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April 23, 2010

Ebony, December 1982

Michael turned 24 in August. He says he has finally taken charge of his life and career (“I pay people and I tell them what to do”). There’s a new lady he likes a lot, and he’s as happy as he has ever been.

ET, February 25 1983

I’m just now beginning to enjoy friendship, which is new for me.
ET: Friendship?
MJ: (smiles) Mhmmm.
ET: With people other than in show business?
MJ: Yeah.
ET: With ladies?
MJ: (grinning) Yeah, oh yeah.
ET: Is there someone very important in your life at this point?
MJ: Mmmm, yes. (grins)

Steve Manning, Long time Michael friend and publicist, Right On! December, 1983

Second, most young women want to know about Michael romantically. Again, the answer in a word is private. Very private. Michael has a personal life very few people ever see. He likes it that way. He has always been concerned with the effect his tremendous popularity might have on those he most cares about. He does everything in his power to shield people from any sort of public intrusion. He is very caring and protective, and this is a first for all of your Right On! readers, Michael is presently involved with a young lady he cares about a great deal. However, he is doing everything he can to protect her from the glaring eyes of his adoring public. This is one thing Michael intends to keep to himself.

Q: Do you think that is fair to all of his fans?
A: Yes, I believe it’s fair to his fans and Michael as well. You have to realize how much work Michael does. He is a compulsive perfectionist who spends a great deal of time and energy on all his projects. I’m sure his fans would never begrudge him a little privacy or a little quiet romance.

Q: Do you think Michael enjoys the reputation he has of being Hollywood’s “last innocent”?
A: I really don’t think Michael is that aware of being “a last innocent.” Besides, I think the description is not at all accurate. Michael is quite aware of what is going on around him and since he turned 21 he has handled all of his own private business affairs. All financial reports, contracts, etc go directly to Michael. He has total control and final approval on everything. You have to be pretty shrewd to handle all that. So the “last innocent” reputation is a little difficult to accept, for those of us who really know Michael.

Q: Does Michael ever go out alone?

A: Yes, he travels around quite a lot in LA going back to forth to the Jackson’s studio, keeping various appointments and seeing his friends.

Michael, Focus Magazine, February 1984

RO/CLASS: How is your personal life? Is there someone special?
Jackson: It’s wonderful and I am in love…

MJ, Moonwalk, 1988

“There have been a lot of wonderful women in my life, women whose names wouldn’t mean anything to the readers of this book, and it would be unfair to discuss them because they are not celebrities and are unaccustomed to having their names in print. I value my privacy and therefore I respect theirs as well.”

Glenda conversation, 4.5, 1992

G: Tell me something, you know what? you told me before that you’re the loneliest person
M: I am!
G: Then how can you be that way when there are so many people…
M: Because I don’t love those people like that! I want to be with someone… I want to know what a relationship is all about before I die, can’t you understand that girl? I never had… I mean I’ve been with Tate… I’ve been, well not with… I been with Tate… I thought I was with Diana… it was just in my own mind..
G: You were a little boy
M: I know, I have never had a real relationship, my brothers have been married. My brothers have had girlfriends, I really haven’t had that
G: How long did it take you to get over Diana?
M: Years… A hell of a long time. I just… wanna know what it’s like, girl, to have a real relationship with someone who doesn’t want me for me, that I dont, I don’t have to look over my shoulder all the time
G: Who doesn’t have an ulterior motive…?
M: Yeah, that doesn’t question me.. I mean..(i) I don’t… and, and like La Toya said in her book.. she said, either I am going to have to find somebody who doesn’t know who the heck I am.. o rrr..oorr deal with somebody who’s career is equally as important, or equally like mine…
G: Well, a nix to both of those
M: What am I gonna do. I don’t want to die without knowing about, having a real relationship with a women or being involved. I… I was involved but we never did anything… we never really had sex
G: But that was your decision, that wasn’t her’s, I mean.
M: But.. yeah.. but girl, girlfriend had my nose wide open, ok, you could drive a truck through my nose
G: (laughs) That is the craziest expression. How did they come up with that, I am just wondering who thought of it, I don’t understand how your nose can be wide open?
M: I don’t know
G: But it had to come from somewhere and I just wanted to know the people who made it up. It’s the craziest expression I have ever heard
M: it’s a black thing
G: (Laughing) Black thing? What is it with your nose? I can’t understand how your nose can be wide open?
M: I don’t know (whispers–It’s just, it’s personal)
G: I mean it had to come from somewhere. Somebody had to have made it up and I was wondering what they were thinking when they made it up?
M: It’s a black secret
G: OK (Laughing)
M: So I loved her so much, GOD
G: So was that the first time…?
M: No, no (whispers) (it was in her bedroom?)
G: Where did Tatum and that…what was that other girls…?
M: Tate, I dealt with Tate when I was a little bit younger. She came up to me in a club, we were in a club…(I) and she put her hand on mind and I couldn’t believe it (break in tape){This is obvious the poster of these audios was throwing us off. They skip from talking about Tatum O’Neal to this woman)(Glenda laughing)
M:... anything. I would give her money, I would give her jewlery, I would give her a house, a car, whatever… I was never good enough. It was like… ya know…
G: Well, she wanted all of you Michael… she wanted a relationship
M: She knew how I was from the beginning… it wasn’t like she didn’t
G: Well, she was probably hoping then that it would change
M: But, not until I got married
G: Well, I know that..and I’m sure that she loved you… and when you have been with somebody for that many years…
M: I loved her so much… I didn’t want to see that.. I did not want to see that… and I knew she was fooling around. I know, girl. I know it for a fact.
G: Don’t you think that attracted you to the fact that she was such a strong person and she stood up for you against your dad and she was always there, wasn’t that alot of the attraction?
M: Yeah.
G: Because she’s older than you, huh?
M: Well, yeah
G: That you were drawn to that?
M: Yeah, I was
G: (I)
M: And I was so in love and I had my nose wide open and I didn’t want to believe what was really going on. (Tape cut) It didn’t matter… she (Tape cut) (I) but, that’s another story. (I) And it was a good thing that it was finally over.
G: You don’t have any regrets?
M: No, uh uh, I don’t regret that I didn’t sleep with her. I’m glad I didn’t. (I) (cut in tape)
G: Yeah, that’s a long story.
M: I didn’t. I wish it changed but I havent been married before, ever… having a relationship like that before, I never. Being in a normal… having a relationship with someone (I) I never had that.
G: Well, I think everybody wants too…
M: But I haven’t!
G: Okay
M: And that’s what I want. I know I’m not going to be here very long or whatever.
G: I hope it will be years…
M: What?
G: How long do you think you will be here?
M: You can’t ask me, I don’t know, what kind of question is that I don’t know
G: (I)
M: I don’t know… You could come up with all kind of actual facts and die!