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May 23, 2010

VH1 Fanclub Special, Beyonce talks about meeting Michael when she was a baby
VH1 Fanclub Special talks about Michael watching DC perform
VH1 Fanclub Special, DC give respect to MJ
20th May 2001 Bootylicious video with MJ elements
Making of Bootylicious, Destiny’s Child dedicate Bootylicious to him @ 1:26
7 September DC on red carpet talking about MJ
Red Carpet MSG @1:26 and @2:05 and @3:03
7 September 2001, perform Bootylicious for MJ
P.Diddy on Letterman talking about MJ hollering for Beyonce at his party
Another interview with P.Diddy talking about Mike hollering for Beyonce
2003 Number Ones interviews include Beyonce
August 29th 2003, Beyonce wishing MJ a happy birthday
27th October 2003 Radio Music Awards, presents Humanitarian award to him
16th November 2006 WMA Beyonce introduces Michael
16th November 2006 WMA @1:21 tells Beyonce “you’re distracting me”
Performing Jackson Five Medley, mentions how they met
1st July 2009 GA Tribute for him at her concert
2009 Performs “I Can’t Help It” during her show
7th July, 2009 crying during her performance of “Halo” for Michael
2nd Feb, Talks about the Michael tribute at the Grammys
2nd Feb, After Grammy Interview Talks about watching his kids
February 2010 Talks to Tyra about Michael

Beyoncé By Molly O’Mara

In the summers they started each morning by excercising and singing at the same time. They had vocal and dance coaches, too.

They also watched videos of famous singers such as Whitney Houston, Michael and Janet Jackson, and Tina Turner.

Aidin Vaziri, Special to The Chronicle, Sunday, May 6, 2001

Q: Does it worry you that you have to sing “Survivor” for the next 50 years?

Williams: It’s a good problem to have.

Rowland: The only thing is, since we are so young, we grow so much in a year. During our tour we’re still going to have to perform songs we would never write or sing about now. That’s the only thing that’s kind of irritating.

But you can’t complain about a record being that big.

Knowles: I really pray for this record to be as successful as the last one. The only thing I’m scared of is if it becomes bigger than the last one because we don’t want to lose ourselves in this world. We still want to have fun and be people. When people get so famous, people don’t look at them as people. Like, you look at Michael Jackson and you don’t think he’s a real person.

Bootylicious as an homage to Michael, May 20 2001

The music video for “Bootylicious”, directed by Matthew Rolston, showed Destiny’s Child performing dance steps from Michael Jackson’s famous “Billie Jean” performance from the special Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever. During the video, moves from several other Michael Jackson videos can be seen such as parts of the choreograpy from “Thriller”, “Beat it”, “Bad” and

“The Way You Make Me Feel”. Dance moves that were used by Jackson during live performances of “They Don’t Care About Us” can be seen as well.

The group later performed the song in front of Jackson for his thirtieth Anniversary concert, complete with their rendition of his dance moves. Before the premiere of the video on MTV’s Making the Video, the girls still dressed in their Jacksons style clothes including a single glove dedicated the video to Michael Jackson.

Teen Vogue, May 20, 2001

Teen Vogue: Which male celebrity would you be nervous to meet and why?
Michelle: Well, we had the pleasure of meeting Michael Jackson at a Christmas concert, and he came onstage for the finale. I was very nervous because he’s the biggest male artist in history and you have to be careful not to do or say something stupid!
Beyoncé: Michael Jackson. I met him once onstage, but I only got to hug him. He’s my favorite singer.
Teen Vogue: What talent do you wish you had?
Michelle: I wish I could moonwalk!
Kelly: I wish I could dance like Michael Jackson!
Teen Vogue: Before you became famous, what celebrity were you crazy about?
Michelle: Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Ms Whitney Houston!
Kelly: Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson!
Beyoncé: Michael Jackson

NY Times, July 3 2001

For a dance sequence inspired by Michael Jackson, the three singers donned rhinestone-studded flood pants, fedoras and spike-heeled pumps worn over white socks. The reference is not altogether ironic. In Japan, where the members of Destiny’s

Child are enormous stars, the fad for Michael Jackson paraphernalia continues unabated. ”I came into the first choreography meeting with a compilation tape of Michael Jackson,” Mr. Rolston said. ”Everybody in the dance and music video community is very into Michael Jackson right now.”

