Michael Jackson Is Innocent

August 9, 2010

Various links relating to the facts about the Michael Jackson 1993 allegations and the 2005 Court Case


a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.


lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact


a truth known by actual experience or observation; something known to be true

The 1993 Allegations

Most media outlets are touting Chandler as ‘the father of the boy who accused Jackson of child molestation’. Wrong. Chandler was the father who accused Jackson of molesting his son after the star refused to negotiate script-writing deals for him.

The initial allegations against Jackson were made not by Jordie Chandler but by his father Evan, in spite of Jordie’s insistence that Jackson never touched him inappropriately, a stance that the boy maintained for several months.

By 1980, when their son was born, the couple’s marriage was in trouble. “One of the reasons June left Evan was because of his temper,” a family friend says. They divorced in 1985. The court awarded sole custody of the boy to his mother and ordered Chandler to pay $500 a month in child support, but a review of documents reveals that in 1993, when the Jackson scandal broke, Chandler owed his ex-wife $68,000—a debt she ultimately forgave.

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The document also shows that the Chandlers dropped the child molestation allegations from their complaint (first through six causes were regarding molestation):

“Forthwith upon the signing of this Confidential Settlement by the Parties hereto, the Minor through his Guardian ad Litem shall dismiss, without prejudice, the first through sixth causes of action of the complaint on file in the Action, leaving only the seventh cause of action pending.”

“The Parties recognize that the Settlement Payment set forth in this paragraph 3 are in settlement of claims by Jordan Chandler, Evan Chandler and June Chandler for alleged compensatory damages for alleged personal injuries arising out of claims of negligenceand not for claims of intentional or wrongful acts of sexual molestation.”

“Now, the one you’re talking about never showed up. He’s the one who got a settlement in the early 90s. Now my understanding is that prosecutors tried to get him to show up and he wouldn’t. If he had, I had witnesses who were gonna come in and say he told them it never happened and that he would never talk to his parents again for what they made him say. It turned out he had gone to court and had legal emancipation from his parents. His mother testified and said she hadn’t talked to him in 11 years. So, you know, there was a problem there as well.”

Stuff like this makes me think that freedom of speech is severely over-rated. I take issue with Stacy Brown, especially, as he called me constantly during early 2004 – trying to get in touch with Jordan Chandler (now that Michael Jackson’s trial is over, I have no problem saying I went to school with him at NYU). Stacy was under the impression that I was Jordan’s girlfriend (*gag* *vomit*) because somebody who shall remain nameless thought she could get in with MJ’s “camp” by indirectly leading them to Jordan. I told Stacy that I wasn’t his girlfriend, merely an acquaintance who went to school, had classes with him and heard him say certain things…although he pushed me to say more. Stacy was nothing but effusive in his praise of Michael Jackson at the time.

Her name on the witness list:

Feldman said he filed a motion in court that is a “multiple choice” request: Jackson may provide copies of the police photographs, submit to a second search, or the court may bar the photographs from the civil trial as evidence.

The autopsy confirmed that Michael was uncircumcised:

DK:  You dispute the sodium amytal theory….you said that you were the only one because you saw something entirely different take place and by that you are meaning what you witnessed as far as this plan coming into place?

They made it look like they just happened to take the boy to the psychiatrist and that’s where he got the information, the psychiatrist got the information. Then I’m hearing the sodium thing, so I said, first you said the psychiatrist is the one that got the information and then now you’re saying, the father put him under a truth serum and I’m like, which one is it?

It’s crucial to note a few more things regarding the Sodium Amytal – first Evan performing dental procedures  and being willing to ply his own son with a controversial drug for non medical purposes is disturbing in and of itself and secondly and most importantly, a precedent had already been set with regards to testimony under the use of the drug with The People Vs Kelly in 1975: Evan Chandler knew that his son would never be allowed to testify in court.

The court of Appeal held that the Kelly rule applied to exclude testimony of a person whose memory has been affected by a sodium amytal interview.

EVAN: “And if I go through with this, I win big-time. There’s no way I lose. I’ve checked that inside out. I will get everything I want, and they will be destroyed forever. June will lose [custody of the son]…and Michael’s career will be over.”

SCHWARTZ: “Does that help [the boy]?”

