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Supported Michael Jackson in 1993 and 2002-2005

January 2, 2011

Aaron Carter


However, Carter insisted that he thought Jackson liked women.
“He’ll see a girl and comment on her,” Carter said, “or want to touch her [bottom]. He likes girls.”


Q:What are your thoughts on everything Michael’s been going through and all the accusations now against him?
Aaron: I think it’s stupid, ’cause I know for a fact that he likes girls. (gives a look to the interviewer) Trust me.
Q: Okay, how do you know for a fact that he likes girls?
Cause I’ve seen him with girls. I’ve seen him walk up to a girl and get her number and call her up and talk to her and say “Hey baby, what’re you doing?”
Q: You ever see him kiss a girl, hold hands with a girl?
Aaron: Yeah, I’ve seen him kiss a girl before. Oh yeah, I’ve seen him totally make out with a girl before.
Q:Where was that, was that at his ranch or…?
Aaron: Yea, it was at his ranch, yeah.
Q: Do you know who the girl was?
Aaron: Just like a fan or something.

June 13 2005

“I’m glad everything worked out for my friend Michael Jackson. I always believed that his innocence would be proven. I will continue to support Michael and wish him all the best.”

Alicia Keys

November 22, 2003

“I feel offended for him,” singer Alicia Keys said, when asked for comment on the Jackson case. “I really think he deserves much more respect than he’s getting right now.”

November 30, 2003

Grammy-winning singer Alicia Keys stated, “Whether he looks black or not, He IS. No matter what, he is, and he’s like a success story. He’s been through a lot of stuff, and we’ve all been through a lot of stuff, and he’s made it in a lot of ways. People look at him and have hope, like you can make it.”

Amy Winehouse

27th February 2004

“You know how you either grow up in a Michael Jackson house or a Prince house?” says Winehouse, whose accent reveals her north London roots. “For me it was Michael Jackson. I could never decide whether I wanted to be Michael Jackson or marry him. I don’t care what people say about him now because he’s a fucking genius. That’s it – the end! He was robbed of his childhood, which is why he surrounds himself with children. When you’re around kids you can be a little kid yourself and pretend that life is magic and you don’t have to be one of those sweaty people going to work every day. I completely see what he’s doing.”

Barry Gibb

January 2003

“As a father of five, it was obvious to Linda and I that you were all very happy and that they love you as much as you love them.”

Brad Pitt

During filming of Mr and Mrs Smith, 2005

The picture was taken on the set of Mr. And Mrs. Smith back in 2005.  Pitt even showed off a few Michael Jackson dance moves to crew members when he stepped out of his trailer. Maybe it was the shirt that attracted Angelina… or Brad’s moon walk.

Brian May

November 28, 2003

Brian May: “What Has Happened To The World?”

Brian May spoke out for Michael Jackson on his official web site,, under “Brian’s Soapbox” on Wednesday, November 26.

Reacting to Gloria Allred’s continued campaign to remove Michael’s children from their father caused May to respond”My God – What has happened to the world? Where did our ‘civilisation’ go? “Innocent until proven guilty? And this vindictive woman wants to take a man’s children away from Michael Jackson before the trial has even started, let alone been concluded with a verdict which would justify such a course???”

Britney Spears


Britney: And I got to present to Michael Jackson! Hah! That was cool.
Sawyer: So he’s still an idol of yours?
Britney: Yeah. I definitely… I mean, I think that he’s done… when you really think of the genius that he is. I mean, he’s brilliant. Billie Jean, all the old school stuff that he used to do, I think he’s great.
Sawyer: Doesn’t he worry you, though? The baby over the balcony kind of Michael Jackson?
Britney: Well, I think… I think maybe growing up at such a young age, it’s probably affected him somewhat. But I think he’s a great person at heart and I think maybe he just needs to – maybe he needs to call me! You know, he probably needs some friends around him, to be honest.
Sawyer: You think all the stuff written about him is untrue… little kids?
Britney: I want to believe that’s untrue. I choose to believe it’s untrue.

Brooke Shields

Anchorage Daily News – 28 Aug 1993

Brooke Shields issued a statement Friday supporting Jackson, a longtime friend.

“I know Michael extremely well,” Shields said. “He is a person for whom I have the highest respect and whose decency is unquestionable… I cannot believe the allegations that have inflicted pain and heartache on one of the kindest people I know.”

March 5, 2004

Actress BROOKE SHIELDS has rushed to her supportive pal MICHAEL JACKSON’s defence as he fights child sex abuse charges.

‘My heart goes out to him. I haven’t seen him in years, but the last time i spoke to him was in April 2003. He called me because my father died. He’ll always get in touch when something major goes in my life.’

Debbie Rowe

February 6, 2003

Debbie Rowe Speak Out In Defense Of Michael

In the wake of all of the media frenzy surrounding the 90-minute interview, *’Living With Michael Jackson’ which originally aired on Monday in Britain, Michael’s ex-wife, Debbie Rowe, gave an exclusive interview to GMTV in the U.K. Debbie, horrified by the way in which the media has treated Michael since the interview, had these words to say in his defense:

“He is a wonderful, caring man and he’s not portrayed as he really is and it really pisses me off. There could be no other person that could be a better father and I resent anyone making allegations that he is not a parent, and that he is not a proper parent.

