The Security Guards Know All

February 28, 2011

The Security Guards Know All

Anthony Simmons, Night Security Guard 1988-9,

“I can definitively say I was with Michael Jackson from ‘88 to ‘89. I was there primarily at night. I was the chief. And I never saw him do anything inappropriate, questionable, what have you,” says Simmons.

He says Jackson could not have crossed the line. “Michael has had girlfriends and that’s all I can say about that,” says Simmons.

Bad Tour Security Guard 1987-9,

When we were riding around in a car in Berlin, Michael would look at the women in miniskirts and high heels …”Look at her hips!” and “Look at her ass!” Michael would say.

However, when we passed the girl in question he realized she was a 50 year old woman.

It is needless to say that Michael and I had a good laugh about that. It goes without saying that Michael is pro ass?

Michael’s Armenian Driver Gokor (you can see a license plate for “Gok” in Who Is It), July 2010

He said that when they were in London and a hot woman would pass by them Michael would use some Armenian words to talk about the woman with Gokor so that if his children were near him they couldn’t understand what they were talking about. He would say “lavna che Gokor,” which in English means “isn’t she hot Gokor” or he would call those hot women “pretty fish.” They spoke about the fact that Michael had a woman he loved very much and had been near him for many years. It wasn’t a secret but her identity was kept a secret.

Mike Seropian, Driver 1999-?

“He wanted to get married,” says Seropian. Michael knew Seropian was well connected in Arabic countries, and recalls a time back in 1999 when Michael asked him to help him find a wife. “Can you hook me up so I can get married?” Michael asked Seropian.

Michael had hopes of getting married for as long as Seropian can recall. He even asked to be introduced to Brunei’s Prince’s daughter so he can marry her. “He always wanted to create a family,” says Seropian. He wanted to “start up a family. He had his kids during this time, so he probably wanted them to have a mother in their lives.”

In regards to recent reports that Michael was secretly dating his children’s nanny Grace, Seropian said he couldn’t confirm if the two had a relationship together; however, he did add that Grace and Michael “were very close. Sometimes he would tell Grace that he’s going take her to Europe and take her around [with him]. He was very close with her, but I don’t know if they were intimate or not,” Seropian tells Hollyscoop.

Bodyguards from 2007-2009, 9th March, 2010,

MICHAEL JACKSON’s former bodyguards have spoken out about their late boss, revealing the King of Pop romanced a string of women with dates in the back of his limousine.The Thriller hitmaker’s longterm security guards, Mike Garcia, Bill Whitfield and Javon ‘BJ’ Beard, agreed to be interviewed on U.S. TV show Good Morning America on Tuesday (09Mar10).

And the trio divulged personal details of the late singer’s life behind closed doors, insisting Jackson had at least two steady girlfriends whose identities have remained a secret – and he took them on dates driving up and down the Las Vegas strip when he lived in Sin City.

When asked about the child molestation charges which were levied at Jackson despite his acquittal at a 2005 trial, all three insisted the star was not guilty of the accusations.

Whitfield says, “Being a man… men know men, and we (were) around him long enough to know he was a man.”

While Garcia adds, “(He had) desires of women like we do. He had lovers.”

And Whitfield goes on to describe Jackson’s various romantic encounters in the back of his limousine: “In the cars that we had, we had a curtain that covered the back seat. You couldn’t see in the back seat. They talked back there, they didn’t do nothing out of bounds… you can hear the kissing.”

Q & A:

Q: am curious about this and i KNOW alot of people would like to know too so here it goes Bill… did you saw MJ flirting with girls alot? was he a natural flirt or just avoided the whole thing cause of his shyness?

MJ’s Bodyguard: I was not going to answer this but I’ll give u guys a little. Yes, MJ was very charming, he did flirt from time to time. Sometimes he would ask me to get someones number or ask do I think someone is cute. It was so funny to watch dude flirt. I tell women I meet that I have a dog, I would hear MJ tell women he has a Zoo! how do you top someone that has a Zoo?

Lenart: When Michael asked you to get someone’s number what would he tell the girl? That he is calling coz she is pretty lol?

MJ’s Bodyguard I cant get into that….yet

Q: Hey, at first lemme say thank u for everything u do, thank u for the way u show your devotion and yourlove for our dear Michael, there is a question that interests me a lot and if you have time i will be very grateful u to answer me-so can you tell me what kind of women Mike liked?I mean what should a woman look like… to attract Michael’s attention? thank u beforehand and God bless you.

MJs Bodyguards ok for the LAST TIME! though I should wait for the book I will say this; MJ admired the way women styled their hair and the way they dressed. He commented about diffent women just walking buy. He would ask us what did we think about sertain women, he liked talking.

Q: hey when is the book coming out? my question is did Michael ever date a girl a lot younger than him? and welcome back!

MJs Bodyguards We are still working on a date release. He did take someone to a movie and dinner, not sure if he would call it dating.

Q: Hey Guys! Did you ever see a lady turn down/ignore/brush off MJ? LOL. It would be hard to imagine but maybe a funny story? Thanks!

MJs Bodyguards Never, if they were able to get close to him it was because they wanted to be.

Q: When you were out and about with Michael, did you ever see women hit on him? Like asking him for his phone number? How did MJ respond to that?

MJs Bodguards: Please, I’ve seen MJ hit on women! Lol


  1. Bodyguard Matt Fiddes is not a credible person. I think he worked for Michael once or twice. Katherine said Michael couldn’t even remember who he was so I don’t believe anything he says. He knows nothing and his story is most likely not true.

    • No, I know, he’s insane. I added it before he lost his sanity. He wasn’t even a bodyguard, he held MJ’s umbrella for about 2 days.

      • LMAO!!! XX”DD

  2. Michael used to have a bodyguard his name is Wayne. He was with Michael for several years. Why there is nothing about him? Wayne was his bodyguard in the 90`s

    • Wayne Nagins, nice guy, said MJ was his best friend in one of the depositions for one of Mike’s many court cases. As far as I know he’s never shared any stories publicly about Michael.

  3. Bodyguard Mike LaPerruque was interviewed on TV after Michael died and was asked if a secret girlfriend existed. He said : “No, not that I know of”. (This was after phony Matt Fiddes went on TV with his made up story of there being a secret gf)

    Mike LaPerruque worked with Michael from 2001-2004, then again in 2007-2008. He was also with Michael in May 2009. He is in all of the pictures – he went everywhere with Michael.

    “I was with him 24/7,” LaPerruque says.

  4. i have hear that a bodyguard said to tatiana that michael spoken often about her with him
    was michael together with tatiana`????????
    i have hear that they were sleeping in the same room while the bad tour
    and taht michael didn´t speak for 3 days when tatiana left the tour

  5. I don’t think anything went down between Mike and Tatiana.

  6. I am glad that at least some of the women in Michael’s life did not say a word about their relationship with Michael. I commend them for respecting Michael’s right and wish for privacy. Lucky girls and good for them. 😀


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