1977 :: Amina Warsuma

August 25, 2010

At Studio 54, 1977

“Amina second from the left with scarecrow girls and Michael in Time magazine.

This picture was taken in black and white and in color by so many press photographers Amina was responsible for bringing the press in the dressing room that she shared with Michael and the other girls. Oops! she didn’t think it would make it this big! To be in Time magazine that is a big deal!”

“Amina and Michael dance the night away

Amina and Michael on the cover of a news paper they were the talk of the town and all through the night Amina manages to keep up with the king of Pop”

“Amina and Michael Jackson in Ebony Magazine History life issue Aug 2009

Amina Warsuma one of Michaels dancers second to the left smiling on her angel.”

Amina Warsuma worked on The Wiz with Michael Jackson. She was an original Apollo Theater fan from the the first night he auditioned and the whole week the Jackson 5 showed at the Apollo, Amina Warsuma was there with the Jacksons and hanging out with them in the back of the Apollo theater, sitting in Mr. Jackson’s Van.

Michael was a well behaved and well-mannered boy. He was 11 and Amina was 15. She and the Jackson 5 played dodgeball, volleyball and basketball in the the school yard across the street from the back of the Apollo Theater.

Amina and her friends went to all the theaters and hung out backstage with the Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5. The hooked up with Motown and Diana Ross and never came back to the Apollo. Amina went to Europe and became a top internation fashion model, dancer, and actress. Little did Amina know that ten years later she would be reunited with Michael Jackson on The Wiz and she was with him every night at Studio 54 dancing the night away. Amina also auditioned and got hired as one of Michael Jackson’s scarecrow girls to promote his album Going Places, which was released by CBS. Amina and Michael danced on the floor together at Studio 54. The press went wild and her pictures with Michael were all over the newspapers and in the magazines. Michael was very good to Amina Warsuma so she tells the stories of her and Michael Jackson’s adventures in New York and at Studio 54. She feels the song “Get On The Floor” was about her because she would get on the floor and dance with Michael at Studio 54. She got a chance to work with and dance with one of the greatest Entertainers in the World. At Studio 54 is where she met Janet, Katherine, and Latoya for the first time. Michael was a part of her fate and she regrets the loss because she has a first hand account of Mr. Jackson and Michael and his family and the happiness they brought her and Michael was very good to her and gave her a lot of happiness and she will never forget him. If you look through the archives you will probably find newspaper clippings of Amina and Michael. She was his scarecrow woman and muse and she will never forget Michael Jackson. She also dances with Liza Minnelli at the Paris Versalle. Those pictures were in Vogue.



  1. She was beautiful. MJ had some bad sistas in his lifetime. lol. and people think that he didn’t like the chocolate. that man had a sweet tooth,lol. the young lady’s name sound african, i wonder if liberian girl is about her. The song liberian girl, was written by Michael during The Jacksons era, but never was used, so he reworked it for the Bad Era.

    • Actually it was originally called Pyramid Girl and it was going to be for the Jacksons Victory album, but he renamed it and put it on Bad.

      Thanx for the new entry, Laci!! And about your requests I think I already posted a while back who I wanna see[Iman, Siedah, etc.] I wanna know about his black ladies.

      And just out of curiosity would you ever do an entry on the mysterious “S”. I’d understand if you didn’t, but I suppose she’d be best under the rumours section, since we don’t exactly have solid proof that she exists???????

      • S would be interesting to do just to watch the discussion about it unfold

        It’s such a messy conspiracy laden story. If I were gonna talk about them I’d want to mention the fact that they only seemed to have come into existance after he died, how they get Scott’s name wrong repeatedly, why they refuse to let people listen to them, why they refuse to let people share the transcripts, why timelines of what is said on the tapes don’t seem to match timelines of the real tapes, MJ’s life and the timelines of other people mentioned, and about how people on the internet have been talking about a Muslim woman named “Sabah” that Michael dated sometime in the 90s since about 2003 and all the crazy stories those people used to (and still do) post about her and all these other crazy things related to it. I think they’re even saying Sabah or “S” is actually a “T” now LOL and then there are the people who claim to be Glenda’s sister and all kinds of things… It’s SUCH a mess…. but it’d be interesting to see if those people would come and post here, if I could ask them why the story is so filled with fuckery it’d be great…..

        • LOL definitely something interesting to witness. I read them S ones a while back but someone the blogger deleted them from her site though.

          • Maybe I should make a whole blog dedicated to the S mystery just to sit back and watch random supposed relatives of Glenda and this S/T/Sabah/crazy turn up and make drama….

