1988 Hawaii Unknown Woman

June 1, 2010

Unknown Woman Accompanies Him in Hawaii, Early February 1988

Photos taken by a fan and not paparazzi, Alan Light
, his description of the photos:

In early February, 1988 some friends and I were staying at the Kahala Hilton Hotel in Hawaii and learned that Michael Jackson was staying there, too. My friends and I saw him several times over a 3 day period and I snapped these photos. Michael was very nice, shy and polite. After he posed for a picture with me I thanked him, then he suggested we take another one because he said he blinked.

He and the 10-year-old boy he was traveling with were outside alone without security. Michael made the comment “I would be in trouble if they knew I was out here” which I thought was odd since he’s their boss. But I suppose he meant they would be upset.

At one point we asked him to sign an autograph but we didn’t have any paper, just a pen, so my friend asked Michael to sign a $20 bill. Michael apologized and said he couldn’t, that he would get in trouble for defacing money. So my friend dashed into the hotel and found a piece of hotel stationery which Michael signed. I still have the autograph.

Read the newspaper article I have scanned here for more details about our encounter.

Michael’s hat says “Kahala Hilton” which is the name of the hotel he and we were staying at. Today the hotel is known as the Kahala Resort

Alan Light’s notes about the pictures:

Michael Jackson, Jimmy Safechuck and an unknown woman, in white, on the grounds of the Kahala Hilton Hotel, early February, 1988. They are looking at turtles the hotel had in that pond at the time.

Michael Jackson with a hotel security guard around the pool of the Kahala Hilton Hotel, early February 1988. The small boy dressed like Michael is Jimmy Safechuck, who had appeared in a Pepsi commercial with Michael and was traveling with him. The woman in white, holding her shoes, was also traveling with him. I don’t know who she is.

Michael Jackson, Jimmy Safechuck and an unknown whoman on the grounds of the Kahala Hilton, 2/88 – This walkway over the dolphin lagoon is no longer there. It was removed in a later renovation.

Michael Jackson on the balcony of his suite at the Kahala Hilton Hotel, early February 1988. The small boy dressed like Michael is Jimmy Safechuck, who had appeared in a Pepsi commercial with Michael and was traveling with him. The woman in white was also traveling with him. Michael and Jimmy were making bubbles float off into the wind with bubble-making liquid.

Mike and Jimmy later snuck out at night to look at the turtles and took some pictures with fans but the woman didn’t accompany them.

I’m not positive who the unidentified woman is in some of the pictures, but I do not think it is the child’s (whose name is Jimmy Safechuck) mother. I could be wrong, but I remember being told at the time that she was an actress and may have appeared also in Pepsi commercials with Michael.

My note: She isn’t Jimmy’s mother and she isn’t Tatiana.


  1. Thanks, I haven’t seen these photos.
    A woman in white – how enigmatic… 🙂

  2. We definitely want to know WHO SHE IS and what she was doing with Michael! SOMEBODY find out please.

  3. Well, she certainly is beautiful. But maybe she’s just a friend or something? If otherwise, well, te Inquirer letter said that:
    “Then he was celibate for about 3 years, before becoming involved with a pretty, blond employee of his, an actress from a popular ’80s/early ’90s sitcom, a singer that nobody cares about anymore but was the ish back in the day, some groupie/secretary, June Chandler (the mother of punk @#$%$ Jordan who got jealous of mommy’s relationship with Michael) and, of course, Lisa Marie.”
    ^^^Well, she’s not blond, not June Chandler & not LMP. So that leaves:
    -an actress from a popular ’80s/early ’90s sitcom
    -a singer that nobody cares about anymore but was the ish back in the day
    -some groupie/secretary

    I’m not too familiar w/ a lot of American pop culture icons/celebrities, so I’m thinking the 3rd option?

    • He had Joli Levine as his secretary at that time, she’s Asian so this isn’t her.

      I think the person who wrote the letter knew a lot but I don’t think they knew everything. I’ve heard by mid 88 he was getting really lonely on the tour so I don’t think whatever he had with this girl lasted that long…

      I do think he had some kind of thing with her though, she’s up in his suite!

      • “I think the person who wrote the letter knew a lot but I don’t think they knew everything.”
        ^^^True. Or the writer didn’t bother to go into short-term women. So who knows?

        “I do think he had some kind of thing with her though, she’s up in his suite!”
        ^^^Ok, so if she’s a guardian in place of a parent, would said guardian still stay in MJ’s suite though?

