The Rumours

May 21, 2010

Some of this stuff is from articles/news stories that have been discussed and posted on forums or websites years ago but I haven’t been able to find a proper source for so I’m putting them here even though I believe they’re mostly legit (as in, they were actually said by th people involved).  Others are things that have been shared by supposed insiders or people who’ve in some way had contact with MJ in forums online that are interesting.

There’s also a few stories that I’ve posted that I’m less sure are true but I’m going to include them because you honest to God never know…

“Incogneato” isn’t one user, it’s a name given to anyone on the LSA forum who chooses to go Anonymous in order to post information without having to disclose how they’ve come across that info. The LSA forum is known by industry insiders.

Random Things

The Letter, National Enquirer Messageboard on 2004-06-12

You people are so gullible! I love it, it’s hilarious.

Anybody who genuinely knows Michael (which is none of you), knows that Michael is straight – almost to a fault of himself, considering that he doesn’t look like the most masculine of brothas. You’re so quick to believe Scott, which is hysterical because if you knew their history, you’d know how weirded out Michael was by Scott’s advances. Michael’s not overtly homophobic, but he is old school and isn’t completely comfortable with it. However, given the nature of his profession, he has tried his best to be accepting and because he tries to be a good Christian, he does not judge, he leaves that to God. He still gets incredibly uncomfortable by advances by anything remotely male….which brings us to Scott. Scott made a pass at Michael. Michael ignored it, initially. The second time, Michael told him to back the #### off (in more polite language, of course…Michael was still quite young and sweet and innocent back in the ’80s, if a dude tried something similar NOW, he might get punched in the face). They haven’t spoken since then. The closest he ever got to Michael after about ’84 was that his boyfriend was friends with Priscilla Presley’s makeup artist. The two haven’t spoken since Scott tried to get all up on Mikey.

One may ask themselves, if his motive for coming forward now was out of some sort of moral obligation and a desire to crush MJ’s “strategy” of declaring himself heterosexual, why didn’t he come forward in 1993? Maids, cooks, ex-guards, everybody and their momma was coming forward with “claims,” why not then? Or, if the motivation behind this is genuine concern for the welfare of children and not money, why not go to the police with the things you’ve seen (i.e. Scott claiming to have seen child porn on Michael’s nightstand)?

Simple, none of it happened and Scott was still livin’ the life with all of Liberace’s dough. Poverty brings forth all sorts of “memories.” Isn’t it convenient that just as soon as his cash stash is running dry, he tells the world he had sex with Michael Jackson?


Let me break this down for you people and pay attention because I don’t like doing it more than once. Michael Jackson is thoroughly heterosexual. He does not like men. He does not like boys. He likes women over the age of 18. Shiiiiit, even before he was 18, he liked women well over the age of 18. It’s no secret within certain circles that Diana Ross was his first. The poor guy thought he was going to marry her but she fucked him over with Gene Simmons and Arne Naess. He was pretty naive back then, so he chose not to see the obvious. Then he was celibate for about 3 years, before becoming involved with a pretty, blond employee of his, an actress from a popular ’80s/early ’90s sitcom, a singer that nobody cares about anymore but was the sh.it back in the day, some groupie/secretary, June Chandler (the mother of punk bitch Jordan who got jealous of mommy’s relationship with Michael) and, of course, Lisa Marie. Lisa Marie was the only one he allowed himself to become more than just sexually involved with since Diana, that boy was sprung. Lisa Marie, however, led him to believe they would have a family of their own, but stayed on the pill anyway because even if she said she was a rebel, the little bitch didn’t want mommy dearest to get mad at her for having a lil black child. Mike found the pills, split, messed around with a couple of other women with the goal of getting one pregnant just to hurt Lisa (he can be an as.shole sometimes, true) and eventually knocked up Debbie, which, (if I didn’t love and adore his children and think think they saved his life) I would say was probably one of the biggest mistakes of his life. He was never faithful to Debbie after they married, never even wanted to marry her but Mike doesn’t like to break his mother’s heart. He and Lisa continued having sex until 1999 (they weren’t “together,” they were just fucking), until he met his third child’s mother, fell very much in love with her, but he is his father’s son, so he wasn’t entirely faithful to her, which is why they split up shortly after she found out she was pregnant. From that time, up until right before these new bullshit allegations broke, he was pretty much a dog. No attachment, just sex. He has no time to get attached to somebody and then depressed again after they part ways now that he has his children. I doubt he has time for anybody other than his children and his lawyers now.

