1993-1999:: Lisa Marie Presley

March 3, 2010





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  2. LMP is a nasty bitch if you ask me.

  3. he picked the perfectly wrong woman to marry

  4. I swear, I never thought I’d hate LMP more than I ever did! This was quite long but very informative, thanks!

  5. lisa and michael were very much in love and i think lisa was the only women who could tame him and maybe that scared him.Btw i have some related info how can get intouch with the site owner.

    • I think Lisa Marie couldn’t tame him, which is why he went to Debbie.

      You could post a link here?

  6. What do you think about this part?

    Debbie Rowe’s friend Tonya Watts says that Debbie was also on the set, from her myspace.
    (You are not alone 1995)

    • Well, I think at this point he’d realized that Lisa was refusing to have children with him so Michael was already seeking alternatives. I think he was so hurt by Lisa’s refusal for his kids that he wanted to move on as quickly as possible.

  7. Hey Erika, can you share your additionel info here? Perhaps a link?

  8. i would like to email the owner i have personal michael and lisa pix,articles that i would like for u to post on the site.

  9. Lisa Marie contacts psychic about him on her birthday, 1, February 2010

    This is fake information.
    Karen Faye said on her facebook, it is not true.

    • Did you have Karen Faye’s facebook on February? She was the one who posted that information there first.

      I copy and pasted her messages, but I should’ve screencapped them knowing how crazy she is.

      • Wow seriously? I’ve always considered that LMP & KF story fake but KF the loony seriously put that up on her FB? Can this be corroborated? WOW!

        • I wish you screencapped it too! We need evidence of her demented ways!

        • I believe it. I don’t believe Karen had any reason to lie about it when she posted it. She only lies about stuff when people call her out on it or when the media starts printing it. Also, it goes with Lisa’s attitude to Mike – feigning indifference all these years when the truth was that she loved him.

          These are her original facebook messages (the spelling errors are hers LOL)

          Karen Faye Kissinger
          It is okay to feel sad about all this. I am just like you. there are good days and not so good days, you know.
          I was together with a LMP and a physic on Monday. Lisa asked her to channel Michael. The physic of course knew Lisa…but had

          no idea who I was.
          3 hours ago


          Karen Faye Kissinger
          the physic turned to me and said Michael is telling me;
          “You took such good care of me, and I am so sorry I hurt you so much…”


          Karen Faye Kissinger
          regardless if it was real or not…it touched me. There was a lot more, that I do not want to get further into here. (that

          have to do with MJ and LMP) But there were definite, and deep insights that would have been difficult to make up.
          3 hours ago


          Karen Faye Kissinger
          what I found interesting is that Michael didn’t expose his deepest flaws…but him (her) explaining them was spot on, and they were individually related to our (LMP and my) individual and specific relationships with him.
          2 hours ago

          She’s since deleted her facebook and these messages, but I can link to some forums where it was being discussed before it reached the media.

      • I’m stunned that this is actually true! I thought KF didn’t like LMP, they’re hanging out now? Can you post the link pretty pls? This site of yours & you of course are abound w/ surprises!

        • I’m going to have to google, it was discussed on lipstickalley forum, at least 2 days before the media picked up on it.

          They started hanging out after his death, she did her make up at an event. Her posting that Lisa was still hung up on Mike and chasing him around in the afterlife might have compromised their friendship though. 😉

      • That would be greatly appreciated! Hey, I found this site dedicated to LMP & MJ, I thought it might be useful to you as it’s fans would more likely be dedicated in collecting any info about these 2 than any of us!

  10. hello I am new in this topic, it will have a little spelling error because I come from France. Thus I do not speak English correctly. then for MJ/DR I find their stories of love very attractive, the way in which MJ looked at Diana it was so much differ compared to LISA. I have anything against LISA, but I find that mike was happier with Diana than with the other women than one knows, (LISA; debbie)

    • I agree, MJ’s chemistry w/ Ross was so potent it seeped through everything! It just wasn’t the same w/ LMP, actually I’m not a shipper of anyone but I agree w/ Tatiana, even Tatiana had more chemistry w/ MJ than LMP did. W/c is why I believe Diana Ross was the love of MJ’s life while MJ was the love of LMP’s life.

  11. hello everyone, I have only one question, one knows that brook has always to deny to have had a relationship with MJ. I believe it is right because I look at the music awards of 1984, I realized that as soon as Diana was on scene MJ had completely forgets Brook. Does My question did you think that brook was only one cover between (relation the MJ/DR)?

    • Brooke as a cover for MJ & DR’s secret relationship? Hmmm… I never thought of that, I’ll have to ponder on it a little bit more to be honest. According to Taraborelli & LaToya, it was Brooke who was into MJ & MJ just put up w/ her. What I do believe though is this, that Brooke was just a publicity relationship, he kept his more intimate relationships private & secret from the public eye & the media.

  12. thank you to answer me, but if I put this question it is because I look at his interview with winfley. When ophra asks him which kind of woman will be able to satisfy his disires it answers brook, but after it passes directly has Diana. why does he answer Diana whereas he was with brook? Normally are that they were that friends, how a friend will be able to satisfy your disires?

    • Hmm…I don’t remember him saying Diana but could it be he meant Princess Diana & not Diana Ross? I think actually that those types of women maybe his ideal woman but I don’t think he’s attracted to those girls, ex. LMP. LMP is very far from a Brooke Shields or Princess Diana type or girl & Diana Ross is different is far from that sweet innocence he keeps mentioning. I think his public girlfriends are just publicity girlfriends, not real, but his private girlfriends are more similar to Dian Ross or LMP, very sexual & private women.

    • LOL okay this is totally just my opinion but I believe Mike likes to subtly call people out or just randomly mention something during a conversation that has nothing to do with that topic – because I think he wants a reaction and to see if people catch on.

      I believe he and Diana Ross had something sexual and so he wanted to call her out on it on national TV, see if anyone in the media would talk about it. He would mention marrying her, wrote a very sexual song using her name after he was publically hurt by her marriage and yet nobody seemed to question their relationship… I think he wanted people to know about his thing with Diana.

      But that’s just my opinion 🙂

      • I actually agree w/ your ‘Mike likes to subtly call people out or just randomly mention something during a conversation that has nothing to do with that topic – because I think he wants a reaction and to see if people catch on.’ – I think MJ was secretive & private but I also think he likes to confuse people, sometimes just put them in their place subtly like he did w/ Bashir.

        Lili, make no doubt I also believe something really went on between those 2! He spoke in an Ebony 1982 interview that he was going to marry her, that’s something you do not say to a mother figure! Check out Reclaining A Fallen King, you might find that blog insightful!
        I never thought of that, that he was calling Ross out on that interview? I need to watch it again & pay attention next time!

        • I think the marriage proposals he was talking about to Ebony were Mike calling her out again. From everything I’ve heard Mike and Diana’s affair had tapered off at the start of Thriller, but I still think he was in love with her and wanted to kind of get her back.

          And of course “Dirty Diana” is the biggest public call out he could ever have done. She notoriously slept around with most of the guys at Motown… then he writes this passionate, angry, bitter song and says it’s a song about groupies, a woman who’d do anything sexual for fame. He reduced her ass to nothing more than a groupie.

          Mike always knew what he was doing…

  13. ok thank you for your answer I had only needs for, discusses with other people, who do not make party of my country, because with bets this subject it is a taboo.
    rockforeveron you is right me as I think the same thing, as they had more than one simple friendship between them. NenaBunena I am certain that he spoke about Diana ross, because one shows the photograph of Diana ross. But as I said I would like only to learn one more on their friendships, because I am a confused bit since it put miss ross in her will.

  14. ok thank you for your answer I had only needs for, discusses with other people, who do not make party of my country, because in Paris this subject it is a taboo.
    rockforeveron you is right me as I think the same thing, as they had more than one simple friendship between them. NenaBunena I am certain that he spoke about Diana ross, because one shows the photograph of Diana ross. But as I said I would like only to learn one more on their friendships, because I am a confused bit since it put miss ross in her will. sorry for double posting.

  15. LOL! That’s my very interpretation of Dirty Diana as well! People are stumped by the groupie part, they don’t seem to realize that DD is an angry & very bitter song, of just some groupie? He was referring top Ross here, remember Dreamgirls?

    • Off the top of my head her Motown list includes Berry Gordy, Smokey Robinson, Eddie Kendricks, Lionel Richie…. she was the original superhead.

      I think it’s funny people can’t see Mike and Diana’s relationship even when he spells it out in his music. All of Mike’s music was autobiographical.

  16. NenaBunena you is right also in connection with DD because I find a version acoustic, at a Chinese site, one can hear mj cries. Does my question why He cry over a song which speaks about the groupies? It is really stupid which people continue to believe in it, who this song is on the groupies. And so that it has dedicates this song that wants to say there is something that happened between them, because one does not write a song like that with a friend.

  17. When I say to my friends that song DD was about DR. they say to me that I am insane, and that everyone knows that it was about the groupies. But I think that MJ was very intelligent, I have much study each texts about his songs. I have realized that each time it had a double direction for example who is it is on DR. too

    • That is very very true, MJ’s songs have a lot of double meaning & innuendos in it. Just read the lyrics to THREATENED, 1 of the sexiest lyrics ever! I actually think we get to see the real MJ in his songs & performances, people think it’s just a show but I think that on stage or in the studio that’s when he comes alive or shows his true colors!

  18. Michael: ?Oui, mais vous ne voudriez pas me prendre au sérieux.?
    Ebony: Essayez-moi.
    Michael: ?C?est Diana Ross. Je l?aime.?
    Ebony: Vous voulez dire comme une «grande soeur??
    Michael: ?Non, ce n?est pas ce que je veux dire. Voyez, je vous ai dit que vous ne voudriez pas me prendre au sérieux.?
    Ebony: Vous ne dites que vous voulez épouser Diana Ross, êtes-vous?
    Michael: ?Ah ouais, je dis que.?
    Ebony: Mais elle est tellement plus vieux que toi. Vous voulez dire que vous vous sentez quelque chose d?autre que de l?amitié étroite pour elle?
    Michael: ?Uh huh. Et qu?est-ce que l?âge ont à voir avec ça? Regardons cela de cette façon: quel âge seriez-vous si vous ne savais même pas quel âge êtes-vous??

  19. Michael: ? Yes, but wouldn’t you like to take to me with the serious one.?
    Ebony: Test me.
    Michael: ? C? is Diana Ross. I L? likes.?
    Ebony: Do you want to say like a “big sister??
    Michael: ? Not, this N? is not what I want to say. See, I said to you that you would not like to take to me with the serious one.?
    Ebony: You say that you want to marry Diana Ross, don’t you are?
    Michael: ? Ah yeah, do I say that.?
    Ebony: But it is so much older than you. Do you want to say that you feel something D? other what of L? narrow friendship for it?
    Michael: ? Uh huh. And qu? L? do age have to see with that? Let us look at that in this way: which age would you be if you did not even know which age are you??sorry for French as i said iam from in Paris

  20. * EBONY 1982

    Ebony: Any Black ladies in your life?
    Michael: “Sure, but you wouldn’t take me seriously.”
    Ebony: Try me.
    Michael: “It’s Diana Ross. I love her.”
    Ebony: Do you mean as a “big sister?”
    Michael: “No, that’s not what I mean. See, I told you that you wouldn’t take me seriously.”
    Ebony: You’re not saying you’d like to marry Diana Ross, are you?
    Michael: “Oh yeah, I’m saying that.”
    Ebony: But she’s so much older than you. You mean you feel something other than close friendship for her?
    Michael: “Uh huh. And what does age have to do with it? Look at it this way: how old would you be if you didn’t even know how old you are?”

  21. NenaBunen you are so right iam so glad that i find someone i can speak with ,about this subject ,and thank for riposting the mj interview. I think everything mj did in his life was philosophical for example ( about his color he did that ,because
    he wanted that everyone has its mj), for example again eacher fans have theirs mj ,bad era thriller era off the wall era dangerous era and invicible era etc. That was the really message about changing his color

    • He lost his colour because of vitiligo, he didn’t intentionally change it.

    • It’s cool Lili, I like talking about these things too! I’m not American myself, I’m from Asia!

      LOL! I know it seems that way, maybe he changed his style for different eras or albums but I think B&W has a double meaning as well. MJ here is talking about loving diversity but at the same time seeing what links them together. It is an anti-racist song but notice in the end MJ turning into a black panther? There’s a documentary of MJ’s blackness up on YT or check out the insightful blog in windimoto’s, it is assumed that the last segment of MJ’s B/W video is to reassert his Blackness. He calls for unity & the bigoted outlook on people’s differences while at the same time he is reminding people that he is still a Black man & proud of it! You can be proud of your culture & your people while at the same time embracing others, it’s loving both our differentiation & our similarities as a people.

  22. NenaBunena
    Thank you to understand my point being black me even I have understands it, I am so content with meeting somebody which understands the things like me. I have the impression much his fans do not understand really the reason of the change of his face rockforeveron I have do not say that it did not have the patient, but it is necessary to understand it could stop at the time bad, but he has continuous with exchange his skin color it was for a reason, I am completely of agreement with Nenabunena

  23. rockforeveron I have do not say that it did not have the patient I am of agreement which it suffered from this disease, but behind that there was some philosophical, mj was very intelligent, I will even say that it was in advance by report everyone one should not confuse the character and the person. You know more I study his music I understands I see at which point it was really intelligent it is as that which I see the things. I do not listen to the media

    • I’m sorry I don’t understand…

      • I think what she means is not necessarily the change in his color w/c is due to Vitiligo but the change in his appearance, how he changed his style from Thriller, to Bad, to Dangerous, to History,& so on & so forth.

        Anyway, rockforeveron, I came by these passages/posts yesterday & I’ve been trying to get to the source, it’s very intriguing if true! It’s whether MJ was a womanizer & cheated on LMP based on that ‘supposed’ Cascio tale I put up above:

        “Plus, IDK is anyone remembers, but I remember mj had got audited by scientology back in the 90’s and they asked him what his weakness was and he answered “Women”. I think there was a transcript posted online at some point, anyone remember?”


        “i heard from somewhere that lmp’s ex john osajaza said that michael cheated on lisa with numerous women(to the person who wanted to know) i don’t know how true that is though…but what i’m curious about is this bodyguard that said michael became furious when he stumbled upon lmp’s birth control pills and cheated on her cause of it..do anybody have that post?


        I think there’s a fan that told me that John went on this rampage on his website where he called Michael a jerk who cheated on Lisa with a ton of women. lol wouldnt the first time, lisa doesn’t have the greatest personality. honestly i dont see why a man wouldn’t be annoyed with such a controlling woman who pretends to be honest but it is not. lol i rather have someone who is what they’re period.”

        • I’ve heard those stories, I think they were posted on the net so long ago that it’s hard to find out where they came from. It’s so annoying, people who seem to have inside info tend to post somewhere a couple of times and then vanish off into the night. 😉

          I think I’m going to have to do a post for the most credible rumours I’ve seen about all his women. There are a lot of reaaaaally interesting stories floating around, a lot of them which IMO are very credible…

      • I know! They were posted a while back. I was sorta researching on MJ’s womanizing ways when I came by those, trying to find the scientology audit on the net, or even going to John’s official site, or to the national enquirer for the original post. NADA so far! I think that’s a good idea, making an entry w/c is the more credible & w/c isn’t. Whenever I ask people on boards for links they get pissed off sometimes like I’m challenging them but I just need to verify it you know?

        • It’ll be hard for me to find links for all the rumours I’ve heard, like with the Karen Faye thing I tend to just copy and paste info and forget where it might’ve originated.

          I guess so long as people believe that all the info I’ve got on these pages so far is real and that I’ve been googling my but off researching about him that I’d only post the most credible stories and not the crazy fanficy stuff.

      • I understand, I notice that you put up the sources though, so it is SOURCED Girl! & that in itself makes it easier to pin down, & it is well-appreciated. I started to get obsessed w/ linking & etc 1st in school & then more so when MJ died. Whenever I encountered haters you know you have to be ready for their BS & I always had to show them links for my defense. So just to let you know, I really appreciate that you source all your articles & etc here, MWAH!

  24. ok leaves tomb I said only He was very clever, and sorry for my bad English. As I said there is a philosophical dimension in the change of its skin. but that is just my point of view, I don’ T say which it did not have the disease

  25. NenaBunena Me too I was thinking butt, I mean yew mj cheating with LMP. I think that it has cheating on lmp with Diana lol, because I look at a video on the Net, it is in 1995 when mj was in Hospital, the person who arrives in first there low it is Diana not LISA. My question is why Diana not LISA? Normally she was his woman, at the time.

    • Hmmm… I don’t know about that, because it seems in the 90s, MJ’s relationship w/ Ross somewhat cooled off after she got married. But who knows? I think that when he had enough of LMP not having his kids, he acted irrationally & cheated on her w/ a few women.

  26. of course iam not sure about miss ross ,but could be true ,just saying lol

    • It’s cool Lili, you are right though, it could be true.:-)

  27. ok cool

  28. Do anyone know anything about Michael became furious when he stumbled upon LMP’s birth control pills and cheated on her cause of it. Also, about him and LMP having affair after their divorce and about how supposedly after she find out that Mike cheated on her in 2001 and the girl was pregnant with Blanket; they broke up and that’s when she became mad with him.

    • The birth control thing is a rumour, but considering she didn’t get pregnant and Michael seemed to believe they were trying and how she says she was “lucky to get out of that one”… it’s pretty obvious she had to be using them.

      I believe they were seeing each other from 1996-1999, she flew all over the world to see him and stayed in the same hotels as he did.

      I don’t believe they were seeing each other in 2001, she was with Nic Cage then.

      • I had heard though (via rumorville) that she & Cage had divorced due to MJ, he said ‘apparently I don’t wear a white glove’. So maybe there is something to look into in regards to a maybe extended relationship up to 2001. Who knows?

        • LOL IDK all the insiders I’ve heard have said that sexually it went up to 1999, not beyond that.

          I do think LMP was hung up on MJ though and likely will be forever now…

  29. Do anyone remember a story from 1996 about Lisa and Mike having a secret baby? and Does anyone know why they broke in 1999; Do you think it had anything do with his comment about her dad having a nose job in his TV Guide interview; Do you think she wanted to kept that a secret? Because I remember during one of her interviews to promote her album she said that his comment about her dad is when she got mad and said she is done. But, I still think that she try to full her void for Michael by dating other guys and getting to Nic Cage and the new guy, Michael. She stills loves Michael very deeply but, she just been putting on a front for a long time.