EVAN: “That’s irrelevant to me. It’s going to be bigger than all of us put together. The whole thing is going to crash down on everybody and destroy everybody in sight. It will be a massacre if I don’t get what I want.”

Dimond said Chandler, who was also bipolar, did not take care of his condition.

“This family did not fall apart right after the settlement,” Gutierrez told ABCnews.com. “This family was dysfunctional way before.”

“I have stories about that guy that I have never even published. He was about as inconsistent as they come. He was so determined to get me on his side, I thought he was just a tad scary. If you read my book you sort of get how I felt — feel — about him. When it came out, he called me screaming at me for not just buying his story 100%. He actually threatened me, and I thought… okay, pal, now I know who you really are.”

The grand jury in the Michael Jackson investigation has been disbanded, and one jury member said no damaging evidence was heard. Jackson’s attorney said he believes no criminal charges will ever be filed.

I said, “you don’t understand how serious this is. Your dad [Evan Chandler] is going to accuse Michael of sexual molestation. He going to say all kinds of stuff.” He [Jordie] says, “Yeah, my dad’s trying to get money.”

Mr. Chandler filed papers in Superior Court seeking legal emancipation from his parents. (March 28 2005: 1108 Arguments)

43. As an additional direct and proximate result of Defendant Jackson’s and others’ material breach of the agreement as herein alleged, and because of the need to repair the reputation of the Plaintiff, Plaintiff seeks the equitable remedy of an order to allow him to publish and cause to be distributed to the public for sale a certain musical composition entitled “EVANstory.” This album will include such songs as: “D.A. Reprised”: “You Have No Defense (For My Love)”; “Duck Butter Blues”; “Truth”; and other songs.

“After hearing the facts about the captioned victim, FBI officials told the California prosecutors “that a Federal case could still be pursued.” To that that end, the bureau officially opened a case and dispatched two agents to meet with Chandler at a New York City hotel in September 2004 (Chandler’s name was redacted from documents released today by the FBI). But Chandler, now 29, told investigators he “had no interest in testifying against Jackson” and “advised that he would legally fight any attempt to do so.”

“Raymond Chandler, the uncle of the young man who received the 1993 settlement from Jackson, said in an interview on NBC’s “Today” show Monday morning that his nephew had left the country to avoid testifying because he does not wish to have his life further exposed to the public. Santa Barbara County officials spent months investigating his claims of abuse but were forced to drop the case when the boy refused to cooperate.” (March 29, 2005: Source)

Appearing chastened, Jordan’s weeping mother gave evidence for the prosecution, and he was expected to do the same.He never took the stand, however, and attempted to evade the spotlight by staying in a Nevada ski chalet, accompanied by a group of friends, including singer Sonnet Simmons (a Greek-American he had met at school).

Tracked down there, he was photographed on the slopes, wearing an apparently carefree smile and chic designer skiwear, and cruelly branded a coward in some quarters for refusing to testify.

June Chandler testified in ’05 and made NO allegation of wrongdoing. June Chandler also didn’t recount anecdotes of Jackson with other boys.Her ex-brother-in-law Ray Chandler, who wrote the book “All That Glitters” on the subject, assured the press that she would regale the jury with such stories. None came.

A week later, on September 19, 2004 Michael Jackson’s defense team subpoenaed Ray Chandler as a “custodian of documents” on the basis of which the book was written with the idea to examine them in court. The subpoena was called “Duces Tecum” which means that the subpoena requests “the evidence (documents) be brought with the person”.

Everyone would expect Ray Chandler to jump at the chance to present his documents to the jury to finally nail down the “predator” and have him imprisoned for the rest of his life, but….

… but then a strange thing happened. Instead of collecting his documents and rushing with them to court Ray Chandler first asked for a 20 days extension of the period within which he was obliged to respond to the subpoena. In the meantime he (a lawyer himself) turned to a law firm which subsequently made an objection to the subpoena, supporting their case by a whole set of arguments totaling some 70 pages – all of them to the effect that it was absolutely impossible and totally unnecessary for Ray Chandler to go to court and submit his priceless documents there.