There, you have it. Take it or leave it, but it’s the truth. Mike would hate me for putting his business out here like this, but at least it’s accurate, unlike all of the other trash going around now. He ain’t my boss anymore, so he’s just going to have to put up with it.

Summary: Scott is full of s.hit, Michael isn’t gay and he sho’ as h.ell ain’t a pedophile.

1. He’s weird, he’s rich, he’s black and he never bows down to anybody. He doesn’t fit any stereotypes of what a black man “should” be, which makes people uncomfortable and enables them to believe anything sinister about him. If you need proof of that, just look no further than this very message board.

2. I think I outlined most of the girlfriends for you, if you think hard enough you could probably figure out names, but it’s not my job to spoon feed this to you. He kept Diana a secret because that’s what the hussy wanted and by the time he got his sh.it together enough to move on and get with other women, he was so obsessed with his privacy that he didn’t want the public to know anything about him that didn’t have to do with music or business (and rightfully so, everything he does is misconstrued, manipulated and taken out of context).

3. Can’t help you there, that’s something you don’t really discuss with Michael. All I can say is that it got more out of hand after he and Diana were officially no more. Nobody around him ever condoned it, I know I certainly didn’t. In all fairness to the kid, most of it is exaggerated. He’s had a lot, but to a fairly localized area, none of this crazy cheekbone, eyebrow, eyelid, forehead stuff. But what does plastic surgery have to do with whether or not he’s a pedophile or a homosexual? Nothing. He’s got a good heart, I don’t give two sh.its about his face.

I’m about through here, maybe a repeat performance or two, but probably not. Just keep all I’ve said in mind before you jump to conclusions about Mike.

Posted on ScreamEzboard 16th April 2002

Well I also heard somewhere (I few years ago), that his first time was in his teen years. Can be possible, ya’ know being surrounded by all those groupies, I don’t know, but there must have been happen something…

Posted by may21 posted on KOP 2nd of August 2002

i study karate so i really looked into this subject and learned from 2 sources that mj has a black belt (a real one in karate)

i emailed both uri geller and matt filds(he is freinds with mj and own his martial art school in the u.k and also was the one that did the securty for the exeter thing in london)and they both told me that he has a black belt a real one and that he loves those type of things.

another fan went to matt’s school and she talked to another teacher there and asked him and he confirmed this.

it’s true he also got an honorary one but he also has a real one.

those who know karate can tell he uses lots of karate moves in his dance(beat it,balck or white-live etc..)

Posted by MJistheBOMB on IntheclosetwithMJ 13th October 2002

Everyone post quotes of things MJ has suposedly (some quotes prolly aren’t true) said that are quite suprising.

I’ll go first. I got this from the KOP Discussion board a while back:

Here’s another one that happened around the Sony demonstration thingie too:

I guess some girl (she was a MJ fan) had on one of those shirts with a “boob peak-hole” thingie..when MJ saw it, he told Uri Geller, who was with him at the time, “Now that’s the kind of top that make’s me wanna rip it off…”

Uri Geller sat next to Michael in his car.
“Look at all those girls…” he exclaimed to Michael. ” ‘You got any condoms with you? “.
Michael searched his pockets and answered “NO”

Posted by MJistheBOMB on InTheClosetWithMJ on 30th Ocober 2003

I was on the KOP Discussion board the other day and a fan said that one of Mjs bodyguards to her that on that set of YANA, MJ was lying down on the floor naked with a towel over his *ahem* area :lol ….his cell phone rang, he quickly jumped up but the towel stayed down on the floor and there he was in all his glory in front of everyone. He quickly bent down and picked up the towel to cover himself and was really embarressed :lol …

Posted by MJistheBOMB on InTheClosetWithMJ 1st of April 2004

We all know how flirtatious MJ is. Have any of you heard any stories about MJ flirting with his female fans? My friend, Ja, who got to meet him at Neverland on January 16th (lucky b!tch) :lol said that when she met him, he kinda had that sexy smirk on his face as he looked her up and down :lol

There was also a girl name Arica (who’s a member on this board actually) who met MJ in Indiana I believe and she got to go into his limo with him to meet him. And she had had MJ sign her chest not on her boobs…you know, further up :lol ) so she could get someone to tatoo over it. She said she pulled down her shirt a little for him to sign and then he pulled it down 2 or 3 inches more :lol …figures :lol

You guys know of any more stories?


