Michael Jackson Is a Pescatarian

September 22, 2010





  1. Michael was the man! LMAO @ the “titties” video.

  2. he is such a flirt!!!xxx 😀 xx

  3. i wonder if he couldve had any girl in the world who it would hav been x he asked vanessa williams for her number, he said tht jlo was hot, he always asked beyonce where kelly rowland was, he wanted 2 marry diana ross at 1 point, he asked katie couric out on a date!xx godd there r soo many 😀 x tbh i wouldve lov 2 see mike n kelly 2gether x it reeli sounded like he liked her xx

  4. who said that he would always asked beyonce where kelly was? is that an internet rumor, or can that be validated? if it’s true, than that is so cute.

    • tht was me xx 🙂 x

  5. so you made that up, so mju never asked beyonce where kelly was? i respect the fact that many fans want mj to have been connected to some females but the reality of this matter is that we shouldn’t post something that cannot be validated by either party or close insiders. because then we are spreading rumors. see if the thing about the grace rwaramba situation is that mj bodyguards came foward and said that she was his secret girlfriend. mj friend and former employee, serpian commented on the fact that mj always said that he always wanted to show grace around europe and that they were close . but couldn’t confirm if they were dating. mj photographer have come forward to say that mj and grace were dating and were more like a married couple, and that the kids were their pirority. so, i’m not trying to dispute your claim, what i’m saying that close people to mj have said that something happened betweem them, and they would know, whereas fans really can’t confirm or deny because mj didn’t tell his fans his life story. he always in a polite way said that it was none of our business.

    • MJ’s bodyguards never said Grace was his girlfriend.

    • what ? i heard it off of david gest x i didnt make anythinn up thnk u very much! i kno for a fact who mj liked ok x otherwise y would david gest say tht mj had a crush on kelly rowland !

    • n yeh grace was never mjs girlfriend ! it actually turns out that it was shana who was his girlfriend for 7 years x n im tellin u i neva lie bout mj seriously

      • Shana claims to have dated him back from 1990 to 1997 then she gave another interview where she said she only really dated him in 1996, which seems more likely.

        David Gest didn’t say Michael would always ask Beyonce about Kelly, just that Michael had a crush on Beyonce and Kelly.

        • yeh well thts wah ive heard x n reeli i dont believe he had a crush on beyonce becos firstly it came from p.diddy n he wasnt david gest who was his best mate for life x i mean dont you think david had 2 notice somethin 2 say tht his mate mike had a crush on kelly x or mj mustve said somethin bout her x n beyonce i think he jus admired her work n had respect for her x i dont think tht was a crush x

          • David Gest also said Michael had a crush on Beyonce.

            • yeh x maybe he did like both x i think maybe he was trying to get to beyonce, so tht maybe he could ask for kellys number or something like tht x or maybe he likes one more than the other x

  6. Why are people arguing about if MJ had a crush on Kelly and Beyonce. Why is that even important at this point? Geez you people treat him like he was a kid or something.

    I think fans might have been spreading that rumor that he was dating Grace and that the bodyguards said it. I also heard that myself. I thought it was true. I guess it’s not?

    • The 3 BG have never said Grace was a girlfriend and neither has Matt Fiddes. There was some confusion over something the BG said on twitter to a fan but they were talking about the European “Friend” they’re gonna talk about in the book.

  7. I came to the conclusion that mj and grace were dating because ian berkley an mj photographer said that mj and grace were dating and were more like a married couple than anything. also, a bodyguard who refused to be named said that matt fiddes was referring to Grace as the girlfriend. the articles can be found through google.com.

    and the whole thing about kelly rowland, i remember David Gest did an interview with The Sun, in which he stated that “MJ favorite artists were eminem, black eye peas, beyonce and kelly rowland whom he had a crush on.” i have tried to find if there were anymore discussion from David Gest on the issue but there is none to my knowledge. I think it was probably a crush, like he discussed her alot, but not in the sense that he thought of asking her out or something. Probably just discussed her to David. It’s the fans that wanted it to be more. I’m only bringing this up to say that many michael fans have the habit of adding more to something than the facts. And that discussing mj or anyone people should state facts and not assume anything. not to sound harsh or anything.

    • Ian Barkley is a jack off, he believes Michael Jackson was using chemical injections to suppress his sexual interest in young boys.