No one has ever read more about parenting, no one has ever practised the art of parenting and parenting is an art, you earn the title parent. Because you give birth, because you impregnate someone, it does not automatically give you that title of Mother or Father. You earn the title.

Celine Dion

November 14, 2003

Celine Dion Holds Up Show For Michael Jackson
Celine Dion held up her show ‘A New Day’ last Saturday evening for an hour whilst waiting for Michael Jackson to arrive. The show, which is currently running at The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas (USA), had a sold out audience of 4,100.

Dion took the stage an hour late, and during a break in the show she told the audience that there was a special guest among them. Cameras then focused on Michael who was backstage and the audience erupted into cheers. Michael visited Dion in her dressing room briefly after the show.

Chuck D

7th July, 2005

Chuck D Comments On Acquittal

On his web site, Public Enemy rapper Chuck D comments on the acquittal of Michael Jackson. Below follow some relevant quotes from the article:

Well, Sir Michael Jax is acquitted, and yeah I’m happy for him. […]

But the deal is was that he was acquitted – innocent and that’s that. Musically he should do whatever he wants. After all what the hell can I say … he’s Michael Jackson and has been in this game a lot longer than yours truly. […]

The Dumbassification of America. For Chuck D, the real boogeyman in the Michael Jackson trial is the media.

When they throw a black person up on the screen, there’s all kind of subliminal judgment like, “Yeah! That nigga’s guilty.” It’s the Willie Horton sht all over again. Michael Jackson was acquitted because they just didn’t have enough evidence in the case. But he was still trashed all over the damn media. And the persecution might have not been like going to prison. But he’s locked up in the jail of perception. How about that? He’s locked up in the cell of perception just like OJ Simpson.

I’m just saying you can’t go on white America’s judgment call on how to treat Jackson now that he’s acquitted. It’s over and done with, story over! If Michael Jackson puts out an album, people will say, ‘Well the accused rapist of little boys’. The pedophile accusations will follow Michael Jackson, but is his record any good? More news at 11!’ […]

Now everybody and their third cousin got a magazine, blog, website, or television program. MTV and the Viacom networks have splintered into like 400 mindless stations. If all this media is out there, why don’t at least some of them cover celebrity’ accomplishments? Because they think that if they tell a story about Michael Jackson’s music, it’s not as sexy as the scandal. That reminds me of the kid in the classroom who gets picked on, and that’s why I think that the American public and the media just likes to pick on situations.

And the consumers of the media have nothing better to do with their time but to follow the misbehavior of someone else. You’re trying to pay your bills and raise your kids, you’ve got little time to be worrying about whether Michael Jackson is going to get off of a case. That’s the dumbassification of America! Most Americans spend most of their time doing dumb sht. You got thousands of people killed in Iraq, and most people really don’t know that number because it’s not sexy enough.

Why is it that if Michael Jackson releases an album, the public doesn’t want to talk about it as much as when he’s suspected of committing a crime? I don’t understand. When it comes to black folks, the media covers our worst. […]

Cliff Richard

15th December, 2005

Sir Cliff Richard Speaks About Michael Jackson

British pop star, Sir Cliff Richard, began his career parallel to the Beatles. He recently spoke up regarding Michael Jackson, saying that fans should look beyond Michael’s legal trouble and concentrate on his phenomenal music.

Richard cites Michael’s Thriller album as one of the best of all time and urges others to remember all of Michael’s achievements in the music industry.

He says, “I don’t think there’s anyone who could approach Michael Jackson for sheer brilliance. Every song is perfect, every performance magnificent.

“I don’t think what’s gone on since should taint the music – you judge the record on its own terms.”

Dick Gregory

November 26, 2003

Dick Gregory (author/actor): “He’s a good man, and I feel he’s an innocent man who has been the target of a conspiracy to destroy his career for a long time. In my opinion there are people who have a financial interest in bringing Michael down,” Gregory said, “and they seem to come out every time Michael has a major album to release.” In addition, Dick Gregory plans to support Michael Jackson with a 40 day fast and has asked friends of Michael to join him around the world in daily prayer for the truth to prevail.


March 29, 2004

Rapper and actor DMX (real name Earl Simmons) doesn’t believe Michael Jackson is guilty. During a press conference in Los Angeles (USA), where he was promoting his latest film ‘Never Die Alone’, he said:

“Michael Jackson will always be the King of Pop for me, always. I personally don’t think he really committed any crime. If it’s been happening for awhile, why is it coming up now? I don’t believe it.”

Donald Trump

June 9th 2005

“I know Michael well, he actually lived at Trump Towers for a bit. I’ve never known Michael to do anything wrong and I think he’s a great guy. I believe he’ll be found not guilty.”

