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you are what you love, not what loves you.

June 5, 2011

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5th June: Added info on his friendship with Kathy Hilton.


1984 – :: Elizabeth Taylor

March 25, 2011

Elizabeth Attends the Victory Tour Concert at Dodgers Stadium, Los Angeles, November 30/December 1/ 2 , 1984

Michael Jackson on their meeting, according to Randy Taraborrelli, Magic/Madness

“Michael once explained to me that he and Elizabeth first met in the early 1980s. Out of the blue, he had sent her a dozen tickets to one of his Los Angeles concerts at Dodger’s Stadium. “I didn’t know it, but it was her birthday – February 27th,” (Lacienega note – the Victory tour hadn’t begun yet and the Dodger’s concert was in November so this seems like another of Randy Tarraborrelli’s half truths) Michael recalled. “I thought I was giving her great seats because they were in the VIP box. But when Elizabeth got there, she became very angry because the seats were so far away from the stage. And she left, upset! The whole time I was performing, I was thinking, Oh my God, Elizabeth Taylor is watching me. Elizabeth Taylor is watching me! But, she wasn’t even there. When I got offstage, they told me she had gone home, mad. The next day, I called her, and I cried because I felt so awful.”
According to Michael’s memory, Elizabeth was cordial, but direct. “Michael,” she said, “a major star such as myself never sits in the cheap seats.”

“After that, we talked on the phone every day, on every stop of the tour,” Michael said. “After that, we talked on the phone every day, on every stop of my tour,” Michael said. “She somehow got my schedule. I would be in Cleveland and the phone would ring. Elizabeth. Or I would be in Denver and the phone would ring. Elizabeth. And I thought, Wow. Doesn’t she have other things to do? After all, she’s Elizabeth Taylor! At the end of the tour, I asked her if I could come by for tea. She said, “Yes.” I brought Bubbles along. She didn’t mind…”

The two become so fascinated with one another so quickly that, in 1989, Elizabeth toyed with the idea of moving Michael into her home so that they could spend all their waking hours together. At the time, Michael was about  to move out of his family home in Encino [Lacienega: he had already met out of Encino in 1988 and  had bought Neverland back in 1987], and was considering buying Neverland.

“But why do you need all of that space when you and I can live together in my home, “ Elizabeth suggested, according to what Michael told me. “Imagine the fun we’ll have.  Maybe we’ll even get married.”

Elizabeth Taylor on their meeting, Paul Theroux, Telegraph

The friendship started when, out of the blue, Michael offered her tickets for one of his Thriller Tour concerts – indeed, she asked for 14 tickets. But the seats were in a glass-enclosed VIP box, so far from the stage “you might as well have been watching it on TV”. Instead of staying, she led her large party home.

Hearing that she’d left the concert early, Michael called the next day in tears apologising for the bad seats. He stayed on the line, they talked for two hours. And then they talked every day. Weeks passed, the calls continued. Months went by. “Really, we got to know each other on the telephone, over three months.”

One day Michael suggested that he might drop by. Elizabeth said fine. He said: “May I bring my chimpanzee?” Elizabeth said, “Sure. I love animals.” Michael showed up holding hands with the chimp, Bubbles.

“We have been steadfast ever since,” Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth on Oprah about what brought them together,

Oprah: And why do you think you all are such good friends? What has brought about this kind of bond? Because people try to make this weird.
Elizabeth: Well it’s not. I mean our childhoods are very similiar, and we had that from the very beginning in common. Um, I was a child star at nine, had an abusive father, um, and that kind of brought us together in the very beginning.

Liza Minnelli comeback tour, July 1, 1985

The crowd gave an impromptu ovation when it spotted Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson being escorted to their seats by a phalanx of bodyguards.

Elizabeth Visits Him on The Set of Captain EO, July 1985

Angelica Huston: Then from the first stage I kept seeing these luminaries appearing, Barbara Streisand, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren…I was like, I couldn’t believe it. Each day they would go into Michael’s trailer and sign his mirror in lipstick, it was unbelievable…I’ve never seen such a show…fantastic!

Bruce Springsteen concert, Ellensburg Daily Record, 28th September 1985

Springsteen fans included Elizabeth Taylor and singer Michael Jackson who left the concert through a side entrance after the first set.

Liz Smith Column, Toronto Star, 25th December, 1985 (Jan 5, 1986)

Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson

Everybody, but everybody who saw Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson arm in arm watching her horse, Basic Image, run in Hollywood Park on Christmas Day, heard what the star of stars shouted out when her baby came in next to last (Yes – next to last, even with the giant talent Willie Shoemaker whipping him on.) Michael, who doesn’t approve a bit of profanity, looked abashed.

AMA Awards, January 27, 1986

Michael arrives half-way through the American Music Awards ceremony in company of Elizabeth Taylor where he, Quincy Jones, Lionel Richie and Ken Kragen receive awards for We Are The World. At the show’s conclusion, they join many celebrities including Diana Ross, Janet & LaToya.

Lionel Richie: “One night, Michael, Elizabeth and I went out to dinner. Because she was also a child star, Elizabeth could relate to him. They talked about isolation and what you do when you’re lonely. It was good for Michael to hear that Elizabeth often went out of the house without security guards. The idea that you could live without them was a revelation to him.”

Bryan Times, 27th Jan 1986

Michael Jackson who nearly swept the awards two years ago when the Thriller album was hot, showed up backstage about midway through the show with friend Elizabeth Taylor. When photographers learned of the couple’s presence, several people were nearly tramped in the stampede to catch a shot of the pair.

Anchorage Daily News, 31 Jan 1986

But the We Are The World session alumnus who attracted the most attention was the reclusive Michael Jackson, who brought his friend Elizabeth Taylor on stage with him.

The couple also livened up thing backstage in the crowded media area.

When they appeared briefly, the area, which had been calm all evening, suddenly turned into a madhouse. Photographers stampeded to a designated security line near the stage entrance. It was one of those frantic paparazzi scenes, with photographers jockeying for position, shoving their colleagues out of the way.

Opening Day at the Races With Liz and Michael – Los Angeles Times, April 25, 1986

The opening of Hollywood Park on Wednesday brought out all the potential winners, including this year’s really fun couple–the devastatingly slim and pretty Elizabeth Taylor and her buddy, pretty and slim Michael Jackson. The yellow and black dress La Liz was wearing gave clear evidence that she is once again a knockout–and the best advertisement for the beauty book she is currently writing. In great spirits, Taylor followed the advice of her attorney, Neil Papiano, to bet combinations with Carole Bayer Sager and Marcia Diamond–and even kiddingly bopped Jackson on the head with her program for some laughing remark. It was a big day for that table, which included songwriter-cum-horseman Burt Bacharach, whose horse Piper John won the last race.

George Hamilton (who was dating Elizabeth in 1986/1987), Vanity Fair

“I once went to the track with Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson. I asked Michael to pick a horse. He said, ‘Oh no, I’m a Jehovah’s Witness.’ So I told him to just put his hand down on the race card. His hand came down on this horse that was a 30-1 shot. I bet on that horse and it won. I came over to Michael and said, ‘We won!’ I tried to give the money to him, but he screamed and tore off running.”

Jackson, Taylor, Lionel Richie and Mikhail Baryshnikov at the Los Angeles Ballet opening night party, 1986

November, 1986

Michael & Elizabeth Taylor attend a Liza Minnelli concert at the Universal Amphitheater in Hollywood .

With LaToya at Hayvenhurst, 1987

Jan 13, 1987

There’s celebrity watcher Robert Osborne, who will crop up every day to dish about the rich and famous, and staff doctor Bob Arnot, who will give advice about nutrition and fitness.

Monday, for example, we learned from Osborne that Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor hang out at Michael Jackson’s house to watch movies

Reading Eagle, Mar 3, 1987

A constellation of stars turned out for Elizabeth Taylors 55th birthday party over the weekend at the Bel ir Calif home of Burt Bacharach and Carole Bayer Sager but Michael Jackson was the only one who brought along his bodyguard The Pepsi hustler reportedly didnt mingle at all with the likes of Joan Collins, Bette Davis, Barry Manilow, Stevie Wonder, Whoopi Goldberg, and Charles Bronson. La Liz was escorted to the doings by George Hamilton.

Eugene Register Guard, 1 Sep 1987

He also created a shrine to actress Elizabeth Taylor in his home and has mannequins he reportedly dresses to resemble Taylor, Diana Ross and actress Sophia Loren.

Frank Dileo, People, September 1987

Did Michael propose to Liz Taylor or didn’t he? “No he didn’t,” says Dileo. “And no, there’s no shrine to her in his house. Yes they are very good friends. They dine together occasionally and visit.”

Kentucky News Era, 9th Oct 1987

Thousands of Elizabeth Taylor fans chanting, “We want Liz!” packed a department store for a glimpse of the star, who is on a promotional tour for Passion, her new line of perfume.

She signed autographs Thursday and took questions on any subject, including marriage. “I have no plans on getting married again, whatsoever,” said Miss Taylor, who has been married seven times and has been linked romantically recently to millionaire publisher Malcolm Forbes.

She also commented on a shrine to Miss Taylor that singer Michael Jackson reportedly has in his home. “Well, if you read it in the National Enquirer it must be true,” she said with a laugh.

MJ Moonwalk, 5th April 1988

I love Elizabeth Taylor. I’m inspired by her bravery. She has been through so much and she is a survivor. That lady has been through a lot and she’s walked out of it on two feet. I identify with her very strongly because of our experiences as child stars. When we first started talking on the phone, she told me she felt as if she had known me for years. I felt the same way.

Elizabeth Taylor interview, 1988

Says his most famous ally, Elizabeth Taylor: “I know some of the pain Michael goes through. I’ve been there. It takes, I think a fellow sufferer, a fellow survivor, to understand.”

“He is honesty personified,” says Taylor. “And he is so giving that at times there is very little to protect that beautiful inner core that is his essence.”

United Negro College Fund, March 10, 1988

Michael is honoured by the United Negro Colege Fund as one of their highest contributors at the 44th annual anniversary dinner held at the Sheraton Hotel in New York .

Quincy Jones, Whitney Houston, Yoko Ono, Elizabeth Taylor & Liza Minnelli attend the event.

Liz Smith Column, The Palm Beach Post, 16th March 1988

The usually co operative Elizabeth Taylor refused to pose for fans outside the Plaza Athenee last week en route to the UNCF benefit where Michael Jackson was the honoree. When she exhibited what some people referred to as “mood” behaviour at the event itself, it was suggested that the great star’s perfect nose was out of joint because she was not the center of attention that evening.

What twaddle! Elizabeth was actually not feeling very well and the idea that she would begrudge her good Michael Jackson a little media mayhem is absurd. ET showed what a loyal friend she was by not showing up at all, when clearly she would have been better off in bed.

The Legend Continues airs, March 12/13 1988

Elizabeth: “I have absolute faith and trust in Michael’s abilities. I think they’re much larger than anyone has dreamt of. I think he’s going to be one of the great superstars of all time.

I think Michael appeals to the child in all of us and I think he has the quality of innocence that we would all like to obtain or have kept.

And there’s a quality about Michael that is so rare and you… he is E.T. He’s not really of this planet.

(smiles) I love you, Michael.”

June 16, 1988

Concert in Basel attended by Elizabeth Taylor & Bob Dylan.

Bob Jones’ Postcard From The Road, SWITZERLAND, Black Radio Exclusive, July 22, 1988

Basel- We arrived in Geneva on June 13 and after three days of much needed rest, we motored down to Basel for one show at Foosball Stadion S-Jakob. Among the 60,000 in attendance were Michael’s dear friends Elizabeth Taylor and a party of ten and Sophia Loren, who brought a party of 25.

Wembley Concert, August 26, 1988

Michael dedicates I Just Can’t Stop Loving You to Elizabeth Taylor.

Bad Tour, January 16/17/18/26/27, 1989

Michael plays the five last concert of the Bad World Tour at the Sports Arena in Los Angeles . Among the celebrities attending the shows are Gregory Peck, Barbara Streisand, Sylvester Stallone, Sydney Poitier, Elizabeth Taylor, Whitney Houston, Berry Gordy, Sean Lennon, Yoko Ono, Liea Minnelli, Katherine, Joe, Rebbie & Janet.The tour ends after 123 concerts grossing over $125 millions!

David Gest’s autobiography, re: American Cinema Awards, January 30, 1989,

There was always a tension between Sophia and Elizabeth, I felt. They were both Hollywood sex symbols, two of the great beauties of all time. There was respect there, of course. Each respected the other for what they had accomplished. When I honoured Elizabeth at the American Cinema Awards, for instance, Sophia arrived arm in arm with Michael Jackson, which had made me smile a little. Michael was closer to Elizabeth than he was to Sophia.

Releases Leave Me Alone, February 13th, 1989

Elizabeth presents MJ with the Heritage Award and bestows MJ the title “King of Pop, Rock and Soul” on the Soul Train Awards, April 12, 1989

Elizabeth: Ladies and Gentlemen, the 1989 Heritage Award and Sammy Davis Jnr Award recipient and in my estimation, the true King of Pop Rock and Soul, Mr Michael Jackson.

Interview with Bob Paterson, choreographer for Smooth Criminal, May 3 1989

“I met Elizabeth Taylor through Michael,” says Paterson, speaking from his New York hotel room the other day. At the time, Paterson was working on Jackson’s Smooth Criminal video.

“He called me one night and said,” here Paterson adopts the high timbre softspoken tone of the Gloved One, “There’s someone I want you to meet. And she came down and I mean just everybody’s jaw dropped. She’s so beautiful. So I just sat down and talked to her for about half an hour. Just fantastic. And the fact is she does have purple eyes. She’s exquisite. Absolutely exquisite.”

Releases Liberian Girl, July 3rd 1989

Michael dedicates the song to Elizabeth Taylor.

Elizabeth Taylor by Ava Gardner, Good housekeeping, 1989

Elizabeth’s beauty doesn’t come from the shape of her face or nose or mouth or even those magnificent yes, it comes from an inner strength and energy that very few people are blessed with. Also, a goodness and kindness that very few people are privileged or bother to see in her. They see the facade but not the remarkable woman inside . I’ve known her since she was a teenager, and I really haven’t seen much change in the person herself except a growth in character. But she has always been the same person — true and real — and like all great beauties she becomes more so as she ages. She has had many battles to fight in her life and has won with dignity and humanity. I admire her, and especially love her, because of her great love for animals and Michael Jackson.

June 3, 1990

Michael collapses while dancing at the Hideout. He is taken to St John Hospital of Los Angeles where he is treated for chest pains.

He gets visits from the whole Jackson family (except LaToya) + Elizabeth Taylor who is treated in the same hospital.

Jackson Family Values, Margaret Maldonado, on her visiting him in hospital

Elizabeth Taylor was going to visit and Michael wanted some privacy. Jermaine made a wisecrack about Elizabeth and was quickly put in his place. “Don’t ever talk bad about Elizabeth Taylor to me, Jermaine,” Michael said softly. “She’s beautiful. The most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.” By this time Michael and Elizabeth were already well acquainted but their friendship would grow during this brief stay in the hospital. She came for visits several times a day and sometimes brought him violets, which stood in sweet contrast to the dozen black roses LaToya had delivered from London.

LaToya Jackson’s Autobiography, published October 1991

Other women, probably attracted to Michael’s relative innocence, approached him even more directly. But other women were simply friends, and he receieved many gifts from them, which he took as thoughtful tokens of their affection. One famous actress gave him a set of beautiful gray silk sheets monogrammed with her initials, ET. We thought they were so sumptuous and pretty: we never thought there was anything untoward about the gesture.

Elizabeth Gives Michael an Elephant “Gypsy”, Private Home Movies, 1991


(Clip of a helicopter landing on the ranch and Elizabeth coming out with two men, labelled 1991)
MJ: One day, I get this call from Elizabeth Taylor saying she wants to come to the ranch. She flew out in this helicopter.
(Man driving Elizabeth in a cart):
Man: How are you?
Elizabeth: Hi!
(Elizabeth leaving the cart and whispering loudly):
Elizabeth: Hi. Is Michael out in front?
MJ: I knew by the tone of her voice that something was up. But I had no idea how big the surprise was.
(The three walking an elephant in)
MJ: She came out with this huge elephant.
(Elizabeth patting the elephant, laughing and Michael walking out with his head in his hands):
Elizabeth: Hahahaha!
Man: Hoohoo!
MJ: It was unbelievable.
Michael: (hushed) Hi… its great… Elizabeth…
(Elizabeth holds out her arms to hug him)
Michael: That… it’s beautiful…
MJ: At first, I was kinda scared cos this thing is huge!
(Michael patting the truck from a distance, chewing gum)
MJ: Eventually, I got into it, feeding him carrots and stuff like that.
(Michael feeding the elephant)
Elizabeth: (inaudible)… I think that’s pretty good.
(Michael ducks away after feeding him)
Elizabeth: Michael?
Elizabeth: No, I can’t…
(Both feeding the elephant)
Man: Great stuff. Got a whole mouth….
Elizabeth: You seem like a garbage can!
Michael: Lift your foot.
Elizabeth: Look at your foot!
MJ: I love elephants. They’re gentle giants, really.
(Elizabeth laughing at something Michael said, who’s ducking his head, smiling)
MJ: Elizabeth was dressed like a gypsy. And that’s why we named the elephant Gypsy. It was one of the best presents that I’ve ever gotten. I was so happy that day. Was a wonderful experience.

And then Michael Gives Her a Tapestry of Her, Private Home Movies, 1991

(Scene of the door to a room in the house)
MJ: But what Elizabeth didn’t know, that I was planning a surprise for her, also.
(The door opens and Elizabeth gasps):
Elizabeth: Oh my God!
(Scene of a large tapestry of Elizabeth on the wall)
Elizabeth: That’s amazing! I love it! Oh, thank you! (kissing him).
Michael: You’re welcome.
Elizabeth: What is it made of? A carpet?
MJ: The gift that I gave Elizabeth, to me was very unique. It looks like a painting, but it isn’t.
Elizabeth: Wow! That’s incredible Michael.
Michael: I love that color.
MJ: It’s a tapestry. This guy did it piece by piece.
Michael: And I wrote something on the bottom.
Elizabeth: Oh! (checking the bottom).
Man: Elizabeth… I love you… Michael.
Elizabeth: Oh, I love it!
Michael: Do you have a place for it? Maybe, this seems like…
Elizabeth: Now I may have to build a house.
Michael: Hahaha! (ducks head, laughing).
MJ: I think it was a shot of one of her movies.
Elizabeth: I think it’s fabulous!
Michael: I saw that commercial you have er… its beautiful.
Elizabeth: Do you like it?
Michael: Awh… it’s incredible! (hushed).
Elizabeth: Well maybe you’ll see one of my films one of these days.
Michael: Ah haha! (laughs). I knew you were gonna say…
Elizabeth: Hahaha! (laughing).
Michael: I’m seeing Virginia Woolf.
Elizabeth: Well, congratulations!
Michael: I’m seeing it today actually.
Elizabeth: We have to explain the joke. The last film that Michael saw me in, he thought I was really wonderful in, was a film called White Chested Dover.
(Michael looking away, smiling shyly)
Elizabeth: And I was nine years old.
Michael: Heh! (laughs).
Elizabeth: Hmhmhm! (laughs and puts her hand on his shoulder). So he will see me as a grown up.
Michael: Yeah (nods and smiles shyly).
Elizabeth: He may never speak to me again!
Michael: Hahaha! (laughs).
Elizabeth: It’s amazing.
MJ: It wasn’t quite as big as Gypsy, heh… (laughs), but I think she liked my gift as much as I liked hers.

October 7, 1991

Elizabeth Taylor marries for the eighth time to Larry Fortensky at Neverland. Michael pays for everything and gives the bride away in the ceremony. Many celebrities attend the wedding which is almost interrupted by paparazzi.

Toronto Star, October 8 1991

I asked Michael Jackson if the whole procedure had gotten out of hand or was too much for him. He was his usual shy, soft spoken self, but said, “I would do anything for Elizabeth. I truly love her. We’re so much alike, you know.”

Newsday, October 8 1991

At the end of the evening I left Elizabeth Taylor, still in her wedding gown, dancing with her new husband and being cut in on by Michael Jackson. Everybody seemed happy, but the party ended early, by 10:30pm.

October 21, 1991

Michael, Elizabeth & Larry are on the cover of People and Hello magazine.

People Magazine, October 21, 1991

Never a Bridesmaid, Always a Bride, Liz Taylor Confounds the Skeptics and Marries Workingman Larry Fortensky


In fact, as Michael Jackson escorted Elizabeth Taylor to the gardenia-bedecked gazebo where she would take Larry Fortensky as her seventh lawfully wedded husband, the singer’s beloved chimp was nowhere in sight. But what about his giraffe, which was also rumored to be in the wedding party? No. Did former Presidents Reagan and Ford show? No. (Both claimed other commitments.) Madonna? No. (She wasn’t invited.) What about the swan-shaped bridal boat? The hot-air-balloon rides? The antipaparazzi pits teeming with tarantulas? No, no, no!

There was, perhaps, no way the Oct. 6 Taylor-Fortensky union could have lived up to the prewedding buzz, which had hovered about Jackson’s 2,700-acre Santa Ynez Valley, Calif., estate almost palpably, like a swarm of overexcited honeybees. (When the ceremony started at 6:30 P.M.—1½ hours late—that buzz was replaced by the din of about a dozen helicopters hired by some media outlets to spy.) By the time the deeply bronzed bride bade good night in her pale-yellow, $25,000 gown (a gift from the designer Valentino), some of the chosen 160 on the guest list actually felt a tad let down. “People were filled with expectations that didn’t materialize,” reports one guest, who had thought Jackson would throw a wilder party. “Here’s the greatest showman in the world—you would expect some entertainment or glamour.”

Maybe. But Liz, 59, has gone for a solid, earthbound type in Larry, 39, a twice-divorced construction worker she met in 1988 when both were battling drug dependencies at the Betty Ford Center. And though their lifestyle includes cheeseburgers for lunch and a basketball hoop installed in the driveway of her Bel Air manse, there was plenty about their ceremony to remind the world of the bride’s celebrity status. At what other wedding reception could you find Twentieth Century Fox chief Barry Diller and his date, designer Diane Von Furstenberg, bouncing on a trampoline, while Valentino and Roiling Stone editor and publisher Jann Wenner romped in Jackson’s private amusement park?

For that matter, how many other weddings are guarded by a former Israeli army officer (Moshe Alon) and backed by a 100-man security force? Even then, things sometimes got out of hand. The guards could do nothing to stop a parachuting photographer from landing 20 feet from the gazebo during the ceremony. Nor could they prevent Barbara Davis (wife of billionaire Marvin) from disregarding Taylor’s written injunction against women wearing black. (Yellow was also taboo, because it would match the bride.)

Earlier in the week, as wedding guests gathered in Los Olivos (pop. 250), six miles from Jackson’s Never-land Valley ranch, the usually blasé locals (residents Bo Derek, Cheryl Ladd and Steven Seagal seldom attract much attention) camped out-at Clausen’s Old-Fashioned Deli to monitor the Grand Hotel across the street. Foiled in their attempts to catch any celebs entering the hotel for the post-rehearsal barbecue, frustrated stargazers began chanting “We want Liz!” and tried to sneak into the building. Bystanders were soon joking that Clausen’s had come up with a recipe for a Liz and Larry special: lettuce alone.

But uninvited guests would continue to toss in unwelcome ingredients. As best man Jose Eber, Taylor’s hair-stylist, and matron of honor Norma Heyman, a longtime Taylor friend, took their places and watched Elizabeth take her eighth bridal walk, on the arms of a two-black-gloved Jackson and her eldest son, Michael Wilding Jr., 38, the helicopter racket crescendoed, drowning out renowned soprano Aprile Millo’s “Ave Maria” and alarming the guests. According to Fess (Daniel Boone) Parker, a Jackson neighbor, “Frankly, some pretty stalwart men of the screen felt nervous.”

To those looking on, the words uttered by the couple and Hollywood self-help guru Marianne Williamson, who presided over the nondenominational ceremony (Liz is Jewish; Larry is Protestant), were mostly inaudible. “But you could just look in their eyes,” says Von Furstenberg, “and tell Liz was very happy.” Ignoring all distractions, Taylor and Fortensky exchanged vows and rings (his is plain gold; hers is set with pavé diamonds). After they kissed, Taylor placed a loving hand on her new husband’s cheek.

As dusk fell, the two moved down a tree-lined candlelit walkway to the reception tent. Taylor took Fortensky’s hand for the first dance, during which Michael Jackson and his date, Brooke Shields, cut in. Afterward, Taylor raised a glass of mineral water to her host, who reportedly paid for much of the estimated $1.5 million event. “You’ve been so generous, it makes me want to cry,” she said. “I’ll never forget it as long as I live.”

Despite the free-flowing Dom Perignon, chardonnay from Fess Parker’s nearby winery, platters of rolled salmon and five tiers of chocolate-mousse cake, a few tongues still found time to wag. Many clucked about the absence of Ronald Reagan—especially since Taylor had moved the wedding ahead a day to accommodate him.

The presence of the Fortensky clan, who declined limo service and arrived in their own cars, caused whispers among those curious about Taylor’s new in-laws. Still, the groom’s family felt comfortable with the glamorous folk from Hollywood and points east. “I thought they would be snobby,” says Larry’s stepsister Wendy Lacy, a teacher’s aide from Modesto, Calif., “but not at all.” The family was touched when Liz’s assistant, Jorjett Strumme, toasted Taylor’s mother, Sara, and Larry’s grandmother Mary McGill and then mentioned how unfortunate it was that Larry’s mother, Dot Lacy, had died in August and could not be present. “It was really, really nice of her,” says Larry’s sister Linda Mitchell, who works in a brewery in Irwindale, Calif.

At about 10:30 P.M., the newlyweds sauntered off to Jackson’s ranch house, where they spent several nights before a scheduled two-day tour to promote Taylor’s new White Diamonds perfume—after which they were to honeymoon in a secret location. As the party ended, there was endless musing about the couple’s future. Syndicated newspaper columnist and veteran Taylor watcher Liz Smith, the only journalist invited to report on the wedding, was optimistic and found nothing incongruous about the star beginning life with a man whose background could hardly be more remote from her own. “It will be fun for her,” says Smith. “After all, Elizabeth is no snob. Under the high gloss of her facade, she is really an ordinary woman who has led an extraordinary life.”

So it is fitting that Taylor found love again at an extraordinary place—Betty Ford—with a man who has seen her at her most human and vulnerable and whom she has seen at his. According to Williamson, who counseled the couple before the wedding, “There is obviously a very deep place within them where they connect and share a lot of love.”

JEANNIE PARK, with bureau reports from Los Olivos and Los Angeles

Larry Fortensky and his sister Donna on the wedding, Daily Mail, 24th April 2011

He pulls out a photograph of their wedding day in 1991 at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. Taylor’s friend, singer Carole Bayer Sager, was maid of honour, her hairdresser Jose Eber was Larry’s best man.

He shrugs as he says: ‘She wanted to do it. I didn’t get involved at all. I just had to turn up.’

Cracking open a beer, he adds: ‘I don’t remember the vows. I couldn’t hear a damn thing because of the paparazzi helicopters overhead. One photographer parachuted in but security got him before he could get me.

‘Michael Jackson spent the night on the dance floor with a small black kid under his arm. She loved Michael. She never believed any of the child-abuse rumours. I wasn’t so sure.’

The illustrious guest list included Liza Minnelli, Eddie Murphy, Gregory Peck and Nancy Reagan.

Fortensky, the eldest of seven children from working-class Stanton, California, invited only his siblings.

Donna says: ‘I hit the bar, then the dance floor and remember dancing next to Brooke Shields and Michael Jackson. It was unreal.

Elizabeth and Larry in Life magazine, Volume 15, 1992
Elizabeth:Michael Jackson gave us our wedding. Michael and I love each other like a brother and sister.The press depicts him as a weirdo. They couldn’t be more wrong. He’s a paradox. A brilliant businessman — and a beautiful pure soul, instinctive and unscathed. A dreamer who makes things happen. We were married on his estate, a magical place. But the media did their best to ruin the day. The security people flew huge balloons over the whole area. They were attached to the ground by wires, so the choppers couldn’t zoom in to get pictures . But when the service began, there were 22 helicopters overhead.
Larry:The noise was unbelievable.
Elizabeth:I said, “Those sons of bitches! Then I said, “The hell with ’em! They can’t touch us. This is our day.”
Larry:It was scary. The pilots were taking terrible chances, trying to pierce the balloon barrage.
Elizabeth: They could have crashed on us all. Killed 200 people. At the height of the ceremony a photographer parachuted into the crowd and almost hit Gregory Peck. But those guys didn’t get one good photograph. Herb Ritts took the wedding pictures, which were sold all over the world

Elizabeth Taylor Introduction, MJ’s Dancing the Dream book, 1992

“When I hear the name Michael Jackson, I think of brilliance, of dazzling stars, lasers and deep emotions. I adore Michael Jackson. I think he is one of the world’s biggest and greatest stars, and it just so happens that he’s one of the most gifted music makers the world has ever known.

What makes Michael more unique may be the fact that all of his accomplishments, his rewards, have not altered his sensitivity and concern for the welfare of others, or his intense caring and love for his family and friends, and especially all the children the world over.

I think Michael is the litmus paper. He is always trying to learn. He is so intelligent and he is alarmingly bright. He is also very curious and wants to draw from people who have survived.

People who have lasted. He’s not really of this planet.

He is filled with deep emotions that create an unearthly, special, innocent, childlike, wise man that is Michael Jackson. I think Michael appeals to the child in all of us, and I think he has the quality of innocence that we would all like to obtain or to have kept.

He has one of the sharpest wits, he’s intelligent and he’s cunning – that is a strange word to use about him, because it implies deviousness and he is one o the least devious people I have ever met in my life – he is honesty personified – painfully honest – and vulnerable to the point of pain.

He is so giving of himself that, at times, he leaves very little to protect the beautiful inner core that is the essence of him. That is the thing that I love so much about him and that makes the world identify with him in the way it does.

Michael Jackson is, indeed, an international favourite for all ages, an incredible force of incredible energy. In the art of music, he is a pacesetter for quality of production, in the vanguard for high standards of entertainment. What is a genius? what is a living legend? What is a megastar? Michael Jackson, that’s all.

And just when you think you know him, he gives you more. . .

I think he is one of the finest people to this planet, and, in my estimation, he’s the true King of Pop, Rock and Soul.”

Glenda Transcript 2:1, Sometime 1992

MJ: To tell you honestly what Elizabeth and I talked about…She got so effed up (I)[behind?] hurt and about being a child star…and I was so screwed up and whatever you want to call it [behind me?]…  I swear to you (I) ’cause I do hide.

Daily Express, June 13th 1992

Glamous gran Liz Taylor kept a late night TV audience in stiches with her saucy hints on an active sex life for the over 60s.

La Liz flirted outrageuusly with chat show host Arsenio Hall, giving risque replies to questions about her life with hunky hubby Larry Fortensky.

“Now you have everything?” Arsenio queried. “A girl can always have more,” Liz purred.

Asked what was so special about the 39 year old trucker, Liz answered with a twinkle inher eye: “That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

Liz, wearing a huge diamond ring, a gift from Richard Burton, described Larry as her “best friend” and said he was never jealous of her close friendship with Michael Jackson because he often spent time with them both. She loved to ride on the back of Larry’s Harley Davidson motorcycle, her Christmas gift to him.

Bodyguard for Dangerous World Tour (Bravo Magazine 1993), in Belgium, DWT 22 July 1992,

He was always very excited when there were some of his friends in the audience. In Brussels, Liz Taylor showed up. He passed the crowd and came right in front of her on the stage. After the show in the hotel they talked together untill midnite.