  8. i am the last mj fan that treats the memory of michael with kid gloves. i actually loathed that about mj fans that many want to treat him like he was a porcelin doll. I just want people to state the facts from reliable sources, that’s it. Personally, i want the estate to cut through all this pristine image that the fans have of mj and show the real man. that is why i gravitate towards the stories from ola ray, theresa gonsalves because if you believe them or not they are two women that paint mj not as a childlike peter pan dressing up and playing make believe but a man that was sexual, and human. i respect them more than many of the other women who came forward, because they act as if mj was a tinkerbell so perfect. the imperfect michael is the one i want to know about, not the perfect micheal that in the end actually destroyed and killed him.

  9. Will you be doing a story on Shana and Grace any time soon rockforeveron?

    • Hey Wilma 😉 Shana I’ve already got pieces together… I could actually probably do an update for her this week, I’ll just have to block MJMedia/Mysteries from my site LOL

      Grace is so complicated she makes my head spin…

      • so rockforeveron do u kno wah ur next page is gna b on?x

  10. The Invincible signing, @3:05 I don’t understand???

    • Michael’s bodyguards had spotted a busty attractive woman with a really tight top approaching Michael’s table and so they alerted Michael to her (they seemed to do this a lot throughout the signing). It seemed like they knew Mike would like her so when they took her to the table the BG stood next to her was making this funny “wink wink” kind of face and said “I’ll say no more.” Mike got embarrassed and when she left he started giggling and so the BG teased him and called him a “dirty dog.”

      She was passing by the table again a little bit later at 3:45 and the BG started talking about her again in the background (“got an angel”) and Mike didn’t know who they were talking about so asked “is she hot?”

  11. What do you think about Romonica Harris???

    • She lied. She claims they were in a 5 year secret relationship from Thriller through to Bad and had a secret non-official “ceremony” together when she was about 15/16. It’s complete lies. She did it because she thought she was helping him. She’s connected to Randy.

      • yeh she is a liar x n she has got no proof tht her n mj had a relationship x she didnt even av a photo wiv him x

  12. Who is Romonica?

  13. Well,you ain’t helping by saying that Michael was messing with you while you were still a minor.

    • I think she at least tried to say they only had sex when she hit 16.

      I don’t think she realized most fans would do the maths. Anyway, it wasn’t true at all and that’s why no other media outlets ever picked it up.

  14. I’m so thrown by this. It’s too funny, but hated the commercials in the u-tube vids.

  15. and did you photoshop mike’s face onto that body? funny

    • yeah the person who did that has a lot of talent… It’s incredible…we should start worshipping that person, I bet she’s god.

  16. Hahaha, where can i find the “Titties” video? 😀 PLEASE TELL ME! I love all your posts they are AMAZING! Thank You so much! 🙂

  17. @rockonforever

    Can you feature the new stephanie mills interview in her archive?

    Stephanie recently did another interview and guess who’s name popped up again.

    She spilled more details then last time.

    She said they dated for a “good little while”

    She also said “I was ready to get married and he wasn’t ready to get married.”

  18. I believe romonica harris because it’s a known fact that michael jackson was extremely sheltered almost to the point where it was unhealthy. A director or producer who worked with him on the Thriller video admitted that at the time , MJ was physically a 25 years old man, but his maturity level was that of a 16 or 15 years old. And people close to him has said that he didn’t go about things like everyone else. So, it’s possible that he did date and become engage to Romonica Harris and didn’t see anything wrong with that, because he was still an adolescent mentally, and him being sheltered , he maynot have been aware that he was doing something illegal. And let’s be realistic, if she was a family friend and her parents knew about the relationship, why would they tell or be upset. It was a private matter and just because MJ didn’t come on and say, that he was once engage to a family friend and she was an underage friend, how would that look and how would his image go on from that point? he would have been destroyed in the media. I think that over the years his career and life was contolled by others to keep that golden boy image alive that made the industry billions. people forget that it isn’t unusual for many 25 years old men to date 16 years old girls. It’s funny that people deny Romonica claims yet, at the press conference to discuss the impending case she was at the press conference.

