1992 Melissa

June 2, 2010

According to these conversations MJ was seeing a girl called “Melissa” during the Dangerous World Tour rehearsals in June 1992. She was a co-ordinator, model and “does all kinds of things” but for some reason didn’t end up going on the DWT with him.

Conversations take place during Dangerous World Tour rehearsals, June 1992

Glenda Transcript 4.5

G: Alright, so alright, you wanted to ask me something (i)?

M: I wanna what?

G: You wanted to ask me somthing-

M: Oh, no I didn’t wanna ask you something, I just wanted to let you know.

G: Oh, you just going to let me know. So what did she do, she came to your office?

M: Yeah, and I was in the back office…

G: Oh, she knows where your office is?

M: Of course she always knows where all the offices are. . .

G: Oh ok…

M: Anyway, I did what I said I was gunna do…

G: You put a towel over your head? Did you find a towel?

M: Yeah a white towel…

G: Laughs..and a hat?

M: Excuse me?

G: And a hat? That must have been a sight..

M: Yeah.. you know the hat that I always wear…

G: And what happened? You went outside and saw her or what?

M: Yeah, I had to leave the office bc I had a rehearsal to go to.. So she….talked to me…

G: Well, what did she say?

M: She talked to me,  said you’ve been avoiding me?(of course not) and about drawing conclusions .. and stuff and well.. and then we left bc we had a rehearsal and stuff… she’s a, you know, she’s a coordinator and stuff… and she does a lot of stuff (i)the band

G: She models too?

M: She does all kinds of things..So we had a rehearsal and of course she was gonna be there.. and um.. so we talked during the break bc the band was still, they were still getting things together , the band members and the dancers and stuff…my dancers were going to be working with me…

G: Is she going on tour with you?…

M: No… Not anymore………. but um… uh, we had lunch together, we did lunch. She told me she goes like, Michael, why can I never get the chance to see you and never get through to you and I said.. I well I don’t wanna call you because I said you know (CUT in audio)spend some time with you and stuff. And So… We were.. talking and stuff like that about the situation that had happened…and she said.. so she goes I love you Michael and I’ll do whatever it takes and all that right? and um, so I had to be honest with her..and she told me..one of the things that she told me today was, she goes like.. well i’d like to spend some time with you before you leave because of what happened you know..

G: Is that what she told you?

M: No she knew before that…that.. I was kinda interested in her.. and I know I can trust this girl, like I told you a long time ago right?. I said I know I can trust her, I dont have any bad feelings I told you that…

G: Did you ever tell Kathy?…

M: No I haven’t…please… believe me now…

G: Eh, Alright.. it just blows me away because you guys have known each other for such a long time and she’s so devoted to you..

M: Well you know its not like I tell everyone that I’ve known for a long time…Kathy and I haven’t spoken and stuff since all that stuff with my brothers was going on I will tell her… you know.. when I feel like talking… I just don’t want to now I mean I know a lot of ppl.. .and..I dont think (i) not that Kathy would do anything to betray me…but anyway.. when she was talkin she goes..well I know your situation, I had a towel on my head and I got a surgical mask …all that.. I could never see you again.. or something should happen and I’m really worried about that and I just wanna be with you..you know, one to one.. with out the gang being around..its just its important to me.. to be with you I dont care I just want to spend time with you…

G: Go on..!

M: Ya know that’s what she said…. like it doesn’t matter, no matter what ya know… she told me that she’s afraid she’s going to lose me as a friend or whatever, she’s afraid she’s not going to see me

G: But she must care for you.

M: Yeah, I know she does.

G: So what are you gonna do?

M: Well.. I’m gonna, I’m gonna be with her…hold on.. (i)

G: Okay

M: And she said well I want whats best for you! I said damnit! let me make my own mistakes!..If it’s a mistake fine, if its not fine.. but just…

G: How come people are so protective of you, Michael? You have a lot of people who really love you..and want whats best for you, you’re not alone.

M: It doesn’t matter, I (i) my own choices and my own decisions.

G: Tell me something, you know what? you told me before that you’re the loneliest person

M: I am!

G: Then how can you be that way when there are so many people…

M: Because I don’t love those people like that! I want to be with someone…I want to know what a relationship is all about before I die, cant you understand that girl?… I never had.. I mean I’ve been with Tate.. I’ve been, well not with.. I been with Tate..I thought I was with Diana.. it was just in my own mind..

G: You were a little boy..

M: I know, I have never had a real relationship, my brothers have been married… My brothers have had girlfriends I really haven’t had that….

