2008 :: Pamela Anderson

May 29, 2010

Pamela Arriving At “Shutters,” in LA, Rumoured to be with Michael, Aug 25, 2008

X17 Online is reporting that model Pamela Anderson was spotted entering Shutters on the Beach hotel in California, specifically to meet up with Michael Jackson himself. While both video and pictures were taken of the occurance, none of them directly feature Michael Jackson–because of this, MJJR.net will treat this appearance as a rumor until additional confirmation is received. The video is below:


Mike in Vegas, August 26 2008

Michael attends a performance by Cirque du Soleil at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas with Prince, Paris & Blanket.

Reports on MJ & Pamela Dating, 2 Sep 2008

We hear the big-boobed babe is a massive fan of Michael… and it seems the feeling is mutual. A source said: “It was all arranged by their people in total secrecy, very cloak and dagger. Michael is such a private person. He gets nervous when he thinks people are following him around, so he chose somewhere neutral for their first date. “They arrived separately at the Shutters Hotel on Malibu Beach so no one would suspect anything and then had a few drinks in the bar.” The pair requested a hidden area in the corner – for two reasons. Firstly, it shielded them from any prying eyes. And second, it would have protected them from the dangerous melting effects of the Californian sunshine. After all, there’s a fine line between looking hot and having a runny, bubbling face. Our source went on: “They were very chatty. Pamela was being her usual flirty self and Michael seemed to be responding. They are such a strange couple but they seemed to really hit it off.” So much so Michael plucked up the courage to ask Pammy out on a second date. And she was more than happy to accept. We’re told: “They went for a coffee at Country Mart in Malibu and looked very comfortable with each other. “They chatted about Michael turning 50, his new album, their kids. And he seemed genuinely interested in Pamela.”

Malibu appointment with Pamela, 2 Sep 2008

Earlier, 50-year-old music King Michael Jackson was revealed to be having secret meetings with Pamela Anderson in Malibu one after another. In order to deceive the public, they went to hotel bars and coffee shops around town. Their close aides also assisted in arranging meeting sbetween them. Unfortunately, there are eye-witnesses that said, MJ and Anderson talked in a very congenial conversation, still from time to time regardless of the gap in conversation they seemed charmed, and MJ seemed quite intoxicated!

LALate, 2nd Sep 2009

Pam Anderson and Michael Jackson?! Pamela Anderson and Michael Jackson are dating, claims reports. Don’t believe the reports.

Anderson and Jackson have had two dates claims a poorly reported British story.

Anderson and Jackon have gone on two dates in Los Angeles, both in “Malibu”? Yes, there is a problem with the report.

Actually, more than one problem LALATE can tell you.

The report claims the first date was at “Shutters Hotel on Malibu Beach”. Only problem there is no such place. Shutters Hotel is on Santa Monica Beach, miles away.

Then the reports claims “a source said: “It was all arranged by their people in total secrecy, very cloak and dagger. Michael is such a private person. He gets nervous when he thinks people are following him around, so he chose somewhere neutral for their first date.” “

So where is the alleged second date claims the report? The Malibu Country Mart (basically the most UNprivate spot in Malibu, a local shopping area that everyone goes to in Malibu).

Pamela on Ellen, 9 September, 2008

Ellen: Let’s clear up some rumours. You’re dating from what I hear, two different people, which, both are fascinating to me. One is you’re dating Michael Jackson.
Pamela: (laughing, pause, gives Ellen a look) He just wants me to be in a video.
Ellen: Really? Have you been hanging out with him?
Pamela: (laughs)
Ellen: Well you were seen with him.
Pamela: (laughing) Was I?
Ellen: Yes.
Pamela: My life is so interesting. My life is a blur. I could’ve.
Ellen: So seriously-
Pamela: It happens.
Ellen: – have you been hanging out with him?
Pamela: Skin cancer and vicodin, I don’t know. (audience laughs)
Ellen: Have you been hanging out with him?
Pamela: (laughs, uncomfortable) Ask me the next one!
Ellen: Alright, a Sheikh from Abu Dhabi.
Pamela: You know, I have a lot of interesting friends, a lot of interesting friends. Believe me I’m not getting as much as anyone thinks.
Ellen: (dryly) Uh huh (audience laughs)
Pamela: (to the audience) Sorry.
Ellen: I’m not asking about getting any!
Pamela: Yes, well, that’s where, I instantly go to that! (audience laugh)
Ellen: I didn’t ask about anything like that. I’m just saying… are you seeing Michael Jackson?
Pamela: I’m living with my ex husband, how does that fit in?
Ellen: But you’re not getting any from him, are you?
Pamela: No.
Ellen: Alright. (audience laughs)
Pamela: It’s just so many temptations…

Pamela Plays “Guess Your Ex” has to guess who the guy is on the card from Ellen’s clues

Pamela: (holds up card with MJ’s photo)
Ellen: He’s a, he’s the guy that you refused to answer if you’re hanging out or not but he wants you to be in the video.
Pamela: (gasps)
Ellen: Oh, is there another one? Who are you hanging out with right now?
Pamela: Are you trying a trick question?
Ellen: No. Who are you hanging out with?
Pamela: (bewildered) I don’t know! A lot of people. I don’t get it. (laughs) I don’t get it! Does it start with an “M”?
Ellen: Yes.
Pamela: (puts card down quickly) Okay.
Ellen: (laughing, audience laughs)
Pamela: That was rude.

