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What His Friends and Family Say

February 28, 2011

What His Friends and Family Say


Here were the people who had taught him what he knew – not just of music but of being a person! Jackie who patiently a fact of life; Tito talking to him as an equal about serious matters; Jermaine teaching him how to act with girls; and Marlon moaning and groaning about teaching him the dance steps while secretly enjoying it. Michael knew that even if he walked to all four corners of the earth, he would never find anyone to replace them – his family.

Marlon, National Enquirer interview (in 1988), Jacksons touring

“Michael was just as promiscuous as Jermaine. I remember back in the early days, Michael was something to keep up with where the girls were concerned. Believe me, Michael ain’t no virgin. No way.”

Susie Jackson, Magic/Madness (in 1991), Jacksons touring

“I remember that his brothers used to tell us these wild stories about how they used to go out and get girls and bring them back to the hotel room for Michael,” Susie Jackson said. “Then Michael would supposedly have sex with these girls.”

Flo Anthony (in 2004), Jacksons touring

“Jackie’s wife Enid, actually told me that when they were teenagers, they had a bunch of women just up in the room.

I think that’s the cleaned-up version of what Enid told me.”

Michael Lovesmith, former fellow Motown recording artist, 70s

“Don’t believe the nonsense about Michael being gay and stuff. When there were girls around he’d talk about them to the guys and run around pinching their asses and then run away. He was a real funky street dude, know what I mean?”

How Motown tried to hide romances and wives and girlfriends, 1973

For a long time the Jacksons have been denying romantic rumors about themselves. Then,two years ago, after much protest that he had no girlfriend, Tito went off and married his childhood sweetheart DeeDee Martes.

In the meantime, his brothers countered the marriage-go-round rumors with, ”Yes, Tito has married but none of us has a steady girlfriend right now.”

So many denials later, it has finally come out that Jermaine had dated Hazel Gordy for a long time and finally married her in a dazzling ceremony this past December.

The latest denial has come from Jackie, who used to date Hazel before Jermaine did. He insists he and Debraca Foxx (actor Redd Foxx’s daughter) are just ”good friends”. Hmmmmm!

So far Jackie says that neither Marlon, 16 1/2, nor Michael ,14, has dated yet. ”But that doesn’t mean they’re not interested in girls. No,man! They are just waiting for my dad to turn’em loose-then look out!”

But some fans have wondered if this is true. Michael may not date yet at 14 but Marlon, who will be 17 on March 12, might have already started playing the dating game. If he has then why the big mystery even with Jermaine’s , Tito’s and Jackie’s romances?

MJ discussing how Motown would tell him what to say, Glenda Tapes 2:2

“What with Motown… ’cause they tell you- in the interviews, when we used to go on Carson or Mike Douglas or whatever back then, when we used to do interviews as the Jackson Five, you know when you’re in this kind of business they kinda like, they like…ok girl…. “Do you have a girlfriend?” “No.” Do this… You know got, it’s like, they dictate to you everything.”

Pete Bennett, Promoter, 1974/5

Bennett, born Pietro Benedetto in the Bronx, signed Michael and his brothers on with CBS’ Epic Records in the mid-1970s. Bennett is also a close friend of Trenton casting director, Roz Clancy.

Beverly Johnson, a model, actress and writer, was the first black model ever to grace the cover of Vogue magazine in August 1974. She appeared on more than 500 magazine covers, including Glamour. Bennett said that Jackson had the hots for the sultry, black star.

“He had an eye for pretty girls, especially Johnson. She was about 25 and Michael was 16. But Beverly, I believe was dating Arthur Ashe at the time,’’ Bennett said.

“Often when I would be in his company, Michael would point a girl out and admire her looks or figure.”

Brad Elterman, photographer, late 70s

When we started out in the photo business some three decades ago we were all teenagers just out for a laugh and a shout with a camera in hand. All us were aspiring journalists, photographers, actors and musicians. We all knew each other and partied and danced together. Michael was always around. Yes he was very shy, but he was right there on the scene. Leif, Tatum, Michael and of course Rodney Bingenheimer was responsible for putting it all together. How can we forget one day in Malibu when Michael was asking Leif for some dating tips! You really had to be there for that one.