June 13th 2005

“I am very happy Michael was exonerated … This was a huge case, a huge verdict, a huge victory for Michael, and I just hope now he can concentrate on his music … Michael, enjoy your life. Behave yourself. You have a great life ahead of you. I wish you luck.”

Elizabeth Taylor

31 Aug 1993

“You can imagine how he feels,” said actress Elizabeth Taylor. “How would you feel if you had these allegations against you?” The actress arrived in Singapore during the weekend to comfort Jackson and help him during his 35th birthday on Sunday.

“He’s a very sensitive, very vulnerable, very shy person,” she said on the syndicated TV show, “A Current Affair.” “I believe totally that Michael will be vindicated.”

1 Sep 1993

Considering Elizabeth Taylor’s precarious health, her insistence on joining Michael Jackson in Singapore was a bit foolhardy, but so typical of her 100 percent devotion to those she loves. Her doctors looked askance at the 20 hour flight to Asia, but Miz Liz would have thad to be physically restrained from going to her friend’s side.

She declined to comment on Jackson’s legal troubles beyond declaring, “I am a friend of Michael Jackson’s… I love him like a son and I support him with all my heart.”

December 19, 2002

My beloved Michael,

I saw all the news on TV of you showing the baby – I also saw the tight grip you had under his armpits. The baby loves to be swung around, and I know you could see the sheer part of the curtain. It’s a game for him and I know why you coverd his face. All celebrity kids are shielded from being recognized for an obvious reason – they’re under constant threat from would-be kidnappers. I went through it as a child actress, Michael, and i know you did, too.

Michael, I have never seen a better or more loving parent. You are bringing your children up with singleminded love and manage to gently discipline them, as well. I have never seen two better behaved or lovable children. (including my own)

You are an exemplary father. You would no more take a chance with your children’s safety than fly to the moon. If people could only see you with the children, and the time you spend with them, and the love. Not just pretty clothes and gifts, but pure unconditional love. And they respond so completely in kind.

If only you would let people see the real you more, but I understand how shy you are and you understand also how shy I am, but we are both professionals. I did my best to keep my kids away from the public eye, and they have grown up so beautifully. I am so proud of them, and yours are kids I am proud to know. They are so beautiful inside and out, like you.

Don’t ever let them get you down, Michael. You’re loved by too many, especially this kid. I love you just as much as I always have and understand you just as much as I always have. Don’t hide. You haven’t done anythging to be ashamed of. Be proud of how you are bringing up your children. God knows I am.

I love you with all my heart, and because I know you so well, I will always understand where others may not. But you know something: Screw the others!

All my love,

November 26, 2003

Elizabeth Taylor (actress/friend of Michael): ”I believe Michael is absolutely innocent and that he will be vindicated.” She went on to blast the media for their coverage of the scandal. ”Their whole reaction is that he is guilty. I thought the law was ‘innocent until proven guilty,” she said. ”I know he is innocent and I hope they all eat crow.” Taylor is refusing to comment on camera as a protest of media treatment of Jackson.

Emmanuel Lewis


“None of that, any of that, makes any of it the truth. And I don’t get it, don’t this I ever will. He’s always been a friend, not just of me, but my whole entire family.”

Frank Dileo

1st of June, 2004

Diane: From a man that has seen him and has seen him up close for many years. Frank Dileo managed the King Of Pop career at the height of his reign in fact Jackson called him my other half, my shield of armor.

But then one day, Jackson fired him without warning, not unprecedented in the music world I guess but this morning Frank Dileo joins us to speak the first time on television about Michael Jackson and the charges against him and it’s really good to have you with us.

Frank: Thank you very much.

Diane: Again to get a sense, you spent in the time you were with him 1984-1989 60 days apart from and that’s all?

Frank: Yeah, we might have spent only 60 days apart we only 4,5,6 streets from each other in Encino and uh, we worked together everyday, went on tour together and we were in constant contact everyday, every moment.

Diane: So, wasn’t the first time charges have been talked about, when you heard this latest round though, were you surprised?

Frank: Yeah, I was surprised, then after I saw the press conference with the DA and the Sheriff, I got very, angry because I think that they are looking to make a big deal out this because I don’t think he’s guilty.

Diane: You don’t think he’s guilty?

Frank: No, I don’t think he guilty. I think he’s guilty in the press and I think he’s eccentric at times but all very creative people are eccentric at times, there’s no two ways about that.

Diane: But at one point had said sometime ago in 2000, January 2000 you said and it’s quoted in the Daily News that his behavior with kids
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS JANUARY 10, 2000 “it’s was very strange behavior, and I turned a blind eye….Maybe that was wrong.”

Frank: Yeah, and what I meant by that was, that I turned a blind eye to the fact that I should have taken him and sat him down and said listen, this looks really improper to other people, I know that you are not doing anything, you know that you are not doing anything but there are other people that thinks this is not right and it looks bad and I might have prevented some of his problem if I were to have taken a harder hand at it.

