Michael Jackson: The Undercover Freak

February 28, 2011

The Undercover Freak

Skinny Dipping With Jane Fonda in 1980, Post Gazette, May 01, 2006

Q.You do talk about swimming with naked Garbo in the book. What a moment. In the DVD you mention you skinny-dipped with Michael Jackson, too?
A. Yeah (laughing). Yes, the book was too long, so I didn’t include that. It was while I was making “On Golden Pond,” he [Michael Jackson] came and stayed with me for a while.

Triumpth Tour, 1981

And RadarOnline.com has learned the photos are a precursor to something even bigger – the existence of previously un-seen video of the Jackson Five rehearsing for the 1981 Triumph Tour, one of the group’s most successful tours ever. In the footage, Jackson showed foul-mouth by swearing, as he sang: “Bitch, close your eyes, let the rhythm get into you. I wanna rock with you.”

James Debarge told Tony Castro, sometime 1983-85

“He claims that once it rained and Michael stripped and danced naked around the pool. His mother would scream from the house, ‘Put your clothes on, Michael. Your father will be home soon.'”

Dave Stevens, Storyboard Artist for Thriller and Victory 1983-4

Michael already had a slight reputation for being a unique individual, so I asked Dave if he had any interesting stories, as Dave was spending a lot of time at Michael’s Encino mansion.

Dave Stevens was a very private person. Being such, he respected the privacy of others. He did tell me one detail of Michael’s life, however, I’ve never heard or read elsewhere.

Dave related that Michael’s personal assistant/secretary was the most beautiful woman he had ever met. To Dave’s amazement, in rooms all over the mansion were various full sized body cast/sculptures of her in a staggering array of sexual positions. Dave and I pondered the implications of that for quite some time.

Michael visiting Recycled Records Store sometime 2000 onwards

He also bought a bunch of old nude stuff-clipped out pictures from nudist magazines and old shots of posed nude women.


Billie Jean Sketch, 1981-2

Jackson’s friend, Dr, Steven Hoefflin, claims the 1983 mega-smash hit was inspired by a beautiful female fan the King of Pop spotted outside his family home. Hoefflin, 63, said: “The fastest song he ever wrote was Billie Jean. He said the lyrics just tumbled out of his head in one continuous, rapid stream.”

Taking paper to pen, he quickly wrote the song while in the car with two of his brothers. Jackson later sketched her in nude and presented the picture as a gift to his cosmetic surgeon pal. In his autobiography Moon Walk, Jackson wrote: “Billie Jean is a composite of people my brothers have been plagued with.”

Todd’s “Man In The Mirror,” Bad Tour 1988

For the most part, Michael confined himself to the only place where he felt comfortable: his hotel room.

What did he do there besides watch videotaped movies? When he checked out chambermaids discovered a neat, ten-inch-high ballpoint rendering of himself on the bed sheet. The table cloth bore a portrait of blonde bombshell Brigitte Nielsen, and there were additional self portraits on the pillowcases and napkins. To the busy housekeeping staff, these introspective doodles of a broed superstar were nothing more than soiled linens that needed to be laundered.

Michael and The Nymphs, Commisioned Early 1993

Based on the Waterhouse painting:

Waterhouse’s “Hylas and the Nymphs” brings to life a version of the Greek myth, Jason and the Argonauts, as told by William Morris in The Life and Death of Jason. In Morris’ version, Hercules is left on the island of Lemnos after his companion, the handsome Hylas, wanders away from the ship. Hylas comes across a group of sea-nymphs who, enchanted by his beauty, seduce him into loving them, eventually dragging him into the sea water with them. The Argo leaves Hercules and Hylas behind on the island, and Hylas is never found.


  1. Michael might have fooled his momma but we all knew RWY was all about the nasty. No wonder LMP was intoxicated, freaky bitch – LOL!

  2. Michael, I believe was some what of a freak..I can see it-clearly. Plus, Lisa Marie and Debbie Row kind gave us a peek into that truth. Most geniuses have a high sex drive. I think Michael just has more control with his then most men, maybe because he had what is called ethics, something that is becoming non-existing, these days. I believe Michael loved and enjoy sex..Yet, he wasn’t this sex-crazied addict. He had a higher calling, maybe like dancing and singing..and all that come with it. Maybe helping children who are ill and in poverty was important too. Michael was a passionate man, in everything that his heart ached for..I am sure he was a passionate lover,as the women in life have said. Even Stephanie Mills, said Michael, was a “REAL MAN” and they didn’t even go all the way! She too, was in love with him.. In fact, she came out recently and said, she wanted to be Mrs. Jackson! I believe Michael is allot like me when it comes to relationships. I believe, the reason why so many women are so in love with him, even those he just met causually, is because women have an instinct for men who are can be faithful, loyal, who are passionate, who are brave, who work hard, who men who truly knows what love is. Michael was the “package” he was everything most women would want in a man. And then add on the elements of genius, his light, his aura, OMG! Are you kidding me! I know he would have been perfect for me..unfortunely every sign that would have lead me into meeting him, I did not see, until after he passed away. The one thing that I loved the most about Michael was his love for God,and in doing God’s work..RIP, Michael, I miss you so much, I will see you in paradise.

    • Couldnt…have…said…it….better!

  3. yes mj was a freak, i believed he was more sexual then we think. I mean his porn collection is a testiment and the fact that he loves to sneak a peak at women asset also is a dead give away. I think he had alot of sexual engergy. He was just good at hiding it from the general public.

    God i envy the women that bed that beautiful man. He must have turned them out.

  4. Women loved MJ, because he was charming. remember MJ loved watching and emulating old hollywood movies. back then, male characters were more charming, loved women, and intriguing. so he copied their approach to women. plus, with his childlike charm, like Kai Chase said, it was probably endearing and comfortable. the man had GAME.PIMPIN

  5. MJ wasnt a freak, he just had a hard life. Besides, millions of american males take peeks at naked women and own pornographic magazines. People seem to forget that he was an adult male. The magazines do not prove that he raped children, especially when the magazines protained to children in no way whatsoever. The only thing they have as evidence is a pressured little child saying what his bitchy parents tell him too. Good God, the poor man is DEAD, why won’t people let him rest in peace?

    • This was “freak” in a fun way, not in a criminal bizarre way, at all.

  6. Girl, I wish you would add that Taylor story of little MJ peeping on the 19th floor of a couple having sex which resulted in Taylor getting booted off the apartment complex!

    • I posted it ages ago in the Sex Education part 😉 But I guess it kind of is appropriate here too LOL

      • Yah? I haven’t seen that entry yet! Were you able to get the source for the story Taylor supposedly seeing MJ as a kid with Vitiligo spots on his back when he came out the shower?

  7. I love Michael Jackson…He such a sweet, sexy, little baby Prince! He’s so kind to everyone and the world has lost a very precious diamond!

    May his soul rest in peace in the arms of Jesus and with the Angels!

    Rest in peace, Michael ! (We’ll meet again on heaven’s beautiful shore.).


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