Film director Rob Cohen met Michael Jackson in New York in 1978 while producing “The Wiz,” the film version of an all-black Broadway production of “The Wizard of Oz” starring Diana Ross.

Every once in a while I’d get him to come out with me to Studio 54 on a weekend night, and we’d always go with a big group of fashion models and he would get out there and dance and just ignite the place. He already had those moves, you know? He didn’t just invent them for his videos. He didn’t go as far with it back then, but he did the spins and the moonwalk, a little Fosse, a little Astaire.

He had no idea the effect he already had on people. We’d get back in the limo with him at the end of the night and I’d say, “Michael, you know you could go home with this girl, or you could go home with that girl. Why don’t you take some of these girls home with you?” And he’d say, “Really, you really think they like me?”

Bobby Colomby, Todd Gold, Recording of Destiny, 1978

Michael, on the other hand, was utterly infatuated with the woman whom Colomby was then living with, actress Pam Grier, the tall sexy star of low-budge black exploitation films like Foxy Brown. “When he found out I was living with her, he just flipped out,” Colomby recalls. “She’d walk into the studio and he’d squeal and run out and hide.” When Grier called, Michael felt tongue-tied. “She’d want to have him over for dinner. I’d say, hey Michael, it’s Pam and I’d hand him the phone. He couldn’t handle it. It’d just drop in his lap and he’d stare at it. He wouldn’t even talk.”

But Michael’s curiosity was like an open floodgate and he couldn’t stop talking about Grier. “What does she do with you, Bobby?” he asked. “What do you mean?” Colomby replied. “She must hit you with skillets,” Michael laughed. “I think when you come home, she throws a skillet at you. She bops you over the head.”

Michael’s gullibility about sex worried Colomby so much that one day he took him upstairs to one of the small, second-storey offices at Cherokee Studios for a man-to-man talk. “Michael,” he started, “you’re a young man. You’re about to get out there in the world and meet a lot of people–a lot of women. And you might run into some interesting situations. Sometimes it’s difficult for you to go to your parents or your brothers and talk about those kind of things. But I want you to know that I’m there for you. That any time you need a friend, in any kind of situation, I’ll help you.” Michael smiles. He was touched. “God, that is so sweet of you,” he said. “But I already have someone I confide in like that.” “Oh, great,” Colomby replied, mildly surprised. “Can I ask who?” “Diana Ross” Michael replied.

Tim Whitehead 80s,

“He’s not gay; I really feel certain of that.” said his first cousin Tim whitehead, who has toured with Michael as a roadie, “Many times a good-looking girl would walk by and Mike would whisper, ‘ Hey, what do you think of her? She’s somethin else, isn’t she?”

Ryan Folsey, 1983

Ryan hung out with Michael in his bedroom, which had a mattress on the floor, toys everywhere, and illustrations of Peter Pan on the walls. They talked about music — “I was amazed that Michael didn’t know who U2 was” — and the girls they had crushes on. Jackson revealed how discombobulated he had been by Ola Ray’s sexual allure after a dance rehearsal with her. “He started getting all nervous and stuff,” says Ryan. “He said, ‘She’s adorable, she’s adorable. She’s so hot!'” It was just so funny seeing him that way.”

Steve Manning, Long time Michael friend and publicist, Right On! December, 1983

Second, most young women want to know about Michael romantically. Again, the answer in a word is private. Very private. Michael has a personal life very few people ever see. He likes it that way. He has always been concerned with the effect his tremendous popularity might have on those he most cares about. He does everything in his power to shield people from any sort of public intrusion. He is very caring and protective, and this is a first for all of your Right On! readers, Michael is presently involved with a young lady he cares about a great deal. However, he is doing everything he can to protect her from the glaring eyes of his adoring public. This is one thing Michael intends to keep to himself.

Q: Do you think that is fair to all of his fans?
A: Yes, I believe it’s fair to his fans and Michael as well. You have to realize how much work Michael does. He is a compulsive perfectionist who spends a great deal of time and energy on all his projects. I’m sure his fans would never begrudge him a little privacy or a little quiet romance.