    • I think the secret baby you’re referring to is actually the secret pregnancy? MJ made it clear on the Sawyer interview w/ LMP that they were trying for a baby. LMP after had an interview, insinuating that a baby was on the way so the interview put that in on a tribute article/book/something. But LMP had called in to clarify she wasn’t pregnant. Now some LMP fans have considered that she may have gotten pregnant & had a miscarriage based on that interview of hers & her supposed belly bump.

  30. LMP is a LIAR BITCH…Karma will get you soon..

  31. YOSra , you are right she’s a bad woman , but you should know that mj forgot her , we should make the same

  32. Girl, I just came by this post on KOP forum – http://www.mjj2005.com/kopboard/index.php?showtopic=45997&st=240 – now why am I posting it here? Bec girl, I feel like you have the guns to look into it more than I do! Anyway, here it is:

    Girl. that was a bunch of bull ish and you know it. I don’t know why you hate the fact that that girl was in love with Michael. She ran after him all the time even a week before she married Nic Cage, she was in Michael’s bed. They were in Las Vegas together in 2002. Many fans were talking about it. I don’t know if you were a fan then. I am beginning to think you are a fan of the Presley family .She never stopped seeing that man. She saw him whenever she could. She never stopped loving and panting after him. Face it and give up your little facade.

    Yea, he found out, that’s why he divorced her in 3 months :closedeyes:BTW, in case you didn’t know, Lisa was still seeing Michael to 2002 as far as we know! I don’t know what Lisa was doing. She always found a way to contact Michael. Even when it was rumored she went to see him in 2003 at Neverland after she called him but he had flew to Miami and he missed her. And one of his friends said that Lisa was seen at Neverland in 2001. So you don’t know what was going on in their life. Because it was their life closedeyes.gif
    God, YES, it did happen. It was in the Las Vegas Journal and fans seen them in Vegas. Again, in 2007 when Michael was in New York staying at the Four Seasons Hotel, guess who was there, Lisa. It ws reported in the New York Press where she was staying and where Michael was staying. Michael was there to shoot the Italian cover for Vogue. She was there for a “friend’s party! wink.gif She always managed to show up where he was and where he was staying. How she found out is anybody’s guess unless Michael himself was telling her. But she said she was OBSESSED! So it’s not surprising. Matter of fact, I have to get that movie Obsessed with Beyonce. She beats “Lisa” @ss in that movie lol.gif

    I’ll have a heck of a time finding these articles, thought you might be interested as well!

    • Thanks for that!

      I have to say… from everything I’ve researched and heard from insiders they were only having sex till 1999 at the most. I do believe she was obsessed, her awful lyrics and her bitching about him in 45 interviews 7-13 years after their divorce say as much. I think the other things are a coincidence.

      From everything I’ve heard MJ was seeing a lot of other women from the 2000-2009 time period, I don’t believe he was interested in getting anything on with her again.

      • Well, could it have been possible that she followed him there in hopes for another tryst?

        When exactly did she start to bitch about him? 2003? So what happened between 99 & 03 to make her so bitter? I don’t think it was simply just to promote her album, there was something more bitter behind it all.

        “From everything I’ve heard MJ was seeing a lot of other women from the 2000-2009 time period, I don’t believe he was interested in getting anything on with her again.”

        Girl, do you plan on writing an entry on this time period particularly? His womanizing ways? I’m interested in what you’ve found out!

  33. Ok guys this is just my point of view, of course you could disagree with me. My point is I do not think Mike was with lisa or even sleep with her after their divorce (of course Lisa still wanted him but Mike did not want her). Why I say this because I think Mike was with Diana Ross. (Here the evidence, 1996 musics awards Diana sits on his knees after the end he says he loves Diana, yet he had a divorce, but it did not seem traumatized by his divorce.) In 1997 Rock Roll all fame, you saw Mike flirted with Diana after he says I’m crazy about you.

    And they were holding hands at the end … hmm

    Diana takes YANA 1996, and we know that Lisa is in the video (weird).
    1998 Birthday of Nelson Mandela, Diana was there too. Hmm
    2001 album cover Mike is the same as Diana.
    2002 they are together, raised money for.
    2005 Diana was in South Africa, and Mike was the ( Nelson Mandela Birthday and Diana concert).
    2005 and 2006 Diana was in Ireland and London was Mike.
    2005 Dina concert this is it
    2002 Diana is in testament.hmm
    2009 Mike concert this is it
    2009 Diana said Michael Was a personal love of mine … Fabric of My Life. “Was Not Michael Like a brother to me. Not Michael Was a dear friend. Michael Was Not like family to me. Michael Was Not to sound like a me. PERSONAL LOVE! That is not no innocent statement – that’s admission year and you know it!
    So for me I think it is not going after their divorce (I think why she was angry against him).

    I hope not offense anyone.

    nenabunena if you want to join us to discuss (here the site MJJ Invincible Chat Room)

  34. If anyone is interested in Michael and Lisa’s relationship, this is the place for you!


  35. I’ve been visiting your blog for a while now and I always find a gem in your new posts. Thanks for sharing.

  36. Going along with all the comments that I’ve read, I do think MJ loved LMP just not as much as other women like Diana. And to be honest I think that without the molestation allegations MJ probably would’ve dated her, and without any pressure from other people would’ve eventually broken things off if LMP couldn’t take his lifestyle or maybe they would’ve married anyway. Either way I believe that LMP’s upbringing with her southern relatives wouldn’t have gelled far too long with MJs personality. Also I think that she was takeing birth control pills, because if they were intimate for so long [even before they married] there’s almost no way that she couldn’t have gotten married unless she decided to get an abortion. [Theory: Maybe if MJ did cheat on her it was because he found out about this and was pissed off knowing that she knew how much he wanted kids.

    Also I’m one of those people that believe MJ used public relationships with trusted friends to cover up real ones.

    Also, it’s quite clear that he was with Diana, seeing as from random comments he’s made in past interviews he wasn’t exactly trying to hide the facts or his love for her. He even blatantly calls her a “mother-lover-friend”. I wonder if he means that when he was a boy she was like a mother and a friend, and then she became a lover and a friend when he was older…

    • You got some good points . But i have to add my point too.Of course Mj loved but not as a wife he like her. Why i said that one what kind of many who love his wife go to ask to his friend for his children ?? no one . 2 In 1995 many time i saw Mike accepting the different price ,he never said i like to thank my wife who stayed by my side. But he always said i like to thank Barry Gordy , Diana Ross i love you.3 Lisa asked the divorce in january 1996 ,after one month we saw Diana Ross on Mike lap’s. He didn’t seem to think to Lisa. He had his eyes only for Diana .If he really loved Lisa after his divorce he should be upset.In 1995 Mike was in hospital , the first person who arrived is Diana not Lisa. 4 Lisa wanted to back him but he closed his hurt.5 In 1986 Diana was married we can Mike wasn’t happy ,he was really upset.But after her mariage Mike never stoped to love her.He always Diana i love you.6 Lisa married Nicola cages in 2001 Mike wasn’t upset why because h didn’t love her like wife ,but like a friend.7 Lisa promise to give 9 kid’s to Mike ,but he didn’t want her anymore. 8 If lisa was i’m sure Mike never asked to Debbie Rowe to get his children.He could wait.Lisa said during 6 month ,she didn’t saw Mike.My question is what kind of man could stay during 6 month without to see his wife?? And i agree with you without the allegations ,he never married her.

      • I do agree with you, but I still believe he loved her as more than a friend. I think he loved her like a long time girlfriend, but nothing more. The problem was the same as with MJ and Diana. Lisa loved MJ more than he loved her, and MJ loved Diana more than she loved him.

        The love MJ had with Lisa I guess was sort of like the love between teens; it faded after a while. What really brought them together was those allegations, once those had ended he found that he didn’t love her as much as he thought he did. Not to mention her manipulative ways – nobody tells MJ what to do.LOL.

        In the end I think she really screwed it up by finally letting out the side of her that was brought up with Priscilla Presley and the rest of her family.

        “While Elvis was not a racist man, he did not approve of interracial marriages.” Brother of Elvis Presley.

        What does that tell us?

        Also I think that she didn’t want biracial babies, and her family probably wouldn’t have accepted them, just as none of them or her friends accepted MJ.

        P.S. It was six weeks not months.

        • I do agree w/ your post. I think MJ was more head over heels in love w/ Diana than she was w/ him w/c is why I believe she was the love of his life. As for LMP, I do believe he loved her to a certain extent, probably due to the allegations, convinced himself he loved her more than he did. I believe that he was in fact dating Shana & courting June Chandler when he was seeing LMP before the allegations. He probably married her as a rebound from the trial & the fact that she had her own money/name, something he felt was important in a wife. But I think it soon wore off, this infatuation w/ her, I’m sure the birth control pills while promising him kids didn’t help retain his affections for her. I think in the end, while married, it was he who walked away from her by his disappearance, he just allowed her to file the papers & to agree to it instead of telling her head on ‘it was over’. I think hat was the 2nd biggest mistake of her life, she knew how stubborn he was, & no changing of minds & promises of 9 kids would make him reconsider her as a wife after. Her later bitter rantings merely solidified why it was over between them & that he made that right decision to leave & not accept her back into the fold.

          Lili, i can’t find the “MJJ Invincible Chat Room” site, can you post the link instead?

        • i agree with you ,with some point maybe he loved her, but for me i don’t see this love on Mike face’s..Sorry when Mike was with her everything seemed choreographed..And
          I disagree with you.
          I am sure that Diana also loved Mike. Not only as a son but as a man (lover). But the problem Diana is most old then Mike. She had to make to keep this picture mother / son before cameras.. Only Mike was struggling to hide his love for her, even before the camera. Example in 1995 (Diana’s lap Mike, what kind of mother sat on the lap of her son unless she wants to send a message). In 1995 Mike was also in Paris ,and Diana was in Paris too. In 1996, Mike was in London in t1997 too ,Diana was also in London. Lisa was also yes, but I must say that Mike used lisa to hide Diana. Rock & Roll fame 1997, Diana could not help looking at Mike. Mike says I’m crazy about Diana you .they hold hands as a couple.
          In 1998 Nelson Mandela’s birthday Mike is in south africa, Diana also.

          Diana Her album releases “Every Day Is A New Day,” May 4th, 1999

          Included in the Japanese release Is a song entitled, “Drop The Mask,” which includes the lyrics, “I was there When It all Began / I still remember the boy Within The man / I Understand What It Means to hide and run /
          There’s So Much That We’re holding onto deep down inside. ”

          Special Thanks is Michael’s Number Ones, 2004

          Diana Ross, I loved you “during the early years and I love you Even more today. I love you. ”

          Diana releases the album, “Blue,” June 20, 2006

          The album cover looks like an homage to Michael’s “Invincible” cover. Also it includes a cover of one of Michael’s favorite songs, “Smile.”
          Diana’s statement at the Memorial, July 7th 2009

          “I am Trying to find closure, I Want You to Know That Even Though I Am Not There at the Staples Center. There I am in my heart. I Have Decided to pause and Be Silent. This Feels right for me. Michael WAS A PERSONAL LoVE OF MINE, not mine kid, not mine a friend goal LOVE MINE.Now come on. a treasured part of my world, part of the fabric of my life in a way That I can not find words to prononcer to express.
          And we must remember one thing … That Time Around Eaten Alive – Extended Remix Was released on 26 August 1998 * (Evan’s 10th birthday … what year occurrence) and Michael note was:
          “You Are Truly Supreme. Glad to be with you again. I love you, Michael – 1998”
          Another coincidence?? No i do not think so .I’m sure They Were together, but they decided to keep it private. 02/07/2002 The Diana is in the will .. he did not choose his former wives, no his sisters and brothers or Liz Taylor, but Diana Ross? Sorry but nobody can tell me they were just friends.

          Because how do they succeed in the world, was not just a coincidence.

        • Oh, wow, I didn’t know of all those coincidences.

          I’ve always felt they were together, but I’d just thought it was during the 80s and then they drifted apart when Diana married.

          I see what you mean, and do agree, that they just may have been together during those later years. Also, his will they said was written in 2003, so they were clearly still close at that time…

        • Diana/Mike lost their closeness around 2003. The will was written in 2002.

          I don’t want to be bitchy but she always seemed to step back whenever Michael was in bad publicity. She was one of his friends who hadn’t publically supported him during either trial, even asking people not to ask her about Michael in 1993/1994.

          According to one insider they weren’t that close from 2003 on and then in 2006 Mike wasn’t taking anymore crap from anyone and he confronted Diana about how she’d done him wrong back in the 80s, playing with his heart like that, and they hadn’t spoken since.

        • Oh, no you’re not being bitchy at all. I’m glad to know that MJ didn’t just sit back and be her boy toy or whatever when he was getting good publicity.

          I know Mac had spoken out for him during the trial and said that he didn’t want to get involved if he didn’t have to cuz MJ doesn’t like to involve his friends in his own problems, but Diana’s known MJ since he was 9. She damn well should’ve said something.

          • i agree with u jjjazii

  37. 16 May, 1999 – “Double Platinum” movie released and we remember the quote made by actor Harvey Fierstein who played with Diana in Double Platinum: “The things she told me about Michael Jackson, I will take to my grave. It wasn’t terrible things-just a few things I didn’t know.”
    – 17 May, 1999 – Diana and Arne officially separate, Arne introduced the world his new bride – Camilla
    – 17 May, 1999 – Diana said that Michael called Diana at night and told about “Invincible”

    [color=#FF0000] five months later Mike asked the divorce with Debbie Rowe hmm;
    the couple divorced on October 8, 1999,[/color]

    • Debbie was the one who asked for the divorce from Michael.

      Please don’t make everything in his life about Diana. 😦 It’s the same as people who try to make everything in his life about Lisa Marie.

      There were other women in his life, trust.

  38. jjjazii , I know many people don’t know that they succed in whole world. Me too i didn’t know that before.But after the Mike death i decided to make Some research,and i found many things.
    Feb 1993, Oprah Winfrey

    Oprah: What kind of woman makes you…in the video we’re going to see later, we premier the world video, there’s a line where you talk about being quenched. So what kind of person does that for you?

    Michael: [Sings] Quench my desire … Well Brooke, I’ve always liked her and when I was little I used to stay with Diana Ross, me and my brother stayed with her for years and I never said, but I always had a crush on her.
    Oprah.did you??

    August 31st, 1992

    Name-checked in his video for the song, “Who Is It” Diana ,in that song he is crying too.
    March 3rd 1992,

    Michael dedicates his single, Remember The Time to her.
    April 24, 2002

    Is joined on stage by Diana Ross during a performance of Heal The World, during a Democratic National Committee’s Every Vote. In 1996 Diana takes YANA, my question is why she has taken this song while in the video there was Lisa??
    2005 Diana made a turn, and it is called this is it. 2009 Mike wanted to make a turn it is called this is it. Another coincidence? No. You know i always wonder why Mike loved so Byeonce ,i found it because she acted Diana in Dream Girls.

    • No, Mike was on Beyonce was before Dreamgirls had anything to do with anything. Mike and Beyonce flirted back in 2001.

      People seem to think Diana and Lisa Marie were the only two women in his life…

      • I’m sorry, but I agree with rockforeveron.
        That stuff in the last two decades, I think Diana like Lisa had realized she’d made a mistake and he wasn’t taken her calls so she was trying to get his attention by covering his songs [YANA smile] and writing the song Drop the Mask – that one doesn’t exactly sound like they were still in loving relationship, more like she didn’t feel she knew him anymore. After he and LMP she made a comment in the press, that they weren’t as close as they used to be and she looked and sounded ginuinely depressed. I believe it was video by MJMedia09.

        These past two decades MJ was clearly getting around and I think after Diana and Lisa, he decided he didn’t Have to fall in love no matter how much he wanted to.

        Even if there was something between them, MJ was seeing other people to.

      • Girl, I’m real curious now bout MJ & Beyonce, what have you heard about these 2? Can you share?

  39. OK firstly I respect your opinion, but just not tell me they were no longer close in 2006, 2005,2007,2008,2009 … Almost you tell me that they were closer during these years, why Diana is still in his will? What kind of person who allows his children to a person who didn’t see during years?? And in 2006; they were in contact Diana was in Ireland Mike too, 2005 Mike was in London Diana too and the person who said this is Evan Ross.K.2008 Christian Gautier birthday w Mike and Diana was there. Then also just tell me who they were not close. Explain me why throughout these years that I mention they were exactly the same place??
    And I do not say that Mike had not been another woman in his life, but I’m sure there is only one who really very important to him that woman is Miss Ross.
    do like it or not. In 2009 Diana said that Mike was a personal love for me, not Mike was like a son to me, not like Mike was a friend to me, but a personal love. Why did she say that?? This sentence was a declaration of love. And for Lisa you can not compare his love for Diana to lisa.
    it is you who should wake up because you continue to believe that they were not closer during these years. In 2005 Diana gave a concert in South Africa Mike was also in South Africa. as I said I respect your opinion but you do not make me change my mind .. there is too much coincidence for which they are just friends,during theses years.

    • Why are you so mad? I didn’t deny they had a relationship at all.

      You may believe these things about them being together sometime in the last 10 years, but I don’t. Lisa Marie was coincidentally in the same places he was a few times too, I don’t believe he was secretly seeing her either.

      She said herself in 2005 that they were no longer close, 2007 he turned down his invitation to present her an award. The will was written in 2002.

      The person with inside info who gave this info about what happened between Diana and Mike in 2006 also says that they DID have a relationship back in 1978 through till about 82/3 and Mike was totally in love. They’re very credible, sorry.

    • Not that you seem interested in any of the information I’ve heard but if it’s worth anything Michael did love Diana a lot, and I’ve heard that Diana has seen his kids since he died.

  40. I’m not mad i just explain my point. And for 2007 if Mike didn’t got in BET award is because he was sick words of stevie wonder, but Mike had called Diana for apologizes. And for lisa I agree that she in london with him in 1997. My question is why Diana was in the same place (these words come from the mouth of Evan Ross).And in ROck and Roll all fame they acted like a couple?? Words of Mike i’m crazy about you Diana. He didn’t said i’m crazy about you Lisa.In the end they hold their hands like couple.
    As I said he showed lisa ,for hide Diana. And I think in 2006 they had problems in their relationship. Because if you listen to the album of Diana her songs speak of Mike.I’m sorry if I offenced you.

    • Where does it say Mike called Diana to apologize?

      People are in the same place a lot of times, I need more information than that. Show me info when they’re in the same hotel and I’ll be interested.