Actually she’s black and 30 years old 🙂

Posted by an Incogneato 31st July, 2007

He’s into women more than people think. *Ask Ms. Hollywood* about the **services she provided him**

You’ve been fooled by the media. He’s has women and I got that firsthand.

Broke men give the best sex don’t you think lol
but in answer to your other question, yep, his family, handlers
the jacksons are paranoid, they don’t trust nobody, and don’t dare have more control over moneybags I mean Michael, than they do. the parents think everybody else is to blame when their kids screw up.

Originally saw this posted on the Michael Jackson Flirt thread on MJJC but it accidentally got deleted, Summer 2009

“I am sorry that my hair doesn’t look cool” – Michael to a fan in Berlin

I think it was in South Korea I can’t remember where, but Michael was being greeted by fans of course and then two female fans came up to him and they looked really good. Michael whispers something in their ears and the girls start to giggle hysterically while Michael has this grin on his face and after he greeted them he turns to his manager and says to him: “I just asked what bra size they had” LMAO….

Michael is shopping in Monte Carlo in 2000, and there are his bodyguards around him and people in the store following him. When they are passing by a shelf with magazines Michael automatically grabs an artistic book / album (I am not sure what it was) with a nude woman on the cover, he turns the page and then he realises that everyone is looking at him. He looks kinda embarassed, he leaves the mag and goes away a few steps but then turns round to his bodyguard and points to him to take the magazine for him! LOL!

Some fan gave MJ’s bodyguard a pair of socks (for Michael) with nude women embroidered on them. The next day that fan was lucky enough to go to Michael’s apartment, and she decided to ask him if he received the present. “Did you get the socks?” And he put his hand to his face and started laughing, nodded and lifted his trouser leg. He had them ON!

A german fan met him in Santa Maria, and she said to him “Michael, you are SO sexy”, and Michael took a camera, filmed her, and said “now say it again please”.

A girl was chanting, “Sony Sucks!” Then, when MJ asked her with a devilish smile, “Sony sucks what?” the person responded to him by saying, “Ummmm. Lemons?” She was hecka embarrassed when MJ caught her off guard with that.

Uri Geller seeing all the girls at Exeter said to Michael: ” look at all those girls, do you have any condoms?” Michael checked himself and said “nope”

my friend and i saw him once at a hotel and he looked at her and said “oooo weee you look hot today!”… dead serious too! the funniest thing is she is not from usa so she didn’t know what hot meant so i had to tell her that he just called her sexy lol

Annnddd theres the story I heard….I dunno what concert it was but he was doing a costume change. And he was out on stage while tucking in his shirt….and when his hand was in his pants the peeps in front started going wild. MJ noticed that so slowly he started moving his hand down in his pants just to get the girls going crazy

Posted by *Tink*, MaximumJackson 23rd February 2009,

*Vanessa Williams said that MJ tried to talk to her in the early 80’s and that he was a flirt. I guess if MJ gets up enough courage he will try to talk to women.

*when he got audited by the church of scientology they asked him what his greatest weakness was, and he said “women,” and this was supposed to be a private interview, but you know nothing is left private with this man.

There is a story of Michael kissing Siedah Garret/Johnson, the woman who sang with Michael on “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” and “Man in the Mirror.” Siedah told this story. They were alone in the studio when Michael pulled Siedah close to him andkissed her on the lips. She said she was shocked that michael had just kissed her.

She Wolf’s stuff on Lipstickalley:

She Wolf 31 July 2009

He liked kfc’s chicken and potatoes

She Wolf 6th August 2009

pls tell me yall didnt buy that virgin mess? that man was gettin it in YEARSSSS b4 he married lisa. sorry glenda bt mj was a freak and not virginal. the man probably had panties stored in a box like how to be a player.

She Wolf 8th August, 2009

from the grapevine is yes. marlon liked diana too

She Wolf 11th August, 2009

tabloids have had some women come up to them with stories on mike..but they turn it down because they wanted to paint the picture of michael being a pedo and a homosexual.