Destiny’s Child To Perform At Michael’s NY Concert, July 25 2001

Destiny’s Child will join the illustrious line-up of stars performing at the all-star salute ‘Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration, The Solo Years’.

According to producer David Gest, “Michael is a huge fan of the pop super group and is very excited that Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle will perform a medley of their greatest hits including their current smash ‘Bootylicious’ at the Friday, September 7, 2001 tribute in his honor to be held at Madison Square Garden.”

MJ hollering for Beyonce at P.Diddy’s Party, August 2001/2003?

(these pictures were taken in 2001 but he says the party was in 2003)

Letterman Interview:

Letterman: I want you to tell me everything you can about this photograph.
Diddy: That’s me and MJ, baby. That’s me and MJ chilling.
Letterman: When was that taken, do you know?
Diddy: That was taken like maybe 6 years ago, he came to one of my parties. So if he can come, you can come to one of my parties.
Letterman: Had you worked together?
Diddy: Met him, we were gonna do some work together but the schedules conflict a little bit. ‘Cause you know Mike will talk to you about doing something and then he’ll move to another country or something. And then one day I didn’t even invite Mike to the party, Mike just shows up at the party… and guess what he was looking for?
Letterman: Dip? (audience laughs)
Diddy: No, he wasn’t looking for dip.
Letterman: I don’t know, see that’s what I would be looking for.
Diddy: So I’m hosting the party, being hostest with the mostest and everything. Then the security they come over to me and they say, Mr Coombs,  “Mr Michael Jackson is here to see you.” I’m like, ‘Get out of here’. So I go over, I find Mike and I’m like: “Mike what’s up, what you doing here? Thanks for coming.” So I get him a booth, we go to the booth, we start chit-chatting. (reffering to photo) Bring that up so they can see. See, he has his arm around me but you don’t see the shot of him whispering in my ear right after the shot was taken, he whispers in my ear, he says (soft voice immitating MJ) “Where’s Beyonce?”
Letterman: (audience laughs, claps) Really? Really? Wow. She was at the party?
He came to the party to holler at Beyonce! This was before Jay Z though, you know what I’m saying? He came to the party to holler at Beyonce, finds her, then dances with Beyonce in the party.
Letterman: Really?
Diddy: Mike was smooth, Jack.

P.Diddy on a TV Special For Michael:

“I was throwing this party for the MTV movie awards. You know, I was starting to plan to really do my entree on the scene as an actor.

I invited everybody, everyone was there, the Beckhams was there, I remember Beyonce was there, Jamie Foxx, Ashton, Cameron Diaz, Will Smith, Chris Rock. Everyone that was moving and shaking in Hollywood. So the party’s going on, the party’s off the chain, party’s already a success.

I remember Beyonce had just dropped Crazy In Love. I remember that was what was just killing the dance floor and she was there and I remember the DJ he ain’t played it yet, and the dancefloor was warmed up, and everyone was saying, “we want to hear the new Beyonce joint,” that’s how hot it was.

Security comes to get me and says, “You have a guest here, who wasn’t on the list.” I’m like who, he’s like “Michael Jackson.” I’m thinking they joking around with me, I’m thinking like you know they trying to maybe Punk me. This is like – I think Punk’d, Punk’d was out during this time, I’m not knowing what’s going on.

So then I go towards the back, back where like the catering was and it’s Michael. I’m like, “Michael, what’s up, what’re you doing?”

And he’s like, you know, “I’m here with Brett Ratner, you know we came to the party, is that cool, can we come?”

I was always impressed about how down to Earth he was. But this is actually down to Earth, he’s asking if it’s alright to come to this party. He said, like, “This party’s really hot. You gotta invite me to more of your parties.” And then he leans over to me and he’s like, we’re taking some pictures and he’s like, “Where’s Beyonce?” I’m like, I’m like I didn’t think I heard him correctly. He’s like, “You know, I heard she’s here, where’s Beyonce?”

And I’m like, “Okay, well hold on, let me go find out where she’s at.”

So I round up on B, B’s on the dancefloor and I’m like, “B, um, you know, Michael’s here, he wants to meet you.” So I get Mike, you know bring him over, he’s like, “I love the record,” whatever, whatever.

He goes to tell the DJ to play the record. DJ plays the record.

And um, I recall them dancing, I don’t want to be quoted for that, that could’ve been in my imagination, but I do recall them dancing or something but even if they never danced that’s the way it is in my mind, but I’m pretty sure that they did dance.