Michael in Vegas, September 10, 2008

Michael & the kids have dinner at Benihana at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Pamela at Vivienne Westwood Fashion Show With Masked Man Rumoured To Be Michael, London, September 18th



“Pamela Anderson was accompanied by a masked friend, rumored during the show to be pop singer Michael Jackson. Westwood’s personal assistant was overheard by a Reuters witness telling two members of the audience that Anderson’s mysterious plus-one was the reclusive “King of Pop.”

The Mirror, 20th September 2008

Since then, Steve’s found love with TV presenter Fearne Cotton, 27 – and pals say they are smitten.

But when we broke the news to Pam over drinks at London’s Dorchester Hotel yesterday, the 41-year-old was mortified. She told us: “Oh, Steve has a new girlfriend?

S***. I had no idea. S***. I wouldn’t have come back to London if I had known that.

“He just texted me last night. He didn’t say anything. Oh s***.”

Speaking at the launch of her E! TV show Pam: Girl On The Loose, which starts tomorrow, she said: “I still love Steve. He’s great. He’s the best. I love his accent. He should’ve warned me about his girlfriend though!”

Still, Pammy’s not short of offers – thanks to her amazing figure. She told us: “I’m obsessed with sandalwood oil. I drench myself in that oil. I suppose it’s why I get so many marriage proposals.

“I’m always running around after the kids, and I always make sure I still fit into my red Baywatch swimsuit. That only comes out when I have a special visitor. It gets things steamy. I’ll run around in it.”

Sadly, Michael Jackson never got to see that, despite the pair going on a couple of dates.

Pammy said: “There was nothing going on. It’s just sex. Just kidding.”

‘My breasts have had a brilliant career. I’ve just tagged along for the ride,’ says Pamela Anderson, By Lina Das, on 20th September 2008

I’m a complete romantic – it’s why I always get married. Someone should really stop me. Regardless of how I’m perceived, I’m sleeping by myself at the moment and there’s no one specific in my life, although there are about three or four non-specific men. Just kidding. The story going round is that I’m dating Michael Jackson. I think he’s brilliant. Think what you want – it’s more interesting that way.

Foxnews, 26th September 2008

I spent some time with the stunning Pamela Anderson this week who is in town to promote her fab new show “Pam: Girl on the Loose.“ Smart, funny and extremely sharp when it comes to business, she had all the guys falling in love with her from the minute she arrived.

Pam tells me that she has been taking calls from Michael Jackson. “He really wants me to be in his comeback video and yeah, musically I am a huge fan,” she said.

Daily Star, October 14th 2008

“Q You’ve been wed three times. How is your love life now?

A I always get my heart broken. I’m a complete romantic – that’s why I always get married. But I’m sleeping by myself at the moment and there’s no one specific in my life. Although there are about three or four non-specific men. Just kidding! The story going round is that I’m dating Michael Jackson. Actually I only see him for sex. Kidding again!”

The Albino Androids Were Revealed To Be a Marketing Stunt By Suit Company Van Gils,

BRAND OWNER:Waalwear Group
CATEGORY:Accessories/ Clothing/ Footwear
DATE:Aug 2008 – Sep 2008

Van Gils was a successful formal menswear brand across Europe in the eighties. In its prime it rivaled Hugo Boss, but had fallen into decline and had become largely unknown. Van Gils wanted to rebuild the brand’s visibility among 28-40 year old men in four local markets: Sweden, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands.

While other fashion brands use celebrities as models to add borrowed interest to the products, Van Gils understood that it is really only the suit that counts.

The campaign consisted of magazine spreads featuring an anonymous mannequin who “gets a life” and lives out a celebrity life.

The strategy was to take the mannequin (an actor in costume) to high profile events in each market. On each occasion the mannequin would be ‘dating’ a glamorous female star with a high profile in that market.

Two international events saw Pamela Anderson ‘date’ the mannequin at Vivienne Westwood’s London Fashion Week show and Channel 5 presenter Laura Esposto at the ‘Burn after Reading’ premiere at Venice Film Festival.