      You think he showed Lisa to hide Diana? What? Mike and Lisa were still sleeping together till 1998 at least.

      Well, believe what you need to believe. I think more insiders will speak in the future and things will become clearer then.

      • that’s what the media said. Evan Ross explain me why Evan Ross said they were with him at the same time in london (during the history tour)?? well on anyone knew until that Evan Ross talks .. I will tell you watching Rock & Roll fame all by yourself you will see what I say is true. I respect your point of view, but the only romantic relationship with Mike that the media is concerned with lisa Brook, Tatum. but when it comes to Diana Ross nobody cares .. if they really wanted to know who Mike layer past 10 years could find it.. For example 1996, 1997, 1998, they did not hide their love.. (see music awards 1996). at the end a reporter asks Mike how he feels to see his friend Diana. He didn’t say I’m glad to see her, but he says I’m crazy about her .. well its not the chip in his ear to the journalist. In 1997 Mike says I’m crazy about Diana, and no journalist has yet reacted. They hold hands as a couple no journalist has paid attention. So explain me no journalist pait attention with all that evidence?? But when was lisa , you could see the react of journalist. Lisa or Mike never said they was sleeping togher at this time , that’s what the media said.

        As i said i never change my mind , the only could my mind is Diana or Mike.

        • Where’s the Evan Ross quote?

          He also had other women during that time and throughout his life.

          Why are you such a fan of them as a couple?

  41. As I said do you not leave your children to someone you are not closer .. i believe you if there is one person who said they were not closer in the last three years .. Then Tell me how they were exactly the same place during the last three years?? And I do not think they were together during the past 10 years, but I’m sure they were together during the 10 last years. … Because there are too many coincidences .. and how they followed it too. The will confirms my point of view ..

    • The will was written in 2002.

      Like I said, lots of people are in the same place, same time. I need to hear evidence of them being in the same hotel or being seen together.

  42. How many time Mike said i love Diana , and how many time Mike said i love lisa?? Tell meIn 19,980 years it’s the same in 1980 yeaars if the media really wanted to know who Mike layer they could find it (1981 Rigis interview, Diana special in 1981, 1982 statement mad by Mike that he wanted married Diana, 1984 music awards, in 1985 we are the world ). but it does not interest the media when he sleeps with a black. 1984 Music AWRD Diana kisses Mike in the mouth on any journalist to pay attention .. But once he was with Brook as they talk about it. Yet I never saw Mike kiss brook on the lips before the camera. 25 Motown 1983 Mike Matt’s Diana ass in front of everyone well on any journalist to pay attention … 1996 Diana sat on the Mike lap’s any journalist cared.

    So tell me why no journalist has paid attention to all this?? Because Diana was not the daughter of the King?? or because she is black?? Sorry but any person who looks at all these videos, which is objective and will tell you the same thing as me. Yet I am not a fan of Diana ..
    As they say in their own way of seeing things, so I leave you with your point of view and I respect .. because for me the will prove everything I say .. You do not leave your children to a friend unless that person are very important in your life ..

    • I don’t understand… I’ve already said I believe MJ and Diana had a sexual relationship. The media didn’t (and still doesn’t) even believe that Michael and Lisa Marie were having a sexual relationship. Even when they were in the same hotels from 1996-1998 all over the country they didn’t talk much about it.

      I don’t think it had to with Diana being black, it had to do with the media not believing Michael Jackson is sexual.

      Yes, Diana Ross was important in his life and he always loved her, but they were not always the closest and bestest of friends. Things happened between them and they seemed to drift apart (according to what she has said), that’s how life is sometimes. Again, the will was written in 2002 when by all accounts they were still close.

      Michael loved and was loved by other women.

  43. That is the Evan quote. AND here is the date
    09 July 1997 – London, UK
    11 July 1997 – Glasgow, UK
    12 July 1997 – Manchester, UK
    Michael’s concerts:
    July 09, 1997 – Sheffield U.K.
    July 12, 1997 – London U.K.
    July 15, 1997 – London U.K.
    July 17, 1997 – London U.K.
    On July 12-th there was the final concert of Diana’s tour and she ended her tour in England so Evan really could stay with Michael as he said. And what does it mean “we were staying with Michael”? How long were they staying with him? Hardly it was for one day.. If it was so Evan would say we visited Michael, but he said “were staying”. But of course the media would never tell us about it, Michael hided this treasure as hard as he could. All the media could show is “Footage of Michael Jackson being visited by his then ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley backstage on the History Tour in London, July 15th 1997.”Here is the the course of events:
    December 6, 1995
    Michael collapses while rehearsing the concert and he is rushed to the Beth Israel Medical Center .
    December 10, 1995
    Lisa Marie and Diana Ross with her two sons visit Michael in the hospital.
    Tuesday, December 12th 1995
    “Lisa Marie Presley has been living at the Four Seasons while she visits her ailing husband. But she didn’t check into Jackson’s swank suite she got her own, reports a spy.”
    As it’s said in the video Lisa visits Michael one more time on the weekend, and if we look at the Calendar, 1995 we’ll see that the dates are December 16th – 17th, it can be the time she announced the divorce.
    December 18, 1995
    Michael goes resting at Disneyland Paris taking with him the Cascio kids
    NB – Diana owns a house in Paris not faraway from Disneyland.
    January 18, 1996
    Lisa Marie officially files for divorce.
    “Ebony: Any Black ladies in your life?
    Michael: “Sure, but you wouldn’t take me seriously.”
    Ebony: Try me.
    Michael: “It’s Diana Ross. I love her.”
    Ebony: Do you mean as a “big sister?”
    Michael: “No, that’s not what I mean. See, I told you that you wouldn’t take me seriously.
    Ebony: You’re not saying you’d like to marry Diana Ross, are you?
    Michael: “Oh yeah, I’m saying that.”
    Ebony: But she’s so much older than you.You mean you feel something other than close friendship for her?
    Michael: “Uh huh. And what does age have to do with it? Look at it this way: how old would you be if you didn’t even know how old you are?”

    It was the first time the media didn’t take him seriously…

    And it was the same interview when Michael said that he was going to move to Switzerland after getting married.. Hmm…? And we know that Diana got married in Switzerland..

    Rock Roll & famae

    First part 1:

    02:19 – first hug… look at Michael face pure bliss… and Diana was just … crazy!!!
    04:13 – Diana statement… “…and Michael” then she look at him and became completly stunning and wild… In one short sentence: Diana was crazy about him as hell!!!
    04:33 – look at Michael shortly before Jermaine kissed Diana (04:31)… his facial expression: go away from my woman
    04:44 – 04:48 – Diana just can’t wait to give Michael his award (unfortunately she was too crazy to give him HIS award … as you see later all brothers recieved others awards… first noticed it Jackie at 06:07)
    05:25 – I just love her look at Michael … and he came to her without saying a word!!! This is true, spiritual connection…
    06:38 – Jermaine, Michael and Diana talks and noticed at 06:42 how Michael laughed loudly till Jermaine run away from them with big smile on his face…and Diana and Michael still mess around… I wonder what they do…
    07:00 – too late Diana we saw you with Michael…
    09:24 – this is just speechless moment… I love when he said that he is crazy about her and then calling her with his fingers… and Diana look at her face – she really love him!!!! Also noticed when she mumbled to his ear at 09:36: I love you too…

    • I put together the Diana Ross post, I already know those things. 😉 I guess I’ll have to google the Evan quote to see where he said it.

      That’s because Lisa Marie went into the hotel with Mike holding his hand and was seen with him backstage. Michael supposedly proposed to Diana twice, she turned him down. Lisa Marie accepted, that’s why they focused on her. LOL

      I don’t see why fans still need to believe that his life revolved around either woman, sorry LOL! Do people really believe they were the only two women in his life and everything he ever did was about either one???

      And the media ignored him and Stephanie Mills and comments he made before about women… they just didn’t believe he was sexual.

  44. Yes, Diana Ross was important in his life and he always loved her, but they were not always the closest and bestest of friends. Things happened between them and they seemed to drift apart (according to what she has said), that’s how life is sometimes. Again, the will was written in 2002 when by all accounts they were still close.

    Michael loved and was loved by other women.

    So you are telling me Mike put Diana in the will and after that they wasn’t anymore closer?? They stayed a friend right?? Are you kind me ?? Mike didn’t miss a friend he had Liz taylor , chris tucker Barry Gibs Barry Gordy etc?in all his friend he only choose one person. he didn’t choose his sisters and brothers (accept his mother ) but her. And you want to convince me they were just friends durin the last three years is a joke right?? So tell me did you leave your children to your best friend if you died?? Even if you love so much your best friend in the place of your sisters and brother?? And i didn’t say that he didn’t sleep with another women. But i could say he slept with another women when he was mad against her.

    • Why is that impossible? That two friends stopped being close? It happens all the time, especially with the history between them. Again, she said so herself in 2005 that she hadn’t spoken to him in a long time.

      He chose her in 2002 because yes, he loved her, and yes, he believed she was a good mother and I totally believe he would have loved to have kids with her. If you can show me a will he has written since then that says the same thing, I’ll understand your point better.

      LOL! So he only slept with other women when he was mad at her??? No, bb, he slept with other women when he was in love and/or attracted to them. His sex life didn’t revolve around Diana, not since the 80s and even then he had other sexual and romantic interests.

  45. I put together the Diana Ross post, I already know those things. 😉 I guess I’ll have to google the rest.

    That’s because Lisa Marie went into the hotel with Mike holding his hand and was seen with him backstage. Michael proposed to Diana twice, she turned him down. Lisa Marie accepted, that’s why they focused on her.

    I don’t see why fans still need to believe that his life revolved around either woman, sorry LOL!

    So tell me why when the media saw Mike and Lisa holding hands they have postponed the information, but when Diana sat on Mike’s lap they do not postpone it on television?? Mike held the hand of Diana (Rock Roll and fame) Why the media did not mention it on TV??? But when it came to Lisa Brook, Tatum they mention every move they have done .. Give me an explanation for everything.

    • Because they were married? Because he said he and Tatum were dating and they were seen at Playboy Mansion together?

      And no, not every move they have done has been on TV. The media didn’t believe Michael had a sexual relationship with ANY woman, let alone the women you’ve mentioned.

  46. Nov 9, 2005

    When asked if she was still in contact with Michael Jackson following his acquittal in his child abuse trial, Ross replied: “I am sure Michael is in a quiet place, recording music … but, no, I have not been in contact with him for some time now.” do you talking about this interview. Ok let me see she said that she she wasn’t in contact with Mike in this time..

    October Diana was in London Mike too , Diana mad a concert at the same time in Irland Mike was here. the some year Diana mad a concert in South Afrique Mike was here. So tell me
    How come they are in the same place this year??

    • Because sometimes celebrities end up in the same place at the same time.

      But… I guess she was just lying to cover up all the sex they were having.

      LOL okay, like I said, you believe what you need to believe. 🙂 Only Diana Ross existed in Michael’s universe and he had sex with other women only when he was angry at Diana.

  47. Because they were married? Because he said he and Tatum were dating and they were seen at Playboy Mansion together?

    OK i’m agree with that so tell me why the medias don’t pay attention when Mike said i love Diana Ross?? why the medias don’t pay attention when Diana said i’m crazy about Mike??

    • Because she was dating Gene Simmons at the time?

  48. Because she was dating Gene Simmons at the time? that was in 198O i talk about 1997 1998 and 1996. AND when you he slept with another because he loves her i disagree , if my mind is good he said in Oprah the only who could quinch my desire is miss ross (that came in Mike mouth too) of any journalist payed attention .. And i didn’t say he never slept with another women or he had sex with miss ross. I think in whole couple there is problemes. there weren’t happy everyday they had some ups and downs..
    for celebrities, give me the numbers of celebrities or the numbers of his friends who are several times the same place as him .. at least that these people follow in the world ..

    • She was married to Arne in 1997, 1998 and 1996.

      He did not say that only Diana quenched his desire, he said she was one of the women who did.

      LOL, girl, you’re tripping. You think he didn’t love other women? He definitely did, Diana Ross was not the centre of his universe his entire life. I think it’s sad that fans limit Michael Jackson to either Diana or Lisa.

      Lisa Marie was in Ireland and in Las Vegas at the same time as him, she was also going to be in London when he was. Do I believe they were fucking during this time period? Heck no.

      I’m done with this though, it’s pointless. People who believe he only had one love in his life make me SMDH too much.

  49. Because she was dating Gene Simmons at the time? That was in 1980 i’m talking about in 1997,1996,1998 1988 when he said (she was my mother my sister my lover)for celebrities, give me the numbers of celebrities or the numbers of his friends who are several times the same place as him .. at least that these people follow in the world .. and I am not saying that he was always with her, because in all couple there are up and downs. I think they are no exception .. When you tell me if he sleeps with another woman because he loves these women is wrong .. 1993 Oprah is itself says that the only woman who could satisfy his desire was her..Of course no one payed attention about thsees words.

  50. She was married to Arne in 1997, 1998 and 1996. she already separed with her husband in 1995 the divorce was in 2000

    • They separated and started divorce proceedings in 1999, I’ve never heard anything about them separating earlier.

      No, he did not say she was the only one who quenched his desire, he said she was one of them.

      He had sex and loved other women, it’s sad that you don’t want to believe that but oh well.

  51. They separated and started divorce proceedings in 1999, I’ve never heard anything about them separating earlier. In 1995 Arnes said

    that he and Diana are separating because they were not happy together. Tape on google you will see the article this is not Diana said that but was her ex husband. And the same year in london arnes shows his new girlfriend in public camilla.
    But they divorce in 2000

    Oprah: What kind of woman makes you…in the video we’re going to see later, we premier the world video, there’s a line where you talk about being quenched. So what kind of person does that for you?

    Michael: [Sings] Quench my desire … Well Brooke, I’ve always LiKeD Her Not Love Her and when I was little I used to stay with Diana Ross, me and my brother stayed with her for years and I never said, but I always had a crush on her. At that time he was with Brook so tell me why he mentioned her Name here??

    Oprah: You did?

    Michael: Yes.

    I think it’s you that does not accept that the media only mention Tatum, Brook, Lisa as the only ones he attended .. Yet all these women were only temporary in his life .. Why They Do n’t talk about stephanie Mills??

    • No, Arne didn’t say that. Camilla shows up in 1999. Arne and Diana were together till 1999, you can type it into “google news archive” and see that they were.

      Yeah, that transcript shows that Michael said one of the women who quenched his desire was Diana. Where does it say that she was the only woman who did?

      Huh? Have you read my blog? If I believed the media I wouldn’t talk about any of his other women. LOL! Girl, you are up and up tripping.

      • LOOOOOOOOOOL!!! Up and up trippin’! LOL!

  52. Jet, July 24, 1995

    The nine-year marriage between superstar Diana Ross and her hubby, Arne Naess is in trouble, reports Britain’s Daily Mirror.

    Naess is said to be, unhappy with Ross’ spending habits, the tabloid reports. The habits include spending “$25,000 a week on private jets, $20,000 a month to rent private homes, and $50,000 a month on clothing,” the New York Daily News quoted the tabloid as saying.

    The article notes, however, that Ross, who has a $150 million fortune, is far wealthier than her husband and wants to use the money as she pleases.

    The article also claims that Ross has been hurt periodically during the marriage by family members and friends of Naess, who allegedy have made rude comments about the interracial union and about Ross personally.

    • “In trouble” does not equal “separation.” Check 1996, they were seen out and about together.

    • Damn, ya’ll just let it rest!

      Diana was probably his first love, and when it comes to your will, it’s in what’s best for your children regardless of what may have gone on between them. If I didn’t have a good relationship with my mother I’d still leave my kids to her because I know she was good to me and will do the same to my kids. So the will doesn’t really mean much.

      They say you never stop loving your first love, so yes, I do believe they loved each other till his death beyond, but they probably weren’t as close, because MJ didn’t want to take her crap anymore.

  53. Oh, no you’re not being bitchy at all. I’m glad to know that MJ didn’t just sit back and be her boy toy or whatever when he was getting good publicity.

    I know Mac had spoken out for him during the trial and said that he didn’t want to get involved if he didn’t have to cuz MJ doesn’t like to involve his friends in his own problems, but Diana’s known MJ since he was 9. She damn well should’ve said something.

    I hope you laugh you say that Diana did not support Mike during the trial??? OK go read a book Aphodites jones conspiracy against Michael Jackson. You will see that she had testified at trial .. But Thomas. M said no because too many celebrities will eclipse the trial .. 2 Go watch the interview with Geraldo Mike when he says that people call me to the nearest phone. AND for your information a lot of artist had supported Mike throughout his trial, but your Media Americas decided not to watch your TV because they wanted to condemn him .. But here in France there are some media that told the truth. Miss Elliot, P. Daddy Alias Keys. Chris Brown, Steve Harvey, all these people supporting Mike during the trial but your media n shit have no comment or watch your TV ….
    3 Tape pictures of Diana on google you will see a photo she wears a tshirt Mike, she goes shopping, she wears basketball and this photo was taken in 2005 .. Everyone had decided to support him in his own way .. Stevie Wonder Smoky Robinson, Lionel Richie, Barry Gordy, Barry Gibs all these people have the supports Mike their way .. Everyone did not need to go to the TV and shouting to the roof that Mike was innocent .. Elizabeth Taylor spoke in public it had changed something for your media crap?? NO Quynci Jones spoke in Public it change anything for your media crap?? No, Frank Dileo had spoken in public continues to have your media deals for pedo Mj .. I am glad that some of his friends prefer to rest in silence and to speak in private, because they even speak in public that have nothing to change your media crap ..

    And for their love i just wanna say that.the people who don’t see MJ & DR’S love are just turning a blind eye, to something that is so obvious, they are either jealous or in love with Michael themselves, but no matter how much they deny it or turn a blind eye, nothing is going to change the fact that Mike and Diana had something very special together.

    • What the media said is irrelevant, I’ve researched it all myself. She refused to answer questions about Michael back in 1993/4 and didn’t issue any statements in 2003-2005. She was supposedly named on a list of people who could testify about his character, but those people weren’t needed. It wasn’t a list of people who volunteered. As Diana Ross said… she had not spoken to him in a long while in 2005, so she wasn’t providing support in the background. You can twist things however you need to twist them, as it stands she didn’t seem to be a background supportive friend in that period. You don’t think that’s harsh? I do.

      LOL you’re crazy. I said I believed they loved each other, so did Jjjazii, we just believe he loved other women and that he had moved on with his life and not everything in his life revolved around her.