But the whole recollection of that is that – it was so real that Mike recognized the greatness in Beyonce early. He had no ego about it and was ready to meet her and give her hers and he was also ready to go for his as a man. I think we all as men at the time wanted to dance with Beyonce. Michael had the courage enough to come to a party, ask for Beyonce and even dance with her.

September 3rd, 2001

Michael and his bootylicious girlfriend?

Michael Jackson dates Lead Singer of Destiny’s Child “She Rocks his World” Lead Singer of Destiny Child and King of Pop Love Affair

Ever wonder who Michael is referring to in his new single “You Rock My World”? We may just have the answer. Reportedly, Jackson and lead singer of Destiny’s Child, Beyonce Knowles have been “slipping off with each other after rehearsals,” says an insider. Jackson, who celebrated his 43rd birthday last Wednesday, is old enough to be Knowles father. “No one really says anything about it,” according to one source. “After he’s finished practicing with his brother’s and she’s done with her group, they just talk to each other all the time and flirt. It’s weird. People can tell that they’re being more than just friendly.” When confronted about the relationship, a close friend of Knowles replied, “It’s her business. If she wanted the world to know who she’s dating, then she’ll tell them.” Knowles was unable to be contacted at the time.

Kerri Smith

9th September, 2001

Beyonce, Destiny’s Child said, “No one can touch Michael Jackson. He’s wonderful.”

MSG After Party at Tavern-on-the-Green.  September 11 2001

“The idol himself arrives at the party. Now we witness the ritual of the Star Entrance. The room tilts. Breathing intensifies or stops. Common sense and good manners go out the window. Elbows become lethal weapons. ‘That’s OK, lady; I was going in for a vasectomy anyway!” I’ve seen this before from Julia to Madonna to Tom. The power of illusion, the lure of celebrity never ebbs. In Michael’s case, there’s an extra element of hunger and curiosity. Does he really look so odd? Alas, yes he does.

“The ego so blatantly displayed during the Madison Square Garden tribute is here muted. All in white, he is a pale, mink-lashed Bambi, caught in the burning headlight of fame. Judging by his wildly enthusiastic concert audience and partygoers who appeared they’d have sold their mothers for the chance to speak or touch Michael – his so-called ‘comeback’ may have happened. When Beyonce Knowles of Destiny’s Child approached Jackson’s table, the room went into spasms. Someone smart should team up these two for something or other.

Beyonce, like Diana Ross, is the real engine of her group and her ‘destiny’ screams ‘solo career!’

Entertainment Weekly, Sept 16 2001

“Tonight, we’re preforming ‘Bootylicious,’ and when I wrote and produced that song, I totally had Michael Jackson in mind, ” claimed Destiny’s Child diva Beyonce’ Knowles. “I was just feeling Michael. He taught us so much and it’s such a blessing… we’re so honored to celebrate his career.”

Beyonce, 29th November 2001

During an interview, When asked Who she’d like to be trapped on a desert island with, Destiny’s Child’s Beyonce Knowles chose Michael Jackson!

With her sister Solange in 2002,

Beyonce Knowles Speaks About Michael, July 7, 2003

In a recent interview with Jo Whiley, Beyonce Knowles spoke about her idols. The interview, which took place on July 4, 2003, was given at BBC’s Maida Vale Studios in the UK. “Stevie Wonder, Prince, Michael Jackson…. whenever I meet them, I get so nervous I don’t know what to say. Michael Jackson – I was so excited, I was jumping up and down!”

The Fighting Temptations, Synopsis for Beyonce movie, 7th September 19th 2003

Lucious soon points out Lilly (Beyoncé Knowles), a gorgeous lounge singer with an astonishing voice. He explains to Darrin that she is one of the most beautiful women in town with the best booty (in his own words). Lilly was also a childhood crush of Darrin, who would always con him out of his candy every sunday. He would try to bribe her with the candy by asking her to be his girlfriend and she always said “No” but still took his candy. The main reason why she rejected him all the time was because she wanted to marry Michael Jackson when she grew up.

Michael Jackson Introduces ‘What More Can I Give’ Video At The Radio Music Awards, October 27th 2003

Beyonce Knowles begins introduction of Michael Jackson:

Taking the stage with a smile she begins, ´I am honored to be here tonight to introduce a music Icon.  As a little girl, groovin´ to his music, I like millions around the world, tried to mimic his unique and thrilling singing and dancing.  He´s still doing it!  But today what I am trying to mimic is his passion for helping others.  It is an example for all of us. He believes we can really change the world and he´s doing it.  He still remains the biggest selling recording artist in the history of music.The king of pop! Ladies and gentlemen please welcome artist and humanitarian, Michael Jackson!

