Michael Jackson’s Type Of Girl

February 28, 2011

The Qualities He Looks For In A Girl

Age 12, 1970:

MJ: I like dey legs big and I like them with pretty big eyes (laughs) and uh, let me see what else do I like about girls?
Brother: How about their personality, Mike? (laughs)
MJ: Yeah, I like their personality. That’s one thing I like about them.

Questionaire Answered By Michael, 1970

The Qualities I Look For In A Girl Are:
Eyes, legs, personality.


MJ: I haven’t really had any girlfriends yet, but I’ll tell you what I’d like to find in a girl. She has to have a good personality. I wouldn’t want to go out with a girl unless I had talked to her for a while, seen what she’s like, asked her a lot of questions.

Super Soul, 1971

Me: “Mike, let’s talk about Jermaine first. Do you get along with Jermaine as well as with your friends?”

Michael: “Jermaine and I have a lot of groovy times together! We get along very well and hardly ever fight like a lot of brothers with a big age difference do! Jermaine is the kind of older brother you can dig. cause he’s not the type that thinks he’s smarter just because he’s an older brother.”

Me: “What do you think is the thing that’s most different between you and Jermaine?”

Michael: “There’s a big difference in the kind of girls we like. People say I’m full of energy, and I guess that’s why I like lively girls who laugh and talk a lot. Jermaine is more cool. He digs girls who are the foxy type, mysterious and quiet.”

Jackson 5 Fax, 1972

Michael: I wish girls wouldn’t think they have to be some kind of super-girl for me-or any of my brothers-to dig them. But I guess it’s because we’re in show business they think our ideas about girls are so different from other guys.

Star, 1972

Star: What do you like in an girl, Michael?

Michael: I think personality’s the most important thing of all. I dig chicks who are on the lively side, who love to laugh and talk.

Black Stars, November 1976

“A young lady’s physical beauty can by no means outshine the inner beauty that radiates from her inner heart and spirit. The kindness of a girl is more important than anything, really, to be honest about it.”

From a generic questionnaire filled out by 18-year-old Michael Jackson in 1977

Would you like to get married?
Later in life

What kind of girl/boy would you like to marry?

How many children would you like to have?
20. Adopted. All races

Briefly describe your dream girl/boy
Beautiful in every way

What type of person do you usually dislike?

Francesco Scavullo, Magic/Madness, Sometime in the 70s/80s

Photographer Francesco Scavullo once recalled of Michael, “He asked me, ‘What do you do about falling in love? Are you afraid they’re just after you for what you can do for them?’ And I said ‘Michael, you can’t live your life that way. You have to take a chance.'”

Special Edition of Right On magazine, 50 Facts About Michael, 1984

28. A soft, sexy scent will make Michael turn his attention to you.
31. Balloons, balloons, and more balloons are what Michael would send you if you were his special girl.
37. He loves singing romantic songs more than any other kind.
38. Michael loves having long telephone conversations with special ladies.
39. Michael thinks Japan is a wonderful country to fall in love because of its beauty and romance.
41. Go on a roller coaster with Michael and you’ll his win his heart. The scarier the better.

Katherine Jackson’s Bio, 1990

The most tired rumor of all was the rumor that Michael was gay.

All I can say is, Michael is not gay. He intends to settle down and get married one day. We’ve talked about it. And he will.

I wish he did have that special someone to share his life with right now; his life would be richer. I think that, deep down, he does, too.

I think the reason why he’s had so few relationships in recent years, is that he’s been approached so many times by women who are so obviously looking for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that he’s grown wary. Michael wrote about this type of woman — I call her a status seeker — in his song “Dirty Diana.”

When Michael was younger he joked that “when the love bug bites me, that’s when I’m going to marry.” By 1989 he was telling me, “The woman I marry will have to have a lot of money herself. That’s the only way I’ll know for sure that she’s not marrying me for my money.”

And yet, Michael seems happy. Even though he knows that he will never be able to live a “normal” life, he seems comfortable with his fame. I believe that when he’s good and ready to get married, he’ll do it, despite the inevitable press uproar.

REBBIE: Even if Michael were to find the “perfect” woman tomorrow, I think that he would be reluctant to subject her to the incredible scrutiny that he’s subjected to every day.

Even if Michael’s wife did manage to adapt to life in a fish bowl, she’d also have to cope with the reality of Michael attending meetings, and members of his entourage constantly pulling on him. Some of these people, no doubt, would view her as no more than a competitor for Michael’s time.

Glenda Tapes, June 1992

M: I just… wanna know what its like, girl, to have a real relationship with someone who doesn’t want me for me – that I dont, I don’t have to look over my shoulder all the time.
G: That doesn’t have an ulterior motive?
M: Yeah, that doesn’t question me… I mean..(i) I don’t… and, and.. like La Toya said in her book.. she said, either I am going to have to find somebody who doesn’t even know who the heck I am –
G: (i)
M: Orrr..oorr deal with somebody who’s career is equally as important, or equally like mine..
G: Well.. a nix to both of those.