G: How long did it take you to get over Diana?

M: Years…… A hell of a long time..I just .. wanna know what its like girl…. to have a real relationship with someone who doesn’t want me for me…. that I dont, I dont’ have to look over my shoulder all the time…

G: Who doesn’t have an ulterior motive..?

M: Yeah, that doesn’t question me.. I mean..(i) I dont… and, and.. like La Toya said in her book.. she said, either I am going to have to find somebody who doesn’t know who the heck I am.. o rrr..oorr deal with somebody whos career is equally as important, or equally like mine..

G: Well.. a nix to both of those…….

M: What am I gonna do.. I dont want to die without knowing about ..having a real relationship with a women or being involved.. I .. I was involved but we never did anything.. we never really had sex…

G: But that was your decision, that wasn’t her’s I mean

M: But.. ya.. but girl, girlfriend had my nose wide open… ok, you could drive a truck through my nose…

G: Laughs…That is the craziest expression. How did they come up with that… I am just wondering who thought of it.. I don’t understand how your nose can be wide open

M: I don’t know

G: But it had to come from somewhere and I just wanted to the people who made it up.

G- It’s the craziest expression I have ever heard

M: it’s a black thing

G- Laughing..Black thing? What is it with your nose? I can’t understand how your nose can be wide open?

M-I don’t know..(whispers–It’s just, it’s personal)

G-I mean it had to come from somewhere. Somebody had to have made it up and I was wondering what they were thinking when they made it up?

M-It’s a black secret

G-OK Laughing

M-So I loved her so much..GOD

G-So was that the first time..

M- No, no (whispers) (it was ??)

G-Where did Tatum and that..what was that other girls..

M-Tate..I dealt with Tate when I was a little bit younger..She came up to me in a club..we were in a club..(I) and she put her hand on mind and I couldn’t believe it (break in tape){This is obvious the poster of these audios was throwing us off. They skip from talking about Tatum O’Neal to this woman)…Glenda laughing..Now they are talking about someone else

M-…anything. I would give her money, I would give her jewlery, I would give her a house, a car, whatever.. I was never good enough. It was like…ya know..

G-Well she wanted all of you Michael..she wanted a relationship

M-She knew how I was from the beginning..it wasn’t like she didn’t

G-Well she was probably hoping then that it would change

M-But, not until I got married

G-Well I know that..and I’m sure that she loved you..and when you have been with somebody for that many years

M-I loved her so much..I didn’t want to see that..I did not want to see that.and I knew she was fooling around..I know girl..I know it for a FACT

G-Don’t you think that attracted you to the fact that she was such a strong person and she stood up for you against your dad and she was always there..wasn’t that alot of the attraction


G Because she’s older than you huh?

M-well yeah…

G: That you were drawn to that.

M: Yeh I was

G: (I)

M: And I was so in love and I had my nose wide open and I didn’t want to believe what was really going on. (Tape cut)..It didn’t matter..she (Tape cut) (I), but, that’s another story. (I) And it was a good thing that it was finally over.

G: You don’t have any regrets?

M: No, uh uh, I don’t regret that I didn’t sleep with her. I’m glad I didn’t. (I)….

G: Yeh that’s a long story.

M: I didn’t. I wish it changed but I havent been married before, ever.. having a relationship like that before, I never …Being in a normal…having a relationship with someone (I) I never had that.

G: Well, I think everybody wants too…



M: And that’s what I want. I know I’m not going to be here very long or whatever.

G: I hope it will be years..

M: What?

G: How long do you think you will be here?

M: You can’t ask me, I don’t know, what kind of question is that I don’t know

G: (I)

M: I don’t know…You could come up with all kind of actual facts and die!

G: Do you think (I) Now? (I)

M: Like Melissa told me today..and she was right… she said I want to see you I want to spend time with you before you leave.. I dont care.. what the circumstances are because she knows about my condition, she knows my situation now…. and shes like I don’t care whatever you want.. but I don’t know if I will ever see you again and stuff.. she was honest enough, she told me..

G: She sounds very nice.

M: It doesn’t matter with her no matter what, ya know!

G: She sounds very nice..She sounds very good.

M: I don’t want to die not having a relationship like everybody else around me have had..I don’t want to die

G: I know (I)

M: But (whispers – she accepts me as I am?)

G: That’s hard to find Michael.

M: I don’t have time to wait.