She Wolf 11th September, 2009

But it was a part in the book that claimed janet’s ex james said michael use to strip and dance naked around the pool at encino. Now that part I believe bcus the same person who told me about diana and mj said the same thing. Michael use to dance around nude around the pool all the time. And janet or katherine use to have to yell for him 2 get dressed when joeseph was pulling in the driveway.

Well the thing is the bed part came from that randy book. I asked this person in real life did jamet ever mention that happening and they said they never heard about it. But the pool thing happened all the time. Michael would strip naked and skinny dip and dance around the pool. He told janet and his mom to watch for joseph so he wouldn’t get seen.

She Wolf 9th October, 2009

de passe isnt an angel either. fucking joe and all back in the day

yall donnt know about de passe and joe? he was in that for a while. katherine jackson is a saint seriously cause that woman has been thru ALOT with joe jackson and his fuccery

She Wolf 11th October, 2009

this person doesnt wanna make money off mj. but this shit goin come out via another party. according to this person…shit we havent even heard b4

She Wolf 30th October, 2009

And no I know nothing bout the stripclubs. I know he went…when he was an adult….in disguise.

She Wolf 6th November, 2009

small drop of tea:

mj loved the movie unfaithful

She Wolf 18th November, 2009

no tea on ladies but here’s some favs he liked:

Friday, kings of comedy, independence day, twister, castaway, face/off (google it to see who was in that movie..interesting.. )

hate it or love it (i heard this long time ago and recently game confirmed it)
crazy in love
hard knock life
everybody wants to rule the world
step in the name of love (not sure if it was the original or the remix)
lady marmalade (the labelle version and the one did in 2002)
little red corvette (he did like prince songs lol)

Posted by Omoya on the official MJ forum, September 11 2009

You know the beginning of the long version of “You Rock My World” when he’s teasing with Chris Tucker about how “she IS bangin’,” and all that. THAT’S the Mike a lot of people know. He’d do that, but blush if he actually had to talk to the woman in question. Which of course made the woman in question feel really, really intrigued and just delighted that there was a guy like this still alive in the modern world, right? It made them feel safe and they were also just stunned that someone with so much fame could be so totally humble. You gotta melt when the most famous man in the world is nervous talking to you!

One male journalist friend of mine remarked what a good pick up act that was–except it was REAL and not an act. And of course, all my dirty minded rock reporter and photographer pals were totally chagrined–this guy who was supposed to be gay was getting over on them left and right with the women! I found it totally hilarious!

Oh, you should’ve heard the stories I used to hear when I was still a REPORTER! Loved women? He was CRAZY about women in the cutest way. Just…a guy and always kinda on the prowl and checkin’ out women from the stage and everywhere else. Not a horrible lothario, just…always checkin’ ’em out and making little comments about ’em. He was a GUY, you know? And if he saw something he liked…well…he was a GUY is all I can say. He could be shy if he actually got within talking range of the woman he’d just made that remark about, but…he loved to flirt and he loved to be kept apprised of any likely candidates. Cracked me up–I used to wonder why people still persisted in the gay rumors. I still wonder why some of the women and those who were there don’t say something more–they SAW him do these things! Teddy Riley started to, but then he was worried, I think, about the privacy issues and just intimated that they talked about women a lot and that the lyrics to “In the Closet” were racy, but that it wasn’t unusual for Mike to talk like that if you knew him well enough!

Posted by Honeydipp on Lipstickalley 10th November, 2009

Don’t know the details but Mike had *things* with Liz Taylor, Sophia Loren, and Joan Collins that I know of for sure.

I’m assuming sexual? But I don’t know details, just that there was *something.*

I’ll just say again that Diana Ross was OLDER and Mike’s *FIRST*. When Mike sees something he likes he tends to stick with it. A LOT of the ladies he messed wit are older and are wealthy.

Honeydipp, 11th November, 2009

I would like to state that although I KNOW Liz and Mike definetly had a *thing* at some point. I DO NOT believe she is Blanket’s mother in anyway. However, I DO believe Mike had a relationship with Blanket’s mother.