        • I don’t think there’s any one person who knows everything about Mike. Not even Liz Taylor knew MJ had married Lisa Marie. He’s like one of those paintings you have to fit all the pieces together before you know what it is. 😉

          Ok, so if she’s a guardian in place of a parent, would said guardian still stay in MJ’s suite though?

          According to the kid who stayed over at Neverland, some of the women he was with were his kids “nannies” 😉 I’m sure she’s just up there to supervise all that crazy bubble blowing they’re doing…

          I’m going to see if I can include another insider’s info to the Rumours section. She tells some cute stories, I’m just not sure if she wants me to post them anywhere else…

  4. Can anybody magnify that insignia she is wearing on her top on pic v4wlf8.jpg and 205vxua.jpg to see if it reveals anything about her identity? And is she holding hands with Michael in zxqwwk.jpg?! Jimmy is keeping a safe, respectful distance away like kids do when they accompany an affectionate adult couple.

  5. I think the actress from a popular ’80s/early ’90s sitcom that he supposedly was involve with was Jasmine Guy. Because the tone of her voice in the liberal girl video and the way she looked on the stage at the NAACP awards in 1993 when her and Michael was giving Debbie Allen an award. A Different Word was a very popular sitcom from the ’80s/early ’90s. Just my opinion.

    What do you think?

    • A lot of people have said that and I was thinking along those lines too, but I read an interview from 1989 where she said she’d been with her boyfriend at the time for over 4 years. Unless it was an affair?

      • Wasn’t it being rumored that a certain singer who had a tribute for him, it’s up on YT but I don’t remember her name could’ve been the 1 mentioned in the letter? I don’t think she has said anything about it but rumor was going around that her sister was the 1 that affirmed that she had something w/ MJ? I’m so bad w/ names & faces, does anyone know who I’m referring to?

        • Jody Watley? I have an entry for her too. They dated back in 1982/3 briefly so she might not fit the timeline? But she would fit the list, she won a Grammy in 1988 and was really doing well back then. She’s supposedly working on autobio right now, so that might be interesting…

  6. Is there a link to him and Jasmine at the show? This girl in white is definitely NOT Ms. Guy tho. I was thinking that he and Jasmine Guy were not each other’s types (to me), but hey, MJ could get ANY woman he wanted! I even think he could have gotten Princess Diana. She seemed fascinated by him — NATURALLY — and The King of Pop was WORKING on getting him a REAL princess I do believe!

    • Have you watched MJ’s Home Movies recently? Doesn’t it seem like his implying more w/ regard to his relationship w/ Diana? I’m not saying something went on sexually between them but from how he was talking, it seemed like Diana had a crush on him as he on her, & that they had a secret understanding or ‘talks’ of some sort that Charles wasn’t a part of no? I herd that when Diana died, MJ sent her 2 kids condolences & gifts but they were rejected & returned to him, is this true?

      • Yes, nenabunena, I definitely think there was “something” going on between MJ and Princess Diana. I think it was probably just mere flirtation, but it was REAL. Yes, MJ initimated this and I also had read in Bob Jones’ book that LMP was jealous of MJ’s relationship with Diana. Jones didn’t think it was real, but I do! I also think Charles may have “sensed” something was up and, of course, highly disapproved of her having ANYTHING to do with MJ. When MJ met her in the receiving line, she was definitely intrigued by him and engaging him in conversation that she did not want Charles to overhear. We all know that they had a lot in common and Diana was so down to earth, she would have enjoyed conversing and a sincere friendship with Michael. She knew she could trust MJ to be discreet too. Where did you hear about the rejected gifts? Interesting.

  7. Shana Mangatal?

    • Shana’s dark skinned, this woman’s Mediterranean/Middle Eastern looking.

  8. I had read that his family all went on yearly vacations to Hawaii….I think it was in Latoya’s book….this could be a family friend…or LaToya, if the skintone was darker

    • Where did you hear about the Hawaii trips? She might be just a friend but she was hidden from the paps and was staying in MJ’s suite so I’m side eyeing her 😉

  9. When Michael travelled with his child travel buddies he was always required to take a tutor/baby sitter/responsible adult with them to take care of the child in the absence of the parent. That is who that woman is an employee. This is well documented in several of Michaels unauthorized bios.

    • How do you know that’s who this woman is specifically?

      I know he does that with his own kids, never heard that he did it with anyone else’s, can you show me any links to all this “well documented” that he did stuff?

