009

Blagazine Online, August 24, 2006

I read on your website http://www.obsessionsthebook.com that it was at the age of twelve that you felt drawn to one entertainer in particular. Would you tell us how their music affected you?
I was extremely drawn to the music of the Jackson Five and particularly that of Michael Jackson. I always felt he was singing directly to me. When Michael would sing I’ll Be There, I personally felt that he was telling me that he would be there for me. He made me feel like there was someone who actually loved me. I wanted him to be proud of me so the direction my life took was to make him proud.

Theresa, there are alot of young people that are infatuated with certain entertainers: having all their records, posters and any article that they appear in. What were some of the things you would do to get to know Michael Jackson better?
I wrote Michael Jackson constantly….Okay, I wrote him almost every single day and I kept track of the letters (smile). I didn’t write the normal fan letter. I wrote him about my life and everything that was going on it. I read everything that I could find about him. I would question some of the things that I read. But my letters were more geared towards telling him about my school grades, how my day would go and what I did in camp, etc. I learned how to get his home address under the freedom of information act because the post woman was tired of my sending him gifts to a P.O. Box. I never acted like a groupie and I never tried to have a sexual relationship with him.

When you began writing him, did you expect that he would actually respond?
I never actually expected him to respond. There were letters I received from the fan club people with autographed pictures. That was discouraging, but somehow I still felt in my heart that he was reading my letters.

Reading letters from someone you admire it great, and a dream come true for so many. What was it like to finally meet him on your sixteenth birthday, and how did it happen?
Every day in school, I would write on the board, “Theresa Gonsalves loves Michael Jackson” and whoever was assigned to clean the boards after school would never erase it but would add a comment like….”but he doesn’t love her” or “he doesn’t even know her”…so I vowed to meet him by the time I turned sixteen. In July of 1974, I rode to New York to see the Jackson Five perform and even though I knew what hotel he was staying at I decided to go back to Boston instead of trying to be a groupie to meet him. When I arrived home the next morning, I called the hotel. Instead of asking for him, I asked for his road manager who was Reggie Wiggins at the time and they rang his room. He told me Michael was still asleep in the next room. I had their tour schedule in my hand and knew that they were going to be performing at the MGM on my birthday and I asked Mr. Wiggins if I fly to Las Vegas for my sixteenth birthday could I meet Michael Jackson and he said “Honey, if you fly from Boston to Las Vegas just to meet Michael Jackson, I will make sure you meet him.” With that said, I began saving money to make this trip. I wrote letters to the MGM’s President’s secretary who arranged my room and I also wrote letters to every Black mayor I could find throughout the country asking them to contribute $5.00 to my dream. They all wrote back wishing me success with my endeavors but all stated they were unable to contribute. I worked a part time job after school and saved all my money sacrificing any new school clothes and I made sure that I had straight A’s in all my classes so I would be able to take a week off of school. In October of 1974, I called the Sahara Tahoe Hotel in Lake Tahoe where the Jackson’s were performing and at this time I did ask for Michael’s room and was shocked when they put me through. When I identified myself to him, he knew exactly who I was. I was in total shock as he recited the dates I was coming to meet him telling me I write it in every letter that I send him! So during the week of Nov 20-Nov 28, I was made their guest as we met for the first time.

How did the relationship between the two of you develop, and can you let us know how it affected the rest of your life?
The relationship developed into a friendship. I continued to write him and he continued reading my letters. I flew other places to hang out with him. I was invited to his home and when he was filming The Wiz, I spent two separate weeks in New York visiting him. Once I was going to fly to London just to meet him there! My relationship with him actually affected me in a good way. I became a strong woman, independent and it surely kept me out of trouble. In wanting him to be proud of me, I never did drugs. I have never smoked cigarettes. And, I can gladly comment that I have never been drunk in my life. On the other side of things, I also never learned how to have a real relationship with men.

Now, that we have set a foundation, Theresa, let’s talk about your son Todd and the song “Billy Jean” and the controversy that followed. First of all, did you know he was going to be writing the song, and how did you feel when you first heard it?
I didn’t know that he was going to be writing the song. I wrote him letters about my situation. At this time I was 23 years old and of course involved with the wrong type of man. I was living also in Encino at the time so I would see Michael from time to time. I didn’t feel betrayed or anything when I heard the song. I didn’t feel honored. That situation exists with so many women, more so now than in the past, or perhaps it is being put out there more. I had been with this man for over a year and here he was claiming my kid wasn’t his. His song let me know he could understand what I was feeling, but that women often put men in that situation.

Since Michael Jackson has had his negative dealings with the press, were you afraid of how the cloud of curiosity would affect your own family?
No, I didn’t feel that his negative dealings would affect us. We are very open and outspoken. I named my second son Mychal after Michael Jackson but spelled after the ex-lover Mychal Thompson who was from the Bahamas. I named my son after Michael as an honor for how he affected my life. I have been asked my opinion often and I will say that I do not believe Michael to be a child molester. But I will also say that you never truly know what a person is capable of as you take a look at all of the ministers that have sexually abused children. Michael Jackson has always worried about children. I remember being with him in New York and I had bought him a gift which was a book on child abuse and we shared our feelings on that even way back then (around 1977). As for being asked would I let my child visit him…that answer still remains yes but I would not allow him to sleep in bed with him or any man for that matter.

I think I read on your website that in 1984 Star Magazine ran the story saying that you were the real Billy Jean. Star, though not without its credibility issues, has been known to get many stories right. Did you agonize over revealing your identity and how did that change your life from that point? What about your son? Were you afraid of how he would be viewed as he grew older?
I didn’t agonize over that. I asked Michael if he was okay with it and he was. It didn’t change my life much at all. Both my sons have grown up being Michael Jackson/Jackson Five fans. Their friends often wondered how such young boys were so into the Jackson Five and now they know. As of today, my son Todd is married with two beautiful children!

All of this has the makings of a great movie, so it is no surprised that you wrote the book OBSESSIONS. What I am curious about is why you call is a novel, and did that make it easier for you to not feel a responsibility to tell the world all the details of your relationship with Michael Jackson?
“ OBSESSIONS” isn’t really about me and Michael Jackson. It is more about how my relationship with him actually led me to have an obsessive behavior towards men. I am not ashamed of my relationship or friendship with Michael Jackson and I shared with the world as long as it didn’t hurt either one of us. It was hard sharing my story of being obsessed with this man who happens to be my son’s father.

Finally, when was the last time you spoke to Michael Jackson, and what has been his response to the book?
I haven’t actually spoken to Michael Jackson since he was arrested. I took my son to meet him for the first time. He seems to have put most people at a distance. I was trying to get in touch with him though because I want to let him know he is not alone. See with Michael, I have never been a “YES” person. I never treated him like a star. He needed to have real people in his life. Yes, I came to love him for who he was, but I love him more for what he did for my life. He was okay with my using the title as such and I know he received a copy of the book…I have not heard any comments from him.


