Michael Jackson and his Blackness

November 29, 2009

“I know my race, I just look in the mirror..I know I’m black!”
— Michael 2002, Artists Against Racism

Once you’re past the skin colour change, something which was beyond his control and his nosejob, did Michael Jackson really want to be white? Was he really unhappy as a black man?

In a word… no.

The most success he achieved in his life was during Thriller, before his skin colour had begun to change. Why would he feel it necessary to then become white? Contrary to what the media may want you to believe Michael has never distanced himself from being a black man or the black community.

Michael was proud of his race and heritage and supported black and ethnic people an incredible amount in his lifetime.

  • All the women in his music videos have been ethnic — Ola Ray, Tatiana Thumbtzen, Naomi Campbell, Iman, Janet Jackson, Latoya Jackson, the girls in Come Together, Blood on The Dancefloor and You Rock My World.
  • Even went so far as to portray the King and Queen of Egypt as being black.
  • Heck, even most of the men in his videos have been black — Michael Jordan, Eddie Murphy, Chris Tucker, Wesley Snipes, his back-up dancers.
  • Featured an African chant at the end of “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin”
  • Morphed into a black panther at the end of Black or White (I mean, seriously, seriously).

  • Wrote a song called “They Don’t Care About Us,” which Spike Lee-directed, featuring prisoners raising the Black power fist
  • USA For Africa? We Are The World? Lionel Richie? Hello?
  • “Liberian Girl, you came and you changed my world.”
  • “White man gotta make a change/I ain’t scared of no sheets/black man, blackmail, throw your brother in jail”
  • Spoke about how he believes dance and rhythm is something intrinsic in African culture and life in his autobiography.
  • Reffered to himself as a black man on secret phone conversations during 1991/2 when he was already depigmented. Said the women in Germany liked black men (meaning himself), reffered to “other black music groups,” and “nappy hair” and says things are a “black thing” and even calls himself a “ni*ger” at one point.
  • The love of his life was Diana Ross, a black woman. He even wants his kids to be raised by her should anything happen to his own mother.
  • The only magazines he ever consistently gave interviews to was Jet/Ebony.
  • Gave a speech talking about how he knows he’s black in 2002, how he believes he was targeted by the media because he is a black man and spoke of how Elvis got as far as he did because of black people.
  • The only blonde love interests in his life were Debbie Rowe and Madonna (there goes that myth)
  • Rumoured love interests and women he reportedly said were hot — Shana Magatal, Jody Watley, Janelle Commissiong, Tatiana Thumbtzen, Stephanie Mills, Siedah Garret, Beyonce, Sade, Kelly Rowland, Marva King all ethnic.
  • Lisa Marie Presley, Brooke Shields, Tatum O Neal, brunettes.
  • 521 Visions of Fantasy Magazine, Sam Jose’s Black Starlett (In Notebook), SBSO
  • Grace, his children’s nanny is black.
  • I’d like someone to convince me that Blanket is white.
  • He accused Tommy Motola of racism and said that he wasn’t treating his black artists fairly.
  • Was a huge huge fan of James Brown and always insisted how much he was inspired by him as a musician and performer.
  • His collaborations included work with Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Biggie, Michael Jordan, Eddie Murphy, Boys II Men, R Kelly, Akon, Siedah Garrett, Heavy D, Slash, Kanye West, Rockwell, Lionel Richie, 3T, Lenny Kravitz, Jay Z, Will.I.Am, NeYo, Donna Summer, Brothers Johnson, Randy Crawford, Johnny Mathis, Greg Phillinganes, Jennifer Holliday, Deniece Williams, Ralph Tresvant, Safire, Bryan Loren, BLACKstreet, Brandy, Monica, Corey.
  • In a court deposition in 1996 he says he wants to set things straight and said he was proud that he was black and he doesn’t bleach his skin.
  • Cried when finding out Obama had been elected.

Some of the charities Michael contributed to:

  • Minority Aids Project
  • Motown Museum
  • Transafrica
  • United Negro College Fund (UNCF)
  • United Negro College Fund Ladder’s of Hope
  • YMCA – 28th Street/Crenshaw
  • Congressional Black Caucus (CBC)
  • Big Brothers of Greater Los Angeles
  • Brotherhood Crusade
  • AIDS Project L.A
  • Dakar Foundation
  • National Rainbow Coalition
  • National Solidarity Fund
  • The Sickle Cell Research Foundation
  • The Carter Center’s Atlanta Project
  • Million Man March

Specific examples:

  • On 6th February 1984, after winning an unprecedented number of AMA awards Michael spoke to JET magazine about people in his life he was thankful for; Stevie Wonder, who expresses pride of race in his music. “That’s why I love Stevie Wonder’s album called Songs in The Key of Life… He had a song called Black Man and I just jumped up screaming when I heard that record because he’s showing the world what the Black man has done and what other races have done… He named it Black Man and all these people who have got the album sing it. And that’s the best way to bring about the truth.”
  • At the February Grammys in 1984 Michael dedicated his Album of the Year Grammy for Thriller to Jackie Wilson (who had died the previous few weeks), saying, “In the entertainment business, there are leaders and there are followers. And I just want to say that I think Jackie Wilson was a wonderful entertainer…I love you and thank you so much.” He is reported to have helped pay for funeral costs alongside Eddie Murphy.
  • On September 13 87, he displays his support towards a campaign against racism, as well as towards “NAACP”s mission to help arrest prejudiced conduct against black artists.
  • In November 1987 he organized a private visit to Murawina Redfern Preschool, a school catered to Aboriginal children and Michael was especially interested in Black deaths in custody, spending 2 hours talking with all the teachers there. He provided the school with 100 free tickets after learning the students couldn’t afford his shows.
  • March 3, 4, 5 1988 gigs at Madison Square Gardens in aid of United Negro College Fund
  • On March 1, 1988, at a press conference organized by his sponsor, Pepsi, he offers UNCF’s President Christopher Edley a check for 600,000 dollars, making him one of “UNCF”s most significant donators.
  • On March 10, 1988, he issues the following message regarding the “United Negro College Fund” he would support: “I would like to say this about the United Negro College Fund. An education opens a person’s mind to the entire world, and there is nothing more important than to make sure everyone has the opportunity for an education. To want to learn, to have the capacity to learn and not to be able to is a tragedy. I am honored to be associated with an evening that says this will never happen.”
  • On October 23, 1988, he announces a substantial donation for the Motown Museum in Detroit, Michigan: “It’s great to be here. I’m happy and proud to give back to the soil from which I came. Berry Gordy made it all possible for me, and I want to say I love you, Berry, and thank you.”
  • On November 13, 1989, Jackson performs song “You Were There” (that he wrote for singer Sammy Davis Jr.) for the first and only time, at a musical gala honouring Davis Jr., the event’s funds advantaging the “United Negro College Fund”
  • Between February 11 and February 18, 1992 – and on occasion of Black History Month – the artist tours 30,000 miles of the African continent in 11 days (covering 6 countries), where he visits medical centers, schools, churches, children’s housings and educational NGO’s for disabled children.
  • On December 26, 1992, the singer acknowledges the merits of the “United Negro College Fund”, by virtue of which the “Michael Jackson Scholarship Program” had enabled over 200 young men and women to receive qualified education up until that time.
  • June 1993, Michael announced a donation of $1.25 million for children suffering as a result of the riots in Los Angeles
  • On January 7, 1994, the pop star organizes, on occasion of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, a gala for 100 needy children at his Neverland residence.
  • During “UNCF”/Parade Of Stars, a broadcast request for donations to the “United Negro College Fund”, aired December 26, 1992, Michael Jackson speaks on the importance of equal rights to education and on the “Michael Jackson Scholarship Program” benefits: “Black Colleges and Universities produce some of the leading personalities of our time. They are leaders in business and law, science and technology, politics and religion. I’m proud to have helped over 200 young men and women receive a quality education that has placed them closer to their dreams through the Michael Jackson scholars program. Tonight, I encourage you to pitch in for higher education. Please support the “United Negro College Fund”.” The four year college and university/scholarship for deserving students at a UNCF member college or university, focuses on Communications, Performing Arts, Literature/English/Writing and is a distinction available to African-Americans.
  • On accepting Entertainer Of The Year award at the 25th “National Association for the Advancement of Colored People” event (NAACP Image Awards) in Pasadena, California on January 16, 1993, he delivers the following speech: “There are two things which the NAACP stands for which are the most important things in my life: freedom and equality. In every person, there is a secret song in their heart. It says: ‘I am free!’, it sings: ‘I am One!’. This is the natural feeling of every child. To be free as the wind, to be one with every other child. All the troubles in the world are caused by forgetting this feeling. Thank you for having the faith to see that I share your work — for I deeply feel I do. I accept this award on behalf of the world’s healing. When all our brothers and sisters will be as free and equal as we are today.
  • In 1994, at the 26th NAACP Image Awards, prior to presenting dancer/choreographer Debbie Allen with an award, he delivers a speech underlining the meaning behind the „NAACP” organization supporting equality of treatment for all races and human dignity, and exhibiting his sympathy to the “NAACP” members: “For decades, the NAACP has stood at the forefront of the struggle for equal justice under the law for all people in our land. They have fought in the lunch rooms of the South, in the hallowed halls of the Supreme Court and the board rooms of America, for justice, equality and the very dignity of all mankind. Members of the NAACP have been jailed and even killed in noble pursuit of those ideals, upon which our country was founded”
  • In an interview with children in 1996 he again states he believes that the Garden of Eden was in Africa.
  • On March 23, 1999, Michael Jackson meets Nelson Mandela at the President’s residence, Genadendal, in Cape Town, South Africa, The singer names Mr. Mandela “my inspiration to want to do something before the end of the century, to undertake what I call “An adventure of humanity”, before the birth of the millenium. I love this man very much and I love Africa.” He adds: “It is right to announce this project here in the very cradle of mankind: the birthplace of us all.” (more from the speech here)
  • In his conversations with Rabbi Shmuley in 2000/1 he discusses the “black rhythm” and Elvis; SB: Do you see white people having that rhythm?
    MJ: It’s not the same and I’m not saying it out of being…
    SB: But the sense of timing….
    MJ: Stan would always tell me, and he would go to all the black clubs… he would sit in the Apollo Theatre, he called it Cut-time rhythm. He said he had to have the black rhythm so he hung out with the blacks to get that cut-time rhythm. That’s what it’s all about, it’s that natural rhythm thing.
    SB: That reflects their inner rhythm?
    MJ: Yea, yea. But you take a little black child and they got the rhythm of a grown up, like a real dancer. And it’s just a natural ability, you know?

    SB: Well, that’s the whole question about Elvis, right?
    MJ: Elvis always hung out around blacks.
    SB: And he acquired that rhythm, right?
    MJ: Yea, he acquired that rhythm, he wanted to do the steps, and he talked black and acted black. We knew Elvis very well and Lisa Marie and myself always talked about how…
    SB: Had he not been a white man, you don’t think he would’ve been as successful, right?
    MJ: Not nearly. Not nearly because it would’ve been expected of him. Remember the slogan that Philips, who owned Sun Records, he said, “If I could only find a white man with a black man’s sound, I could make a million dollars,” and in comes Elvis Presley.
  • On July 9, 2002, on occasion of an event titled “Equality For Blacks In Music World”, Michael Jackson, alongside a host of musicians, producers and music executives, addresses issues pertaining the rights of artists, the corruption and conspiracy in the record industry system, particularly demanding better treatment for blacks from the major record companies. He concludes towards the audience: “It’s time for a change. And let’s not leave this building and forget what has been said. Put it into your heart, put it into your conscious mind, and let’s do something about it. We have to! It’s been a long, long timecoming and a change has got to come. So let’s hold our torches high and get the respect that we deserve. I love you. I love you. Please don’t put this in your heart today and forget it tomorrow. We will have not accomplished our purpose if that happens. This has got to stop! It’s got to stop, that’s why I’m here with the best to make sure that it stops. I love you, folks. And remember: we’re all brothers and sisters, no matter what color we are.”
  • Nn 2004, The African Ambassadors’ Spouses Association, honored Michael Jackson for his worldwide humanitarian efforts, due to his fiscal contribution of more than $50 million to various charities, including many organizations that feed the hungry in Africa
  • On November 8, 2007, the pop star participates at Reverend Jesse Jackson’s birthday celebration, the event also being a fundraiser.