    • Another thing to add – Alan Light who took the photos has said that he believed at the time he was told she was an actress who had also starred in the Pepsi commercials with him and Jimmy.

    • Thanks for that, I never knew that, good info! I’m just wondering why would Alan Light say that she was an actress on the same commercial shoot as MJ & Jimmy? Unless they decided to to tackle 2 birds w/ 1 stone – an actress for his commerical & a babysitter/tutor all in 1.

      • Hi, this is Alan Light, who took the photos. I just found this conversation and wanted to say that I still do not know who the woman in white is, and also that I was not told she was an actress who starred in the Pepsi commercial, or any other information.

  10. What Smile2010 made sense; therefore, I DON’T think she was staying in the SAME suite with MJ but in the group of suites he has for his entourage. This is another GREAT point in MJ’s defense — none of these “responsible adults” who accompanied the children ever complained that MJ treated the children under THEIR care inappropriately. Just like this woman is sticking closely to MJ and the child, this was her JOB — to PROTECT the child — so HOW could MJ get away with any inappropriateness unless EVERY single solitary one of the “responsible adults” sent to travel with each and every child who ever accompanied him were, in fact, themselves irresponsible? Michael did everything he could to RESPONSIBLY and INNOCENTLY be above board with these little brats and their greedy wannabe-pampered parents!

  11. First I want to congratulate you, on reaching over 100,000 hits on your site. Well Done!

    In response to your question, unfortunately I am not as super Internet savvy as you appear to be, so I cannot provide you with “links,” not that that would prove anything, but Michael was well known for traveling with and paying for chaperones for the children (other than his own) he traveled with. Even one of his biggest detractors Bob Jones mentioned that in his book and so have others. I am certain you can find links for this if it is important to you.

    As far as what I know specifically, I prefer to respond to that simply by saying I won’t, for personal reasons and because Michael was an extremely private person and I chose to respect his wishes and his memory. I am not an extreme fan that thinks he was an angel, asexual or otherwise, he was human and he did have romantic relationships, but I am also not one of those fans that would go to great lengths to try to justify (to who, I don’t know) he was heterosexual by linking him up with any woman he happened to take a photo with or whatever woman suggested from a fan fic or who ever he happens to look at. Another thing…… to romantically link Michael to someone that has publicly stated that they have Hepatitis C is unconscionable ….. Michael was a health nut. Whilst most of Michael’s fans have the very best of intentions, some of these posts are too over-the-top and extreme and in my opinion projects the opposite impression from what they originally are trying to achieve. Michael was somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. He was heterosexual and a very private person.

    Michael often asked certain people he cared about not to research him on the Internet or read those unauthorized biographies about him, he said get to know him the person. Now I know why. Sadly I broke that promise 5 months ago and was introduced to certain websites and I must confess, I was hooked. I can tell you, I lost a few brain cells reading some of these websites and fanfics and felt very sad for Michael and his legacy. I liked your website because it seemed sane, well researched and did not have the random crazies. But I must have gone into Michael overload with some of your recent posts and I have vowed not to surf here or any other MJ site any more, because I want to remember Michael as I remembered him to be.

    With the first anniversary of Michael’s death approaching, I will remember Michael by honoring his memory in the following ways:
    a) Respecting Michael’s wishes, by not traipsing through these websites that ultimately distort both his personal life and celebrity image.
    b) Continuing to write to the California, Nevada and Texas State Board of Medicine to implore them to revoke a certain Physician’s medical license.
    c) Stepping up my charity efforts (privately in Michael’s memory) with the various children’s organizations I am affiliated with.

    I wish to remember Michael, first and foremost as the Wonderful Father he was to his beautiful children, the Greatest Entertainer that ever lived and the amazingly generous Philanthropic Humanitarian that he always was.

    I hope he is in a better place. R.I.P. Michael.

    • I am not an extreme fan that thinks he was an angel, asexual or otherwise, he was human and he did have romantic relationships, but I am also not one of those fans that would go to great lengths to try to justify (to who, I don’t know) he was heterosexual by linking him up with any woman he happened to take a photo with or whatever woman suggested from a fan fic or who ever he happens to look at.

      Sigh. What great lengths is this or any post on this site going to? You’ve mentioned that several times in several posts on this site. LOL I wanted this site to be both a resource – for people who wanted factual info regarding his life, including his relationships, and you know, I wanted it to be fun.