This is according to her publicist:

By now (in 1977) Theresa and Michael had known each other for years and she was visiting him in NYC while he was filming The Wiz. Instead of getting a hotel room, Michael insisted she stay at his rented penthouse apartment. She took his room. Theresa said his room contained “a twin-sized bed and a desk.” Trust me girls I was shocked that Michael had a small bed, but Theresa said that’s what Michael was comfortable with back then. Michael was also a gentlemen and slept on the couch while she had the bed. Sadly, even then Theresa confirmed Michael had trouble sleeping. One night during her stay, LaToya was suppose to go out with Bobby DeBarge (this was set up by Jermaine) and she was left alone for the evening. Michael came back from the set all excited because they had shown him an exact sketch replica of his set for his solo number in movie (“You Can’t Win”). They even gave him a copy of the sketch. Theresa and Michael spent hours talking about what happened that day and she still remembers the excitement on Michael’s face. Finally they went to bed, but neither one of them could sleep. Theresa could hear Michael tossing and turning on the couch and finally he got up to go to the bathroom. Theresa remembered cracking up: “Here I was in his room and I am listening to this man pee.” When he finished, he came into the bedroom and shut the door. He went over to the painting of his set to look at it and Theresa got out of bed and wrapped her arms around his “slim but muscular waist” (and btw girls if you saw pics of Michael back then, he had a 6-pak!!!). He turned around and that’s when they kissed for the first time. Theresa remembers the kiss like this, “it was a soft, gentle tounge kiss.”They kept going at it and Michael took her hand and led her back to the bed (yes ladies Michael intitated the sex, so some of us were wrong there too!!). There was no foreplay, only kissing and touching while they got undressed. Then Michael took her hand and guided it to his penis (which she would not tell me how big he was, but assured me he was “blessed”) and she guided him into her while they looked into each others’ eyes. And no ladies they did not use protection (shame shame shame)!!! Theresa said it lasted about 4-5 minutes (or as I teased her, about the length of one of his songs), but afterwards they stayed in bed for another hour and a half holding each other and making sure each other was ok. She said it was very nice and they became a couple afterwards, but Michael had to go back to the couch because LaToya was living with him too at the time and did not want drama to ensue (which later on in the relationship it did, thanks to other family members).


8/19/2009 Conversations LIVE! Radio welcomes back the woman who inspired Michael Jackson’s hit song “Billie Jean”: author Theresa Gonsalves. She talks about her life experiences, her relationship with Michael Jackson, how she has been handling Jackson’s death and waht is next for her.


  1. Sorry, but Teresa has always been an obsessed fan. True she was a fan and became a friendly acquaintance of MJ. However, they were never romantically involved in any way. Teresa has always been obsessed with Michael and I find it very sad that she still feels the need to be in the spotlight. Had any of this been corroborated by his family or any close friends, then she would have credibility. As it stands, she is just another dreamer like Tatiana. Teresa, get a life!

    • I felt like I should include it in case anyone is interested in what she has said about him.

      Do you know if she really stayed over at his Sutton place during The Wiz?

      • I think she was staying in a hotel room.

  2. she needs to get a life I don’t believe anything she Say’s she is full of it.

  3. Theresa is a slut! She used Michael’s name as a marketing strategy to sell her book. I confronted her years ago after the book came out. It was utter trash!! She talk more about her 18 year relationship with a married guy which she tried to trap with having his baby.

    This lady has a sickness that she needs to get over. Mike wasn’t the cause of anything….Quit blaming people for what you allowed. Mike didn’t ask you to be his fan, you chose to buy the records, look at the cartoons, buy the merchandise, and write him letters. The obsession was all in your head; you could have turned it off if you really wanted to.

  4. I don’t care if the bedroom story is true or false, ILIKEIT.

    Shoot… I wish I could listen to him pee. That sounds nasty, but I’m serious. Michael was definition-of tasty back then.

    Homegirl’s hair is all wrong in that magazine photo. Oh well!

  5. This frightens me. May God bless, Theresa. I never knew of her existence until I saw her on one of these Vh1 Specials about Michael. I didn’t know what to believe. I still don’t.

    Thanks for sharing these interviews!

    LMAO on 100000hrs2MJ comment!

  6. I really dunno what to believe. Her and michael having sex..? How can she go on and on about having a friendship with Michael when they had had sex and later became a “couple”? wtf? i believe she is lying at some point in whatever she is saying.

    • She’s changed her story too much, before he died she called him “asexual.” I think she’s a liar….

      • She’s yet another lying/delusional chick flattering herself, who conveniently changed her story to make money and get attention because he’s no longer here to dispute her claims.

        The supposed Billie Jean connection is weird, since he said she’s “not my lover” Anyway, there was a story in Rolling Stone where the writer said MJ showed him the real Billie Jean’s picture at his condo, which MJ had to memorize because this woman wanted him dead. MJ said she had sent him a gun that the police said had been rigged to shoot backwards, along with a detailed note telling MJ how he should kill himself. She was taken to a psychiatric hospital.

        • Personally I believe Theresa Gonsalves is a straight faced LIAR and I would tell her that to her face if I ever got the chance…..Shame on her for tarnishing The King of POPS legacy for this and future generations for a Dollar in her pocket, the reason I believe this scum bucket is lying is due to she never came forth while Mike was alive with these claims she waited until after he passed to come forth with her lies!!!Cause she knows she is a LIAR looking for a moment of fame like the next joe blow….It saddens me she used Michael this way, after all doesn’t she claim to be a friend of his? Shame on her, God will take care of this woman in the end when he sends her straight to hell!!!


          • I’ve even often heard he would say yes their is a real Billie Jean, she is Billie Jean King the tennis player, how Theresa Gonsalves thinks it’s her is beyond me ???athis poor woman really is a mental case!!!

  7. cum on now if he didnt do ola ray den yuh kno she lyin cuz ola was wayyy more sexy den her n beautiful n thersa ant even pretty lol

  8. Theresa Gonsalves is telling the truth. Because in the article she talked about there being no foreplay, well his friend Deepak Chopra son was a close friend of MJ, and he said that although MJ was older than him, MJ asked him to give him advice about his first night with LMP, and Chopra said that he told MJ about foreplay. and MJ was like girls are really into that. And now this article talks about MJ and Theresa just doing it, without foreplay. So, she’s telling the truth, plus her book is supposed to have confirmation from the Jacksons .

    • She didn’t have confirmation from the Jacksons, all she had was herself tweeting them every other day telling them about the book LOL!

      What she said about foreplay is actually one of the biggest clues that she’s making it all up. Ask Stephanie Mills how Mike felt about foreplay or the other women he was with…. 😉 Gotham Chopra did not introduce Mike to foreplay, please don’t believe Mike at 34 had no idea how to touch a woman. There’s a certain act of foreplay that if these women would talk about, would make them sound credible.

  9. MJ had his friends sign confidentiality contracts, so maybe when he died, the agreement expires, and now they can legally talk about him in the biblical sense. why is it so hard for people to believe mj was getting it poppin. we didn’t know that man. this is the same man that said during the first allegations that became addicted to painkillers during the Thriller incident, yet his makeup artists, and custom designers said on 20/20 it was during the allegations and a fall at a concert that made him become addicted. or the fact that mj voice was a facade it was actually deep. or that he hated pop music and didn’t want to be 50 years old singing billie jean. it’s understandable that we can’t accept new things coming to light about mj because of what he manufactured over the years, but mj was the complete opposite of what are preceptions were, and we need to accept what his intimate friends say about him.

  10. I saw the tweets, i like reading her tweets, don’t ask me why? Ok, I hoping she gives up information. But, there were fans that claim that they bought the book, and in it, some family members are allegedly giving statements.

    But, who never did say, who the darkskin model he was with? Please say Naomi Campbell, those two were so hott together on stage.

    • I know people who read the book and the family didn’t give any statements… though she did try.

      What do you mean by a dark skin model?