        • Waaaah? I never heard of that. LMAO What the hell is a S and T? S is for Sabah and who does T stan for? I heard about the supposed unreleased telephone convos that someone supposedly has but I never heard of a S. But I wouldn’t be surprised if all of it was fake. Some people are just are so damn obsessed with Michael having sex with somebody that they will actually start making up people that never exist to make it seem like they have the low down on his affairs when they are just mad they still don’t know sh*t. Michael never said he was going to make it easy for us to figure him out lol. You take these things one step at a time and it takes a lot of skills and patience to get bits of info to put the puzzle together.

  2. Wow! You have done it again. Your research skills are stellar. I’ve seen 2 of these photos floating around the web, I knew they were part of “The Wiz” promotion and that they were taken at Studio 54, but I didn’t have much information about the dancers who were with him other than they were afiliated with “The Wiz”, but didn’t know if it was the show or the movie. There are photos from that same night where he’s wearing the same outfit and he’s dancing with Diana Ross who is wearing a great white pants-suit. This is my personal favorite Michael era because I love that the core of the disco era was the time that he moved away from home for the first time (even if it was only temporary). Studio 54 was a legendary club and it was no surprise that he would hang out there enjoying the atmosphere. I love that he was free to explore the city, to be free of his father’s tyranny, to meet new friends on Broadway (girlfriends, too) and just be a “Native New Yorker” which was a hit song right at this time as well.

    There is a video of him being interviewed with the owner of the club Steve Rubell, by Jane Pauley. I’d love it if you add the video, this is the link:

    • It seems the link posted the video on it’s on. Also, Oops! The night Diana Ross was with him wasn’t the same night. She was with him the night of the “Beatlemania” premiere when he’s wearing the brown velvet suit. I wish I could post that photo in here. If you don’t have it and want it, I can email it to you, just let me know.

  3. Oh Mike…beautiful!!!! Could it be that this Amina was the other older woman from the Glenda tapes? Also, is anyone familiar with his relationship with Sediah Garrett? Could she be the one who wanted to be/meet with him one on one? NoW you all have me wondering? Kudos to the author of this site!!! So much valuable info about Mike!!!!! Although I’m sad that there was such a misunderstanding btwn Mike and the black community. He was very shy and then add his physical ills and fame, the medialoid…I don’t know if regular sistas would have had a chance to get to understand him. Damn.

    • She isn’t the older woman on the tapes. I doubt Siedah was “Melissa,” but I like finding out about Siedah’s friendship with MJ.

  4. o i heard tht MJ and sideh were in the studio jus rehearsin a song n MJ kissed her lol x is tht true? i also heard he asked vanessa williams out n she had 2 say no cos she was married x someone said tht this is true becoz she talks about it in an interview . does any1 kno where i can find it?x

    • The Siedah thing is a rumour, the Vanessa Williams thing is true, she talked about it ages ago but I’ve never been able to find a direct quote, hopefully someday someone will find one or she’ll talk about it again.

      • ok thankz x ill look for it x if u do find it would u b able 2 giv me the link thank u x

  5. ahahahaha. MJ looks like a pimp. Love it

  6. Umm…the model on Michael’s far right in the new color photo you just posted above…uh…umm…she’s totally falling out of her costume. I wonder why Ebony magazine didn’t catch that in the editing process. Anyway, in the age of internet, it’s just an added bonus. She’s beautiful and I’m sure Mike didn’t mind. Ah, yes. I miss the disco era.



  9. Well she does have an african name, so who knows? Liberian Girl was originally written for a Jacksons record, but never made it, so mj re-worked it and put it on his BAD cd. it could be about amina, or another woman. MJ was very fond of Africa, and admitted that he spent alot of time in Africa, so it’s a possibility that MJ wrote that song about his love for Africa the continent, African women in general, or a particular African goddess he fell for. I would like to think that LBG is about a romantic love he had with a liberian woman, that he kept secret.

    On a liberian messageboard, someone claims that mj was dating a liberian actress or singer, and it’s about her. this song is a mystery.

  10. I love ‘The Cliff Notes’-thanx for creating ’em-I think it’s awesome!

  11. has anyone seen a lil’ more recent video of Amina Warsuma when she mentions MJ in an interview she has done ’bout her life in showbiz? She kind of like just throws him in there & then this guy who interviews her picks up on that & says somethin’ like u can’t just say Michael Jackson & not share w/us ’bout him. Then she shares how it was being ’round MJ & etc. but I would luv to know what she meant in this lil’ more recent interview when she said something to the effect, ‘but he did have his princples & etc.’ I wonder what she meant by, ‘princples’? Or morals-something like that she said! Does anyone else know?

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