Michael, whilst introducing “What More Can I Give”:

“It couldn’t have happened without Beyonce, she’s on there. A lot of artists (pauses, points to Beyonce) I love this woman here – she’s lovely.”

Jackson’s Secret Hideaway, February 10 2004

After last year’s MTV Movie Awards, Jackson himself partied at Green Acres with megastars Beyonce Knowles, Leo DiCaprio and Gwen Stefani., May 12th 2005

R+B trio DESTINY’S CHILD were dumbstruck when their lifelong idol MICHAEL JACKSON approached them singing one of their songs.

The starstruck SURVIVOR beauties, BEYONCE KNOWLES, KELLY ROWLAND and MICHELLE WILLIAMS, grew up listening to the THRILLER

hitmaker and insist meeting him at his 30 years in showbusiness bash a few years ago was more than a dream come true.

Rowland says, “To finally meet someone whose music we’ve grown up listening to blew us away. And Michael was one of the nicest people we’ve ever met – he came up to us singing the lyrics to BOOTYLICIOUS! We just stood there like dumbstruck fans with our mouths open in shock – I think we may have even screamed!”

The Evening Chronicle, Mar 17 2006

The drop-dead gorgeous 24-year-old admits she can’t quite believe the way things have turned out.

“I always had a dream from the age of about four or five to be up there on stage singing and dancing, like Michael Jackson,” she says with a giggle. “I was obsessed with performing, so my life now is literally my dream come true.”

Schaffel Trial, 7th June 2006

Jurors in the Michael Jackson civil trial heard tapes of frantic phone messages he left on his business partner’s voicemail.

Some of Michael Jackson’s secrets were revealed in sensational phone messages released at his civil trial. Producer Marc Schaffel is suing Jackson and says the pop star owes him 3.8 million dollars in unpaid fees.

In frantic messages from 2001, Jackson is demanding action on business projects, including a record with pop superstar Beyonce Knowles. Jackson also spoke about his friend the late Marlon Brando.

“I would love to have an update on where we stand with our projects from Microsoft to Beyonce’s recording of the song,” Jackson said on the tapes. He continued, “She did a great job yesterday, I’m proud of her. Marlon Brando has been pushing, and he’s a wonderful man, he’s a God.”

November 15th, WMA 2006

Earlier, Michael was presented with the Diamond Award by Beyonce.  She said “Tonight we are celebrating 25 years of ‘Thriller.’  If it wasn’t for Michael Jackson, I would never have ever performed.  I love you.  We all love you.”

Michael replied “I am greatly humbled by this award.  It was my dream that ‘Thriller’ would be the biggest – selling album ever… and God has answered my prayers.”

Michael’s lifetime record sales tally around 750 million.  This makes him the most successful entertainer of all time.

allhiphop, Nov 16, 2006

Jackson was recognized for selling over 100 million albums worldwide with a Diamond Award, which was presented by Beyonce.

“He’s made such a big impact on my life and on every performer’s life,” Beyonce said. “Michael Jackson, we love you. Congratulations to the King.”

CNN,  Nov 16 2006

S. O’BRIEN: “The London Times” this morning is reporting that Jackson had a severe case of stage fright, and was only able to come out with the help of his friend, the singer Beyonce Knowles.
M. O’BRIEN: I didn’t see Beyonce on the stage.
S. O’BRIEN: Yes, she was there. She was stage, I guess, what’s that, left of him, and really cheering him on.
M. O’BRIEN: If Beyonce was there, I would have followed her, too.
S. O’BRIEN: She looked good, yes. Yes, you would have.

MJJnews777. Nov 17 2006, 03:16 PM

A lot did go wrong. There was even a fight backstage between a very famous celebrity of a hotel company (who is this person? P… Hil…) who demanded to give the award to Michael Jackson instead of Beyonce Knowles. She said that to make a whole lot of trouble… therefore it took so long Michael Jackson to come onstage…

Sawf, Nov 21 2006

Sources also said that Jackson was reluctant to come out of his room, because of which Beyonce had to go in to persuade him to come onstage.

Due to this delay, Beyonce reportedly missed her flight home, and she had to borrow the jet of a local billionaire for the trans-Atlantic trip.