Diane: But surly people around him had said that to him, surly people or do people not talk to him that way?

Frank: No, people don’t talk to him that way. I think I might have been the last person that was very blunt and honest with him about a lot of things.

Diane: Why don’t they, what is his hold on the people that are around him who, who are afraid of him. Afraid of

Frank: Well, Diane you are a celebrity and I am sure that there are a lot of people who don’t tell you exactly what they want to say. They get caught up in the fact that this person is a star and they are making millions of dollars off him.

Diane: Let me ask you some specifics because you saw Neverland and you saw the whole way he lives. The private bedroom, that we hear about where he can take children and in fact where apparently at one point or the other he did slept next to the bed or whatever. Where you in that private bedroom or did you ever see anything that raise any concern.

Frank: No, I never — I’ve been into the bedroom, because he brought that right as he fired me. OK, so I was in there, but that private room was there when he brought it. It was more like a safe room. And I never saw anything that looked like it was trying to attract kids in there or anything, it’s just a little room.

Diane: And this whole idea that he built barriers so that nobody that worked with him could come in when he didn’t want you to come in that lots of occasions…

Frank: Never saw that, I never saw that. I can tell you that when he lived on Hayvenhurst, I had a key to his private room as I did on tour, all of his suites and I walked in and out as necessary.

Diane: On the 60 Minutes interview, when you heard him talk again about sleeping with children as being natural thing . You heard him continue to reassert that he is going to keep doing it and he doesn’t see anything wrong with it.

Frank: What I took from it was this: He didn’t say he slept in the bed under the covers, never has. He has said he has been in the room, slept maybe on the couch or the floor and has given his bed to other people – wait – but he also is saying to you not going to stop. I am not hiding anything, you know you are telling me not to do something and I am not doing it anyway.

Diane: Why did he fire you?

Frank: Why did he fire me? That’s a good question, but I think it was ah, ah, he fired me because it was politically asked of him. There was an outside record executive with a big time lawyer and one executive at Sony who would like to see Michael’s power cut in half. And by getting rid of me was half the power.

Diane: And if there is one thing that you can say about him that you think that we don’t know we’ve have never been around him in private moments what is the one thing that would surprise us the most about Michael Jackson you saw.

Frank: He’s a very, very charitable person that wouldn’t harm anybody and that’s what is unfair. The tabloid press and cable companies they have him convicted and on his way to prison and that shouldn’t be. That trial should be fought in court with lawyers not on TV. He’s given away more money then people can understand. And those people are the ones that are going to loose out on this. I’d say he gave with me, he has gave away about $12 Million dollars I saw him given away, and who knows what he has given away since.

Diane: Frank Dileo, again, great to meet you.

Frank: Nice meeting you.

Diane: And hope to see you again as this progresses.

Gregory Peck

January 2003

Dear Michael,

You are recognized as a great artist all over the world, but very few know you as a father. We have been close friends and have known you over twenty-five years. We have spent many times together with you, Prince, Paris, and Prince Michael, who all play happily with our own grandchildren. We and our children, who are of your generation, have always admired you as a loving and caring father. Your children could not have a better father. They love you and respect you. You raised them with gentleness and kindness and genuine concern for their well-being. Their joy and love are a reflection of your attention and love as a parent. Those who criticize and judge you should do well to look into their own family life. We have seen you countless times as an attentive and devoted father, and we join your many friends who stand beside you and your family now.

With love,

Veronique and Greg

James Brown

6th March, 2005

Singer James Brown speaking to The Associated Press in Indonesia before a concert Sunday March 6, 2005, said that Michael Jackson was being “set up” in his child molestation trial and that Jackson should be touring tsunami-hit Asia rather than defending himself in a U.S. court.

Brown stated: “Recognize that people do this … They’ve been trying to do that to me all my life, trying to get something for nothing … I think he’s been set up like most entertainers. People think you have a lot of money,” Brown said in the telephone interview.

“We need Michael. We need Michael out here entertaining,” he also said.

“Michael could have been great over here performing. His talent is very appealing and people know him. One day I’ll be too old to travel and I’ll want to see good entertainers (like him) spreading the good word.”

James Brown Delighted About Verdict

James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, has spoken of his delight at the verdict in the Michael Jackson trial and said he was “very glad” Jackson was cleared of all ten charges. Brown also backed Michael Jackson to make a triumphant return to the world of music.

“Well, I’m very happy because of the fact that the world needs Michael and a lot of people would really love to see him play. He always creates such excitement and it’s good to have that gentleman there for the people, so they can hear him and enjoy themselves. I’m very glad Michael is out.”

James Brown is currently on tour in Europe.

Jermaine Dupri

2nd August, 2005

Dupri: Michael Should Flaunt Acquittal

Jermaine Dupri, producer and boyfriend of Janet Jackson, thinks that Michael Jackson should be on TV flaunting his acquittal instead of retreating from the public eye: “I was him, I would have gone on `TRL’ immediately and said look, `Everybody who wanna say something about me, good, y’all could say whatever y’all wanna say, there’s nothing you can say about me at this point, no more than what just happened.”