This helped to generate major press interest and PR. In each market an exclusive content deal with one key publication was negotiated (such as FHM) to ensure a minimum level of coverage. To raise the profile beyond this base level they used extensive online seeding and blogging, while employing a local PR agent in each market to gain exposure in more channels.

Despite a relatively low weight of press advertising, the campaign achieved a 6% increase in Van Gils suit sales. This was accompanied by a 90% increase in new visits to the Van Gils website.

Facebook, 7th July 2009

Facebook, 30th December 2009

Pamela Attending NYE Party Wearing One Silver Glove, 31 December 2009

Facebook 19 Jan, 1st Feb, 7th Feb, 16 March,

“I miss Michael,” The Way You Make Me Feel, 24th April 2010:

Carlo Riley an MJ impersonator, on his myspace, 26th May 2010

“I asked Pamela Anderson when i met her if that was really MJ, she said yes!”


yes, i asked her and she confirmed that they had gone out, not that they were dating. she said she barely talked to him even though they went out;)

isnt his disguise incredible? who else would have something like that i dont think she even wanted to talk about it, but i was in the middle of talking with her about the lachapelle pictures i took, and i just asked, i though the wrost she could say is i dont want to talk about that :0

they have a mutual friend christian audigier(ed hardy) i believe that they met at his birthday. i was also informed that michael just wanted to go out somewhere and the fashion show was there.

Bodyguards on facebook, 26th May 2010

Jaimaree: Quick question: Did Michael ever date Pamela Anderson?????

MJ’s Bodyguards: your kidding right?

30th May 2010


  1. This is so cute, I could see this working! =D

  2. […] Online is reporting that model Pamela Anderson was spotted entering Shutters on the Beach hotel in California specifically to meet up with Michael Jackson himself. While both video […]

  3. […] up with Michael Jackson himself. While both video and pictures were taken of the occurance … Pamela Anderson die? | itoe.netThis entry was posted on Saturday May 29th 2010 at 531 pm and is […]

  4. […] was spotted entering Shutters on the Beach hotel in California specifically to meet up with Michael Jackson himself. While both video and pictures were taken of the occurance …Pamela Anderson die? | itoe.netThis […]

  5. LOL! Yes, a new entry! Wow, she’s a big fan of him huh? She even put in a vid – I Shot the Sheriff – that’s not as well known especially to people who are just very very causal fans!

  6. Hmmmm!!!! I think we are all trying to avoid the huge pink elephant standing in the middle of the room. I was concerned when I discovered this rumour. To me, Michael was always an extremely intelligent and cautious man. I seriously hope this was just a platonic or business relationship.:)

  7. MJ’s Bodyguards: your kidding right?

    LOL Ok, I think this is the final answer.

    • LOL I still want the full story! They clearly met up for something. 😉

      • Me too! I find it hard to believe that MJ actually wanted her in his video! Somehow that’s more unbelievable to me than the other suggestion! LOL!

  8. To be fair to Pamela, her ex-husband gave her hepatitis during their marriage. She didn’t catch it from promiscuous sex. That kind of makes her a victim and her ex scum. Michael had a kind heart and I don’t think he would have held it against her. Whatever they did or didn’t do in private, I’m sure every precaution was taken, lol.

  9. The funny thing about the fans is that they believe everything someone alleged about michael, even when those closest to him says otherwise. MJ bodyguards were with him day in and day out. Spent 24 hrs with the man, became his friends, and his makeup artist Karen Faye was close to MJ for years, David Gest, so it’s possible that they knew him , the real him, and not the celeb MJ. So, if the bodyguards laughed at the rumor of mj dating pamela anderson , than it never happened. people want to attach mj to people that we know for a fact mj wouldn’t want. no offense to pamela anderson but from the schmuley tapes and his previous statements about women, why in the world would he date or be interested in Pamela Anderson. And furthermore, if MJ completely trashed Madonna, why would he be interested in Pamela Anderson, when everyone knows about her. People are reaching. They had one meeting ,because he wanted her in a music video, but that didn’t work out. She tweeted to give homage. Why is this given any credence and topic, yet Grace isn’t labled as a possible girlfriend, when there is evidence that would suggest she was more than a nanny?

    BTW: it’s funny how people say that mj was into old hollywood films, yet his bodyguards said that mj was into special effects. i think if the fans want to know the truth, just believe those closest to him, his family, the bodyguards, his closest friends. everything else is hearsay.

    • Karen Faye wasn’t that close to him… she was just a colleague…

      You think all these posts are about women I believe MJ had an affair with? LOL

      I intend to do a post on Grace but there’s a lot to go through

  10. you know I do, lol.