December 17, 2006

Most of the people around Beyoncé have been there since she was a child. The marked exception is Jay-Z, 37, whom she has known for only four years. Her parents, especially her strong-willed father, guide her career. Her father, Matthew Knowles, 54, a former medical- equipment salesman for Xerox, has always been her manager. Her mother, Tina, 52, acts as her stylist and runs her clothing line, The House of Dereon. Her mother’s family is Creole, from Louisiana. “Beyoncé” is based on her maiden name. Solange, 21, Beyoncé’s only sibling, is a singer.

“When I was little I told my mother I wanted to be Michael Jackson,” Beyoncé confides, laughing. “Like him, I was born to perform. It was just so natural – maybe because I was lonely and shy. Until I was about seven, I was embarrassed to tell people that I wanted to be a singer, because I thought they would ask me to sing and I was too shy. So I said I wanted to be a hairstylist. That’s what my mother was.”

David Gest on Beyonce, 18th April, 2007

“She is lovely. One of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Her parents brought her up the right way. She blushed when I told her Michael had a crush on her.”

Janet Jackson livid over Beyonce Knowles poor comments, January 3rd, 2009

London, January 3 (ANI): Singer Beyonce Knowles has reportedly left fellow artist Janet Jackson fuming after referring that the latters family did not come from an upper class background.

The leading R&B lady seemed to have taken a dig on Jackson family by contrasting her wealthy upbringing against that of Janet, who comes from the working class area of Gary, Indiana.

“I grew up upper class. Private school. My dad had a Jaguar, the Daily Express quoted Beyonce as telling Elle magazine in a recent interview.

We”re African-American and we work together as a family, so people assume we”re like the Jacksons – but I didn’t have parents using me to get out of a bad situation,” she added.

And according to the New York Daily News, Janet was said to be so livid with the remark that she was planning a head-on confrontation with Beyonce.

ETonline, June 25th, 2009

Beyonce joined the long list of celebrities paying tribute to Michael Jackson, who died on Thursday June 25th.

The R&B superstar insists the Thriller hitmaker will never be challenged as the King of Pop and June 25 will always be remembered as “a terrible day.”

She says, “The incomparable Michael Jackson has made a bigger impact on music than any other artist in the history of music. He was magic. He was what we all strive to be. He will always be the King of Pop. For anyone who has ever seen, felt, or heard his art, we are all honored to have been alive in this generation to experience the magic of Michael Jackson. I love you Michael.”

BET Awards,  Mon June 29 2009

“This is for you, Michael Jackson,” said Beyonce, as she held her trophy for best female R&B artist skyward, calling the singer “my hero.”, 24th October, 2009

She commemorated pop legend Michael Jackson during her performance of If I Were a Boy, dressing in an outfit similar to that from his hit album Thriller and emulating his signature moonwalk.

Birmingham Mail, 13th November, 2009

More sentiment followed in the encore when hit Halo was extended to pay homage to Michael Jackson.

Showing a child video of Beyonce preparing to go out, the star revealed: “That was the night I first saw Michael Jackson in concert and from that moment I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to be like Michael Jackson.”, 1st December, 2009

She told Britain’s Observer newspaper: “There’s always a new artist that people are fascinated with, and I think becoming famous is not so hard any more but staying – and I don’t even like the word famous – staying a celebrity is not so easy, especially now that people have access to celebrities even when they don’t want you to. In the end, you have to have some kind of talent. When you think about Michael Jackson and Prince, back in the day when they were mysterious… that mystery was attractive and now it’s hard to have that.”

Dancer from TII, Saturday, March 13, 2010

It was during Grant’s time with Beyoncé that Michael Jackson announced his comeback concerts. When Frank Gatson got word of the audition, he told Kriyss he had to go. A lifelong Jackson fan, Grant jumped at the chance. But did he feel apprehensive about leaving behind such a big opportunity on the off-chance that he could dance for Jackson?

“No, it was Beyoncé who pushed me,” he laughs. “She told me she was gonna slap me if I didn’t go! She was rooting for me and so was Frank. If I didn’t make Michael’s concerts, I would have met up with the others and been one of the captains on the Beyonce tour.”

Bill Whitfield, Bodyguard  from 2007-2009 on facebook, 2010

Hey Bill,One question. Since she is like the best female performer in the game right now., What did Michael think of Beyonce’,and her single ladies video…

Bodyguards I know he liked her performances, he said she has a lot of energy.