Michael Jackson The Flirt

April 14, 2010

Filming Videos:


With Diana Ross:

With Lisa Marie Presley:


  1. Those are cute gifs 🙂 Some I haven’t seen before.

  2. I don’t know if you can make a gif of this, but it’s kinda hot at 3:34

    • Teehee. I’ll work on it… I wish there was a way to post gifs that people could click on to see, I’m worried about freezing people’s comp’s with all the images!

  3. In This Is It, MJ is flirting with Judith in a sly sexy way, When he takes his fingers and motons her to follow him, I thought that was sexy. I don’t want to go into detail, cuz I maybe wrong, but where his finger is, I was like , it couldn’t be. lol. If I’m wrong, forgive me. I always noticed where his hand was while motioning to Judith. And thinking about it, I could see why he may not have wanted the footage out to the public, because he was being kinda nasty. In a subtle way. lol.

  4. RTT video, there is a scene that is so hot, when MJ is dancing with the girl. He does something in back of her, and she’s smiles and looks to the side. MJ was too much. lol.

  5. That gif with naomi is hot. I think she made mj hot and bothered. If i read it well it look like she wispered something naught to him because he bit his bottom lip, like it turned him on. I hope that was when she offered to suck his d$$k because if that is,it looks like he’s was down for it.

  6. If that were me, i’d offer a lot more than that. if you know what i’m saying x

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