Michael Jackson and Discoid Lupus

November 28, 2009





  1. Im in tears, oh my god why michael did you not come out with your lupus. My daughter has lupus and she’s only 17 years old. I cry everyday im so scared. she has extreme fatique and joint pain and some muscles pain she very depressed. she had this every since 13. Im not able to take this somebody please help me please.

  2. Good blog though I personally don’t believe the Glenda tapes are real.

  3. Just fyi, MJ did more than show the king & queen of egypt were black, everyone in the cast was balck. If you check on this a bit, it clearly shows that MJ believed in black history. The type who believed that egypt was once ruled by black people, before the arabs & before the short nubian rule. It’s quite controversial, mostly hard core black historians & activists believe in that stuff. MJ was clearly one of them. Also, this is affirmed by his video in harlem, angry black man.

  4. ^^^I meant to post the above on the Vitiligo entry but I got sent here, sorry for that.

  5. 1. why are most of the pictures of mj with women are those of white women?

    2. Nubians mean black.

    3. We don’t know how MJ was in real life, all he know is what the press publish and what his P.R. and record company told the press.

    4. All this drama about MJ wanting to be white is so stupid, and once again let’s look at it from a fame and fortune point of view: MJ was really popular during the J%-Jacksons-Off The Wall phase of his career, but let’s be honest with our selves, although Off The Wall was a great record, the record didn’t do that great as far as recognition from the Grammy’s. Not until MJ did Thriller and crossed over, did he become The King of Pop. MJ could only go so far catering to black people, so he just made sure that the media , and his non black fans felt that he catered to them, they had the money and the resources to buy his products. That is why he continued to do massive tours in Europe and Asia. Why do you think the P.R. people made sure that the media knew about his friendships with white females or females that look white. ? Because they were his biggest audience and buying everything MJ. Sure, his biggest success came with Thriller, but his massive concerts is what made him huge, and that was doing concerts in Europe and Asia. Let’s be honest, in alot of countries they donot open their arms for black people. Especially, during the height of his success. There are many racial barriers that black artists must face, but because Entertainment is a business and not reality, they won’t openly talk about the racism they face. And don’t think for one second, that the King of Pop didn’t run into racism, while in Europe, Asia or the Middle East. MJ may have talked about healing the world, ending racism but him being a black man, he faced alot of hate. If he was so adament about not being black, than why closest to him, were mostly black people. That is what he felt comfortable around. But money talks, and black folks don’t hold the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

  6. Goggle “Was Michael Jackson Framed?” The untold story by Mary A. Fischer, GQ Magazine October 1994. Very interesting and telling article to say the least. Tell friends, family and anyone you may be having a Michael Jackson discussion with to refer to this article. Its important to start spreading the truth now, something we haven’t gotten in regard to MJ for more than 30 years.

    Dr. Strick, “had reviewed his medical records and has said that the reason Michael had so many nose jobs was because they were “reconstructive” due to his skin healing problems and his scarring associated with his discoid lupus.”- Wow, this I didn’t know. How could I or anyone else know for that matter, he and his family never made anything known. He didn’t even tell people he knew! I think he and his family did themselves a great disservice in this regard, they never spoke out strongly against anything. I understand having personal matters remaining personal but do we see how minor rumors could have been prevented from snow balling as they always did?

    • How could I or anyone else know for that matter, he and his family never made anything known. He didn’t even tell people he knew! I think he and his family did themselves a great disservice in this regard, they never spoke out strongly against anything.

      I really agree. But the Jacksons are so private and I don’t think even they quite understand how vitiligo/lupus work so when they talk about it publically they just muddle things up even more. Macauley Culkin said MJ had a hard time articulating things that were personal to him and it’s one of the truest things I’ve heard spoken about MJ. Just like the allegations, all of that Mary Fischer/Geraldine/Aphrodite stuff – why didn’t Michael or the family or his friends mention these things publically and as often as possible? But it’s like he had tunnel vision and didn’t realize how important relating those details were.

      I think if they were to publically release the photos and statements I’ve collected here, or to add their own documentation about what really happened, it would help so much. I wonder if they realize that. Arnold Klein actually did the best job explaining what happened of them all – except nobody believes him because of all the other fuckery he’s been involved in.

    • I went to look for this GQ article. But I could not find the article, I only see discussions about it. It seems to have been removed by at the Author’s request earlier this year. Now I really want to read this article really badly.

      Do you have a copy? Can you please post it in here? And what are your thoughts on why it was removed??

      This was posted on MJFC site in February 2010:

      >>>> Mary A. Fischer Author of”Was Michael Jackson Framed? The Untold Story” has a change of heart.
      Dear Friends and Fans
      For some time you could refer to this web site to read Mary Fisher’s brilliant piece,’Was Michael Jackson Framed?’ that appeared in GQ magazine in 1994. When this piece was first included in this section, we sought approval to publish from GQ and it was given at that time. Now, however, it seems that the original writer, Mary Fisher, has had a change of heart. She felt, for whatever reason, that it was necessary to go through her lawyer to request that the article be removed from the MJFC web site. Naturally, we are more than happy to grant the author’s request.

      The MJFC traditionally seeks the approval of those responsible prior to quoting pieces verbatim. In the past, authors have always been more than anxious to have their articles reach wider audiences. Artists usually view well-traveled internet avenues such as the MJFC as a way of broading their readership and often approach us, requesting we publish or promote their work. It came as a surprise that Ms. Fisher felt compelled that the piece be removed. We apologize for any inconvenience to those who might be researching the subject.<<<<<< END QUOTE.