      I’m not trying to link Michael up with every woman who ever took a photo with him, this woman caught my interest because of the circumstances and because lots of people on messageboards were discussing her so I wanted to put all the info together, just as I have with Sheryl Crow, Tatiana, Liza Minnelli, Jane Fonda, etc. Who knows? At the time they told this guy that she was an actress, not a babysitter.

      Just because I post a collection of info regarding specific relationships like, say, on Beyonce or Pamela Anderson doesn’t mean I believe Michael was spending all his time sexing them. That’s not a conclusion that I’ve personally made, it’s something you’re immediately drawing to and it’s clearly something that’s troubling you to the point where you’re mentioning illnesses he could encounter during sex. My mind hasn’t even gone that far LOL!

      Anyway, enjoy your new found freedom away from sites that distort his personal and private life such as this one and from trying to guilt trip others into doing the same. 🙂

  12. Who has Hepatitis C?

  13. Awww…Come on now, let’s be fair here. No one is saying that this 1988 woman or Pamela was w/ MJ in that ‘special way’ w/c is why an entry was made collecting all the rumors for our convenience. It is for our convenience to be able to sort through wht is true or no, just rumor or no? I got a bit carried away w/ that Honeydipp person because well…. I think I may have encountered this person on another board, & the fact that they make allegations far worst that’s been put here. i felt like Honeydipp was deliberately undermining MJ’s sexuality by purposely lifting her tales off a fanfic. But keep in mind, Honeydipp’s tales were all put on a RUMOR entry. Some may choose to believe it, some to sift through it, & some no – but you have to at least credit this blog for having the cautious foresight to put it all w/in a RUMORED entry. So how is it fair to state that the rumored entry is being lambasted as truth when it wasn’t?

  14. I find this woman very intriguing. There’s something about the body language that says they are very comfortable with each other. My sixth sense is telling me that she was more that a babysitter, unless the baby was MJ.

  15. I’m always surprised when I encounter someone on a site that gets indignant and judgmental as though they didn’t know what the content of the blog, even though they’ve been visiting for a while. In my opinion, the information that’s posted here is simply a little light relief from the grief and sadness that we have all endured over the last year. It’s been heartbreaking and occasionally, it’s fun to speculate about what the gorgeous Mr. Jackson was doing in his spare time.

    We all know that Michael loved mystery and we also know that he had a wicked sense of humor. I think it would make him laugh to see all of the speculation and guessing that goes on about his love life. Actually there’s a fanfic site that MJ is said to have visited and given his approval The stories on there are very sexy and cover every subject from Lisa Marie to sex with fans. The site was brought to his attention by a woman that worked for him at the request of one of the admins. The admin was afraid that he would be mad but MJ’s employee said,”Why would he be mad, Mike’s a freak”. I think that this is just harmless fun, so maybe the some of us should lighten up a little.

    • Yeah, I’ve heard of that site Dangerous Fantasies no? Personally I prefer the fics on KOP.

    • Now girl you know you need to send me a link to this site. 😀

      • Does anyone know what this super-cool dude is carrying in his left ungloved hand in this photo above? My baby!

  16. LOL! This is the site girl! http://z4.invisionfree.com/Dangerous_Fantasies/index.php?act=idx

  17. I never read the fic on KOP. Could you post the link? I’m always looking for good stories.

  18. I you’re interested, here’s the link to the page on Dangerous Fantasies that talks about Michael checking out the site. You may have to register to view it, but it’s a funny story.


  19. That’s Alejandra Oaziaza. Randys girlfriend (later wife) at the time.

    • Really? It actually does kind of look like her, but Alejandra looks naturally more dark skinned…

      What was she doing in Hawaii with Mike? Don’t even tell me Mike broke off a piece of that too LOL!

      • I don;t think it is Alejandra, the texture of her hair and complexion are not the same. Also the hairline is different.

        • I don’t think it’s Alejandra either…OR that MJ “broke off a piece of that too.” That’s Jermaine’s game, not sweet Michael’s.

  20. BIG NEWS! Last night on The News I saw photos of Michael’s kids playing in a pool on vacation in MAUI. Underneath Prince’s arm was a huge uneven WHITE blotch! This child has obviously INHERITED vitiligo from his real true BIOLOGICAL father — Michael Jackson. Michael was TELLING THE TRUTH all the time, as he was about OTHER things as well. This is HUGE news since the media ALWAYS casts doubts on Michael’s paternity, but the media is SILENT on this evident observation, so far, because they WANT to continue BASHING Michael in EVERY way they can!