Q: Do you think Michael enjos the reputation he has of being Hollywood’s “last innocent”?
A: I really don’t think Michael is that aware of being “a last innocent.” Besides, I think the description is not at all accurate. Michael is quite aware of what is going on around him and since he turned 21 he has handled all of his own private business affairs. All financial reports, contracts, etc go directly to Michael. He has total control and final approval on everything. You have to be pretty shrewd to handle all that. So the “last innocent” reputation is a little difficult to accept, for those of us who really know Michael.

Q: Does Michael ever go out alone?
A: Yes, he travels around quite a lot in LA going back to forth to the Jackson’s studio, keeping various appointments and seeing his friends.

Jermaine Jackson, 84

“Michael isn’t the loner everybody thinks he is – and he certainly isn’t gay. He has lovers and dates a great deal but people just don’t know where he goes.

Michael is a Jehova’s Witness and believes in his religion but he’s not a fanatic. He’s a very warm, loving person who needs lots of affection. He often says to me, “With all the hit records and millions and millions rolling in, there comes a time when you’ve got to say, I’m a person as well. I’m a human being, just like everyone else and I want to enjoy myself. It’s great entertaining people and giving them joy and love, but what about the Michael inside?”

“Michael isn’t an unhappy person, but he always says that he’d be a lot happier if he was married and had a family. He adores kids. He talks about them all the time.”


And as bad as it is for people like Michael Jackson, it is not as bad as people think. “He may have to sneak around to do it, said one former employee of the Jacksons, “but Michael definitely has his fun. You may see him or you may not see him, but believe me, he’s out there.”

During production of Bad Album, 1986-7

“He has a split personality. He is very bright & very self-destructive. He has an extremely high IQ & a terrible temper. He is childish but domineering. He is rich & powerful, but also an insecure child. So he can be angelically sweet or cuttingly cold.”

Also the journalist’s comment: He (Mike) is sitting reading a comic that carries the headline ‘Michael Jackson is 30yrs old and has never had a date’. Michael seems hurt but then giggles, walks into the recording booth & starts to sing.

Los Angeles Times October 11, 1987

Many people who work with Jackson are contractually obligated not to talk about him-or at least not in specific terms. Still, some sense of the private man does leak out.

Discussing the possibility that ”Michael’s Pets” might be featured in an animated film, Bob Michaelson said it was unlikely Jackson would appear in such a film. ”I think Michael is too macho, too cool to be seen with a bunch of cartoon animals.”

Macho is not a word that springs immediately to mind in describing Jackson, but inevitably, in the Gary Hart era, speculation on celebrity sex lives is considered standard dinner party conversation. And there is much speculation about Jackson.

”I haven’t been around Michael much since he was 19,” says Bobby Colomby, music reporter opn CBS ”Morning Program,” ‘but I know that then he was very upset at the idea that any kids might perceive him as gay. He’s very graceful, and he has this high-pitched voice, and so inevitably there are people who think he might be gay. I saw no indication of it. So anyway, if that question came up I would say ‘No.”

Sam Bono, Bad background actor, 1987

“That is when I really got to know him,” Sam offered. “It was just us, the camera and the director. That is when he openned up. He let loose. We talked about everything from the weather to the Thriller video. He was like a regular guy and he was very professional.” Sam said that after seeing Michael smothered by his staff and security, it was good to see Michael left alone and allowed to be himself. Mike told Sam that he really got a charge out of doing the Thriller video. It seems that the monsters gave him a real thrill.

Bono said that he and Michael talked about girls and family.

Quincy Jones, Q Magazine, November 1987

Can he see Michael getting married at some stage?
I think he’s getting to that stage. I don’t know about settling down. I sense that he’s changed a lot, he’s much looser now.

Karen Faye, London, 1988

However, if reports of Michael’s make up girl, Karen Faye were to be believed, it was possible that one of the Jackson lookalikes wandering the streets really was Jackson.

Karen said her employer liked her to disguise him so that he could wander the streets unmolested. “He’s out and about more than people think,” she said.

Anton Glanzelius, 1988

“I tried to make him show a few moves but he wouldn’t, he was so shy! He said that it was different to perform in front of 50 000 people. We talked about everything from football and fame, to girls and love,” he says.