Honeydipp, 25th November, 2009

(re: “The Letter”)
Sorry, who exactly is this Frank? This stuff is the TRUTH!!! Most of you don’t believe me, maybe you’ll believe him. You want tea, contact WHOMEVER wrote this, they knows things!

Honestly, I don’t blame ANY of the ladies/groupies in Michael’s life for catching deep feelings quick because Michael was not only smooth, but a MASTER in the art of sending mixed signals. Brother just liked to have FUN.

Honeydipp, 4th February, 2010

Just because of this gif, I’ll spill some tea. Michael would watch Maury and Jerry Springer and laugh his ass off. I mean straight fallout laughing. Especially when two women would be fighting over and I’ll quote Mike, some “bum”

Honeydipp, 25th November, 2009

I been waiting for someone to bring this up. Eddie DID have a crush on Michael. I know of one particular incident where Eddie tried to apparently “push up“ on Michael. Michael was disgusted and swore to NEVER be a alone with Eddie Murphy again. He said he was “nasty!“ Everything you have ever heard about Eddie Murphy sexual orientation is true. He swings both ways. Michael only appeared in his video as a return favour for him appearing in RTT.


I believe it is the award show in the late 80s where eddie presents Michael with an award and Michael asks him to adjust the mic stand jokingly. Its on youtube. After the awards eddie couldn’t find his limo so he asks Michael for a ride. Michael’s like sure. Eddie made a pass at him. Michael didn’t realize exactly what kind of “ride” eddie was talking about till it was too late. Michael was disgusted because he doesn’t roll like that at all. He’s straight. Again he thought eddie was “NASTY”!

Also, speaking of guys who swing both ways, Quincy Jones was one of em that was really trying to get at Michael back in the day.

Eddie Murphy is bisexual/in the closet and MISTAKENLY thought Michael was, as did others.


Girl, I know! I was like that too at first. But Quincy tried to get at him. Eddie just couldn’t take a hint. Michael was very uncomfortable around him.

I think sometime during the trial Quincy made some comments implying that he didn’t know if Michael was innocent or not. Michael was very hurt by this.

EXACTLY! This was my point. That’s why Michael was so hurt and especially because Quincy himself IS gay/bisexual. It’s kind of like the pot calling the kettle black in a twisted way.

I don’t know if she has been brought up before, regardless, I am going to throw Denise Rich’s name into the mix. It is DEFINETELY worth investigating her connection to Michael. In particular, a certain female MUTUAL CONNECTION they share. Think “Florida.”

I know a lot of people have not so nice things to say about Oprah–myself included–but Michael RESPECTED her. He loved that she “made it.” Being Black, a woman, overweight, the fact that white america listened and respected to her, etc. He LOVED that she built a school in Africa and that she was catching child predators. Despite that fact that he thought, she believed he was one of them. He just wished that instead of questioning others about him (i.e. LMP, Liz Taylor etc.) on her shows, she would come to him directly. I Know for a fact he would have welcomed her had she.

Posted by Rosea86 25th November 2009

I know, mika? LMAO! you know I wouldn’t pass that story up to be false, he was a man with needs, I heard he slept with random women over in japan.

Posted by Rosea86 1st December 2009

It’s been said that Michael has had women in his life with him at all times on an intimate level but people did’nt realize because he referred to them as a “friend” or business partner etc.., that way they can keep the relationship on a DL and still be able to chill in the public’s eye. So for all we know many/some of the women that he has been spotted with in the public could have been his lover’s.

Posted by Rosea86 on LSA 25th November 2009

There was a story stating that MJ and princess stephanie had a once upon a time intimate encounter, there was also a rumor that she was expecting his child but had an miscarriage. It explains her reactions towards other women who’ve gotten too close, I believe they’d shared something, it wouldn’t make sense for a friend to be envious of  a friend(opposite sex) over a likeness towards another unless someone have an interest in that someone.

Posted by Damari 25th November 2009

A long time ago I also read a story how he slept with one girl on “Bad” tour, and she said he was unbelivable. (there was no internet back then, so don”t ask me about the source….it was a music-magazine back in the 80″s)

OK. It was during “Bad” tour and it was a backstage cover and some photos in that magazine. I don”t honestly remember the girl”s name….she was a groupie or someone who followed him around. They did show her picture, she had a long brown hair and a nice body.