G: You’re pushing 34 my dear. Laughing

M: Yeh and I have never had that. I’ve never had that kind of relationship. Why would I want (Tape cut). Everyone else I know have had it..But, I never have.

G: Well, I guess it’s time you get it.

M: I know it is. (Tape Cut)….I trashed her..Even though we had fallen in love. I ruin my own relationships. (It’s always about sex?)

G: You do!

M: Oh, I want that too. I don’t know how I’m gonna get it (I)

G: You can’t get satisfaction in that relationship.

M: Well, I won’t do it.

(Tape cut)

G: Cause it sounds like she doesn’t care for him that much

M: Yeh (I) What?

G: That will be very sad!

(tape cut)

M: don’t know what I’m gonna do

(tape cut)

G: I think it is important that you hold on to everything that you hold dear.

M: What?

G: I think that it is important that you hold on to everything that you hold dea

M: (Tape cut) (I) I hold on until the last days

G: (I)everything that you hold dear

M: You know what. I don’t want it.

G: Cause of that night?

M: Yeh (I) and people and situations and stuff (tape cut) But, I’m sure about (I)

G: You have alot of people that love you very much…you do…

M: I have alot of people that don’t know what’s going on

G: About you? (I) …have you told those people (I)…remember open doors.

M: But with any (I) I have..some of it went (I)….

G: That’s good..That’s very good. Because I know you’ve been through a lot(I) Do you figure you’ll be able to do that?


  1. I would love to know what he means by a “real” relationship, I highly doubt that in June 92 MJ was still a virgin, he can’t have been, not with dance moves like that. The Bad tour was simulated sex. Marlon said “he ain’t no virgin” and I believe that. Dileo said on the Bad tour there were women around and he’d be very surprised if MJ was a virgin. I believe him too.
    so what did MJ mean? I think he’s saying he wants a real “boyfriend/girlfriend” relationship as opposed to flings like Madonna and one-sided love like Diana. I think he slept with Diana, but he knew deep in his heart, it was never going to be a real relationship. I think something happened with Madonna too, and that was prior to 1992.
    would love some thoughts on this!

  2. I think that when Michael said he wanted a “real” relationship, I think that he meant he didn’t want a relationship that was just based on sex, because I think most of his relationships were based on sex.

    Another meaning about wanting a “real” relationship is that he wanted to settle down instead of running around with different females from time to time.

  3. I don’t know where you got the Melissa as a name. In the other Transcripts, Michael calls this mystery woman by “S” cleary not Melissa. I’ve listened to the tapes and the name Melissa wasn’t mentioned. Not in the originals, so either it’s been edited in or someone told you wrong. The girl’s name was NOT Melissa, that name was never a part of these tapes.

    • No, he definitely calls this woman in these conversations “Melissa.” You can download them here:

      password: Mike

      Tape 4:5. Go through and listen to that entire tape and tell me you don’t hear him say “Like Melissa told me today”

      The tapes where he calls someone “S” are the ones nobody else can hear and that have mostly been debunked as faked because in those tapes funnily enough the man who speaks to Michael is called “Scott” wheras in the originals that everyone can hear you can hear that his name is Sam.

      • In some conversations , Michael actually speaks of three men he has spoken to with Glenda. He speaks to Sam a person with a gruffy voice and Scott a younger voice that seems more Glenda’s age.
        A rumor was spread by the media that Scott was Glenda’s husband. The name Scott has floated around since 2005. Since these free downloads do not contain the name Scott, the same name mentioned years ago. There are definitely more than 3 hours worth of conversation….other tapes are out there that have not been fully released. The question is why are they being held? I think its for a big payday not by the media but the person or persons who want them buried.

        • He speaks to Sam a person with a gruffy voice and Scott a younger voice that seems more Glenda’s age.

          When does he speak to Scott? There’s no mention of any Scott’s on the tapes at all.

          It sounds like someone misheard the name or intentionally got the name wrong and used it in initial transcripts of the tapes everyone can hear… then the people who were writing the S transcripts didn’t bother to check if the name was correct and used it in theirs… and not just once or twice but repeatedly. There’s no way they could have misheard “Sam” as “Scott” so often.

    • Do you know what name it was then? I mean what is “S” name? I did hear Melissa and S just once. Did you hear these?

  4. I don’t think anyone misheard Scott. I think Scott is an entirely different person than Sam. Glenda even speaks of a Damon and Greg more than once. How many times did he mention the name Sam? I don’t know how many times he said Scott, but it wasn’t ever in the context of “your husband Scott”. Funny, he never says Glenda either. I think he said it once.