    And so what if MJ didn’t mention her, if she was underage at the time, that would have been a scandal? and papa joe, wasn’t down for that, messing his money. lol. Just like Ola Ray admitted that she and MJ were supposed to meet in Las Vegas, but never did, I pretty sure in that situation, someone got wind of the plans for the secret rendevous, and convinced MJ not to go, because of the possibility being caught with a playboy playmate, and the media would have destroyed him, cheating on Brooke Shields American sweetheart. Oh the consequences for MJ career. I think MJ gave up a real life, for fame and fortune.

    • People who know Michael say he was normal, a regular guy. People who worked with him from a distance say he was sheltered. Mike played up the innocent naive act. He was not the way he seemed, what could Mike possibly be sheltered from? He’d seen his brothers have sex, seen his father have sex, seen groupies come and go, had seen people do drugs, had seen lots of people around him get drunk and drink, people were cussing at him and treating him like an adult as a kid. He was sheltered from nothing.

      I can’t emphasise enough that there’s nothing to the Romonica Harris story. Nothing. Randy Jackson wanted her to speak. You will never ever hear any info on Romonica Harris again because she didn’t exist as any woman in his life.

  19. Michael Joseph Jackson, “King of Pop” are recognized as the legendary African-American singer, musician, composer, songwriter, dancer and pop star.

    Family of Jackson as the seventh of nine children born to Michael Jackson, Jackson 5 group, founded by his father’s life in 1964 at the age of 6 have been taken yet. Later, Off the Wall (1979), Thriller (1982), Bad (1987), Dangerous (1991), HIStory (1995) sold millions of solo albums, such as signing, Jackson won a great fame, and “King of Pop” (English: King of Pop) began to be called. Has sold 750 million albums worldwide. Is shown as one of the world’s best dancers. [5] [6] into the Guinness Book of Records in Jackson, especially in recent years, some health problems and scandals have emerged.

    Father of three children, Michael Jackson, the Los Angeles home on June 25, 2009 as a result of his illness, but kurtarılamamıştır hospitalized case of coma. Cause of death was cardiac arrest sanılsada, Forensic Medicine Institute in Los Angeles with his autopsy, the cause of death used in the treatment of insomnia is described as a powerful anesthetic drug propofol. Propofol and the sedative drugs lorazepam Jackson’s death is the most important causes of the recorded statement, Jackson’s blood, midazolam, diazepam, lidocaine, and ephedrine has been said, including drugs. Jackson’s lawyer, the murder of the event being Murray’a şüphenilmekle As of February 2010 ‘on charges of involuntary manslaughter’ case was opened.

  20. Also MJ bodyguards 2007-2009 said he was senting them to ask the phone number of the girl he liked. And during Invincible signing he asked Joanna Thomae’s phone number-it’s caught on camera

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  22. […] Michael Jackson Is a Pescatarian (via La Cienega Just Smiles) by mjlover4003 on June 18, 2011 Fish: code word for attractive women in Michael Jackson's vicinity. Fishing: the act of catching fish in your vicinity. LaToya’s Autiobiography on Mike as a teen, Back then, Michael was extremely outgoing, and a flirt too, probably from always being around older mucicians. We’d pass a pretty girl, and my brother would remark, “Boy, did you see the pair of cakes on her!” Or he’d steal peeks under dresses, then ask me with a giggle, “Guess what col … Read More […]

  23. “Boy, did you see the pair of cakes on her!” Or he’d steal peeks under dresses, then ask me with a giggle, “Guess what col … Read More

  24. Personally ppl i dont think it mattered who mj dated,THE ONLY REASON WHY THIS INFO IS HERE IS TO CLEAR OUT THE RUMORS,other than that thats his private buissness so chill, the main point here is that he is normal AND STRAIGHT! >> AND LIKE FULL GROWN WOMEN So dont argue over the situation plz it doesnt matter, if ur a decent fan u would know this…mj wouldnt want ya fighting over it

  25. Personally ppl i dont think it mattered who mj dated,THE ONLY REASON WHY THIS INFO IS HERE IS TO CLEAR OUT THE RUMORS,other than that thats his private buissness so chill, the main point here is that he is normal AND STRAIGHT! >> AND LIKE FULL GROWN WOMEN So dont argue over the situation plz it doesnt matter, if ur a decent fan u would know this…mj wouldnt want ya fighting over it his life is not some fantasy filled gossip by fans

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