  1. MOST of this is true and some is exagerated. Michael knew what he was doing as far as race goes Hiring alot of black people etc etc. But come on, The 2 business ppl closes to him that he trusted more than anything and did wonders for him (his lawyer and manager) are white His best best friend is white; ppl left in charge of the WILL, White; all of his celeb friends white, what he calls his first gf; love of his life; first wife; second wife; and other close friends, Tatum Oneal, Brooke Sheilds, Lisa Marie, Debbie Rowe. Elizabeth Taylor, Liza Minnieli, Macauley, David Gest, Miko Brando, WHITE. and lets not forget his kids, he openly says he used a surrogate mother so why not go ahead and mix it up or something but no both surrogates White. And no one stated he bleached skin CAUSE he thought he would be a bigger star that was here say.

    • wtf @ bleaching his skin to be “a bigger star,” to begin with.

      can you name me other black 80s celebrities who had black managers and black lawyers? the person he credits with much of his success is berry gordy, his first manager. he has never distanced himself from his motown heritage.

      so his friends are all white? diana ross, stevie wonder, akon, jay z, omer bhatti, chris tucker, tedd riley, emmanuel lewis? even jordy chandler and gavin arviso aren’t white.

    • oh and you’re welcome in convincing me that blanket is a 100% white kid.

    • Please! It is becoming apparent everyday that Prince and Paris and especially Blanket are bi-racial. Blanket is definitely mixed!

      • Agreed, those kids are muti racial, including paris & Prince. Did you see them at the memorial? They’re the same color as MJ’s sister LaToya! & Prince does in fact have Vitiligo!

    • ALL of this proves that you are ignorant. Post a link of Michael Jackson referring to his children’s mother as “surrogate”. The last time I checked, a black male and a white female don’t produce white offspring. BTW, one of those estate executors you were so quick to use as evidence of Michael Jackson trying to be white, John McClain, is a BLACK man.

    • Excuse me? So are you saying that a person proud of their race shouldn’t consort w/ those from another? You’re seriously trying to negate MJ’s pride in his ethnic origin because he was close to a few White people? WTF is wrong w/ you?!!!

    • Excuse me… but I think that you are desperate to hang on to media-constructed perceptions. Yes, he spent time with people of other races, but he spent time with Black folks too. You may have missed clips of these people talking about it since the media hates to linger on info that contradicts their partyline. One example is R & B singer Monica, who talked about being seated next to him at a dinner party in the 90s. Funny… I can’t picture Monica being invited to a dinner party hosted by Liza or Davis Gest, can you? And given that they ended up getting into a deep conversation about her songwriting, specifically him complimenting her Angel of Mine and encouraging her to continue with it… Obviously, he was in an environment where he was a guest and was free to socialize and dine with whomever he liked. He wasn’t subject to the typical ‘watched pot’ syndrome that he fought against for years.

      Anyway, it gets tiring that people held Michael’s receptiveness to people outside of his race against him. He never closed the door on Black folks; rather, the louder-mouthed threatened folk closed the door on him. Too bad for them.

  2. The judge decided not his mother to manage his legacy.
    The value is not a question of colour.Conrad Murray was black and was a so called “friend”.
    He started having problem from video black and white with black panther and remember the time with black egyptian. For white racists ,it’s shocking.
    He had a black manager when he came in Russia in nineties.
    He wrote to Mandela when Mandela was in jail.
    He went to visit Mugabe in 1999.
    Black leaders (Jesse Jackson ,Al Sharpton ,Louis Farrakhan and so on ) always defend him ,It’s not for nothing.
    Please ,read his book moonwalker.He’s just against racism.

  3. MJ was the proudest african american I’ve ever heard of.

  4. I think the biggest problem in that case is the fact that all three of his children are white, which is the weirdest thing ever…that’s just not possible for a black man. Unless the kids are 100% designer babies, not his or he’s even more myth than jesus. It must be something like that.

    • Those kids aren’t White unless you believe in some kind of 1 drop rule for Whites? LOL! In that case that makes MJ, his siblings & his dad White. You don’t even know what you’re talking about, if you looked into it a bit further, you’d realize you’ve just been brainwashed & eating up the tabloids BS! Those kids are his, those kids are biracial.

  5. When white people have black children it’s not a trouble.But a black man is not entitled to have children with different color,according “white law”.
    Most of his member in his family are black.What’s the trouble if his children look white.He was color blind like a child from the beginning of his life .But adult have plenty of prejudices and hateful.He was jehova’s witness ,which have a anti racist message.Neverless I think it’s coward to attack a dead man or children.
    the truth about him. Here is the link : http://jalitaspeaksout.wordpress.com/2009/12/21/oneblackmichaeljackson/

    • I agree! Somehow it is considered despicable for some n!gger to have kids not approved by what white society deems as black enough! It’s disgusting really!

  6. dude mj was black and proud point blank, there is no shred of proof that indicates he wanted to be white.

    try me.
    oh and check out my blog

    • Amen!

  7. oh and thanks to the moderator of this blog, this i think is better than man…it has more facts…mine just have more video’s of blackness and more rebuttals to common myths of him trying to be white.
    im going to post this link on my blog.

  8. i meant to say “better than mine”

  9. Michael was a black man who LOVED being black and was proud of his people! The legacy he left will be feeding the dreams of black youth and adults forever! Not to say all races have not benefit from this master craftman…GENIUS, but it’s especially so for the African/African-American community. To the black community….He’s family!
    *these are just my thoughts*

    • Now why are you trying to make sense, lol. There are always a couple of people a few steps behind the group. I can’t wait til they are enlightened and awakened to the fact that African American’s have different hue’s, hair textures and nose sizes and it doesn’t make a person any less black. Using that logic, I guess Quincy Jones never had ANY black kids. Even in death, people just won’t man up and apologize to this brother for not believing him and misjudging him. Instead, they find something else to bitch about, little kids no less…go figure.

      • There are still people who call themselves fans who don’t believe his vitiligo was real. I think it takes a special kind of mental deficiency to still be able to reach that conclusion.

        People want to believe the very worst about Michael all the time and project all their own insecurities about race onto him.

        And LOL @ the John McClain thing.