Celebrates Christmas with Elizabeth, Early January, 1993

Back from Japan, Michael celebrates his first Christmas at Neverland with Elizabeth Taylor & her husband Larry Fortensky.


MJ: I’ve met a lot of people in my life and very few are real, real, real friends. You could probably count them on one hand. And Elizabeth is one of the most loyal, loving, caring people that I know.
(Clip of the Neverland gardens and house plays to Christmas music)
MJ: She decided to transform Neverland into its first Christmas because I, I don’t celebrate Christmas.
Elizabeth: It is 1993 and this will be Michael Jackson’s very first Christmas. It has taken me, I would think, about five years of talking him into celebrating Christmas at Neverland because I understood that if you were raised a Jehovah’s Witness, they don’t celebrate Christmas.
(Scene of Elizabeth decorating the house)
Elizabeth: When he quit being a Jehovah’s Witness, I said to Michael, I think Christmas is a wonderful way of celebrating love. It’s a celebration of love. And I can’t see Christmas without Michael and Michael without Christmas.
(to cameraman) Its pretty isn’t it?
MJ: I had no idea she was planning this. This was, er, a real surprise.
Elizabeth: (approaching room) Michael?
MJ: That’s my bedroom that she’s coming to now.
Elizabeth: Michael? It’s the spirit of Christmas, come to haunt you!
MJ: I’m not usually awake up.
Elizabeth: Michael?
(Door opens)
Elizabeth: …by the sight of my little dog.
MJ: She know I don’t like that dog cos, because I’m afraid of dogs. They’re little, but they bite.
Elizabeth: Morning, sweetie (kissing him). Come on. Welcome to your first Christmas.
(Elizabeth walks Michael out into the room)
Michael: (gasps) Oh my God. Its incredible heh… (laughs). I can’t believe this hahaha… (laughing). This is the first time!
Elizabeth: I know!
MJ: Heh… (laughs), she decorated the entire house.
(Michael looks at the room and touches the tree, approaching the presents)
Elizabeth: That’s yours!
Michael: Santa came?
Elizabeth: Santa from Bel Air! (cackles).
Michael: Santa from Bel Air! Heh… (laughs). Can I open it?
Elizabeth: Sure!
MJ: At the same time, it was exciting, I felt guilty too at the same time. I remember going to the bathroom crying, later…
(Michael touches the presents and looks at the small dog)
MJ: …because I felt I’d done something wrong, cos I was raised not to ever celebrate it.
(Michael opens a present, which turns out to be a red sweater)
Michael: Oooh! I love it!
Cameraman: Are you gonna put it on?
Michael: Yes! I’m putting it on right now! (pulling it on).
Elizabeth: (to cameraman) Are you realizing you’re photographing me without any makeup on? (smiles).
Michael: (opening present) Love it! Supersoaker! (holds it up, making a fist at the camera). Now I know how to wake up Elizabeth tomorrow!
Elizabeth: How?
(Michael and the cameraman start laughing)
Elizabeth: Oh! God!
Michael: You’re gonna like it, don’t worry!
Elizabeth: You’re gonna shoot me!
Michael: (opening another present) This is a supersoaker. I can feel it and tell! Hahaha! (laughs).
Elizabeth: You!
(Both laugh madly, while Elizabeth starts playfully hitting Michael)
Michael: (laughing) Ouch! Ouch! Hahaha!
(Michael stands up and Elizabeth grabs a present off him)
Elizabeth: I want a squirt gun! I want a squirt machine gun!
Michael: (taking present back) She’s snatching presents!
(to Elizabeth) May I have this one? It’s for you, but can I have it?
Elizabeth: (smiling) Yes.
Michael: Thank you.
Elizabeth: What it is?
Michael: It’s a water gun (laughing).
Elizabeth: What?
Michael: A water gun!
Cameraman: How do you know it’s a water gun?
Michael: Cos I see it… (laughing) right… (points to top of box).
Elizabeth: Oh!
Michael: (laughing) Water gun!
Elizabeth: That’s not fair!
Michael: This is a supersoaker! (holds up another present).
Cameraman: Thank you.
Michael: Thank you! You’re too kind! (laughs).
(Elizabeth opens a present)
Elizabeth: Hahhhhhhhhh! (screaming madly).
Michael: Ohhhhhhh! (laughing). Look at her!
Elizabeth: Supersoaker! Yeah!
MJ: If you’re wondering why I love supersoakers so much, it’s because if you come to Neverland, it’s a rule that you are bound to get wet. Either be thrown in the pool, or you have a water balloon fight or a supersoaker fight. And… (smiles) I love all of the above.

AMA Awards, January 25, 1993

Michael opens the American Music Awards ceremony held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles with a performance of Dangerous. He also receives three awards including the first ever International Artist Award presented by Elizabeth Taylor & Eddie Murphy.

Elizabeth Taylor, Oprah Pre Show Interview, 10th February 1993

O: First up is the living legend who just happens to be one of Michael’s closest friends. She even got married at his estate. Elizabeth Taylor joins us on the phone. Hi Liz.
ET: Hi Oprah.
O: Great to have you talk to us about Michael. You probably know him I think, better than anybody, would you say?
ET: Well, we’re so close we’re like, uh, soul brother and sister. We’re like, joined at the hip. I could tell Michael anything and know that it would be private and confidential and stay with him forever and I know he feels the same way about me.
O: Mhmm.
ET: Oh by the way Oprah…
O: Yes.
ET: … I would love to be there when you’re filming, to hold Michael’s hand and hold your hand. And I want to see you do the Michael Jackson thang.
O: (laugh) Well, I look forward to you being there, I look forward to seeing you there tonight. ‘Cause Michael Jackson has said from the beginning that he wanted you to be there, not necessarily to be interviewed, but just to be there for support for him. Do you think this is good that he’s doing this tonight?
ET: Well, I do, and I’m one of the people who talked him into doing this.
O: Yeah, he told me.
ET: I trust you and I know that there’s such a vulnerability and sensitivity about Michael that people don’t understand that… he can be very hurt by the press.
O: Why do you think that he is so misunderstood?
ET: Because he doesn’t try and explain himself. He just lets things ride, he doesn’t fight it.
O: Do you think Elizabeth, that you are such close friends because you have had similar missed childhoods growing up in the eyes of the public?
ET: Oh I think that has a great deal to do with it. Being child stars, missing out on all the normal things that people growing up go through.
O: What is it that you want the world to know most about him?
ET: What a good man he is. How generous he is, how real and dear he is… all the garbage written about that makes me so angry. But I did think that it was time for him to set some things straight, on the record.
O: Well that’s what we intend to do tonight, is to set some things straight. And I’ll see you tonight.
ET: Okay, that’s great, looking forward to seeing you.

Oprah Interview, February 10, 1993

Oprah: Liz Taylor said you were king of pop, rock and soul. Where did this notion that you proclaimed yourself king of pop come from?
Michael: Well I didn’t proclaim myself to be anything, I’m happy to be alive, I’m happy to be who I am. King of pop was first said by Elizabeth Taylor on one of the award shows. (the clip of Elizabeth from 1989 saying this is shown)
Oprah: And that’s where this all started?
Michael: Yes…and the fans…all the stadiums that we played at they’d bring banners saying king of pop and they chanted outside my hotel king of…so it became something that just happened all over the world.


Oprah: I heard too, this was another one of those rumors, that you had proposed to Elizabeth Taylor at some point.
Michael: Elizabeth Taylor is gorgeous, beautiful, and she still is today, I’m crazy about her.
Oprah: Yeah, but did you propose to her?
Michael: I would like to have.
Oprah: Well, Elizabeth Taylor is here. Liz? Can we bring Liz out now? Liz had said she wanted to be here and hold your hand through this. You don’t look like you need your hand held. Elizabeth Taylor!
Michael: Hi Elizabeth.
Oprah: Hi.
Elizabeth: Hi.
Oprah: Have a seat.
Elizabeth: Thank you.
Oprah: Did Michael ever propose to you?
Elizabeth: No! And I never proposed to him.
Oprah: Never did! What do you think is most misunderstood about Michael Jackson?
Elizabeth: All the things you mentioned. He is the least weird man I have ever known. He is highly intelligent, shrewd, intuitive, understanding, sympathetic, generous – to almost a fault, of himself.
Oprah: Uh huh.
Elizabeth: Uh, and he just, if, if he has any eccentricities it’s that he is like larger than life and some people just cannot accept that or face it or understand it. His talent on stage, why I call him the king of pop, rock, soul, music, enetertainment, whatever…
Oprah: Yes
Elizabeth: …there’s nobody that can come near him. Nobody can dance like that, write the lyrics like that, the music, uh, cause the kind of excitement he does.
Oprah: And why do you think you all are such good friends? What has brought about this kind of bond? Because people try to make this weird.
Elizabeth: Well it’s not. I mean our childhoods are very similiar, and we had that from the very beginning in common. Um, I was a child star at nine, had an abusive father, um, and that kind of brought us together in the very beginning.
Oprah: And what is it, I am going to ask Michael this question later on, but what is it you most want the world to know about him?
Elizabeth: What a wonderful, giving, caring, generous man he is, and how good he is.
Oprah: And he’s funny too.
Elizabeth: Oh, he’s wildly funny.
Oprah: He can crack some jokes, I tell you.
Elizabeth: Yes, but he is a good man.
Oprah: When we come back – Thank you for joining us too –
Elizabeth: That’s fine.
Oprah: Cause I know you did not want to be on camera at first, but thank you

February 26, 1993

Michael is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. He talks about Elizabeth Taylor in a video for the Arts & Entertainment Network.

Toledo Blade, 1 March 1993

A motto for the Michael Jackson/Elizabeth Taylor friendship is “one good turns deserves another.” Recently, Miss Liz, though still suffering the effects of a long illness, appeared on  TV twice for Jackson. At the American Music Awards, handing him a prize, and on Oprah Winfrey’s live interview, as a sort of “character witness.” Taylor performed these favors though she wasn’t at her best. (Three months in bed is no beauty treatment!) So now it’s payback time – though I’m sure neither Michael nor Elizabeth would put it so crassly.

Friday, Jackson was to tape an interview for the Arts and Entertainment network’s coming documentary about Elizabeth, part of its acclaimed biography series. This is quite a spectacular coup – Michael doesn’t go around giving testimonials to just anyone. He’s more used to accepting such tributes (He probably said ET is “the least weird woman I’ve ever known” – or praise to that effect.

March 11, 1993

Walking on churches, Michael attends an American Film Industry dinner in honour of Elizabeth Taylor at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles .

Michael and Elizabeth meet with Nelson Mandela, July 9th 1993

Nelsona Mandela, during a visit to LA, lights a candle on his birthday cake at a surprise 75th birthday part celebration sponsored by Sony Pictures in Culver City. The South African anti apartheid leader had a busy day Friday. In the afternoon, he met with pop superstar Michael Jackson, who brought along another Hollywood icon, Elizabeth Taylor.

Michael visits Elizabeth on the set of the Flintstones, July 1993,

A: There was no pressure on her. She didn’t have to carry the film. She had a really good time. She made an enduring friendship with Rosie O’Donnell (who portrayed Betty Rubble). One day Michael Jackson showed up on set. The Henson puppeteers brought lot of the characters to life for him. He really dug that. He and Elizabeth went on the Universal Studio Tour and went on a couple of the rides.

August 25, 1993

Michael’s second concert in Bangkok is rescheduled to august 26 because Michael is suffering from acute dehydration

Elizabeth Taylor flies to to be with Michael.

Variety, Aug 30, 1993

Actress Taylor became the first Jackson confidant to publicly support the singer. A Newsweek magazine interview in this week’s issue quoted Taylor as saying: “I totally believe 100% in Michael’s integrity. He’d rather cut his own wrist than harm a child. He worships children.”

Daily News, 30 August 1993

Taylor expressed concern about the allegations against Jackson. “Michael is one of my best friends in the whole world and I can’t think of any worse thing that a human being could go through than what he’s going through now,” she said. “You can imagine how he feels. How would you feel if you had these allegations against you. He’s a very sensitive, very vulnerable, very shy person.”

Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 31 Aug 1993

“You can imagine how he feels,” said actress Elizabeth Taylor. “How would you feel if you had these allegations against you?” The actress arrived in Singapore during the weekend to comfort Jackson and help him during his 35th birthday on Sunday.

“He’s a very sensitive, very vulnerable, very shy person,” she said on the syndicated TV show, A Current Affair. “I believe totally that Michael will be vindicated.”

Gadsden Times – 1 Sep 1993

Considering Elizabeth Taylor’s precarious health, her insistence on joining Michael Jackson in Singapore was a bit foolhardy, but so typical of her 100 percent devotion to those she loves. Her doctors looked askance at the 20 hour flight to Asia, but Miz Liz would have thad to be physically restrained from going to her friend’s side.

September 3, 1993

Michael arrives in Taipei with Elizabeth Taylor.

The Spokesman Review, Taiwan Concert, September 4, 1993

Actress Elizabeth Taylor and her husband, Larry Fortensky, also attended Saturday’s concert.

September 27-October 6, 1993

At Elizabeth's Chalet

Following the cancellation of the South African concerts due to continued violence there, Michael takes a break and goes to Switzeland with the Cascio family.

They stay at Elizabeth Taylor’s chalet in Gstaad for several days and then visit Geneva.

Baltimore Afro American, 9 Oct 1993

Michael resumed his worldwide “Dangerous” tour Friday in South America after a respite in the Swiss chalet of his friend Elizabeth Taylor. “He’s having a wonderful time,” said Lee Solters, Jackson’s publicist in LA.

November 9, 1993

Elizabeth Taylor & Larry Fortensky fly to to join Michael.

Michael Jackson’s Stay in Rehab, By Robert McGibbon, November 12, 1993

It was nearly 1am on a cold November night and the runway at Luton airport was deserted. A private Jet just landed and taxied to a secluded spot near the perimeter fence. Two rented minibuses, their windows blocked out with white sheets, drove to the tail section where a narrow stairway was being lowered. Driving the first van was bodygaurd Steve Tarling with one thing on his mind- to get Michael Jackson off the jet as quickly and as secretly as possible. Custom and Immigration officers boared the plane to check documents and Steve moved in. Nothing could have prepared him for the shock of seeing Michael Jackson.

He says: He was sitting alone and appeared to be asleep, a red tartan blanket was wrapped over his legs and a Black Trilby was tilted over his eyes. He was wearing a Black shirt with a big Red collar and a big Black cardigan with a belt around the waist. He had on Black Loafers which were really scruffy.

Elizabeth Taylor, her husband Larry Fortensky and Jackson personal Doctor David forcast were trying to tell him to get up. Taylor shook him awake and said: “Michael, you have to get off now.” He was completely out of it, he was so drugged up he looked like a zombie. He just looked like a lost soul.


I wanted to get him off immediately, because the longer we stayed the more vulnerable we were. It was pandemonium on the plane, security men and and airport ground staff were unloading baggage but Jackson was oblivious to it all.

Taylor had two dogs she wanted to take with her. It was impossible because of quarantine laws but she still asked me to smuggle them off. I said no way, so she told Larry to stay on the plane with them. He looked fed-up that he was being told what to do, while Jackson was getting all the attention.

The original plan was for Larry and Liz to stay on the plane and fly to Switzerland to throw the media off the scent. But Liz insisted on staying with Jackson until he got to the clinic. But when Jackson tried to get up his legs collapsed and I had to hold him up. It was like he had druck two bottles og scotch and was so paralytic he couldn’t co-ordinate. It was a sad sight. I held on to him and someone pulled the blanket up over his shoulders and covered his face with his hat.


As Steve laid Jackson in the first bus, another security gaurd pulled off an amazing decoy stunt, hidden in the second bus was a look-a-like wearing exactly the same clothes.

As the singer was carried off, the lookalike was smuggled on to the plane and curled up on his seat pretending to be asleep. The decoy worked and as far as the passport control were concerned, Jackson had never left the plane.
The lookalike and Fortensky were to wait for Elizabeth to return then fly to switzeland as if the stop to Luton had only been to refuel.


Steve says: Beechy was laying down the rules of which Jackson would have to follow, he told him he would have to make his own bed, wash his clothes, and generally do everything for himself. Jackson was mumbling his answers and kept saying he wanted to use the phone, Beechy said this was not allowed. He told Jackson he would have to earn his phonecalls.

Suddenly Jackson said very calmly and coherently, “excuse me, can you turn this bus around and take me back? If I can’t use the phone, I’m calling the whole thing off.”

It made everyone realize that he wasn’t such a spaced out idiot at all. Beechy had to comprimise and said he would allow him to make two calls. Taylor was in the bus and got angry when she realised Steve had changed the plan. Earlier in the day he had checked out the Charter Nightingale Clinic in Marylebone, Central London, only to find photogaraphers staking it out. He felt it was too risky to go there and had fixed up a stay at the 2million home of Joh Reid, Elton John’s manager in Hertfordshire. Steve says: Taylor wasn’t happy. She said, “This is bullshit,” and started asking about my credentials. As I drove around a round-about she screamed out hysterically, appaently the move had hurt her back.


Within an hour, Taylor insisted Jackson was taken to the clinic. She felt he would react better to treatment in a hospital environment and the Doctors agreed.Taylor returned to the plane which flew to Switzerland as other decoy stories to confuse the press were released in Europe and the U.S. Some papers reported Michael had been in a clinic in the French Alps.

Steve found it easy to smuggle Jackson into the clinic. He arrived at around 5am and the few photographers still there were asleep in their cars. He drive through the rear entrance and took Jackson to the top floor which was sealed off; But the singer locked himself in his room and refused to come out. Steve say: He turned up his radio, the whole building seemed bare and uncomfortable, I knew he wouldn’t put up with it for long and I was right. I left one of Elizabeth Taylor’s bodygaurds in charge while me and one of my ground men checked the ground floor. We went down stairs when the receptionist rang up saying “Quick, Michael Jackson’s trying to escape!”


Near the end of Jackson’s first week his business advisors made a panic-riden call to the star. They were scared stiff that public opinion was turning against him and that everyone thought he was hiding out to avoid charges brought by Jordy Chandler. They insisted that Jackson should be filmed at the house undergoing therapy to prove that he was sick and need treatment.

“They were really uptight and paranoid. They called the house and started bullying everyone around….but the deal was for me and Elizabeth Taylor’s security man to to look after him, Liz wanted Jackson totally away from his people to give him a chance of recovering. Things started getting very confused when his people flew over on the tenth day and wanted to take him to another house. Liz’s bodyguard didn’t want them to take him and started talking about hiding Jackson in a cupboard when they arrived. It was farcical trying to hide him from his own people, in the end I was told they were taking over.

Michael Jackson’s statement, Sarasota Herald Tribune, 13 Nov, 1993

He credited actress Elizabeth Taylor with giving him the advice he needed to cancel the tour.

Taylor says she helped Jackson get treatment, Tuscaloosa News, 19 November, 1993

Breaking a week’s silence on her role in the mystery flight of singing star Michael Jackson from Mexico to an undisclosed European location, Elizabeth Tayor said Friday she had helped her friend find private treatment for prescription drug addiction because “Michael was in desperate need of specialized medical attention.”

The actress, dedicated a medical building named in her honor at the Washington AIDs clinic, cited “respect for his privacy” and “my concern for his health” in maintaining her refusal to disclose where Jackson has been secluded since they left Mexico City together on a chartered jet Nov 12.

Taylor Friday backed Jackson’s story of drug addiction. At the request of Jackson’s doctor, she said, “I travelled to Mexico City, where I saw for myself that Michael was in desperate need of specialized medical attention. Because of my own experience with addiction to prescription medicines, I was able to make a number of calls in search of the best and most appropriate treatment for Michael, and he is now undergoing such treatment in Europe.”

She declined to comment on Jackson’s legal troubles beyond declaring, “I am a friend of Michael Jackson’s… I love him like a son and I support him with all my heart.”

The Dispatcher, 20 Nov, 1993

Elizabeth Taylor says her former addiction to prescription drugs was useful in getting pop star Michael Jackson into the best treatment for his problem.

Jackson is recovering from addiction to painkillers in a treatment program in Europe, Taylor said.

“I have suffered and dealt with the same kind of medical problems now afflicting my friend Michael Jackson,” the actress said during a dedication ceremony for a new AIDs clinic. “Because of that and because of our friendship, when Michael’s doctor called to ask if I would help, I was glad to intervene.”

Tucaloosa News, 20 Nov, 1993

Taylor said she wouldn’t reveal Jackson’s exact whereabouts out of respect for his privacy.

“Because of my regard for him and my concern for his health, I will continue to be silent on these matters,” she said.

Liz Smith, Sarasota Herald Tribune, 22 November 1993

There has been some question of Elizabeth’s reputation being harmed by her steadfast loyalty to Michael. But this movie queen-turned-AIDS-crusador-and-perfume mogul occupies an untouchable position in the celebrity pantheon. Her strenuous efforts on behalf of Jackson – putting her own fragile health in peril – have only solidified her current, very positive, loyal public image.

21 December, 1993

With most of Michael Jackson’s friends silent and his career at a standstill, the crisis surrounding the pop superstar took an unexpected turn today with the disclosure that his longtime lawyer and private investigator had quit.

Except for Elizabeth Taylor, a friend of Mr. Jackson’s, most of his business and personal associates have remained publicly silent about the accusations he faces.

It was the tension, turmoil and divisions within the Jackson camp that led Mr. Fields to resign, associates said. His tasks are expected to be taken over by two well-known lawyers who have worked with Mr. Jackson, Howard Weitzman and Johnnie Cochran Jr. Moreover, Ms. Taylor’s lawyer, Neil Papiano, has also been brought in to monitor the case.

Liz Taylor Vows Support For Jackson, New Straights Times, 29th January 1994

Elizabeth Taylor, a long time friend of Michal Jackson, said yesterday she remained convinced of the pop star’s innocence after his settlement of a lawsuit filed be a boy accusing him of sexual molestation.

The movie star, who once called Jackson, “one of the least weird people I know,” welcomed the resolution of the case, saying continuation of it “would have been one of the most tragic public spectacles ever, with everyone losing.”

“Thank God this case is being dismissed,” Taylor said in a written statement. “As one of Michael’s closest friends, who is convinced of his innocence, I agonized over the daily avalanche of lies, innuendos and slurs.”

“Michael’s love of children is one of the purest things I have ever seen,” she said. “It shines like an extra sun and I know he would no sooner harm a child in any way than take his own life.”

February 7, 1994

They did not even know if Garcetti was issuing an arrest warrant for Jackson. The savviest legal and personal adviser was actress Elizabeth Taylor, whose own lawyer told her, “Cochran is the only man for the job.”

February 19, 1994

The whole Jackson family (except LaToya) is reunited at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas to rehearse & tape The Jackson Family Honors TV Special which os broadcast a few days later in the whole world. Michael does not perform but he present two lifetime achievement awards to Berry Gordy & Elizabeth Taylor.

Where’s Michael Jackson’s bride?, USA TODAY, Jul 14, 1994

“The whole world is calling me” says, Chen Sam Elizabeth Taylor’s publicist. “I dont know why they think I know about Michael Jackson’s marriage. Taylor has mentioned nothing about a marriage,” Sam says.

News of his marriage to LMP, People, July 25 1994

In New York City, Liz Taylor’s publicist Chen Sam read the headlines and phoned her boss to ask, in jest, if Liz had served as the maid of honor. (Taylor said she hadn’t heard a word from her very close friend in three weeks.)

Brett Livingstone Strong, National Enquirer 1994

“Michael talked about killing himself but Lisa Marie and his dear friend Elizabeth Taylor talked him out of it,” said Strong.

“They spent days at his Neverland Valley ranch, trying to boost his spirits. Later Michael admitted, ‘I don’t think I’d be here now if it weren’t for Lisa Marie and Elizabeth. They saved my life.’”

Diane Sawyer Prime Time Interview, June 14, 1995

Diane Sawyer: When we come back Elizabeth Taylor talked to us a little bit about what she saw when she went over… and talked to you in the middle of this, and helped you get treatment for…

Michael: Oh wow…

Diane: …addiction to painkillers.

Michael: … Elizabeth is on the show.

Diane: When we come back.

Diane: As we said Elizabeth Taylor is going to talk a bit about when she came over to see you in the middle of this, what she called agony. And one of the things she was so… I think she was so angry with us, was that she said that people always talk about… one side of a person, they never give them credit for their accomplishments.

Michael: That’s right.

Diane: Particularly what they give to children and the money you give to children… that’s how it starts.

Elizabeth: When he’s on tour he goes to hospitals without the press following him. Without anyone knowing. He’ll get up in a disguise and do it. Take his disguise off when he’s there and kids know, “Wow! It’s Michael Jackson.”

Diane: Was there no point at which you said to yourself… reading everything everybody had been reading… “maybe this is true, maybe I completely didn’t understand who he was.”

Elizabeth: No way. Absolutely not.

Diane: Never?

Elizabeth: Never. I know Michael’s heart. I know his mind and his soul. I’m… not that insensitive. Especially to him, or people I love.

Diane: How did you decide to go to Singapore?

Elizabeth: He was my friend. He was alone. He was totally alone. And he just… he needed help. Nothing in the world could have hurt him more. If it had been calculated. If they’d planned an assassination, they couldn’t have done it better. It almost… it almost broke his heart.

Diane: (voice over) She said she recognzied a friend turning to painkillers for escape.

Elizabeth: He wasn’t aware of what was happening. He was dulling his pain. But, it really frightened me because I have been there and I know how easy it is to get there when you’re in mental or physical pain.

Diane: And… he knew right away he had to… deal with it, to…

Elizabeth: Not right away. Not right away… but he knew.

Elizabeth Taylor, Barbara Walters, 1997

In a 1997 interview with Walters, Taylor said, “One of the reasons I think Michael Jackson and I are so close [is] because neither one of us had a childhood, and we can relate to that and wonder at how we got by.”

Michael performs “Elizbeth I Love You,” Elizabeth’s 65th birthday, February 16, 1997

Michael attends a gala to celebrate Elizabeth Taylor’s 65th birthday in Los Angeles . For the occasion he performs a song that he just recorded in Montreux called Elizabeth I Love You and gets a standing ovation by the galaxy of stars attending the event.

MJ, The Mirror, 12 April 1999

How does Michael Jackson unwind I wondered? His answer was astonishing.

“Well, I’ve stopped being such a recluse now. My friend Elizabeth Taylor has got me out,” he says.

“Every Thursday we go to the movies together. She is Godmother to my son Prince and we get on so well. I said I could get Warner Brothers to put aside a studio just for us every week to watch films in private, but she forces me out. She’s the only person who can get me out in public.

“We walk in, sit down, watch our film and walk out. And every time we leave the audience all stand up and applaud us. It’s funny. The last one we saw was Patch Adams which we loved. It was so touching, it made me cry.

“It’s a true story about a man who takes the time to make children happy. That’s what I’d like to be considered as.”

Visitor To Neverland, Talk Magazine, April 26, 1999

“I am a woman who enjoys herself very much; sometimes I lose, sometimes I win.” So said Mata Hari in front of the firing squad.

“WHO WAS that beauty with the shock of white hair, wandering around Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, communing with nature and petting baby tigers, giraffes and other animals?

But, of course, it was our friend, Miss Elizabeth Taylor, posing for photographer Michel Compte. It’s been a long time since “National Velvet” and Lassie Come Home,” but Elizabeth still has a way with creatures. These shots of Taylor a la Dr. Dolittle will be used to accompany an interview she’s done for Tina Brown’s much anticipated Talk Magazine. Elizabeth reportedly looked soft and natural – dressed in flowing linens and khaki pants and Eastern caftan type things. In keeping with the bucolic setting, her maquillage was also natural. [But that’s been her way for a while. When one meets Elizabeth these days, her freckles are most charmingly visible.]”

Michael and Elizabeth Taylor speak about their close friendship in Talk magazine, Paul Theroux, September 9, 1999 (an addendum to the original, posted 2009)

The house at Neverland was filled with images, many of them depicting Michael life-sized, elaborately costumed, in heroic poses with cape, sword, ruffed collar, crown. The rest were an example of a sort of obsessive iconography: images of Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Ross, Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin – and for that matter of Mickey Mouse and Peter Pan, all of whom, over the years, in what is less a life than a metamorphosis, he had come physically to resemble.

“So you’re Wendy and Michael is Peter?” I had asked Elizabeth Taylor afterwards.

“Yeah. Yeah. There’s a kind of magic between us.”


“Do you see much of Michael?”

“More of him than people realise – more than I realise,” she said. They went in disguise to movies in Los Angeles cinemas, sitting in the back, holding hands. Before I could frame a more particular question, she said: “I love him. There’s a vulnerability inside him which makes him the more dear. We have such fun together. Just playing.”

Or role-playing – her Wendy to his Peter. In the hallway of her house, a large Michael Jackson portrait was inscribed “To my True Love Elizabeth. I’ll love you Forever, Michael”.

She gave him a live elephant. Dr Arnie Klein, his dermatologist, showed me a birthday snapshot taken in Las Vegas, Michael looking distinctly chalky as he presented Elizabeth with a birthday present, an elephant-shaped bauble, football-sized, covered in jewels.

What began as a friendship with Michael Jackson developed into a kind of cause in which Elizabeth Taylor became almost his only defender.

“What about his” – and I fished for a word – “eccentricity? Does that bother you?”

“He is magic. And I think all truly magical people have to have that genuine eccentricity.” There is not an atom in her consciousness that allows her the slightest negativity on the subject of Jacko. “He is one of the most loving, sweet, true people I have ever loved. He is part of my heart. And we would do anything for each other.”

This Wendy with a vengeance, who was a wealthy and world-famous pre-adolescent, supporting her parents from the age of nine, said she easily related to Michael, who was also a child star, and denied a childhood, as well as viciously abused by his father. There was a “Katherine” steam engine, and a “Katherine Street” at Neverland; there was no “Joseph Street”, nor anything bearing his father’s name.

‘He’ll talk to you if I ask him to,” Elizabeth had told me. And at a prearranged signal, Michael called me, at four one morning. There was no secretarial intervention of “Mr Jackson on the line”. The week’s supermarket tabloids’ headlines were “Jacko on suicide watch” and “Jacko in loony bin”, and one with a South Africa dateline, “Wacko Jacko King of Pop Parasails with 13-year-old”. In fact, he was in New York City, where he was recording a new album. This was 10 years ago.


At some point Michael’s use of the phrase “lost childhood” prompted me to quote the line from George William Russell, “In the lost boyhood of Judas / Christ was betrayed”, and I heard “Wow” at the other end of the line. He asked me to explain what that meant, and when I did, he urged me to elaborate. What sort of a childhood did Judas have? What had happened to him? Where had he lived? Who had he known?

I told him that Judas had red hair, that he was the treasurer of the Apostles, that he might have been Sicarii – a member of a radical Jewish group, that he might not have died by hanging himself but somehow exploded, all his guts flying.

Twenty more minutes of Biblical apocrypha with Michael Jackson, on the lost childhood of Judas, and then the whisper again.


Elizabeth Taylor, Talk magazine; October 1999

It says something for Elizabeth Taylor’s much-criticized voice that I could hear it clearly
over the loud hack-hack-hack of the helicopter during our ascent at sunset over
Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch. Girlish, imploring, screamy, piercing the titanium rotor
blades, she was clutching her dog, a Maltese named Sugar, and saying, “Paul, tell the
pilot to go around in a circle, so we can see the whole ranch!”