  11. oh how did mj feel about foreplay? because I read Gotham’s article, and I remember him stating that MJ was like, girls are really into that?

    • Okay, Mike was playing with Gotham. He knew about foreplay, trust me. I wish I could give you details… but just trust me LOL!

  12. I think MJ should have been with Ola, but the reality of it is, that MJ wouldn’t have been The King of Pop, if he would have introduced her as his lover, girlfriend, wife. Because, white audiences would not have wanted the lilly white children adoring a black man, let alone a black man with the black woman that was a sex symbol for an adult magazine. And MJ was all about being the poster child of mainstream Americana. That is why Prince never had the success MJ had, even though Prince is extremely talented as well, he was overtly sexual. MJ should have thrown caution to the wind, and forced people to accept the fact that he was a real man, and not some asexual man-child. Maybe he would be alive today if he lived for himself and not his fans. I would have loved him no matter what, and probably respected him more, if he would have told people to accept the real me or forget you.

    • i’ve been reading most of your post lately and i would like to compliment you on how deep you are and how down to earth you really are and make things plain for even dumb people can understand and i can truly say you and rockforeveron help me understand mike into a better light esp. when it come to his BLACKNESS, his KIDS, and the love for WOMEN… so i would like to say thank you both ^_^

    • I don’t “disagree” with your comment, I just have a different perspective. First, MJ was not the first black male artist to “soften” himself to appeal to mainstream America. Michael, Little Richard, Prince and others have adopted an appearance that makes them less threatening compared to other black males. For example, Teddy Pendergrass is male, black, ubber talented and he also has some sexy songs yet he didn’t achieve mainstream success. No dark-skinned, masculinized black man could get away with what Prince did back in the day, no matter how talented he is. The makeup and the costumes helped Prince because the white male egoist could always claim he’s gay.

      Also, MJ was raised a Jehovah’s Witness. He would never endorse or promote irresponsible sex or sex outside of marriage. Even Prince has changed his performances once he rejoined the Witnesses. I know that Michael left the church that doesn’t mean he left their beliefs and doctrine behind as well.

      I could never understand why Michael seemed to embrace the image of himself being childish and dumb/ignorant when he was clearly a highly intelligent and driven man. The more I thought about his life and what he had to go through, I can understand it. When people saw MJ as silly, childish and weird, they usually ignored or dismissed him saying “that’s just Michael”. That made it so easy for MJ to do so many things no other black artist has ever done. Growing up, he had to have seen his father being mocked and disrespected personally and during business meetings. MJ took a different approach. While people busied themselves laughing at him or ignoring him, he amassed a publishing empire. While they told their jokes, he now owns the publishing rights to some Elvis, Beatles, Eminem, Lady Gaga and others songs. That is not the action of a man-child and as we see now, many people have waken up and are pissed about it.
      That being said, I understand what your saying and I don’t disagree.


    • He kept all his real girlfriends out of the media gaze. MJ didn’t want any of them to come forwards, he liked his privacy with women. I really wish he had been more open with it but I think he didn’t want a woman to date him just for the spotlight and he didn’t want the media to hound and question their relationship, like way they did with Lisa Marie were it became this huge laughing stock. He wanted it to be real.

      LOL I know some things, but a lot of what I know has been posted on boards by other people. I just promise you that MJ was definitely sexual, definitely knew foreplay by the age of… maybe 14?, 16 the latest, definitely not a virgin by the age of 18, definitely dated women, definitely dated black women, and was getting around more than people thought. Even in the 80s! I wish I knew more to be honest, MJ never told any one person every thing, the truth is scattered around.

      • lol wow eye opener and a jaw dropper at that comment above ^^^ so you believe that mj and stephanie mills hit it off at his apartment and his sister latoya caught them????

        • I’ve heard that story from two different people now. Go to the rumours and you can read that story there.

          I 100% believe it.

    • Michael kept most of his women (black/white/multi-cultural etc…) out of the media deliberately for his own reasons. He wanted to enjoy a normal relationship in private and so did the woman/women. That was very important to him and he did succeed in that. This was as much about maintaining Michael’s privacy, as it was about maintaining the woman’s. (I am being as vague as possible.

      I know you guys find this hard to believe but it is very true. Most importantly Michael chose them specifically for that reason. I know you feel these women would or should run to the press and brag about being in a relationship with Michael or write a pseudo-anonymous post on the internet to describe her and MJ’s sexual exploits to titillate/convince the hard core MJ fan base that are still stuck on “Michael was not asexual and definately knew foreplay”. If only you guy’s really knew LOL!!!!

    • I totally agree with you. Michael’s true relationships were not out for the world to see. These women understood how Michael was and they did not kiss and tell. He said in his book Moonwalk he did not want to give the names of the women in his life because of privacy. If I had been one of them I would never kiss and tell. I would take it to the grave.

      I have a problem with this woman who has broken all taboos when it comes to Michael. That’s why she never got the chance to be his wife or anything else. Michael saw her for what she was, but he was too nice to let her know it. Maybe he should have. You see he was not keeping up with her and if she loved him so much she would have never slept with anyone else. I would like to ask if she was such a “friend” where was she when Michael was alone and being taken advantage of? Why didn’t he find her and ask her to the mother of his children? That tells you a lot right there. She hadn’t seen or talked to him in years and now the minute he dies she has a book coming out about the relationship? Why after death? Why not before? The first book she wrote about her obsession was an indication that she would use his name to sell a book, but she was afraid to go further until after he died. She claims it was award winning. What award? I never heard of it until after he died.

      She says in Remember the Time that she is dying and she likes to be under anesthesia. Come on, for a dying woman she sure is traveling everywhere. What’s up with the anesthesia? Something to prove you have something in common with him? Give me a break!!


  15. I agree that if Mike had serious girlfriends that were African American, he kept them hidden. The image of the black woman is constantly compromised. It’s always a black guy and a non black woman OR you get something like the princess and the frog or Brandy’s version of Cinderalla. The black dude was not their love interest. Mainstream audiences are not intersted in love btwn black folks. And so in the persona of the King of Pop, he could not have a black chic publically and thrive. I hate to say it but it’s true.
    The image of the black woman is not universal. How many times have you seen some real sisters on the cover of vogue or time life or people…um never. So for Mike to have one for a wife would have compromised his global status. So what does that say about Mike? Plus you know how jealous and nasty women talk about each other. Fans would have torn his lady apart. Peace

    • Preach, sista, PREACH!!!

  16. I agree MJ didn’t want to comprise his global status, because his dream was to be the biggest star ever. But in reality, MJ knew that the garbage he played with his wives, a sista wouldn’t put up with that garbage. Look at how he dogged out LMP. She and him both validated the claims that he would leave for a month a time, he would basically ignore her. He said on the tapes that LMP would say that she wasn’t a piece of furniture. How many black women do you know would have allow entourage to keep her husband away from her? And the whole Debbie Rowe situation, come on, the minute Debbie offered to have his babies, while MJ was still married, Debbie would have gotten a beat down. Trust. If people think we are lying look at the Lionel Ritchie and Debra Ritichie situation. She caught a case that day, whoop the mistress and Lionel Ritchie that day.

    Back to the MJ and global acceptance, MJ was also being controlled by the record company and people probably in his ear, telling him what would look good and what wouldn’t. He was obviously attracted to Ola Ray, but that wouldn’t have worked out, because she was a playmate and a black one at that, little white kids and their parents couldn’t stomach their token being the oversexualized mandigo. If MJ would have openly dated black women , he would have been just a superstar in the black community. Think about it, why is it that whenever MJ was sexual,it was always a black woman in his video.