        • So-called ‘fans’ who insist he bleached himself white or he gave himself Vitiligo aren’t real fans. I’ve come across these types before, they’re pretend fans, haters in disguise, spewing their BS!

  10. Listen closely to They Don’t Care About Us…”throw a brother in jail..” He knew how his brothas get treated. He experienced back in 1993.

  11. Tatum & LMP aren’t brunettes though, they’re blondes. My other post on Egypt was meant for here btw.

    • Tatum in 77 and 79

      Lisa Marie when she met Michael

      When she married Michael


  12. Nope, maybe Tatum ‘s hair color darkened but as a child she was a blond. But LMP is a real blond, that dark hue you see is her hair dye, she also colored it black once. But go to any LMP site, she’s still a blond.

    • But MJ wasn’t attracted to them with their natural hair, he was attracted to them when they were brunettes.

      I think it’s bizarre that people have to say “well they’re originally blondes,” as if Mike dated them for that reason.

      • Yes, I think it is bizarre but you brought it up on your entry that they were brunettes when they weren’t. & he may have been attracted to them as brunettes but it’s confusing when it is stated the way it is because it can easily be countered. Honestly, I don’t even see the argument in saying this was blond while this was brunette but you did cover it so I merely responded. Maybe it should be edited to he dated women who ‘looked’ like brunettes. But honestly, I don’t understand why the big fuss over a hair color. He dated her only bec she dyed her hair dark & if she let her real hair grow he wouldn’t be attracted to her? I just don’t see this whole point in hair color, that’s all.

        • They were brunettes when he dated them, whatever other colour their hair was wasn’t the reason he was with them. He didn’t date Madonna ’cause she was originally a brunette.

          I mentioned the hair colour because it’s an infamous MJ myth thanks to his friendship with Macauley and his wife Debbie, where people think he hated his race and loved the Aryan ideal of beauty. If people have to start digging into everyone’s natural hair colour in order to validate it then it’s just nuts.

      • But the aryan ideal extends to LMP & Tatum, the aryan ideal doesn’t include dyed hair. But it’s your entry & your blog. I’m just saying that when reading ‘ he dated only brunettes aside from Rowe & Madonna’ when you know they aren’t, & it’s countered as ‘but they dyed their hair & your nuts for saying otherwise’ is just not a very strong one for me. I don’t think I’m nuts though for being confused w/ your term ‘brunettes’ bec those 2 you mentioned are well known for being blondes. Also, Madonna’s blond would never fit into the aryan ideal either, she looks like her ancestry hails from the south of Italy w/c until recently never considered that part as real italians anyway. I guess I always thought brunettes meant real brunettes 7 blonds meant real blonds. So if an Asian or black person dyes their hair blond, will they be considered blondes now? I know in Asia they wouldn’t, maybe it’s a Western definition, at least now I know. It doesn’t matter, I honestly just never found much stock in the whole he dated blonds vs brunettes thing anyway. Let’s end this because I find it to be a pointless argument, I just clarified something, wasn’t looking into it more than that.

        • I’m not saying you’re nuts, just that the whole theory that Tate/Lisa being natural blondes means he was actually really into blondes is just weird, that wasn’t why he was attracted to them.

      • ok.

  13. Are you planning to add pictures from MJ being crowned King of Sani during the trip tracing his African heritage to Krindjabo? (I have some from Jet magazine I think.) I didn’t hear about this at the time, but they had a funeral for him in this village as well.


  14. I’m going to be honest and real here, I loved MJ just like other black girls fantasizing about him, but it sure was a slap in the face, when he paraded Brooke Shields around , and marrying LMP and Debbie Rowe. Everyone has their preference, and he married those women for his personal issues, but I know I wasn’t the only black female dishearted when he didn’t marry a black women,it’s silly but there has always been rumblings in the black community that mj was a brother who didn’t date us. It’s sad but that was the reality of the times, even when he passed many black site messageboards, had topics that included MJ dated Stephanie Mills, MJ secret girlfriend was his african nanny. MJ dated the following black women, or MJ rumored relationships or black women he found attractive. Since he has died there as been so many topics on this issue, I guess this stems from the fact that he was our ideal man,lol. Even at the BET Awards there are young black girls crying and standing during the tribute. And like Queen Latifah said during the Memorial, he was everybody’s boyfriend, so when he was always seen with white women, black women were like just another negro with money leaving the sistas, he’s a sellout. So, the hunt for his black girlfriends, etc begun. This is from the perspective from a black woman, don’t take this the wrong way, but white women or other women couldn’t possibly understand socially what we feel when this issue is bought up. So, when stories such as Grace, Naomi Campbell, Jodie, etc, come up there will be hoopla. Hope Imade sense.

    • I AGREE WITH YOU MJFAN. It was a big slap in the face to african american/african women for the most famous man in the industry and world to go out and marry/procreate with white women or any other woman than his home base or “twin kin” especially when that man was black. I mean shesh (damn). If he could understand “they don’t really care about us,” then why not understand the signification of being with a black woman. He was an avid student of history. Where was his LOVE for us? Yes Diana Ross and the women in the videos. And yes, we have a type, but why is the real black woman left out of the equation. Men of other races especially celebs, tend to stay in their own race. This is not racist (believe as you like) it’s just my view. Thank YOu.

  15. I’m w/you on that one, MJfan. It was a real slap in the face to see him parading around w/white women all the time. Did he ever have ANY black girlfriends? And why wouldn’t he own up to it? And why didn’t he marry a blak woman? At the end of the day, MJ was stilla black man, & all that that entails. There’s no way a non-black woman could understand this-no offence to anyone, but that’s true. He needed someone who could truly understand that.
    I know that when I’ve seen messageboard entries alluding to his dating black women, I know my interest was peaked. It’s nice to know that he found us attractive, but couldn’t it have gone a little further than that? Unless all of his black girlfriends were ppl who were non-famous (which is ok by me, even though we’ll never hear anything about said relationships!) It’d been REAL nice if to had seen a black woman on MJ’s arm (& I don’t mean Diana Ross!!)

    • Did he ever have ANY black girlfriends?