Frank DiLeo, 1988

If Jackson won’t say what he thinks of Dileo, what does Frank think of Michael? First of all, he doesn’t think he’s weird.”There’s an eccentric side to anybody who is a creative genius or a great artist,” he said. He calls Jackson an extreme practical joker, and he thinks that Jackson will marry some day,”perhaps when he is 35.”

“‘What people don’t realize is that Michael wants to get married, he likes women and goes on well with them but he doesn’t yet feel like he’s got the time to do it. He’d like to have kids, probably a number of them. He gets on likely well with them, he’s marvelous with mine, but he’s not ready yet. He might have been in showbusiness for more than 20 years but he’s only 29. He doesn’t believe he’s ready right now. I don’t think it’s anyone’s business, but I would be quite surprised if he is a virgin.”

Journalist: “Why does Michael sing sexual songs if he doesn’t know anything it?”

Frank: “He’s the age to know something about it and has been for some time. Maybe he’s getting around a little better than you think.”

Wade Robson, friend from 1988 on, 2005 court case

Prosecution to Wade Robson:

Q. Is that because you view Mr. Jackson as being, for the most part, asexual?
A. No.
Q. Because you believe that he doesn’t really have a sexual interest?
A. I believe that he has a sexual interest in women.
Q. In women?
A. Yes.

TMez cross-examination on Wade:

Q. The prosecutor tried to suggest that Mr. Jackson is asexual. Do you remember that question?
A. Yes.
Q. Do you believe he’s asexual?
A. No.
Q. Have you seen Mr. Jackson with women in your lifetime?
A. With what kind of woman? A woman that he’s in a relationship with?
Q. That he’s been married to.
A. Yeah, with Lisa Marie.

Jackson Family Interview, Donahue, 1989

Audience member: “Does Michael Jackson have a steady girlfriend?”
One of the brothers: “There’ve been several…”
Katherine: “Well there have been several women in Michael’s life, but right now I don’t think there’s anyone.”

Teddy Riley, producer Dangerous & Invincible albums, 1990-onwards

“Michael Jackson was a woman lover, trust! Dude gets it in. I have only once told a close, close friend that I just couldn’t believe how he gets it in. One, I can’t even express that to anybody, cause niggas just don’t understand. But that is just keeping it real. He is a real dude. He’s human. He has a child life in him. He deserves to be a baller and a player sometimes.”

“I was always that friend he could’ve said anything to. He expressed a lot of his most deepest concerns and feelings about a lot of things. I know some personal relationships that he has gone through, female relationships and different things like that but I would never disclose that. That’s the stuff that I know. ”

Teddy Riley talking about RTT, Billy Bush’s (Access Hollywood) radio show (RRT recorded 1990-1991)

Teddy R: When we were working on RTT. We actually stopped. We played the music. That was actually the fifth song, the fifth track I played for him. He stops me and I thought I would be kicked off the project. He took me to the back. I thought he was going to lecture me you know, like saying that I did this cord wrong or something. He was like: “Play that on the piano”. And he took me to the back just to see if I play. I played it on the piano and he said: “That melody, everything. Everything is just great about this song. And what I want to do to this, is it to be full of love.” He said, “I can’t tell you who I’m writing this about, but I know this is going to be a second single.” He said this while we were playing the track.

Billy Bush pipes in and asks Teddy if MJ ever told him who he wrote the song about.

Teddy: No. No, I know who it’s for, but I can’t say (laughs)

Billy Bush: Who?

Teddy: I would never. I mean, we’re close but even when we signed a um disclosure agreement and everything…he said “You can talk about it” and I’m like no I would never talk about it. It’s like a secret I would keep for my book.

Bryan Loren, worked on Dangerous-onwards with Michael, 1990

I spent a lot of time with Michael. Yes, a lot of time in the studio, but a lot of personal time as well. Among other times, Michael spent at least one Christmas and one Thanksgiving at my house. Just the two of us. We spent a lot of time talking. About life, music, art, movies, people, women(yes, women), and what it meant for him to be who he was at the time in which he lived. We talked about Elvis. He actually conjectured as to whether his musical legacy would be considered as great as Elvis’. I always assured him it would. I was with him in N.Y. working on ‘History’ around the time he first started seeing Lisa Marie. I was actually even a little jealous, then. I’d always thought she was very attractive(lol). I was with him when he decided he was going to the Oscars with Madonna. I stayed at, and went back and forth to Neverland. I spent many days at the ‘Hideout’.