It says something for Elizabeth Taylor’s much-criticized voice that I could hear it clearly over the loud hack-hack-hack of the helicopter during our ascent at sunset over Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch. Girlish, imploring, screamy, piercing the titanium rotor blades, she was clutching her dog, a Maltese named Sugar, and saying, “Paul, tell the pilot to go around in a circle, so we can see the whole ranch!”

NEVERLAND, THE TOYTOWN wilderness of carnival rides and dollhouses and zoo animals and pleasure gardens, was dropping beneath us, as Elizabeth, characteristically, asked for more.

Even with his ears muffled by headphones, the pilot heard. He lifted us high enough into the pinky-gold glow that Neverland seemed even more toylike – lots of twinkling lights looking futile because, apart from the security staff, there were no humans in sight, only skittish giraffes; and Frisbee-shaped frogs and fat pythons in the reptile house, where both a cobra and a rattlesnake had smashed their fangs against the glass cage trying to bite me; “A.J.,” the big, bristly, shovel-mouthed chimp in the ape sanctuary who spat in my face, and Patrick, the orangutan who tried to twist my hand; the expectorating llamas and the aggressive swans on the lake; Gypsy, the moody five- ton elephant Elizabeth had given to Michael; the empty fairground rides – the Sea Dragon, the Neverland Dodgems, the carousel playing Michael’s song “Childhood” (“Have you seen my childhood…?”); the large, brightly lit railway station, the lawns and flower beds where loudspeakers disguised as big gray rocks played show tunes, drowning out the chirping of wild birds. In the middle of it, a JumboTron showed a cartoon, two crazy-faced creatures quacking miserably at each other – all of this very bright in the cloudless dusk.

“That’s the gazebo, where Larry and I tied the knot,” Elizabeth said, moving her head in an ironizing wobble. Sugar blinked through prettily combed white bangs that somewhat resembled Elizabeth’s own lovely white hair. “Isn’t the railway station darling? Michael and I have picnics over there,” she said, indicating a clump of woods on a cliff. “Can we go around one more time?”

Elizabeth is at her most Elizabethan asking for more. Once again, the long scoop of the Neverland Valley, all 2,700 acres of it, revolved slowly beneath us, the shadows lengthening.

“The Neverland movie theater… flowers… Michael loves flowers,” Elizabeth said. “Look at the swans on the lake! Whee!”

With swans like that you hardly need rottweilers, I was thinking. The acres of lawn watered by underground sprinklers were deep green. Here and there, like toy soldiers, were the uniformed security people, some on foot, others riding golf carts, some standing sentry duty – for Neverland is also a fortress.

“Please can we go around just one more time?” Elizabeth implored.

“What’s that railway station for?” I asked.

“The sick children.”

“And all those rides?”

“The sick children.”

“Look at all those tents.” It was my first glimpse of the collection of tall tepees hidden in the woods.

“The Indian village. The sick children love that place.”

Even from this height I was reminded that this valley of laboriously recaptured childhood is crammed with statuary, which lines the gravel roads and the golf-cart paths: little winsome flute players, rows of grateful, grinning kiddies, clusters of hand-holding tots, some with banjos, some with fishing rods. There are large bronze statues, too, like the centerpiece of the circular drive in front of Neverland’s main house, with its dark shingles and mullioned windows, a statue of Mercury (god of merchandise and merchants), rising some 30 feet, winged helmet and caduceus and all, balanced on one tippytoe, his bum like a buttered muffin in the last of the syrupy sunset.

“Tell the pilot we want to go low! Lower!” It was a different voice again, even younger, with the more, please! pitched as a small girl’s squeak. The pilot had heard. He brought us over the next valley, scattered with cows, then past downtown Santa Barbara and over the shoreline and almost down to the level of the breaking waves.

Elizabeth began to cry out in a shrill little voice, “Whee! What a rush! Whee!”

Surf was breaking in fat white bolsters, releasing feathers of foam two feet below the helicopter’s runners. Not far away at the famous Rincon break surfers lollygagging in the lineup of boards waved to us. Startled pelicans flew up as we approached, and they seemed as cinematic and outrageous as Neverland and its JumboTron cartoons, its statues and swans, and its contending music.

Our nearness to the ocean amplified the rotor noise, but Elizabeth was still chatty. She leaned forward and shouted into my ear, “Have you ever done this before?”. “In Vietnam!” I yelled. “No, here!”She seemed annoyed, as if I had deliberately contradicted her. “Some-times we go so low we get wet! Whee!”

The helicopter corkscrewed inland over the strawberry fields and fruit trees, and then flew east under a dark sky, toward the Van Nuys airport and a waiting limousine. But Elizabeth was looking back at the western sky and its lingering light. “It’s like a Whistler Nocturne,” she said quietly. The girl’s voice was gone. This was a different tone: thoughtful, adult, a little sad, with the characteristic Elizabethan semi- quaver from a lifetime of lotus eating. And what struck me was her precise characterization of the sky; perfectly Whistlerish, with blobby light and ambiguous shadows hovering over the place where Neverland lay.

“SO YOU’RE WENDY and Michael is Peter?” I had asked a month before, at her house in Bel-Air.

“Yeah. Yeah. There’s a kind of magic between us.”

“Magic” had an odd sound in this setting. Sitting upright, her large, impressive head and smooth face on a small, much frailer body, she looked like a fugitive chess piece. She is only a few inches taller than five feet. A bad back, three hip operations, a brain tumor, a broken ankle (“I fell 17 times. I was like the Flying Nun!”), have given her a straggling sideways gait. In mid-August she was in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles with an impacted tooth. A week later, back home, she stumbled, suffered a compression fracture of a thoracic vertebra, and was shuttled back to Cedars-Sinai for a month of recuperation. (Her public relations man reported her in “great spirits.”)

Elizabeth was sipping water while propped against cushions to favor her back. Her feet in thin slippers were braced against a coffee table on which there was a mass of meteorite pieces – or were they geodes? – 40 or more of them, purple crystals glittering in their interior. Behind her was a wall of masterpieces cheek by jowl: Van Gogh jammed against Monet, Rouault against Cassatt, Matisse on top of Modigliani, three Utrillos side by side – and, past the Tiffany lamp and the table of cut glass and crystal, what looked like a diamond the size of a coconut. “From Michael,” Elizabeth explained later. “He said he wanted to get me the biggest diamond in the world. It’s a crystal – isn’t it fun? Go on, lift it.” It must have weighed 20 pounds, and its sparkle reached the Frans Hals hung over the fireplace. There were shelves of bronze horses sculpted by her daughter Liza Todd, one of her four children. The Picasso was over the fish tank. The carpet was white, of the same whiteness as Sugar’s fur, Elizabeth’s hair, her slippers, most of the furniture. The trophy room was next door, the Michael Jackson portrait in the hall (“To my True Love Elizabeth, I’ll love you Forever, Michael”), a Hockney and three Warhols (one a silkscreen icon of Elizabeth) in the library, and four works by Augustus John in, pedantically enough, the john.

It was late afternoon. Elizabeth, a night owl and a notoriously bad sleeper, had not long before risen from her bed, where she had been listening to the Italian singer Andrea Bocelli’s album Romanza. It would be a normal day-rising in mid-afternoon or so, lots of music, some TV; a turn around the house. A date was planned for later, but nothing special. Rod Steiger was expected. For the past year and a half he has been picking Elizabeth up in his little Honda and taking her out for burgers and fried chicken.

“I was agoraphobic for about two years, she said. Medical terms trip off her tongue. “Didn’t leave the house, hardly got out of bed. Rod Steiger got me out of here. He said I was depressed. Then we dated.”

“Dated” is a maddeningly opaque word. In addition to Steiger, who denies that there is any romance involved, she is also dating another man, Cary Schwartz, a Beverly Hills dentist in his mid-fifties who accompanied her on her birthday to the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas (to hear Bocelli) with his grown sons; José Eber, her hairdresser; Dr. Arnie Klein, Michael Jackson’s dermatologist; and Jackson himself.

Both Klein and Eber had shown me the commemorative birthday snapshot – all of them beaming at a restaurant table, Michael looking distinctly chalky as he presented Elizabeth with a birthday present: a football-size elephant handbag covered in jewels, inspired by Gypsy.

“I’ve had some things happen in my life that people wouldn’t believe,” Elizabeth said, apropos of telling me that she could not bear looking back on her life and would never contemplate a serious autobiography. “Because some of it has been so painful, I couldn’t relive it. Which is one of the reasons I’ve avoided psychiatry. I couldn’t go back to some of those places and totally relive them. I think I’d go out of my mind.”

But Elizabeth Taylor, imagination made flesh, has lived out her desires, a series of overlapping lives with a cast of thousands. She claimed she has even died.

“I went through that tunnel,” she said, speaking of her tracheotomy operation in 1961, during which she said she was pronounced dead. “I saw the white light and it said, ‘You have to go back.’ It actually happened. I didn’t talk about it because I thought, This is Looney Tunes!”

She admitted she is the opposite of reflective. Perhaps it is this unwillingness to look at the past that accounts for her optimism.

She conceded that, as Mrs. Larry Fortensky; she had had to grit her teeth to go to a marriage counselor. “But I thought, Why not? I’ll try anything.”

Because Larry had seen the counselor before in the course of one or both of his previous marriages, Elizabeth said, “They had a conversation which had become a sort of code. I felt left out. But we did it. Got into the car. Did it. Then we wouldn’t speak until the next appointment.”

And she laughed, with a peculiar sort of self-mocking mirth that makes her likable. This fatalistic laugh at her own expense comes after a mention of anything absurdly catastrophic – marital disaster or hospitalization or accident, or coming back from the dead. It puts you at ease – its subtext is “I must be mad’.” It is also a displacement activity, for the prospect of someone’s pity or regret, she says, can reduce her to helpless tears.

WHAT BEGAN AS A FRIENDSHIP with Michael Jackson has developed into a kind of cause in which she has become almost his only defender.

“What about his… ” – I fished for the word – “eccentricity? Does that bother you?” “He is magic. And I think all truly magical people have to have that genuine eccentricity.” There is not an atom in her consciousness that allows her the slightest negativity on the subject of Jacko. “He is one of the most loving, sweet, true people I have ever loved. He is part of my heart. And we would do anything for each other.”

This Wendy-with-a-vengeance, once a world-famous preadolescent, said she easi-ly relates to Michael, who was also a child star and was also denied a childhood.

And Michael, who indulges in iconography, had for years collected images of Elizabeth Taylor, as he had of Diana Ross – and, for that matter, of Mickey Mouse and Peter Pan – most of whom, over the years in what is less a life than a metamorphosis, he has come at some point to resemble physically. Elizabeth, in the almost 60 years of her stardom, has similarly altered: The winsome child has morphed from Velvet Brown to Pearl Slaghoople (and most recently God’s girlfriend Sarah in a new NBC cartoon series), via Cleopatra and Maggie the Cat. Each movie (there are 55, plus nine TV films), each marriage (eight), each romance (about 17 on record) has produced a different face and figure, a new image – while the woman herself remains unchanged: straightforward, funny, truthful, impulsively outward-looking, and somehow still hungry for more.

When out of the blue Michael offered her 14 tickets to one of his Dodgers Stadium concerts in the early ’80s, she seized them. The day was auspicious, February 27, her birthday and also her son Christopher Wilding’s. But the seats were in the glass-enclosed VIP box, far from the stage. “You might as well have been watching it on TV;” she said.

She led her large party home. “Michael called the next day in tears and said, ‘I’m so sorry. I feel so awful.” They talked for two hours. “And then we talked every day.” Months passed; the calls continued. “Really,” she said, “we got to know each other on the telephone, over three months.”

One day Michael suggested that he might drop by. Elizabeth said fine. He said, “May I bring my chimpanzee?” Michael showed up holding hands with the chimp, Bubbles.

“We have been steadfast ever since,” Elizabeth said. “I was supposed to go with him on that trip to South Africa.”

“To meet President Mandela?” “I call him Nelson,” Elizabeth said. Because he told me to. Nelson called me and asked me to come with Michael. We chat on the phone. “Hi, Nelson!’ Ha-ha!

“Do you see much of Michael?” “More of him than people realize – more than I realize,” she said. They go in disguise to movies in Westwood and elsewhere, sitting in the back, holding hands. Before I could frame a more particular question, she said, “Everything about Michael is truthful. And there is something in him that is so dear and childlike – not childish, but childlike- that we both have and identify with.” She said this in the most adoring Wendy-like way, but there is in such an apparently sweet manner something of the child taking charge – something defiant, almost despotic. “We have such fun together,” Elizabeth said. “Just playing.”

“YEAH, WE TRY TO ESCAPE and fantasize,” Michael Jackson told me. “We have great picnics…. I can really relax with her; because we’ve lived the same life and experienced the same thing.”

“Which is?”

“The great tragedy of childhood stars. And we like the same things. Circuses. Amusement parks. Animals.”

He had called me, with no secretarial introduction. My phone rang and I heard, “This is Michael Jackson.” The voice was breathy, unbroken, boyish. Tentative, tremulously eager and helpful, but denser in substance, like a blind child giving you explicit directions in darkness.

“How would you describe Elizabeth?” I asked.

“She’s a warm, cuddly blanket that I love to snuggle up to and cover myself with. I confide in her and trust her. In my business you can’t trust anyone.”

“Why is that?”

“Because you don’t know who’s your friend. Because you’re so popular; and there’s many people around you. You’re isolated, too. Becoming successful means that you become a prisoner. You can’t go out and do normal things. People are always looking.”

“Have you had that experience?” “Oh, lots of times. They try to see what you’re reading and all the things you’re buying. They want to know everything. There are always paparazzi downstairs. They invade my privacy. They twist reality. They’re my nightmare. Elizabeth is someone who loves me – really loves me.”

“I suggested to her that she was Wendy and you’re Peter.”

“But Elizabeth is also like a mother – and more than that. She’s a friend. She’s Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, the queen of England, and Wendy.”

He returned to the subject of fame and isolation. “A lot of our famous luminaries become intoxicated because of it – they can’t handle it. And your adrenaline is at the zenith of the universe after a concert – you can’t sleep. It’s maybe two in the morning and you’re wide awake. After coming offstage you’re floating.”

“How do you handle that?”

“I watch cartoons. I love cartoons. I play video games. Sometimes I read. I love to read short stories and everything.”

“Any in particular?”

“Somerset Maugham,” he said quickly, and then, pausing at each name, “Whitman. Hemingway. Twain.”

“What about those video games?”

“I love X-Men. Pinball. Jurassic Park. The martial arts ones – Mortal Kombat. I usually take some with me on tour.” “How do you manage that? The video game machines are pretty big, aren’t they?”

“Oh, we travel with two cargo planes.”

“Have you written any songs with Elizabeth in mind?


“Is that the one with the line ‘Have you seen my childhood?”‘

“Yes. It goes… ” – he sang to me – “Before you judge me, try to…”

“Didn’t I hear that playing on your merry-go-round at Neverland?”

Delightedly he said, “Yes! Yes!”

We talked about the famous Neverland wedding, about Larry Fortensky, whom Michael said he liked. About Elizabeth as an inspiration, and about how she supported her family from the age of nine.

“I did that too. My father took the money.” There is a “Katherine” steam engine and a “Katherine Street” in Neverland. Katherine is Michael’s mother; there appears to be nothing there bearing his father’s name. “Some of the money was put aside for me, but a lot of the money was put back into the entire family. I was just working the whole time.”

“If you had it to do again, how would you change things?”

“Even though I missed out on a lot I wouldn’t change anything.”

“I can hear your little kids in the background.” Their gurgling had become insistent, like the last of the bathwater sucking through the drain. “If they wanted to be performers and lead the life you led, what would you say?”

“They can do whatever they want to do. If they want to do that it’s okay.”

“How will you raise them differently from the way you were raised?”

“With more fun. More love. Not so isolated.”

“Elizabeth says she finds it painful to look back on her life. Do you find it hard to do that?”

“No, not when it’s pertaining to an overview of your life rather than any particular moment.”

Another Michael Jackson surprise; he had made me pause with “intoxicated” and “zenith of the universe,” too. I said, “I’m not too sure what you mean by ‘overview.”‘

“Like childhood. I can look at that. The arc of my childhood.”

“But there’s some moment in childhood when one feels particularly vulnerable. Did you feel that? Elizabeth said that she felt she was owned by the studio.”

“Sometimes really late at night we’d have to go out – it might be three in the morning – to do a show. My father made us. I was seven or eight. Some of these were clubs or private parties at people’s houses. We’d have to perform.” This was in Chicago, New York, Indiana, Philadelphia, all over the country. “I’d be sleeping and I’d hear my father. ‘Get up! There’s a show!”‘

“But when you were onstage, didn’t you get a kind of thrill?”

“Yes. I loved being onstage. I loved doing the shows,” Michael said, but he added, “I’ve never liked people-contact. Even to this day, after a show I hate it, meeting people. It makes me shy. I don’t know what to say. “

“But you did that Oprah interview, right?”

“With Oprah it was tough. Because it was on TV, it’s out of my realm. I know that everyone is looking and judging. It’s so hard.”

“Is this a recent feeling, that you’re under scrutiny?”

“No,” he said firmly. “I have always felt that way.

“Which, I suppose, is why talking to Elizabeth over a period of two or three months on the phone would be the perfect way to get acquainted.”


GIVEN ELIZABETH’s PAST, her having insisted to Oprah Winfrey that “Michael is the least weird man I have ever known” is not the hyperbolic statement it seems. She was put down as credulous at the time, but it is a fact that she has known – been married to, had affairs with, been mixed up with -some of the weirdest, most abusive, addictive, profligate, polymorphously perverse men imaginable – brutes, even.

She was slapped around by Nicky Hilton, cheated on by Richard Burton. She said she sold a 69 karat diamond and her purple Rolls to help get John Warner into the Senate (a great sacrifice that Warner didn’t call me back to confirm or deny). And then there was Larry Fortensky – poor, beer-swilling Larry, whom Elizabeth treated to his first ride in a plane. And there were the lovers, who have reputedly ranged from Max Lerner to Carl Bernstein to a former Iranian ambassador, too.

Next to this bunch, Michael – who doesn’t smoke, drink, or take drugs – must truly seem to her like Peter Pan. He is famous for his whisper. Whee! is one of his trademark expressions, too. His generosity toward this woman, who adores receiving presents, makes him her patron and her playmate.

It seems to me that every relationship of hers has involved her in a sort of role-playing; looking over the decades of photographs there is a startling dissimilarity in the Elizabeths, as though an inventive art director had had a hand in their design: the fresh young all-American Mrs. Hilton, the English Mrs. Wilding, the Jewish Mrs. Todd, the stage-wife Mrs. Fisher, the much louder and somewhat Welsh Mrs. Burton, the full-figured political campaigner Mrs. Warner, and finally the svelte Mrs. Fortensky in a leather jacket and jeans, famous for showing up, looking terrific, at Larry’s construction sites.

Some of the marriages were melodramas; a few were tragedies. Nicky Hilton-young, rich, drunken, wasteful – was straight out of F. Scott Fitzgerald. The Michael Wilding effort – transplanted English actor wilting in Los Angeles – was an Anglo-American culture clash. The short intense marriage to Mike Todd, tragically ending in a plane wreck, had a sequel, with music: the marriage to Todd’s friend Eddie Fisher, which turned into a farcical and faltering lounge-act movie about failure and pills. The Burton business was a two-parter, with serious drinking and spending; highly emotional, complex, and passionate, it proved Freud’s dictum that in all love affairs four people are involved. One of Elizabeth’s Utrillos depicts a château in Switzerland near the place where she says she secretly met Burton after the filming of Cleopatra; she values the painting less as a masterpiece than as the scene of what she said was one of the most romantic moments in one of her two great love affairs (the other was with Todd). The last pair of marriages – to rising politician John Warner, to construction worker Larry – amounted to comedies, involving all the excruciating pain true comedy requires.

One night, just before going out to meet Elizabeth, I saw Warner on television, talking about the war in Kosovo. He may be the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, but his close set eyes and narrow skull give him the ingratiating face of a spaniel.

Speaking about the Warner marriage, Elizabeth said, “It seemed to me that if I didn’t get out of it soon I’d go crazy – out of that situation where you have no opinion of your own, just as the candidate’s wife.”

“That’s like a movie title, The Candidate’: wife,” I said. I asked her whether her own marriages had seemed that way, so specific and so unreal at the same time.

Elizabeth considered this, then said, “You don’t start a movie expecting it to crash. You get married expecting it to be forever. That’s why you get married.”

Elizabeth was of course the wrong person to ask about this, and yet everything she told me made it seem as though her marriage The Candidate’: wife (1976-82) was infinitely more watchable than the movies she made around this period: A Little Night Music (1977), Return Engagement (1978), Winter Kills (1979), and The Mirror Crack’d (1980).

“I had to go along with the party line,” Elizabeth said. “I was told not to wear purple. The Republican Women’s Committee said, ‘It denotes royalty.’

“I said, ‘So?’

“‘And it denotes passion.

“I said, ‘What’s the matter with that?’

“They said, ‘You’re the candidate’s wife!”‘


Elizabeth bought herself a conservative suit – “I hate suits!” – and campaigned for the next two months, five or six places a day, no time to eat, the candidate frenetically stumping for votes, the candidate’s wife smiling bravely. One day hurrying on their way to a Republican function, Candidate Warner – whose pet name for his wife was “Pooters” – said, “There’s some fried chicken right there, Pooters. Grab some fried chicken, and get a breast or something down into your stomach. This is the last chance for us to eat for the rest of the day!”

“So I grabbed a breast,” Elizabeth said, “and all of a sudden – aargh! You know these two- and-a-half-inch bones? One of them got stuck in my throat. John Belushi did a whole sketch on it on Saturday Night Live, the bastard! Choking on a chicken bone in Big Stone Gap, Virginia!”

Warming to her theme as she told the story, she described how the doctor at the hospital took a long rubber hose and stuck it down her throat. “To get the bone into my stomach – with no anesthetic, not so much as an aspirin. But the jokes! I was teased for a year!”

After Warner was elected, a luncheon was given for Elizabeth by the Republican ladies to thank her for her contribution to Warner’s victory.

For the occasion, I took my purple Halston pantsuit out of mothballs – had it all spruced up – and wore it in all my glory.

“I said, ‘Judy…’ – she was the office manager of the campaign – ‘I’m wearing this in your honor!”‘

With Warner in the Senate, Elizabeth was redundant. “Washington is the cruelest city for a woman in the world,” she said. She was idle; he was, she said, obsessed with showing up for the roll call vote – he wanted to record his perfect attendance. From this exertion in the Senate he returned home exhausted.

“And he’d say, ‘Why don’t you pour yourself a Jack Daniel’s, Pooters, and go on upstairs and watch TV.’ So Pooters would pour herself a large Jack Daniel’s and go upstairs and watch TV and wait for another day,” Elizabeth said.

“And on and on, and I thought, My Jack Daniel’s are getting larger and larger, and if I don’t get my finger out I’m going to drink myself either to death or into such a stupor that there is going to be no life for me.”

Against the advice of nearly everyone she knew, she accepted the lead role in the Broadway play The Little Foxes. “I went to a fat farm, to lose weight and get some energy back – stop drinking, feel good about myself. Took the script with me.”

Tennessee Williams showed up for her road-test of the play in Fort Lauderdale; he told Elizabeth he had always thought of her as “a Tennessee Williams heroine,” and she proved it, playing his heroines in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Suddenly Last Summer, and Sweet Bird of Youth. She says that she felt liberated by The Little Foxes: She liked the theater people and the applause and the family atmosphere of a show. The play went on the road, and so did Elizabeth – in every sense. She was soon divorced from Warner but continued with the London run of the play;

It is the perfect ending to The Candidate’s Wife: The star who has forsaken acting to assume the real-life role of the wife of a rising politician finds that she is superfluous after he gets elected. Seeing that she is dying as a Washington wife, she chooses freedom by getting herself a part in a play, another role-within-a-role. She can only be herself and “feel freedom and joy” when acting.

And then the actress who is liberated by the play falls for Tony Geary, a soap opera star, and she makes a number of guest appearances on the TV series General Hospital.

Life to life, role to role. Ten years pass, and the next movie is The Construction Worker’s Wife (1991-96). The jewels are gone and Elizabeth is in jeans, the adoring spouse of a monosyllabic blue-collar worker named Larry’. “I got such a kick out of taking him to places that I had never gone to, so that I wouldn’t have an advantage over him and we could share the newness together.” She takes him for his airplane rides – to Morocco, to Thailand. Because they are the guests of the Thai royal family, they have a motorcycle escort. There are never any other cars in view when they are on the road; the roads are cleared of all traffic for them. Larry, in his innocence, assumes that all foreign travel involves being saluted by policemen. But he hates foreign food. He is bored. “He wanted to go to McDonald’s, wherever we were.”

Back home in Bel-Air, “I used to get up at four in the morning and have breakfast with him. After Larry went to work, I went back to bed. Then he would come home and it was wonderful – he was sweaty; he had dirty hands, he was beautiful, and he played with his [homing] pigeons.

“I was so proud of him for working. I was kind of hurt when he stopped.” And when Larry the construction worker stopped working and began drinking, it could only end with his departure from Bel-Air. End of movie.

I felt Elizabeth deserved praise for putting her heart and soul into these doomed love affairs, for throwing herself into the role of spouse with such gusto. By changing characters she has kept her vitality, though one of her biographers, Sheridan Morley, told me she was like a certain sort of character in a Henry James novel, ”innocent, yet at the center of death and destruction.”

With the exception of Eddie Fisher (“Let’s say we’re not exactlv intimate buds”), she has remained fairly close to her surviving ex-husbands. And while she pokes fun at them, she is never unkind; she simply lets the facts speak for themselves.

“It’s a mixed blessing, discovering boys,” she said after a long, pleasurable recollection of riding her horses as a girl. In the beginning there were two or three strictly chaperoned romances and then, after a short courtship, she married Hilton. “I was a virgin – I was halfhearted. That was a foolish thing, let me tell you.”

Her voice became drier, and she quailed slightly, crouching on the sofa, seeming almost physically to contract, as she continued. “He started drinking two weeks after we got married – I thought he was a nice, pure, all-American boy. Two weeks later, wham! Bam! All the physical abuse started. I left him after nine months of marriage…after” – she paused and looked into the middle distance- “having a baby kicked out of my stomach.”

“That’s terrible,” I said.

“He was drunk. I thought, ‘This is not why I was put on earth. God did not put me here to have a baby kicked out of my stomach.’ I had terrible pains. I saw the baby in the toilet. I didn’t know that I was pregnant, so it wasn’t a malicious or on-purpose kind of act. It just happened.”

Without another word Elizabeth got up, holding herself, and left the room. Some minutes passed before she returned, saying that the memory had given her physical pains in her abdomen. She added, “I have never spoken about this before,” and changed the subject – to Montgomery Clift, how she found him his first lover.

How had she known that Monty was gay?

“No one had explained it to me, but I knew it. Monty was in the closet, and I think I knew what he was fighting. He was tormented his whole life. I tried to explain to him that it wasn’t awful. It was the way that nature had made him.”

If there is a constant in her endlessly altering life, it is the friendship of gay men. Husbands and lovers have come and gone, but there has always been a gay man-and usually more than one – acting as escort, confidant, friend – almost sister. Roddy McDowall was one such friend, from 1943 when they appeared in Lassie Come Home until his death in 1998. So were Rock Hudson, Tennessee Williams, Halston, Malcolm Forbes, Andy Warhol, Truman Capote. Actors, directors, fashion designers, hairdressers, writers, nearly all of them adoring and – even she admits – among the closest friends she has had in her life. Some of her lovers have been abusive, but there is not a recorded instance of even a spat with one of her gay friends.

When AIDS began to claim the lives of some of them, she distinguished herself by calling attention to the disease and by being possibly the first person in Hollywood to raise money for AIDS research with the American Foundation for AIDS Research and then also with the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

“If you’re famous there’s so many good things you can do,” she told me. “If you do something worthwhile you feel better. I spent my whole last 50 years protecting my privacy. I resented my fame until I realized I could use it.”

She hosted the landmark AIDS fund-raiser in Hollywood in 1985 that was a $1 million success. Many more have followed.

“I am this dreaded famous person. I can get under their skin,” Elizabeth said. She has always rather liked the idea that she has been rebellious, and this has been a way to make rebellion work. Her efforts have earned more than $100 million for AIDS research, and she is still at it.

“That’s why I do photo shoots – to keep my fame alive. So people won’t say, ‘Who’s that broad?”‘ Elizabeth could be said to be the last true Hollywood star. There is something missing in Hollywood today. It’s not the decline of the studios and the rise of independent filmmakers. Nor the scandals and the crazy marriages and the murders – there are still enough of those.

“There’s no tits anymore,” Elizabeth said. “And if they are, they’re fake balloons. I mean, you can spot them a mile off. It’s not very sexy”

“So Hollywood’s titless these days – that’s the message?” I said. “But I don’t want to put words in your mouth.” Laughing, she said, “Didn’t I say that?”

AS WAS HIS HABIT, Rod Steiger showed up one evening driving a little Honda. Shaven- headed, square-shouldered, wearing black (with sneakers), he could have been Mussolini on a day off, paying a call on Clara Petacci. Sunk in depression, Steiger had not been able to work for eight years when, with medication and doctoring, he was able to begin acting again. A year and a half ago he visited Elizabeth, whom he hardly knew, to propose that she appear with him in Somewhere, a script he cowrote about Oz revisited, with all the characters grown older. In this version Elizabeth would play the aged Dorothy. But Steiger was shocked when he saw her – she seemed blue and housebound, and because he had been through some of the same things himself he decided to make her his mission. He told me, “She’ll go anywhere for fresh air.”

Michael Jackson is fresh air. Perhaps her ultimate film is the one she is enacting with him now – truer to the spirit of her life than Steiger’s Wizard of Oz update. There are two books on the coffee table in the library of Michael’s house at Neverland: Peter Pan and a picture book, Michael’s own HIStory. The house is full of Peter Pan piconography. Almost consciously, Elizabeth and Michael are role-playing in their sequel to J.M. Bar-rie’s book, but this version, about Wendy grown older and the reclusive Peter refusing to age, is stranger, more highly colored, more complete than any of Elizabeth’s marriage movies that I have animadverted upon. There is no conflict nor any likelihood of it, no sex, no struggle, no deprivation. If they crave an elephant or a concert or a game or a jet plane to take them away, they have it immediately. For their purposes, the Neverland Valley Ranch is perfect: the girlish mother, the boyishly patronlike son, the frisson of sex existing in the pulses of the air – the touching, holding, teasing, hugging – life as play plenty of money, even pirates! Already Peter and Wendy has shown that it has legs: This friendship has lasted longer than any of Elizabeth’s actual marriages.

Elizabeth has an appetite for life, and appetite was the word that kept occurring to me when I thought of her. It was zest, and also a hunger, which was some-how never satisfied. In this hunger she is at her most Elizabethan. Of course it is a metaphor, but she is not a metaphorical person – her feet are squarely on the ground, she is literal-minded, and her appetite is literally that, a desire to devour. She has said many times that when she was fat it was not as a result of unhappiness – it was that she loved to eat. And she adored the most fattening foods: ice cream, burgers, fried chicken. Sometimes Steiger brings her hot dogs from a joint in Malibu; the dentist takes her out for burgers.

Everyone who has known her has a theory about the way she has lived her life. Most are stories about her being fabulous, her excess, her nine lives, her accidents, her ailments; many others are about the oddity of her having been at the center of so much catastrophe. Alike Nichols, who directed her in his first film – and one of Elizabeth’s best – Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, has been the most succinct: “I never saw her be unkind, be untruthful, or be on time.”