    • I agree that there were a lot more celebrities that supported MJ that the media didn’t show, because they wanted to control the audience into thinking 1 way only. I also saw that shirt Ross was wearing but I don’t now from when it was from. But I must say, if more celebrities were outspoken & outspoken in public as DiLeo was, I think it would’ve helped MJ’s image & sadly many celebrities & MJ’s so-called friends abandones him including Bruce Swedien. I don’t know how supportive Quincy ever was to MJ, as when MJ confided his health issues w/ Quincy, all he could respond was Bullsh!t. I have no respect for the guy as a friend or mentor to MJ.

  54. What the media said is irrelevant, I’ve researched it all myself. She refused to answer questions about Michael back in 1993/4 and didn’t issue any statements in 2003-2005. She was supposedly named on a list of people who could testify about his character, but those people weren’t needed. It wasn’t a list of people who volunteered. As Diana Ross said… she had not spoken to him in a long while in 2005, so she wasn’t providing support in the background. You can twist things however you need to twist them, as it stands she didn’t seem to be a background supportive friend in that period. You don’t think that’s harsh? I do.

    LOL you’re crazy. I said I believed they loved each other, so did Jjjazii, we just believe he loved other women and that he had moved on with his life and not everything in his life revolved around her.

    I’m not one it is you who is mad because I’m in reality .. she said nothing in 1993/1994 so tell me why she had sent Evan and Ross stayed with Mike for almost a week?? As I said she did not need to shout at you her support for him because it will have nothing changes .. in 2004 there were youtube interview when the reporter asked if Mike had emerged for the looks, she said no and the journalist had started to make disgusting comments to Mike she was told not to say anything bad about Mike before it .. Although these types of interview is never on youtube .. so you do not call me a crazy ok …. No mother sends her son to someone that has just accused of pedophile at least that this person wants to bring its support to this person .. It remains in denial anyway one day the truth comes out ..

    Ross children have all said the same as MJ was one of the family. Evan has gone further

    Evan said once:Evan said once:
    “When I said not that I know of I was saying that it is possible that I could be. It is not impossible at all because Michael and my mother were very close. I don’t even know what happened between them, but I wonder sometimes. Out of my brother and all my sisters he was the closest to me. And I was closer to him more than I was to my father. It is very strange, when I look in the mirror I see him a lot. I have been getting that all my life, people have thought Michael was my dad. We had a bond that was very much like father and son. I would like him to be my father, if he is I will go crazy! I used to pray for it when I was little. ”

    Like I said I am in reality because I do not limit my search to one person but several people .. you think what you wanted, but you will not make me swallow that ‘they were no longer visible during the last 4 years or 1O ..

    • Where is the evidence Evan stayed with him for a week in 1993-1994?

      Evan has never publically said that. That was something posted by a fan of Michael and Diana as a couple on a messageboard that they claimed to have heard him say.

      I’m not making you swallow anything, you’re posting and coming back LOL! 😉 I’m not interested in seeing anything just to support any one couple, I’m only interested in all the truth about Michael.

      • Yeah, I read your exchanges, what a fun read! Hilarious too! LOL!

        Well girl, you have 1 reader here who checks your blog DAILY, just to see if any new updates are posted so I’ll be here waiting!;)

        Thanks for freeing my posts, I wondered bout that.:)

        • LOL! It reminds me of when I was like 13 and would go online and tell people I was someone famous for shits and giggles. Making up stories that didn’t make sense, using people in my stories that shouldn’t be there… 😉 Can you imagine saying you hung out with JRT of all people???? As if MJ and him were BFF’s! Just hilarious.

          Right now I can’t tolerate anymore people blatently lying about having relationships with him. Some idle fan might slip in, think there’s something in it and it’ll be spreading all over the internet.

          Anyway. Just so you know that I have standards when it comes to my MJ & women gossip. 😉

      • I know what you mean, it would seriously hamper the credibility if any unverified & ridiculous story was included. You handled it very well IMO.;)

        Girl, I did much worst things when I was a kid when I prank called! Kaween sounded very young though, like she never left that teen phase! Either that or a troll has wondered into your site!

    • I’m not at all saying that Diana thought MJ was a pedophile, just that she should have spoken out for him. To be honest I don’t really remember what was said during the trial because I didn’t pay attention to any of it, knowing it’d all be crap and that he was INNOCENT.

      We’re not saying their relationship was fake, just that it didn’t continue to be as strong as it once was in recent years. PERIOD.

      All we’re doing is repeating the same things over and over again. You’ve made your point and obviously won’t be swayed and we’ve made ours.
      It’s sad that we’re actually arguing about the LENGTH of their relationship. Diana was the woman he loved most out of anyone else in his life, but things didn’t work out the way they could’ve.

      • Isn’t it strange that this Diana Ross debate is on the LMP entry instead of the Diana Ross 1?

        • LOL I’ve wondered that… people will click here thinking there’s a huge debate over LMP when all anyone wants to talk about is Diana. 😉

          I found a whole bunch of your comments in my spam filter for some reason. Weird. Anyway, your comments are now free!

          I’m seriously working on this update but it’s making me go cross eyed… and now I have that crazy weirdo claiming she had a teenage affair with MJ during LMP’s marriage. Sigh. 😦 I just want some truth, is that so hard for people to do?

    • I’ve heard of that Ross quote before, tbh that seems very dubious as I heard him interviewed about MJ & his response contradicted that quote, the interview is up on YT actually.

  55. Why are my posts not getting through?

  56. Ok, it seems to work now, so I’ll try to repost again.

    Just to clarify Rockforeveron, LMP was supposedly following MJ around after 95, not only around the same time but in the same venue. Now, I’m not suggesting they had a relationship, only that she was in her ‘stalker mode’. Apparently she was in Las Vegas celebrating her bday bash & stayed in the same hotel as him. She also was in Ireland supposedly house hunting in the very street he was staying at at that time & in London just when he was there (don’t know if they were in the same vicinity though). Now these observations were made by MJ fans who are far from LMP’s fans, & they all unanimously think she may have been stalking them, the posts were from 2008. Now, i just came by this quote from the 3 bodyguards on LMP, I’m honestly shocked as Taraborelli did hint on this as well. But I really don’t like her & the idea that he even gave her the time of day pisses me off! Even as friends you know? I’m just hoping that somehow it just stayed there, as friends as I really really can’t get my head past what LMP did to MJ during his difficult times.

    “Taryn April 15 at 11:01pm
    I was wondering if you ever saw or heard from Lisa Marie Presley while you were working for Michael? Are you going to discuss any of the women in his life in your book?

    MJ’s Bodyguard May 4 at 8:53pm
    Ive been getting a lot of questions regarding this and I’ll say this, there were 2 females that we were told if they called we were to put them through to him right away. One of those women was Lisa Marie. We will write about the people who truly cared for him and were there. Those 2 women were indeed close to him. That’s all I am going to say about that. BJM”

    • I asked them about that quote and they just told me it was BS.

      I do believe that MJ and Lisa had a sexual affair all the way up till late 1998, but after that I’d need some serious info to believe that anything more was going on between them. I definitely think she was obsessed with him.

  57. Hmmmm…. BS that they became friends? Well, we’ll see as the months past. I myself don’t want to imagine MJ forgave her enough to be friends w/ her but who knows? Maybe he just wanted to sit her stalker ass down & try to have at least some friendly relationship w/ her so she would stop trash talking him. If she was w/in the vicinity he was in in every country at the same time, it seems suspect to me. That maybe she was stalking him.

    & as for the European girlfriend, might be Rushka. She was wearing the red jacket MJ wore in TII, so why not? Anyway, girl, you plan on having another entry for the women he had after LMP up to 2009?

    • Of course. 😀

      The BS thing the BG said they’d never said that there were only 2 females who got put straight through to MJ and one of them was Lisa, that was made up by someone. He sounded pissed that someone made it up, too.

      I’m not convinced about Rushka being one of his girls, I think it might be someone else we don’t even know about, I think both the BG girls are… but maybe I should do a Rushka entry anyway

      • Well, it seems you’re right Rock! I just came by this – http://i39.tinypic.com/avspld.jpg – & I’m quite relieved! If it were true, hat’s MJ & his life not us, but I honestly have sooo many negative feelings for this woman for what she did to MJ that I can’t help but be affected.

        “I’m not convinced about Rushka being one of his girls, I think it might be someone else we don’t even know about, I think both the BG girls are… but maybe I should do a Rushka entry anyway”

        Girl, you’ve been teasing us on the Beyonce, he many women, is there a new Blog entry coming up? I’m getting really curious! I want to hear more! Pretty pls?

        • That was my PM LOL! I’m Kitty 😉

          I’m currently working on a huuuuge entry about all the insider info I’ve seen posted in various places, the stuff that I have reason to be is the most credible, but I’m so anal that I’m making sure I have a link to where all the info was originally posted if I can. I expect a lot of bitchy entries to it though LOL! 😀

      • Yeah? So I basically showed you your own convo huh? I just read on another MJ board & the bodyguard said that he is FB friends w/ you, that’s cool! Be all anal Rockforeveron, I imagine there will be a lot of questions & b!tchy replies but I assure you, that would be one hell of an entry! I personally believe in that post made by MJ’s former chief security, that post indicated that MJ was a dog after the LMP divorce, Teddy Riley basically said the same thing, so i believe it! People seem to assume that that makes MJ a manipulator or a liar & it’s sd that everyone else is expected to grow, change & mature but MJ. & what’s sad is many can’t empathize why he would want his private life private, the supposed LIE was never from MJ to begin w/, we’re just imposing it upon him. Well, I look forward to your new entry, I’m quite excited actually! gin, I appreciate this blog of yours, 1 word – SPECTACULAR! I love you already!

        • LOL aww bless. I regularly harass him 😉

          Yeah I think I’ve seen you post on one of the other forums with that employee’s post from 2004 and I’m sure you know the reaction I’m talking about! Some people truly believe all the virgin asexual image, which I guess is fine, it’s why MJ did it. Anything that goes against that image and MJ is suddenly this huge manwhore who was screwing everyoen without care…

          The info I have is much more specific… and it is all very credible. People have a hard time believing that people who know stuff would share online.. as if MJ himself didn’t lurk on forums!

          And IA MJ never said he was a pure asexual virgin, he just chose not to discuss it. So people used it against him. The truth sets you free though…

      • I just reread your message kitty, I hope it’s ok I call you Kitty? So the supposed statement about MJ having 2 GFs is another made up 1? WOW! I really can’t wait for your new entry now! I’m finding MJ’s sexual naughtier side to be very sexy tbh! & the fact that he kept it a secret or never went about shouting it from the roof tops is even sexier! I find that people who are more insecure tend to brag on & on about something while those who aren’t are quiet.

        Yep, i read on an older MJ site that MJ in fact visited the forums once in a while, might’ve posted too!

        • NOOOOO! The 2 girlfriends thing is NOT a lie.

          What the BG said was a lie was that there were 2 women in his life that got their calls put straight through to MJ and that Lisa was one of them – they never said this.

          But the 2 girlfriends thing is a whole other thing and they’ve said it about 3 times now, they’re not backing down from that statement at all. It seems they’re gonna elaborate more in the book which excites me 🙂

          But goddamit the Lisa stans are pissing me off. They’re trying to discredit everything except what the original lie was! The original lie is the Lisa thing, NOTHING else.

          I’m tired of fans trying to mess with the truth. Don’t they realize this is the stuff he’s had to live with his whole life?

          I’m working on a huge mega entry. I think you’ll love it but some fans might not 😉

      • LOL! Ok, my head’s all woozy now from what was a lie & what wasn’t so I apologize for the confusion. Do you think they meant 2 gfs at the same time or 1 succeeding after the other? Kitty, when can we expect the new entry? I want to set my calendar on that DATE!

        • I think they meant different times 🙂

          I realllllly wanna get it up by tonight. It’s a really fun entry 😀 I’m so annoying though I have all this info from all over the place but I tend to have a bad habit of never including the original link and date when I C&P so I have to go through like 250 different bits of info getting it all…. luckily I have a really boring job so I’m gonna see if I can get away with doing it all today and get paid for it 😉

      • “I think they meant different times :)”

        Awww…. well I’ll still hold off some hope! LOL! I was hoping that maybe they let the 2 women thing slip, somehow I find that idea sexy as hell! I don’t know why, I wouldn’t find it sexy w/ any other guys but w/ MJ, it’s just sexier!;)

        YEHEY! Well, I’ll definitely tune in & check if you have a new entry1 I’m sure it will be fun like all your other blog entries Kitty!

        I know what you mean about sources/references, it took me a long time to have that embedded in me, to always check the sources but it’s finally in my blood. Why not just try to screencap everything & have folder categories for them? That might make it easier for you. Well, I’m hoping that you do get away w/ it today Kitty as I’m jumping in my seat awaiting it!

        • Oh boy, screencapping would seriously make me spend like an extra 2 weeks on it LOL! Especially ’cause I’m a cheapo who uses tinypic so there’s no way to properly upload things that would be easy to organize. But I’m so anal I did actually consider it. 😉

          There’s seriously something like 100-200 bits of info from various places about absolutely everything. I just want to try and watch anyone try and tell me that this is all somehow made up by all these different people as well as the sources that I personally know. I know they’ll try anyway but I wanna watch 😉

        • LOL MJ had a lot of overlaps in his life as it is, girl 😉

      • 100-200? Seriously? WOW! Girl, if you can see me now, I’m just soo excited, I hope we get to see all 200 bits & pieces! Can you post the link for some that you do have & just edit later & add the links for the rest as you find them? HAHA! I’m so impatient, I just want to read it already regardless of the source! I know though that I’ve always been the type to ask for sources/links but I’m just too excited for this new entry already!

        A lot of OVERLAPS huh? I hope you’re not just teasing me girl! I hope those OVERLAPS are included in your new entry!

        • LOLLLLLL! You’re CRAZY.

          I’m actually considering whether I just need to make separate entries for each of his girls.

          But then I kind of enjoy seeing all this info in one place altogether too.

          And now I’m finding more info when I’m going over my google hunts… life is hard.

      • That I am girl, that I am! Damn proud of it too! MJ has a way w/ women doesn’t he? I don’t know of any male as POTENT as he is!

        “I’m actually considering whether I just need to make separate entries for each of his girls. ”

        That’s it, I’m raiding your computer! I’ll find some hacker or something! You have enough info for different entries on his other girls?!!!! This is going to be soo juicy, I just know it!

        I agree, reading all of them in 1 entry has a certain perspective to it. It has a certain WHAM delivery you know? Just hits you hard, 1 hell of a wallop (sp?)!

        I don’t understand why not 1 single person was ever able to investigate MJ’s lovelife instead of perpetuating the myth that he was asexual. But it seems, now that MJ has passed, a lot more info has now become more available than ever.

        • Oh it’s juicy, you just need to trust 100% that the info I’ll post are things that are as close to the truth as we can get.

          LOL! That’s what I want… to overwhelm people. 😀 It’s kind of too much though so I do expect it to be posted around with people laughing about how it can’t possibly all be true… if only they knew…. seriously…

          There’s no money in the reality of his love life, that was the fact. The media needed to keep selling their asexual homosexual image. There’s girls who would blow that out of the water but they respect him too much to do that or they’re too busy clinging to their own privacy (*cough*Diana*cough*) to give him that…. There’s MJ’s own stuff which would shatter that. MJ was a pack rat. Photos, videos, letters… if those ever get out some women would be put on blast.

      • “LOL! That’s what I want… to overwhelm people. 😀 It’s kind of too much though so I do expect it to be posted around with people laughing about how it can’t possibly all be true… if only they knew…. seriously…”

        WOW! Again, WOW! IF only any of us knew! I bet the info you’ve found & will post will only graze what actually happened.

        “There’s MJ’s own stuff which would shatter that. MJ was a pack rat. Photos, videos, letters… if those ever get out some women would be put on blast.”

        Agreed. I’ve read on various articles how much MJ recorded & kept everything, even fan letters. Imagine how many those were? I’m not sure though if many of these mementos will be revealed in our lifetime, maybe when the current executors pass away, in the time of our grandchildren. But I’ve often wondered what would happen if some of these women, especially the public ones like Diana were ever outed. Now tis is a bit more personal & I guess icky but I often wondered, you think MJ was the type to film his sexual escapades? You know for educational purposes? LOL! You know MJ liked to keep & record things to better improve himself, he was a perfectionist afterall! Like LMP sid, there was nothing NOTHING ever mediocre about MJ, it never even entered his being! So you think he’d be the type to uh… study via filming in that uhhh….. department?

        • LOLLLL The only acceptable answer to that: Is God I hope so. For the good of mankind.

      • Kitty, can you edit my post after if I respond to what you just said?

      • What?

      • Huh?

  58. Kitty, what happened to the new blog entry?:'(

  59. nenabuenena that’s the link i’m sorry i gave the wrong link http://mjjinvincible.forums3.com/portal.php

  60. LM is not doing anything but using Michael for attention in death as she did in life.
    And by the way this sunflower campaign she started is a clear give away. Michael’s favorite flower was roses, not sunflowers. Don’t you think there would have been some sent to his funeral? Another lie to get pity from his fans.
    These trips to Forest Lawn are disgusting! She has another record coming out and now everything is about MJ.
    I’m not buying into it. I think the family should be ashamed for allowing it after the harm she did. He was not perfect, but clearly LM was angry because Michael didn’t want her. She hung arounf for 3 yrs? She was sure that she could best Debbie , but only made herself look cheap chasing a married man with her children, after claiming she saw things she didn’t want them exposed to.
    I think Michael was tired of this self serving spoiled rotten girl. Debbie has not said a thing to harm Michael or try to cover her butt. Because friends that’s all this woman is doing and it’s time that we his true loved ones either boycott or let her know. And get ready for the tears and her mom and even Janet and some others defending her,but she was NOT a friend of MJ’s when he died. All she had to do was shut up.

    • Here here! The sunflower campaign & MJ fans fawning over LMP, forgetting all she did to him has been building & getting on my nerves!

  61. LOL! I’ve just recently figured out how to find your new entries! I can be dense sometimes I know!

    I love the new added ones here Kitty! Where was the article on LMP being a manipulator instead of the manipulated from? I have to agree w/ Jermaine btw!

  62. I was just gonna say, that I thought it was great & ingenis that you made a web like this of a timeline & list of everything asso w/MJ to prove the real & true story of him! You help to humanes him! I also have ‘nother question 1000hrs2MJ told me that you were fine w/me talkin’ to you ’bout anything-well if that’s true why didn’t you answer my question from LSA-did she got it wrong or do I need to do something else?