    • He sacrificed happiness to be the biggest star in the world. That’s a crying shame.

  17. A link to a recent interview she did. I want to believe her story but Im not sure what to think!


    ps, your blog is awesome! One of the best I came across 🙂

  18. Theresa is a liar.

    I don’t believe anyone who changes their story.

    She made NO mention of her ‘encounters’ when she appeared on the VH1 special ‘Michael Jackson’s Secret Childhood’ back in 2005. (You Tube it)

    Now after Michael’s death, she is doing a promo tour promoting her book with new fantasies and making money off of him when he’s gone.

    It’s sad what people will do for $$$.

    What a coincidence she waited until AFTER Michael passed to release her book.

    There is NO WAY she would have come out with her book if Michael were still alive. She can say anything now because he is not here to defend himself.

    Let the man rest in peace and stop trying to capitalize off of him. She should be ashamed.

  19. i find it interesting how people usually dont believe the black women who say they’ve been with michael lol.it makes me wonder if they find it hard to believe because he didn’t usually express his attraction to black women for whatever reason or if they just find it hard to believe that he’d be attracted to a black woman really.

    • People don’t believe stories that don’t add up. I think it’s completely fair to not believe a story from someone who’s story has constantly changed or had bits added to it each time or hasn’t had any proof to back it up. It doesn’t matter what race they are, if someone’s story doesn’t add up or changes why should people be willing to suspend disbelief just because they’re Black and a woman?

  20. race has nothing to do with it…

    We question her because some things don’t add up.

    I believe it was her that also called Mike asexual (or at least alluded to it)

    Also, its funny how she can’t remember the date or time frame of her supposed 2nd ‘encounter’. (Someone asked her on FB). She kept track of everything else but that?! She can describe the color of her sundress, license plate numbers, etc but can’t give a day or a month or any kind of time frame!

    Don’t you think that is a little suspicious?

    She can’t give a date because she knows the fans will bust her and catch her in a lie.

    • She can’t give a date because she knows the fans will bust her and catch her in a lie.

      LOL yup.

      She has some more crazy stories – she was talking about in Vegas in 2007 MJ was following and playing around with her in a car, something weird like that. I asked the BG who worked for him then and they laughed and said they had no idea who she was and no, didn’t happen.

      And it doesn’t help Mike to just believe every woman or every story. I’m only interested in the truth.

      • lisa’s story has changed quite a few times but no one has said anything.

        • Well, tbh a lot of people also didn’t want to buy that MJ may have slept with Debbie. Why? It’s really more than skin color in this case bec we all would love the sexual pairing with Ola, Naomi, Beyonce, Mariah, Tatiana, etc bec they are beautiful women while Theresa & Debbie aren’t. I’ve bought the book on Raven’s recommendation & I personally find the first sexual account believable but the 2nd? It seems the further on you read RTT, the more inconsistent & unbelievable it comes off. The chance encounters are iffy too. I did hear that Katherine has heard of the book & told her to tone down the sex stuff so that MJ’s kids could read it later on if they wanted to. But I don’t know anything about her tweets or whatever, didn’t hear or follow any of that.

          I wish La Cienega could put up both of Theresa’s books Obsessions & RTT for comparison, & etc. I haven’t really followed this Theresa story so I have little idea of what she said before as to now. Maybe I read some in the past but my memory’s foggy right now. Did she really describe him as asexual in the past like LMP did?

          • I think it’s fanfic…

            Yes she did say he was asexual. In the first edition of Magic/Madness JRT used her as an example of him being afraid of women, he basically made it seem like she wanted him and he wasn’t interested, thus MJ didn’t like women. Of course if he’d included a picture of her… yeah, I’m bad. I actually wonder about stories from women he did turn down that he chose instead to use Theresa’s because it fit in more with his idea of Michael.

            Theresa also said back then that he preached the Bible to her and specifically told her that sex before marriage was bad.

            Now he’s having sex before marriage with her all over the place.

            The fact that she believes she’s the real Billie Jean and tries to make it seem like Remember The Time where also about her… she’s a fantasist. Obsessions isn’t about Mike I don’t think, but it is about how she becomes obsessive over people, which is what she did with Mike and how she met him in the first place.

            • Girl, I wish you’d put here all the articles or quotes from her in the past then, so that we can have a clearer picture of her inconsistencies, including what she said on JTT’s book. She did address them on RTT though, according to her MJ told her that is she was going to talk to the tabs, make sure she gets paid for it. I think that’s a clear indication she was paid. But there were other things that I find strange like her comment on MJ visiting the plastic surgeon she worked for & her refusing to see him, when the wife insisted she be there. & when the doctor told MJ if MJ knew of Theresa, he acknowledged but when MJ was told she had a life threatening illness, it took MJ DAYS to call her to check up on her. She also recalls how they miraculously, like all the other coincidences between her & MJ in the past pulled beside each other at a stop light. & MJ rolled down his window to wave at her & she blew him a kiss & that was that. It just got weirder & more surreal as you read it. She tells of her running out on Taylor’s 65th bday when she saw MJ looking like a corpse, his eyes sunken in, but have you seen the pics of MJ in that event? He looked quite handsome, I prefer without the bangs though. She did seem jealous of Stephanie though, LMP a bit too. I think Jetzi has her book up, you might want to read it.

              • I find her so inconsequential to be honest… I know some fans pin their hopes on her because she said he was having sex in 1977 and wasn’t asexual and blah blah, but she’s so unreliable, and not even Tatiana unreliable but just “not all there” reliable. Tatiana hasn’t acted like he’s been calling her recently, you know? Or following her in cars, neither does Shana or whoever spend all their time talking to other phony girlfriends like Cynthia McGuire and Lorelei Lanford on facebook, two other certifiable crazies.

                But if she gets paid for it, why not make it flattering? Why make it seem like MJ was scared of girls? Would MJ have wanted that? BTW, MJ didn’t want ANY of his GF or women or whatever to speak publically. He was pissed at Tatiana and he wasn’t the one who asked Shana and even told Lisa to keep quiet and he stuck it in a contract to keep Debbie under wraps. So why would he want her?

                She also recalls how they miraculously, like all the other coincidences between her & MJ in the past pulled beside each other at a stop light. & MJ rolled down his window to wave at her & she blew him a kiss & that was that. I

                LOL she says he followed her around Vegas in the last 2 years in his car! She was telling people about it on fbook.

                Sorry, she’s nutty. She even said she wrote the book for money.

                • Thanks for confirming the craziness of Cynthia Mcguire. She lies like a rug. (all over the internet).

      • But that’s the thing, though most of us dismissed her just as easily, Raven’s blog is 1 that supports her. I decided to buy the book based on that blog, & many people follow Raven’s blog (Raven if you’re reading this pls don’t get mad at me, I’m not calling you out or anything! I just want to get a detailed pic of something for everyone: you, me & everyone else, that’s all.), & that was what convinced me to buy the book. But other than that, I never followed or checked up on Theresa so I really don’t know anything about her aside from the book & Raven’s blog. I think as inconsequential as she may be, it may help if these inconsistencies could be highlighted so all of us are in the KNOW. But that’s all that I mean, not trying to pass her off as credible, just that like your other entries disproving rumors, this could be another 1 you might like to consider you know?