      His first girlfriend in 74/5, Diana Ross, Stephanie Mills, he dated Jody Watley, and either flirted/did something with girls like Ola/Tatiana, and his last girlfriend was Black. There’s more inbetween but I don’t know the specifics. All I know is when I hear stories about Michael with women it’s always with a Black woman…

      • His last girlfriend was Black? I didn’t hear that one before!! Could you tell me a little bit about that?
        “All i know is when I hear stories about Michael w/women it’s always w/a Black woman…” DO TELL!!

        • I don’t know too much about her but his last girlfriend that the Bodyguards talked about was Black.

          Most of the stories I’ve posted in the Rumors section – you’ll notice that most of the women mentioned are Black.

          I was bored and put together a collage ages ago about the women he dated or rumours about him dating or that he was seen to have shown an interest in:

          So many White blondes, huh?

  16. Thanks for the info. I wasn’t aware that the girlfriend the bodyguards were refering to was black. Thanks for the collage, but for some reason,it’s not loading all the way. How many girls are on this thing? I only see 15, 9 of whom are black :). Are there anymore that I can’t see? And yeah, there are a lot of white blondes on there, lol.

    • If you right click it and paste it into a new browser the whole thing should load. It cuts off women like Diana Ross and June Chandler.

      Tate wasn’t blonde with him, so that’s 4 blondes… compared to 24 Black/mixed girls.

      • Thanks!! Finally was able to see the pics!!But some of those women…pure conjecture. Mary Hart? Mary Hart??? C’mon, that’s just grasping @ straws!! lmao Some of these women he just admired or actually worked with. I know some he flirted with. Some of these women could’ve lied about knowing him. But it does keep things kinda interesting, somewhat. Some of these women I could see he found attractive; others…not so much. And just because a woman isn’t blond, doesn’t stop her from being white. With both collages, I counted 15 non-black women. But I did count 27 Black women 🙂 (BTW, what IS June Chandler?)

        Also, I’m wondering who he REALLY found attractive, & NOT the hearsay of some of his “friends”. Also, he seemed to have better taste when he was younger, basically between the ages of 18-32. There were a FEW good ones after that…

        • June Chandler is Black/Asian. If I personally had to say Michael had a type, I would say it was Black/Asian or Black/mixed (his brothers seem to have the same taste actually).

          LOL I was just thinking about Mary Hart… one of his associates said he liked her according to a book. I normally brush off comments like that but when he was walking around the Bad Tour set with her he was holding her hand and they looked friendly. If she was being nice and understanding to him I could see him being interested.

          That other collage is more fun conjecture. His cousin said he liked Aish for example, Colomby said he liked Pam Grier, he asked for Jessica Hahn to sign his Playboy, he sketched Brigette according to a hotel cleaner, he asked for Vanessa Williams number but she had a boyfriend, and I’ve heard two insiders from the web say he thought Sade was hot… so… IDK… it’s just a fun list 😀 But whenever I post it people get so wound up over it LOL! “Why is she there??? Shouldn’t so-and-so be there too????” it gets so political. If you go to the “Love Sex Playboy” you’ll see why I added some names. I need to add Lori Werner and Sheryl Crow and Foxy Brown though…

          Maybe I should do a collage to a link to the reasons why they were added. So long as people kept it fun though, I can’t deal with so uptight “THAT WOMAN IS A WHORE AND DOESN’T DESERVE TO BE ON HERE” comments. ;D

          I do think he liked White women… I think he liked women, period. But people always always say he had a preference for White girls and I just haven’t found it to be true.

  17. Thanks for the collage. Plenty of women!!! Naughty, naughty!!!!

    I feel there should be a few more on there especially if we are referring to women he showed an interest in. In Michael Jackson tapes by Rabbi Shmuley, Michael expressed an interest in Katie Couric the journalist, that this was the type of woman he would like to have a relationship with. So much so, that the Rabbi went as far as to almost arrange a lunch/dinner date for them , only to find out that Ms Couric was secretly blissfully involved with her toyboy I don’t know his name, but she was very flattered all the same.

    He also expressed an interest in Cindy Crawford and Jennifer Lopez (Shmuley Book). Cindy who he met at an event, he found her very attractive, I think it was during the early stage of her relationship with her now hubby. Read the book you may interpret their (Cindy & Michaels)interaction as mild flirting but IDK. And he said (to the Rabbi) that JLO looked good. So!!

    • You’re right, I actually made up this collage

      But there’s still some missing! Like Foxy Brown needs to get added….

      I should add JLo, he sounds cute the way he talks about her, “She looked good, she looked good.” LOL But he doesn’t really express any interest in Cindy, he just says “those women flirt” and the Katie Couric thing seems like a dud considering MJ’s speech was about how the Rabbi could set him up on a date – so long as it wasn’t with a journalist. I think the Rabbi was trying to set him up as a joke.

      • I disagree. I think Katie Couric should be in the collage. The fix-up was legit, it just blew up in Michael & Shmuley’s face. The Rabbi hadn’t done his research properly before approaching Katie. Who in their right mind would have a Rabbi as their wing-man?.

        I think Michael was used to women ditching their men (married or not) and their panties for him, whenever he said when (L*sneeze*M*hiccup*P). And Katie’s man was a younger guy to boot. I imagine Michael got his ego bruised a little but he was a good sport about it. I guess that’s why he made that commented.

        So she said no to Michael, she should still be up there because he was interested in her. There are girls up there that he had a fleeting interest in but discarded the idea for whatever reason.

  18. Judith Hill and Meke IMO should not really be on there. If they are, then the white chick, the other principal dancer and Orianthi should be on there too (both blondes sorry).

    To put only Judith and Meke (the 2 black girls) in that category would IMO be very demeaning ie it would mean that MJ chose them only because he had a sexual/romantic interest in them, they were simply there as eye candy for him. When the truth of the matter is that these ladies were the best of the bunch and very talented, watch TII. And Judith was beyond spectacular at the memorial ceremony (I am so waiting for her album). So it was very clear why these girls were chosen.

    I know Michael said he like to be attracted to the girls in his video (but all the vid girls have to do is strut to choreography) but when it came to his live performances Michael always got the creme de la creme no jokes. He was pure business about his art.