Shmuley Tapes, 2000/1

MJ: I want someone who is a lot like me, who has the same interests and who wants to help. The ones who are classy and quiet and not into all the sex and all the craziness because I am not into that. I do not understand alot of the things that go on in relationships and I do not know if I ever will. Mean things and vulgar things with their bodies. I do not understand it and it has hurt my past relationships.

SB:Have you ever found girls who like practical jokes that you like? Have you ever found a woman who collects comics?
MJ: It is a rarity. If I find one I will go nuts. Especially, if she has those qualities and is beautiful inside. It would be a home run for me.
MJ: I think sexy comes from the heart in the way you present yourself.
SB: Have you ever found women who are a bit more modest to be more attractive for that reason?
MJ: Yeah. I don’t like women who are always saying, “My nails need to be done. I have to do my toes. I need a manicure.” I hate all that. I lke it when girls are a little bit more tomboyish. If they wrestle, climb a tree….. I love that. It is sexier to me. I like class, though. Class is everything.

SB:Celebrities are targets for people who marry them for wrong reasons, their fortune and their name. But don’t you know when someone is interested in you for the wrong reasons?
MJ: You don’t know.
It is hard because the women today can do a good job of faking it. I mean a real good job. They are smooth. Look in the Bible. Women have taken the most powerful men down to nothing because of what’s between their legs.
SB: Can you immediately tell innocence?
MJ: Right away although I find it harder to tell with women because they’re so smooth. But with men I can usually tell, because they are more open and like puppies, while girls are more like cats. You know how if you’ve been on vacation and you get home and a puppy is all over you, while with a cat, it’s “Hey I don’t need you, you come over here and pick me up”. They give you attitude. They’ll walk right by you even though they haven’t see you in three months. Women are very smart. Walt Disney always said they are smarter than men and he always hired more women.


  1. Sadly I donnt think Michael ever found that right woman.

  2. He was very pure and sincere, but i dont think those girls who had been around him were in the same way. He didnt deserve heartaches. He was very innocent, thats why he loved innocent, pure, and honest girls. He really hated rude and naughty ones. Why couldnt one of them understand his feeling and true love?

  3. Michael has some good points about some women… I do believe I’m one of them that when I’m in love you and I know you’re in love me, I’m all over you like a puppy. My cat,Spice is more like a puppy too… She has one of the best personalities I’ve ever seen in a cat. That’s my baby.

  4. Cause all that women really gave a damn about sex, money, and fame. Mike didnt like that way because they were fake and rude and nasty. He was afraid of being hurt. I think there are only few women in the world who have sincere heart and mind just like Michael had. He was too pure to be true. He didnt deserve those pains. He deserved a lot of love. I love you, my angel.

  5. Omg i love michael and as a woman i love how he said we r smart we r and he acknowledged dat only a few men r like this

  6. this is amazing and i thinking he should mix both those reasons up if he can’t find a girl like that he sould have looked a littlle harder 🙂

  7. I luv u mj!

  8. If only he would have met me…

  9. I think Michael had two sides to him. I think he was just like most guys out there, meaning that he thought about sex, and then he had a sweet side too, and I do not think he was gay. It’s sad because he felt like he couldn’t trust anyone, and never got to experience it. 😦

    • Do you think he didn’t have sex? My intuition tells me that he had more sex that we all know… I believe MJ was into women just like any other man…

  10. ****I meant to write, “He never got to experience being in love.”

    • I don’t think that’s true either… I think he was in love more than once…Maybe one day we’ll know more… He obviously did not have the childhood he deserved but he loved, and was in love. You can hear when he talked about certain people or the way in which he’s been protective of certain women in his life…

  11. I’m not going to give an opinion on this matter, because it’s a known fact that MJ never gave people an insight into his real personality. Especially, once the cameras or recorder were recording. Unless, we are privy to MJ journals , diaries,etc. We really can’t say what MJ felt. MJ according to Schmuley knew that this was to be published, just added to the myth of the King of Pop. Because, he talks about how he didn’t like women who were forward, yet women have come foward and gave accounts of MJ being sexually flirtatious. And if MJ was so innocent and pure , than he definitely wouldn’t have did the ITC video or Sexy Version. The innocent persona was all about selling the brand. So, I’m not going to believe in that whole man-child innocent persona. A man with a collection of porn isn’t innocent. You can’t be a cut throat businessman and be innocent in other aspects of your life. MJ knew what made people comfortable, and his era a black man with the heart of Peter Pan made him the King, because it was palatable to people threatened by black male sexuality.jmo

    • to this comment i would like to say , just because he made sexy videos didnt mean he liked forward women or make him be without virtue, sex sells and he , ever the shrewd business man, knew this would make him lots of money , basically having nothing at all to do with his preferences in his personal life. it was a job period.