    I think that would have been a beautiful and complex love story. But, in all fairness the bodyguards have said that she wasn’t always there, so maybe she was just a nanny. But, in my mind there evidence that suggests they had a relationship. Personally, I would have tried. lol. But latoya said, that she heard Grace liked MJ, but MJ didn’t like her. whatever, latoya. lol. But, at the end of the day, it would have been cool to see MJ with Kai Chase. She has her own notoriety, and naturally beautiful, her own money. And most importantly she seems to really care about the kids, she still has contact with the kids, twitter, and visits them. Kai has spoken against the family overexposing them in the media. She emphatically says that MJ would not have wanted this new life for them. She seemed to love and admire MJ as a father and person. Kai is so adorable, and it’s obvious that MJ left a big impression on her. Too bad they didn’t date. They would have made a sexy couple.

    • I don’t believe they were a couple in the last 5 years, but they might have had a fling before that. The BG keep saying they can’t talk about Grace, it’s weird.

      Darling, Kai Chase is married! I don’t think MJ was into her like that, he just liked to flirt. 😀

      Karen is a nut. She sold the pictures of his mausoleum and stole money from the fans. She doesn’t know him as well as even the bodyguards did, MJ was “the king of pop” around her and not Michael.

      • Yeah someone else told me that too! That Kai Chase is married-but I kept lookin’ & lookin’ to find out how to find it. I mean I went to her own site & all that kind of stuff-plus read her bio thing she has but found nothin’ reguardin’ her marriage? I found no pix or whatever? It was like some secret thing or somethin’. So where can u find out & know that she’s married? Im not sayin’ that it’s not true, Im just wantin’ to know where it came from? Where it’s shown?

    • “But latoya said, that she heard Grace liked MJ, but MJ didn’t like her.”

      Girl, do you have a link for this pls? Never read or heard it myself.

      • Oh, & whatever Kai believes, MJ chose his mother to be the guardian for his kids, so even if she & MJ had/have a difference of opinion, MJ knew it YET still trusted his mother with his kids. I think that however Katherine would like to raise her grandchildren is up to her & not us fans, nor Karen Faye or Kai Chase.

  11. leave karen faye alone, i’ve read some of her comments and she is so funny. lol.

  12. yeah, why is it that they can’t talk about grace? i am so intrigued. but didn’t a bodyguard anonymously say that Grace was the secret girlfriend. if it was Grace, it would make sense. mj said that he was attracted to the classy and sophisticated type, and people who meant Grace says that she’s classy and sophisticated. i wish it was Grace, that would have been so sweet and endearing, and so Lifetime,movie of the week. lol.

  13. I just have to say-How much I’m so amazed my the never endin’ info & add ons that comes on here! U are truly a genius for evenin’ creatin’ the site in the 1st place but the hard work that goes into it is what amazes me the most! Right when U think there just couldn’t be anymore info to have on MJ-U seem to be already creatin’ numerous more pgs to know on MJ! U truly deserve some kind of speical award or recognition on this site!LOL!

  14. I was so pleased to see that you used the motorcycle story from the In Search Of Neverland book that I posted in another forum. I’m honored that you used it since I’m a big fan of your work. I have another one from the same book about Michael milking cows. I would be glad to share it if you’re interested. Thanks again, you made my day.

    CynthiaL AKA (parkerlee)

    • That sounds adorable, I’d love to read it!

      I hadn’t realized you’d typed that story up (I copy and save so many things from the internet regularly I lose track of it all) so thank you 🙂

  15. Pamela Anderson.I have another sexy blonde Canadian bombshell out there! You are soo HOT and hilarious just like Jim Carrey.

  16. I hope not!

  17. i dont believe that MJ wanted anything sexually to do with Pam Anderson. lets be real here lmao. the bodyguards answer should be enough. i dont think she was his type either. i know he didnt like good girls, but Pam Anderson? no way. she has an std and she’s trashy. sure she’s a sweet lady and has a cute personality but nahh. she obviously is a big fan of his and wanted to meet him, but she’s trying to make it seem like they were doing something or whatever

    and i agree with MJfan, i dont see how she deserves a page before people like Grace, Elizabeth Taylor, and even Princess Diana–imo those are woman that he wanted something with or had something with and meant more to him that PA. but i do understand that those woman mentioned above would take more time to put together than the Pam one, since there not much a story with MJ and Pam. but i hope those woman could have a page sometime soon tho. 🙂

    • wait scratch that! I swear i looked at the list of all the woman soo many times and never saw the Lady Diana entry until just now! LOL whoops! :p

  18. oh and I forgot to mention whitney houston 😀 they had some history together. she hinted at something when she was doing her tribute shows, but she could be another Pam anderson-trying to make something out of nothing, im leaning towards that 2 lol

    and i think i remember reading somewhere that she use to call MJ up to give him support during the trial. thats really sweet if true. 🙂

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