    I read an article, that during the Bad tour Michael chose a lead female guitarist, IDK her name but there are audition tapes of her out here. She looked like an old mangy wreck at the audition but she was the best guitarist. So MJ hired her, did a complete makeover on her and she is the androgynous looking, blond mohawked punk rocker you see in the Dirty Diana video rocking with MJ.

    So IMO putting Meke and Judith in the collage would be to belittle their talents. These girls were there based on pure talent.

    • I put them there because of that flirty way he sang with Judith where he accidentally almost grabs her boobs. 😉 And the way he grabbed at Mekia.

      You’re talking about Jennifer Batten? I’d never heard that about her audition.

      It’s not about demeaning anyone, just putting together the women he seems to have flirted with. That boob grab was fliratatious, doesn’t reflect on her voice or skill. He was actually REALLY flirtatious with his HIStory TWYMMF girl Lori Werner but I can’t ever find any decent pictures of her:

      • Wasn’t she the one who felt him up? He was surprised & looked back at her, obviously it wasn’t part of the plan for her to lovingly touch his butt.

        • Well, he was constantly spanking her butt:

          She probably thought tit-for-tat. 😉

          Oh and Nena, I’ve changed my mind about that Blanket tea from the promo guy, I believe it now.

      • Yeah but have you wondered if something ‘more’ went on between those 2? I mean if you listened to Batten & saw what happened to Tatiana, it seemed like something he didn’t tolerate from others. But why did he tolerate her? I’m assuming she wasn’t fired now.

        Oh and Nena, I’ve changed my mind about that Blanket tea from the promo guy, I believe it now.
        ^^^Girl, you need to remind me of the tea! I’ve been away too long!

        • I don’t get any intimate time vibes from Jennifer… she seems just like someone who saw him at work. If she’d kissed him onstage I’m sure he woulda fired her too LOL I love her though. Mike seemed to like some interaction from his girls onstage, but kissing was a step too far… even though 6 years later he was kissing Lisa onstage! Mike’s funny.

          The tea about MJ and Blanket’s mother fighting. I didn’t believe it because I didn’t think MJ was a loud fighter… I’ve heard that isn’t true. And I do believe he cheated on her. I actually think that Promo guy tea was pretty bang on now…

      • Oh, I wasn’t referring to Batten, I meant if something perhaps went on with MJ & that TWYMMF girl on your GIF.

        I remember about the promo now, I need to reread the tea again though, I’m not sure where it is though as I never saved it. Do you have it? It was from an MJ fan who was in touch with him. BTW, why do you believe that tea now? The thing that made me disbelieve it was the fact that I didn’t think he’d be loud & throwing things while his children were around but now that we know he had a love nest, it certainly is possible. & LMP herself had said that their fights were armageddon or something to that effect. So you can just imagine!

        • I just reread your reply, forget about the Batten thing I wrote, I replied from reading off the email notification & it was incomplete there so…

        • Oh Lori Werner? I wouldn’t be surprised if something happened. He seemed very friendly with her…

          BTW, why do you believe that tea now?

          Stories I’m hearing…

          It was from someone who was talking to a “Promo guy” of his back in 2004. Equating “fighting to passion” definitely is ringing bells to me. It didn’t before.

      • Don’t tease me Kitty! Can you share some of these stories you hear? Also, I would really love to reread the posts of that fan talking to the promo guy. Do you know where they are or perhaps saved them?

  19. The Jennifer Batten story is true, google ‘jennifer batten makeover’ there are lots of reports on it. Even she credits MJ for it and he closely supervised the makeover. I read this, years ago and the article had before and after pics of her. It was a very extreme makeover to say the least. She was obviously very talented because she did 3 tours with him…. Bad, Dangerous and History. Hmmmm why isn’t she up there in your collage? They had a volatile sexual on-screen chemistry together.

    Regarding the flirtatious accidental boob grabbing, either Michael was getting very sloppy in his old age or just getting too old to care. He was her boss after all…. It left him wide open…. I am just saying. Maybe he did need the eye candy on the road, at close hand. Older men tend to not want to wander too far for their women. Laziness IMO.

    Which leads me to an update I just read on your Rumours section. That a certain video girl allegedly did not sleep in her room whilst on the Bad tour(suggesting she allegedly spent the night with MJ) and was allegedly seen on 2 occasions exiting Michael’s hotel via the kitchen in the mornings. And was then fired, allegedly no reason given for a onstage kiss, that was allegedly agreed upon.

    This seems like a very sweet case of sexual harassment/unfair dismissal. So it occurred to me that this never happened, it is a rumor after all. Since this girl is smart enough to take advantage of and capitalize on MJ’s name and talent 30 years on, so we know the nightly visits never took place. Michael and his team would not have allowed themselves to be openly exposed for a law suit like that.

    • This seems like a very sweet case of sexual harassment/unfair dismissal.

      If he had a relationship with her that was off stage, how was that sexual harassment? They hadn’t signed a contract together to do an entire tour, so he was under obligation to keep her. If he fired her because of that stage kiss he was under his rights to. Am I missing something? Are two performers not allowed to have sex with each other or they’d be breaking laws if one of them gets fired for something unrelated to it?

      She could have sued his company for a few things, just like Ola, none of which were related to having sex.

      He was her boss after all…. It left him wide open….

      It was just a flirtatious stage moment. I can’t believe people would portray it that way, wow. He also grazed across Sheryl Crow’s body when he would perform with her on the same song 20 years ago… actually, I should add her to my list.

  20. OK, I get what you’re saying. I’m not that fanatical to get upset over someone else’s opinion. It’s interesting to hear other ppl’s viewpints on things. Your list has been a real eye-opener for me. There have been so many ppl over the years who claimed to know what MJ’s “preference” in women was, & for a while, it looked like it was true. Looking a LOT deeper than the surface has been refreshing for me. Thanks a bunch!!

  21. Since I have watched the This Is It movies on many occasions and have watched the interview with the choreographers, I must say this, Mekia Cox was picked out of the dancers and became the principal female dancer, because Michael was physically attracted to her. It was obvious in the movie, when he picks her, they show Mekia reaction, and then the camera pans to MJ who is standing by his assistant, MJ says something, looks like it’s “wow”, and his assistant looked at him with a bewildered or shocked looked. And the choreographer, Michael something said that Mekia wasn’t his initial choice , he didn’t see it, but MJ wanted her, and mj said,she was a diamond in the rough. Pay attention to the movie, MJ never seemed irritated or upset when she made mistakes during TWYMMF segment , let’s be honest, the other female dancer was actually a better dancer. It’s so obvious that MJ picked Mekia Cox because he was attracted to her. What’s wrong with that? He was the star, it was his concert, and he was a grown man that wanted eye candy,don’t hate. lol. I’m pretty sure, MJ had to make his flirtation seem real, thus he had to be attracted to her.