But while other stars have launched their comeback route with a teary-eyed interview with Oprah Winfrey or Barbara Walters, Dupri scoffes at the suggestion that Michael Jackson should be remorseful.

“He don’t have to do that, because he didn’t do nothing wrong. Everybody else did something wrong but him. What did he do wrong? Why should he come back and cry?”

Furthermore, Dupri is sure that Jackson can have a comeback since he has a magical quality that will always keep people interested.

“If Michael Jackson came in this room right now, there would be no one in this room who could not stop looking at him. As long as you’ve got that power, you’re never damaged,” Dupri told The Associated Press in a recent interview. “He has that power over anybody. If people can’t stop looking at you, you’re so interesting to people, there’s no way you can be damaged.”

Kelly Rowland

Oregonian newspaper, May 7, 2003

Kelly Rowland Goes Bowling

Several of the ’25 Hottest Stars Under 25′ gathered for Teen People Magazine’s sixth annual bowling party in Los Angeles on Monday, May 5. Kelly Rowland, in particular, was looking very chic, wearing a ‘Michael Jackson…Thriller’ t-shirt.

Liza Minnelli

December 18, 2003
Liza Minnelli Supports Michael’s Innocence

Entertainer, Liza Minnelli recently spoke out about her friend, Michael Jackson while attending a holiday party in NewYork.

“Those people [the family of the accuser] are after money,” she said.

“It was the same way 10 years ago. I’ve spent a lot of time at Neverland. There’s never a time when children are unsupervised. There are people everywhere.”

LL Cool J


“My feelings about Michael Jackson are simple. I think that he’s a human being like everyone else and that that guy was,you know, trying to make a career out of disrespecting Mike. I’m a huge fan of Michael and nobody’s perfect. And you know what, if he did get plastic surgery or if he didn’t, what does that matter to that interviewer, like why is that his issue?”

November 22, 2003

”I’m a fan. I support him a hundred zillion percent,” rapper LL Cool J told reporters at the Vibe Awards. ”Until I see evidence, I’m not going to be convinced. I’m not going to be brainwashed.”

Rapper LL Cool J was mindful of the presumption of innocence:

“You know plastic surgery doesn’t mean you are a pedophile.”

Macauley Culkin

January 2003

“I know Michael to be an incredible father, especially given the circumstances of living life in the public eye. I have had a chance to talk at length with Michael about what happened in Germany on that day. He expressed regret and was sincerely sorry for what had happened.”

May 31, 2004

Macaulay Culkin Defends His Friend

On Larry King Live, Macaulay Culkin spoke in defense of his long – time friend, Michael Jackson. King asked Macaulay if he believed “it’s a bad rap.” Macaulay replied, “You know, I think so… Look what happened the first time this happened to him. If someone had done something like that to my kid, I wouldn’t settle for some money. I’d make sure the guy was in jail. It just really goes to show as soon as they got the money they ran.”

When asked if he would appear in court as a character witness, Macaulay declined, saying that”It hasn’t been brought up to me.”

Macaulay also spoke of how he and Michael first met.

“I first met him and he kind of called me randomly out of the blue, ‘Hi it’s Michael,'” Macaulay said “I actually had met him before I was doing Nutcracker at Lincoln Center. I was playing Fritz and he came backstage one day and I actually met him very briefly then he calls me up kind of out of the blue and it’s just this weird, random kind of thing. And he was like, ‘Why don’t you come over to my house?'”

When asked why he believed Michael likes children so much, Mac replied, “It was the same reason he liked me. I didn’t care who he was. That was the thing. I talked to him like he was a normal human being. He’s just a guy, you know, who’s actually very kid-like himself.”

King went on to ask the inevitable question concerning the sleeping arrangements at Neverland Ranch. Macaulay answered, “Well the thing with that whole thing is that they go, ‘Oh, you slept in the same bedroom as him.’ But it’s like I don’t think you understand, Michael Jackson’s bedroom is two stories and it has like three bathrooms and this and that,” revealed Culkin. “So I slept in his bedroom – yeah — but you have to understand the whole scenario.” Macaulay said that he believes that Michael’s biggest problem is that he is misunderstood.

“He’s not very good at explaining himself and he never really has been cause he’s not a very social person and so when he says something like that. You know he doesn’t quite understand why people react the way they do,” he said.

Magic Johnson

December 3, 2003

Magic Johnson Speaks In Defense Of Michael Jackson

On December 1, 2003, basketball veteran Magic Johnson appeared on the MSNBC news talk show, “Scarborough Country”. When asked about the recent allegations against Michael Jackson, Johnson replied,”You know, we all have probably been sued over something we didn’t do, or somebody wants some money from us or something like that. So that’s going to happen. Now, this is a situation that is bigger than just being sued over something regular, because when you talk about molesting a child or something, that’s like a no-no. That’s a thing that you really don’t never want to be accused of.