David Williams, Guitarist, Telegraph Magazine 1992

David Williams, the guitarist “who has contributed to all of Jackson’s records since 1979,” was asked what Michael Jackson is really like. “Michael’s no fabrication,” he says. “He’s totally genuine. And he’s funny, too. Michael is totally normal. We talk about food, women, music, the movies — ordinary things.”

La Toya Jackson, interview around 1991-1993

LaToya: I do know that at one time and at one point he was very interested in a young lady.

Q: In what?

LaToya: A young lady. My mother did not care for her.

Ahmed Elatab, 1997-2003

“He’s sexual, he likes women. I’ve seen him flirt. Some of those women he says are his nannies, he’s sleeping with. He’s just hiding it from the public.

“He said he’s not gay, that people are jealous and out to get him.”

He referred to his friend as being “smooth”, adding he knew how to talk to women.

Jeffrey Daniel, Nottingham Post, November 06, 2009, 10:19

His fondest memory in the 30 years he knew Jackson was at Neverland.
“It was just the two of us walking together one night. We were going to see Toy Story in his cinema and we just talked. Not business, just life, children, family, girlfriends, wives, what we want to do… and that’s something I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.”

WAMO Pittsburg Radio Station, January 16 1998

“You know something? Mike done changed after he started gettin’ some…” Then he went into a story of how he met MJ once during the Victory Tour in D.C. and he was shy and timid. Then he met him just recently at a gathering with Teddy Riley or someone and MJ was completely different. Open, funny, not shy and most of all checking out the women with Teddy and this DJ and some more guys. Someone asked him what he found most attractive in a lady and he said light eyes and long legs and then pointed out some chick that fit that description and all the guys agreed she was “da bomb.” In the words of this DJ, “Mike is a true brother who has gotten a bad rap and as long as he was in radio he would support the brother.”

Mark Lester, 2000

‘We’d go out for dinner or a coffee and he would notice women walking past and say, ‘She’s so cute, she’s got a nice tush,’ but then he would be very apologetic.

Rabbi Schmuley on Howard Stern, 6th April 2001

Howard: “We’re here with Rabbi Shmuley. Is Michael gay?”
Rabbi: “Michael is firmly heterosexual.”
Howard: “How do you know?”
Rabbi: “Because he’s always saying to me that there is a beautiful woman. He and I talk about him not having many dates and it’s because he doesn’t know if they are interested in his money and celebrity or whether they have a genuine interest in him. He’s a romantic.”
Howard: “What about Debbie Rowe? Were they together when you met Michael?”
Rabbi: “They were just coming apart then.”
Howard: “What about his kids?”
Rabbi: “His kids are beautiful.” He starts talking about when Michael met Katie
Couric. He said that Michael commented that Katie is the kind of woman he wants to meet, smart, pretty, acted like herself in front of him. Since Michael is so shy, he asked me to ask her if she wanted to have coffee with him.
Howard: Interrupts and says, “Did he father those kids?”
Rabbi: “Of course. Prince looks like his father. He has Michael’s eyes, the same blotches on his skin.”
Howard: “What did Katie say?”
Rabbi: “That she was flattered but was currently dating someone.”

Rabbi: “He’s not really a recluse. He’s been to 30 public events in the last few months.”
Howard: “Does the mom see the kids?”
Rabbi: “Sometimes”

Dieter Wiesner, 2003/4

“Other support, besides his family and fans, was hard to find. Most of his famous “friends” had abandoned him.

Michael was very disappointed about that. We did contact some of those people who were known to him at that time. We would like to ask them for public statements to support Michael. But the most of them did not care about it.”

For example?

“Well, Chris Tucker was suddenly no longer reachable. Not available. And a girlfriend, whom by the way I liked personally very much too, she was prepared to make a statement but she wanted money for that.”