  • So it was the defence who subpoenaed him… if he had such incriminating information and was so enraged by what had happened to his nephew why weren’t the prosecution interested in him taking the stand? Why wasn’t he interested in taking the stand himself? Another mystery. And isn’t it amazing how confident Michael was in his innocence that he demanded the release of these documents himself?
  • Also of note: In the book he reveals that Evan Chandler once walked in on Michael Jackson placing his hands on Jordie Chandler’s crotch. This is interesting because in this same book Raymond reveals how abusive and violent Evan towards people such as June’s ex husband Schwartz and an ex-wife. This goes on top of the claims by people like JRT who say Evan threatened them and we even know he physically assaulted his own son in 2005… but supposedly at this point in the story Evan quietly and calmly tip -toed out of the room and allowed Michael to continue to molest his son. He also didn’t seem concerned about calling the police. He was just happy to let his son be molested and then go on to ask Michael if he could try to produce some scripts for him. So we all know the price of what his son’s mental health was… a good movie deal…
  • Why were Evan Chandler and Lily Chandler not involved in the court case? Evan Chandler seemed keen to put himself through two lawsuits in the 90s against Michael and yet he was disinterested in taking the stand against him in 2005? He claimed to have actively witnessed his son being molested and yet he wasn’t called to testify? And why has Lily Chandler never been brought up? She spent time and had as much access to Michael as Jordie. She could be seen being carried by Michael on several occasions.

“The judge found that plaintiff had proved that he and his father, the defendant, were members of the same household when defendant struck him on the head from behind with a twelve and one-half pound weight and then sprayed his eyes with mace or pepper spray and tried to choke him. The judge also found that the weight could cause serious bodily injury or death.”

He also seems to have been friendless, and so totally estranged from his family that, when I spoke to Raymond Chandler on Wednesday, he was waiting to hear about the funeral arrangements – unaware that his brother had already been cremated.

‘Actually, there was no one there,’ said a member of staff at the Jersey City funeral home which organised the service.

‘We were instructed that no one would want to go. It was very sad. They still haven’t decided what to do with the ashes.’

This is one of the songs he has written for his girlfriend, Sonnet Simmons.

2005 Court Case

Hi, I’m Michael Jackson, the most selective pedophile in the world. While most child molesters have hundreds of victims, I have a one boy every ten years average. The thing is, I’m only attracted to kids who have greedy, lawsuit-happy parents. Remember back in 1993? Let me refresh your memory.

Evan Chandler, the father of my first victim, demanded $20 million in return for his silence. I had every intention of paying him off eventually but I decided to let him turn me in first. I figured it would be fun to be publicly humiliated, strip searched, investigated by the police and all that other great stuff that comes along with being accused of sexual abuse.There was that little problem of going to jail but luckily for me, I came up with this brilliant plan to pay the boy not to testify (gee, what a concept! I wish I’d thought of this when Evan Chandler first tried to blackmail me).It seems, however, that there’s a typo in the settlement document because apparently it says that the boy and his family could have still testified against me in a criminal trial… WHOOPS!

Taking Rothman’s advice, Chandler phoned therapist Mathis Abrams and presented him with a hypothetical situation. Dr. Abrams wrote back saying that under the circumstances, “reasonable suspicion would exist that sexual abuse may have occurred.” Abrams had never met Jackson or the boy; he was merely responding to Chandler’s hypothetical situation (presumably the sleepovers).

Using this report, Chandler tried to blackmail Jackson. He made a demand for $20 million but was turned away by the Jackson camp. Remember, if Michael Jackson had paid him at this point, the entire investigation would have been avoided.

Daily Variety described the Jackson story as “a godsend for… media outlets, particularly cable news channels and local stations looking to pump up Nielsen numbers in the final week of the all-important November sweeps.”

Daily Variety was right. Celebrity-oriented news shows saw figures spike when the Jackson story hit. Viewing figures for Access Hollywood were up 10% on the previous week. Entertainment Tonight and Extra both achieved season best audience numbers and Celebrity Justice also enjoyed an 8% rise.

The children’s mother told investigators that Jackson was “like a father to the children and a part of her family.” While acknowledging that her son “has slept in the same room as the entertainer,” the woman claimed “they did not share a bed. The entertainer would sleep on the floor,” according to the November 26 memo.

The contract, written as a letter, says it’s an agreement between the tabloid and the Newts for their exclusive story regarding “your relationship with and knowledge of Michael Jackson, and his sexuality, your knowledge of Michael Jackson’s sexual contact and attempts at sexual contact with Robert Newt and others.”