Though Elizabeth says she examines nothing in her life or behavior, her unpunctuality is the richest of the many aspects that would repay scrutiny. Her lateness amounts almost to a title, Her Serene Lateness. There is a lateness story associated with everything she has ever done. Her film career began when she was nine, but that is the sole example of her ever having been early.

Lateness is an important theme in her life, as is illness, and yet the themes are not related. Illness does not explain her unpunctuality – unpunctuality is a lame word for her chronic and incurable condition of reluctance and delay, which verges on the pathological.

In Elizabeth’s case the awaiting might be me sitting in her living room, or many hundreds of people in a theater wondering when the curtain is going to rise on The Little Foxes, or a thousand people stranded on the set of Cleopatra, or John Warner tapping his foot on his wedding day – for she was late to that event, too.

In the theater, the curtain has been held. Directors have raged in vain. Heads of state, Queen Elizabeth II, the pope, her closest friends – none were privileged to see her on time. She is impartially unpunctual. What about airplanes? I asked a person who sometimes travels with her. Many times commercial flights have been held for her. Was your plane unaccountably late in taking off from LAX? Chances are Elizabeth had a seat in first class.

That lateness reveals a neurotic sense of entitlement and a bid for power is obvious. It is a consistent feature in courtship and sexuality – the aroused person is made to wait, the act is delayed until the loved one appears, – and the Seventh Veil is dropped. Lateness is a diva’s trait, one that allows her to make an entrance. It is also classically passive-aggressive. “I’m always late,” Elizabeth says to Montgomery Clift in A Place in the Sun. “It’s part of my charm.”

A late person obviously places a high value on punctuality: Everything must commence the moment the latecomer arrives. The latecomer is never made to wait – this is one of the demands of lateness. I was once privy to Elizabeth’s saying, “If he is not here in 15 minutes, then I’m not seeing him again.”

No one has ever said that of her. She expects to be taken on her own terms, so her lateness functions as a sort of test. If you are not willing to wait for her she isn’t interested in you. It is characteristic of the ball-breaker, the manipulator, the control freak, someone deeply insecure. It is the trait of the bullying man, the coquette, and the cocktease, the person needing reassurance, anyone who wishes to assert control. What puzzled me was – given the facts that she is not in films much anymore, that her workload is light, that she doesn’t seem to read, that she has little more to occupy her mind than her dates and her dog – what on earth is she doing when she is not where she is supposed to be?

Like a little girl, Elizabeth disingenuously apologized for being late when we met, and I always made a point of asking her what she had been doing. “I was upstairs – singing and dancing,” carried away by the music of Andrea Bocelli, she told me once. But she also fusses endlessly, changes her clothes – whole out-fits – adjusts her makeup, kicks off her shoes and tries on others, dithers over her jewelry, cuddles Sugar, talks on the phone.

This deeply dislikable quality ends friendships, but of course another effect is that it tests friendships. In Elizabeth it is an accepted mode of behavior, on par with a handicap, as though she is a figure worthy of sympathy, like a limper or a twitcher, or, in her case, someone seriously time-challenged. But I saw it as another detail in the ongoing drama of Peter and Wendy, for most of all it is a trait of the troubled child, who is often a foot-dragger without really knowing the deeper reason – and in the case of the foot-dragging child there is always a deeper reason.

PLEASE, GOD, SUPERSIZE MY LIFE, has always been Elizabeth’s prayer, as eating has always been an Elizabethan theme. There is a story of Elizabeth looking into her refrigerator and speaking fondly to the food she saw on the shelves, saying, “I would love to bite you…and you…and you…”

At Neverland, in Michael’s dining room, she was tucking into a big cheese omelet, with ketchup, when she saw someone else with a plate of french fries -the twiggy, frozen Mickey D. Kind – and she said, with real gusto in a hungry voice, “Hey! Where did you get those?” In minutes she too had a big plate of fries.

One day she was telling me, very slowly, with real feeling, about a photo shoot she had done for her new line of sparkling White Diamonds perfume – an enterprise that has assured her a substantial income and eliminated the necessity of ever acting again.

“I had on a 101 karat diamond,” she said, pausing alter each word. She licked her lips, and there was a chuckle of pleasure in her throat. “No flaws!” and, again pausing between the words, “Talk about a rush!”

She clutched the finger on which the imaginary emerald-cut diamond ring had been fitted, and a shudder of hunger shook her small, brittle body as she lifted the finger to her mouth and said with a shout that barely concealed a shriek: “I wanted to swallow it!”

Another day she was listening to a Bocelli ballad and singing along, then interrupted herself and said, “Più’! Più’! I love più’! What does più’ mean?”

“It means ‘more,” I said.


After a particularly good session of talk at her house, I went away. Soon after, speaking with a mutual friend, Elizabeth asked, “Is Paul married?”

“The Once and Future King” TV Guide Interview, December 1999

TV Guide: Who are your closest friends?
Michael: Elizabeth [Taylor], for sure. We go to the movies every Thursday.
TV Guide: You go to a regular theater?
Michael: I want to go to the Warner Bros. Studio, and she refuses. She says, “No, I’m getting you out.” So we go right into this area – which I can’t say – and walk right in. And it’s usually empty, because [most] people are working at the time. [The theater employees] go, “Wow, come on in,” and we never really pay. And we’re the ones who can afford it. [Laughs]

Conversations With Rabbi Schmuley, 2000/1

MJ: Brooke is a nice girl but she’s not Elizabeth Taylor. That’s the kind of lady I want to be seen with.

SB: I saw that you made an overture to Jay Leno. You went to a charity benefit with Elizabeth Taylor and you were wearing a red suit.
MJ: Brown suit.
SB: So you saw Jay Leno and…?
MJ: He was sitting at my table with President Ford, Sylvester Stallone, Elizabeth Taylor, Sydney Poitier. When he came to sit down I just walked over to him and started like playfully choking him [because he always makes negative jokes about Michael] and he was like, “Urgghh. Urgghhhh.” And then Elizabeth said, “Have you been saying mean things about Michael?” And he went, “Huh?”

SB: What is it about Elizabeth Taylor that is so endearing to you? She is like your closest friend for many years. What is it about her, in the context of these childlike qualities?
MJ: We are both from the same place…
SB: She’s loyal, right.
MJ: She’s loyal. We are from the same place. She can relate to the world I have come from. She’s curious. You can can just look her eyes and you know. It’s like speaking telepathetically. You can feel it, it’s true, without saying a word and I felt that seeing her the very first time. It’s like that with Shirely Temple Black. We are from the same world.

SB: Someone you can unburden yourself to emotionally in a way that Prince couldn’t understand or Paris couldn’t understand.
MJ: Mmmm. Friends and certain people you can trust. Elizabeth [Taylor], or whoever…

MJ: I loved being on stage and I loved performing, but there are those like Judy Garland who were pushed out there, who didn’t want to do it, and that got really tough. Elizabeth made it through. She has been to hell and back and she was a child star and that’s why we understand each other so much. We really do.

SB: So you feel confident being around her? You said you felt baptized. Do you feel redeemed being in her presence?
MJ: Mmmmmm, yeah. (He starts crying) I don’t know if you understand.
SB: To be honest I don’t completely, but I want to.
MJ: You really don’t, do you?
SB: I have been trying. Just explain to me where does the pain come from? Can you explain it, or when you are around Shirley you don’t have to. She just understands?
MJ: It’s like telepathy. You can feel each other speak and look into one another’s eyes and I feel her and she feels me that way. You pick it up and you detect it so fast. It is like communicating silently. It really is and I knew I would feel that way when I saw her, I knew it. It’s the same with Elizabeth [Taylor].

SB: Are you going to see [Shirley] again?
MJ: Oh yes. I’m going to invite her to Neverland. She told me to make sure to say hello to Elizabeth. She kept asking about her.
SB: Do they know each other?
MJ: They have seen each other and spent some time together. But I told Elizabeth today and she said, “Ohhh. You must say Hi from me.” I told Elizabeth I spent the weekend with her, and she says, “You did?” I said, “Yes.” And she was shocked that I went up there. It was great.

Elizabeth Taylor: A Special Bond

“Elizabeth Taylor is very childlike. There’s nothing that you can do when she’ll say, “I don’t want to do that.” When Bug’s Life came out, she bugged me over and over to fix my schedule so we could see the cartoon. So we had to go to a public theater at about 1:00 o’clock. She makes me go out every Thursday because she says I’m too reclusive. Everybody’s at work, so there’s no one there and we never pay… we come with nothing and they always say, “Oh, my God, Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson.” We get free popcorn, everything. She loved Bug’s Life and loves Neverland. She’ll go on the carousel and the Ferris wheel, but not the scary rides.

There are other childlike qualities of Elizabeth Taylor. She was in Jane Eyre around eight or nine. Our fathers were very much alike, tough, hard, brutal. She’s playful and youthful and happy and finds a way to laugh and giggle even when she’s in pain. She’s ready to play any game, go swimming. She’s very good with children. She loves toys and cartoons. I get to learn so much from her. She’ll tell me about James Dean and Clark Gable and Spencer Tracey and Montgomery Clift, because she did movies with all these people. She tells me what they were really like, the ones who were nice people and the ones that weren’t.

We were in Singapore—she came on most of the Dangerous tour with me—and we decided we wanted to go to the zoo. And we hung out and had our own private tour and we had fun. She’s Prince and Paris’s godmother and Macaulay’s their godfather. She’s just retained that little girl quality. That little child you see in Jane Eyre and Lassie Come Home, that’s still in there. It’s in her eyes. She has this glow like a child. It’s so sweet.”

[Elizabeth Taylor and I] we’re like brother and sister, mother and son, lovers… it’s a potpourri…it’s something special. We go through this whining thing on the phone… “I need you….” “Oh, I need you, too.” We can talk about anything. She’s been my most loyal friend. She says she adores me and would do anything for me. She says Hollywood has to write a movie for the two of us. We just have to do something together.

SB: Do you get jealous when she dates other men? She got married in your backyard.

MJ: Do I get jealous? Yes and no. I know that if we ever did anything romantically the press would be so mean and nasty and call us, “The Odd Couple.” It would turn into a circus and that’s the pain of it all. You know I push her in a wheelchair sometimes, when she can’t walk. It’s none of their business what we have together. I have to be with people who like me. Some rappers will say to me, “Let’s hang out. Let’s go down to a club.” And I’ll say, “What? Let’s hang? I don’t think so.” That kind of thing’s not a party for me.

On that tour [Dangerous], she fed me because I wouldn’t eat. When I get upset, I stop eating, sometimes until I’m unconscious. She took the spoon and opened my mouth and made me eat. She said she wouldn’t let me go ithout her, and her doctors advised her not to go. She went to Thailand and followed the tour all the way to London.

May 26, 2000

Michael escorts Dame Elizabeth Taylor to a tribute concert honouring her at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

October 28, 2000

Michael & Elizabeth Taylor attend the Carousel Of Hope charity gala at the Hilton Hotel of Beverly Hills.

Elizabeth Taylor Discusses Her Life and Career,  Larry King Live:, January 15, 2001

KING: The friendship with Michael Jackson.


KING: What? How did that begin? You mean you seem on different planes.

TAYLOR: No! Why do you say that?

KING: You just seem on different planes. He’s a very shy…

TAYLOR: No. We were both child stars.


TAYLOR: We had no childhood, either one of us. We were brought up by tutors. We had no children of our own age to play with or relate to. We were performing the whole time. He was on the stage; I was on the…

KING: The screen.

TAYLOR: … the soundstage. We would go home. I, in my case, I would learn my lines, learn my homework, get up early in the morning. I would go out to the polo field, where they had 40 jumps set up, and to get some of my steam off as a little girl I would take 40 jumps before I would go into work.

KING: And he had the same kind of life, in a sense. He had to get up and take the bus to wherever they went to the next concert or…

TAYLOR: Yes and get his steam off dancing.

KING: But we don’t — we know you. Look at you. We don’t know Michael, do we?


KING: What don’t we know about him we should know?

TAYLOR: He’s so tender. He is so compassionate. He hurts, literally pains for other people’s suffering. If there is — like — the starvation of children in this country, in India, in Africa…

KING: He feels it. It’s not just a…

TAYLOR: He reaches out. I’ve been to the Orient with him. And he says: “Roll down the window! Roll down the window!” He reaches his hands out and just touches a baby’s face. Oh, you beautiful thing, and he just wants to give that baby everything, his life. He’d give him all his money if he could, and the car keeps on moving. And he’ll turn back: Oh, look at that baby.

September 7, 2001

It’s Michael’s day in New York City ! All the biggest stars of music, films& sport gather to attend his concert at the Madison Square Garden . Michael arrives late with Elizabeth Taylor and during the first part of the show he watches tributes perfomances of his songs

Michael, TV Guide, 2001

TVG: Who else do you spend time with?
MJ: Elizabeth [Taylor], Brando, Gregory Peck, these are very close friends of mine. Either they’re much older than me or much younger.

TVG: Liza Minnelli also sang at your tribute concerts. You two seem very close.
MJ: I speak to Liza every week. We come from the same planet. Like Elizabeth does.
TVG: What planet is that?
MJ: It’s called Capricious Anomaly in the Sea of Space. [laughs]. Gee, I can’t name it. Just beyond our solar system, I think. But this is true, and this is not to be taken lightly: People who grew up as child stars have the same thing in common. You’re cute, they love you; you go through the awkward stage, they don’t accept you anymore. Very few make the transition to adult star. And most of them become self-destructive. And it’s very sad.

MJ, By Edna Gundersen, USA TODAY, December 14, 2001

Q: Critics refer to you as the self-proclaimed King of Pop. Did you choose that title?

MJ: I never self-proclaimed myself to be anything. If I called up Elizabeth Taylor right now, she would tell you that she coined the phrase. She was introducing me, I think at the American Music Awards, and said in her own words – it wasn’t in the script – “I’m a personal fan, and in my opinion he is the king of pop, rock and soul.” Then the press started saying “King of Pop” and the fans started. This self-proclaimed garbage, I don’t know who said that.

Q: Your inner circle seems to consist of very young friends or much older ones. What connects you to people like Marlon Brando or Elizabeth Taylor?

MJ: We’ve had the same lives. They grew up in show business. We look at each other, and it’s like looking in a mirror. Elizabeth has this little girl inside of her who never had a childhood. She was on the set every day. She loves playing with a new gadget or toy, and she’s totally awe-inspired by it. She’s a wonderful human being. So is Brando.

Shopping in a supermarket, Private Home Movies, 2002

MJ narrating: Eventually, I started recognizing people. Like the woman in the blond wig is my nanny hehe! (laughs). Even Elizabeth Taylor was there. She was on a cover of er, this magazine.

Michael: That’s what I’m talking about (holds up the magazine with a thumbs up).

February 9, 2002

Michael & Elizabeth Taylor attend the fund-raiser Art For Aids : A Tribute To Rock Hudson at the Laguna Art Museum in Laguna Beach .

February 24, 2002

Michael, Elizabeth Taylor & Brett Ratner attend a private party at Mark Damon’s house to announce that Neverland Entertainment and Raju Sharad Patel have signed with Damon’s independant film company MDP Worldwide Entertainment to create a new division called Neverland Pictures.

Michael talks to VIBE, Vibe – March 2002

VIBE: What was your experience on September 11?

MJ: I was in New York (after performing at the Madison Square Garden on Sept. 7 and 10), and I got a call from friends in Saudi Arabia that America was being attacked. I turned on the news and saw the Twin Towers coming down, and I said, Oh my God. I screamed down the hotel hallway to all our people. Everybody get out, let’s leave now! Marlon Brando was on one end, our security was on the other end. We were all up there, Elizabeth Taylor was at another hotel. We jumped in the car, but there were these girls who had been at the show the night before, and they were banging on the windows, running down the street screaming. Fans are so loyal. We hid in New Jersey. It was unbelievable-I was scared to death.

Liza Minnelli’s wedding, March 16, 2002

Michael is best man at the wedding of David Gest & Liza Minnelli celebrated in New York City with a galaxy of stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Ross and Michael’s brothers Randy & Tit

Elizabeth Taylor, Barbara Walters, 2002

“He has been hurt by so many people,” she told ABC News’ Barbara Walters in 2002. “I think I’m the only person in his life that has not betrayed him.”

Elizabeth, New York Times, September 29, 2002

It is that incessant public scrutiny, she said, that has bonded her, like a mother, to Mr. Jackson.

”People have made a fool of him, and they have called him ludicrous,” she said. ”I’ve got to defend him because he’s my best friend.”

In July, Mr. Jackson began battling Thomas D. Mottola, the chairman of the Sony Music Group, whose Epic label released Mr. Jackson’s lackluster ”Invincible” album. Mr. Jackson accused Mr. Mottola of sabotaging the album, said he was a racist and at protests waved a caricature of Mr. Mottola as the devil. Music industry executives said at the time that the bizarre attack was meant to pressure Sony to release Mr. Jackson from his recording contract.

To complicate matters, Mr. Jackson and Sony are partners in a venture that began in 1995, when Mr. Jackson combined his catalog of copyrighted music with Sony’s, including songs by the Beatles.

To hear Ms. Taylor tell it, Mr. Mottola and Sony’s management are trying to railroad Mr. Jackson.

”Look, he bought the Beatles catalog when he was so young,” she said. ”O.K., so now Paul McCartney and the world want to kill him. And now he’s getting this awful backlash because Sony sabotaged his album. They want the Beatles catalog, too. But it’s Michael’s. He owns every piece of his own music, and Sony wants to keep him from his music. So there are a lot of names going back and forth.”

A spokesman for Sony, which spent $50 million to make and market ”Invincible” and has recouped only a fraction, declined to comment, as did Paul Freundlich, a spokesman for Mr. McCartney.

Mike Nichols, who directed Ms. Taylor in ”Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?,” said her loyalty to other former child stars — who are often seen as bizarre, even freakish — probably goes back to her hatred of MGM, which held her to a rigid contract as a young actress. It steeled her against management types forever.

”I think hating the studio and knowing they weren’t human kept her simple and true,” Mr. Nichols said.

Ms. Taylor said that she and Mr. Jackson share more than just the experience of child stardom.

”I can tell him things that I wouldn’t tell anybody else,” she said. ”He had one of the worst childhoods. I think I had the second.”

She had no playmates and was isolated, she said, educated by tutors. Her father, increasingly irrelevant in the shadow of her fame, was abusive, she said. ”That’s why I married so early,” she said. ”To get out of the house.”

That first marriage, to the hotel heir Nicky Hilton when she was 18, ended in months. He beat her so violently, she said, that she had a miscarriage.

”I couldn’t take his physical abuse or his mental abuse longer,” she said. (Ms. Taylor testified during her divorce proceedings from Hilton that he had been physically violent. It is not clear if Hilton, who died at 42, ever refuted her testimony.)

Elizabeth Taylor, Book: My Love Affair With Jewellery, printed Sept 30th 2002

“Over the years Michael has given me some truly incredibly jewelry. Once he gave me a huge diamond ring and kept saying, ‘Put it on, put it on. Look at the way it sparkles. I bet it’s bigger than the Krupp.’ So I asked innocently, ‘Really? How many carats is it, Michael?’ ‘Seventeen,’ he answered. I embraced him and whispered in his ear, “My honey darling, you missed.’

‘Another time we were at an auction together and I was getting excited about bidding on a pair of long shaggy Marina B diamond earrings, so I told him that he had to buy something, too. I showed him this delightful monkey necklace made up of diamonds, emeralds, and rubies with matching earrings. He probably thought I had something like ‘auction fever’ when I pointed out that the two monkeys symbolized us, bonded in friendship. In hindsight, I must have made some sense, because these little monkeys are perfectly at home with all my other beloved jewelry.’

‘A year or two ago, Michael and I and a couple other friends decided to go to Las Vegas for my birthday. We stayed at the incredibly beautiful Bellagio, where we had dinner and watched the fountains. The whole thing was just perfect for me because I’ve grown tired of big-deal birthdays. At one point, I turned to Michael and said, ‘All right, where’s my present?’ Well he looked at the ground, he looked around the room, he looked at our friend Arnie Klein, but he didn’t really say anything. So I said, ‘Michael, I know they have great jewelry shops in the lobby. I can’t believe you haven’t noticed.’ Michael and Arnie start giggling. I continued, ‘This is really breaking my heart, Michael. I’m not sure I can go on.’ You know, I was really hamming it up. Finally, Michael and Arnie excused themselves and returned to the table some time later with a perfectly interesting-sized book., Any box can be interesting to me! I opened it and inside was some weird padded black wrapping, protecting the most exquisite titanium elephant evening bag. A saddle of rubies and pearls was dangling from its backside, and the dear little creature had huge diamond eyes.

‘Michael! Michael! I was just kidding around!” I mean, this was the most unusual thing I’d ever seen. I was playing with the long dangling pearls, in part because I was so happy and because I was a little embarassed that he had actually gone and gotten me something this amazing. But Michael and I do kid around a lot, and I knew I hadn’t really overstepped my place in our relationship.’

‘When I got home, there in my front hall was a huge box, tied with a red ribbon., It was my real birthday present from Michael, the one had planned to give me all along – one of those superflat TV sets. Truly, the biggest one I’ve ever seen. I was in innocent in all of this, the most happy innocent. And Michael played it totally straight.’

‘Years before, soon after Larry Fortensky and I got married at Michael’s Neverland Valley Ranch, I couldn’t think of what to give Michael to show my undying thanks. He rarely invites anyone to Neverland, and this was the first time, which was so generous, such a glamorous compliment to our friendship. I had been trying to think of a truly meaningful way to thank him. Then I got an idea: Michael has a zoo. I’ll get him an elephant! That clinched it. I got him a great big Asian elephant named Gypsy. I guess you could say we exchanged elephants.”

Elizabeth Taylor, A Letter to Globe Magazine, December 19 2002

“My beloved Michael,

I saw all of the news on TV of you showing the baby — I also saw the tight grip that you had under his armpits. The baby loves to be swung around, and I know you could see through the sheer part of the curtain. It’s a game for him and I know why you covered his face. All celebrity kids are shielded from being recognized for an obvious reason — they’re under constant threat from would-be kidnappers. I went through it as a child actress, Michael, and I know you did, too.

Michael, I have never seen a better or more loving parent. You are bringing your children up with single-minded love and manage to gently discipline them, as well. I have never seen two better behaved or lovable children, (including my own).

You are an exemplary father. You would no more take a chance with your children’s safety than fly to the moon. If people could only see you with the children, and the time you spend with them, and the love. Not just pretty clothes & gifts, but pure unconditional love. And they respond so completely in kind.

If only you would let people see the real you more, but I understand how shy you are and you understand also how I shy I am, but we are both professionals. I did my best to keep my kids away from the public eye, and they have grown up so beautifully. I am so proud of them, and yours are kids I’m proud to know. They are beautiful inside and out, like you.

Don’t ever let them get you down, Michael. You’re loved by too many, especially this kid. I love you just as much as I always have and understand you just as much as I always have. Don’t hide. You haven’t done anything to be ashamed of. Be proud of how you are bringing up children. God knows I am.

I love you with all my heart, and because I know you so well, I will always understand where others may not. But you know something: Screw the others!

All my love, signed Elizabeth Taylor”

Shopping in the Bashir Documentary, 2003

Bashir: Do you like to buy jewellery?
MJ: No. For my mother, Elizabeth Taylor, yes. Elizabeth loves jewellery. My mother loves jewellery. And uh, (smiles) if there’s a girl I like at the moment, I’ll buy her jewellery.
Bashir: Who’s that?
MJ: If there is one I like at the moment.
Bashir: Is there?
MJ: At the moment, no. Not right now. I still haven’t found one yet.

November 22, 2003

Elizabeth Taylor (actress/friend of Michael): “I believe Michael is absolutely innocent and that he’ll be vindicated. The press has behaved so abominably towards Michael. Their whole reaction is that he is guilty. I thought the law was innocent until proven guilty. I know he’s innocent. I hope they all eat crow.” Taylor is refusing to comment on camera as a protest of media treatment of Jackson.

Geraldo Riviera Interview, January 19 2005

Rivera: Do you want to mention the names of the true blue?

Jackson: Faithful, you wouldn’t know them.

Rivera: Elizabeth Taylor.

Jackson: She is very loyal. I was just at her house. We have wonderful talks on the phone at night, several times a week sometimes.

Rivera: How long have you two been friends?

Jackson: I’ve known Elizabeth closely since 1984.

After His Acquittal, June 15 2005,

“Thank God Michael is vindicated for all time,” said one of his most loyal famous pals, Elizabeth Taylor. “Now, maybe people will leave him alone.”

Jackson Weighing Getaway Destinations, Roger Friedman, June 16, 2005

Their destination is supposed to be secret, but the choices have been winnowed down to two locales: Switzerland and South Africa. In the case of the former, Jackson has carte blanche to use Elizabeth Taylor’s home in Gstaad. But I’m told it’s more likely he will take up occupancy at a home he owns in Geneva. This little known asset is held in brother Jermaine’s name, but the real owner is said to be Michael.

Elizabeth on Larry King, May 30th 2006

KING: Michael Jackson. The story of your friendship with him, how did that begin?

TAYLOR: I went to a concert, and I couldn’t see a thing. I was way up in the — well, it was a stadium. And I couldn’t see a thing. And I brought 30 people, and we couldn’t even hear. So we went home to watch it on television by disc. And Michael heard that I had left halfway through, and called me the next day, and was like in tears because he had heard that I’d walked out. I hadn’t walked out. I just couldn’t see anything.

And then we talked on the phone for about three hours, and from there on in, we talked more and more on the phone. Then we met, and spent more and more time with each other, and just became really good friends. Told each other everything.

KING: Why did you like him so much?

TAYLOR: We’re very much alike.

KING: Are you?

TAYLOR: Yes. We both had horrible childhoods. Well, working at the age of 9 is not a childhood. He started at 3, and that certainly isn’t a childhood.

KING: Have you spoken to him recently?

TAYLOR: Yes, I have.

KING: How’s he doing? He’s in where?

TAYLOR: He sounds very happy.

KING: Where is he?

TAYLOR: At the moment, I think he was in London.

KING: But he was in Tokyo recently, and then London.


KING: But he lives in Bahrain?

TAYLOR: Right.

KING: What did you think of the charges against him?

TAYLOR: I’ve never been so angry in my life.

KING: But didn’t you think, Elizabeth, Dame Elizabeth, I’m sorry, that it would look strange to people to have someone who is in his 40s spending a night with children? I mean, just on the face of it.

TAYLOR: All right. I’ll answer that, because I’ve been there, when his nephews were there, and we all were in the bed, watching television. There was nothing abnormal about it. There was no touchy-feely going on. We laughed like children, and we watched a lot of Walt Disney. There was nothing odd about it.

KING: So you think they were out after him?


KING: The authorities and the like?

TAYLOR: I think the paparazzi started — not the paparazzi, the press. Excuse me.

KING: Is he going to come back to working?

TAYLOR: I don’t think so. Except maybe in Europe.

KING: You don’t think he’ll ever live in the United States again?

TAYLOR: Well, really, why should he? He’s been treated like dirt here.

Michael can’t attend Elizabeth Taylor’s Birthday Due to Lawsuit, 27th February 2007,

He had to give a  deposition for the Ayscough & Marar lawsuit on this same date.

Elizabeth Taylor’s 75th Birthday, Entertainment News, Yahoo, Feb 27th 2007,

Among Taylor’s closest friends are pop star Michael Jackson, whose spokeswoman confirmed Tuesday in a news release that he is now living in Las Vegas.

Taylor said she spoke with Jackson earlier in the day but didn’t expect him to attend her party.

Elizabeth Taylor’s 75th Birthday,, Feb 27th 2007,

Michael Jackson had been expected to attend because he was the Vegas catalyst for the party, we were told by Elizabeth herself that he wasn’t able to make it. However, there were still rumors that he slipped in privately for the strictly-closed event.

Asked about Michael Jackson’s no-show, Elizabeth commented, “I’ve spoken to him, but he can’t come.”

Elizabeth Taylor’s 75th Birthday, TMZ, Feb 27th 2007

Taylor’s friend Michael Jackson was unable to make it to the bash, because he had, per Liz, “business things going on.”

Rocking Horse From Elizabeth, Julien’s Auction of Neverland Items, 2007

Michael visiting Elizabeth Taylor, 2008

Bill Whitfield on fbook, Bodyguard from 2007-2009

Q: Hi Bill, did you know Elizabeth Taylor? You and your team will talk about her, mention her in the book?

A: – We don’t expect to mention her in the book, however that may change. she was one of MJs close friends, we never met but we did speak via telephone.

Michael and his children stay with her over Easter, Roger Friedman, (reported: March 23 2011), 12th April 2009

Her other best pal, Michael Jackson, sadly preceded her in death. And what people don’t know is that two years ago, on Easter, Jackson and his kids were with Taylor even as he was rehearsing for his London shows. Their friendship endured just about everything.

Elizabeth Taylor on twitter (speculated to be about MJ), June 23 2009

Somebody I care for very much sent the following note to me with flowers and I wanted to share it with you.
Dearest Elizabeth, You make the sun shine, the clouds move and the world spin. So many people love you and so do I. Love Always,______

Carole Bayer Sager tribute to Michael, June 25 2009

He was one of, if not THE greatest entertainer of all time, and was without question the ‘King of Pop.’ He was also my friend. He recorded a song of mine on his 1979 Off The Wall album and in 1981 we sang a duet together. We spent a considerable amount of time together in 2001 at my home music studio and I saw him in a totally different light – as a nurturing and caring father. I was so honored that he dedicated that album to me. My heart and prayers are with his family, his three children, my friend Elizabeth Taylor, and all us who are mourning the premature loss of his very precious life.”

Elizabeth Taylor’s publicist, June 25 2009

From the publicist of Jackson’s friend Dame Elizabeth Taylor:

“Dame Elizabeth Taylor is too devastated by the passing of her dear friend Michael Jackson to issue a statement at this time. We will direct her words to you once we receive them.”

Elizabeth Taylor, twitter, June 26th 2009

My heart…my mind…are broken. I loved Michael with all my soul and I can’t imagine life without him.

We had so much in common and we had such loving fun together.

I was packing up my clothes to go to London for his opening when I heard the news. I still can’t believe it. I don’t want to believe it.

It can’t be so. He will live in my heart forever but it’s not enough. My life feels so empty.

I don’t think anyone knew how much we loved each other. The purest most giving love I’ve ever known. Oh god! I’m going to miss him.

I can’t imagine life without him. But I guess with God’s help I’ll learn.

I keep looking at the photo he gave me of himself which says, “To my true love Elizabeth, I love you forever.” And I will love HIM forever.

Elizabeth Taylor, Twitter, July 6th 2009

I wanted you my friends to know that I’m going into the hospital Wednesday or Thursday to complete a test I was in the middle of.

Although my grief over Michael could not be any deeper, I am not on suicide watch as some of the cheaper “rags” would have you believe.

I am a survivor not only for myself, but for my family and for Michael too.

I will always love Michael from the depth of my being and nothing can separate us.

I’ve been asked to speak at the Staples Center. I cannot be part of the public whoopla.

And I cannot guarantee that I would be coherent to say a word.

I just don’t believe that Michael would want me to share my grief with millions of others. How I feel is between us. Not a public event.

I said I wouldn’t go to the Staples Center and I certainly don’t want to become a part of it. I love him too much.

My love goes out to Katherine and Michael’s beloved children.

Elizabeth Taylor, Twitter, July 18 2009

I’m home from the hospital sore, but intact. Of course I’m still grieving for Michael…I always will.

But as I said before I went into the hospital, “I am a survivor.”

I’ve had many tragedies in my life, but I guess they have all taught me something. I have to look at it that way.