    • Hey, why ask me specifically about Yada? LOL you can check for Yada yourself on Topix, she doesn’t seem credible.

      • Yada was someone who just pop in mind after thinkin’ of all the posts I’ve read so far. But after hearin’ you feel she doesn’t seem credible that’s all I need to hear thank you & that’s all I really wanted to know. I just asked you since you are one of the experts. But thanks for your reply.

        • ooh & one more other question, when you said I can check for myself on Topix do you mean on here or on LSA? I just wanted to ask to make that I have read all that Yada has said to understand what does make her non-credible. I’m sure I’ve missed some of what she as said-meanin’ Yada!

          • You can search for “Yada” on LSA and see what everyone felt about her or you can go and ask Yada questions yourself on Topix, she still posts there. She says too much and can’t back up anything and didn’t know some specific info about MJ that someone who’s claimed so much about him should know.

  63. I didn’t mean to post 2 of the similar things I was , some how didn’t think my 1st one went through-but I was wrong!

  64. Okay thank you sooo much, you have made the explaination of Yada soo clear, but not to sound naive or anything but I’ve never heard of Topix where is that? Cuz I REALLY wanna ask her questions there, just to see what she says out of curiousity, you know me-I can ask-heck-out of people when it comes to questions! Thank U raveneveron, you have been very very very helpful-I truly appreicate your patiences with me! That means alot!

    • Sorry for the name misspellin’ I meant to put “thank you to: rockforveron” NOT “raveneveron”-I just rush too fast & not take my time-my mind races!!!

    • Type topix into google then go to the Michael Jackson forum

      • Thanx again! I’ll try it, cuz when I went to Topix from LSA thread pg.37 from #554, it just sent me to my town & etc-but nothing really of what we were talkin’ ’bout!

        • I finally got it & went there & replied to her & now I can finally get what you mean! There’s somethin’ a lil’ off or somethin’ ’bout her. Like she’s in her “own” fantasty world over MJ! & she always seem to mention ’bout “professional arrangements” like a “hint” towards “call girls” or whatever! So I’m not done w/ my curious of Ms.Yada-as they always say, “Curiousity killed the cat!” & It Killed it for me-Thanx again rockforeveron!

        • I meant to say “now I am Done w/Ms.Yada!” Not “not done”-see how I get my words all mixed up cuz I type way too fast w/out checkin’ the words 1st b’fore postin’! I badly need to stop & read over 1st of what I wrote THAN post!

  65. Kiiiiiittttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just realized something pertaining to John Oszajca that I talked to you about, you posted an article above. Now, the article posted above obviously is tabloid, but it’s right on target! Remember what that other Australian chic posted about Cage & remember what I mentioned before about John’s rant? I never figured it until I was musing this whole thing! I’ll post it tom, I’m sure you know it already! But I’m just too tired to do it today, I’m still up due to insomnia!

    • John saying MJ had cheated on Lisa?

      • Yes. I posted here a few things I read from posters from the KOP site. They were talking about when John & LMP split up & John went on a rant on his own site. I always wondered when I was reading that why he would rant about MJ rather than Cage when it was Cage that married LMP after? I was having a discussion on another MJ board & we were discussing when LMP finally realized & accepted MJ was through w/ her. Anyway, I’ll just repost what I said there bec I’m lazy! LOL!

        “Girl, check out my post above it’s there. But if you notice she started to dog him around 2003. Didn’t MJ divorce Rowe back in 1999? & she didn’t get an engagement ring then? So why b!tch about him 4 years later, instead of earlier? Maybe Nicholas Cage’s quote is the key. By that quote it’s clear she was still HOPING because if she wasn’t she would’ve given him a hard time as soon as he turned his back on her in 1999. There was an Australian fan who knew a reporter who was at an even where Cage said the quote ‘I guess I don’t wear a 1 single white glove’ as the reason for his divorce w/ LMP. According to the Australian reporter, Cage said more than just that 1 quote:

        I remembered something else just after I posted this, but got interrupted with a knock on my door…do y’all remember that supposed quote from Nic Cage..that his marriage to LMP failed cos he doesn’t wear a white glove? Well, that’s true, he did say that at some industry party here in Sydney…several people heard him say it, and he also said he honestly believed that LMP dumped her random unknown fiance to be with Nic in a huge attempt to make MJ jealous…she thought MJ would take more notice of Lisa being with a celebrity than with an unknown dude, and Nic also believed that Lisa was so in love with MJ that she couldn’t think of anything else but getting him back and he doesn’t blame her now for it all, cos he knows what it’s like to love someone that much who doesn’t love you in return. She went to pieces when she realised that MJ wasn’t taking her back.

        Damn that girl played some men..


        Now, this rings true to me because on another board, different posters were talking about LMP’s ex-fiance, John Oszajca. I keep forgetting his name, anyway they were talking how he went crazy when LMP dumped him. he has a site & he wrote on there that MJ’s a jerk, treated LMP like crap & was cheating on LMP, etc etc. Now, I wondered why was he taking it out on MJ when their sexual/romantic ish ended back in 1999 & she moved on to Cage after? Why not rant after Cage? & that Australian thing right on the quote, just makes perfect sense now why her ex-finace would be pissed at MJ. Because LMP was obviously still trying to get him back, even to the point of getting it on w/ Cage!

        & that tabloid article above on John, I’m just thinking could John’s rant have been the source for it?

        • Ahhh, thanks for posting. I remember reading the posts of those back on KOP but I can’t remember the quotes/links. Stacy Brown, Bob Jones’ shady ass editor for his book and other shady books/interviews used to hang out on MJ sites and supposedly blabbed to people about random MJ stuff (that he knew third hand), one thing he said was that MJ and Lisa were fucking when she was with her “rocker boyfriend.” It goes along with “The Letter”…

          Not sure if you’re interested but from The Rumours post, in case you wanted to read some other tea spilled on LSA to see how you feel about the insiders who post there, I’ve just been reading these threads and… yeah, the entertainment biz is a mess:


          It’s no wonder MJ spent all his time with kids. :/ Some stories about Eddie Murphy/Quincy/endless other business people there too… I believe all of it, btw.

      • I can’t say I’m surprised as I’ve read about similar things in the entertainment industry, Hollywood particularly (even before Hollywood in the .

        • British aristocracy). Read The Godfather, LA Confidential & LaToya’s book – they all mention the same thing. I guess given MJ’s nature & upbringing, it’s understandable & very foreseeable why he said that the Hollywood lifestyle wasn’t for him. But I’ll be honest, I’m wary of these posters saying they’re insiders bec as far as we know, they’re rumors. They may be true & these incog posters are using whatever rumors they hear pretending to be insiders. Have you read the fic I posted? It’s a very well written fic, it’s hilarious but at the same time realistic. Too realistic even w/c is why I can see why it has attracted copycats. The writer has complained that she’s been having problems w/ people stealing her fics, that 1 in particular. She has alluded that it could be true or not bec she has decided to write a fic based on satire, facts, rumors, innuendos & her own personal theories/interpretation of events w/c is why it is so realistic & so good. Anyone who has the same access as this writer, or has heard the going-ons can make up such a story. Or copy the theories written by another poster & make it her own. Quincy & Murphy may very well be gay or bi, Montgomery Clift & James Dean were said to be Bi themselves, as well as Dietrich & Garbo. But I’m wary bec I dont buy her allegations to what happened to MJ (I wish we could discuss this further w/c was why I was asking for an email where we freely can) & bec I believe her story was lifted from another. & the best way to sell a lie is to mix it in w/ truth, better yet mix in 10% lies & 90% truth to make it more believable & I just don’t find this H person credible at all.

          • LOL you really take issue with Honeydipp…

            Hollywood is messed up… it puts a lot of Mike’s life into perspective. There’s more than those guys who were gay/bi… Montgomery was totally gay, James Dean was molested by a priest/teacher and was conflicted by the experience afterwards and had gay experiences (though I don’t think he had relationships), Brando was bi, even Brad Pitt was staying with a male millionaire when he moved to Hollywood… Quincy is bi/gay, Eddie too… but it’s all over the place, everyone is… LOL!

            Explains why Mike had to keep his own thing to himself and why he wanted to hang out with kids/monkeys… too much power/sex going on…

            • So maybe this, if true, explains why they never defended Michael during those allegations. Maybe cuz he rejected their advances cuz I heard several eddie things. No hard facts…only serious speculation. Mike could have been the realist dude in Hollyweird

      • “MJ and Lisa were fucking when she was with her “rocker boyfriend.””

        ^^^Wow, never heard of that, what other stories have you heard? I guess that may be the source for the 1 post I put up there. But the 1 about John’s Rant was based off his website. Maybe there’s some truth to it?

        • I’m just wondering though, why would the editor go on KOP & say something hetero about MJ when he & Jones were intending to write a book that MJ was a pedophile? I wish I could read the thread & see it for myself. But it’s hard finding threads on there, I tried to look for 1 I had read in the past in futility.

          • He didn’t go on KOP as far as I know, this was before KOPs time, he would go on Michael fansites and befriend people. This was way way way before the Bob Jones book. Stacy is infamous for basically going with whatever tide is going at that moment, and for a while he had been hanging out with some of the Jacksons. He probably does have tea, but it’s just hard to tell now thanks to how much of a turn coat asshole he was. But one of the things he originally told some girl he met from a board was that MJ and Lisa were fucking when she was with a rocker musician and I think that MJ had a crush on Jennifer Love Hewitt LOL! I don’t know…

            I’ll add a link to it in the rumours…

      • Jennifer Love Hewitt? I like her! She’s sweet, adorable & not to mention INNOCENT! Also she has an original victory tour shirt no? & she’s also 1 of the kids who went to Neverland in the 80s I think. I think she would’ve clicked w/ MJ don’t ya think? They could have pillow fights, water balloon fights, climb trees & all. She’s also not into partying or clubbing no? I heard her tell a story where she embarrassed herself in a convo bec of her naivete, they were talking slang about drugs & sex & she excitedly chimed in not knowing what they were talking about!

        • Oh pls do add to the rumors entry. How old is the KOP site anyway? Wasn’t there an old KOP now defunct & they moved into this new 1? What MJ sites do you theorize Stacy visited? I want to try to do some digging! LOL!

          • SO many good sites have bitten the dust and the archives are gone 😦

            KOP goes back to 2005, there’s some good stuff there if you dig through it but I think I’ve posted most of that…

            I’ve been through usenet which goes all the way back to like 1981, yahoo groups, old foreign forums ;)… I’d love to find an old MJ site with archives to raid, I get too excited when I hit on a new one…

        • I don’t know anything about her… except that she was in that advert for LA Gear back in 1990 with him?

          I don’t even know if she’s ever spoken about him…

      • LOL! I guess I do take issue w/ Honeydipp! But if you think about it, & then recall the letter, do you realize just how hetero MJ was then? & it’s just another 1 of those assets he has that’s turned 180 degrees like his love for kids, & his stance against drugs that you realize that like Pratt said, as well as that animator guy, MJ is MACHO. He is just plain hetero in an industry of people who blur the lines of sexuality, & HE is the one targeted as a homo when it couldn’t be farther from the truth! That letter in itself was implying & saying a lot but do you realize just how tactful it was nonetheless, not spilling too much info but spilling enough?

        • Hewitt spoke about MJ on the TII premiere, she was wearing her Victory tour shirt? Was she 1 of the kids on the LA commercial? Maybe that was when she visited Neverland?

          You know I think the archives still there, like torrent sites, they’re saved somewhere. I mean the admin couldn’t have lost all could it? That’s like precious history lost! & knowing MJ fans, we save everything we can! We take after MJ! What old defunct MJ sites do you know of? When exactly was Stacy making the rounds? can’t we collectively ask old MJ fans what they know about is? Like detectives & scroungers for anything? LOL!

          • Most sites were domain names and back in the day switching servers or when the domain had expired people would just move on and lose all that stuff, they probably didn’t realize it would be so useful. The only places that didn’t ever have posts deleted or los anything would be usenet groups but after 2003 it’s just full of trolls. 😦 And before then there’s just the stuff that I’ve posted here…

            Hey girl I’m up for scrounging. 🙂 Where do we find these oldies? Do we just make a plea? I wish I knew all this stuff a year ago, there were so many oldies/insiders around sharing bits and pieces and if we’d asked the right questions we might have some really good answers…

            Geocities/angelfire sites are all gone now, right? There might’ve been something in them…

        • That’s whats so funny… you read through stuff like this (and I totally believe these guys) and all this mess that goes on.. but nobody mentions MJ’s ass. You’d think MJ’s DL lifestyle would’ve been leaked somewhere along the way long before Jason Pfeiffer…

          How do you mean by spilling enough? Do you think they were hinting at things but not saying them?

          MJ was just on the DL with his women. I think gay/straight hiding who you’re dating in Hollywood is just the safest thing for everyone. Too many people trying to interfere and use things to their advantage…

      • “How do you mean by spilling enough? Do you think they were hinting at things but not saying them? ”
        ^^^ I guess I was referring to this line as an ex. —> “Anybody who genuinely knows Michael (which is none of you), knows that Michael is straight – almost to a fault of himself” – why would he say straight to a fault? Was he referring to women or something else? Or both?

        Another line —> “Michael’s not overtly homophobic, but he is old school and isn’t completely comfortable with it. However, given the nature of his profession, he has tried his best to be accepting and because he tries to be a good Christian, he does not judge, he leaves that to God. He still gets incredibly uncomfortable by advances by anything remotely male….” – I know some MJ fans will take fault in this but I’m from the Phils. & I come from a traditional old fashioned family & I know there are people who are somewhat like that. They may be sweet romantics, sensitive, even effeminate but to call them gay or for some1 gay to flirt w/ them makes for an uncomfortable experience. MJ impresses me as really old fashioned like Frank Sinatra or old style from back in the day type of old-fashioned you know? the type of old fashioned like your grandparents & great grand parents were. I just don’t see him or his brothers or parents to be the type who’s in this modern mindset of bi/gay modern mentality. Maybe that letter was insinuating the liberal nature of hollywood or the music industry, the sort of liberalness MJ was not a part of? But he didn’t delve into it deeply, just a passing mentions, grazing it really where those in the knowhow will take notice & those not, wouldn’t.

        • I KNOW! If MJ was gay or bi or had an experience, you would think the industry would be buzzing w/ it! Not this BLAH Jason guy who no1 believes anyway! I think it helped that MJ was part of Motown & Motown wasn’t really a part of the Hollywood secret club. What do you think?

        • Ohh I see… yeah, I think MJ is classically masculine AND sexually dominant. I think it’s really funny that most people can’t see that. Even if he was gay there’d be no way he’d a bottom, basically. LOL He’s absolutely the kind of guy who likes being a man and likes being in control with women – so many women have learned that the hard way. (control was so important to Mike, hence the secret relationships, try to undermine that in anyway and you were done – buh bye Lisa)

          Another thing about it that makes me laugh is if you ask his brothers/male friends etc about his girlfriends they all clam up and talk to the floor… the second you ask if he’s gay and they all start kicking up a fuss about his straightness. So old school. 😉

          I wanna know more about Eddie Murphy and his transvestites to be honest… 😉

      • You know, i read a few usenet posts on MJ, some were from the 90s or early 00s I think where they were talking about MJ getting a ‘special service’ in the elevator, was that the source of the 1 posted here?

        As for the oldies, I guess we have to be careful as I’ve noticed MJ sites differ in atmosphere you know? Some are more rigid so I don’t know how we can get info from there. & some are more b!tchy or snarky where everyone has serious tempers! LOL! Some are in between, maybe? I also think we would probably have to make our presence known 1st before making a thread & asking stuff. Do you know any old MJ fans that can do this on our behalf so that we could make some headway? LOL! I just wold like to build a stable, credible picture of MJ as a hetero you know? Something that can be presented to fans & nonfans that they can’t say no to just as easily. Girl, if I hear of anything, you know I’d tell you so that we can get serious detective work done!

      • Girl, I seriously seriously agree w/ you! MJ is classically MASCULINE! & I see him as the dominant controlling type, especially w/ women. I’ll tell you something that I genuinely believe in or see in Michael that no one else sees for some f^cking reason! I love gangster films, Al Pacino’s my favorite actor as well as Cagney. Now, maybe it’s my own biases but from my readings, I see MJ similar to Vito or Michael w/ a hint of Fredo Corleone from The Godfather. I know it seems ridiculous, I even made an extensive post on this in the past but hear me out! Haven’t you ever wondered why MJ of all people, effeminate, passive, shy MJ was good buds w/ people like Frank DiLeo, the Cascio brothers, Joe Pesci, Teddy Riley, etc? I read that article from Hitman & MJ was described as a combination of Frank Sinatra & Gene Kelley – these 2 guys are known as traditional men, Sinatra may be a romantic type of guy but these 2 are old-school professional types of guys you know? & that Pratt interview on Conan or that animator guy using MACHO to describe MJ? I don’t think those descriptions are to be taken lightly, they mean something & they mean macho. rom Pratts video, you can tell that something more, ‘more’ happened in that ranch. Not saying they had sex but he apparently impressed her as a MACHO sort of guy, probably came on to her, very strongly when LMP was out. I think him & LMP may have had a fight then & he was getting back at her. Plus fans from an KOP were discussing MJ & LMP’s relationship, how it was OBVIOUS MJ was the dominant one. How LMP looked like a little child next to him. How she would always be looking down, dressing in a way MJ saw fit, grabbing on his arm like a little kid, & basically was the 1 always behind him, following him around! & the fact that this woman who hasn’t been secretive of her sexual preferences – porn style & ROUGH w/c is how she likes it, & prefers giving it than receiving it went all cuckoo over MJ? & you don’t think he gave her a lot more than she ever dreamed of? He must’ve been something, just listen to his songs, listen to Threatened, he was on the prowl w/ that song, listen to threatened while watching his later renditions of Dangerous, MJ meant it when he said he was a BEAST! I bet he was!

        • That’s another thing I find funny, people think Lisa Marie was the HBIC in their relationship… she’s like patently submissive and in need of control. Maybe it’s the Priscilla thing, maybe it’s the death of her father thing. I mean, she’s a goddamn Scientologist, you can’t get more in need of being controlled than that. The way she “acts” strong or whatever in interviews… it’s just massively displaced lack of self esteem. There’s nothing strong willed about her, the most you could give her is that she’s really stubborn. That’s why she loved Michael so much, he had her sprung, probably one of the first men she’d ever met she could not control. So she tried to control him by renaging on the babies… that didn’t work, MJ was all bitch please let her divorce him and got Debbie to give him his kids which left her trying desperately to regain control by offering more babies. Sigh.