Mitteager expected them to sign, even though it was completely untrue and there was, in fact, no story.

He knew you were lying, I reminded Bobby Newt.

“Exactly! And he didn’t care! He was like, ‘Just say it and we’ll give you the money.’ And I was like, ‘He never touched me!” Newt said. “He was really fishing and really digging. Think about it — most people you say it to, ‘We’ll give you this money,’ even [if it’s not true]. And they’d take it.”

Prosecutors and defense attorneys in the molestation trial of Michael Jackson have interviewed a former teacher of the alleged victim, and sources tell ABC News that the teacher claims that the accuser told him that “nothing happened” between himself and “The King of Pop.”

  • Despite Gavin Arvizo himself having testified himself that he didn’t share a bed with Michael, this goes largely unreported:

MESEREAU:  And when you say you stayed there the first night, is that the night you described where Michael Jackson and Frank slept on the floor, and you and your brother slept on the bed? Is that what you’re talking about?
GAVIN: Yes, I believe so. …
GAVIN: I think it was like we only stood there that one night, and then after that, we stood in our units or something. Because I think that’s the only night I slept in his room, the first night.
MESEREAU: Okay. You said after that, you had stayed in the guest units?

According to a DCFS report, when three agency representatives arrived at her boyfriend’s L.A. home for the FEBRUARY 20 interviews, the mother “immediately went over to the VCR and started to play a video” showing her older son with Jackson. The social workers watched as Jackson and the boy were seen walking through Neverland, riding on the ranch’s train, sitting on a blanket, and watching swan’s in the estate’s lake. The woman described Jackson as “like a father” to her children and said he “was an important part of [her son]’s recovery from cancer.” In separate interviews, the three siblings also repeated the “like a father” line, with the older brother [Gavin] becoming upset when social worker Karen Walker asked if he had ever been touched inappropriately. “People think that something’s happened sexually between Michael and me,” he answered. “That’s not true.” His sister got “teary eye,” according to the DCFS report, when she defended Jackson as “so kind and loving.” The youngest boy said that trips to Neverland “make me real happy. We have fun with Michael, we all give each other nicknames. My name is Blowhole, like the fish.”

The boy described in a magazine article as having been supplied by one of Jackson‘s people with three soda cans filled with wine to the point where he became sick. His father, according to the article, was so furious he immediately ended talks with Jackson about a theme park venture.

TAIBBI (on camera): How much, if any of it, is true?

MATSUURA: Absolutely zero. Besides the fact of Michael Jackson coming to Japan in ‘98 and actually giving a press conference about this theme park business, all the other allegations and statements made about his trip to Japan in ‘98 are completely false, completely false.

“I believe Tom Sneddon should be serving time in prison. You cannot falsify evidence and then just say “oh, we lost the case.” He had that boy put his hands on the magazine in front of the Grand Jury. And the reason we know that is because the alert Tom Mesereau, the defense attorney, got the jury transcript and one of the grand juror’s said, “shouldn’t that young boy be wearing gloves?” Then, after the Grand Jury, they sent it out for finger prints analysis. So when did the boy get his finger print on the magazine, when the boy testified that he hadn’t even been at Neverland for months when the magazine was published? Yet he claimed that was the magazine Michael Jackson gave him in bed. And Tom Sneddon directed all that testimony. ”

But NBC News has obtained more than 100 pages of documents not on the public record, including defense deposition excerpts and psychiatric reports and the documents give a far more detailed version of J.C. Penney‘s case. That the psychiatrist hired by Penney‘s found the mother to be schizophrenic and delusional and severely depressed. Sad over being a nobody, she‘d said, a sad housewife getting fat, even though her own therapist found her to be anxious and depressed after the incident, but not delusional.

Penney‘s says that more than two years after the incident, the mother added on the charge that one security guard had also fondled her breasts and pelvic area for up to seven minutes. And that Penney‘s psychiatrist said she rehearsed her two sons to back up her far-fetched story in what sounded like scripted copies of her testimony that they and she had all suffered broken bones, in addition to her sexual assault. Penney‘s insist there was no evidence to back up any of the allegations.

One of those bombshells is the mother’s history of coaching her children to lie to authorities. Halpern revealed documents from an earlier LA Child Services investigation (not the one dealing with the Jackson “case”) where the children—away from the mother’s presence–first claimed that their father never hit them or their mother. At the time, they told Child services workers that their father was never violent.