      • That does a disservice to his own words about how he felt about music and what he did. He absolutely felt it was an expression of himself.

        “Whatever I sing, whatever I do, I don’t sing it unless I mean it.” – Michael Jackson

        Music, dancing, videos, they weren’t a “job” to him. Maybe to you, but not for him.

      • I agree with you, I read and believe what MJ shared with us in MoonWalk.

    • i totally agree with you!! i think mike liked the idea of keeping this innocent thing, i mean i believe he is innocent but not as much as he potrays. ALL the girls he has been involved with said he was really flirty! to me, it doesnt add up, i think he dated alot of girls but only had sexual encounters with some women who he trusted…

  12. In my opinion, I think Michael was very sexual. But I think that he was threatened by women’s sexuality, to a point. I think he wanted to put a woman on a pedistal like his mother or Diana Ross, and he tried to with Lisa Marie. However, I think he was complicated in the way that he respected women and saw and wanted a smart women to have around, but at the same time who “knew” her place with a man, who was submissive in a way. I think a lot of it had to do with control. Because if a women was too forward with him, it meant he couldn’t control her. -Not that he would disrespect her, but in Michael’s life, it was all about Michael. I think he wanted a wife who would live according to his world and could fit in easily with him and his agenda, but at the same time, have her own interests that she could bring to the table. …Like he said, he was complicated.

    • I kind of agree…

      I just don’t think he wanted to ever feel dominated sexually. Control seemed important to him. I think he needed to be the one who felt in charge sexually. I think he may found it insulting too, to have a woman try and take charge sexually. If that makes sense.

      I do believe he wanted a strong woman, because almost all the women he sought out were strong. Diana Ross, this older woman he mentions on the tapes, Elizabeth Taylor, Tatum and Brooke are both pretty determined and tough kind of girls, Lisa Marie Presley, Debbie Rowe. But I think he wanted a balance, someone who was strong on her own but someone who like you said, would give in to him in other ways. They couldn’t try and change him or take over his life. A lot of Hollywood stars seem to need those kinds of relationships.

      I think control was very important to him. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing, it seems to have been a coping mechanism driven from having experienced a loss of control in the past (Joe, etc).

      • I agree with everything you just said.

      • It makes sense because I wrote to Michael. Since I was five I always felt that it was my destiny to meet him. I mean, this was before I really knew anything about him or who he was or meant to the world. But when I got older, in late high school, I wrote him a REALLY long letter. -I just talked about myself pretty much. I didn’t really mention him in the letter too much, just a statement once or twice. Anyways, I have a copy of that letter, and I understand now why he called me. But stupid me, abruptly ended our convo prematurely because I was afraid. But for a moment, I had his attention and he had mine. ….One thing that caught me so off guard then was his confidence. I had no idea he had it in him. He was talking in his deeper voice and came off almost cocky, but was still very charming and WAY funny. But, I now, after all these years understand why he was intrigued by me. I was independent, I did my own thing amungst my peers. I didn’t let others influence me, and most of my beliefs and interests were his, and our experiences and ways of thinking were the same. I had no idea when I wrote that letter that what I was writing about myself was what he had experienced, and I had no idea how I some how influenced him. It wasn’t until earlier this year when I was looking at his catalog did I realize that he bought the song I wanted him to sing (which wasn’t one of his songs) the same year I talked to him. It validated for me that there was a connection in there. And I regret abruptly ending our conversation. I remember hearing the disappointment in his voice when he said goodbye and I thought, “WHAT AM I DOING?!” But I thought it was too late to take it back.

        • girl i wanna smack u !!!! LOL u off ur rockers not even a date or another conversation before u knock the man lwd he coulda had a good wife for once is his life…lol girl i so wanna smack u !!! lol

  13. I think Michael is right in what he said alot of women can be amnipulative and try to control men and especially how he ahs money and fame. His life was already complicated i dont think he wanted someone who would complicate it more. I dont think he was intimidated by women sexually i think he was not into the extreme freaky shit in bed some girls were into that he dated i mean i m sure he liked some freaky stuff but maybe the extreme bondage and fetishes were not his thing. I would have been his tyoe too bad we missed each other MJ 😀 Cute compilation love it …

  14. Its nice to hear that there is someone who loves a lady by the beautiful nature of their heart and kindness it make most fell special of to days time most girl just feel like they can get anything they please but that’s why we search and wait over time we learn how to deal with love and only real love is from the heart money has no value fame has no meaning but love can change the world I know its off topic. But a beautiful heart can change the world a rest in pease mj

  15. I love Michael, and I wish he could have had me, and he seems not to want a girl for he her looks and things lime that. But I heard he really liked Tatiana thumbzten…saddly..

  16. Michael jackson was indeed a sexy man and head loved all knd of women black and white women headws a lady lover for sure

  17. i loved this except the cat part i find that kinda rude i love cats and not all cats are like that!

  18. He was very private. We will never know if he found his soulmate.

    He was really protective with the women he was with.

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