“I do not mention the name of the girlfriend on request of Dieter Wiesner. We talked a bit about her and her friendship with Michael and I got the impression that Wiesner and Michael liked her very much, but that the friendship was more on Michael’s side than hers.”

“Michael didn’t care about the money thing. But I was personally disappointed.”

Aaron Carter, 2005

However, Carter insisted that he thought Jackson liked women.
“He’ll see a girl and comment on her,” Carter said, “or want to touch her [bottom]. He likes girls.”

Aaron Carter on ET 2003

Q:What are your thoughts on everything Michael’s been going through and all the accusations now against him?
Aaron: I think it’s stupid, ’cause I know for a fact that he likes girls. (gives a look to the interviewer) Trust me.
Q: Okay, how do you know for a fact that he likes girls?
Cause I’ve seen him with girls. I’ve seen him walk up to a girl and get her number and call her up and talk to her and say “Hey baby, what’re you doing?”
Q: You ever see him kiss a girl, hold hands with a girl?
Aaron: Yeah, I’ve seen him kiss a girl before. Oh yeah, I’ve seen him totally make out with a girl before.
Q:Where was that, was that at his ranch or…?
Aaron: Yea, it was at his ranch, yeah.
Q: Do you know who the girl was?
Aaron: Just like a fan or something.

Aaron Carter, Howard Stern, 2006

Aaron: Actually, I saw Michael take a girl home from his own party, too.

William Wagener, regarding the court case 2005

“My nagging question, is why MJ attorneys did not bring in the 4 or 5 gorgeous women, MJ has secretly dated over the past years to prove he is…. well…. normal. To me that would have put more “REASONABLE DOUBT”. I have spoken to two, and they both said, it is part of the deal. If MJ trusts you to date him you can’t blab about it to the tabloids or anyone. Okay. I understand, and that is smart, but heck his life, his kids, his freedom is on the line here. MJ won’t budge. His girlfriends keep their mouths shut. MJ keeps his shut.”


Frank Tyson/Cascio, April 13 2004

Frank Tyson spoke with ‘Celebrity Justice’ by phone for 45 minutes on Monday (April 12), and he revealed stunning, new details about the case against his friend Michael Jackson for child molestation. Tyson, who has been around Jackson since he was 13, told ‘CJ’ that he shared a bed with the singer from time to time, while still a minor. Tyson says he and Jackson would have frequent and graphic sexual conversations in bed, conversations about women, but he says Jackson never laid a hand on him. In fact, Tyson says Jackson is completely straight and there is a woman Jackson has secretly seen for years and Tyson says he arranged liaisons for the two.

Eddie Griffin, 2006

“We all know Michael Jackson ain’t fucking no kids… he might be fucking y’all wives.

I had a friend tell me she slept with Michael and she said the thriller is thrilling. She said the reason that nigga wears one glove is that he’s scared to touch his own shit. She said that nigga had to moonwalk to pull his dick out of it. And you know he’s getting some pussy, ‘Yo butt is mine.'”

Akon 2007,

“It was the craziest thing, because we sat down, we talked about Africa, we talked about my foundation [Konfidence], we talked about the music, we talked about girls. We had a great, incredible time that day,” he continued. “He was extremely funny, he told jokes, and he liked to have fun.”

Tito Jackson, In Touch, 2010

“As far as I’ve always known, my brother had more sex than I did with women. He definitely wasn’t gay. He was not a rugged, beer-slinging type of man. Michael wouldn’t beat you up; he would beat you with his brain.”

The Match Maker

Michael introduced Marlon to his wife Carol,

“I met my wife when I was 12 or 13 years of age. Matter of fact Michael introduced me to her. We were just friends that’s what we were. We were real close friends.”

From the book “Many Love Letters to Michael,”

When my sister Charity introduced me to you with my brothers Alfred and Sam at that swanky Texas house party you asked me if I was married and I told you I was separated from my wife Chaye and we were going through a divorce. That’s when you folded your hands and said, “I will be praying for you.” Then you introduced me to your beautiful cousin Jackie and folded your hands again and said, “I’ll be praying for you.” 10 minutes later you went to other side of the room and made the praying gesture and smiled as you pointed at your cousin. I remember you doing this two more times before finally saying good night again saying “I will be praying for you.”