Michael probably is being hurt, because he’s a nice guy to children as well. Also, too, you can’t say he’s guilty until proven – until proven guilty. And so, I know that every time I’ve been around him, he’s only been a nice person. So, again, two more people affected by this, and we just have to wait and see the outcome. But me knowing the Jackson family, me knowing Michael, I support him as well.”


Madonna, Q Magazine, April 2003,

Look on the bright side, you could be Michael Jackson. “I haven’t seen that documentary [Living With Michael Jackson], but it sounds disgusting, like he [Martin Bashir] exploited a friendship. Publicly humiliating someone for your own gain will only come and haunt you. I can assure you, all these people will be sorry. God’s going to have his revenge.”

Madonna defending Michael over Bashir, Matt Lauer, 2003

Matt: Still friends (with Michael Jackson)?
Madonna: Oh I haven’t talked to him in ages.
Matt: Did you see the documentary?
Madonna: I didn’t, I heard about it. Everybody was talking about it at one point and describing scenes to me, it sounded horrifying. I wouldn’t want to watch it.
Matt: Horrifying in what way?
Madonna: Well, it just sounds so exploitative. So, I don’t know, I don’t like it. I don’t like people humiliating other people like that. It doesn’t seem right and fair.
Matt: You said this, “Publically humiliating someone for your own gain,” which is I think what you feel Martin Bashir did or done –
Madonna: Yes, mhmm.
Matt: “- Will only come back to haunt you. I can assure you all these people will be sorry. God’s going to have his revenge.”
Madonna: Mhmm.

Maximilian Schell, Hollywood Reporter, November 1993

In November of 1993, as the media feasted on the first child sex abuse allegation to be made against Michael Jackson, Oscar-winning actor Maximilian Schell sent the following letter to the Hollywood Reporter and paid for it to be printed on the back page of every copy of the publication. Obviously there was a lot to take in when the allegations began, and as such I’m struggling to remember seeing this letter or any mention of it either at the time or at any point since. Regardless, it definitely deserves mention, if not for the haphazard uppercase deployment then for either the letter’s hand-drawn rose or Schell’s amusing tone.

Transcript follows. Many thanks to Robert Schnakenberg.


NOV, 19



I AM DEEPLY ASHAMED — FOR THE PRESS, FOR THE MEDIA, FOR THE WORLD – I don’t know you – we met only ONCE on one of those Award-Dinners (“ENTERTAINER of the DECADE”) – We shook hands – you were kind and polite – I don’t think you knew who I was – HOW SHOULD YOU? OUR WORLDS ARE TOO FAR APART – (I am more, “CLASSICAL” – minded -) but I looked into your eyes — THEY WERE KIND —

You are a great artist and I admire you – my little daughter (she is 9½) LOVES YOU! DEEPLY – SHE EVEN WANTS TO MARRY YOU! (-“BUT HE NEVER CALLS ME!”) SHE IMITATES YOU ALL THE TIME – and quite well –


I would like her more to listen to MOZART – but she loves YOU! AND I RESPECT HER TASTE! —




Maximilian Schell


Missy Elliot

November 26, 2003

”He’s my biggest influence so that’s why I’m very defensive,” Missy Elliott told MTV News at Thursday’s Vibe Awards in Los Angeles. ”I’m ready to fight about Michael Jackson, so we pray to God he didn’t do it, ’cause I might go to jail trying to defend him.”


Missy Elliot Shows Support At BET Awards

During her performance ‘Lose Control’ at the 5th annual BET (Black Entertainment Television) Awards, Missy Elliott and her dancers showed their support for Michael by wearing Michael Jackson related outfits.

Missy Elliott has always stressed that Michael has had a huge influence on her. At the BET Awards, she and Ciara won the award for ‘Best Collaboration’ for the song ‘1, 2 Step’.



Nelly: “I think there is a lot of people trying to judge Mike for something. And they have no idea what it’s like to be a child star at age 9 and never have a life. You can’t take away all the accomplishments and the musical creativity that he has brought to this game — period. There’s nothing more else to be said.”

Nicole Richie

November 24, 2003

Nicole Richie: (about sleeping in the same room as Jackson and that nothing inappropriate ever occured) ”It was like, absolutely nothing more than just an adult kind of wanting to be a kid again,” ”I do think it is very convenient that his album came out and all this stuff is happening. I definitely do think that’s very convenient,” ”It really hurts me to see that his whole life is ruined.”

Nirvana/Kurt Cobain 12-10-1993

Interviewer: Story of the moment, the only thing we’re covering is this Michael Jackson thing, what do you think is happening? What do you think?
Kurt: We have no right to even-
Interviwer: Not saying you should speculate on his guilt or innocence but what do you think of the uproar or the-
Kurt: I think it’s ridiculous.
They need a story. The press needs a story. Doesn’t matter what the story is, it’s a story.
Kurt: Why don’t you ask Latoya, she’ll tell you.
Interviewer: What do you think of LaToya?
Kurt: How can LaToya pose naked with a snake and not have sexual relations with her sleazy Las Vegas husband?

