2008-2009 European “Friend”

June 2, 2010

Bodyguards from 2007-2009, 9th March, 2010,

MICHAEL JACKSON’s former bodyguards have spoken out about their late boss, revealing the King of Pop romanced a string of women with dates in the back of his limousine.The Thriller hitmaker’s longterm security guards, Mike Garcia, Bill Whitfield and Javon ‘BJ’ Beard, agreed to be interviewed on U.S. TV show Good Morning America on Tuesday (09Mar10).

And the trio divulged personal details of the late singer’s life behind closed doors, insisting Jackson had at least two steady girlfriends whose identities have remained a secret – and he took them on dates driving up and down the Las Vegas strip when he lived in Sin City.

When asked about the child molestation charges which were levied at Jackson despite his acquittal at a 2005 trial, all three insisted the star was not guilty of the accusations.

Whitfield says, “Being a man… men know men, and we (were) around him long enough to know he was a man.”

While Garcia adds, “(He had) desires of women like we do. He had lovers.”

And Whitfield goes on to describe Jackson’s various romantic encounters in the back of his limousine: “In the cars that we had, we had a curtain that covered the back seat. You couldn’t see in the back seat. They talked back there, they didn’t do nothing out of bounds… you can hear the kissing.”

On the Bodyguard’s Facebook wall,

Q: I trust you Bill, but I don’t understand why you don’t want to answer some of the question here because you’ll be talking about them in the book, however you don’t mind answering other questions you also will be talking about in the book. To be clearer; why don’t you want to answer here any question about his girlfriends?

– Questions such as what? I get questions every 2-3 minutes every day, I can’t answer everyone or every question.

– Its not that we dont wanna answer questions about his female friends, its NOT about them, its about MJ. Who they are shouldnt matter.

Q: Random question……..dont have to answer if you dont want are you gonna talk about romantic interests? just curious who he was cheating on me with lol jk

– He was not cheating on anyone..lol… we never said dating two ladies, we said he had two friends that he knew. ppl took that as something else….

– Ok, I see many of you have different feelings on what we should or shouldnt write about in the book. Please understand , his children want this, they want the world to know and see the side of their father the press and media never took the time to acknowledge. Its not about his Love life, its about his being happy and real. He would have loved towalked thru the mall with a “friend” and not be bothered by the media. He didnt put his personal life out there because he couldnt without being hounded by the press. This book is for his fans too, if you beleive and agree great, if you dont we are sorry but I assure you, if your a true MJ fan you will Love this book!

Were there any times or moments when Michael was in public and no one either recognized or bothered him? And did he try to go out by himself sometimes without security? Stay blessed!

MJs Bodyguards There were a few times we escorted him and no one recognized him, he would take long walks at night with a friend.

Bill, who was the friend MJ use to go on long walks with? E. Taylor? Thanks and have a relaxing weekend!

A friend

May 9 2010

Michael Jackson’s former bodyguards — Bill Whitfield, Javon Beard and Mike Garcia — are shopping a book, “In Defense of the King,” about their three years working with the King of Pop. The body men, who were interviewed by ABC in March, will sit down for another chat with the network to air in June, in which they will expound on Jackson’s financial troubles and try to kill rumors that the singer was gay. For one, confirms publicist Lelani Clark, the bodyguards say Jackson had two girlfriends toward the end of his life. One was called “Friend” and spoke with a European accent.


  1. Hmph! They said the book was coming out Jun/July, then postponed to around November, but there’s no news about it yet. Also, they seem to be backtracking & whitewashing the ‘friends’ part, I’d prefer they kept out of MJ’s finances rather than ‘friends’. But I guess they might be getting some slack from many of MJ’s ‘friends’!

    • They’re having trouble getting a publisher, so I think they’re going down the self publishing route, which I imagine makes the situation a bit tricky.

      Personally I believe the girlfriends/”friends” comments are because these women weren’t technically girlfriends. But how do you tell MJ fans about Mike having Friends With Benefits? 😉

  2. “But how do you tell MJ fans about Mike having Friends With Benefits? ;)”

    ^^^How indeed! Why I was just having a teasing discussion with an MJ community that basically has this pure innocent weak image of MJ, & some really had issues with an image outside of that. I wish these BGs would come out with it though, they don’t have to name name, we can take it, & as for the other fans, they’ll come around eventually!;) LOL!

    Yeah, I heard of the self-publishing route, have they asked where Theresa Gonsalves got her’s published? I really look forward to their book, but I really wish they’d skip the finances.

  3. Botech and the others who wrote books about Mike and painted him in an abnormal way usually get their books pub. w/out any problems. But the BG’s have all kinds of setbacks. I really want to read their book.

    And Patti Boulaye has a European accent and she has said that Mike teased her about resembling Diana.

  4. that would be interesting if it was her. i’m dying at mj singing ain’t no mountain high enough” giving her a naughty stare. mj was so baad. it’s funny.

  5. Look at this idiotic article by HollywoodGrind.

    Unless you are publically seen with a woman, you are gay, according to them, no matter how big your stash of heterosexual porn magazines is.

    • LOL you know, I wonder if it occurs to them Michael would’ve had an easier life if he’d gone public with models on his arm. He could’ve been doing that since the 70s. Instead he didn’t even want the world to know about Lisa Marie (it was her idea to go public 2 months after they’d married, he told her “let them think what they want”), or about Debbie, who people only found out about because a News of the World journalist had befriended her for 2 months without her knowing she was a journalist and got her on tape to them blabbing about being pregnant with Michael’s baby and having sex in order to conceive. Though they didn’t sign a confidentiality agreement, he asked Lisa after the divorce if she could not talk about him. So all that talk she’s done about how it was him who’d made the moves and how she wouldn’t have married him unless she was sexually satisfied, was all stuff she said knowing he didn’t want her to speak about him at all.

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