          She says she loves “rough sex” translation = I like to be dominated sexually. She liked it so much she was chasing his dick around the country.

          It’s weird that people don’t see how transparent she is, girl bathes in windex.

          Now she’s got a husband who’s a doormat so she can boss him about and have her way because she thinks that would make her happy… except you can see in her eyes that she’s not. I think after realizing how badly MJ/Nic Cage affected her she’s gone back to men who she thinks she can control all over again…

          I’m not sure I’d liken him to Donny exactly LOL but I see where you’re coming from… I’m really interested in his lyrics where he talks about a really sexually dominant woman “forcing” him in a way to cheat from his “baby”….I wonder where that comes from…

        • Phew!!!! You two need to write a dirty fanfic fantasy!!!

      • LOL! Girl, you have to tell me what HBIC & windex means!

        I think LMP is the spoiled bratty child who’s used to people treating her like a princess. Ever read trashy romance novels where the spoiled bratty lady meets a man that dominates & controls her both sexually & intimately? I think that’s type of girl LMP is, the girl who needs to be dominated, her type of sex indicates that that’s her fantasy. All her other guys didn’t fulfill that fantasy, MJ did & perhaps it was only ever him. Her tough girl & strong-willed act is a blanket that hides or tries to hide that she is in fact a very insecure little girl. Ever read Maldonado’s book? She said something there about the Jackson men types of women. I wonder what would’ve happened if she had given him the kids in the 1st place? If she just gave in & stopped playing mind games w/ him? Ever wondered that?

        • Oh & Kitty, by Corleone type I don’t mean the gunslinging type, I meant the quiet ferocity if you know what I mean? The type that likes to be underestimated because he works best that way. The type who’s a shrewd & cunning businessman. Yeah, SEXY type!

          Well, you said it yourself MJ’s the type to pursue than to be pursued no? Maybe he’s the type that likes a challenge? The type of girl that plays hard to get & he has to work his butt off seducing? Check Rock w/ You. I mean, isn’t Dirty Diana somewhat similar? Or what about WD&N? The type of dominant woman he would in turn make into a mush & dominate? I think MJ has an ego, A HUGE 1! LOL! & I think that sort of girl that gives him a bit of a hard time & making her his slave would merely stroke his ego even more? LOL! I’m so turned on just writing this now!;-)

          Have you seen this? – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owYu9UNyAZA

          Notice the tension there? Is it just me or did MJ just SUBTLY ask a Princess to fix his microphone for him while he stands back & let’s her do it?;-P

        • I wonder what would’ve happened if she had given him the kids in the 1st place? If she just gave in & stopped playing mind games w/ him? Ever wondered that?

          I don’t think she would ever have stopped playing games with him, loI think she would always have tried to find ways to regain control in some way.

          HBIC = Head Bitch In Charge
          Windex = Cleaning spray for glass


  66. LOL! I was jus rereading some of your updates when THIS caught my attention!

    By the time Jackson fell ill in December, Presley felt enough was enough. “Once she makes up her mind,” says a friend, “she doesn’t look back.”
    ^^^Yeah right! She has been looking back ever since!

  67. Kitty! Have you seen this? – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWJPUh1CgXI – Debbie did have a miscarriage!

    I was presented w/ a theory from another poster & it makes sense to me! Think of the Inquirer letter while you read this. MJ had disappeared for 6 weeks before the 1995 MTV, he later collapsed & LMP supposedly confronted him then. It was in that same time that LMP stormed off giving MJ a lot of ISH while he was at the hospital. I had always been pissed at LMP’s attitude then, giving him such a hard time when he was in the hospital? Well, what if it was then that MJ told her about Debbie’s pregnancy? Reason enough to storm off? I’ve read about the miscarriage stuff for the longest time but have never found a credible source for it, I just saw this now!

  68. […] you will find an incredibly detailed research made by La Cienega at https://lacienegasmiled.wordpress.com/2010/03/03/1993-1998-lisa-marie-presley/ which provides full information on Michael and Lisa-Maria’s relationship in the period 1993-1998 […]

  69. Thursday, June 24, 2010


    The Song” Sunshower” by Chris Cornell says more than anything I could say…………

    11:04 PM

    eta: Chris Cornell’s Sunshower lyrics

    Dark as roses, fine as sand
    Feel your healing and your sting again
    I hear you laughing and my soul is saved
    On forgotten graves you cry

    Crawl like ivy up my spine
    Through my nerves and into my eyes
    Cuts like anguish
    Or recollections of better days gone by

    But it’s all right
    When you’re caught in pain
    And you feel the rain come down
    It’s all right
    When you find your way
    Then you see it disappear
    It’s all right
    Though your garden’s grey
    I know all your graces
    Someday will flower
    In the sweet sunshower

    Eyes like oceans so far away
    A feather trail to a better way
    Worried mornings turn into days
    Then into worried nights

    But it’s all right
    When you’re all in pain
    And you feel the rain come down
    Oh it’s all right
    When you find your way
    Then you see it disappear
    Oh it’s all right
    Though your garden’s grey
    I know all your graces
    Someday will flower
    Oh in the sweet sunshower
    Oh in the sweet sunshower
    In the sweet sunshower

    I know all your graces
    Someday will flower
    In the sweet sunshower
    And it’s all right
    All you’ll be you are today
    Are today
    It’s all right
    All you’ll be you are today
    Are today………

    Special Sunflower Delivery To Michael Jackson

    A load of sunflowers were just delivered to Michael Jackson’s mausoleum at Forest Lawn Cemetery.

    Sunflowerguy.com just delivered 600 single-stemmed sunflowers with individual messages attached to them, along with 100 individual sunflower bouquets and 4,000 roses.

    The flowers were dropped 100 yards from the mausoleum, because of construction on the grounds.

  70. I expect that LMP will be marketing a sunflower-themed CD or book to MJ fans soon, after she was so successful in getting so many to buy into the “sunflowers were his favorite flower” thing. If they were his favorites and she really cared, this multi-millionairess could have just arranged to have flowers delivered to his gravesite regularly instead of asking his fans to do it. After dogging him publicly in numerous interviews over the years and marrying two other men after MJ (plus having other children after refusing to have MJ’s kids), what business does she have asking his fans to do anything — she’s not his widow. The whole thing seemed bogus. I don’t recall seeing sunflowers displayed in the massive floral arrangements chosen by his family/friends for his memorial service or for his funeral, or for the 1-year anniversary mausoleum ceremony or in the personal bouquets Randy and Janet were shown carrying into the mausoleum. Apparently no one among his family/close friends knows or cares about his supposedly favorite flower and for some reason, few if any of the numerous pictures of MJ with flowers in the background at Neverland, Havenhurst, backstage, etc, show this “favorite” flower. LMP and her marketing people will probably jump on the MJ bandwagon and market the CD or book to MJ fans as some kind of opportunistic dedication/tribute to him.

    • Thank you very much for stating this. This is a huge marketing opportunity for many people who did not even have have Michaels best interest at heart.

      I also feel the same way about these alleged secret girlfriends that are being backed, promoted and subsequently demoted by Journalists, dodgy former MJ insiders and I am referring to the Shanas, Ola-Rays and Tatianas. There is alot of intricate dodgy negotiations going on behind closed doors right now to make them seen genuine and plausible. Everyone is out to make a fast buck. There is alot of money to be made with books, interviews etc….. I will not buy a thing.

      • I agree. Sadly, people in MJ’s life who truly had/have his best interests at heart seem far and few between. I REALLY wish Tom Mesereau would tell the names of the people he said refused his requests to testify on MJ’s behalf at the trial, but who opportunistically acted so mournful when he died once it became clear he was still popular and that a “connection” to MJ would give these nearly-forgotten celebrities some desired positive publicity. I bet many of those refusing Tom’s request were some of the women being discussed on this site.

        Given the nature of the false charges brought against MJ, I believe women who were “wives/girlfriends/sexual partners” would have greatly helped Tom refute charges that MJ would ever be sexually interested in that lying boy. I don’t recall any girlfriends/lovers testifying on MJ’s behalf in this way or walking in/sitting beside him in court as he sat there day after excruciating day on trial for his life.

        If these women weren’t there for him in court when he needed them the most, all I can think is that they are now lying/exaggerating/distorting info about their “relationships” with him OR they are two-faced wenches who abandoned/dissed him during the horrible months he was put through the hell of that trial. Neither scenario is positive for these women. LMP and the other women suddenly wanting to claim great love for MJ won’t get a penny from me when they try to sell their stories.

        • Actually, Michael didn’t want any of his women involved. The only reason TMez had some women and some men prepared to testify for him was to say that they had never seen him molest any children and that they knew he wouldn’t. Fortunately none of their testimonies were ever needed. If Michael’s sexuality was on trial they could have asked Debbie if she’d had sex with him or subpoened Lisa Marie or whatever.

          Proving he was heterosexual didn’t prove that he wasn’t also a child molestor, TMez and his attorneys understood that. It would have made them seem deperate.

          I do wish some women had spoken up publically, but I don’t believe MJ wanted them involved.

          Some women now are gonna come out and claim things… but they did it when he was alive, too. People like Lisa Marie who actually went out and said really awful negative things about him during the worst moments of his life but have now turned coats are the people I really don’t have time for.

        • Rickforeveron, the more I listen to TMez, the more I believe the “MJ didn’t want the women involved” story we heard was a bit of a “saving face” story.
          In the “20 Questions” interview TMez said this about MJ’s case: “The prosecutors were trying to viciously attack his sexuality, e.g., they alternated between claims that he was gay and asexual.”

          If women who made good, credible witnesses were willing to conteract this bul*sh*t, I can’t believe TMez wouldn’t call them, since the prosecutors wanted the unsequestered jurors to buy into a homophobic meme of homosexual = pedophile that was sadly being amplified daily in the media. In the courtroom, I think TMez noted that witness Wade Robson was heterosexual by pointing to his girlfriend in the audience. After jurors saw him do this, doesn’t it seem odd that he wouldn’t have done something similar or stronger for MJ, whose sexuality was directly being attacked?

          I suspect the problem was not MJ being too gentlemanly/protective to “let” TMez call the women, but that the women either refused to voluntarily help and/or might say potentially damaging things due to their bitterness (e.g., LMP) and/or their cowardice about public image (e.g., D.R., B.S.), or their questionable stories/backgrounds (e.g., the wanna-be girlfriends).
          I can’t imagine sitting by silently why someone I loved or once cared about was being viciously tormented like he was, whether he wanted to be chivalrous about me going public or not.

          • It really wasn’t saving face, they had all of his hetero porn up there for everyone to see yet they knew that it didn’t mean anything. The defense only mentioned it to state what a joke it was that the prosecution felt heterosexual porn was being used to show that Mike was a pedophile who preyed on boys.

            Having hundreds of women lined up to vouch for your sexuality doesn’t mean anything with regards to any interest in molesting children. It would honestly have made the defense team seem utterly desperate to have to try and drag his ability to have normal sex with women in front of the court. If it had really been an issue they had Debbie Rowe sat up there, neither the prosecution or the defense ever questioned her. And if the prosecution believed it to be somehow relevant they could have subpoened Lisa Marie to humiliate Michael further.

            His sexuality wasn’t on trial, it was only on trial in the media.

            The women would only have been useful for his public image but I’ve been told that MJ really didn’t want to get them involved in any way. His family and his PR people did want to get them involved though.

          • “Rickforeveron, the more I listen to TMez, the more I believe the “MJ didn’t want the women involved” story we heard was a bit of a “saving face” story.”

            ^^^Hi DC! Did you read Wagener’s article back in 2005? he said that he interviewed 1/2 of MJ’s girlfriends at the time & he asked them why they didn’t come out & speak of their relationship with MJ. & according to them, they did offer it but MJ refused, they have a deal with MJ. If they kept quiet about it, he would keep quiet on his side as well.

  71. […] […]

  72. Hey, your blog is very nice and interesting! Just wondering if you’ve also written about Shana Mangatal, a woman who claims she dated Michael just before he married LMP, and that she kept in touch with Michael up until 2009. Some claim that she was Michael’s secret girlfriend and possibly the mother of Blanket. I didn’t find anything about her on this blog. What do you think about her and her story?

    • Firpo Carr just posted an article which retracted any claims he had of her being the secret girlfriend, saying he couldn’t find any evidence for it – and in the article he quotes Shana directly where she tells him to basically just let people keep thinking she is the SGF. :/

      I don’t like her much to be honest… the anniversary of his death she was off frolicking with other guys in Vegas… I mean even Tatiana was totally upset.

      She could’ve still had a thing with him in the 90s but she’s never been able to show much evidence for that either…

      • Now why does that not surprise me!

        So because Dr Carr says that she is Michael’s girlfriend we should believe him implicitly. And now that Shana was seen “frolicking in Vegas with other guys” we should also now follow like sheep and believe his retraction. I am not saying Shana was Michael’s girlfriend to begin with. I never believed her in the first place.

        But Ms Tatiana was also photographed at the Fallen premier with other male celebs the day of or just prior to Michaels Anniversary. So what is she getting totally upset about? So would she get demoted to non girlfriend status too?

        It was embarrassing to see Ola and the journalist that was backing her, discuss her relationship with Michael in terms of first base, second base and third base. Come on now!!! Be realistic, we are all adults. Michael was a MAN and he fucked had sex!!! Plain and simple. I would have been convinced if it wasn’t so juvenile.

        It is hilarious and amusing to me how these girls are all jockeying for position even though poor Michael is not here to speak for himself.

        • He’s not demotting her or whatever based on those photos she took, he’s doing it because he couldn’t back it up. He said she was the secret girlfriend of his last few months and she wasn’t. I think it’s really tacky that she’s never denied it but just went along with it and asked Carr if he could keep things (him saying she was the secret girlfriend) as they were…

        • I have to correct you. Tatiana was never Michael’s girlfriend. She stated in her book that she never ever had a relationship with Michael Jackson.

          And when asked in an interview (on youtube) in June 2009 right after Michael died, she stated the last time she communicated with Michael was in 1991.

          She is someone that just loved the idea of Michael for over 20 years but the feelings were never reciprocated. And has been smart enough to have kept ties to people in Michael’s outer outer circle. People that Michael ousted out of his life years ago.

        • My point precisely! He should have investigated first and got his facts verified before publishing his article. Isn’t that what journalism is about? Verifying the facts first. At least he had the decency to retract, but I personally would question every word he writes.

          And of course she will ask him not to retract. She became a pseudo celebrity being known as ‘the girl Michael Jackson banged’. There are huge perks and status to this. I personally think it is the Kiss of Death. The guys in Hollywood only want you so they can put their “humph” where Michaels has been and get you to swap ego stories. Thats all.

          • I’m interested just in what he quotes directly from people. His love letter to Shana ages ago still makes me cringe, thank God he retracted that too. 😉

            Is Shana really considered a pseudo celebrity? Most people I know don’t know anything about her… all she seems to have is facebook celebrity amongst MJ fans, is that really so much fun for her? Alluding that she was his last girlfriend before he died when she wasn’t remotely is just so so so tacky… 😦

  73. WHAT A BITCH !!!

  74. Please tell me what does this mean:
    R: but can you even tell us, alright, Were you sexually satisfied by Michael Jackson?
    L: Um… you know, I… see…
    H: The answer’s either yes or no.
    L: Well, the answer would be would I have married someone that I wasn’t.

    It mean that she was satisfied by Michael or she wasnt?

    • It means she was sexually satisfied by him.

      She wouldn’t have married him unless he was satisfying her.

      • Thank you, english is not my language, so I just wasnt sure.

  75. Blanket`s mother???
    She look like Blanket. She`s name is Prudence Solomon. Michael was at her wedding in Africa in 1997.

  76. Blanket`s mother???
    She look like Blanket. She`s name is Prudence Solomon.
    Michael was at her wedding in Afrca in 1997.

  77. 你知道吗?我看着看着很心疼 你是因为报复才与迈迈一起的吗?

  78. 看着看着好心疼啊

  79. poor LMP! I HATE YOU!!!!!

  80. I hate you very much

  81. why did you do ?you know what you have lost everything to Michael

  82. I don’t understand.It seems like she started trashing him after 2002. Until then she hadn’t said something negative against him.Does anyone know what happened that changed her attitude towards him so radically?? I mean she became a total bitch…

    • I know, I don’t quite understand it either.

      In the beginning of 2003 she doesn’t seem too bad about him, she even says she called him after the Bashir doc… but then the media really turned against him after that and she was on a promotional tour for her new album so I guess she wanted to distance herself from him as much as possible…. 2003-2005 really showed people’s true colours about him.

      • Well yeah you’re right but again if she wanted to distance herself from him she could have simply said that she was not answering question regarding MJ. But she went too far. At some point i felt like she really hated the guy,that she really wanted to hurt him with her words.I mean in the Sawyer (or whatever her name is) and Oprah she was like… i don’t know, like she was disgusted by him.

        • That’s my interpretation as well. I think it was more than just a promo, something, an event or instance turned her so against him. That’s my opinion anyway.

  83. Hey, Kitty, remember that old news group I told you about? I came upon it last year, it was a discussion from the 90s, they were talking about LMP ‘sevicing’ MJ in the elevator in front of the bodyguards. Apparently, 1 of the bg’s sold the story to the tabloid & I was wondering if this was the BG & his loose lips was what got him fired in the 1st place!

    ” Hi mi name is…….I’m going to keep it in secret cause I don’t want to have any problem.
    Well the thing is that I am a bodyguard and long time ago I worked for Mr. Michael Jackson since 1994 to 1999, Who I deeply admire and love cause he was an incredible boss. There were a lot of rumors from the press about his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley, like it was a sham and things like that, Well I was a witness that this relationship was totally real and they were hot.
    I remember the many times that we had to hide them to go out from the Hotels or restaurants. I remember too how they were always holding hands anywhere they went, how they constantly whispered things to their ears and they way they kissed each other , Wow! They were Fire!.
    In the time that they were together Mike was always tired and we (The bodyguards) used to make Jokes about it, we used to say that it was for Lisa, One day Mike heard us and came to us and say:” Yeah guys is for Lisa, My wife is a wild beast, you cant even imagine , he laughted and went away.
    I remember an episode that it was pretty obvious between them, this was after their divorce in 1997, they’ve divorced one year ago, Mike at that time was married to Debbie Rowe but they were just friends, Debbie gave him his kids and that was all but Mike and Lisa were lovers, the whole staff knew this , so we didn’t have any problema with that. They stayed at the same room in the Hotels and Lisa’s kids were like Michael’s kids.