        • Wait, she was telling people that MJ of all people was following her around in his car in 2007?%/

          • Yeah, how he’d followed her in his car in 2007 in Vegas, maybe at this very fortunate air kiss blowing incident? Maybe she’s already turned that event that I don’t believe into a love story? I asked the bodguards, they’d never heard of her and laughed when I told them the story.

            • You know LBee stalked me over Theresa Gonsalves? LOL! I just asked her why she thought RTT was credible & what was her review of it & boy, did that send her over the edge! I didn’t know she had a tweeter or FB account even & was telling all these stories, bec prior to Raven’s blog I just dismissed her as inconsequential & never really bothered to read anything about her. What was strange about the book were all the ‘coincidences’ or ‘meet ups’, it was just too surreal. She also said that no1 believed her, not her brother or her friends, even as early as the 1970s. Maybe it’s bec she has a penchant for an overactive imagination that they dismissed her stories? I think the Dr’s wife didn’t buy her stories as well & was trying to catch her on her lie which is why she was trying to get her & MJ in the same room. Also, in RTT she says that the last time she saw MJ was in Oct 2003, Radio Music Awards. But in FB she was telling people that she saw him in 2007? Another thing I found strange was how she said she overheard Elizabeth Taylor’s people talking very badly of MJ, even saying that Liz Taylor couldn’t stand MJ herself. Also, remember the story going around about MJ under sedation had a doc peek under to see his privates? According to Theresa, that story was from the office of the Dr’s wife, the plastic surgeon was a client of her’s. Wasn’t the dr. rumored to be Hoefflin? The blowing him a kiss story was from 1995 according to RTT.

              • Maybe it’s bec she has a penchant for an overactive imagination that they dismissed her stories?

                Bingo. You can tell she lives in her own world…

                But in FB she was telling people that she saw him in 2007?

                She said it happened sometime when he was in Vegas so 2007-2008. So there’s two car stories? LOL Yes, she definitely said Vegas in the last few years.

                Another thing I found strange was how she said she overheard Elizabeth Taylor’s people talking very badly of MJ, even saying that Liz Taylor couldn’t stand MJ herself

                What???? Liz has stanned harder for MJ than anyone, pleaaase.

                Wasn’t the dr. rumored to be Hoefflin?

                Why would the wife leak that story during a court case? To make her husband look bad? I’m confused…

                • Oh no, she didn’t say it was the wife, she just said she hear rumors from that Dr.’s office from people.

                  Did she start going to Hoefflin because of MJ’s association with him? How did she end up meeting Hoefflin? I thought she didn’t live in Cali permanently? When did she move there?

                  The more you tell me the more :////// I get about her. She makes me uncomfortable. She sounds so happy now that she can live out the fantasy girlfriend role that she couldn’t when he was alive.

                  Shana and Tatiana can come off unreliable, but Theresa has nothing that adds up…

                  • I partially answered this above. I don’t know is she was referring to Hoefflin but if Hoefflin is the doc that’s rumored to have peeked at MJ’s genitals, then it’s him then.

                    She didn’t really talk about her encounter with Hoefflin, just her encounter with his wife & that Hoefflin was her client. I have no idea what type of client he was or what job she had at that time. She had moved to California from Boston where she lived ‘at MJ’s request at the age of 21’ but they had started to lose track of each other soon after. She said that things changed between her & MJ when she moved to California. She said she moved there afraid bec she only had her Uncle there & You (MJ). What happened after was rather strange. After she moved to California to be with MJ, she saw him driving out of his Encino gate & upon seeing her sad, he told her to get in the car & when she told him she’s going back to Boston, he said, “Don’t leave until you talk to me. Can you come over on Thursday? Be here at seven.” But when she went over on Thursday waiting for MJ for an hour, Randy came over, took her hand, gave her some money telling her to stay at a Travel Lodge & come over in the morning. & that MJ was sorry but Joe made him do something he didn’t want to do.” When she comes over the next day, she kept ringing the bell at the Encino house but no one would let her in. Katherine came out to tell her that MJ was sorry but he would try to come out in a bit. She rang the bell after Katherine left & this time Joe opened the door & let her in the gates. & Joe told her MJ could not see her & was trying to scare or intimidate her. Telling her just bec MJ took you on some dates & you spent some time with MJ in NY, doesn’t make you his gf! Finally he forced her off the property. She saw MJ by the balcony watching her with LaToya. Soon after MJ & LaToya were in her yellow car supposedly looking for Theresa & MJ called her after a few days telling her he sneaked out trying to find her. Does it seem like MJ was scared of her & was hiding, trying to avoid her, waiting for Joe to scare her off but didn’t want to be the 1 to confront her?:/

                    She rented a house 3 miles away from the Encino compound on Nestle Ave. OMG, I remembered another thing! She also said that she was trying to let go of him & go on with her life & so she decided to become a JW!:/ Funny way of letting him go huh? Anyway, she would go to Kingdom Hall but she didn’t see MJ there anymore, just Rebbie & after a while she stopped going bec supposedly she was disillusioned (or bec she didn’t see MJ in Kingdom Hall so why bother?) by the religion. It was after this that she stopped writing him as much but she then continued to go to baseball practices that both Tito & Jackie attended.:/ & even after she stopped writing him & started to forget about him, she decided to be at the Pepsi commercial filming where MJ’s hair caught on fire.:// It was a few months after that that Star Magazine called & asked her if she was the REAL BILLIE JEAN, & her response was, ‘who told you?’ Maybe someone had mentioned her from MJ’s circle or family, wasn’t that the time that MJ was telling people that there was a scary girl who was hounding him?:/// What do you think? Sheesh, maybe we should continue that part of the convo on LSA, not here bec I’m speculating very negatively now. This was when she called MJ & she met him again for a drive, & he told her to take the money. She said that she knew people connected to him musically that kept her in the loop of what was going on with MJ. So as early as then she was making associations or had associations that connected her to MJ. During the Bad era, she decided to drive to that special spot they always go to, that little Park in a sexy sun dress with no bra (she says she was barely dressed) & that’s when she meets MJ, gets in his car, he drives them to Mulholland & they have car sex. MJ in the car didn’t like that she stopped writing him & told her to stop doing the crazy stuff she was doing. Theresa also said that after the JW, she decided to be a ‘bad girl’. So this seems to me that it was all planned, the way she was dressed, going to where he went, trying to get his attention. Not so coincidental no?

                    She left California & moved to Atlanta in 1991, so she was in California for over 10 years by then. She moved back to California in 1995 just in front of Sony in Culver City & that was when the blowing kiss by the stoplight happened. She got a job at the accounting firm in Gursey, Schneider & Co., specializing in entertainment business management & forensic accounting for high profile divorce cases. She was put under Tall Pony Productions, a company MJ had worked with several times in the past. This was the 1 with the Liz Taylor 65th bday where she tried to see him but according to her she had to run away bec he looked like a corpse.://// She went back the next day with her ‘all access ID’ & that was when she heard the ill comments on MJ made by Liz Taylor’s crew. Wayne supposedly knew her from all those baseball matches & tried to keep her away from MJ but MJ said it was ok for her to come through to greet him until MJ was whisked away. Is it just me or does this remind you of the YANA incidents when fans are allowed to hug him until MJ gives a sign to get him away from the girls? After doing the VH1 special ‘Childhood Secrets of MJ’ she skips to 2003, saying she rarely spoke to people about MJ but that she had a client, a plastic surgeon. So enter Hoefflin…

                    • Thanks for typing that!!

