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1977 :: Liza Minnelli

December 1, 2009

Liza Talks About Michael at the Tony Awards, June 7th 2009
CBS Interview Over the Telephone About Michael, 25th June 2009
Liza Sings I Can’t Give You Anything But Love for him on his birthday, 29th August, 2009

Michael goes to the famous club Studio 54 in New York with LaToya & Janet. He meets a lot of people like Liza Minelli, Stephanie Mills, Tatum O’Neal and Andy Warhol.
December 31
Michael spends New Year’ s eve at the Studio 54 with Liza Minelli among others.


Feb 17th, Rolling Stone Interview

“Me and Liza, say. Now, I would consider her a great friend, but a show-business friend. And we’re sitting there talking about this movie, and she’ll tell me all about Judy Garland. And then she’ll go, ‘Show me that stuff you did at rehearsal.'” He feints a dance move. “And I’ll go, ‘Show me yours.’ We’re totally into each other’s performance.”

April 6
Michael attends a post concert party for Liza Minnelli at the New Universal Amphitheater, Hollywood with Quincy Jones & David Geffen.

8th March

Liza Minnelli accompanies Michael to Swifty Lazar’s Oscar Night Party but after a short stay, they go on to visit Liza’s father director Vincente Minnelli.

New Straits Times, 13th Aug, 1984, Hilburn

Liza Minnelli also favours the private moments with Michael. “He’s very artistic and an enormous showbiz buff,” she explained by phone from New York. “He can quote you lyrics from all kinds of musicals. Ask him the lyrics that Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire used in a certain picture and he can tell you.

“I find it hard to develop friendships in this business because people travel so much. But Michael is one of those people who stays in touch. You’ll ask him about something – and then forget you even asked him. But he’ll call you back even if it’s three weeks later – with the answer. He’ll have looked it up or found it out from someone else. He’s a wonderful, wonderful friend to have.”


Michael and Elizabeth Taylor go to see Liza Minnelli’s comeback tour.

July 30
Michael attends the funeral of film director Vincento Minnelli with his daughter Liza & widow Lee.

Lodi News Sentinel: Jackson sat with Minnelli’s fourth wife, Lee, and his daughters Liza and Christina Mirow of Mexico City.

Times Daily, 28th September, 1986
I thought of the last time I had seen her: late one night during the summer of 1984, staggering out of Elaine’s, a New York City restaurant, looking disoriented and disheveled as her friend Michael Jackson helped her into a limousine where she collapsed with a loud, fake laugh. A week or two later, I read that Liza had checked into the Betty Ford centre in Rancho Mirage, Calif.

Michael & Elizabeth Taylor attend a Liza Minnelli concert at the Universal Amphitheater in Hollywood .

March 9

Michael attends a performance of Phantom Of The Opera with Jimmy Safechuck & Liza Minnelli.

March 10
Michael is honoured by the United Negro Colege Fund, Liza Minnelli attends the event.

A book review in Ocala Star-Banner on “My Lips are Sealed” by Susan Mulcahy, 5th June, 1988

Mulcahy doesn’t divulge too much that would hurt the sources she still uses but she does drop some real gems — like Liza Minnelli and Michael Jackson together in the ladies room, using the phone to sing to her father.

“Martha Graham at 95,” May 11th, 1989

Last year Liza Minnelli, a fervent supporter, took Michael Jackson to meet Miss Graham at the school, 316 East 63d Street.

September 7

Liza Minelli pays respect to Michael onstage at the concert for him held in Madison Square Gardens.

Liza Minnelli warbled “You Are Not Alone” before serenading Michael with a few lines from “Over the Rainbow” (a signature song for her mother, Judy Garland).

March 16

Michael is best man at the wedding of David Gest & Liza Minnelli celebrated in New York City.

June 13
Michael is inducted into the National Academy of Popular Music/Songwriters Hall Of Fame. Liza Minnelli & David Gest accept the award on his behalf.

Larry King Live special on CNN with Miko Brando, Liza Minneli, Deepak Choprah and Berry Gordy among others

August 31, 2009

Music legend and upcoming “Drop Dead Diva” guest star Liza Minnelli opens up about her late friend Michael Jackson, who she says did “more good than anybody will ever know.”

“I had good luck,” Liza says, comparing her life to the late King of Pop. “I had good friends. I had great parents, and I did not have people using me every second of my life. … I did not have people looking at me as a commodity without somebody else there to say, ‘Don’t treat her like that.'”

Liza said of her friend Michael, “Think about it, that kid did more good for people than anybody will ever know, and all of his friends know it.”


The Lady In My Life

November 30, 2009