    Well during a trip that we made in 1997 , I don’t exactly the country, Michael take Lisa with him.
    I remember that day Michael came out with us to do some Shopping and Lisa stayed at the hotel cause she didnt want to be seen with him. Well the thing is that when we arrived at the hotel we quickly took the elevador, Mike’s suite was on the 30th floor and on the 17th floor the elevador stopped, because someone was waiting for, when the doors opened it was Lisa. It seems that she knew that Mike was there, she quickly entered , Only with them were me and another bodyguard named John.

    They began to whisper things to their ears and play “discreetly” until Mike Challenge her whispering something to her ear and Lisa said: “Do you think Im not capable?” , Lisa cornered Michael to the wall of the elevador ( I’ve got say that we never knew what she was doing to Michael, but you only had to see his face to imagine it) obviously we realizad the situation but we act as we didn’t understand anything, At one point Mike decided to stop the situation and asked to leave the elevador, because he was going to come up alone with Lisa to the room and asked us to be watchful that no one approached to the elevador, and well they obviously entered to Michael’s room, I wonder what they did… surely they played poker.
    Their relationship of lovers lasted until 1999. After that I had to renounce to the best job of my life for personal reasons, but Michael and Lisa were amazing heads, they never treated us as their bodyguards, they always treated us as their friends and they let us know since they were nothing shy when they wanted to show their love in front of us.
    Also, many colleages told me stories about them, but they are very private and should not be ventilated. I wish that they had stayed together, Both are great people and you Could tell that they both were very much in love, they definitely were meant for each other.

    postiado por Mari :)”


    Normally, I’d be more suspicious, but the story & the timeline coincides with that newsgroup story I read last year.

  84. Remember the letter of Annulment? The letter MJ supposedly wrote about LMP & the family sabotaging their relationship? I read from another board that the letter was gotten from Julien’s Auction & that it was in fact authenticated, is this true?

    • You mean the letter to his Muslim wife?

      Thanks for posting the info that someone posted supposedly from a BG, I’m not sure what to make of it but thanks, I’ll add it to the rumours…

      • There’s a letter to a supposed Muslim wife? Never heard that before! Nope, I’m referring to the letter about LMP & the Presleys. Someone said it was from Julien’s Auction House & it was in fact authentic, so I’ve been trying to find out if it was from the auction house.

        As for the supposed BG, I really want to verify if he in fact was MJ’s BG, & if he was a BG in the late 90s, & if he was the one who went to the tabloid about the elevator encounter in the 1st place.

      • Oh that’s the one Kitty, apparently it came from a bankrupt warehouse bought by Henry Vaccaro: http://www.youtube.com/user/HenryVaccaro

        So it couldn’t have been from Julien’s Auction now could it. But the letter it seems is seeking an annulment from LMP so that he can continue in his music & be with his Muslim wife.

        It seems very fake though, or at least partially forged, why would he refer to himself as the KOP in an annulment letter addressed to somebody?

        • I think it’s part of Nona Lola’s campaign of terror LOL The handwriting is really off too, MJ didn’t write so cursively.

          I’m not sure about that LMP Bodyguard thing – I can imagine a bodyguard talking for sure, but it doesn’t sound quite right for a BG, you know? They normally throw in these little details and have a certain tone…. hmmm. I’ll add it though 🙂

      • I don’t think that letter came from the warehouse, if MJ gave his stuff over for a supposed theme restaurant the Jacksons were pursuing at the time, the timeline of the letter doesn’t fit, nor does it make sense he would ever give the letter over to his siblings to display in a freakin’ restaurant, not to mention him referring to himself as the KOP?

        The BG FB is very weird, has anyone tried to see if he really was a BG, much less MJ’s?

        • The BG who supposedly wrote the LMP thing? Where did they even post that message?

      • The 1st paragraph is in reference to the annulment letter. The 2nd paragraph is yes, in reference to the BG who said LMP serviced MJ in an elevator. The statement if from his FB which I linked above.

        • It was posted on an LMP fansite by an LMP fan… I was hoping it was more traceable than that. Like, they couldn’t have sent it to someone because they say “I won’t say my name” so it sounds like they posted it in a forum or someplace where you couldn’t trace them… hmmmm

      • The BG LMP elevator story? Is that what you’re referring to Kitty? IDK if it was posted 1st on an LMP board, it was posted on my board, & the source was an FB account. Now, if the BG is a real BG & was in fact MJ’s BG, IDK. But the link is posted above Kitty, I was hoping you & your investigators could check it out & authenticate it.:)

        • The 90s timeframe is out of the bounds of my people…. 😉

          How do you feel about the other letter(s) circulating the net? I just want to find out if it was really published anywhere.

      • Well, the letter of annulment is pretty weird, there are flags raised on this one. 1 thing is that this definitely didn’t come from Vaccarro’s, & if it did, no way is it MJ’s. The 4th wife though seems more fake to me than the annulment letter, the 4th wife letter is just too disjointed for it to be believable. I mean, when someone writes, there’s a fluidity to it, ie. just look at that annulment letter above or any handwriting for example, but the 4th wife looks like it’s been copied & pasted from diff letters to make that 1 letter. Too bad too bec the content is more believable to me than the annulment letter, yet the writing itself is just too much of a collage.

        As for the BG, I know the story & the way he writes is questionable, but if he was MJ’s BG? WOW! Bec this confirms that it was this BG who talked to the tabloids back in the 90s. & it’s just weird that this old forgotten tabloid tale would be resurfaced just to punk people you know? It’s the same tale 15 years ago. I think I screencapped the discussion group. If I find it I can email it to you.

        What about you? What’s your take on all this?

        Oh btw, I just reread the Yvette story, & it’s even more dubious for me bec of her description of her trip to MJ’s room & the fact she failed to mention his Vitiligo. I mean, the 1 thing that made me reconsider the promo guy LBee account was bec of MJ’s bachelor pad. But the Yvette story seems to be describing Neverland instead of the bachelor pad no? As for the Mary story, IDK, I haven’t made up my mind yet. What do you think of it?

        • Oh MJ turned all his bacherlor pad’s into places that looked like Neverland. He would have hotel rooms stuffed full of random Disney merchandise and toys and random things he picked up. You can even see it in the Bashir doc. Every place he lived in ended up like his bedroom back home LOL

          I don’t buy the Mary story. Everything sounds way too coneveniant. I do believe he hit it with fans but I just don’t believe that story at all… and Mike sending guys out to give roses and letters in person to random jump offs for the next 10 years? Mike isn’t that perfect sorry… LOL

          Well, the letter says he saw and still sees her as his wife… if it was real I think he means it hypothetically like the fourth child thing. My huge problem is that someone claims it was printed in a newspaper or something somewhere in Europe right? How comes they’re the only ones to post it online? Why have no other MJ fans scanned it in or are talking about it anywhere? Nobody has shown any proof it was actually even printed. And it seems really naive for the woman if she existed to sell these letters to a tabloid in the hopes it would convince them he was straight. It’s such a shame, ’cause I do believe letters like that exist…

      • Hmm.. IDK Kitty, from what I’ve read MJ turned his hotel suites into a mini Neverland but not the Bachelor pads. The bachelor pads from what I’ve read were simple & with no other Neverland paraphernalia. Also, did she never notice his Vitiligo spots?

        “Mike isn’t that perfect sorry… LOL”

        ^^^LOL! Well, a girl can wish can’t she?

        As for the letter of the 4th wife, anything can be made of it, 1 can say it’s an actual letter, or a poem or a draft of a song, who knows. But it just looks too fake, that’s the 1st thing I noticed when I read it, the collage look. As for where the letter came from, yeah I did hear it was from Eastern Europe? Not sure. But there are 2 versions of the story, 1 is the woman came with it to a tabloid to prove MJ wasn’t gay, another, the letter was illegally reprinted or copied & posted by the tabloids & she threatened a claim w/c forced them to remove it. Apparently there are 7 pages of the letter, but the 2-7th page looked even more questionable, so it’s more likely it was only ever the 1st page, the rest are fakes.

        • The bachelor pads from what I’ve read were simple & with no other Neverland paraphernalia.

          Where did you hear that?

          but the 2-7th page looked even more questionable,

          I only saw the transcripts of those letters, are there actual images of those floating around?

          So frustrating how people are so keen to muddy the waters so nobody ends up believing anything.

          • Hey Kitty I think I remember something about the apartment thing. I believe it was mentioned in a 3T interview, taraborelli, & on an article/account about the Chandlers meeting MJ. I may have read it somewhere else also but that’s all I remember for now.

      • I don’t remember were I read it Kitty, I’d have to pore through ll my screencaps! LOL! But I read it from various sources, not just 1 though. I think T3 may have been 1 of them though, is there room for the LSA investigators to do a bit of interview digging?;P

        “I only saw the transcripts of those letters, are there actual images of those floating around?”
        ^^^ From what I know, there are only the transcripts, but it’s strange that no one bothered to right click & save them. & you know how MJ fans are, we right click & save everything! The supposed transcripts came from 2 posters off MJ’s official website, probably just made the 2nd-7th page up! Hmm….

  85. Remember the letter of Annulment? The letter MJ supposedly wrote about LMP & the family sabotaging their relationship? I read from another board that the letter was gotten from Julien Auction & that it was in fact authenticated, is this true?

  86. Michael`s letter for his stylist Ruska Bergman.


    • that letter isn’t for Rushka, that wasn’t really Rushka’s twitter.

  87. The message on the vase says “I will always love you. Eternally. L.”

    Thanks for putting it all together. A huge work you’ve done!

  88. This message wasn’t about Lisa , he was thanking his friends and his nephews. I found the all quote, i would give you when i will have the time. It came from album his something like that.

  89. This message wasn’t about Lisa , he was thanking his friends and his nephews. I found the all quote, i would give you when i will have the time. It came from his album something like that.

  90. I believe what I heard about LMP conspiring with church of scientology, to get his money. They, all had to learn his videos,songs etc. in anticipating LMP getting him. A ” big fish”. M.J., is who they wanted. LMP was to go up the rung in the church, if she got him. And, M.J. was asexual!That BITCH never had sex with him. After she immedietly tryed to get him to hook up with the church, he told her, he thought those people were freaks,scarey, and was trying to “brainwash him”, THEN,along came the divorce. She also spent most of her time with her ex. who was still living in her home! She omits any mention of her own father,or M.J. both refusing to join the church of scientology!Elvis, himself said the church(CULT)was all after HIS money, and that “They were crazy sons a bitches” His band members said, he would “roll over in his grave” if he knew LMP.was so….. hooked up with them! Her mum,is bloody hooked up into the cult too!She also fails to say, the church of scientology, runs the Elvis Presley estate. AND the seance? GIVE ME A BREAK! Karen Faye was one of the first to put M.J. down after his death. He did not even like her! There’s even proof of that on the THIS IS IT DOCUMENTARY. He give’s lot’s of big hug’s to everyone except her, and he barely touche’s her!I could go on, and on, but I think everyone get’s the picture. I will write again, if anyone want’s to actually hear some real truth about LMP, Her church, and M.J. MAN!,What some people will say, and what other’s believe,will NEVER stop amazing me! LEAVE THE MAN ALONE,LISA!YOU USED HIM, HE USED YOU,that’s the whole truth of the matter! Ane LMP. while you’re at it, why don’t you talk about you’re drug use and that of your brother?, the church that YOU say dont tell you what to do in your relationship’s, or your life.That is exactly what they do, and you FUCKING KNOW IT! Do you really think, all of us are that naive? OH, go grow some fucking sunflower’s! Over, and out!

    • And, M.J. was asexual!That BITCH never had sex with him.

      Yes she did and MJ wasn’t asexual.

      I do believe Scientology was involved in their relationship and that she wanted to get him to sign up and that his resisting was part of the reason they broke up but I don’t believe it was the reason she was chasing him, that was just herself.

      Anyway, I’m glad they divorced and moved on with his life.

      • I’m glad MJ moved on with his life too. Lisa stans refuse to believe that he did. I just saw on LSA where someone posted old emails from Karen Faye saying she had never seen MJ as miserable as he was when he was with LMP and that he had been bending over backwards to please Lisa, but it was never enough for her.

        As flaky as Karen often is, I believe those statements, because MJ’s behavior just didn’t seem to be that of a happily married newlywed during their brief marriage. He disappears for periods of time or goes on vacation without her and she went on vacation with her ex-husband twice. He couldn’t even count on her to keep up appearances of being a supportive wife at the VMAs, where she embarassed him with that pouty “I hate my husband” look on her Elvis-in-drag face every time the camera showed them together.

        I don’t think the marriage was fake per se. It was probably just the same bad marital decision millions of us make when we “settle.” I think MJ couldn’t find the perfect woman, but wanted love and marriage, so he settled for someone he liked, but unfortunately really didn’t know her that well, and he discovered he couldn’t make himself love her that way. He probably had buyers remorse soon after those ill-fated impulsive nuptials.
        She wanted to be Mrs. King of Pop, but was pissed he didn’t worship her like the Princess she was raised to think she was.

        The wedding video didn’t look like a couple in love. They seemed more like a couple of teenagers rebelling against their parents by running off to Vegas for a quickie wedding that the parents would have wanted annulled. In Playboy, Lisa admitted the marriage was her way of giving “the finger” to her mother, but she “thought” she loved him (which I take to mean she later realized she really hadn’t been truly in love with MJ).

        After all the turmoil, MJ was probably relieved when she finally filed for divorce, though he probably got a kick out of her chasing him for awhile afterwards. Still he made no effort to remarry her, which should speak volumes to the Lisa stans, who for some reason believe he never got over her. He barely mentioned her afterwards, even on those confidential Rabbi 2000-2001 tapes, and MJs last set of 3 bodyguards say MJ didn’t mention or see her in their years with him. Still, I expect Lisa to pretend on Oprah they were close until the very end and that she tried to save him, blah, blah to fit her efforts to boost her profile by making herself MJ’s widow (though she’s married two men since MJ).

  91. P.S. YES, PLEASE notify me of follow up comments, and site updates. Thanks, barbara

  92. I have one more thing to say. All the people who claim they saw this, or that,or they knew M.J. and what was going on, is FULL OF SHIT! They ALL had to sign confidentuality agreement’s with M.J. before they were even allowed around him, let alone all the people who worked for him! Had anyone spoke of ANYTHING, they were all open for a lawsuit, which some if his body guard’s and other’s WERE SUED by M.J. He won the suit’s in court, in all the cases. M.J. died because of GREED! There is no other word,anyone could use.He had nothing but enabler’s, thief’s,user’s and loser’s around him, when he died. The Nation of Islam, was in control of him,his money, EVERYTHING, from 2004-until he died.They,are the one’s who kept him isolated,and fucked up on drugs ALL the time. M.J. was sick. He could barely breath. He had a condition called, ALPHA1.It is like having emphysems,copd. At the time of his death, the Nation’s member’s conned him into doing the 50 concert’s, only, M.J. only signed up for, 10 concert’s.DR.Tumme Tumme,(who wasn’t even a doctor)told him, he would be a laughing stock if he backed out of doing them.M.J. went into a deep depression. He WANTED to die! He said he couldn’t do them,and had NOBODY HE COULD TURN TO! He made phone call’s starting two week’s before his death, saying goodbye to people.He cryed.He tryed to tell the one’s he loved, but, sadly, NOBODY listened to him!He also said, he thought someone would kill him, in his sleep. He was afraid to go to sleep, so he would stay up for day’s at a time. The nation of islam, saw all this giong down. They did NOTHING! They knew he (and they)were better off, with him dead. They fed him drug’s like candy. Where the hell was LMP.when all this was going on? I am talking from 2004-2009.She, like everyone else who claimed to love or care for him, DID NOTHING! That is the saddest part of it all! All the years, all the people he helped, including paying for his own family’s home’s etc.paying for poor kid’s hospital bill’s, having 39 charity’s(more than anyone else on record),doing good for people,who would have otherwise died,giving all his profit’s of some concert’s to charity,etc.etc.etc…. and in the end, he say’s he had NOBODY to turn to! That’s what BREAK’S MY HEART!,I know,had I been there, I sure as hell would have done some MAJOR HOUSE CLEANING,and I WOULD have got M.J. some help. It would not have taken a rocket scientist,to see his depression,drug use, weight loss,and despair he had in the last week’s before his death! The WORLD owe’s Michael Jackson an apology,and a deep regret for not just leaving the man alone, and in the end, for not reaching out to him,in his time’s of need and for all the great thing’s he did to help people, Mother Nature, AND to THANK HIM for all the wonderful music he gave us all.I LOVE YOU, MICHAEL JACKSON!,BARBARA.FOREVER!

    • WOW Ok slow donw now. Where you there??? NO YOU WHEREN so CALM DON’T

  93. Barbara i totally agree with you all that you said.This woman make sick really she needs to get her own life. Why she’s always using his name??

  94. And about the L he wasn’t talking about Lisa , he was thanking his nephews and his friends i will post the all quote it from ,on his album something like that.You can barely see who’s L and the rest.Why all LMP fans think she always in contact with him. He had forgot many years ago.

    • It took me a while to read through the post here
      um…LOL! I think Lisa Marie said it best: “so in my mind at the time I’m thinking I’ll marry somebody who’s even bigger or as big or whatever than I am and I can actually feel like a wife…” I believe Mike married her b/c she had her own and could understand the celeb life. I don’t believd they loved each other really. It was a marriage of conveiance cuz when you gone 6 wks at a time, using birth control unknowingly to ya husband…it’s time to move on.

      • You are so right i always felt the same thing.I mean he had chewing gum his mouth during his marriage.If my man do that to me i’m gonna slap him seriously.When i watch their footage ,his expression is saying what hell i’m doing with her.I just wonder why it’s not Mike who asked the Dirvoce??I mean he had dispear during six weeks ,that’s means he didn’t want her anymore. He refused to see her in 1995.He moved on quickly ,and to ask at another to have his kids.But still people say they loved to each other. Oh come on we konw that its not true.He pushed her out when she didn’t give him what he wanted.Seriously some people need to wake up and accept the true, the fact this marriage was fake.

  95. Ms. Prudence Solomon’s look-a-like is Blanket….WOW! Rock, will you do a page on Sediah G. or the chick who used to travel with Mike and play tricks on the press.

    • I’m working on both….