Kurt: So are the authorities calling Michael back to the states? Is he actually breaking a law right now?
Interviewer: Not yet, because he hasn’t been charged with any criminally but he has a civil suit pending. Supposed to be here this weekend.
Kurt: So he’s not jumping–
Interviewer: He’s not a fugitive, not yet.
Kurt: Well, so, what’s the big deal? He has a right to-
Interviewer: Well, I think that they think he’s acting suspicious.
Kurt: Speculation.

Kurt: I just feel really sorry for him.

Paul Townsend

June 23, 2005

The Who leader, Pete Townshend, is no stranger to charges of illicit behavior regarding children, so it shouldn’t surprise you that he backed Michael Jackson during the singer’s recent trial. Townshend wrote in the diary section of his official website that he’s always known Jackson to be loving and supportive of children, especially those in need. Townshend said, “[Jackson] has unselfishly helped every cause, and individual child, I have sent his way. In one case he hired a circus for the Down’s Syndrome children of a special school of the daughter of a friend of mine, and showed up to happily, and – yes – in childlike enthusiasm – watch the show with them. This little girl believed she was Michael’s future wife, and he so kindly allowed her to sit next to him, as his future bride. His feathers may be badly burned, and he may be damaged in other ways too, but he is something of an angel.”

Paula Cole

October 10, 2002

Paula Cole Pleads For Fair Treatment Of Michael Jackson

Singer Paula Cole, who’s best remembered for her 1996 hit, ‘Where Have All The Cowboys Gone,’ speaks out on the unfair treatment Michael Jackson recieves in the media on her official web site,

“Can we just give the poor guy a break? It’s not funny anymore. The same trying-to-be-cool-sardonic-frustrated-novelist-music-critics still think it’s amusing to bash him. Let’s remember the amazing work (Off The Wall, for one) he has given to this world.”



During the trial he banned people for talking bad about Michael on his website.

Queen Latifah

26th March, 2005

Queen Latifah Supports Michael
Entertainer Queen Latifia continues to proclaim her support for Michael Jackson.

She says:”I love Michael Jackson and that’s the only thought I had. Watching his trial has made me go, `That’s Michael Jackson!’ I can think back to when I was little and we just loved the JACKSON 5’s ABC. We would just dance in the living room, my brother and I and my mom.

He’s like the greatest entertainer of all time. I’m looking at his influence in Usher and Justin Timberlake – these guys are doing Michael Jackson moves and they just kind of hooked him up for now.

As a performer, he influenced most people and showed many people how to do things differently. Watching his videos like THRILLER and BEAT IT… The first time I saw that walkway light up in BILLIE JEAN, I was like, `Oh my God,’ and then seeing him performing it on stage. There’s nothing that he hasn’t done that hasn’t amazed me.”

Rick James

CNN, 21 November 2003

PHILLIPS: You’re looking good. Now, you and I were talking yesterday, we were talking a little bit this morning. You’re in support of Michael Jackson. Tell me why.

JAMES: Because I love him. I think he’s fantastic. I love his whole family. I’ve been knowing Michael since he was a kid. I’ve know his whole family. I know his mother. I know his father. I know the brothers. I know the sisters. And I have nothing but complete love, and respect and admiration for the whole family.

PHILLIPS: So, Rick, why do you think authorities are going after Michael Jackson?

JAMES: Because he’s black, he’s rich and he’s famous, and they got nothing else better to do.

PHILLIPS: Has Michael ever talked openly with you about his relationship with children, or his love for children, or even Neverland?

JAMES: Look, Michael loves children, OK? I mean, to be — I mean, I look at it like this. I mean, all this pedophile crap, you know, why didn’t they go after Elvis Presley? He was the biggest pedophile at all. He had Priscilla when she was 14, 15. Why didn’t they go after Jerry Lee Lewis. He the second biggest pedophile of all. He married his first cousin. She was 13 years old. Why don’t they go after Santa Claus? Why don’t they do psychology references on him? They don’t know who he is. He’s 100,000 different cities and kids sit on his lap, telling him what they want for Christmas.

PHILLIPS: I don’t know, Rick, i’ve sat on Santa Claus’ lap, i’ve never had any issues with Santa Claus.

JAMES: But never mind, Santa Claus, what about Elvis? They didn’t do anything to him. He had Priscilla when she was 14, 15 years old. Nobody said a damn thing. Then as soon as you get famous and black, they go after you.

PHILLIPS: Well, let me ask you, let me ask you, you know the documentary that came out, OK, on BBC with Michael Jackson. He talked openly about, hey, I love children, we sleep in the same bed, it’s nothing sexual, I just love them and like to take care of them. Is there anything wrong with that? Do you see anything wrong with that?