                      The version of this moment in MM’s book is different, in it I think the boys shove her against him like pushing, not take their hands from each other and try and make them kiss. Sounds like she’s trying to turn it into even more of a moment.

                      Soon after MJ & LaToya were in her yellow car supposedly looking for Theresa & MJ called her after a few days telling her he sneaked out trying to find her.


                      It was a few months after that that Star Magazine called & asked her if she was the REAL BILLIE JEAN

                      To be honest, I believe she called them. I think she wanted money for her kids and I think in her head at the time she’d decided that being Billie Jean was romantic, because I guess maybe she hadn’t paid any attention to the lyrics… I think Billie Jean was about a groupie if it’s about anyone, a beautiful “she was more like a beauty queen” groupie, not a follower fan groupie…

                      Sheesh, maybe we should continue that part of the convo on LSA, not here bec I’m speculating very negatively now.

                      LOL nobody believes Theresa really on LSA, we’re too realist… Theresa is just irritating…

                      During the Bad era, she decided to drive to that special spot they always go to, that little Park in a sexy sun dress with no bra (she says she was barely dressed) & that’s when she meets MJ, gets in his car, he drives them to Mulholland & they have car sex

                      Yeaaaaah except she can’t remember when this happened. Except in her imagination where she was looking hot as hell. I feel like she’s re-telling things the way she wishes they’d happened. Like when you look back and say “God I wish I’d said this and done this on this day, then everything would’ve gone great!” Like she’d parked her car out out there and hoped he’d see her there and now in her imagination she gets to play out what she wishes would have happened at such a moment. I feel like that’s basically her book, her re-telling things how she feels they should’ve happened.

                      she had to run away bec he looked like a corpse.

                      And she looked like a sexy nymph with her bottle lens glasses…

                      Is it just me or does this remind you of the YANA incidents when fans are allowed to hug him until MJ gives a sign to get him away from the girls?

                      And like Tatiana where he had Bill help get him out?

                      MJ was wary of obsessive girls, he didn’t seem to like them. Tatiana, I heard Shana was too much, he really seemed put off by these crazy stalker girls. I think her obsession was obvious and I think it likely did scare Michael. Maybe you’re right about Star and when someone asked him who Billie Jean was he jokingly said “THAT Theresa girl!” and people laughed knowing how she’d been and when they were asked they gave her name. IDK. But I think like Tatiana he could sense that she needed to be kept at a solid distance.

                      And all the other details… city, job, religion, friends, parks, everything revolved around him??? Geebus. Get a grip.

                      “Are you cold in your casket sweetheart? Wish I could keep you warm. I am going to stop here…my heart is crying for you again.”

                      LMAO!!!! It reminds me of Stephen King’s Misery 0_o

                      She unnerves me to be honest, I’ve always felt there was something off about her. She doesn’t quite seem together. I just imagine talking with her and her not really following the conversation because she’s following some other conversation inside her head.

                      Thanks again for posting that… just confirming what I’ve always believed… I need to type up the MM Theresa stuff for you. It’s so different from her new version.

                    • I enjoyed reading your reply. I’ve read Theresa’s book, RTT, and I think she’s cracked up. From my understanding, there are 2 versions to this book, I read the revised (2nd)edition. Therefore, I don’t know what was said differently in the first edition vs. the second edition. Anyway, I do agree with the comment about ‘coldness in the casket’, it is quite unnerving. Sounds like fatal attraction to me. Weird. I’ve never read her book,Obsessions, so I don’t know what to make of it. What gets me, is her reason for wanting to make their so-called relationship public. She says that she felt the need to come clean because of the way the media was still dogging MJ after he died regarding his relations with women, gay, etc. She felt that she needed to set the story straight and not go to her grave with it. Bull S***! Does she really think the public is really that stupid?? Come on now. First of all, in her book, RRT, she mentions that when MJ was interviewed by Oprah back in 1993 or 1992, he was asked by Oprah if he was a virgin. Theresa said that when he replied, “I am a gentleman”, she said that was a good answer. It is obvious to say that from his answer, he was a man that did not ‘kiss n’tell’. BUT, here we have a woman who praises him for it and does the exact opposite. Meaning, she herself would not be a ‘lady’, and decided to kiss and tell everything that went on in their relationship. Now how the hell how does that look?LOL Second, she talks in RTT, how the story of her and MJ has been misconstrued on the VH1 story and in Randy Taraborelli’s book, The Magic, The Madness,The Whole Story. She says that they,her and MJ, told the public ‘what we wanted’ them to know, and now she was telling the story ‘her way’ in the book, RTT. Well, it’s not rocket science here. If they did not at that time want the public to know certain things that supposedly went on between the both of them,
                      why would you take it upon yourself to tell everything now that was so private then??? Again, does she really think that we are that stupid. Why did she not tell all this while MJ was very alive? I don’t buy the setting the story straight bull, at all. Hell, when he was alive, there was a lot of stuff going around then like it is now, and she didn’t feel the urge to say something then?! In my opinion she just wanted to come out and brag about her flings with MJ and to take advantage of all the publicity she would generate from it. How sad. Now I will admit, that I do believe there is some truth about her relationship with MJ in the early days, but as for the whole book being true, NO I don’t believe it. She does have a very vivid imagination and does a very good job at playing up some of the events that happened; adding to them and making them more appealing/believable. It takes those kind of skills to develop a good writer. Last but not least, IF (and that is a big IF), all the things she said are true, especially the two intimate encounters with MJ, I do not think the MJ would appreciate in any form or fashion the fact that she betrayed his trust and exposed everyone to what went on between them privately. That in my opinion is a NO,NO! MJ from what we all know, was VERY private about his private life. That was a side that he did not share. He even says this in his book, The Moonwalk. He did not feel it was right to expose names of those he had a relationship with as he was RESPECTING their right to privacy. If I had a personal and intimate relationship with MJ, I would not want to expose it; I would take it to my grave. It would be a relationship that I would consider private and very special; something that is ONLY for me, him, and God to know about. By Theresa exposing her relationship with MJ and their intimacies, she has now cheapened that relationship. That’s too bad.

                    • I have the 1st edition Dee. & according to Raven who interviewed Theresa, the difference was she toned down the graphic sex description for the 2nd edition UPON THE REQUEST of Katherine so that MJ’s kids can read the book when they grow up.

                    • Please answer one question for me… why would Theresa make something so private between her and MJ so public. If her reasoning was because she didn’t want to take it to the grave with her, I don’t buy it. Especially since she(says they were “so close”),and Katherine Jackson as well, knew how jealously MJ guarded his privacy. His personal life what just that…PERSONAL!! I don’t believe MJ’s mother Katherine would give approval for something so personal, yet alone mentioning ANY sexual activity, that went on between her son and another woman. Period. If Theresa’s reasoning for telling is because she wanted to ‘set the record straight’ about MJ, she wasn’t too successful in that department; people are still talking the same thing about him after she put the book out. That did not necessarily change peoples mind/opinions. If anything, it just made her story look more questionable,IMO. Again people who really knew MJ, knew how private a person he was; he even admits this in his book, Moonwalk. IF, what she’s saying is truly true, she would have respected MJ’s privacy just as he would have respected hers. It’s that simple. While MJ was very much ALIVE, she could have said this and came to his defense if she truly felt that it was needed. Or would there have been a difference of opinion between the two of them if MJ was alive to give his side of the story?? If you take away her reason(s) for going public about their relationship, the same question still stands…Why now??? Why not before? She had plenty of opportunity to say all this while MJ was alive. It’s odd how many women are coming out of the woodwork to stake some kind of claim that they had a personal relationship with him??? A LOT of them! It’s also funny how this question keeps coming up from various people, and there’s no logical answer for it… especially when you take into account the facts that I stated about MJ and his privacy. Based on that, it’s obvious and quite clear what the answer really is!