      Do you see the resemblance too? She was married at the time though. Funny thing, she’s part Black too…. trying to google anything on her shows up barely anything…

  96. What people are not getting is, lmp ASK M.J. to marry her on the telephone. She was in with the church of scientology,to get him to join to get his money!What’s that got to do with love? She would wipe her mouth off in disgust when he tryed to kiss her. What people that knew, what her motive was,failed to do, was to tell M.J.about the cult she belongs to!and how she was using him for the church and for ONLY THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY! Some of the head defectors of the church, have told all about it. They arranged her divorce, and 20days later,arranged the marriage to M.J. It was a well thought out plan.She used to SLAM THE PHONE DOWN ON SICK KIDS,who called for Michael!HE caught her doing it and, told her NOT TO EVER do that again!He also told her to go fly a kite! She couldnt stand it, that sick children were the center of his attention,but,all the while she was out screwing her ex.(If, they in fact really got divorced)Some say NOT!Nicholas Cage divorced her after 107 days, if that says anything about her! AND, the guy that said she DID have sex with M.J. doesn’t know what he’s talking about!SORRY, NO SEX THERE! It’s all immaterial know.The fact’s remain. She hadn’t talked to him in literally year’s,at the time of his death. SHE is a BITCH,a FAKE,a USER,a LIER,a LOSER,a CON,a CHILD HATER,a SCIENTOLIGIST(That alone,say’s it all!)a WHINER,an ADDICT,an ALCOHOLIC,a FAILURE IN MARRIAGE,a BACK-STABBER,an ADULTERER,A CUNT! If anyone want’s to add to that, feel free! Man,THE TRUTH HURT’S!

  97. Did anybody watch LMP’s interview with Oprah today, 10/21/10? I was really pleased with it. She set the record straight. She talked about their marriage and I’ve come to the conclusion that we judged her wrongly. She’s just as misunderstood as Michael was. If you want to watch the interview, it’s on youtube:

    All three parts. Enjoy!

    • I wish I had got back here earlier before you guys left comments. After thinking about the interview and going back and re-analyzing it and hearing other people’s opinions on it. I realized how naive I was to leave that comment. Now I realize how weird and…fake the interview was.Oprah, especially, she’s an oppurtunist. I lost all respect for her when she had lmp and her mom on the show back in 2003 dissing Michael like that. Anf for some reason, something wasn’t right with lmp in that interview. It’s like she had a hard time looking in Oprah’s eyes while she talking you just gotta wonder if she was lying. I flet she wasn’t truthful about some things. For one, she makes it seem that she was the best Michael ever had. She made it seem like he never had other relationships before her, which I consider BS. I also found it weird how she changed the proposal story. Now she’s saying that he proposed to her, with a ring, in the library. So…

      • I believe she was the most truthful she’s ever been and I really was grateful for it. I also really really liked the way she tried to explain his behaviour and what happened with him to Oprah – so many people just don’t bother. Janet for example just doesn’t seem to want to even try.

        But does it change what she said when he was alive to hear it? Not for me and not for him. She also wasn’t the only woman he was ever with, but for some reason I feel like this interview will help other women feel more comfortable coming forwards and articulating themselves if they had been with him…

        And I don’t agree with her on the drugs, I think that’s an explanation that a lot of people now give to explain why he didn’t want them in his life anymore.

        And yeah, Oprah… sigh. Can’t believe she kept pushing for drugs and drugs and drugs, and then asking about the allegations? Just unbelievable. She’s answered that question a thousand times before, did Oprah really believe Lisa would suddenly remember some damning thing?

        • Yes, rock, that’s a good point about other women possibly feeling more comfortable coming forward now. Wishful thinking? Maybe. But the thought did cross my mind. Matter of fact, while watching it with my sister she made the comment that Diana is the one who needs to do an interview. lol I told her that was never gonna happen. I wish that someone reliable would come forward tho. Because Lisa’s comment that he hadn’t really had any prior romantic experience before his relationship with her had me rolling my eyes. One: because it’s not true, and two: because I feel that only helps the popular fangirl opinion that he was an asexual Peter Pan who magically became a functioning heterosexual when he met her. What did you make of that rock? Do you think she was lying on purpose? Do you think she honestly believes that? Did she really not know about Michael’s past? I’m wondering now how much of himself and his past he shared with her now.

          In the meantime, *continues praying that the real truth about Michael’s romantic life will be revealed asap* lol

          • I just got this feeling watching it… the way she embraced their relationship, the way she spoke about how he made her feel, the way she seemed so in love with him still, and how she could tell this to judging Oprah and be reasonable about it… I just imagine women who’ve dated him just sitting their nodding their heads vigorously. I feel like she’s made it less embarrassing to be associated with him, if that makes sense? Not that they’d be embarrassed, but that they’d have to explain less if they spoke up. Like maybe a woman who was with him would be taken more seriously…

            I don’t believe she was lying about the previous girls, I think that’s what he told her. He was a normal guy who played down relationships for his new women. He told Glenda he hadn’t had a “real” relationship before. But he told her/Sam about three women we didn’t know about on the phone, including one he wa having sex with, all before Lisa. And he was keeping it brief for Glenda.

            I honestly don’t know why, but I no longer feel worried that people will believe she was his one and only. I feel like the truth is starting to come out. She finally admitted to so many things that people like the National Enquirer/promo guy had spoken about. People need to realize that insiders are posting and giving real info.

            • OMG! I know exactly what you mean. I was nodding my own head vigorously, so I can only imagine how some of the real women who were in his life were reacting. You make a lot of sense. I could see how other women could be more comfortable speaking up now because the door has now publically been reopened to that side of him.

              Good point too about him downplaying his past to her. That’s not uncommon in relationships especialy for someone as private as him. Adding to this I don’t think he realy let Lisa all the way “in” anyway.

              You make another good point about her cofirming things that have been floating around for years like some of the things stated in the infamous letter. That is very interesting. Makes it more credible at least. I believed it anyway tho. 😉

  98. I don’t know what to make of LMP. But her fans and all the Michael/LMP shippers are having a field day with ther Oprah interview. I lurk alot of sites and I was over on MMaximum Jackson yesterday, and some of the mods who usually think that Michael was asexual are all “Oh, they were so in love” and “they were the loves of each other’s lives”. That shit was hilarious to read. Please. Lisa wouldn’t have said half of what she did if he was still alive and she wasn’t feeling guilty as hell.

    • Although LMP came out with a few things on the interview, it was highly distorted IMO to paint it the way she wants it. TBH, for the longest time I gave LMP the benefit that she loved him despite her funny way of showing it. People express their love in different ways you know. But I just wasn’t feeling her interview, she seemed like a sociopath to me, pretending to have all these emotions for him but during the interview it was all about her. Her & Oprah kept pushing the drug angle, pissed me off big time! What a manipulative b!tch Oprah is! That interview has me seething actually! I cannot believe I can dislike these 2 even more now than before.

      Those mods are funny, slow to the take & clueless as hell. That whole interview painted LMP as the love of MJ’s life! Like he was the one who never got over that self-serving woman! HMPH!

      • You are right about the drug thing. I just sorry you guys had to reply to what I said above. After reanalyzing the interview, I regret leaving that comment. Oprah is a manipulator. When it comes to Michael, all she cares about is the drugs and the child molestation charges when she damn well and know that Michael was found innnocent on all counts. Oprah can’t prove shit!

    • MaxJax is hilarious, those same mods months ago were saying that Mike/Lisa would only meet up after the divorce as friends and there was no sex involved. I told them they were idiots. Lisa proved them wrong.

      I think like a lot of women Lisa feels she was the only one who ever really understood him or loved him. Mike seemed to have that effect on women.

      I’m glad she started admitting to so many truths and so many things that people in this forum and others have said for years. She proved the National Enquirer letter/promo guy right. But she pushed him out to see too, she seemed to enjoy having watched him drown and flail about in the past, I won’t ever forget that and it sounds like, neither will she.

  99. She’s playing the widow’s role and I’m sure she’s enjoying it. Can’t stand these two hypocrites, they never showed respect for MJ so there’s no way I’m gonna support these two bitch , Lisa needs to sit down and let people forget her, she’s a nobody and she’s angry because people only give her attention because of MJ and not her so called talent.
    And I can’t believe her “fans” who think she was the love of MJ’s life, she wishes. Michael made it clear, beside his mom and kids, Diana is the love of his life, even if the “love” is ackward. Lisa go sit down now.

  100. To nenabunena and rockforeveron: yes, Maximum Jackson is a hell of a site lol. The mods truly amaze me. And I agree with you both that the one positive out of Lisa’s interview is that she finally publically admitted to being addicted to him, so to speak and was following him around for years(even though she didn’t put it that way of course). I’ve been waiting yeara for her to have to admit that shit. It’s a shame it wasn’t “okay” for her to do it until after he died, tho.

    • MaximumJackson just depresses me. Last time I was there the mods didn’t believe he had lupus, they believe he lightened photos of himself to create scandals, they believe he was asexual, they don’t believe that Prince has vitiligo and they believe he was an asexual man child. And these are the moderators who say these things.

      I’ve seen people who hated him talk about him more positively than they do.

      • That’s so true and it’s a damn shame. The “founders” over there are especialy infuriating.

        And did I read that you’re working on pages for Siedah and Marva? That makes me too excited. lol I’m still fascinated by the Marva King link. I admit it.

  101. Mirage said
    I agree with you. Even i still don’t like her. But the way she said it’s like they both were involde after post divorce. Why she didn’t say she was dating
    This man beside saying they were together during after their post dvorce
    (Sept.16, 1999)
    The kindness of the Redfords
    By Jeannie Williams (USA Today, 09/15/99)

    VIPS: Lisa Marie Presley has been a star of this week’s designer shows in New York, with new beau John Oszajca escorting her. They attended the Versace show, and on Tuesday they were happy huggers at the Marc Jacobs event (with Lisa Marie sporting hair extensions). The two are in “a committed relationship” since meeting in May in L.A., says a spokeswoman. Oszajca, who hails from Hawaii and at 25 is a tad younger than Presley, 31, is a hot new singer/songwriter with Interscope Records. He boasts a single on the soundtrack for the summer movie Mystery Men.
    Presley’s long-awaited Capitol album is definitely in the works, and she’ll be in the studio with it next month. As of now her beau isn’t involved, but stay tuned.
    Here the Mike vesrion

    ” after Michael’s divorce from Lisa Marie, she desperately wanted to get back into his life. “Lisa Marie called him and said, ‘Let’s rethink this. I’m ready to have children,'” Rabbi Shmuley says.
    The Jackson tape goes on to say, “After we got divorced, she would hang out with my mother all the time. I have all these letters she sent: ‘I’ll give you nine children. I’ll do whatever you want.’ And, of course, the press doesn’t know of these stories. And she just tried for months and months, and I became too hardhearted at that point. I had closed my mind on the whole situation.”
    As we see he didn’t say that they were together, he said that she was the one who wanted him to take her back and tried for months and months (which turned into years… )
    Sorry but i believe more Mike than that Bitch. He wanted not take her back.

  102. YES! The BEST part of that O. interview was LMP admitting she chased Michael for YEARS all over the world BEGGING him to take her back!!!! But you know what? I believe if he was actually having XXX with her all those years, her tail would have NEVER EVER EVER stopped stalking him — AND she would have MADE SURE she got knocked up after Debbie did! Lisa Marie would have purchased ALL the condoms stores on the planet so she could poke holes in every single, solitary condom on Earth! If Michael said she turned him off though, I think he LITERALLY meant that she turned him OFF. He would not give her the PLEASURE of his “company!” After months and months and years of his rejection, her ego and her sex-appeal took a real BEATING, and that’s why she felt she had to beat HIM up in interviews.

    • They were having sex on and off for those four years. She would have been much bitter sooner. Neither would’ve stuck around very long if they weren’t having sex.

  103. […] […]

  104. […] 1993-1999:: Lisa Marie Presley « La Cienega Just Smiles […]

  105. Michael’s fans who say hateful things about Lisa should remember that she is a person too. She had emotionally scarring experiences as a child that caused her to act out and close herself off all through her life and even now. Reading most of these articles and interviews, the one thing that stood out to me is when it was said that anything written about her, even her obituary, will have the names Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson in it. How painful it must be to have your life constantly discussed and completely defined by only the worst tragedies you experienced.
    Remember that she is a person too, allowed to make mistakes, retract, and apologize. A wonderful yet tortured woman. I feel for her. I love Michael and I love her for what she meant to him. I hope she’s able to move on.

  106. This is allegedly Michael and Lisa. I have never seen this photo. It’s probably a paparazzi shot since it’s very bad quality.

    I have taken it from an MJ forum but nobody knows when and where this was taken.

    Does anybody have an idea? Or if this is really Michael and Lisa at all?

    • Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately that looks very photoshopped.


    A sizzling new book that dishes up sensational details of Michael Jackson’s love life with Lisa Marie Presley claims sex with him is a scream – literally!

    She told a pal that Michael starts singing when he approaches the height of ecstasy – then lets loose with his trademark high pitched screeches, according to author Anthony Gregoreli.

    And Lisa Marie LOVES it!

    Hard to believe? You might question whether Michael is really Mr. Macho. But the new book, “Dark lady: The Unauthorized Biography Of Lisa Marie Presley-Jackson” is undeniably fascinating.

    It’s due for U.S. publication early next year. But in scouring the world to bring you hottest gossip, I discovered some preview tidbits in Great Britain.
    Is Michael Jackson really a red-hot lover? Here are some of the eye-popping revelations in the book:

    Lisa Marie had wild sex with Jackson before marrying him – because she wanted to make sure he could perform his husbandly duties. They were spending a weekend at Donald trumps Florida mansion when she pulled him into bed.

    She claims they were intimate all night – and oddly enough, he preferred making love love while standing up!

    After that Thriller sex session with a real stand-up guy, Lisa Marie told a pal: “It was absolutely wild. He was slow getting started, then he just wanted more and more”.

    She said that when Michael began screeching, she couldn’t help laughing.
    Despite all the racket, Elvis’ daughter later told her pal it was the best sex she’d ever had. In fact, she called Michael “a hot little number”.

    Lisa Marie moved into Michael’s neverland Valley Ranch while she was still married to unknown musician hubby Danny Keough.
    The relationship grew closer when Lisa Marie stood by Michael after he was accused of child abuse in 1993. Slowly, the friendship turned to love. But not for Michael’s house hold staff. They thought she was rude and snotty to them, sort of a Leona Helmsley in training.

    Lisa Marie and Elizbeth Taylor fought like cats and dogs over Michael. After he began overdoing drugs during his child abuse scandal, longtime pal Liz wanted him to check into a rehab clinic. When Lisa Marie said she wanted to be there to give Michael support, Liz Objected.

    The two women had a HUGE catfight. But Lisa Marie won the round
    and escorted Michael into treatment in London.
    Round two erupted when Liz pressured Michael to sing a big solo number
    on a Jackson family TV special in 1994. He didn’t want the spotlight, but
    she said he owed it to his fans. Lisa Marie exploded and screamed at Liz
    “Leave him alone! He knows what he’s doing!”

    Once again, she won. Although Michael joined in a family chorus at
    the special’s end, he didn’t sing by himself.

    • This was posted on LSA. I have heard SOME of these stories before but considering the source I found it amusing.

  108. It annoys me when some people say Lisa Marie was the only woman he had sex with.

  109. Hi LaC, I was just wondering — the article dated May 2008 (the one that says Lisa had recently called Michael and he didn’t talk) — where is that from? Thanks.

    • From what I remember it was from some kind of tabloid, either a British one or an Australian one or something like that.

  110. i dont think that brooke was a cover up for diana because in the schmuley tapes on youtube he clearly says that she was the love of his life and he wished she loved him as much as he loved her. even tho schmuley is a liar and just made money off of mj, mj did say it himself and went in detail about how they met. he also had a painting of her. he liked her she didnt like him in that way and they would still go out sometimes but since she really wasnt interested he went about his way with diana . thats what it seems like to me idk i didnt know him lol

    • He doesn’t say she’s the love of his life, just one of them.

    • Sorry, but Brooke was NOT the love of MJ’s life.

      Read LaToya’s autobiography or, just look at a few random photos of them together at awards shows circa 1983-1985.

      According to LaToya, Michael didn’t even want to take Brooke to the Grammy’s in 1984 but, Brooke basically guilted him into doing it. And, if you can catch any clips of the 1984 Grammy’s, Michael’s looks BORED TO DEATH being with her.

  111. she was obsessed not in love.

  112. I have a question. Why does everyone assume that Michael Jackson and LMP had a sexual relationship beyond their marriage? Just because they remained friends or somewhat “friendly” doesn’t mean that she was the one that he had anything to do with. Why would he bother going back through all that BS with a woman who was manipulative, a liar and had betrayed his trust? She wrote a tell-all book that was shelved b/c MJs camp was going to sue her.She may have been chasing him down for 2 years and hanging out with his mother and sister. But their public appearances together were nothing more than business. He took her out for her b-day in 1998, but with Debbie’s approval. Truth is he was never “in love” with LMP, nor was she the love of his life. He would never have given up on his marriage so easily if that were the case. Someone that truly loved MJ would have given him the kids he wanted. Regardless, of what people think about Debbie Rowe, at least she loved him enough to give him 2 children.

    • Because she said they would get back together, break up, get back together break up, up to four years after the divorce. I doubt two grown adults consider holding hands or being friends “getting back together.” They stayed in the same hotels, she was back in Neverland after too. Michael spoke publicly about the fact that she’d wanted his kids… back in 1997 and 1999.

      People don’t need to think someone is the love of their life to get back together with them or have sex. Lisa Marie was addicted to him, I don’t believe she’d settle for holding hands over breakfast crumpets either.

      She wrote a tell-all book that was shelved b/c MJs camp was going to sue her.

      That isn’t true, sounds like something someone made up.

    • I don’t think LMP was the love of MJ’s life but he loved her enough to marry her. After the divorce I don’t think MJ was in love with her any more, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t have sex. If the sex they had was good I can see MJ doing it even if he wasn’t in love any more.

    • the guy that worked on the dangerous album with him says that he was in love with debbie rowe, she didnt want the public life so she gave it up , i like you think there was a lot more to the debbie rowe relationship than the lisa one, because michael jackson was a humble man he would of course go for that type as opposed to the model type like lisa but as far as marraige material lisa fit the bill and she was gorgeos and sexy too which was appealing the deal breaker was the refusal to produce offspring thereby ending the marraige before it ever got started. he and debbie had a longstanding relationship that stretched past what he and lisa could ever have. makes since to keep her in the background. less harassment. i truly believe debbie rowe was the love of his life. but that is between he and her.

  113. […] you will find an incredibly detailed research made by La Cienega here  which provides full information on Michael and Lisa-Maria’s relationship in the period 1993-1999 […]

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