When Child Services came back for a follow up interview—with the mother—the children’s stories suddenly changed. They alleged all kinds of abuse towards them and their mother; the sister at one point claiming her father broke her tailbone, although it’s unclear if any medical records were provided as proof of this.

Janet: You know how Bashir zoomed in on them holding hands? Do the same thing here. Because that’s what a mother does with a son or a father does with a son, you know? And they tried to make it out to be something wrong and dirty.

Interviewer: The hand holding, how did that make you-

Janet: Oh, we’re on camera?

Interviewer: Yeah.

Gavin: We are?

Janet: Oh god! (laughing) This is the out takes of the out takes!

Allowing your children to talk, unsupervised, with a reporter is suspicious enough. But, according the Daily News, this is an allegedly abused child by Jan 31, who apparently wasn’t so distraught and traumatized that he couldn’t go on a shopping trip with a reporter. What will the excuse be to cover up this little excursion? Will that reporter now be accused of child abduction by the family as a way to explain-away those actions?

82 hetero and sapphic porn magazines, 1700 heterosexual pornographic images on just one of the four hard drives in his bedroom, 8 DVDs, Dozens of Photos of Naked Women (some reported to be famous), an article on the G spot and one on the Second G-Spot.

  • These are the perfectly legal art books, amongst 10,000 that he owned, that the prosecution claimed he had used in order to groom young children. Other than these books being indicative of nothing sinister unless you find photography of children playing or men dressed as Peter Pan offensive, of course, funnily enough, no child had ever claimed that Michael Jackson had ever shown or used these books with them in any way. Also very important to note: these books were taken when Neverland was raided back in 1993 – no new such books were found in the raid in 2003.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

  • The only “gay” material he had was a photographic book about male sexuality from 1961, “Man: A Sexual Study of Man.” In amongst his 10,000 books and at least 1800 pornographic items, this was what truly got Michael Jackson off. Maybe nobody told him that more gay material had been published since then? Among the crazies who believe that hetero porn isn’t indicative of sexuality (there are penises in hetero porn and apparently this is what they’re certain MJ was attracted to; ignore how they manage to patronize and misunderstand homosexuality by suggesting such things), but imagine if this had been the other way around: at least 1800 homoerotic pornographic pieces dating to 1991, evidence of Michael asking gay porn stars to sign copies of gay magazines, articles he had cut out and kept on pleasuring other men and then in admist his 10,000 books they had found one photographic book involving heterosexual sex from 1961. I imagine his porn would suddenly be considered extremely indicative of his sexual interests then, huh?

In all of these pages, 100’s of pages, many many hours of investigation, going to the Philippines, going to Chicago, going all over the country, there’s not one scrap of evidence that Michael Jackson ever harmed a child, did anything wrong, committed any crime. It’s almost a vindication when you look at this. The FBI looked at all of these matters and said “there’s nothing here,” and I think that’s the most startling thing which I’ve seen.

The DA even brought in the FBI for assistance. But the Bureau’s examination of all the computers seized from Neverland found nothing in April 2004 — ten months before Jackson’s trial. They went through a bunch of computers seized at the ranch, and ran “keyword searches” through them, looking for kiddie pornography. They came up with 18 pages of nothing.



10 Q. Mr. Brown, what I think the prosecutor just

11 elicited is the following: When he[BOB JONES] was broke, he

12 said there was licking. And when he didn’t have

13 financial problems, he said there wasn’t any, right?

14 A. Well, if that’s how you —

15 Q. Right?

16 A. — break it down, yeah, I guess.

17 MR. MESEREAU: Thank you.

18 MR. AUCHINCLOSS: No further questions.

“In 37 years [as a prosecutor], I’ve never quibbled with a jury’s verdict, and I’m not going to start today,” Sneddon said. (Legal reaction)

Asked if the acquittal ends California’s prosecution of Jackson, Sneddon replied, “No comment.”

When I brought up MJ, she started to break down because she was Gavin’s ex girlfriend and she told me how he went around bragging how he accused michael of molesting him and everyone thought he was soo cool. But he slipped up and told her the story was made up, so when she caught him cheating on her she went around and told everybody that. He currently trains at a gym called LA boxing and does MMA. He used to go to Georgia Military College but he transferred to Georgia State and is taking a course in business. He goes by Anton Jackson (Jackson is his step father’s last name), David Jackson, Anton Arvizo or Gavin Arvizo. His brother goes by Starr Jackson or Starr Arvizo.”