I have to be stronger and more appreciative of what I do have.

I give love and I’m surrounded by love…and I thank God for that.

Michael Jackson’s funeral, September 3rd, 2009

Elizabeth attends.

Elizabeth Taylor Wants to be Buried Alongside Michael Jackson, National Enquirer,Thursday September 24, 2009

Elizabeth Taylor wants to be buried next to Michael Jackson.

The 77-year-old actress was close friends with the late pop icon and wants her final resting place to be alongside Michael at Los Angeles’ Forest Lawn cemetery.

A source told America’s National Enquirer magazine, “After sitting through Michael’s funeral service at the Great Mausoleum, with its magnificent stained-glass windows and replicas of Michelangelo’s artworks, she later told friends, ‘I felt a sense of peace there that I’ve never experienced before.’ ”

Elizabeth is said to be searching for a plot next to Michael — who died on June 25 of acute Propofol intoxication

Michael’s children visit Elizaebth, 11th October 2009

Taj Jackson on twitter:  It was actually on Sunday that we went to visit Elizabeth T.

Elizabeth and Michael’s kids visit Universal Studios, Oct 16 2009

Paris hugging Elizabeth

Prince & Paris go to Universal Studios with Elizabeth Taylor, Grace, Omer, Miko Bando, Taj, TJ, Royal, Jaafar & Jermajesty.

Elizabeth Taylor gets her own private viewing of This Is It at Sony
She brings with her several family members, Miko Brando, Evvy Tavasci and Jose Eber.

Elizabeth Taylor, Twitter, October 26 2009

I was honored with the great privilege of seeing “This Is It” last week. I was sworn to secrecy, but now I can let you know about it.

It is the single most brilliant piece of filmmaking I have ever seen. It cements forever Michael’s genius in every aspect of creativity.

To say the man is a genius is an understatement. He cradles each note, coaxes the music to depths beyond reality.

I wept from pure joy at his God given gift. There will never, ever be the likes of him again.

And we have this piece of film to remind us forever and ever that once there was such a man. God kissed him.

God blessed him and squandered nothing, but loved it all. Michael knew how to put together every tone, every nuance to make magic.

To say he was a genius seems so little. I wish my vocabulary encompassed what I feel.

You owe it to yourselves and your loved ones to see this again and again. Memorize it and say to yourselves, “I saw genius in my lifetime”

I loved genius in my lifetime. God was so good to me. I will love Michael forever and so will you, if you don’t already.

I hope I don’t sound condescending. I’m sure you already know what I’m talking about, but go to see it again and again.

I meant to repeat myself. I love you. I remember Michael loved you. He was totally up to now and the message of today in all his songs

If you listen to his lyrics they are those of a modern day prophet and it beseeches us to listen to him and what he sang.

I won’t use words like preaching because that is off-putting, but listen. Listen to his messages.

From “Black And White”, “Man In The Mirror”. The inspiration behind “We Are The World”. We must take his words of responsibility seriously.

We cannot let his life be in vain / and always done with love. Remember that. Remember him and thank God for him and his genius.

Kenny Ortega did a masterful job of directing the process that goes into making a complete show before hitting the stage.

From A to Z you get Michael’s input on every level. Michael’s genius at work with the dancers. Mr. Ortega catches Michael in his every mood.

You see in front of your eyes Michael’s genius blossoming on this piece of film thanks to Kenny Ortega and his crews.

I truly believe this film should be nominated in every category conceivable.

Elizabeth Declines To Have Her Photo Used on the “Michael” cover, 14th December 2010

Nelson painted a host of Jackson’s famous friends into the piece, but audiences will never see Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna, Oprah Winfrey and Debbie Rowe in reproductions. Nelson and Jackie say those famous folks withheld copyright permission and will be left out of released artwork. The most surprising refusal, Jackie says, was Taylor’s. “All the things he’s done for Liz Taylor,” he murmurs, shaking his head. Who can be spotted in posters? Friends such as Naomi Campbell, Tatum O’Neal and ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley.

Elizabeth Taylor in response to Klein’s allegations about MJ being in a relationship with Jason Pfeiffer, Twitter, 13th May 2010

Dr. Arnie Klein declared on May 2 that he did not betray Michael Jackson by saying publicly that he had a homosexual relationship with someone in “Arnie’s” office. It seems he supplies not only women (Debbie Rowe), but men too…how convenient.

Just what we want in our doctors. And then to say he did not betray Michael’s confidence. No wonder he has death threats.

I thought doctors, like priests took an oath of confidentiality. May God have mercy on his soul.

Elizabeth Taylor passes away, 23rd March 2011

Tito Jackson: Elizabeth Taylor was an impactful person in this industry and on society as a whole,” Tito said in a statement. “I specifically admire her charitable efforts including bringing early awareness to HIV/AIDS.”

“Most memorable is her steadfast loyalty and unwavering friendship to my late brother Michael Jackson,” he added. “Liz provided a sense of relief and comfort to my brother at various difficult times in his life, and I appreciate that, may she rest in peace.”

Jackie Jackson: “Rest in peace Elizabeth thank you for all the wonderful memories I know you’ve only left the physical world and that you live on forever ~ J”

La Toya Jackson: “Today we lost another legend, Elizabeth Taylor. She was an amazing actress! She will be missed greatly! My heart goes out to her family. Liz Taylor was an incredible friend to my brother at his side through some of his most difficult times…”

TJ Jackson: “RIP, Elizabeth, I’ll never forget the love and support you gave my Uncle and our family. Your heart was gold. God Bless you and your family.”

Karen Faye: “She was such a beautiful light in this world…especially in Michael’s world. I will never forget how much she made him laugh. They were such a joy to be around. Elizabeth was a person Michael could always rely on for support, honesty and being annoyed by her little white dog.”

Elizabeth Taylor never put fame ahead of friendship, BILL ZWECKER, March 23 2011

Back when most Americans were either ignorant about AIDS — or even aware of the disease — Elizabeth Taylor not only took up the cause, but continued to be an active and very visible spokeswoman for the fight to find a cure.

“I believe that is the most important thing I have ever done,” Taylor told me at the Academy Awards, when she returned a few years ago, joined by Michael Jackson.

Also, not only was Taylor an amazing philanthropist, but she had the reputation as being one of very few Hollywood stars to never let her fame get in the way of friendship.

If Elizabeth was your friend — she was loyal forever. When I mentioned her reputation for great friendship at that Oscars’ Governors Ball, Michael Jackson interrupted her to say, “Elizabeth’s friendship is like the perfect jewels she owns — indestructible and eternal.”

Larry King on Elizabeth Taylor, March 23 2011

“When Hannity asked what made Taylor special, King replied ‘She didn’t have a line cut between brain and mouth. You asked her a question; she answered it. She was not fearful of what public opinion thought of her. She fought the battle for AIDS before Rock Hudson had AIDS… She stood up for Michael Jackson in his worst days. It didn’t matter if you agreed with her or not, it was her ability to be so forceful for so many things and loyalty… If she was your friend Sean, she was your friend, you can’t buy loyalty.”

Elizabeth Taylor To Be Buried Today, Stephen M. Silverman, March 24, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor, who converted to Judaism for her marriages to Mike Todd and Eddie Fisher, is following the rules of the religion by being buried soon after her death Wednesday.

The funeral for the star, who succumbed to congestive heart failure at age 79, is taking place at Forest Lawn, Glendale, on Thursday, say reports. It will be strictly for family members, including her 10 grandchildren.

The cemetery is also where Taylor’s friend, Michael Jackson is buried.

It is expected that a public memorial for Taylor will take place at a later date.

Carrie Fisher on Piers Morgan, 24th March 2011

Carrie Fisher: “One night we went on a double date, it was Elizabeth and Michael Jackson and Shirley Mclaine and myself. And it was like (laughing) nobody noticed Shirely and I. Michael had given her that day, Michael gave her jewellery, and she loved presents and he had given her these earrings and necklace that night and I remember how happy she was.”

Carole Bayer Sager on Elizabeth, March 24 2011

Sager has heaped praise on Taylor for her longstanding friendship and revealed how the actress supported many of her employees and showbiz pals, including Michael Jackson and actor Roddy McDowall.

She adds, “She was an extraordinary friend – and not just for the good times. She showed up in my life when my marriage broke up many years ago, to Burt Bacharach. She was there for her friends, for her family, her assistant Tim. (Before) his mother died this year she insisted she come and stay at her home and made a hospice for Tim’s mum and she made a hospice for her longtime publicist, who died in Elizabeth’s home.

“She was there for Roddy McDowall who she loved dearly, they were child actors together. She knew how to show up. She showed up for Michael Jackson. When he needed support she flew around the world to be with him. She was an extraordinary, loving, generous friend.”

Michael Jackson considered Dame Elizabeth Taylor as “royalty”,  March 25, 2011

The late singer – who was known as the ‘King of Pop’ – was a close friend of the Hollywood beauty, who passed away on Wednesday (23.03.11) aged 79, and believed they understood each other because they had both been child stars.

Their mutual friend David Gest said: “I recall the time we were having dinner at La Scala restaurant in Beverly Hills. People flocked around her – it was funny because for once Michael wasn’t the centre of attention.

“I remember he leaned over and whispered to me, ‘Now that’s what you call royalty.’

“To Americans she was royalty, she was the closest thing they have to a queen and everywhere she went people fawned over her. Michael once told me that the reason they got along so well was that she was a child star herself, so understood him completely.”

Concert promoter David also revealed ‘Thriller’ singer – who died in June 2009 – would often shower the ‘Cleopatra’ star with gifts, and felt he could be “human” when he was with her.

David added to The Sun newspaper: “They would take trips together to New York or London. And Elizabeth loved lavish gifts. Michael would shower her with presents of jewellery and said she was like an excited little kid when he presented her with something new.

“She loved this specific violet rose which you could only get in this one Beverly Hills florist.”

Elizabeth started her career aged 10 in the film ‘There’s One Born Every Minute’ in 1942, and went on to become one of the biggest stars of the ‘Golden Age of Hollywood’ in the 1950s. She continued acting until 2001 appearing in the TV film ‘These Old Broads’.

Michael shot to fame as a member of The Jackson Five, which he starred in from the age of six with his brothers, before going on to become one of the biggest pop stars of all-time.

The group had their first hit with lead vocals from Michael in 1969 with ‘I Want You Back’.

Los Angeles (CNN) — Even in death, legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor set her own style, 2011

A private service was held Thursday at Forest Lawn memorial park for Taylor, her publicist said. But although the funeral was scheduled to start at 2 p.m., Taylor had left specific instructions that it not begin until 15 minutes later.

“She even wanted to be late for her own funeral,” Sally Morrison said in a news release.

Taylor died Wednesday at the age of 79. She had been hospitalized six weeks ago with congestive heart failure, a condition she had suffered from “for some years.”

The multi-denominational service Thursday was open only to close friends and immediate family, and included poetry readings.

Actor and close friend Colin Farrell recited “The Leaden Echo and the Golden Echo,” by Gerard Manley Hopkins. Her grandson Rhys Tivey performed “Amazing Grace” on the trumpet.

Taylor’s final resting place at Forest Lawn — the same place of burial for her longtime friend Michael Jackson — is in the memorial park’s Great Mausoleum “sheltered beneath a soaring marble Michelangelo angel,” Morrison said.Jackson is buried in another area of Forest Lawn, Glendale police Sgt. Thomas Lorenz said.

Taylor converted to Judaism in 1959. Jewish custom teaches that burial should take place as soon as possible after death, preferably within 24 hours.

In addition to Thursday’s private service, fans will also get their chance to pay respects to Taylor. Details of a memorial service are expected to be announced at a later date. The family has asked that instead of flowers, contributions be made to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS foundation.


In His Own Words

February 28, 2011

Michael Jackson, Moonwalk, 1988

“In those days, touring with the Jackson 5, I always shared a room with Jermaine. He and I were close, both onstage and off, and shared a lot of the same interests. Since Jermaine was also the brother most intrigued by the girls who wanted to get at him, he and I would get into mischief on the road.”

Soul, August 10, 1970

Michael doesn’t have a girlfriend. “I don’t know if I want one,” he says thoughtfully, “The girls at school, they just play hit and run-that’s all they do, they hit me and run… I don’t know most of them though. They know who I am, they know I sing. But they treat the other boys the same. I just don’t pay any attention and when they see they can’t bother me, they stop.

“The first thing I notice about a girl is the way she acts-they’re a little bit different than the boys, you know…I mean the girls that go to my school, not the big girls. I like the big girls better, big girls don’t play hit and run, they don’t act like that.”

Michael sings a line in ABC with an authority that shows he can probably handle any girl: “Sit down girl, I think I love you,.. get up girl, show me what you can do…”

And in his life he finds that girls are very nice to him outside of school.

“In New York girls bought stuff for us; we never told them to do it, but they just they did it anyway. We were at the Appollo Theater and these girls came with a bunch of stuff- a bag fulla stuff they bought us-you know watching an things. And we didn’t tell them to do it. We didn’t even know they were coming, you know I didn’t even know them, they were just real nice.”


The super baddest thing I do is the way I act on stage! I come on strong and raunchy, and I say a lot of things – all in fun – that make it seem as though I, Michael Jackson, am a real “lover boy”! Some people may think I shouldn’t do this, since I’m only 12 years old and still have quite a bit to learn about girls. After all, I don’t even date yet! But I enjoy myself up there on stage, and I kind of think you understand and dig it too. At least I hope you do, cos I’m really trying to entertain you!

Super Soul, 1971

Me: “Mike, let’s talk about Jermaine first. Do you get along with Jermaine as well as with your friends?”

Michael: “Jermaine and I have a lot of groovy times together! We get along very well and hardly ever fight like a lot of brothers with a big age difference do! Jermaine is the kind of older brother you can dig. cause he’s not the type that thinks he’s smarter just because he’s an older brother.”

Me: “What do you think is the thing that’s most different between you and Jermaine?”

Michael: “There’s a big difference in the kind of girls we like. People say I’m full of energy, and I guess that’s why I like lively girls who laugh and talk a lot. Jermaine is more cool. He digs girls who are the foxy type, mysterious and quiet.”


The only difference between me and an ordinary 13 year old boy is that he can go to a place by himself. With me, it’s alittle different. I can walk to stores around my hometown by myself but anytime I go somewhere else, I have to have some kind of security. I don’t mind. I kind of like the idea of the girls trying to get to me.

Star, 1972

Star: What kind of girls do you like Jermaine?

Jermaine: I like girls who are quiet with nice pretty brown eyes. Sort of shy and sweet, smart and bright!

Tito: Right on, brother!. I agree with you 100%! A chick’s gotta have personality and be fun to be with too!

Star: What do you like in an girl, Michael?

Michael: I think personality’s the most important thing of all. I dig chicks who are on the lively side, who love to laugh and talk.

Marlon: I like a girl who’s not too loud, and not to quiet, and who’ll give me the lovin’ I need!”

Right On, April, 1972

Judy: The girls are probably wondering what kind of you like best so why don’t you tell us?
Michael: I’ll tell you. As long as they have a good personality…
Judy: What’s a good personality?
Michael: Well, like, you wouldn’t get a girl and marry her in one day, would you? You’d have to talk to her first and see what she’s like.

The Free-Lance Star, July 22, 1972

We ask him about singing love songs at a youngish age, and he says “It’s not odd for me to sing love songs because I know what I’m singing about.” This brings laughs and snickers from his brothers. Jackie says, teasingly, “He gets really deeply involved.” Michael defends himself, “There’s no age limit to love.”

Michael Jackson 13 Years Old,Teen Star Magazine, 1972

Q: How do you feel about kissing on a first date?

MJ: I can dig it! I think that if you dig a chick enough to ask her out, you’re crazy if you don’t want to kiss her. And, if she accepted the date, she likes you and probably wants to be kissed. So, I couldn’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t! I think I’d like to wait ’till the end of the date before I kissed her, though! I think most girls are afraid you’re comin’ on too fast if you kiss them right away. But, if I could tell that chick I was with was just waitin’ to be kissed, I wouldn’t mess around wastin’ time! I’d take her in my arms, bend her face back to rest on the back of her seat, and slowly lean toward her, gazin’ into her eyes and talking in a slow, smooth voice. Then, I’d press my lips against hers, gently at first, then harder and harder until we’re both lost in a soul kiss of true love.”

MJ: I think that bein’ honest with one another is important when you’re gettin’ serious with a chick, and don’t want to have her goin’ out with other guys. You have to be loyal and true to one another, or your love will never last! But, when you’re dating lots of chicks, and the chicks you date go with other guys, honesty isn’t so important. Don’t get me wrong, though! I don’t think lyin’ to someone is ever a good or a smart thing to do! But, as long as you haven’t made any promises to each other, you have the right to keep some things for yourself! For instance, if you’ve been dating a chick on and off and she dates other guys, and she asks you where you were when she phoned your house and didn’t get an answer, I don’t think it’s any of her business to know you were out with a different girl! I don’t think I have the right to pry into her life either!

Q: What would you do if you fell in love with a girl who was going steady with someone else?

MJ: Well, if I knew from the beginning that she was going with another guy, I probably wouldn’t date her, no matter how much I wanted to! But, if I didn’t know she was going steady, and I found out after I fell in love with her, I think I’d be pretty mad! Even if I thought that she didn’t do it to be cruel, and was just too scared to tell him her true feelin’s, I think I’d tell her in a kind, understanding way, to figure out what she was gonna do, and come back after she’d done it.

Michael Tells: ‘I’m A Girl Watcher!’ Tiger Beat, September 1972 (Michael aged 14)

Have you ever had that weird feeling that someone was staring at you – watching your every move? If you have, you might discover that the someone is none other than Michael Jackson!

He was leaning against the tree, whistling a nameless little tune. The sky – so blue that it hurt the eyes to stare up too long. But that was all right because he wasn’t looking at the sky. His eyes were busy elsewhere!

Michael grinned to himself. There was nothing that could top what he was doing right now! Standing here so casually, with his thumbs stuck through his belt loops, no one could guess that he was practicing an art.


Michael always says it with a smile but he’s serious when he calls girl watching ‘an art’!

When asked, he’ll explain that it takes a lot of practice to ‘eyeball chicks’ without being noticed. For one thing, Michael knows that it’s very rude to stare at a person openly. That’s why he’s perfected a technique that never gives him away.

Why did he go through all this trouble?

‘Because I really don’t want to offend anyone by watching them. Some people really get uptight if they know someone is looking at them. But I have this weakness – I love looking at girls!’

‘Just watching a girl can give me the best reason to smile. Girls are something very special and you got to treat them that way. That’s why I always say don’t stare right at a chick. She’ll begin to fidget, wondering if her hair’s messed up or if her make-up is smeared. It’s kind of like going to an art gallery to see beautiful paintings. If you look at a painting just

the right way, you get the most out of it!’


It’s very normal for a young, healthy, and great looking guy like Michael to enjoy girl watching. Every guy his age has put in time standing around just enjoying the lovely view of girls passing by! But, some guys like to look at girls and then rate them according to the way she’s dressed or how pretty she is. Not Michael. He has his own reasons.

‘The guys who are doing the rating are missing the whole point. They’re so busy counting up the scores that they’re not looking – I mean really looking at the girls.’

‘The way a girl walks. You can tell a lot from the walk. If she’s happy or sad – if she’s proud of being a girl. And then, there are the chicks that look so helpless that I want to rush over to them and put my arms around them!’

‘And if I’m lucky enough to be close enough to see her face – well, that’s like your favourite dessert after a fine meal!’

‘The eyes – do they wink at you? What makes them shine like they do? Love? Or just happy at being alive?’

‘And the mouth. Is it smiling at some secret? Or is she just doing her best to spread a little happiness by smiling at every person she sees?’

Michael’s list goes on and on. He can spend hours on a windy day seeing how the wind plays with long hair, short hair, darhair, light hair. Or he can stare at the girls’ hands. Does she hold them still when she sits? Or are they part of her communicating methods? Do her hands come alive in conversation – gesturing wildly to emphasize her words?

But mostly, Michael just wants the time to watch and see the whole picture – the whole person. He likes everybody but the girls are still, for him, ‘something very special!’

If he was one of those guys who rated the chicks he saw, Michael would be spending all his money on paper to add up the high scores for each girl. Because to him, each girl is a winner – simply by being a girl – by being someone special – by being the very girl he might be staring at this very moment – with a smile on his face.

14 year old Michael, Right On!, October 1972

I really like it when I can just go out by myself and walk around without security guards and stuff. I can walk to the store here near my house, but anytime I go somewhere else I have to have some kind of security. It’s nice just to be able to go out and get lost in a crowd. However…

… it’s also true that I kinda like the idea of girls trying to get to me! I think about girls, but I don’t go out with them yet. I’m too young. My brothers do though. Sometimes girls will find out where I live and come to see me at the gate in front of our house. They want photographs and autographs and stuff like that. I give them what they want and they leave. I have to, after all they buy the records! It makes me feel good to know they like me enough to wait outside like that.

February 1973

(Jermaine talking):

”There were lots of times when we’d rather loafed around the streets or the park with other guys in our grades. But Dad always insisted that we set aside a certain amount of time regularly for our practice sessions.

Only when we’d done that were we allowed to vamoose and get into all the mischief we wanted! Mind you, even then he always made it clear that, if we were in any trouble, we’d better make sure first that we could get ourselves out again!”

”Dad’s always been pretty good about shutting his eyes to scrapes we’ve gotten ourselves into,” Michael continued…”Except if it was trouble at school. We soon learned it was best to keeep more or less in line there!”

Even so, Michael admitted confidentially that they were far from being little angels. But -sshhh…I’m not going to give away another guy’s secrets!

Late 1976

As for the girls in Michael’s life, there are many. Michael says he enjoys flirting with the idea of a heavy romance.

“You know, when you’re on the road, you get a chance to meet a lot of girls. I’m only scared of them when they’re in a group watching our act. Sometimes I think we’ll never get off the stage in one piece. They do some strange things, like taking off their underwear or whatever you call them and throwing them onstage. I’ve heard of this happening to other entertainers but until it happened to us, it was hard to believe.

“When we were in Chicago, three girls tried to storm out hotel room. And they meant business. Now I have grave doubts as to who the weak sex really is.

“Of course, I believe in love. It’s beautiful when it’s right. My love life is like my music. I don’t record a song unless I really dig it, the same goes for girls I see.”

As far as anyone knows, Michael doesn’t have a serious relationship going on with any one pretty girl. He is, as he says, playing the field.

“Let’s face, I’m too darn young to be thinking about marriage and kids. I’m still just a kid myself. Being nineteen soon doesn’t mean that I’m ready to settle down.

“There’s a whole world out there I still want to see. There are people of other countries I’d like to get to know better. Travelling in itself has been an education. You learn so much by seeing a place, eating their food, hearing their folklore and trying out their dances. I’m working on languages in my spare time, too. I think knowing the language of a country opens the door to their hearts. And that’s what I want to do.”

Robin Katz, Record Mirror, July 2nd 1977

Groupies, to Michael, are the girls who succeed in climbing over the wall of their house and then get thrown out by the security guards. And the guards are the people he sneaks by to have a good night out. And when Michael has a good night out, he is smart enough to keep it to himself.

Rock Lives, 19 year old Michael Jackson, 1977

Speaking of your thoughts and your heart, do you have any girlfriends?

“I’m too busy for dating girls right now. I’d like to try, maybe. What do you think? Think I should, yeah? Well, I’ll think about that. I’ll think about what you said. We’ll see… But I’m happy. ”


“I’m not married and haven’t got any plans to marry though I expect I will eventually!” Michael grinned.

Action, November 9 1978

Action: Do you have a girlfriend?
Michael: I have girlfriends. But they’re friends. The right girl has to come along. I’ll take my time.

April, 1980

What about marriage? It is a logical question when dealing with a handsome, rich and intelligent bachelor. “I’m certain thatI will get married and settle down to raise a family – I’m just not ready yet. I do meet young ladies that I respect and enjoy being with – but marriage is an important step and I want it to last forever. A family is something that I want more than anything in the world.”

Ebony, December 1982

Michael turned 24 in August. He says he has finally taken charge of his life and career (“I pay people and I tell them what to do”). There’s a new lady he likes a lot, and he’s as happy as he has ever been.

Michael wants a “real nice place for my mother, because we’re very, very close, you know” and “I want it to be real nice because this is where I plan to spend most of my time until I get married and move to Switzerland.”

Married? When?

“I’m not saying, but it’ll be sooner or later and I definitely plan to do it.”

He’s also one of the most popular, best liked entertainers in Hollywood although he says he has “only about three really close friends.” He refuses to name them because “the people I don’t name will be upset.”

Focus Magazine, February 1984

RO/CLASS: How do you feel about the gossip about your sex life?
Jackson: I don’t listen to it. Or read it.
RO/CLASS: Do you think most of the public imagine you’re gay?
Jackson: I think most people are smart enough to know you can’t judge a book by its cover.
RO/CLASS: But why the flamboyant touches like glittery socks or the silver glove?
Jackson: Because I like them.
RO/CLASS: Are you very sheltered from outsiders, as has been claimed?
Jackson: I have to make the most of my time and I do choose the people I’m with.
RO/CLASS: How is your personal life? Is there someone special?
Jackson: It’s wonderful and I am in love…

Ebony Dec 1984

“I think for guys, girls make the best friends. And for girls, guys make the best friends…”

Special Edition of Right On magazine, 50 Facts About Michael, 1984

28. A soft, sexy scent will make Michael turn his attention to you.
31. Balloons, balloons, and more balloons are what Michael would send you if you were his special girl.
37. He loves singing romantic songs more than any other kind.
38. Michael loves having long telephone conversations with special ladies.
39. Michael thinks Japan is a wonderful country to fall in love because of its beauty and romance.
41. Go on a roller coaster with Michael and you’ll his win his heart. The scarier the better.

Moonwalk, 1988

“I think I have a goody-goody image in the press and I hate that, but it’s hard to fight because I don’t normally talk about myself. I am a shy person. It’s true. I don’t like giving interviews or appearing on talk shows. When Doubleday approached me about doing this book, I was interested in being able to talk about how I feel in a book that would be mine – my words and my voice. I hope it will clear up some misconceptions.”

“Needless to say, I love the interaction between the sexes; it is a natural part of life and I love women. I just think that when sex is used as a form of blackmail or power, it’s a repugnant use of one of God’s gifts.” [p. 174]

“I do think that marriage can be a wonderful thing if it’s the right thing for the two people involved. I believe in love – very much so – how can you not believe after you’ve experienced it? I believe in relationships. One day, I know I’ll find the right woman and get married myself.” [p. 254]

“Sometimes it’s hard for me to look my dates in the eye even if I know them well. My dating and relationships with girls have not had the happy ending I’ve been looking for. Something always seems to get in the way. The things I share with millions of people aren’t the sort of things you share with one. Many girls want to know what makes me tick – why I live the way I live or do the things I do – trying to get inside my head. They want to rescue me from loneliness, but they do it in such a way that they give me the impression they want to share my loneliness, which I wouldn’t wish on anybody, because I believe I’m one of the loneliest people in the world.”

“I didn’t really have any girlfriends when I was in school. There were girls I thought were cute, but I found it so difficult to approach them. I was too embarrassed – I don’t know why – it was just crazy. There was one girl who was a good friend to me. I liked her, but I was too embarrassed to tell her.”

“There have been a lot of wonderful women in my life, women whose names wouldn’t mean anything to the readers of this book, and it would be unfair to discuss them because they are not celebrities and are unaccustomed to having their names in print. I value my privacy and therefore I respect theirs as well.”

“I really believe that you know how to love from the moment you’re born. There are different kinds of love-and in my very own special way. I really and truly do love you.”

Glenda Tapes, 4.5, 1992

M: I want to be with someone… I want to know what a relationship is all about before I die, cant you understand that, girl?

M: I just wanna know what it’s like, girl, to have a real relationship with someone who doesn’t want me for me.. that I don’t, I dont’ have to look over my shoulder all the time.

M: Yeah, that doesn’t question me.. I mean..(i) I dont… and, and.. like La Toya said in her book.. she said, either I am going to have to find somebody who doesn’t know who the heck I am or, or, deal with somebody whose career is equally as important, or equally like mine.
G: Well, a nix to both of those
M: What am I gonna do? I dont want to die without knowing about having a real relationship with a women or being involved…

M: I haven’t been married before, ever.. having a relationship like that before, I never… Being in a normal… having a relationship with someone (I) I never had that.
G: Well, I think everybody wants too
M: But, I haven’t!
G: Okay
M: And that’s what I want.

M: I don’t want to die not having a relationship like everybody else around me have had.
G: You’re pushing 34 my dear.
M: Yeah and I have never had that. I’ve never had that kind of relationship. Why would I want (Tape cut). Everyone else I know have had it. But I never have.
G: Well, I guess it’s time you get it.
M: I know it is. (Tape Cut) I trust her. Even though we had a little falling out. I ruin my own relationships.

Shmuley, 2000/1

MJ: You know if I meet some girl somewhere and I think she’s beautiful, which I see a lot of them, that’s great. I mean, I’ll go on a date or something. Nothing wrong with that.

SB: If a woman walks round with all her cleavage showing….
MJ:Frank loves it.
(Michael gestured to Frank Cascio, who was sitting right next to us. We all laughed.)
MJ: Of course you want to look.

SB:A lot of people like being a sex-symbol. You don’t like it because you are shy about it. Do you know when some women speak to you that it’s what’s on their mind?
MJ:Umhum. They tell me.
SB: I want to have sex with you?

MJ: Yeah, they are loyal, women. They have been loyal. They are activists. They will fight you about me.

SB: Like when Oprah asked yout about your sex life, you repsonded something to the effect, “That I’m a gentleman I don’t talk about that.” Do you feel that we should be more respectful of the sexual side of our lives? Has it all become to overt? I mean you’re naturally shy about this.

MJ:Yeah, I’m just naturally, um cause I think that’s…Private. Yeah, that’s my personal opinion. Other people who are exhibitionist, you know naturists, who go out nude and they feel different about it. Um, I don’t know, I’m different in that way.

MJ: That’s why it’s my job to cast the girl, because it’ my job to think they are cute. So I can do that if I really like them, like some of the girls you see in my videos. I have cast them because I really like them and it caused a problem afterwards because they start to really like me, and I don’t want to get that serious, and it becomes a problem sometimes.
*skips down*
So how often do you find that women really get clingy?
MJ: What do you mean?
Like you said, it supposed to be a professional thing. You just film something with a female costar but afterwards they become attached.
MJ: Yes it happens.
How do you break the news to them that you don’t reciprocate?
MJ: When they see me running the other way. Yeah. Some of them follow me around the world and it’s hard.
SB: That probably makes them chase you even more because they probably are drawn to that boyish shyness. To be sure, many women like “bad” boys. But for the same reason, a lot like shy guys. In the same way the believe that they can redeem the bad boy and polish up this coarse diamond, they believe the same thing about the shy guy. They think, ” Only I can bring him out of his shell.” But I guess for a while with you running halfway around the world from them, they get the message. But you never tell them directly?
MJ: No, because it would hurt them too much.

SB: Is it possible Michael you’re attracting the wrong kind of girl because of your celebrity?
MJ: It’s hard That’s why it’s hard, it’s hard for me. It is hard. It’s not easy for celebrities to be married.
SB: Do you think that you could only really marry celebrities so that they don’t need you as much?
MJ: That helps, in my opinion. And they understand what you go through. They’ve been there.
SB: They help you for the right reasons, then?
MJ: Yeah, they’re not after you know, What you’ve made [the money] or you know? [singing] “That’s what you are….” [ He won a Grammy for that.]
SB: Right, right.