    • Can you show me any instances of Scott being on the tapes? I transcribed them myself and I don’t hear any mentions of a Scott by anyone. Not in references to anything. It seems to either have been someone who misunderstood Sam’s name or intentionally transcribed it wrong, perhaps to throw people off who he was.

      She talks about her kids, one of them Megan and one Greg… both names are correct.

      BTW people tracked Glenda down and her husband is definitely Sam, not Scott.

  5. That is what I’ve been saying, that Scott may be someone else.
    I read these on quite a few sites :http://supaflypyt.livejournal.com/ ,http://mjglendacall.blog.com/, ahttp://glendatapes.proboards.com/index.cgi.. etc.

    • He only mentions Melissa, he doesn’t mention “S” at all.

      The thing is that they DID say that Scott was on the tapes – the original people/person who transcribed call the man on these tapes with the gruff voice “Scott” – they call him that name repeatedly throughout their transcripts. It was only when me and some other girls went through the tapes again that we found that his name definitely wasn’t Scott it was Sam, then someone found Glenda and her husband’s name was Sam, just as we’d heard. No Scott’s in sight. Someone had either misheard and went through the transcript calling him that or someone wanted to throw people off the scent of who Sam and Glenda really are and chose to call him “Scott” instead.

      So… it’s not that there are two people, it’s that someone didn’t bother to listen to the public tapes and chose to use the unedited transcripts to make up the “S” transcripts.

      Does that make sense?

      Nobody can provide audio of these other tapes… and considering they get the name of the guy wrong I’d hazard to guess they’re totally fictitious. If they were really transcribing there’s no way they’d mistakenly call “Sam” wrong so many times.

      • Okay I see what you’re saying. I know about Sam but I asked the girl from one of these sights and she says there is a Scott mentioned. However, like you said I can only take their word. She sent me to some other page that says there is 8.5 hours. Does anyone have those other 5 hours ? I’d like to hear them.

        I heard the free ones but I only heard Sam once in there. I guess I must need those special headphones, I listen through computer speakers and not a pleasant experience. Thanks for clearing it up hon!

        • You’re welcome, it’s confusing because of who originally transcribed the tapes. Sometimes I really do believe someone intentionally misrepresented Sam’s name. There’s the story that he was the one who sold the tapes so maybe he wanted to throw people off?

          See… they say there’s 8 hours but then absolutely nobody is willing to let people listen to it. I’d bet that person who said Scott was mentioned has never even heard those tapes herself, she’s just taking someone else’s word for it. There’s too much misinformation about those tapes, why not let people listen to it if it exists? They claim it’s about his privacy yet they transcribe the supposed tapes and they tell everyone they know about it? It’s just funny…

  6. LOL,Okay, how can u miscontrue “I was involved… but we never really had sex.” If this is true Mr. Jackson was a virgin at this time. One does not have to be sexually active to know how to move like he did. It was the rhythm, it was the music, right…lol

    • He was talking about a previous relationship, not that he’d never had sex before.

      Anyway, he lied.

      • oh, now he lied? Rock, u too funny.

        • He didn’t tell her the whole story about everything. He even tells her at one point he didn’t want her to know “some shit.”

  7. I cant see Mike telling Glenda whether if he was virgin or not. Im not sure if he was being one hundred percent truthful with her anyway.

    Also in the Oprah interview when she asked Mike if he was a virgin, I think his response said it all, that laugh in smile he did..And since Mike wanted everyone to buy his peter pan image he was trying so hard to sell, the answer that should have came out his mouth or something you would expect him to say is, “I was taught that you wernt suppose to have sex until marriage and thats what I believe in” right? LOL. The fact that he couldnt answer speaks volumes to me. Because remember that interview he did with jet where he was talkin about Diana, at the top of that article he was talking about Tate and sex and his answer was something like he didnt believe in sex and getting into that heavy stuff until marriage. (something like that) Anyway He was definitely getting it in, IMO. I think he started having sex at a very young age. No way could he have fought that temptation when his hormone was going insane LOL Getting woman was never a problem for him.

  8. Why is he speaking like he will die very soon?…why is he saying: I know I’m not going to be here very long or whatever

    • My guess is about his lupus or just that he felt that something bad would happen to him because of how much craziness surrounded him.

    • That comment concern me as well. Why would he speak about this with her. He must have had a premonition or something. I wish MJ would have step away from his image and tried to live as normal as possible. Moved out of Neverland, and brought a nice home and settle down with a non-celebrity.

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