                    • I totally agree with you, Realtruth. Anyone can say that they were dating MJ at one time or another, and because of how private he was about his personal life, it’s that excuse that they always use for not having any tangible proof behind their claims.(pics, for example). These women are trying to sell a story, and i’ll bet that 99% of these so called girlfriends did not even meet him.

        • Good point…

          I can try typing up the Magic/Madness version of her story this week, but it makes me cringe LOL She tells this story about how the brothers shoved her against him when they were outside somewhere (strange because she only met him in NYC and the brothers weren’t there for most of that other than a couple of visits) and uses this as a belief that MJ had a crush on her, when it sounds like the brothers were being cruel in a way, like “MJ’s with that girl” you know?

          • Yeah, that was my impression of that account as well. There were other stories of her & MJ in NY (during the filming of The WIZ) & MJ was making fun of his 2 fans in his apartment. Very strange behavior coming from MJ no? Well, according to RTT, she 1st met MJ in Las Vegas Nov 1974 on her 16th bday & I believe it was around that time that Marlon, Jermaine & Jackie were trying to make them kiss (this is from the RTT book). & according to the book she stayed with the Jackson family for a week, I think this was collaborated though. She even has LaToya’s letter to her in the book.

            • I need to re-read the MM account again. It wasn’t a push-to-kiss moment, in M/M she alleges they just pushed them together, like so they would be hugged up, made me cringe because she clearly thought this meant something and it sounds like they were being cruel (at least it reminds me of what my brother would do to me with guys I didn’t like that way but he wanted to embarrass me by making me look like I was with them)

              & MJ was making fun of his 2 fans in his apartment. Very strange behavior coming from MJ no?

              Really??? Never heard of MJ doing something like that :/

              • Hey, let me rewrite what I wrote above, that 1 above’s giving me a MAJOR HEADACHE! Could you delete that 1 word per line comment just there?

                Oh no, she didn’t say it was the wife that told her about the peeking at MJ’s privates incident, she just said she heard rumors from people & it was that specific Dr. her client, the husband of the wife she was talking to. I don’t know what she was implying about Liz though, reading it I originally just assumed it was Liz’s people talking BS & including Liz to support their insults on MJ (as if Liz thought the same as them). But let’s say that’s the case, it still doesn’t make sense that they would talk so openly for them to be heard & it to reach Liz’s ears no? Well, according to RTT she only met & saw MJ in the 70s. But she did mention their car drives, but this was around OTW to Thriller mostly, & that 1 time during Bad. Oh, I just remembered something, didn’t Katherine say MJ learned to drive in the mid 80s? According to RTT, he was driving in the late 70s, OTW era.:/

              • “Well, according to RTT she only met & saw MJ in the 70s.”

                ^^^^ I meant ‘Well, according to RTT she 1st met & saw MJ in the 70s.’

      • Girl, I’ll type the LV incident & the fan incident from RTT. What’s on M/M?

        QUOTE: LV Incident:

        Dear Michael, Remember, our last night? November 27, 1974, we sat in that dressing room, just the two of us in Las Vegas. I had turned sixteen during that week.
        Jackie, Jermaine, and Marlon tried to make us kiss!They held both out hands behind our backs and told us to kiss. You shyly danced your way loose.

        QUOTE: the fan incident:
        Dear Michael,
        We were so young…lol, and if I say, “and innocent” I will start singing the song. (smile).
        It was a surprise to your sister, LaToya, each time you had invited me to your penthouse apartment in New York. At first, I didn’t understand her hesitancy when she had been writing me back often after we had met in Las Vegas. I brought my friend Lorraine with me one time.
        I thought it was so cute that you had made me some cookies and opened the door smiling holding the plate of cookies in your hand. “I made you some cookies! Chocolate chip” you smiled. You were so proud that you had made them yourself. We were almost twenty years old. Had you not baked cookies before?
        When I looked at you, we started laughing because it brought memories of when you were a kid and you use to say “I gave you my cookies” before singing Who’s Loving You! That started an evening of hilarity.
        Almost everything from that point on was just so funny to us, except when we had that conversation about child abuse. Yeah, you made me cookies and I brought you a book. “Somewhere a Child is Crying.”
        People don’t really understand that even when you were young, you had that desire to save the children of the world. We talked for hours about child abuse and exchanged horror stories about what we read and heard, from children being burned by their parents, to other outrageous abuses.
        While we chatted about this, the doorman buzzed in and said that there were two fans there to see you who had been coming over every single day. Your frustration with them was apparent as you told me, “These girls follow me wherever I go. I asked if I could bring you to the Wiz and they told me no, but I turn around and I see them there. Diana Ross yelled at them. She told them…Leave him alone! Can’t you see he is busy?” You laughed mimicking Diana’s voice, but your annoyance was apparent.
        So I made a suggestion…”Just let them come up Michael. Maybe after they meet you it won’t be so bad…” You weren’t a believer of that but you decided to humor me anyway.
        Do you remember what happened then? Our silliness took over when they got in the room. We went back to our conversation of child abuse and when one of the girls started telling this unbelievable story that she seemed to have made up, you sat there making faces at me. They couldn’t see you. We busted up laughing out loud in the midst of her story and she angrily stated, “I don’t know why you two think this is so funny…” We were bad Michael, and rude, but we just couldn’t help it that day! Hmm, perhaps it was our nerves?

        • “Did she start going to Hoefflin because of MJ’s association with him?”

          ^^^That’s my impression, that all these coincidental meetups were her trying to get in his space or associated with him somehow. Like when she was 21, she moved to California bec according to her MJ requested & asked her to move there. Even the job or the coincidence of her having all access backstage to MJ appearances sounds like she made sure she would be there, ie. like the job she takes on & etc.

          Another thing that’s FISHY, is that talk she had with MJ on children being burned by their parents. Doesn’t that remind you of Dave Dave? Yet Dave was a 6 year old burned in 1983, & it seems too coincidental that she 7 MJ were talking of a similar incident in 1979? http://www.people.com/people/archive/article/0,,20093827,00.html

        • God, I just remembered another thing that shocked the hell out of me when I read something she said. It sounded like something a crazy person would say! I was like WTF?!!!!!!

          “Are you cold in your casket sweetheart? Wish I could keep you warm. I am going to stop here…my heart is crying for you again.”

          ^^^That paragraph above came out of nowhere when she was reminiscing her & MJ chance meeting in a quaint little bookstore in Encino & when they used to go to the little Park for their talks in Encino. WTF says something like that? Are you cold in your casket sweetheart? Doesn’t it sound like someone deranged saying it to you before they hack you to pieces?

          • You know what? I was just thinking, you know that story of MJ’s Billie Jean stalker (the one that scared MJ), could it have been Theresa? I don’t want to think or entertain such a damaging speculation, but that casket quotet is rather unnerving.

            • ^^^Girl, could you delete that post about Theresa being the deranged Billie Jean from MJ’s account? I just don’t think I should’ve written that on a public forum.