SB: Now out of your 5 brothers, you were getting more attention than any of them. You were becoming the star until you were spun off as a solo artist. Was that hard for your brothers to handle? Was it hard for you? Was there any analogy to the story in the bible about Joseph and his brothers getting more attention than his brothers?
MJ:It didn’t come into my mind and I didn’t see it until later and then it showed up later. My mother saw it but she wouldn’t bring it to my attention. But I think the wives kind of instigated it. It is what broke us up as a group. Wives are what broke up the Beatles. Its is what broke up Martin and Lewis. Its what broke up all of the great acts. The wives get involved and they start saying to one member ”You’re the star. He needs you. You don’t need him”. Then he comes into work the next day puffed up with pride and they start to fight. And that’s what happened with me and my brothers. They really did. I saw it happen.
SB: That’s what turned you off marriage a bit?
MJ: It really did. I said, ”I don’t want no part of this”. I said ”I am not getting married”.
SB: Was there any way to have stopped it? Could you have said to your brothers, ”Look! What is happening to us?” Could you have stopped it? They married young. They must have been lonely as well.
MJ: They married young to get away from my father, to get out of the house. We begged them not to get married and they did.

SB: How do your feel about men who are not faithful to their wives?
MJ:I dont’t think it’s good but I understand it. I know that is a strange answer.
SB: You find wome fall in love with your all the time as the megastar so you don’t judge men who are unfaithful, because sometimes you’ll ascribe it to women who make themselves available?
MJ: I don’t judge them because women can do some things that make guys very unhappy. I have seen it with my brothers. I have seen my brothers crying, in teears and pulling grass out of the lawn with frustrations because of their wives.
SB: Do you think a lot of their wives are interested in their success than them?
MJ: Absolutely. They were after their money. That’s why I said to myself that I would never be married. I held out the longest. I stayed at home until I was twenty-seven, twenty-eight.
SB: So part of the attraction to LMP that she had her own money and her own fame and you did’nt have to become anxious that she was interested in you for the wrong reasons?
MJ:Absolutely she didnt take a penny [when we got divorce] she didn’t want anything. She makes about a million dollars a year from Elvis memorabilia and selling all that stuff and she has her own thing. She is not here to take, you know.
SB: So that means there was almost like one girl in the whole world that you could marry becaue even a rich woman would want your name. You needed someone with money and a name. You were down to a Presley or a McCartney or something like that.
MJ: I know Lisa was great. She was a sweet person. But it is hard to tie me down. I can’t stay in one place one time so that’s why I don’t know if I can really be completely married all the time.


The Cliff Notes

November 5, 2010


I’ve tried to put a series of quotes from various people together in context in order to create a more clear understanding of what his releationships were like, something which should hopefully be cheaper and more truthful to read than having to trawl through various trashy lazy biographies. It’s amazing how clear certain stories become when what’s been said has been framed in context. Some of the quotes have been paraphrased and rephrased in order to remove the interviewer’s question, but hopefully the sentiment has been retained.


I was always invited to go to his house to play, he would swing me in this big tree swing and we would speak of our dreams. Michael asked me to go steady on the steps of Gardener Street school.
– Joanelle Romero


“We had the biggest crush on each other. Of course, at 11 we didn’t smooch all the time. But there was lots of flirting. He was timid but the sweetest, funniest kid. And though we never declared our love – you don’t at that age – we both had feelings. Posing for our end of school picture, he even got me to stand right behind him. He really proved his sweetness, though, when we had to sing in front of our parents before we moved on to high school. I didn’t want to embarrass Michael by being out of tune. But he nudged me and squeezed my hand to let me know it was OK.”
– Jocelyne

I didn’t really have any girlfriends when I was in school. There were girls I thought were cute, but I found it so difficult to approach them. I was too embarrassed – I don’t know why – it was just crazy. There was one girl who was a good friend to me. I liked her, but I was too embarrassed to tell her.
– Michael Jackson


When the boys were in Vegas in 1975, Maureen McCormick was always back in [Michael’s] dressing room.
– Susie Jackson

But I think Michael really liked me. He called me and then I started driving over to his house, where we hung out and talked about TV and music. He let me watch him sing and dance in their studio. Once we went ice-skating and he held my hand as we glided around the rink. I wondered if he might try to kiss me but he didn’t. After another outing, he did give me a kiss good-bye. But it was only a gentle peck on the cheek.
– Maureen

I was just absolutely in love with Michael Jackson. I thought he was the greatest star ever. I definitely had a huge crush on him. And we kissed. On the lips. A little peck action! It was close, but it was on the lips. I thought he was the greatest thing in the world, I really did.
– Maureen McCormick

Oh, I felt that hormonal rage for Michael. He never acted upon it, but I did. I thought he was hot. I was ready for Michael but I didn’t make it clear to him that there could maybe be something there.
– Maureen McCormick

We went ice skating. Michael and Marlon and Randy. And Maureen and Eve and me. She says it was an intimate date between she and Michael. She had a crush on Jermaine!
– Susan Olsen


I’m just now beginning to enjoy friendship, which is new for me. With people other than in show business, with ladies.
– Michael Jackson

There is someone important in my life at the moment.
– Michael Jackson

Michael is presently involved with a young lady he cares about a great deal. However, he is doing everything he can to protect her from the glaring eyes of his adoring public. This is one thing Michael intends to keep to himself. I’m sure his fans would never begrudge him a little privacy or a little quiet romance.
– Steve Manning

“[My personal life] is wonderful and I am in love…
– Michael Jackson

There have been a lot of wonderful women in my life, women whose names wouldn’t mean anything to the readers of this book, and it would be unfair to discuss them because they are not celebrities and are unaccustomed to having their names in print. I value my privacy and therefore I respect theirs as well.
– Michael Jackson

But girl, girlfriend had my nose wide open, okay, you could drive a truck through my nose. I loved her so much, God. I would give her money, I would give her jewelry, I would give her a house, a car, whatever. I was never good enough.
– Michael Jackson

She knew how I was from the beginning, it wasn’t like she didn’t. I wasn’t going to change, not until I got married. I loved her so much. I didn’t want to see that. I did not want to see that. I knew she was fooling around. I know, girl. I know it for a fact. And it was a good thing that it was finally over. I don’t regret that I didn’t sleep with her. I’m glad I didn’t.
– Michael Jackson

Part of the attraction was because she was such a strong person and stood up for me against my dad and she was always there, she was older than me and I was drawn to that.
– Michael Jackson


When I was little I used to stay with Diana Ross, me and my brother stayed with her for years and I never said, but I always had a crush on her.
– Michael Jackson

“You’re not pretty until you start looking like Diana!” he would tease LaToya and Janet.
– Katherine Jackson

I used to stay with her whenever we’d come up to New York.
-Michael Jackson

I was enthusiastic. I thought it would be wonderful for Michael and me to work together. Michael and I were pretty close during that time. We spoke on the phone every couple of days and usually saw each other about once a week, when our careers permitted. We were already very close friends.
– Diana Ross

She’s such a beautiful, talented woman. Doing this movie together was very special for me. I love her very much. I have always loved her very much.
-Michael Jackson

Diana Ross was a big support throughout the shooting. Michael referred to her as “my mama” on the set. She made a habit of checking in on him in his dressing room each morning.
– Katherine Jackson

Sometimes, Michael Jackson and I end up being dates.
– Diana Ross

She would periodically speak of Michael in a very warm way. She had real admiration and affection for him – her eyes would light up every time that she spoke of him.
– Douglas Kirkland

Even Diana Ross was calling him up – calling Michael every day telling him don’t sign don’t sign, don’t go to Columbia. You’re gonna get in a lot of trouble, things like that. Diana Ross was close to Michael. Michael always admired Diana Ross, he loved Diana Ross. They were very good good friends.
– Pete Bennett

There are a lot of people I like, and I think they like me, but only time will tell whether our friendships are really true ones, close ones. Diana Ross and I have some deep, deep conversations at times-especially on the phone, because I’m much deeper in conversation on the phone than I am in person.
-Michael Jackson

I’m crazy about Michael and I love him a lot. He’s been my inspiration. He’s a very gentle, wonderful human being, one of the special ones in this universe, and I don’t even know if he knows how special he is. So whenever I can be around him, I like it. I like to rub shoulders with talent. He’s got good vibrations. His aura is only about love. So I like being with him.
– Diana Ross

Later, when I showed him the proof sheets of the photo session, he ordered two large prints of every picture, which was highly unusual. Typically, if someone orders one or two pictures from a session, it’s considered a success. I was blown away. “Two of every single one? That’s about 144 prints… Michael answered, “Yes, I can count. I want one set for myself and one for Diana [Ross]. Todd, this is magic.”
– Todd Gray

“They have a friendship as genuine as any I’ve seen. On set Diana would say, ‘what would Michael think of this?’ Michael would say, ‘what would Diana do with this?’”
– Bob Giraldi

She’s someone very special to me.
-Michael Jackson

I care for Michael but I don’t worry about him. I think sometimes that he’s got angels on his shoulders to protect him.
– Diana Ross

We’re just good friends.
-Michael Jackson

I mean, Diana’s like a mother-lover-friend to me. She’s wonderful.
-Michael Jackson

I’m crazy about her. She was my mother, my lover, and my sister all combined in one amazing person.”
-Michael Jackson

Well, you know, I’m crazy about Michael Jackson. I might team up with him one day. I would certainly like it very much.
– Diana Ross

What I didn’t know is that you’d get so sexy.
– Diana Ross to Michael

There’s a Black lady in my life but you wouldn’t take me seriously. It’s Diana Ross. I love her. Not as a big sister, see, I told you that you wouldn’t take me seriously. I would like to marry Diana Ross, I’m saying that. Uh huh, I feel something more than close friendship for her. And what does age have to do with it? Look at it this way: how old you would you be if you didn’t even know how old you are?
-Michael Jackson

As time went on, he sort of fell in love with Diana Ross —her music and her singing — and I think it was mutual. She fell in love with him also.
– Don Cornelius

He’s also very close to Diana Ross but he isn’t obsessed with her.
– Jermaine Jackson

She’s the kind of person I can tell anything to- the most private of secrets! And she tells me her secrets as well. Sometimes I tell her I’m going to marry her. Our relationship goes on forever.
-Michael Jackson

To me, [Diana] is a peacock… That’s what she is. She has so many colors. She’s not only a singer. She’s a philosopher. She teaches you all kinds of things.
– Michael

He has so many people around him but he’s still afraid, especially to be alone at night.
– Diana Ross

When I’m with him, I try to give him exactly what he needs-a little peace and the feeling that he is loved and that he can trust you.
– Diana Ross

I’m always extremely close to Diana. She’s my best friend. I love her.
-Michael Jackson

You see, we actually love each other.
– Diana Ross

Sometimes even I’m stunned at how he can be so shy. He’ll hide, talk like this (she whispers) — then you let him on stage —and he turns into this sexy, macho thing. I try to get him to step out socially, to get a little more out of himself. He spends too much time by himself.
– Diana Ross

When I heard Diana Ross was getting married, I was happy for her because I knew it would make her very joyous. Still, it was hard for me, because I had to walk around pretending to be overwhelmed that Diana was getting married to this man I’d never met. I wanted her to be happy, but I have to admit that I was a bit hurt and a little jealous because I’ve always loved Diana and always will.
-Michael Jackson

But Michael (Jackson)-when he wants to see me, he sees me; when he doesn’t he kind of closes the door. There’s no reaching him, there’s no finding him, there’s no anything. He’s just this illusive love out there. Somebody you care about, want to protect in a strange kind of way, feeling motherly toward him, but at the same time you can’t reach him and don’t know where he is.
– Diana Ross

And so it’s just that we don’t see each other half as much as I would like to see him.
– Diana Ross

There’s something you just said that made me think of Michael Jackson. I used to talk to Michael on the phone all the time. I haven’t talked to him for years now, but he always used to ask me questions about how to make this whole show-business thing work.
– Diana Ross

I thought I was with Diana; that was just in my own mind. It took me years to get over Diana… A hell of a long time.
-Michael Jackson

I’m sure he’s – he has a wonderful person in mind to take care of the children.
– Debbie Rowe

Michael was a personal love of mine.
– Diana Ross


I later became very friendly with the star of the show, Stephanie Mills, the Broadway Dorothy.
– Michael Jackson

Michael was definitely my boyfriend back in the day. But I don’t know if I was his girlfriend.
– Stephanie

We developed quite a friendship. A friendship that lasted many years.”
– Stephanie

When he’s in New York, we go dancing at Studio 54 and when I’m in California we go roller skating or take in a movie.
– Stephanie

I told her then, and I’ve always believed since, that it was a tragedy that her performance in the play could not have been preserved on film. I cried time after time. If I had been tempted to go onstage, it would probably have been to work with Stephanie, although her performances were so moving that I might have cried right there in front of the audience.
– Michael

I was in love with Michael! I was really in love, and I thought I was going to be Mrs. Michael Jackson, but he was so slow! I was ready to become a bride! Oh my God!
– Stephanie

I think I could marry someone like Michael because we both have similar tastes. We both like stuffed animals and children. In that way we’re compatible. But then again, we’ve never really sat down and had a long talk. I guess I don’t really know him. We’re always so busy.
– Stephanie

You know what I want to say… Michael is very much a man and he’s very, he was very loving, very caring and all that but I’ve never, we never had sex and I never saw him… I only saw Michael with his underwear on and he looked very cute!
– Stephanie

Cause he lived on Sutton Place and he was filming The Wiz movie and I used to go over and spend the night and I used to do his laundry. And we would go down to the laundry together so Michael is not what they all say; he’s very real and he’s very – and I’ve never spoke about that but he’s very just a regular kinda guy.
– Stephanie

Michael is very cute in his little underwear! Michael is a great kisser, I’ve kissed him! He is a great kisser! And he’s very, very affectionate! Where’d he kiss me at? Where do you think he kissed me? I’ll just say that Michael is very much A MAN! That’s what I’m trying to say.
– Stephanie

We were maybe 18-years-old. I got to know him as a person, as a friend and he was really all about our love — very affectionate, very loving. He was really all about love.
– Stephanie


I mean I’ve been with Tate… I’ve been, well not with… I been with Tate. Tate, I dealt with Tate when I was a little younger. She came up to me in a club, we heard a… Maybe it was too… She put her hand on my… I couldn’t believe it.
– Michael

I saw her again, which was at a club on Sunset Blvd called the Roxy. We talked and talked and talked. When we met, I was sitting at this table and all of a sudden I felt this soft hand reach over and grab mine. It was Tatum. We were watching a band and underneath a table she was holding my hand I was melting
– Michael

When I asked [Michael] about supposed encounters with Tatum O’Neal, his eyes got big as he told me about the time at the Roxy that she had actually put her hand on his knee under the table.
– Robert Hilburn

At the Rox her father Ryan flirted with me a little, so Tatum sat on Michael’s lap.
– Susan Blond

This probably wouldn’t mean a lot to other people, but it was serious stuff to me. She touched me . That’s how I felt about it. In the past, girls had always touched me on tour; grabbing at me and screaming, behind a wall of security guards. But this was different, this was one-on-one, and that’s always the best.
– Michael

It was just magic, better than anything, kissing her, anything. It was magical. There were fireworks going on. It was all I needed. But that means nothing to kids today. She grew up too fast. She wasn’t into innocence, and I love that.
– Michael

The next day she invited me to join her at Hugh Hefner’s house to watch Roots on videotape. She got sort of bored, so we went outside and got into the jacuzzi. We weren’t naked as people have said. We both had on bathing suits, just enjoying ourselves. And that’s it.
– Michael

Everyone knows that he and Tatum O’Neal kissed at a party in the Playboy mansion.
– Joe Jackson

Well, I guess I am dating her in a way. I’ve taken her out a couple of times — or she’s taken me out — whatever. But she is a friend of mine and I see her occasionally.
– Michael

It is a [hot romance] but we’re friends too. My brother bought a house near her.
– Michael

She wants to take me camping. I’ve never done any of those things. I been knowin’ this business all my life so there’s no way of quittin’-but I am ready for a nice long vacation.
– Michael

We exchanged phone numbers and called each other often. I talked to her for hours: from the road, from the studio, from home.
– Michael

He gave me his number, and we started talking everyday–long drawn-out conversations that sometimes got so boring I would hand over the receiver to my friend Esme Gray. Michael would just keep on, thinking he was talking to me. His usual subject was sex. At 12 I didn’t have much to say about sex. But Michael was intensely curious about anything, everything sexual, though in an incredibly sweet and innocent way.
– Tatum

He and I had a really wonderful friendship when I was 12 and he was 17. He used to dance with me, we’d talk on the phone all the time.
– Tatum

Most of the time you [other entertainers] understand each other easier, Tatum will call me up and say, “Hey, you wanna go somewhere?” Like most of the people you may see me out with, like Tatum and Janelle, they’re kind of on and off, they’re friends, and [hysterical laughter] … I talk to them. I don’t know how to describe it, really [more laughter]. I don’t know what to say.
– Michael Jackson

I remember her telling me to come over to her house in Beverly Hills, and what she’s going to do to me. All the sexual stuff. So I’m scared to death. Scared because I’d never done anything like that. I came over there trying to be Mr Big Shot and brave and I remember she cut out all the lights in bedroom, opened the curtains so you could see the whole skyline of the city over the cliffs. It was beautiful.
– Michael

Michael used to come to my house when I was living with my dad, and I remember him being so shy. He once came to my house and asked to come upstairs because he’d never been in a girl’s bedroom before. Once he came into my bedroom, and he wouldn’t even sit on my bed.

And she told me to lie on the bed. And I did. She slowly walked over and she touched the button of my shirt to open it. I took my hands and I wouldn’t let them down. And she just walked away. She knew I was too shy for it. She wanted to do everything and I didn’t want to have sex at all, because there were a lot of values associated with being a Jehova Witness. I said, “are you crazy?” One of those was to be kind to everyone.
– Michael

He sat on the bed, and we kissed very briefly, but it was terribly awkward. So I said,’I can’t.’ Michael, who was sweating profusely, seemed as intimidated as I was. He jumped up nervously and said,’Uh, gotta go.’ That’s the closest I ever got to Michael, which is why I’m amazed by his recent claim on national TV that I’d seduced him but he was too shy to carry it through.
– Tatum

Michael Jackson made sure that I got these cool photos of him dancing with Tatum O’Neal at a party held inside a bank vault in Beverly Hills. They were best buddies and Michael wanted copies of all the photos.
– Brad Elterman

Ours developed into a real close relationship. I fell in love with her (and she with me) and we were very close for a long time. Eventually the relationship transcended into a good friendship. We still talk now and then, and I guess you’d have to say she was my first love – after Diana.
– Michael

I will say that Tatum and I had a really serious relationship. We both are so busy that things have cooled off, but we’re still really good friends. [She] calls me all the time and I hope she reads this interview because I’m sorry I couldn’t get all of her calls. But she’s still a wonderful friend of mine.
– Michael

But I love him; he’s one of the nicest, most innocent people I’ve ever met. I love “She’s out of My Life” because I think it describes our friendship at that time.
– Tatum

I absolutely adored Michael–as a friend–and I admire him to this day.
– Tatum


I remember meeting you for the first time, and being in awe of the fate that would make such a thing happen. I remember you and your younger sister Janet coming to watch Shalamar shows from the side of the stage with Groucho Marx glasses with the fake nose and moustache at Disneyland – peering from the side curtain.I remember your brothers trying to hook us up, because I put ‘”Jody Watley Loves Michael Jackson” on the back of Shalamar’s ‘Three For Love’ album, underneath my photo with the caption: “Loves..”
– Jody

When I won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist, Michael Jackson was the first person to greet me, he ran to me out of the darkness of the stage. He grabbed me and kissed me on the cheek saying softly ‘I’m so happy for you” – already emotional from my own triumph – it was momentarily eclipsed by that moment with him – I couldn’t believe it. Michael Jackson had kissed me!
– Jody


Now Brooke Shields, she was one of the loves of my life. We dated a lot. Her pictures were all over my walls and mirrors. My sisters would get jealous and tear them off the wall.
– Michael

I was at the Academy Awards with Diana Ross and she just came up to me and said, “Hi, I’m Brooke Shields. Are you going to the after party?” I said, “Yeah,” and I just melted. I thought, “Does, she know [that photographs of her are] all over my room?”
– Michael

She asked me to dance because I was not going to ask her. You know, I’m really shy and embarrassed. So she says, “I got to dance with you tonight.” I said, great. So we got together on the dance floor and danced. They were playing that old fashioned Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey music, which wasn’t much of a groove. First, you’ve got all these bald headed old people on the floor slow dancing, the Lawrence Welk sound. We really couldn’t get into it so we got to talking and got to know each other. And man we exchanged numbers and I was up all night, spinning around in my room, just so happy. She was classy.
– Michael

Brooke and Michael have been friends for a couple of years. And it seems that it’s a sudden thing and it’s not a sudden thing. You know how some people look at things and it’s not that way. They have a quiet friendship and she just wants to share and hopefully give him support too as far as a friend is concerned.
– Teri Shields

She’s gorgeous and she’s something special to me. She is the most sincere, understanding and interesting girl I’ve ever known. We talk on the phone for hours without getting bored.
– Michael

When I’m with Michael I feel so good. I’m proud to be his friend and I feel lucky to be able to enjoy it with him.
– Brooke

Michael is a hunk.
– Brooke

Despite the press’s portrayal, Michael and Brooke’s relationship was a friendship, plain and simple – at least in Michael’s mind. It was obvious to Janet and me that she had other ideas. About to watch a movie with us at home, Brooke would declare, “I’m going to sit by Michael,” grabbing his hand. “Michael, where are we going to sit?”
– LaToya

I love Michael dearly. I went to the AMA and that was really the first time we ever went out in public together. I talk to him all the time and he said that he would really like to have me go with him.
– Brooke

Anyway, he asked me [to the Grammys] and, as usual, I said I’d be glad to join him and help in any way I could, I promised we could would have fun no matter what.
– Brooke

Brooke Shields asked me out every time you saw us out together. It was her idea to go out and do it every time. I sincerely liked Brooke Shields too. I liked her a lot.
– Michael

Michael had no intention of taking Brooke to those award shows but she asked to go and he wouldn’t say no.
– LaToya

Brooke is a nice girl but she’s not Elizabeth Taylor. That’s the kind of lady I want to be seen with.
– Michael

Miss Shields had visited my parent’s home and asked him to escort her. Michael looked to me for advice but Michael ended up with her, even though he knew that career wise it wouldn’t be a good move. His fans don’t like to see Michael with a girl because they’re all hoping he likes them.
– LaToya

I joked with him that he probably would have gotten even more nominations if he had put me in the video instead of the girl he chose. He just got this mischievous smile on his face that I had seen so many times before and said,”Oh Brooke!”
– Brooke

He’s a very very good friend of mine and I trust him and he trusts me and we have a very very good understanding. I mean, I don’t want anything from him, I don’t need publicity and that’s why I’m seen with him. I like him very very much and I think that he felt comfortable that I was there at the Grammy Awards because he’d come back and he’d sit down with me and say, ‘Was that OK? Did I do all right?'”
– Brooke

Michael is having an affair with Brooke Shields and sees her a lot. Every time I talk to him about her he smiles and seems to be very, very happy. I keep saying to him ”Do I hear wedding bells, Michael?” and he breaks into a big grin.
– Jermaine Jackson

I was pretending to be him and we were dancing and he said to me, “you know I like it when – when girls sort of take – take control of the situation and act really tough.’ And I said, ‘I don’t quite understand’ and he said, ‘Well, I like them to be you know feminine, especially in the videos, but at the same time strong.’
– Brooke

Michael told me that Brooke Shields was the most aggressive girl he’d met in his life. After being out with her, he’d come to me and say things like, “She tried to kiss me. She tried to stick her tongue down my throat.”
– LaToya

We had one encounter when she got real intimate and I chickened out. And I shouldn’t have.
– Michael

I don’t think it would be fair to answer [for Michael] to say if we slept together. If he wanted to say anything before, he could have.
– Brooke


As he grew older and the more he started to change physically, the more asexual he became to me.
– Brooke

As I grew up and started having boyfriends, I would share with him, and he was like a little kid who talked about the bases- what first base was, what second base was.
– Brooke

It’s hard to trivialize and say whether it’s platonic or not platonic.
– Brooke

He is a mystery. He’s almost a mystery even if you know personally… he’s very shy… he enjoys being a mystery.
– Brooke

Well, let me say that right now, we’re closer now, than we ever were. We love each other more now than when we even knew we did when we were younger. Because we had fun when we were younger, it was a sense of relief.
– Brooke

I think we both had a crush – and still do have a crush on each other. I mean, I think part of having a crush on someone is admiring them – almost, we have a lot of fun together; it’s almost unfortunate because we know each other so well. I mean, he just amazes me every time I sit down and talk to him.
– Brooke

It’s like love on a different level. I feel closer to him than some of the boyfriends that I’ve had.
– Brooke

He is as beautiful inside as he is talented, so thoughtful and genuine. It’s unfortunate for him because he doesn’t get to go out as much and he doesn’t have a group of friends his own age.
– Brooke

She is very sweet, smart. She is not an airhead. She is real smart. A lot of people think that when someone is beautiful that are like an airhead. She is very smart.
– Michael

I could see he and Brooke Shields were very close friends.
– Celine Dion

Brooke Shields used to call him on the phone a lot. This was the pre-cell phone era, so I would usually answer his calls and then have to go find him in the studio. She was always really nice to me.
– Sam L Parity

Well, right now I’m dating Brooke Shields. Well, we try not to be everywhere, go everywhere, it’s mostly at home, she’ll come over, I’ll go to her house, because I don’t like going out in public.
– Michael

We’re just friends. He didn’t refer to me as a girlfriend. He felt he could say how he felt about me. We grew up together. He trusts me.
– Brooke

You couldn’t call it typical dating. He is such a gentleman. He speaks so honestly and purely. But our relationship is not a romance.
– Brooke

Michael was there with Brooke Shields, who he was dating at the time. It was trippy and the studio was dimly lit. I shook hands with them both and played. Then they split, and went off to dinner.
– Slash

He lied a little bit on the question about who he is dating. I think there is nothing more than a true friendship with the actress Brooke Shields.
– MJ’s bodyguard on DWT

He gave me the most incredibly beautiful ring that you could ever imagine. Of course, people built that out of proportion, they said we were engaged. It really wasn’t really about that, it was a friendship ring. When he gave it to me, it was the most adorable thing; we hadn’t really ever exchanged gifts before.
– Brooke

He never actually formally proposed to me, though. He would sort of say, “Why don’t we adopt a child together? The way your heart works is what I want in my life,” and I said to him, “You’re always going to have my heart.”
– Brooke

Another love was Brooke Shields. We were romantically serious for a while.
– Michael

He was one of my greatest love affairs. He stopped returning my calls. It’s too bad, he’s a wonderful person.
– Brooke


We are always tracking each other down. Whenever I go to another country or star a film I make sure his office knows where I am and vice versa – so we know that, somewhere in the world, there’s a friend.
– Brooke

At every major event in my life, he reached out to me, whether if it was when my dad died, when I had my first daughter, and had severe post-partum, we’d speak.
– Brooke


Yes, he had seen (my Playboy spread). Michael said that’s how they chose me, because they were looking at the magazine.
– Ola

I was getting changed, so I was crouched down half naked on the dressing room floor and he came in and giggled. I was used to taking my clothes off in front of strangers. Michael seemed very relaxed about it. It helped that I was crazy about Michael and he seemed taken by the fact I was a Playboy model.
– Ola

Michael Jackson and I met in the wardrobe room. I saw his shiny shoes first. He was so cute with his little bow tie. I’ll never forget that. He has such a presence. You can feel his energy from across the room. The last time I saw him was in the studio when he was recording the Bad album.
– Ola

I saw him sometime afterwards, we were in the studio together, I was working on some music and he was there in the same studio working on his. So I went over to him and kissed him and gave him a hug.
– Ola

He sent me to Germany, to go pick up our Grammy, our award over there. He let me bring it home, he wanted to come pick it up, but he was going to send someone else to pick it up and I told him, “no, if you don’t come pick it up yourself, you know you’re not going to get it.” So he didn’t come get it so he called and told me that it was mine and I could keep that one.
– Ola

He started getting all nervous and stuff. He said, ‘She’s adorable, she’s adorable. She’s so hot!” It was just so funny seeing him that way.
– Ryan

I really enjoyed working with Michael. He’s really a practical joker. He likes to see your responses.
– Ola

He kept saying, ‘I can’t wait until I do the werewolf scenes so I can chase you.’ I’d say he’s shy, but only when he’s around people he doesn’t know. Actually, Michael seems almost outgoing, at least while he’s working. I could tell just by the way he playfully flirted with me that he likes women. I met Jane Fonda at the studio while getting my makeup done and she asked me to take him a note and give him a kiss and a hug. When I told Michael about the kiss he said, ‘Well…!?’. I think if he finds the right girl, he’ll marry her. But in the meantime, I just don’t think he deals with sex. He seems to be on a different level. I mean, sex isn’t everything.
– Ola

He would always play with my hair and say ”Oh your hair is so pretty”
– Ola

Every day, Michael came and sat and watched me. He was in awe of me. He was always in my face trying to learn to do things with makeup like I did.
– Ola

I teased him, saying I wanted to be his girl.
– Ola

He got to flirt with me. He got to play with me, touch me and flirt with me. So that was great. We would just sit in his dressing room and we’d talk about… why he couldn’t date me (laughs). You know, why we couldn’t be as intimate as I wanted us to be. He told me that there was someone else that really liked me on the set and he couldn’t cross that line.
– Ola

Michael is very special, not like any other guy I’ve met. Since we’ve been working together we’ve been getting closer.
– Ola

No, we didn’t have sex. We had a working relationship, nothing like that.
– Ola

No, I wasn’t intimate intimate with him, but we did have our intimate moments together. We spent a lot of time talking, sharing different things, but there was nothing like that, even though I may have liked it to have been but, no.
– Ola

I had some intimate moments with him in his trailer. Let me see how I can say this without, you know, being too… I won’t say that I have seen him in his birthday suit but close enough.
– Ola

It was a little kindergarten thing. It was important for him to be around someone who would make him feel comfortable. It was kissing and puppy-love make-out sessions – and a little more than that. I’ve already told you more than I’ve ever told anyone!
– Ola

I wouldn’t say it was further than he’d ever been with another woman. I don’t think he’s that innocent. (laughs) He’s not that innocent. He definitely knew what he was doing. In his own little way.
– Ola

I think things got pretty sexy between Ola and Michael. Some very sweet kind of physical interaction going on beteen the two of them. I would say not first (base), I would say second base… maybe… third.
– Nancy Griffin

I felt so in love that night. You can see it in my eyes. You can see it for sure.
– Ola


After that, we talked on the phone every day, on every stop of the tour. And I thought, Wow. Doesn’t she have other things to do? After all, she’s Elizabeth Taylor! At the end of the tour, I asked her if I could come by for tea. She said, “Yes.” I brought Bubbles along. She didn’t mind…
– Michael

Really, we got to know each other on the telephone, over three months.
– Elizabeth

I mean, our childhoods are very similar, and we have that from the very beginning in common. Um, I was a child star at nine, had an abusive father, um, and that kind of brought us close together in the very beginning.
– Elizabeth

Other women, probably attracted to Michael’s relative innocence, approached him even more directly. But other women were simply friends, and he received many gifts from them, which he took as thoughtful tokens of their affection. One famous actress gave him a set of beautiful gray silk sheets monogrammed with her initials, ET. We thought they were so sumptuous and pretty: we never thought there was anything untoward about the gesture.
– LaToya