She provided these recent facebook photos (Sept 2009):

Simmons alleged that Jackson was on tape ordering alcohol for children and that during the star’s 2005 trial a travel agent had testified to importing Brazilian boys for Jackson’s amusement. He also claimed that a musician friend had quit a Jackson tour after seeing ‘boys coming out of the hotel rooms.’

What followed was a classic example of copy and paste journalism. Within hours the story had been duplicated by hundreds of blogs, forums and news websites from Australia to India to the USA. None of them had fact-checked the story before they re-hosted it. Jackson was never on tape ordering alcohol for children. There was never any testimony during his trial about young Brazilian boys. Both of these claims were easily disproven by trial transcripts.

On average, a molester with pedophilia commits 70.8 molestation acts.

The number of child victims and acts per molester depended on whether the molester targeted girls, boys or both. Those molesting only girls averaged 5.2 victims and 34.2 acts. Those molesting only boys averaged 10.7 victims and 52 acts. Those molesting both averaged 27.3 victims and 120.9 acts.

Note: Michael Jackson had access to a staggering amount of children, numbering thousands. So after extensive and exhaustive searches for these children, where are these other children he molested? What about his neices and nephews? Those were the children he had the most access to and yet they and his family have always remained steadfastly by him. But if you have any credible information I suggest you contact Sneddon or a good journalist ASAP: they’ve been waiting 20 years for your call.

  • Information from the following regarding Michael:

Macauley Culkin
Jonathan Spence
Frank Tyson/Cascio
Corey Feldman
Brett Barnes
Wade Robson
Evan Ross
Emmanuel Lewis
Omer Bhatti
Kidada Jones

Mark Ronson
Sean Lennon
Gotham Chopra

Aaron Carter
Ryan White
20 of Michael’s neices and nephews including 3T (who have since repeatedly linked to Charles Thomson’s blog) and Jermaine, Jackie, Randy and Rebbie’s children

Other kids:

Bob Good who befriended Michael in 79
David Smithee, visited Michael in 84
Anton Glanzelius, visited Michael in 87
Billy, Lana and Tamil Ramirez, stayed with Michael in 88
David Sonnet, visited Neverland in 92
Ahmad Elatab, visited Neverland 97-2003


  1. This is a great site! I bet it took you a long time to compile all of this research unto one page, but it was well worth it! It’s very informative. Newer MJ fans who aren’t familiar with the allegations will find this page very useful, and they’ll be thankful for it.

    Just one piece of advice: for the full transcript of the Evan Chandler telephone call, you have a link to Ray Chandler’s website (even though his name isn’t on it, trust me it’s him!). I think it would be better if you used the Vindicate MJ blog, because some newer MJ fans may browse Ray’s website and actually think MJ may be guilty. The Vindicate MJ blog discredited much of the info on that site.



    • Raymond Chandler has a website he tries to lure MJ fans into? :/ The man is scum.

      Changed it, thanks for letting me know. 🙂

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  3. There is so much information here that one has to actually READ the facts. Thank you for compiling it for all the M.J. fans to be able to see the FACTS. It is very interesting about the number of victims a pedophile averages. Again I wonder out of all those children he was around, why is there only 2 boys and of those 2 boys both had parents who wanted something from Michael. I hope more people read this and Michael is vindicated and those who “know” he is guilty change thier minds.

    • You’re welcome.

      It really is totally unreasonable. You end up with these crazed haters insisting that Macauley, Brett, Frank, Emmanuel, Jimmy, James etc were all molested they’re just too ~~in love~~ with Michael to confess or that they were in someway paid off. Do they have any evidence for any of that? No, of course not.

  4. Once again excellent work girl, you never cease to amaze me with the info you gather..good on you. I would love every newspaper in the world to print this page but I know that’s not going to happen. I actually shed tears again reading some of this, although I knew it all from memory..it’s good to have it all written down on one page for referance and ammunition when I get defensive of the man I have loved for nearly 40 years, and am still totally heartbroken over losing.

  5. thank you for putting all the info together.

  6. Kitty you never cease to impress me you know! This & Charles Thomson’s article are the best I’ve seen handling this subject!