  21. See the photos of Prince Michael’s vitiligo (sigh)


    PROOF is on You Tube as well and at other sites.

  22. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by KELLY(:, KELLY(:. KELLY(: said: https://lacienegasmiled.wordpress.com/2010/06/01/1988-hawaii-unknown-woman/ is this you?! – Yes. Yes it is…. http://tumblr.com/xv2d7r00g […]

  23. Hi, this is Alan Light, who took these photos. I just wanted to comment on rockforeveron’s post above which says “Alan Light who took the photos has said that he believed at the time he was told she was an actress who had also starred in the Pepsi commercials with him and Jimmy.”

    This is incorrect. What I said was that the kid (Jimmy Safechuck) was in the Pepsi commercial. I have never been able to find out anything about who the woman is or what she may have appeared in.

    • Michael Jackson

      Oh I was quoting you from that, sorry if I misunderstood…

  24. Beautiful site.

  25. if you type on to youtube michael jackson rare pictures part 9 and around minute 02:05 there is a clear picture of this woman in white, there are also more pictures of her there too. i believe she was his girlfriend at the time but he kept it secret they both do look comfortable with each other and very relaxed as she is in his suite!!

    • Thanks

      This video? How do you know that girl is her?

  26. you can tell by the same bushy hair and features look at picture 03:21 and 03:28 the girl on the right to Michael near his head is the girl in the white dress you can so tell and look at picture 205vxua clear resemblance i think she was his gf tho definitely

    • gisele u r right because they do have the same bushy hair, face complexion, nose and the same face shape i do believe its that women at 03:28 and at picture 205vxua

    • I do think it’s the same girl! Thanks so much for posting that

      Now I wanna know where those photos came from!

  27. omg gisele that is the same girl you can so tell by their hair and complexion
    i just wonder what her name is how serious must they have been that he allowed her into his suite and spent time with her alone in hawaii


  29. type into youtube michael jackson and lisa marie interview part 3/7 around minute 02:10 behind michael jackson there is the same women as in these pics. you can tell by her hair, complexion and features there you can clearly identify her

    • I think that’s her too! You’re good 😉

      Now I wanna know her name, or at least a story…

  30. Thank you so much for posting your candid photos. They are AMAZING!

  31. Those others in the photo with them at 3:28 look like the mystery girl’s relatives. Don’t they? And they look sorta like foreigners to me. But find out who they are and we’ll know who she is? This is getting good! And indeed this video is full of extra rare footage of our Man of the Hour — thanks! I love that final frame of him (sigh).

  32. Going to just throw this out there.

    Could she be “Vanity” the singer and actress from the 80’s?

    • no it isnt seems like im guessing she is his gf they luk comfortable together

  33. Karen Faye says this woman is Jimmy’s mother.

    Karen said on Twitter that she hung out with Jimmy & his mother many times while on tour and that the woman in the photos above looks to be his mom.

    • its not jimmy mother Alan light said so Karen was always jealous of mj girlfriends

      • Hi, this is Alan Light, who took the photos. Just to make a minor correction, I have never said this woman was not Jimmy’s mother. I simply don’t know. Thanks.

        • Hi Alan, we figured it out, she is indeed Jimmy Safechuck’s mother. 🙂

  34. This young woman is the beautiful model/actress, Vanessa Sandin: she was in MJ’s Video: Pepsi “Who is it commercial” in 1992. This was confirmed by friends of MJ.

    • I can imagine & b’leve that! But can anyone post Vanessa Sandin’s quote on what she said ’bout MJ after workin’ w/him in the ‘Who is it’ commerical?

  35. what ever happened to jimmy? is it true that jimmy got married at neverland? or that he was an orphan? haters act like he dissappeared because they say MJ paid him off, or his family. did he even really “dissappear?” getting married at neverland disproves that… any comments would be greatly appreciated please inform me.

    • He can be seen with MJ on the set of his HIStory promo in 1995, which means he and Michael were still friends after the allegations.

      Mesereau asked one of the maids at Neverland if she remembered Jimmy marrying there and she couldn’t remember it, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Mesereau also said that Jimmy had said Michael never molested him, if he had been forced into the trial like Wade, Brett and Mac he would’ve said the same thing they did.

      If Mike paid Jimmy off I think it’s funny that he didn’t pay Evan off straight away, makes no sense, but nothing the haters say every really does.

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