When I honored Elizabeth at the American Cinema Awards, for instance, Sophia arrived arm in arm with Michael Jackson, which had made me smile a little. Michael was closer to Elizabeth than he was to Sophia.
– David Gest

Elizabeth Taylor was going to visit and Michael wanted some privacy. Jermaine made a wisecrack about Elizabeth and was quickly put in his place. “Don’t ever talk bad about Elizabeth Taylor to me, Jermaine,” Michael said softly. “She’s beautiful. The most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.” By this time Michael and Elizabeth were already well acquainted but their friendship would grow during this brief stay in the hospital. She came for visits several times a day and sometimes brought him violets, which stood in sweet contrast to the dozen black roses LaToya had delivered from London.
– Margaret Maldonado

Brooke is a nice girl but she’s not Elizabeth Taylor. That’s the kind of lady I want to be seen with.
– Michael

Yes and no (do I get jealous about Liz dating other men). I know that if we ever did anything romantically the press would be so mean and nasty and call us, “The Odd Couple.” It would turn into a circus and that’s the pain of it all. You know I push her in a wheelchair sometimes, when she can’t walk. It’s none of their business what we have together. I have to be with people who like me.
– Michael

He is the least weird man I have ever known. He is highly intelligent, true, intuitive, understanding, sympathetic, generous almost to a fault, of himself.
– Elizabeth

She’s a warm cuddly blanket that I love to snuggle up to and cover myself with. I can confide in her and trust her. In my business, you can’t trust anyone. Elizabeth is someone who loves me – really loves me .
– Elizabeth

But Elizabeth is also like a mother – and more than that. She’s a friend. She’s Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, the Queen of England and Wendy. We have great picnics. It’s so wonderful to be with her. I can really relax with her, because we’ve lived the same life and experienced the same thing.
– Michael

[Elizabeth Taylor and I] we’re like brother and sister, mother and son, lovers… it’s a potpourri…it’s something special.
– Michael

Elizabeth Taylor is gorgeous, beautiful, and she still is today, I’m crazy about her. I would like to have (proposed to her).
– Michael

No (he never proposed to me)! And I never proposed to him.
– Elizabeth

I want the world to know what a wonderful, giving, caring, generous man he is and how good he is. Oh, he’s wildly funny.
– Elizabeth

He’s a very sensitive, very vulnerable, very shy person. I believe totally that Michael will be vindicated.
– Elizabeth

I am a friend of Michael Jackson’s… I love him like a son and I support him with all my heart.
– Elizabeth

She’s been a source of strength and counsel as this crisis came about. I shall never forget her unconditional love and encouragement in helping me through this period.
– Michael

I love him. There’s a vulnerability inside him which makes him the more dear. We have such fun together. Just playing.
– Elizabeth

There’s a kind of magic between us.
– Elizabeth

He is one of the most loving, sweet, true people I have ever loved. He is part of my heart. And we would do anything for each other.
– Elizabeth

To my True Love Elizabeth. I’ll love you Forever, Michael.
– portrait in Neverland inscribed by Michael


Then, I met Michael. One day I was invited to the studio and I met Michael. I was like, “Oh my God! I’m here with Michael Jackson!” and then my childhood thoughts and dreams just went through my head and Michael was admiring this beautiful waist top that I had. It had so many different panels of lace and he said, “It’s so beautiful!” He kept walking around me, and I froze! I couldn’t even talk. I think I’m star struck! I did pretty good until I got to him, because I had a crush on him as a kid. Oh my goodness, I’m like, “Michael Jackson is admiring me!”
– Marva

It took a while, because he had a lot of security and stuff, like, “What does she want?” and “Why is she really around?” You know, they watched me for a while. They studied me religiously, but then they learned, “Okay, she’s not so crazy and she doesn’t have any other motive, except she wants to work and she’s friends with Michael.”
– Marva

Michael ended up taking to me, so I ended up becoming one of his playmates. We had too much fun! We were two young adults that were real childish, but we had so much fun! I would travel with him sometimes, and we would torture the press, we would hide and do things (laughs) and just have a lot of fun.
– Marva


As for the dress and boots…..well, it was the look I put together for the initial audition. It worked as Michael liked the look, from what I was told.
– Tatiana

I saw him turn to the person next to him and say something. I later found out from David Banks, one of the video’s writers, that Michael had said, “She’s the one. The rest are extras.”
– Tatiana

That’s why it’s my job to cast the girl, because it’ my job to think they are cute. So I can do that if I really like them, like some of the girls you see in my videos. I have cast them because I really like them and it caused a problem afterwards because they start to really like me, and I don’t want to get that serious, and it becomes a problem sometimes.
– Michael

By our fourth take, the heel of my boot was caught in the cars upholstery and Michael put his hand on my leg to help pull it out. It blew my mind that he had actually touched my leg, which I pulled away and began to tumble out of the car falling on my butt and hard too! Michael started laughing hysterically as Joe Pytka yelled, “Get up, keep it going, keep it going, and don’t stop.” As I did, Michael got out of the car and started wiping my butt off.
– Tatiana

The fall caused a run in my stockings and the stylist wanted me to change. I started walking off the set and Michael asked, ”Where are you going?” I explained that she wanted me to change my stockings. He disapproved by saying. “No, I like it. I think the run is neat. It’s sexy.”
– Tatiana

During a quick break from the scene, Michael pointed out two birds high above us perched on a ledge — they were making love. He said, “Look,” while pointing up. I became embarrassed and shy and I looked away blushing. Michael stood gazing at me with this sweet smirk on his face that was somehow naughty.
– Tatiana

Between the scenes, Michael said to me, ”I heard you wanted to dance in this video.” I admitted it was true and I said, ”I thought I would get the opportunity to dance with you.” Michael replied in a soft and sweet voice, “Don’t worry, we’ll work together again.”
– Tatiana

It was quietly rumored that we were supposed to kiss at the end of the video scene but Joe came up to me and whispered in my ear, ”Don’t kiss him, he’s too shy for that, don’t kiss him!” Therefore, of course I respected his direction.
– Tatiana

I expressed how great it had been working with him and then he asked me if his team had my number. As I left, I could hear Michael say to Frank :”Aren’t you going to give it to her?”Frank replied, “No, why don’t you give it to her? It’s from you.”They were bickering like kids and before I knew it Frank tossed one of Michael’s hats to me. A black fedora with his name embroidered in gold inside the rim that he used in the Bad Tour. I caught the hat as if on cue and as I walked off I recall saying, ”I love you Michael” I guess the fan was coming out of me.
– Tatiana

To be honest, I could not help but to think that [Katherine] was checking me out. She wanted to see the girl she had heard about. The girl that had captivated Michael’s interest or tweaked Michael’s curiosity, and I eventually found out I was correct about her suspicion. She admitted it to me later.
– Tatiana

Yes, I know Tatiana very well. Yes, in fact, right after Michael did the commercial with Tatiana he called me in his room and he talked to me about her because he really liked her and had fallen in love with her and he asked me, what did I think? And I said, “Well if you’re in love with her let her know.”
– Katherine Jackson

Not long after the video production was over, Michael’s stand-in, Craig, who had become a friend of mine, called and said, “You know, Michael talks about you all the time. He asks me how you are and told me to tell you hello. I think he really likes you. He says stuff like how incredibly beautiful you are and how sweet you are.”
– Tatiana

In January, Michael was shooting a new video entitled Leave Me Alone. To my utter surprise, Craig called to say that Michael invited me to come and visit him but that I would need to clear my visit with Michael’s personal secretary Joli.
– Tatiana

On February 8th Frank Dileo, requested we meet at his office in Ventura. He told me how he could tell I had a thing for Michael and advised me to move on for my affection for him. He told me to focus on my career instead. He also made a comment about having me over to see his new home someday, but without mention of Michael being around or his own family being there.
– Tatiana

On their first date towards the end of the 80s Michael’s manager Frank Dileo was present as a sentry dog. Frank knew that Michael was interested in her and the three of them met at a restaurant. Without informing Michael, Frank had tried to court her even though he was married.
– Joe Jackson

Michael’s family felt this was Frank Dileo’s doing. It was clear: they did not trust his manager.
– Tatiana

”Ah, ha, you see! You are a threat to him. If Michael falls in love and wants to marry you, then Dileo fears the person Michael is close to could have more value and credibility than he does with Michael.” Katherine said.
– Tatiana

I remembered the family complaining that they could not reach Michael when they wanted or even needed him.
– Tatiana

Joseph made a remark about Bill that made it obvious that he disliked Bill. Katherine also said that she did not trust Bill.
– Tatiana

I came to learn through one of the band members that Michael told them to stay away from me and not to bother me. I thought this was respectful of him to do and my mother especially liked it!
– Tatiana

Joli, Michael’s secretary joined me. She told me that she knew Michael had feelings for me, because he spoke of me often. Yet, she said that she was confused to why he had not responded to my request to speak with him yet. She promised me that she would make the call happen.
– Tatiana

Ingrid said that she heard from many people in the industry that Michael cared for me, but she felt his professional camp had taken control of the situation by brainwashing him and telling him lies about me.
– Tatiana

Certainly, Michael’s friends Corey Feldman and Little Richard, both his sisters and brothers knew that he had romantic feelings for her but we had not uttered a word about it since it wasn’t clear whether their relationship was serious or not.
– Joe Jackson

I heard Michael through the door of a private room going through his vocal warm up. One of his security guys remarked to Michael that I looked beautiful and I heard Michael reply, ”I know. ”
– Tatiana

When I stepped out onto the stage, I passed Mike and heard him say, “Work it! Work it! That’s it!”
– Tatiana

As I grabbed his collar, I landed a big wet one on his cheek. I kissed him. I did not think anything of it, and I did not think he would be ticked off. The dancers told me that he was happy and excited about the kiss. Telling me, “OOHHH, Boy! You just made Michael’s day! He was happy!” I pretty much thought it was a good thing.
– Tatiana

I apologized to him because I had kissed him on the cheek. I said, “I am sorry if I threw you off in any way,” Mike intervened by saying, “OH! NO! NO! It was fine! It was great! I liked it!.” Then I asked him, “Well would it be all right then if I did it again, and perhaps take it a step further?” He said “Oh sure! That’ll be great!”
– Tatiana

I took it upon myself to change the routine a bit, something just came over me.
– Tatiana

I thought about whether or not I should follow through on the kiss. For some reason I was questioning myself. As I stepped up to him and put my arms around his collar, he looked deep into my eyes, almost as though he was challenging me. Then he did this sexy little thing where he bit his bottom lip. I placed my arm around his waist, and I landed a kiss right on his smacker! Never for a moment did I feel this was one-sided, as he at this point, put his left hand on my rear.
– Tatiana

Scott said that, again, this is not unusual when working with A-listers. There are even contracts that specify whether the person can be touched, where, and by whom.
– Scott Thompson

The next person to greet me was Michael’s mother Katherine. She walked towards me and gave me a big bear hug. She later admitted to me that she saw absolutely nothing wrong with us kissing. She approved.
– Tatiana

Miko was in a rage. He yelled, “How dare you f****** take advantage of him like that! You f****** b****! Who the f*** do you think you are? I cannot believe you are f****** took advantage of him like that in front of all those people.”
– Tatiana

Michael’s mother called me saying she was very interested and concerned about me. I first spoke with Rebbie for a few minutes and she said that they were concerned about me. They wanted to know why I was fired from Michael’s tour and she stated that her mother wanted to speak with me herself.
– Tatiana

As I prepared to go onstage and accept for him, the announcer said,”Since he could not be here tonight as he’s still on tour, we accept this on his behalf.” Well, so much for that! No one informed me of the change.
– Tatiana

He said that his friend had contacted MJJ records to get in touch with me but was told that I was booked, unavailable, and in Europe. Well my friends, I have never been to Europe.
– Tatiana

One of Hugh Hefner’s assistants told me Hef was good friend of Michael and that he did not want to involve himself with anything that was not ”Pro-Michael Jackson.-Never did I consider my story against Michael in any way.
– Tatiana

Majestic relayed a message to me that he heard that Michael’s response to me signing with Joseph was, ”She can’t be that stupid!”
– Tatiana

My mother advised me to write Michael a letter during this time and to pass it through my new contacts within the family.
– Tatiana

David Banks told me I was living in a fantasy world but I did not see it yet.
– Tatiana

My friend, Iris Parker kept telling me to wake up and smell the coffee. She said that it was time for me to move on for good.
– Tatiana

Majestic said, “People just fuck you in this town and don’t kiss you first, huh, Tatiana?”
– Tatiana

I approached the gate and I asked Bill Bray, Michael’s assistant if he could please relay to Michael that I would like a moment with him. He told me that he would see what he could do. Before I knew it, Bill yelled ‘’Well hurry up! If you are coming, come on! We do not have all day! We’ve got another award to get.”
– Tatiana

He kept repeating exactly the same words to me that he said on stage. As though he had been scripted. He said, ”Oh Tatiana! It is so good to see you! I had no idea you were going to be here.” It was like an instant replay, and it was so weird. I said, ”Michael, I would really like to talk to you.” Right after I said that, Bill Bray grabbed Michael’s arms and pulled him away saying, ”We gotta go!” They did this as if they planned it.
– Tatiana

Majestic helped me understand what really happened to me that night. He said that when Bill Bray yelled for me to “Come on” it was probably giving Michael a cue for him to come outside his trailer so that I could not go inside. Then, when Bill pulled his arm saying,”We gotta go,” that was also a planned skit. He made it clear to me that Michael did not want to speak to me. Just as David Banks pointed out before, if Michael wanted something, he got it! ”What Michael once he gets,” he said.
– Tatiana

Ingrid also shed some light on the walkie-talkie incident that occurred when I was being escorted from behind the stage left to stage right. I learned that the missing words of the puzzle were, ”Michael does not want to see or speak to Tatiana before the show.”
– Tatiana

When they see me running the other way (they know I don’t reciprocate). Yeah. Some of them follow me around the world and it’s hard.
– Michael

No (I never tell them directly I don’t reciprocate), because it would hurt them too much.
– Michael

Tatiana says the friendship blossomed into a love affair that lasted about a year.
– Maury

Yes, there was a romantic attachment between us. We became somewhat involved after the video.
– Tatiana

It’s just like Michael says in the song, “It’s nobody’s business but mine and my baby’s.” I’m not going to sit here and talk about my sex life or his sex life, I’m very private, that’s my business.
– Tatiana

The lie slipped out of my mouth simply because of my feelings for him. I felt that an injustice was being committed. Plus, I wanted Michael to see how much I loved him.
– Tatiana

The unknown dancer has never been near a celebrity and couldn’t believe that my son wanted her. She could barely overcome the excitement and openly spoke about their relationship. It wasn’t pleasant for Michael because he did not want her to be put out on a public review before he had the opportunity to spend some real time with her.
– Joe Jackson

[Prince and I] met by chance one night at a club and started talking about an interview I had given to the Star tabloid during the scandal involving Michael Jackson and the underage boy. Prince was upset that I had spoken to the tabloid; he attacked me for my comments and he was especially bothered by a line that quoted me as saying that Michael would never get married. He shouted, “Did you need the money that bad? Are you that poor-that broke, that you sell your story to the tabloids?”
– Tatiana

You were spoken of with very kind words.
– Bill Whitfield to Tatiana

He considered [marrying me] years ago, from what I have recently been told (by a woman Michael knew). And after he passed away, someone who knew him looked me up to tell me that he spoke about me to them on June 8th 2009.
– Tatiana


The last video I went crazy over and wanted to see over and over again was Billie Jean.
– Madonna

From then on I went through an “I want to be like Michael Jackson” phase. I can do everything he can do only I’m a girl! I still idolize him above any performer. He transcends almost every level, appeals to everyone.
– Madonna

I’d love to dance with Michael Jackson.

So in the nightclub I was all over the place, I combined everything. Street dance, modern dance, a bit of jazz and ballet, I was Twyla Tharp, I was Alvin Ailey, I was Michael Jackson. I didn’t care, I was free.

I saw him play at Madison Square Garden, and I was blown away. He was flawless.
– Madonna

At the same time she will come to my concert and cry. She comes there and tears rolling down her face for the song and the presentation of the song. There are some good qualities in her.
– Michael

He’s up for a couple of things that surprise me.
– Madonna

“I said, “Look, Michael, if you want to do something with me, you have to be willing to go all the way or I’m not going to do it.” He keeps saying yes.”
– Madonna

Madonna laid the law down to me before we went out. “I am not going to Disneyland, okay? That’s out.” I said, “But I didn’t ask you to go to Disneyland.” She said, “We are going to the restaurant and afterwards we are going to a strip bar.” I said, “I am not going to a strip bar.” Guys who cross-dress [note: House of Xtravaganza]!
– Madonna

“We drove to the restaurant in my car. It was dark out, but he was still wearing sunglasses. I said, ‘Michael, I feel like I’m talking to a limousine, do you think you could take off those glasses so I could see your eyes?’ He paused for a moment, then he tossed the glasses out the window, looked at me with a wink and a smile and said, ‘Can you see me now, is that better? In that moment, I could see both his vulnerability and his charm.”

Later we went back to my house to watch a movie and sat on the couch like two kids, and somewhere in the middle of the movie, his hand snuck over and held mine. It felt like he was looking for more of a friend than a romance, and I was happy to oblige. In that moment, he didn’t feel like a superstar. He felt like a human being.
– Madonna

He was a real paradox, one of the world’s greatest performers and obviously very confident on stage, but in real life he was shy and you really felt for him.
– Madonna

(At the Oscars) it was pouring rain, the limo door opened and Michael got out first. I got out right after him, and my bodyguard leaves with Michael under the umbrella. I was left standing in the rain. It was so fascinating to see how people responded to him.
– Madonna

At the time I was with Madonna she was into these books, a whole library of women who were tied to walls. She said, “I love spanky books.” Why do I want to see that? How would you like getting a phone call and she is telling you that she is putting her fingers between her legs. I would say, “Oh Madonna, please.” She said, “What I want you to when I hung up the phone is rub yourself and think of me.” That’s the kind of stuff she says. She does. When I see her she says, “This is the finger I used last night.” Wild, out of control. She is not sexy at all.
– Michael Jackson

Michael was also working on a commercial in a studio nearby where Madonna was shooting a movie. Madonna walked in one day and Michael was telling me something like, “You know Madonna can be naughty, a bad girl. Sometimes she needs to be spanked.” He hadn’t realized Madonna was standing right behind him.
– Joe Mantegna

So that’s what we were doing: watching movies, having dinner, hanging out, going to the Oscars, being silly, seeing if we could work. He got relaxed. He took off his sunglasses, had a glass of wine, I got him to laugh.
– Madonna

To work with him and become friends and hang out with him, was exciting for me. I used to love picking his brains about musical stuff.

[My people] knew nothing about it. This was totally between her and me.
– Michael Jackson

I was madly in love with him, totally smitten. He was mind-bogglingly talented.
– Madonna

I think she was sincerely in love with me and I was not in love with her. She did a lot of crazy things and that’s how that went.
– Michael Jackson

Every time I call her she’s either talking to or about Michael Jackson.
– Sandra Bernhard

”Michael Jackson isn’t very masculine. He looks like Diana Ross. He has those beautiful doe eyes. He even talks like a girl and he’s conquered the world.”
– Madonna

Madonna visited MJ in the studio exactly one time. They spent a little while in his “private” room in the back, and then she left. When I asked Michael later about her visit, he said that she “scared” him. I think we all speculated that she tried to make a “move” on him, but Michael never said. In any event, we never saw her again after that…
– Sam L Parity

In a moment of unintended self-revelation, he [Michael Jackson] told me (with his hand cupped over his mouth in a gesture of ”I shouldn’t”) about how a highly popular female entertainer (I’ll withold the name) had once exposed herself to him (his words) just to see how he would react; a confession that caused him to visibly blush.
– Kit Culkin

He ran away from me.
– Madonna

We’re like oil and vinegar, oil and water. We just don’t mix.

I could have pushed myself out into his world, but I’ve spent all my time trying to be in touch with people, and he spends all his time hiding, cloaking and padding things around himself. It’s very evident when you see him work.
– Madonna

I felt like a peasant next to them, like this big clumsy farm girl. Like, when I’m hungry, I eat. When I’m thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it. And they have these manners and they’re just so careful about what they eat and what they say.
– Madonna

I haven’t seen that documentary [Living With Michael Jackson], but it sounds disgusting, like he [Martin Bashir] exploited a friendship. Publicly humiliating someone for your own gain will only come and haunt you. I can assure you, all these people will be sorry. God’s going to have his revenge.
– Madonna

People have said so many things about me that aren’t true, and I never once had a second thought that the accusations against him might be true.
– Madonna

There is no question that Michael Jackson is one of the greatest talents the world has ever known. That when he sang a song at the ripe old age of eight he could make you feel like an experienced adult was squeezing your heart with his words. That when he moved he had the elegance of Fred Astaire and packed the punch of Muhammad Ali. That his music had an extra layer of inexplicable magic that didn’t just make you want to dance but actually made you believe you could fly, dare to dream, be anything that you wanted to be. Because that is what heroes do and Michael Jackson was a hero.
– Madonna

When I first heard that Michael had died… All I could think about in this moment was, “I had abandoned him.” That we had abandoned him. That we had allowed this magnificent creature who had once set the world on fire to somehow slip through the cracks. While he was trying to build a family and rebuild his career, we were all passing judgment. Most of us had turned our backs on him. I thought, “my God, he was so unique, so original, so rare, and there will never be anyone like him again. He was a king.” Michael Jackson was a human being but he was a king. Long live the king.
– Madonna


I wanna kiss him. (giggles) I may kiss him but I mean if I kiss him it won’t be for the screen.
– Naomi

He is sweet and shy and sensitive and seems to be a very caring, soulful person.
– Naomi

The sweetest thing Michael said to me was, um, that I reminded him of a fawn, which is like a baby deer. He said that is what he thought I looked like. I thought that like a “Bambi,” and I thought that was very sweet.
– Naomi

To me he is a wonderful person, inside and out. He was everything I thought he would be, or even more.
– Naomi

Look at him! Look at how beautiful he is!
– Naomi on Michael

I had fun with Naomi, but, I hate doing that. (Laughing) She’s a sweetheart. She’s a champ.
– Michael

I keep hearing that he’s frightened of me. (laugh) But I think it’s because the directors would tell me, Herb would say you have to touch him everywhere, and I’d say, but he doesn’t want me to touch him–“You can’t touch me there!” and Herb would say, “You have to do it!”
– Naomi

“Naomi! Herb!” photographer’s shout as Herb attempted to steer Naomi down the red carpet. How’s the video?” “I want to suck Michael Jackson’s cock!” Naomi dutifully tried to inform the free press as Herb shoved her in the door while attempting to gag her with his spare hand.
– Sharon Oreck

I like to touch people all the time. I mean, I had to push a little bit further but I like to be that way.
– Naomi

He just said I was crazy. He was frightened of me because I’m a nymphomaniac.

We were joking ALL the time. It was like, jokemaster. It was constantly jokes, jokes, jokes. We had a lot of fun. We were like two children. We had water fights and (giggles) cream can fights, whipped cream can fights.
– Naomi


“Well, you know what you gotta go and find out. You can’t afford not to take a chance. I mean you can’t be completely totally alone.”
– Sam Stein

“I can’t afford to mess up.”
– Michael

“Sometimes it’s hard for me to get close to people.”
– Michael

“As far as having a relationships, Is the baby moving? (joking)”
(Laughs uncomfortably.) “No, we’re careful, there’s no babies.”
– Sam and Michael


She told me she goes like, “Michael, why can I never get the chance to see you and never get through to you,” and I said.. “I well I don’t wanna call you because I said you know… spend some time with you and stuff.” So she goes, “I love you Michael and I’ll do whatever it takes and all that,” right?
– Michael

I was kinda interested in her… and I know I can trust this girl, like I told you a long time ago right? I said I know I can trust her, I don’t have any bad feelings.
– Michael

You know that’s what she said…. like it doesn’t matter, no matter what you know… she told me that she’s afraid she’s going to lose me as a friend or whatever, she’s afraid she’s not going to see me.
– Michael

Well… I’m gonna, I’m gonna be with her.
– Michael


When she was eighteen I used to tell my lawyer John Branca, do you know Lisa Marie Presley ’cause I think she’s really cute. And he’d laugh every time. He goes, “I’ll try my best”, that’s what he’d say. Then he’d come back and I’d say “well did you find out?” He’d say “no, there’s nothing”.
– Michael Jackson

Michael wanted to meet me earlier in my life, and I said, “No way.” I thought he was a freak, and I had no interest in meeting him. But when I finally did, he immediately dashed any preconceived idea I had about him.
– Lisa Marie

I didn’t think of him like that when I first met him. We had something though. We were sitting talking and after 20 minutes I’d forgotten who he was.
– Lisa Marie

He was very quick to, the first time I met him, sit me down and go, ‘listen, I’m not gay, I know you think this and I know you think that. And he started cursing, and he started being a real person. And I thought ‘wow’. I was always saying, ‘People wouldn’t think I was so crazy if they saw who the hell you really are: that you sit around and you drink and you curse and you’re fucking funny, and you have a bad mouth, and you don’t have that high voice all the time.’
– Lisa Marie

He’s not stupid, he didn’t get where he was because he’s stupid. It’s unfortunate that not a lot of people know who he really is. He doesn’t let anybody see it. And he has some idea about how he should represent himself in the public, that he thinks works for him, which is the sort-of meek victim, meek-quiet thing that he does, which is not like how he really is. So, he doesn’t let a lot of people see that.
– Lisa Marie

When Michael was about to leave, he offered Lisa a penetrating look and in a conspiratorial voice said, “You and me, we could get into a lot of trouble. Think about that, girl.”
– Brett Strong

Then I met Michael and I could tell he was interested in me – we had a connection at the time.  I made the mistake of saying I was not happy in my marriage, and the courting started. Flowers. Calls. Candies. You name it . . . everything started coming.”
– Lisa Marie

I fell in love… for him. Because he was an incredible, an incredibly dynamic person. If you were in his vicinity and he wanted to give – and he showed you who he was, and he was willing to do that in any way, meant that… I have never felt so high in my life. I have never felt so high in my life as that. I am not lying when I say that. He had something so intoxicating about him and when he was on, when he was ready to share with you or give it to you, and be himself and allow you to come in. I don’t know if I’ve ever been that intoxicated by anything.
– Lisa Marie

Lisa, kept calling me after that. Constantly calling me. And she wanted to get together with Michael more. Lisa met with Brett a few times to talk about it, remarking that she had “a few things in common with the Jacksons and maybe she should pursue a friendship with Michael.” I always talked about him as a passionate man [who was] extremely loving…and that attracted Lisa, that loving part, and loving children.
-Brett Strong

I began getting phone calls from an amazed Brett about this time. “He’s saying, ‘Gosh, Lisa’s calling me and Lisa’s really interested in Michael!’ ” Brett’s impression, was that Michael was absorbed in his work, but that Lisa was really interested in him. “And I said, ‘Come on! What do you mean?’ [Brett] said, ‘You haven’t met him, but he’s very charismatic.’ And I said, ‘Yeah, but I can’t believe it.’ He said, ‘Yeah, she’s kind of pursuing him.’
– Mike Edwards

I think it was the passion of a woman who fell in love. And Michael wasn’t even interested at all. And he is a gentleman; he wouldn’t have wanted to pull her away from her marriage to Danny. And she pursued him.
– Brett Strong

I know that Lisa is the one who pursued the relationship.
– Bob Wall

I started calling him, he started calling me, I sort of became his friend.
– Lisa Marie

By mid 1993, Lisa Marie was deeply in love with Michael – and she made sure they got together regularly. I realize now that she was pursuing Michael – and that she was determined to make him her husband.
– Brett Strong

One of the things that Michael told me was, “Man, I didn’t know that Lisa was going to divorce her husband for me.”
– Teddy Riley

He’s not sexually seductive, but there is something riveting about him. He doesn’t let people see who he is. When he does, it’s hard to shake.
– Lisa Marie

Yes, she did have sincere feelings for him, according to what she told me. She did. She didn’t do it because Michael coerced her. She genuinely cared about him. She told me she knew he was interested in women.
– Myrna Smith

I was already friends with him, there was already some romantic stuff going on a little bit before [the allegations] happened (in August). So it was like, I was already like, you know, I was the only one he would be calling so I felt all privileged and, you know, that he was trusting me and telling me what happened and it was very convincing and I believed him.
– Lisa Marie

He called…I was in touch with him through the whole process of this – charges going on. I was talking to him when he disappeared. I was actually supposed to go to Santa Juan, Puerto Rico when he left and disappeared, and I got a call that he wasn’t going to be there and I was actually a part of the whole thing with him, by talking to him on the phone, so…
– Lisa Marie

You look like a woman who needs to let go and have some fun. You look like a woman who needs to hook up with me.
– MJ to Lisa, Magic &Madness

At the time there was sexual attraction. Yeah.
– Lisa Marie

Of course, I wouldn’t have married him at the time if I hadn’t (felt physically attracted to him). It wasn’t instinctive to me right off the bat. He needed to make that overture because I wasn’t going to.
– Lisa Marie

No, he was… whenever he was ready to make a move on me, it happened. I wasn’t the instigator, I wouldn’t, you know, I um… that wasn’t something I could imagine at the time.
– Lisa Marie

…obviously I didn’t resist (him kissing me).
– Lisa Marie

I wouldn’t have married him if I wasn’t [sexually satisfied].
– Lisa Marie

Yes, these were romantic nights. I mean, it was normal. I wasn’t going to get married if it wasn’t that.
-Lisa Marie

Yeah, in private we were doing all the things that married people do: kissing, going to bed together, having sex…. That was part of it, for a while.
– Lisa Marie

Apparently, Michael Jackson is a freak in bed. Lisa said he was amazing, and she’s been around. Everyone was saying, ‘No way, Lisa. It can’t be true. Michael Jackson? Are we talking about the Michael Jackson, the one with the glove?’ However, she wasn’t joking, and it wasn’t long before she didn’t think it was funny, either.
– Monica Pastelle

My taste in sex is probably “porn style.” [Laughs] I am a little dark on the subject. I like it rough, the way they do things in porn movies.
– Lisa Marie

Man, we were backstage after the show, and here comes Mike with this chick, and he’s all up in her face, kissing on her, and we were saying, “Who the heck is this girl?” Finally he introduced her: Lisa Marie Presley. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I said to the guys, “Check this out. The King of Pop and the King’s daughter, together. It had to happen.” They looked pretty cozy.
– Otis Williams

Yeah, anyway we were spending a lot of time together. I don’t know how it didn’t manage to get in the press, because we weren’t hiding it. I was in Las Vegas, we were in…everywhere… bookstores. We were not hiding it.
– Lisa Marie

On the way to the movie theater, he turned to her and said, “Lisa, here. Come here. Sit here.” He said it just like a regular man, not in that little-boy voice of his. It was like, you’re going to sit with me, woman, and she did. I was very impressed, but I was also confused. I mean, who was this guy?
– David Foster

I know that he and Lisa Marie were absolutely 100% in love because I was around them, and it was amazing. It was a great love story. I know that.
– David Foster

Michael asked me, “Can I bring my love interest?” It was romantic. Later, I asked Michael how things were going and he said, “Great. I just got to kiss the most beautiful girl in the world. I hope I’m worthy of her. I think I might marry her.” For a while, those two were really getting it on.
– Donald Trump

He told her that she was the only woman he could see himself marrying. And I was like, ‘You gotta be kidding.’ but Lisa responded, “Myrna, you don’t understand.”
– Myrna Smith

Michael was the one who mentioned marriage. On the telephone. He first asked me…We were going out four months, um…right? Four months? I was separated for four months and I said…he said what would you do if I asked you to marry me? And I said I would.
– Lisa

