1977:: Lola Falana :: American Music Awards

December 1, 2009


  1. I can’t b’leve no has left a comment about MJ & Lola! Ok, Im going to. I don’t know if anything ever happened b/w the 2, but this is my POV of the 2. I’ll never forget on the 1st season of the Jacksons’ Variety Show wen they did their lil’ Reading the Mags skit & MJ reads,’Randy Jackson (his lil’ bro) has a crush on Lola Falana!’ & here I read that Jackie (his older bro.) had a crush on her. But here on the ’77 AMAs MJ gets to present an award w/her. I wish that video of him & her was still on YouTube. If anyone got the chance to see it you probably could see what Im ’bout to say right now. At the beginning MJ’s w/the legendary Re-Run & MJ says very heterosexually & sexy, ‘You know, there’s usually people of the opposite sex to present these things.'(something to that effect he said, it was as if it was his hint that he was looking foward to present w/a female instead of a guy). Then magically Lola comes in very regal & beautiful & MJ squeals (if anyone knows anything about MJ-you should know that whenever MJ squeals it cuz of something he’s happy about)w/delight! It seemed that Jackie wasn’t the only brother who had a crush on Lola. She dances around & she said something like, ‘They said you would do that.’ OR ,’They told me to do that’. (I couldn’t quite check that) Well, anyway MJ was like he couldn’t wait for it to b just him & Lola & looks at Re-Run like he was ready for him to leave so that he could have this special moment w/Lola. So, MJ hooks Re-Run up w/lil’ Janet & MJ was like so happy that he left. MJ immediately looks right at Lola while she was speaking w/a look of pleasure in his eyes-it was like he truly admire & adured her. At some point while the 2 are ready to name all the nominees & read off the winner, MJ seems to flirt w/her & she looks & him & says something to the effect like, ‘Oh, Michael!’ (it was like she got that he was flirting w/her.) I wonder if someone knew he had a crush on her & asked her to present w/him as an favor for him? Anyway, I don’t think anything more than planotic admiration for the to ever happened. Mainly b’cuz on Lola’s part. From what I read sometime ’round this time she was dating Sammy Davis Jr. & through her is when Sammy met & fell in luv w/his last wife Eloise. Also, I got a sense that even if she wasn’t dating Sammy in ’77, she may’ve admired MJ but may’ve saw him more as an young man & a boy than a guy mature enough to take him seriously. I’ve been lookin’ very closely at all the clips & photos of the 2 durin’ that event in ’77 AMAs. From what I could tell, MJ really seemed interested in her but for her all she saw was a young person. There were some moments that I got the sense MJ immediately picked up on that & soon felt a lil’ disappointed that she couldn’t take him seriously. If Im not mistaken I noticed some moments of an disappointed look on his face. I think he was hoping to have a chance w/her maybe have a few dates or something but she in no way was willing. She admired him but that was it. Maybe in her eyes he was too young & in experience for her. But that’s her lost in my opinion-he just may not have been as inexperience as she thought. & w/the whole Jacksons’ show on sayin, ‘Randy has a crush on Lola Falana’-I think it was MJ’s way of playing it off of himself & putting on Randy. Also, doesn’t MJ named his female Lama after her actually calling it ‘Lola Falana’? I wonder if he named her that b’cuz of his crush on her or just b’cuz of being a fan of her? Ok, that’s my 100% take on MJ & the lovely Lola Falana.

  2. I was gonna comment on the Mystery Unknown Older woman-but since there are already so many I decided to continue post on here. I do still feel MJ losted his virginty to some older woman-possibly fan. I use to think he losted it to Diana Ross but I no longer think that, my money is now on some mystery older-not too older but older MJ fan. & more & more I b’leve the girl was either Dark Asian or Black. The reason why I say this is all you have to do is take the time & observe all things MJ. The songs, the private phone calls that were found, the photos w/him & certain women, the videos & what he said on that Thriller era private home video & etc.-the more I study him & the this theory is coming clearer to me. Also, Im beginnin’ to notice his lil’ innedeos on the word, ‘Hotel’. Now,Im not tryin’ to think all sexual all the time on MJ-but when & how the word, ‘Hotel’ is always presented through him its so obvious that it is connected to possibly when & how he lost his viriginty! Im gonna lay it all out there! Also, ‘nother thing I picked up on w/MJ’s lil’ hints! I mean you got to pick up on his ‘hints’!Is something else from the Jacksons’ Varitey Show from the 1st season, 1st few episodes is wen Tito brings up on some few “groovy chicks’ that he thought came to see him. Well, each brother mentions how they’re so sure they came to see one of them-instead of Tito & wen Randy comes up to explain why it would b him, he throws in some “hints” ’bout MJ! Wen I saw this it was almost like a confession on how MJ possibly had already lost his viriginty, here is the quote to the effect on what was the hint,(by Randy), ‘They (the 2 female fans) want someone young, fresh, & innocent-& Michael “use to be”!’-it was like his way of seein’ MJ has lost his “innocence”. Some may say, ‘Yaw, he means innocent like w/age, since MJ was in his late teens by that time & was no longer a child.’ But that’s not what I got out of it. What I got was that Randy was hinting how he was the only one left w/still being pure & since MJ was no longer “pure/innocent”-if you know where Im going w/this-then MJ some where along the way had “lost” his. He wasn’t so “innocent” anymore!

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