    “Hi, I’m Michael Jackson, the most selective pedophile in the world. While most child molesters have hundreds of victims, I have a one boy every ten years average. The thing is, I’m only attracted to kids who have greedy, lawsuit-happy parents. Remember back in 1993? Let me refresh your memory.

    Evan Chandler, the father of my first victim, demanded $20 million in return for his silence. I had every intention of paying him off eventually but I decided to let him turn me in first. I figured it would be fun to be publicly humiliated, strip searched, investigated by the police and all that other great stuff that comes along with being accused of sexual abuse. There was that little problem of going to jail but luckily for me, I came up with this brilliant plan to pay the boy not to testify (gee, what a concept! I wish I’d thought of this when Evan Chandler first tried to blackmail me). It seems, however, that there’s a typo in the settlement document because apparently it says that the boy and his family could have still testified against me in a criminal trial… WHOOPS!”

    ^^^LOL! I love this part! What you did here putting it so succinctly, so glaringly obvious, yet simple & upfront was perfect!

    • You’re welcome!

      LOL That’s the one article I always quote to people who start going on acting like the allegations had any merit:

      For the next ten years I went cold turkey. That all changed after a little documentary called “Living with Michael Jackson” aired. I knew the kid who was shown on the documentary for almost two years and never touched him until after I paraded him around on national television and talked about our innocent, non-sexual sleepovers. Then everybody started saying that something sexual was going on and I thought, “Hey that’s not a bad idea. But shit, he’ll probably turn me in if I molest him so let me hire a lawyer first.” Then I called Mark Geragos and asked him to defend me in a crime that I hadn’t committed yet.

      Once I had the right legal representation, everything was set. The family and I were still on friendly terms at this point but I kidnapped them all, stole their furniture and forced them to say nice things about me on camera. Why did I go to all that trouble? Well, I wanted to improve my image after the Martin Bashir documentary aired (don’t ask how the furniture fits into all of this). For some reason, however, I didn’t include the footage of the family in my rebuttal video to Bashir’s documentary…kinda defeats the purpose of my kidnapping scheme, huh? After getting their statements on tape, I then molested the boy even though the whole point of the conspiracy was to convince the world that I wasn’t a child molester. Wrap your mind around that one.

      That’s always the part of the case that kills me. Covering for a crime he hadn’t even commited yet and deciding to molest the kid whilst actually being investigated for the shits and giggles of it.

      • HA HA! You just KILL ME with this stuff! Love the sarcasm!

  7. Thank you, you did a great job as always. Much has been written on the subject already, but you prepared a good summary of the most important points and gave lots of interesting links. Though I must admit it’s always hard to read about what people did to Michael. Especially the part about the media making up stories – it makes me sick in the stomach.

    One thing I still can’t under understand is HOW did it happen that Michael’s insurance company could negotiate the settlement without his consent? It seems like a minor detail, but ultimately it was crucial, and it just goes against any common sense.

    • Remember to keep in mind that the Chandler’s changed their charges to that of negligence which is covered by the insurance company (they knew this would be the easiest way to get money basically).

      It was in their favour if he settled. They were his liability insurance and if he’d had to go to court the costs from continuing to take time out from touring, creating music, promotional work and the lost revenue caused by the damage to his brand from that PR nightmare would have cost his insurance company more money than the amount they actually settled for. Michael Jackson was an investment for them.

      Court cases cost a lot of money and it can be much cheaper to settle, it’s why JC Pennys settled with the Arviso’s and why lots of major companies are willing to settle for things that haven’t been proven.

      You also have to remember that MJ did maintain his innocence and sign the papers. So initially MJ didnt want the settlement but he was later advised that it would be beneficial. He wanted to fight. That’s why he asked for the criminal trial to go first, but they refused.

      • Thank you so much, the truth shall set him free. I just that more people would open their eyes. *sigh*

      • Good points, thanks.

  8. To the moderators and owners of this blog, I wanted to know would you ever post the Steve Harvey Michael Jackson Interview on this site. It is so funny, and MJ is so cool. It’s funny, Steve Harvey gives this big intro, and the co-hosts, Shirley Strawberry and Nautica De la Cruz, is screaming real loud. Steve is like, Mike you hear that, and MJ is like yeah i know. it was so funny, because MJ was being all man at that point. lol. he was luvin every minute of it. And then he starts flirting with Shirley Strawberry. MJ is like, Shirley you look nice . Then he’s like you look good Shirley. That was so cute. MJ being flirtatious. MJ was surprisingly more masculine doing that interview than his previous ones.