A big I would. You were really enthusiastic! (laughing)
– Michael to Lisa

Lisa and I were in the living room [at Neverland] having a glass of wine. We had just finished watching All About Eve, starring the great Bette Davis. We both love that movie. I just walked over to her, reached into my pocket and pulled out this huge diamond ring. “So what do you think?” I asked her. “You want?” She screamed out, “Yes, yes yes.” I never even officially popped the question. We never actually discussed marriage. It just sort of happened.
– Michael Jackson

We were in the library in front of the fire and he pulled this giant 10 carat diamond out of his pocket and put it on my finger. I think he got on his knees too and proposed. I did think it would be forever.
– Lisa Marie

I love Lisa Marie. Why won’t people believe that? Why won’t the public let me be happy?
– Michael Jackson

Lisa didn’t live at Neverland. We visited Neverland the way…I lived at her house in the city and every once in a while we visited Neverland. It would be like our fun weekend.
– Michael

I honestly can tell you that it was in every sense a normal marriage and everything was spoken. In the middle of the night, if he needed to wake up and tell me, bounce something off me, and wake me up and wanna talk… if there was trouble… He was like a little gnome. I used to tell him he was a gnome running around the room because it was hard for him to sleep. A lot of times I couldn’t sleep either if he wasn’t sleeping. I’d just hear him piddling. It was a bit endearing but then I didn’t mind it. But he did have a hard time sleeping, yes.
– Lisa Marie

And I really loved that role and I loved taking care of him. It was the highest point of my life, one of the very highest points of my life. When things were going really well and he and I were united together and he and I had an understanding about some of the people and the things that could go around him and he was with me on those things and we were a unit and I could take care of him. Loved being next to him, taking care of him. I was on such a high from doing that. It was a very profound time of my life.
– Lisa Marie

But believe me; the love affair between them is real. It’s not a phoney marriage designed to make Michael look better. Michael definitely wants to have children with Lisa Marie – and she says she can’t wait to have his baby.
– Brett Strong

I am very much in love with Michael; I dedicate my life to being his wife. I understand and support him.
– Lisa Marie

The press release was Lisa Marie’s idea. She wanted to set the record straight. If it was up to me, I would have just said, “Let people think what they want.”
– Michael Jackson

After the (Scientology) test, Lisa Marie hugged him and kissed him on the lips. She was so proud and happy. It certainly looked like they were a happy couple.
– Terry Dangers

There was a lot of teasing, a lot of kidding around, like any other newlywed couple.
– Steve Manning

I was there when Lisa Marie was around. They acted like two kids in love. Held hands all the time and she hung out at the studio for quite a while. I never questioned their love for each other.
– Robmix

He’s cuddly with Lisa Marie in the studio.
– Jimmy Jam

Michael and Lisa Marie were great together and a lot of fun to be with.
– David Nordahl

Lisa Marie is great, they feel very good together. They are inseparable. She comes very often to the studio.
– Bruce Swedien

We did mundane married couple things, like watch TV together. I remember Alanis [Morissette] broke like a bat out of hell back then. I pulled him into the room and said, ‘You gotta listen to this.’ He liked her and then when she took the Grammy, he goes, ‘Well, that’s your girl, you were on it.’”
– Lisa Marie

For Diane Sawyer to ask all the other questions and then have someone else ask that – why? I’m sick of this whole stupid thing about, ‘Do they have sex?’ Somebody asked me that and I said, “No, they just sit there, look at each other and masturbate.’ I mean it’s STUPID. I wish people would shut the fuck up and leave him alone.
– Janet Jackson

What I saw made me think of the scene which two in love act as if they were alone in the world, in spite of the crowd which surrounds them. That only comes when two people are deeply enthusiastic about one another. I did not even need to guide Michael and Lisa. I did not need, for example, to ask them to intertwine. They spontaneously did it and most naturally. They spoke to each other in a very soft tone, the tone of two people very much in love with one another. Between shots, they were whispering and giggling to each other. They were so happy it was hard to keep their attention on the camera. They were so much into each other.
– Dick Zimmerman

I was in the studio just last Sunday and he was on the phone three times to Lisa within an hour. They are very much in love and anyone who doesn’t believe that is just stupid.
– Janis DaSilva

The warmth displayed in the You Are Not Alone video is for real. The shots in the last scene were done without Michael and Lisa Marie knowing it, literally off-camera.
– Wayne Isham

I had a lot of fun with Lisa Marie on the set. But when the director said, “Action”, she became very shy. I was giving her a hard time too!
– Michael Jackson

As for Nic and Michael, there were good times, but people are just interested in the bad stuff. It’s just sensationalism. With Michael, I learned a lot. Nothing was all that terrible.
– Lisa Marie

She was asked [whether or not she wanted me to be father to her children] on TV and she said, “No, they have a father. Their father is Keogh,” that other guy.
– Michael

And I did things that hurt him. I did stupid things too. Danny was still very much part of my life. Michael didn’t quite know what to do with that sometimes. That made him uncomfortable and I understood that. Michael would wonder, “Why are you in Hawaii with Danny?” I’d take a vacation and Danny would go. Michael would get upset and “Where are you?” and he would disappear for a couple of weeks and I couldn’t find him.
– Lisa Marie

She had no problem doing that but her and I had several big arguments ‘ cause she’s very territorial with her children. Her children were [her major concern]….and I said “No, all children are our concern,” and she never liked that coming from me.
– Michael

I wanted children and she didn’t. She felt she had her kids. She promised me before we married, that would be the first thing we’d do was have children. It disappointed me that she wouldn’t keep her promise to me, you know?
– Michael

The great sex continued, though. It was the thing that made it difficult for her to see straight where he was concerned. Whatever was going on in the privacy of their bedroom was enough to keep her hooked into the relationship. However, things were getting strained. When they weren’t in bed making love, they were fighting.
– Monica Pastelle

We’d go shopping and go to dinner, people would come over. Although that was only for the first six, seven months, then all that kind of dwindled away.
– Lisa Marie

We hit rough waters, we would fight, we would argue, three day arguments sometimes, taking a break to eat and sleep. I have to say that I really admire that he really gave it a good shot, you know.
– Lisa Marie

Michael always spoke with affection and respect for Lisa Marie Presley, with the one exception when he told me that she has wanted him to get involved with Scientology and got pushy. He had to tell her that he had no interest in becoming a Scientologist. Michael was dismissive of Scientology and spoke of how the practices of Scientologists that he had been exposed to were not sufficiently spiritual or substantive for him.
– Schmuley

As much as he can love anyone else, possibly. I don’t know how much he can access love, really. I think as much as he can love somebody he might have loved me.
– Lisa Marie

It was like a drug. He was like a drug for me. I felt like I just always wanted to be around him, always wanted to be part of – I felt so high. I’ve never felt like that around another human being, except for one, which was my father.
– Lisa Marie

I was still very much in love with him when I left him. I left him to sort of stomp my foot in the ground and go… I was trying to take a stand and say, come with me, don’t do this. That was a stupid move, because he didn’t. And he’s you know, he’s a stubborn… I’m stubborn, he’s stubborn. The two of us it was like you know…
– Lisa Marie

I know Lisa was great. She was a sweet person. But it is hard to tie me down. I can’t stay in one place one time so that’s why I don’t know if I can really be completely married all the time. Yes, (marriage is too confining). I don’t know whether I’m disciplined enough.
– Michael

But I want to say this because it’s important: I didn’t feel appreciated [by Jackson]. That was why I left. It might have hit him later because I never took or wanted anything. He may have realized that at some point. I have no idea.
– Lisa Marie

I’m not easy to live with in that way for a wife. I not easy and I know I’m not easy. And women want to be the center. And I remember LMP would always say to me,” I’m not a piece of furniture.” “I’m not a piece of furniture.” “You just can’t…” and I say, “I don’t want you to be a piece of furniture,” and you know, there’d be some sick little girls calling on the phone and she’d get mad and hang up on them.
– Michael

He was an amazing person and I am lucky to have gotten as close to him as I did and to have had the many experiences and years that we had together.
– Lisa Marie

The press only report the bad things. They don’t know how much love there is between them.
– Taryll Jackson

Lisa Marie was just with me in Africa. We (went to) IMAX theaters, simulated-ride safaris, dinner. We went parasailing. It was wonderful.
– Michael

He cares about her very much, but it didn’t work out and he was devastated. He loved her very much. Still does.
– Debbie Rowe

“She regrets (not having my baby). She said so. She’d like to (have a baby with me), yes,” he says putting a mischievous finger to his lips. “Shh.”
– Michael

The only thing I know for sure is Lisa definitely is not back with Danny. She really did visit Michael there [the Beverly Hills hotel MJ was staying at]. I definitely think Lisa wants Michael back. They spend a lot of time together. I talk to Mike pretty often.
– Flo Anthony

The hardest decision I have ever had to make, which was to walk away and let his fate have him, even though I desperately loved him and tried to stop or reverse it somehow. After the divorce, I spent a few years obsessing about him and what I could have done different, in regret. Then I spent some angry years at the whole situation.
– Lisa Marie

We again, were going to get back together, we spent four more years after we’d divorced getting back together and breaking up and talking about getting back together and breaking up. At some point, I had to push it away because it was not, I wasn’t moving forward with myself. And actually afterwards, he and I were still… I was still flying all over the world still with him to follow.
– Lisa Marie

We’ve had a few benign conversations recently, but I wouldn’t consider us friends. We didn’t speak for four years.
– Lisa Marie

After we got divorced she would hang out with my mother all the time. I have all these letters saying, “I’ll give you nine children. I’ll do whatever you want.” and of course the press don’t know all these stories and she just tried for months and months and I just became too hard-hearted at that point. I closed my mind on the whole situation.
– Michael

I remember that’s how she felt (regretting having his child) at the time [laughs]. No matter what I say, I’m in trouble with this question. The next issue of TV Guide will probably say “Well, Lisa said she doesn’t ever want to see him again!” Lisa’s sweet. I like her very much and we are friends. And who knows what tomorrow brings? I have no idea how she feels today. I’ll just say that. She comes to my house and sees the children, and we talk on the phone, that sort of thing.
– Michael

I’ve been through two bad divorces. I just got out of the second one. Even when married to those women that I was married to, I’d go to bed hurting. I was hurting.
– Michael

Lisa… we’re still friendly, but she’s running around.
– Michael

We’ve had no contact since our divorce.
– Lisa Marie

I’m not with him, nor have I been for a very long time.
– Lisa Marie

I walked away a long time ago.
– Lisa Marie

If I were to bump into Michael in the hotel lobby, I’d just say “Hi’… and then walk. We have no contact at all.
– Lisa Marie

The last time I spoke to him was sometime in 2005. It was a very long conversation. I was so removed from him and he could feel it and he could hear it. And I think that’s one of the things that killed me in the end too was that I was very distanced and he was checking to get a read, he was trying to throw a line out to see if I would bite emotionally and I wouldn’t. I was pretty shut off at that point. I don’t even know how I managed to be like that but I was. He asked if I still loved him and we went into a whole thing about that and I told him I was indifferent and he didn’t like that word and he cried. He was trying to find out where I was at and how I could become so detached.
– Lisa Marie

I more wanted to apologize. I felt like I wanted to apologize. For not being around.
– Lisa Marie


I go ‘Hi’. And he goes ‘Hi,’ and I said, ‘You know what? Nobody does what you do better, and nobody does what I do better. Let’s get this over with.’ And he laughed, and we just became friends. It was just right away.
– Debbie

(Michael spoke to me about her) sometimes. Not exactly (in a way that made me believe he was in love with her or would marry her).
– Katherine Jackson

I think that she loves him very much. She admired him very much.
– Arnold Klein

I wrote ‘Remember the Time’ when Michael {Jackson} told me about falling in love with {Debbie Rowe}, the woman he just married. I don’t know why he didn’t marry her the first time around.
– Teddy Riley

She has been so enamored and in love with Michael her entire life. She is a nice girl.
– Brian Oxman

When he went into the rehab, I remember that Debbie was so, so relieved. When Michael got out of rehab he started dating Lisa Marie. But he never stopped seeing Debbie, even after he married Lisa Marie.
– Tonya Boyd

She cared about him, would be up all night long on the phone with him. She said he was best on the phone…. she said, “He’s unique, kinky, actually.
– Tonya Boyd

I know when Michael was addicted, Debbie stayed on the telephone for hours and hours, pleading with him to save himself. She told me that she said: “If you die, I will be crushed. I wouldn’t be able to survive it. You are my very life.”
– Tonya Boyd

He’d call and say, ‘Hi what are you doing? Do you want to get a video?’ We’d sneak out without security. We got caught. I thought, ‘Oh my God! This is like a Beatles film. We’re getting chased by people. We’d go out and do stuff, sneak him into premieres and things… yeah, we had a good time, we had a good time.
– Debbie

But it was true, just the same: Michael was seeing Debbie Rowe while he was married to Lisa. Lisa knew it. At one point, she and Debbie had a tense telephone conversation during which Lisa said: “Look, nursey. I’m sorry that you’re in love with my husband. But he’s mine. So get lost.”
– Monica Pastelle

[Debbie and I] soon had to leave cuz Lisa Marie was on her way. She was in that video and well, it was time to go.
– Tonya Boyd

I knew he wanted a family, so one day a few years ago I said to him: “Michael, I’ll give you the baby you want.” He said no. He said he wanted a traditional family. So he married Lisa Marie. When that broke up, when she left him, I said “I’m serious, I’ll give you the baby you want.”
– Debbie

One day she starts telling me she was planning on having him a baby! She told me this way before she was ever pregnant.
– Tonya Boyd

Well, I said, I said, you know, my offer still stands… I said if you want to be a daddy…I want to do it.
– Debbie

And I knew Debbie Rowe was offering to do it for him while we were married, according to him. She was a nurse who had a crush on him and offered to have his babies.
– Lisa Marie

We started by fooling around a bit and the next thing we knew we were doing it. We knew we were going to try for a baby.
– Debbie

Michael and I do have sex. We get it on.
– Debbie

This is a natural conception. Debbie finds it amazing that people won’t believe that. She told me two years ago, “Michael likes girls.”
– Tonya Boyd

She said it was natural, and I believe her.
– Mary Colandro

I think they did have sex. I really do, and I can’t guarantee that. I think they did have sex in their relationship.
– Arnold Klein

I know that they had sex together. That’s what she told me. That Debbie had sex with Michael… I have no doubt. I wasn’t in the bedroom. But I have no doubt that when she would tell me her — these little things about their private life — that it would…
– Iris Finsilver

I can’t wait to see him again. We’re going to stay all day and night in bed – I can’t wait.
– Debbie

They had relations together. You betcha they did.
– Brian Oxman

Yes, I had sex with Debbie.
– Michael

Sleeping with Michael was the weirdest experience of my life. I once had to pretend I was a peasant girl at his ranch while he put on a suit of armor and conquered me. Michael was an incredible lover who left me exhausted.
– Debbie

We’ll take suites with two rooms. I need my space. When I need to sleep, I need to sleep. He’ll stay up until 4 am pacing, thinking. Sometimes he’ll come up to me in the middle of the night when I’m asleep and stick things in my nose or my ear and wake me up. Sometimes I wake up and I won’t hear him and I’ll be in a panic. When I realise he’s asleep, I go into his room and climb into bed with him because than we can sleep together.
– Debbie

One of the best things to do is… what I think… When you love someone… don’t you ever wake up in the middle of the night and just look at ’em? And see the beauty. I mean that’s… peace. That’s… calm. That’s, that’s how that person is. You know you don’t see the stress of the day or what’s going on, you know. And I could sit and stare at him for hours. ‘Cause it was calm.
– Debbie

At the time when the story broke, Debbie was supposed to meet him in Australia. She presumed that the trip would be off, that Michael would be so upset about what had happened that he would refuse to see her. She cried a lot that day.
– Tony Boyd

We call it investigative journalism. She really is Michael Jackson’s best friend. Theirs is a brotherly-sisterly love. She didn’t do this for monetary gain, but monetary gain will result. She made it clear her role is to deliver (the baby) to Jackson after three to four weeks. It will be looked after by two nannies hired by Jackson.
– Stuart White

I picked up the telephone, hoping it was Michael calling for Debbie from Australia, and this woman said: “Would you please put Miss Rowe on the phone?” ‘I thought it was a reporter, so I said: “She’s not here.” And the woman said: “Well this is Michael Jackson’s mother. I simply must find her.” Immediately handed Debbie the phone.
– Tonya Boyd

Debbie is a nurse who loves her work, who loves taking care of people. Every day she wants to get up and look after others, to help them and make them better. That’s why I love her, and that’s what gives her bliss in life, God bless her.
– Michael

There’s different Michaels. There’s, like, my Michael. And the Michael that everyone else sees.
– Debbie

We have the most conventional marriage two uncoventional people can have.
– Debbie

I haven’t abandoned him, a lot of people think I’ve abandoned him, I haven’t abandoned him. I haven’t abandoned my husband. I’m there, it’s not like I’m that far away. I can be there in 13 hours.
– Debbie

Sure, and I miss Michael a lot too. But, I don’t feel like I have to be there, I don’t think being there 24 hours a day makes a better relationship
– Debbie

It’s very hard. We haven’t been able to spend time as a family. Not at all.
– Michael

I’m really independent, and Michael understands that, and I’m really fortunate to have a husband who does understand that. Who knows that I need to work, and I need to have my own self. Because he is so big, and he is so Michael. I don’t need to live with him 24 hours a day. And he’s working right now. And when he comes home we’ll have time, and we’ll be together more.
– Debbie

Michael consistently told me that it was Debbie Rowe’s wish not to be involved with the children. The impression he gave me was that he felt it was better for the kids not to have their mother in their lives if such involvement was not voluntary.
– Schmuley

They’re adults. Say what you want, have any judgment you like about it, but it’s their life, and they get to live it whatever way they choose.
– Tonya Boyd

I heard Debbie’s doing good, she’s fine. Paris is strong like Debbie.

As Mr. Jackson knows, no one can tell me what to say.
– Debbie

We are a family unit. Michael and I will always be connected with the kids. I will always be there for him. I will always be there for the children. And people make remarks, oh, I can’t believe she left her children. Left them? I left my children? I did not leave my children. My children are with their father where they’re supposed to be
– Debbie


I recall the many appearances he made in DC (such as the Jackson’s Reunion Tour and others) she would literally bother us to take her to the hotel to join the many fans who were camped outside showing their support to the Jackson’s. What was so amazing and what makes me believe this was a bond, Jermaine Jackson was walking into the hotel and somehow he saw my sister and brought her inside to receive an autograph from Michael Jackson and the Jackson’s.
– Todd Mangatal

I even remember her saying she was going to marry Michael, yes to me this sound like an obsessed fan, but again, I think it was more than that, it was destiny for her to have the opportunity to meet and know the star she adored.
– Todd Mangatal

About a year after arriving in LA she got a great job with a major talent management company, and who their biggest client turned out to be was Michael Jackson, so she had the opportunity to get to know the star she idolized from childhood.
– Todd Mangatal

So, she plans on doing something about the accusations by telling the truth of what she knows about her good friend.
– Todd Mangatal

It was a close personal relationship. I don’t want to go into detail about it but yes it was intimate.
– Shana

Michael would kill me if I said that (we had sex), I refuse to discuss those details. But I will say that he’s a normal man, he’s a red blooded man. He’s very flirtatious, he loves women.
– Shana

No, as a matter of fact I’m scared he’s gonna be angry that I’m finally coming forward. I’ve sat back for ten years and not said a word during all the other allegations going on.
– Shana

He was the love of my life. When you look at him, you don’t see the freakish appearance that comes through in pictures. I see his heart.
– Shana

Shana told me that in the time she knew Michael he married Lisa Marie Presley and it devastated her. But when he got back from his Honeymoon he apologized.
– ET

At the end of the day she did spend a little time with Michael, who expressed his appreciation to her for “being there for him”, for her help with the event and it’s success, and most importantly for all her support.
– Todd Mangatal

Michael and I used to talk about show biz alot. He gave me alot of advice. He knew I wanted to be an actress, so he put me in Is This Scary and Ghosts. I’ll always be grateful to him for that.
– Shana

He did not want me to do it. Sometimes he didnt know what was best for himself though! Thankfully, after I did it he thanked me (although he asked me not to do any more!)
– Shana

The most touching moment for me was when Rebbie spotted me. She came over to me and gave me a big hug. She thanked me for being there for her brother and told me she had heard so many good things about me. That meant so much to me and I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Rebbie.
– Shana

The last time I saw him, the first thing he mentioned was how much fun we had filming this [Ghosts]!
– Shana

I supported MJ on ET in 2003, because the situation was dire and he needed someone to speak up and say something positive. He was my friend and I will always stand by him through thick and thin.
– Shana

Everything I have ever said or written here on FB is the 100% TRUTH.
– Shana

After reviewing the matter for some months now, I have found no evidence that Shana Mangatal was Michael Jackson’s secret girlfriend. I will retract everything I said about this matter.
– Firpo Carr

The “evidence,” given to me by a very credible source, lead to a deadend; and, yes, I do believe I was mislead.
– Firpo Carr

Shana responded by making a heartfelt personal appeal to reconsider the retraction. She asked that I just leave things as they are.
– Firpo Carr

Lisa did a FANTASTIC job in articulating exactly how it felt. The interview was great. I was in tears through the whole thing. I completely relate, and I understand.
– Shana


1970 :: Jocelyne Danchick

October 27, 2010

I think this is her here circled in red:

The Mirror, 29th June 2009

Love first touched Michael at the tender age of 11 – when a schoolgirl as lonely and shy as he was helped him get over the snubs of other kids.

Jocelyne Danchick was the same age and the only person to befriend the Jackson 5 singer at Hollywood’s Gardner Street Elementary School in 1970.

The successful choreographer spoke for the first time about her friendship for the boy king by revealing: “We had the biggest crush on each other.”

And Jocelyne smiled: “Of course, at 11 we didn’t smooch all the time. But there was lots of flirting.

“He was timid but the sweetest, funniest kid. And though we never declared our love – you don’t at that age – we both had feelings.”

Jocelyne, now happily married and with her own dance company in France, herself felt out of place at school – until Michael arrived.

She explained: “My mom was a fashion designer with lots of wild friends like Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix.

“I never fitted in and it was the same for Michael when he moved from Gary, Indiana, to LA after he and his brothers signed for Motown. The other kids ignored him because of his fame and quietness- and me because I was a shy flower child.

“So while we weren’t in the same class, we still felt a connection and just hit it off. You know what first love is like. We both had twinkles in our eyes.

“Posing for our end of school picture, he even got me to stand right behind him.

“He really proved his sweetness, though, when we had to sing in front of our parents before we moved on to high school. I didn’t want to embarrass Michael by being out of tune. But he nudged me and squeezed my hand to let me know it was OK.”

The two lost touch when Michael went off on tour.

But a year later, as Jocelyne and her family were leaving for a new life in Europe, they ran into each other. She said: “I never expected that would be the last time I’d see him.”


1970 :: Joanelle Romero

October 27, 2010

Joanelle Romero (seen in first picture with her daughter Sage; other photos of Sage and Michael on the BoW set)

On June 25th 2009, I was packing and moving out of a house we had lived in for 6 years and an acquaintance phoned me and said Michael Jackson is dead, turn on the TV.I dropped the phone, turned on the television and there it all was, I fainted, no one was home with me. I woke and cried and cried and I am still crying. My heart is so broken; you see Michael was a friend and he believed in me. I’ve known Michael since I was 10 years old, we went to school together at Gardner Street school off of Sunset Blvd, we were in the 6th grade together. I was always invited to go to his house to play, he would swing me in this big tree swing and we would speak of our dreams. Michael asked me to go steady on the steps of Gardener Street school. Two weeks before school ended my mother sent me to live with my dad in NM. I never got to say goodbye to Michael.

One week before Michael left this earth, my son and I were shopping at Nordstrom’s, and we run into Jermaine. I asked him to please tell Michael I needed to see him, that I needed to visit, that it was important and I gave him my new numbers. God works in mysterious ways.

In 1991, I launched my production company, it was 2 weeks old when I received a call from Michaels casting office, asking if I had any American Indian dancers because everyone he had been interviewing wasn’t right. I told them “I have the best dancers in town” I really had no one, however I went to many Pow wows and gathered 30 dancers, one of them being my precious daughter Sage. She was 5 then. Michaels casting office had no idea that Michael and I knew each other. To make a long story short. Director John Landis, cast 5 dancers, my daughter – who was the jingle dress dancer, and four other dancers from the native community here in Los Angeles that I brought in that day.

Michael shot 7 hours of photos of Sage while shooting his video and used her image for his painted angels in his Neverland ranch. We had so much fun while filming. Michael, Sage and I watched “Willie Wonka” 3 times while everybody had to wait on set. Michael took Sage and Nancy Reagan to lunch, he had asked if I wanted to go however I declined for obvious reasons. Many stories to remember …..

We had shot the segment of the native dancers in the studio, then Michael read one of my music video scripts and one week later we were on location re-shooting the native segment out-side. Due to Michael’s insight, he added my production company and shared the press in Entertainment Weekly.

Michael became the leading force in making my company known to the world. It is now an award-winning production company in producing American Indian documentaries and independent films. The 1991 “Black or White” music video and song made history. I was able to negotiate for the American Indian dancers to be paid over and above any dancers on any music video ever, due to the fact they were traditionally dressed (the wardrobe did not come from western costume). To date, they are the highest paid dancers in the music video industry. Also, this segment was the first clip of American Indian dancers in a music video without being a Native American music group/artist.

On our opening night of our 2009 Red Nation Film Festival – A Night of Tribute Awards, we honored Michael Jackson for his “Black or White” Music Video – In Loving Memory of Michael Jackson. I have many personal stories about Michael and that I will keep in my heart forever. I am not going to spend my life being a color, I am a Human Being
– God Bless You MJ
Together we can Heal the world make it a better place.
…..We Love You Michael …

July 6, 2009

Singer Joanelle Romero performs in front of a makeshift memorial at the Michael Jackson family compound on July 6, 2009 in Encino, California. A star-studded musical tribute is scheduled to take place at the Staples Center sports arena in downtown Los Angeles July 6. Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, Justin Timberlake and Stevie Wonder as well as others are expected to perform. Some 750,000 fans are expected to descend on the arena, which holds 20,000. A lottery for which 1.6 million people registered online awarded two tickets for 8,750 entrants.


1985 – 1987 Marva King

October 27, 2010

Marva was married to John Barnes in the 80s and Darius Barnes was the son they both had

The Captain EO Soundtrack, 1985

Marva sings with Michael on “We’re Here To Change The World”

Bad album recorded, January 5th – July 9th 1987

Marva originally duets with Michael on “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” but is replaced by Siedah Garrett

Thank Yous on the BadAlbum Liner Notes, August 31 1987

“John, Marva & Darius Barnes”

Marva King, Blues and Soul, 1988

Career highlights
“‘Well, of course, working with Michael Jackson on the Captain EO project – I sang on “We’re There To Change The World” — that’s the first thing that comes to mind.”

Marva King on her Myspace,

Marva, who is also heard on Michael Jackson’s “Bad” album, states of the iconic pop star, “I used to visit and sometimes travel with him although I did not perform on the tours. I spent a lot of time with him and his family.”

Marva King, Soul Music 2010

MK: Well, it was just abrupt in his mind, because I hadn’t even been with him long. I had been with him about 9 months. I think he had made plans for me to be there for a little while. As a matter of fact, he was recording with me, but I know for Stevie, it takes forever to get around, so I said, “I don’t know when this is going to happen.” I was the one who he wrote this song for me and I recorded it. “Looking in my mirror. Took me by surprise” (singing).

JK: Oh wow! ‘I Can’t Help It.’

MK: Yes, he wrote that for me. He wrote 2 songs for me that were absolutely beautiful. The other one, I’ve never heard that one, but after I left, he gave it to Michael. “Ask Stevie if he’ll give you that song” but he didn’t, he gave it to Michael. I’m glad, still, that he wrote it for me. I can still say that.

JK: Let’s take it back just a little bit, to give listeners an idea of where you’ve been, because you have done a lot of stuff over the years. Was there every any question that music was what you wanted to do as a profession?

MK: No, because I was in it for so long. Like I said, everything around me was pretty much music. I already knew that’s what I wanted to do. By 10, I remember saying that I’m going to meet Michael Jackson, I’m going to be around Stevie Wonder, and my cousin is like, “Yeah, okay”. I said that to her. As a matter of fact, I bet her. I said, “I’ll bet you $10,000 I’m going to be writing with all of them. I’m going to be friends with them.” She said, “okay.” Six years later, I was packing up in Michigan, and heading down to California. Stevie was my first job.

JK: It’s interesting, all the stories from artists that I hear, about record deals gone bad, so I’m glad that you’re doing your own thing now and finding new ways to do it, because you’re able to get your product out a lot quicker, and do your own thing. Tell me about your association with Michael Jackson, because somewhere in there, you recorded with him on the Bad album. How did that come about, and what was that association like for you?

MK: Well, it’s funny. Of course I met Jermaine first, then I ended up meeting Marlon, and I worked with Marlon Jackson in New York on this artist named Betty Wright; he produced her record. From there, I ended up meeting their entire family, all of them. I would go and do sessions sometimes for Tito, and Jackie, and as a vocalist, they were just passing me around. “You gotta use Marva!” “No, I want to use Marva!” It was fun! I got to work with all the Jacksons! Then, I met Michael. One day I was invited to the studio and I met Michael. I was like, “Oh my God! I’m here with Michael Jackson!” and then my childhood thoughts and dreams just went through my head and Michael was admiring this beautiful waist top that I had. It had so many different panels of lace and he said, “It’s so beautiful!” He kept walking around me, and I froze! I couldn’t even talk. I think I’m star struck! I did pretty good until I got to him, because I had a crush on him as a kid. Oh my goodness, I’m like, “Michael Jackson is admiring me!” It’s so funny. We ended up getting to know each other. It took a while, because he had a lot of security and stuff, like, “What does she want?” and “Why is she really around?” You know, they watched me for a while.

They studied me religiously, but then they learned, “Okay, she’s not so crazy and she doesn’t have any other motive, except she wants to work and she’s friends with Michael.” Michael ended up taking to me, so I ended up becoming one of his playmates. We had too much fun! We were two young adults that were real childish, but we had so much fun! I would travel with him sometimes, and we would torture the press, we would hide and do things (laughs) and just have a lot of fun.

He wanted me to sing on some records, and I ended up doing the song “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” that he did with Siedah Garrett. Well, Michael put me on the record, I recorded that, and I was so excited, and I came back to the studio 3 days later and Quincy had taken it off and put Siedah on there.

JK: So you had done the lead part originally?

MK: Yes. So, I just ended up being in some of the background.

JK: So you had done the lead part originally?

MK: Yes. So, I just ended up being in some of the background.

JK: So, you were on the backgrounds on the record, right?

MK: Right. We did backgrounds. Because it was such a political situation going on at that time, some kind of way I wasn’t listed. Stuff happened with me on a few projects like Whitney Houston, her first record, I did several songs on there, but my name did not appear. That hurt.

JK: Why do you think the reason was for that?

MK: I know why, because the group of people that worked on a regular basis and still does, see here’s how you work: it’s credit. When you become a backup singer, or an artist that works on big mega-products, then people read the credits and of course you just get automatic calls for a lot of work. So, these were all family members, and actually they were told to replace one family member, so I was brought in to sing, but that person’sname still appeared on the record, instead of mine. I was really upset. I was like, “Oh My God! You’re kidding!” and of course the record went through the roof.