  21. I’ve never heard that car story before…WOW. She’s even crazier than I thought. It definitely seems like she lives in a delusional fantasy world.

    • She thinks Billie Jean is about her, she named her son Michael, she named her book Remember The Time suggesting she belives that song is also about her. She’s really obsessive and sounds like a hardcore fantasist. Now that Mike passed she gets to tell everyone the version of the story as she wished it had happened.

      • >>>>>>Now that Mike passed she gets to tell everyone the version of the story as she wished it had happened.<<<<<<<

        But isn't that what all these women are doing? Ola, Tatiana……. I also think Shana (bless her) is secretly writing her own book.

        I am just curious? What do these women do for a living anyway outside of their once connection to Michael?

        I know they have to eat and pay their bills, but this changing and augmenting of their stories after the fact and rewriting books to sell to Michael's fans seems exploitative and the fans see through that.

  22. i don’t care about theresa’s book, I’m waiting for kai chase’s book to come out. i know it was a flirtation with mj, but I’m curious as to what she will say in the book. she seemed quit taken with mj.For some reason i’m more interested in reading about her time with mj than theresa. maybe because she was overwhelmed with schoolgirl giddiness over the flirtation and in awe of him, for it to be a lie. and besides, she had a friendship with the kids, she was in there. lol. i would have capitalized on that situation. lol.

  23. i don’t believe a word she says. how cud she have sex with Michael if he wasn’t ready to have it with Tatum, and Brooke? To me thats weird. she needs to go somewhere with her crap.

  24. Apparently someone did not like what I had to say regarding Theresa Gonsalves and her book, Remember the Time, because my previous comment was deleted. But I will say it again, her book is very difficult to believe. Her reason(s) for wanting to go public with her story about MJ is not credible. Why? Because any true MJ fan as well as his very own family knows that MJ was a very private man who jealously guarded his privacy. His personal life was just that; PRIVATE. Period. I don’t think that his mother Katherine, would approve for such book to be written about her son knowing how private of a person he was; not to mention the sexual encounters that were to have taken place; that was none of anyone’s business. Ms. Gonsalves should have had the consideration, as the true friend that she says she is, and respected MJ’s privacy. MJ would have done the exact same for her. If you read his book, Moonwalk, Michael very well says that he respects the privacy of the females that he has come in contact with and would NEVER do anything to jeopardize their privacy. Also coming out with her story after MJ has died makes it even more unbelievable. If she was so concerned about coming to the rescue of MJ (about all the rumors about him), then she should have come to his rescue while he was very much ALIVE, not after. Where was she then when he was going through all the court litigations, gay rumors, etc.??? IMO, she had every opportunity to come forward with her story then; while he was alive. It doesn’t make much difference now. Perhaps the real reason she didn’t come forward before, was because if MJ was still alive, the story would have either not existed at all or it would have happened a entirely different way??? Hmmmm… It’s funny how all these so-called women who claims to have had a relationship with MJ while he was alive, have come out of the “woodwork” like crazy. She’s is just another one of them. But if you ask her the questions that I just asked in this posting, you will never get a firm direct answer. Why? Because we all know probably what the real answer(s) are… go figure.

    • I didn’t delete your previous comment.

      Hmm, maybe it got sucked into my spam filter, but I remember seeing it posted here. Strange, might be a bug.

      Anyway, I agree. I personally don’t mind women sharing stories, etc (obviously lol), but people doing it under the guise “he would want me to do this” know they’re lying. He didn’t even want Lisa Marie to talk about him in public. So the fact that she tries to use that as an argument makes her suspicious already.

      And you’re right, if they wanted to do this to benefit him, they could have done that back in 2003-2005 or 1993 or any other time period. She hasn’t been shy about speaking about him many many times in the past, so why not say anything that actually benefited him back then? It’s so insincere.

  25. i hate theresa gonsalves becausefor one thing i hate when i can tell someone is lying. and in JRTs book it seems like they were just friends trying to be more than and struggling to make the transition because of michaels own hang ups. and then here this chic comes hllering about how they did it twice or whatever like we were actually about to believe her or something. then she says she was about to kiss him but latoya cmae in and so they didnt but then she trns and around says that they hadsex once even in the goddamn car. CHEAP.MEANINGLESS.UN-MICHAEL LIKE.FROM THERESA’S IMAGINATION.CAR.SEX. she really shouldnt lie especially while claiming to be hot and barely dressed. can you spell ew? i almost threw up whe she talked about that. i didnt read the second encounter and i kinda want to just because i think she writes kick ass fanfics but its like if it never happened stop acting like it did. dont lay claim to something that never even occured. and also in JRTs book michael is quoted as saying that billie jean was a teenage girl with a baby who happened to look a bit like michael and that she sent him pictures of her and the baby over a certain time period before billie jean came out. and that the actual real billie jean sent him a letter saying telling him to kill himself so they could be together in another life and she also sent a gun that was rigged to shoot backwards. they ended up locking the crazy chick up. so the real billie jean and theresa gonsalves had something in common. theyre both crazy.

  26. and the whole cold in the casket thing?yeah creepy as hell. if i were michael i couldnt fake like i liked her. i couldnt. i would be real as hell with her. shit. i dont care. feel bad. shit. damn what is you crying for? man get a life. she such an ass wipe. michael would never put his stuff anywhere nea her damn. stupid slut. prolly got all types of STIs from all of her stupid self afflicted obsessions.

  27. oh and speaking of obsessions. that book is disgusting. nobody wants to hear about her disease ridden squeeze box

  28. OMG I hate when I see people quoting JRT like his ish has an ounce of credibility in it. -__- Dude is no better than Theresa both full of fiction BS. I really wish that somehow his books disapear off bookshelves and into the dumpsters.

    Oops sorry for the O/T ness, I just cant stand that creep.

  29. Makes a living off writing lies! Ughh

  30. no i totally get what youre saying. i really was just quoting it to show how conflicting the two stories are but gosh theyre BOTH liars. trust me i think JRT is a backstabber and well who needs enemies when yu have friends like that. but then again he was never michaels friend.

  31. what a sad figure this woman is,telling lies and making something from nothing.

  32. I believe this lady is delusional. Her timeline doesn’t add up. Around that time he would’ve been seeing Tatum. In Mike’s conversation with Glenda he mentions that he wanted to be married before he had sex and that was in 1992.

    This same lady previously wrote a fictitious book about Michael. To me she’s in the same catergory as the women who would wait at the gate at their house in Encino and say, “Hey Baby, I came by to drop off the keys to our apartment.

    These looney women really think that they and Michael had a intimate relationship. This lady needs help

  33. She is not the only one. Has anyone checked out the lies from a Cynthia Mcguire, spread all over the internet about Michael.? She is delusional also, and the only thing stopping her from writing a book, is the fact she has no proof, pictures, nothing. She is another delusional liar. Just google her and Michael’s name, so many sites come up with her long boring story. Hecklerspray has the most and longest comments i have ever seen. Facebook is another one. I pity the people that believe her, not that there’s many.

    • I’ve seen her around and yes, she’s delusional and crazy.

      What’s funny is that Cynthia and Theresa both post on each other’s facebook walls!

      That’s when I knew 100% Theresa was a liar, because nobody telling the truth would ever befriend some nut like Cynthia…

  34. Well i guess now Theresa and Cynthia both have someone to listen to , like they say, birds of a feather….

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