    It is own Youtube.

    • Link please?

  9. Youtube:

    Steve Harvey Interviewing Michael Jackson
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3

  10. I’m sorry I just have to comment again-I know here I go again w/my mouth! But no, seriously,Im so glad that you added on ’bout this as well-I’ve have had a really hard time tryin’ to find all there was based on this subject over those cases & the transcript in Sept. ’94 ’bout Pellicano & Jordan Chandler talkin’ ’bout MJ & Evan was one of the major ones that I had found one time but was unable to find again to take notes! Now that’s to use over puttin’ everythin’ together in one site makes so much easier! I no longer have to struggle over findin’ certain subjects & things relatin’ to MJ! Again I’m so glad & appreicative over what U have done! I just can’t thank U enough, I know U didn’t obviously goes w/out sayin’ did it personally for me, but for those like me who R big MJ fans & wants to find & read all there is to who he REALLY is as an human being & as a MAN-if U get where I’m goin’ w/this….

    OK now I think I’m done-let me just shut my mouth now….

  11. Hi,
    what is the name of the insurance company that paid Jordon Chandler?
    Thank you MJ Fan

    • TIG Insurance was the Transamerica subsidiary that held Jackson’s personal-liability policy.

  12. Hello, I really enjoyed reading this outline of MJ’s allegations. I wanted to show you an article about MJ’s settlements that debunks the myth that they were signs of guilt, and shows the media’s hypocrisy in not using the settlements of other celebrities as signs of guilt.

    I think you should add links to this article in your post because it’s very informative, and some of your readers have questioned the insurance company’s role in the settlement in some comments above.


    • Thanks. Reading these things even I get amazed at just how much evidence there is for MJ’s innocence. It’s incredible. It’s just the most ridiculous thing in the world that these allegations will linger on in some people’s minds.

  13. Great site!!!

    I don’t know if you know this or not, but Jordan Chandler sued MJ again in 1998. He joined his Father’s 1996 lawsuit. Like Evan’s suit, Jordan’s was thrown out in 2000.

    The case summary of the lawsuit can be found at this link

    The case number is SC052717.

    I just thought it might be something you want to include onto your site.

  14. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Fahima Jackson, ʟenniee :]. ʟenniee :] said: Educate yourself – https://lacienegasmiled.wordpress.com/2010/08/09/michael-jackson-is-innocent/. […]

  15. […] if he had “simply got too old”, as Dimond suggested? Here is what our friend Rockforeveron had to say about Jimmy on her blog: What about other alleged victims? One such kid is Jimmy Safechuck, seen here with Michael and an […]

  16. http://www.formspring.me/sosodeaf

    This girl knew Michael and knows alot about the trial – she was there.
    She says that Jordan was ready to testify for the defence!

    However, JA says that Jordan joined Evan’s 1996 lawsuit – why would he do that – I thought he was pro Michael??

    • He wanted money. But I do believe Katie about Jordie, only because the family and Geraldine Hughes seemed to have all heard the same thing. Also, MJ threatened the prosecution when they contacted him in October 2004 about testifying “against” Michael – Stacy Brown and Brian Oxman and others were in contact or trying to contact him after then and he issued no such warnings against them. People like JRT and someone else (can’t remember who specificlly now!) have also said they believe Jordie might eventually go public and admit he lied, I suspect because that’s what they’ve heard from his side.

      But then, the question is, why hasn’t he done so already? Why not in 2005, why not after, why not after MJ’s death. Though of course he does come forward now he would be considered to have blood on his hands…

  17. How come you don´t have any info on June Chandler since Michael actually got into a relationship with her. Jermaine more or less said this in an interview the other day too.

  18. This just proves Michael’s innocence. Michael was accused twice by gold-digging scum. Jerry Sandusky on the other hand now has close to 10 victims saying that he molested them.

    MJ had thousands of kids at the Neverland Ranch and none of them has come forth even after his death.

    MJ was framed and killed by the media and a generation of people that hated his fame and global recognition. He was the first to make a difference and change in the USA.

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