    And as far as Judith Hill, I did she where MJ grabbed her breast, and was trying to figure out where to place his hand, but that all could have been part of the routine. But, I do remember throughout the film MJ flirted with Judith. I, do recall MJ and the finger pointing to her to follow him, that was so adorable. And the whole IJCSLY segment was acting but it was obvious that he was attracted to Judith Hill. What’s wrong with that?
    MJ would turn while performing and give her a smile, she would smile back. that was so cute.

    Judith Hill and Mekia Cox obviously was fine with MJ and his little flirtation he did, why are people analyzing it? It is what it is, remember this documentary was never meant to be seen and was edited, maybe we will see the other footage one day.

    It wouldn’t be belittling their talent or them as women because this was a documentary meant for MJ private library. MJ flirted with his employees, so what? it’s not like anyone of these females cried sexual harrassment. if anything they cherish the moment that mj paid them attention.

    MJ flrited with women half his age, so what? They were of legal age. I guess it could be said, that MJ flrited with two black girls, maybe that’s surprising to some. Don’t take that as a slam, because it’s not. JMO.

    i must say this as far as mj preference, the only thing we have is mj saying in his rabbi boteach tapes that he preferred class and sophisticated tomboys who didn’t worry about their nails. And who knows if those tapes weren’t edited or not? here’s a thought, the public, the media, didn’t know the real michael jackson. he orchestrated every aspect of his public life. From his fake timid persona, including his voice, to his happy childhood everything wasn’t real. This is a man that gave false stories to the tabloids to create a certain image. noone but his family and close dear friends knew the real mj, so being upset over him getting his fiirt on, in a documentary that he believed would be for his own personal archival library is silly. people who are upset about his flirtations had a preconceived idea, and are hurt by the reality, especially since mj openly flirted with surprisingly 2 black girls. when that wasn’t the way he was portrayed during his lifetime. mj made billions by the public image. sorry for the rant.

    • I agree w/you about This Is It. I think a lot of ppl are put off b/c he was flirting w/2 black girls. If that was 2 white girls, everybody (you know who I mean) would be all up in it. That goes against their beliefs, so to speak. I also believe that the Shmuley tapes were edited in some ways. I also believe that he told the rabbi what he thought the rabbi wanted to hear. Do you think that Shmuley wanted to hear about MJ’s relationships w/black women? If MJ truly wanted those tapes to be made public (that could be debateable), would he want his white fans to hear about those said relationships? Just a thought.

      • I don’t think he would tell the Rabbi anything too personal.

        If the Rabbit knew anything he would have asked Mike about Diana Ross for starters.

        • That’s what I’m saying; the rabbi probably didn’t care about that, b/c how many white ppl care about MJ’s relationship w/Diana? And I agree, MJ told the rabbi what he wanted the rabbi to know, which in turn was what the rabbi wanted to hear.

    • “Here’s a thought, the public, the media, didn’t know the real michael jackson. he orchestrated every aspect of his public life. From his fake timid persona, including his voice, to his happy childhood everything wasn’t real.”

      ^^^Have you heard the account of his supposed drug dependency back in 1993? This among many others has made me realize that there is a lot we don’t know about this man. I’m sure he played off diff characters with diff people, he was diff with Teddy Riley, he was diff with KF, he was diff with with LMP, & he was diff with his family.

  22. btw: first of all, mj didn’t hire judith hill, she was hired by the band director. The band director said it himself in the exta footage. He was on youtube and watched Judith, and hired her. She had been in the industry for years singing back up. and if mj had the final say, which he did, and being attracted to judith was just an added bonus. once again , what’s the point, if he had intentions on flirting with her. Which it was going to be just that, and for all these stories floating around and people’s opinion, any person that was in mj band have always given interviews and from his close friend m.chopra, who travelled with him, would tell you, that michael never hung out with the dancers or the band, he always kept to himself. so this whole story of michael dating or hanging with the guitarist is a lie or fabrication. and the whole thing about mj doing the same with mekia cox, once again mj wasn’t about to come on to mekia cox, especially on tour, mj was a stictler for being focus, why would he want to interupt his focus on flirting and messing with his dancer and singer. mj had alot riding on the tour, and concentrating on his kids. entertainment was a business, and mj didn’t want to mess up his art for a fling. people are reaching. and to add to that, mj was a grown man, but mj was also a man that wanted to be around people that had notoriety of their own. i can’t see mj hooking up with his dancer/background vocalist, especially when he had invited Kai Chase a reknown chef and a woman with familial hollywood connections to England with them. I think if there was any female he even thought of being interested in, it had to be her. He was attracted to her, and him and the kids formed a bond/friendship with . jmo

    • When did someone say he was going to come onto Mekia during the tour? See how things get twisted! LOL I don’t rule out Michael hitting on women he’s worked with though but I don’t believe it would ever have been more than a stage flirtation with Mekia…

      Why do you believe he would date Kai? He invited Kai ’cause she was his chef. Maybe he was dating someone already…

    • I don’t know where to start. I try to be fair & objective. IMO he showed as much interest in Judith as he did Orianthi. Mentoring and coaching ALL of his team. And I did NOT see the boob grab, it was initially mentioned by rockforeveron. You should have created a gif. It seemed out of character for him to randomly GRAB someone’s boob, which is why I made my comment out of concern for MJ and I was being sarcastic. LOL!!!

      I never get upset by what someone says online it has no bearing on me, but I am insulted at the insinuation that I am put off or upset that MJ flirted with 2 black ladies far from it. I think that is very racist of you and those that agree with you. But MJFan’s post about MJ being elitist pretty much says it all about your thoughts on this matter, so I won’t judge. And I do realize I posted this under MJ’s blackness page, I guess that’s where the collage was.