JAMES: There ain’t nothing wrong with that. Look, I have a house, 8,000 square feet. I have children come by. I have grandchildren. They come by and they bring their friends. They sleep in my room. I got a great big giant bedroom. They watch TV. They lay on the floor. Sometimes I wake up, kids are laying in my bed because they’re scared or something, whatever. I have candles going. What, what does that make me, a pedophile, because kids follow my bed, fall to sleep, whatever? I love kids. I’m (UNINTELLIGIBLE) pedophile as Larry King. I mean, come on now.

PHILLIPS: All right, so have you ever talked with Michael? Have you ever consulted him? Has he ever come to you for advice?

JAMES: Why should I talk to Michael about something that’s so ridiculous? I mean, it’s ridiculous. What should I say to Michael? Well, Mike, tell me something, how’s pedophile-ization going? Is it in, or is it out? I mean, it’s ridiculous. It’s so stupid.

PHILLIPS: All right, Rick, let’s talk about his future. Let’s talk about you right now. You went through…

JAMES: Wait a minute. I just got one more thing to say.

PHILLIPS: OK, go ahead, go ahead.

JAMES: I think this D.A. in Santa Barbara, I think he had a serious hard-on for Michael, and I think he won’t rest until he just rocks Michael’s world. Well, you know something, it’s never going to happen. These accusations are clearly lies. These accusations are lies, they’re untrue, and it’s not going to happen. Michael’s world will not be rocked. Because as soon as court hits — if Michael’s guilty of anything, it’s the Peter Pan syndrome, the same thing I’m guilty of, the same thing you’re probably guilty of, the same thing a lot of people are guilty of. We do not want to grow up. We do not want to get old. We love children. We will do anything for children. If it means building — I wish I could have Never Neverland. I’d have children there every day.

PHILLIPS: So you see — how do you see Michael’s future? You were convicted back in the ’90s and you are back on track with your career. If, indeed, Michael faces a conviction here, how do you see his future?

JAMES: I don’t even see him — No. 1, it’s too hypothetical — it’s too ridiculous — it’s too much of a hypothetical situation. I don’t see him convicted in anything like this. I mean, he loves children. He loves children. Look at all he’s done for children. Look at what he’s done. He’s changed the world for children. God doesn’t bless someone like Michael Jackson who changes the world for children. He has given children a better day. He’s given children a better light. He’s given children smiles on their faces. He’s given children hope. Do you think God would bless a pedophile with something like that?


PHILLIPS: Well, Rick, you do continue to be a super freak, and thanks for giving us a super interview.

JAMES: I will be a super freak, and it ain’t got nothing to do with children or nothing, just like Michael Jackson has nothing to do with children. It has to do with L-O-V-E — love.

Steve Harvey

November 26, 2003

Steve Harvey (actor/comedian): “I personally don’t think Michael is guilty,” said Harvey. “I really don’t think it is in him to harm a child. I really, really don’t.”

Stevie Wonder

December 7, 2004

Stevie Wonder Blasts Eminem

Stevie Wonder, in what was termed “a rare public outburst” to Billboard magazine, ripped into Eminem for his ‘Just Lose It’ video that made fun of Michael Jackson. Stevie Wonder suggested that the white rapper was hypocritical because he owed his success to poor and black people:

“He has succeeded on the backs of people predominantly in that lower pay bracket, people of color. So for him to come out like that is bull…”

Mr. Wonder told Billboard that he was “really disappointed” in Eminem:

“Kicking someone when he’s down is not a good thing. I have much respect for his work, though I don’t think he’s as good as 2Pac. But I was disappointed that he would let himself go to such a level.”



“Well, I think I’ve accepted Michael Jackson for the kind, giving, loving-hearted person that he is and I don’t want to know the negative. I don’t really want to pay attention to the negative. It’s unfortunate that if this is a situation that is just being perpetuated to be something that it’s really not, it’s really negative for him, especially for his fans.”

8th February, 2005

Usher Asks To Not Judge Michael
R&B singer Usher (26) has begged people not to prematurely judge Michael Jackson.

“Don’t judge. It’s not for us to judge. That’s the problem with media nowadays. Why is it that every time you turn on the television, it’s only negative press? Is it that there’s only negative there, or is it that’s all they want you to see?

It’s much more entertaining, but as people teach each other to learn from our mistakes and move forward, maybe it’ll make for a better world.”

Wade Robson

November 26, 3003

Wade Robson (Dancer): Robson says he visited Jackson several times at Neverland Ranch in California. He says it was an innocent relationship that began when he was five that never involved any sort of abuse. “I never had that experience and I hope that it never happened to anybody else,” he said. Robson met the entertainer in 1987 after winning a Jackson dance-impersonation contest. “His initial interests in me was because of my dancing, he saw the talent and the spark I had inside me and all he has ever wanted to do is just help my career”. Asked if he has ever slept in Jackson’s bed, Robson said: “Yeah, but nothing strange happened.”

Teddy Riley


Teddy Riley’s daughter, was there the same time that Jordie Chandler was.

“I can only say for myself that it’s not true (the allegations) because I have met this little boy and he’s been with Michael along with my daughter, and I’ve never seen anything occur, such as something stupid like that. I think it’s a money thing.”