  7. That link doesn’t seem like it gives the complete article. When I told someone about the article they printed it out in its complete form and it turned out to be 19 pages! The link that I have saved to my favorites is no longer available, as you said it could be because of copyright issues but I jusr read it again about a month ago. Well, that link is a start I guess but search for that article in its entirety, you won’t believe how long and detailed it is.

    I found something else which was a doozy on YouTube a few minutes ago infact, go to YouTube and type in “Proof that Michael was Innocent and Framed”. It is an 8:51 clip of a woman named Geraldine Hughes. She is promoting her book called “Redemption”, its about Michael and the fisrt case, the Evan Chandler case, she was a WITNESS to the framing of Michael Jackson, a WITNESS!

    There is also a documentary now available called “True Crimes with Aphrodite Jones, some of you know her name, she wrote a book about MJ being innocent after his trail in 2005. She shows thru her research that MJ was infact innocent again (He was found innocent of all charges but in the court of public opinion and thru the media he is as guilty as sin). I’ll keep searching for more facts to aid us all to get any of that lingering doubt out of our minds that he was a molester/gay. This is thee best site for this all, I will say it again. Thank you.

    • Here’s a link to the Geraldine Hughes book:


      Media companies always target large MJ fansites to get them to remove copyrighted items. Thankfully there’s so many MJ fans that we always get around things like that 😉 That link is the full text of the article.

      I’m actually compiling a post of all the different available resources about the allegations, it covers everything and then some…

    • That link only provided information that is already out there. Buy and read the Aphrodite and Geraldine Hughes book not just look for excerpts online. This is nothing new these books have been out there for years now way before MJ died. TMez wrote the forward for Aphrodite’s book so you know it was indirectly sanctioned by MJ even though they won’t say that.

      Fischer wrote that article in 1994. I don’t somehow feel that the retraction of the article had anything to do with copyright. I think it had more to do with politics, propaganda and saving ones career.

      Rehashing the 1994 and 2005 trials does nothing for MJ’s legacy now, he was acquitted. Getting the bastard(s) that killed MJ convicted is a primary concern to me. You guys are too focused on the past and not looking at the present. This bastard will walk away right from under our noses.

      • I think it had more to do with politics, propaganda and saving ones career.

        Fischer doesn’t want to be associated with Michael? Any information regarding this?

        Rehashing the 1994 and 2005 trials does nothing for MJ’s legacy now, he was acquitted.

        Lord, as if it that meant enough in the public eye.

        I think it’s a terrible thing to try and act like we have to put things that have happened behind us like they don’t mean anything today, it’s why so many lies have been allowed to be said by so many people, fans just want to act like it never happened. Without the allegations Michael would still be walking today, I believe that totally.

        But how is discussing the allegations going to let Murray walk away? Maybe it might encourage people who dislike MJ to realize what happened and therefore they’d be interested in the Murray story? Fans judging other fans about what and how they can discuss things holds this entire community back.

  8. Excuse my computer illiteracy on not knowing how to highlight the link for you all and making you type it all out. Here we go with the whole GQ Magazine article link: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread477059/pg1 Enjoy becoming enlightened and angered all at the same time.

  9. Sadly Solar that could/would and will never happen. Dr. Conrad Murray is the only one who was charged with anything, usually it is always very easy to find a scapegoat when dealing with murders of people of power. Michael Jackson knew that he was being murdered slowly back in 2005 when Dick Gregory drove him 5 hours to an undisclosed hospital in California. He was dehydrated, had no food in his stomach and was on the brink of death if he hadn’t gone to that hospital. Reading all of these articles here are we to assume that Michael was completely sane or was he the type to be crazy and think that “they” are trying to kill me as he told to Dick Gregory?

    The they is the key. Who was “they”? He knew that he was being poisoned so he didn’t drink anything or eat anything out of fear of his death, the reason why he was taken to a hospital to begin with. Why was he subjected to two child molestation cases where it was obvious that he wasn’t remotely guilty? I don’t have the answers to these questions nor does anyone who wasn’t in the know in conspiring against him. The scapegoat we know but the true answer will go down in annals along with the deaths of people like JFK, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and many others. The so called killer or culprit was found easily but the true killers and culprits will never be.

    Not to say that Michael is in any way like the names mentioned but there is a way that people have been done away with in Aerican history that is tried and true. It always has a so called killer and the people who conspired in the killing are never implicated much less named. Joe Jackson was on tv stating that he doesn’t think Conrad Murray is the only person responsible for this and he would be right. Will we ever find out the “they” involved in this, never.

    • You are right. But giving Dr Murray 4 years is a tap on the wrist. He will become the prison dr and will be out in 18 months on good behavior with his reputation intact ready to start over a new life. The atrocities that surrounds Michaels death the day of , the autopsy report and the stuff that is coming out about the dr’s conduct makes me fume. It all does not make sense.

      I remember Dick Gregory’s comments I find them to be true. Michael was not insane. There are obviously other co-conspirators and I think eventually we will know who they are with proof to back it up. But for now there are certain record companies and anything affiliated with a certain concert promotion group I will not touch.

  10. Scary isn’t it? Digging too deeply into these issues will bring the fear out of the toughest of men, to see on what levels these things can go to and the powerful people who are involved could scare the living daylights out of you. I also heard about some scary Italian guy that Michael feared would kill him and it wasn’t Tommy Mattola. I disagree with you Solar about the coconspirators being found. Rich and powerful people in high places how always deligated to others to do their dirty work and those delegates delegate on down to the point that the main offender has no face, no name. Michael Jackson killers will never be found.

  11. awwwww my poor Mikey J….. i wish i could just hold him….. i feel so bad

  12. Im sorry but why didnt Mike wear a more natural looking wig! The long silky straight hair didnt exactly embody the look of a “black man” haha i love mike tho. Just always wondered why he chose that hair style out of alllll options!

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