      I find it surprising that you guys are happy to sit there and say that these 2 girls were chosen merely because MJ was romantically interested in them not because they were the best singer and dancer.

      This type of self discrimination happens everyday, a black woman gets the job/promotion and other black women say only she got it because she was cute, not because she was the strongest applicant(black/white/male/female). You don’t celebrate one another for the right reasons. If you MJFan and rockforeveron are african-american women you should be ashamed of yourselves.

      But I know your ultimate goal is to project to the world that Michael was heterosexual, so in doing that you can’t see the woods from the trees and be objective and feel the need to attack.

      Mekia in my opinion was the better dancer. And I think she and Judith would want to be recognized for their god given talent that got them picked for TII, not because MJ was interested in them. These ladies have futures and careers to build. We have seen that marketing yourself as MJ’s possible love interest gets you nowhere in this business ask Ola and Tatyana. Especially if there is no talent to begin with just good looks.

      I wish them both the best. I hope Judith puts out a very successful album SOON. I know I will buy it because she has an incredible voice not because she was MJ’s potential tottie.

      MJFan your second post contradicts your first. And your 2nd post kinda support the argument I made.

      You posted on another page that MJ was elitist and did not hang out or was not interested in black women and you said you watched TII many times and did not notice he was flirting with these 2 girls. You see that would have changed that opinion. People see what they want to see on any given day.

      You may want to read the posts carefully because you twist a lot of things around and then turn round and agree with the person 30 minutes later.

      BTW Kai Chase has been involved in a long term relationship with a guy (I won’t mention his name) during and after the time she worked for MJ. I know she is your horse in the race I didn’t say anything earlier because I also liked MJ and Kai together too. She seems very caring towards him and the kids.

      Anyway I won’t be back I have read everything that peaked my interest. I love what you are doing here. Keep it up! but remember to be objective. Thanks for the interesting read.

      • And I did NOT see the boob grab, it was initially mentioned by rockforeveron. You should have created a gif.

        They were getting close and he reached out his hand – stopping himself when he realized where that hand was going. I don’t believe it was an age thing (LOL) just a caught-in-the-passion-of-the-moment thing.

        I find it surprising that you guys are happy to sit there and say that these 2 girls were chosen merely because MJ was romantically interested in them not because they were the best singer and dancer.

        I said that????

        I don’t believe that at all. I don’t believe he was interested in having them around on tour just so he could get his old-age-pensioner-grope-on when he was on tour or anything ridiculous like that. He hired based on talent. But chemistry is also important. It’s just the same way he flirted with Siedah Garrett and Yuko Sumido and Lori Werner and Sheryl Crow and Tatiana.

        I do not for a second believe he hired them in the hopes for a romantic relationship. That’s ridiculous.

        I can’t believe so much hoo-ha just because I thought he seemed to find those two women attractive and they happened to be black, lawd have mercy….

  23. I heard the tapes where mj is talking about jenifer lopez, he never displayed any interest in her, he actually said that he never thought she was attractive or pretty until he watched her on an awards show one night.

    He didn’t express an interest in Cindy Crawford, he actually said that she came onto him, but he wasn’t feelin her.I’m going by the audio tapes that was played on t.v. maybe i heard wrong.

    Rockforeveron- how do you know his last girlfriend was black? what is your source, if i may ask?

  24. Judith Hill and the rest of the dancers/performers have stated that mj was like their father to them on the set. So in all honesty, mj didn’t do anything inappropriate. he probably looked at all these young people as his children, since by listening to the Boteach tapes and his interaction with young people, he loved being a caregiver. that is all. but so what if he flirted with judith and mekia, it’s not like he was vulgar about it. it was sweet innocent flirting.

    and my opinion on kai , of course he would have invited her to london because she was his chef, but if he were to think about dating an employee, why wouldn’t have been her on his mind, she and mj had became friends.

    i’m just happy that in the movie, mj flirted with the black girls, and was attracted to them.

    • While it may be true that the dancers and performers thought of him as a father figure, but that doesn’t preclude them from having their thoughts drift to other areas. I’ve loved MJ ever since I was a kid, and I know that while there is a paternal affection involved in it, it doesn’t stop me from enjoying the MJ as a man part either. And while I think that the young ladies hired were very professional, there’s no way that they could tuck away human. For example, MTV (or maybe it was VH1)aired a lot of interview footage of the dancers before the This Is It red carpet premiere and Mekia’s clips kinda jumped out at me, specifically when she talked about how good he smelled. Yes, the male dancers commented on that too, but she told a story about her saying it to MJ and he said to her, rather playfully, ‘Well, I should…’ or something like that. Mekia seemed pretty giggly about that.

      And as for the ‘diamond in the rough’ thing… he sort of said the same about a male dancer. He knew that there are some who would start off shaky but would find their feet and work their ass off for it. That could apply to Mekia too, although I think he did see a quality about her. I know I saw it and I’m a woman.

  25. mj flirted with the two black girls in the movie, what’s the big deal, he was black himself. if he wasn’t the superstar michael jackson, him flirting with women of his own ethnicity wouldn’t be an issue.

    marva king would travel with him sometimes and they would play jokes on the press, how many reporters wrote stories about marva king and mj? this whole thing was a conspiracy.

    and like i said, in mj last years he was coming hard with the swag. it was obvious he was hanging with the sistas.

    • He’s been hanging with the sisters his whole life. He’s always been this way.

    • “in mj last years he was coming hard with the swag. it was obvious he was hanging with the sistas.”


    • “and like i said, in mj last years he was coming hard with the swag. it was obvious he was hanging with the sistas.”

      ahahaaaaa…I hope so

  26. ok, mj was all kinds of sexy. i loved the part in TIIT,when MJ is holding the umbrella walking in, i was thought, whoa, MJ had a sexy walk.

    i can see mekia cox being giddy over mj. i loved the dance sequence, where he’s holding her from behind, and she’s smiling really hard. that was cute, sticking out her bootie out, lol. so adorable.

    in the movie, michael bearden said something, like if you want to put a little bit more bootie on it. then mj laughed walked away, then mb said, but you know what i mean. mj was like, yeah, i know what you meant, laughing. then mb was like, all right then. i think that conversation had a double meaning, i guess a man’s thing, but it appeared as if they were talking about females butts.

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