She said that she had a one night stand with Michael, and that he was an animal in bed.She also said how sexy his body is,how BLESSED he was ( you know what I mean)…omg. The hottest part of that article was when she said how Michael was whispering dirty talk in here ear while they were having sex and she said she got completely crazy and wild because of that ! Can you imagine how damn nasty that could be????

I was sooooo jelaous reading that. Don”t know if she was telling the truth….but why not ?! It surely sounds sooo goooooood!

Posted by ATL Guy 18th September, 009

I heard when Bobby Brown and Janet dated yrs ago that Michael called Bobby Brown and threatened to beat his azz if he hurt Janet( in a deep voice)

Posted by Mosaic, 30th December, 2009

Fans on the KOPD say The Whisper Song by they Ying Tang Twins was one of his favorite songs and he was spotted blasting it from his car one day. I won’t post the lyrics here

Posted by an Incogneato, 28th November, 2009

yes. there was one female that michael was seen with. alot of people saw her on the neverland estate. back when he was recording the dangerous album

i know he was seen with this really pretty female at his home. he use to send for her and sometimes he would “disappear” with her sometimes. then all the sudden she was gone

dont know if this is S or whoever yall are referring too.

there’s a few non famous women that he came into contact with (blanket’s mom). i dont know specifics about them yes he was with random women while on the bad tour. he was getting his grown man on. frank delio knows. as for famous women other than addressed..he had a crush on irene cara. he thought regina belle had a nice face. he had possession of vanessa williams nudes. he loved sade…wanted to ask her out but he was shy. he thought phyllis hyman was pretty.

Posted by bboy87 on Prince.org, 12th August, 2009

“When MJ came out here for his autograph signing my friend asked him for a kiss. She asked him in front of people. He told her yes and then they kissed each other on the lips. He liked that kiss and he liked returning it in front of those watching.

After getting that kiss from her, he wanted her to stay there with him until he finished signing autographs. He told her to come and see him that evening at his hotel.

When she asked him for what, he looked at her and said, “To see me.”

When she asked him what he meant by to see me, he gave her the look that men give when they want to spend quality time with a lady, he slowed down his words and repeated “To…see…me.”

It really amazed me since i have never imagined Michael like that. So i believe he had a certain behaviour with some people and completely different one with others. Surely he was a very smart person, maybe he intentionally created this angelic and childlike appearance and behaviour in public while in reality he was…well human. And a man, no less important.”

Posted by bboy87 on Prince.org 12th August, 2009

Hey brainiac, guess what?!!!! I called my friend that also met MJ that day!! She’s the one that kissed him during the autograph signing. She is also the one that he had someone come back to Oakland to find for him. He had the guy bring her to Havenhurst!!!

Apparently, Michael met her friend during his stop in Oakland CA during his promo tour for Off The Wall and she visited him at Hayvenhurst soon after

Originally posted on ONTD, someone shared stories from Seth Riggs, their vocal teacher and MJ’s vocal teacher, 13th November 2009

Most of his stories are about how crazy the fans got around MJ. People mobbing him, jumping on top of his limo etc. One time on his Bad tour a large crowd gathered outside MJ’s hotel room and Michael knew it would be too dangerous for him to go outside there, so he sent out my voice teacher (named Seth) instead. Michael wrote a note which he gave to Seth to read to the fans and afterward Seth was instructed by MJ to give the note to the “youngest fan” out there. Seth saw a little girl and tried to give her the note but before he could, a woman JUMPED on him and ripped the note out of his hand. Then several people jumped on top of her and basically the note ended up being ripped apart. Then Seth ran for his life to get out of there haha.

Michael always wanted to learn how to say “I love you” in each language of the country he was visiting. So he could tell that to his fans in their own language.

During his bad tour MJ tried to keep quiet all the stories of him donating to children’s hospitals and such so he didn’t look like such a “goody goody”

Once Seth came into MJ’s dressing room to vocalize him before a show. Michael was busy reading a letter from a woman who was asking for money because she had just been hit by a car and told that she would never be able to walk again. Apparently, MJ was so moved by her letter he started crying and couldn’t stop. Seth had to calm him down enough so that he was able to go out and perform.

Once Michael played a joke on Seth by putting him on the phone with Pavarotti (Seth’s hero) unknowingly. Seth got into a conversation with him before he realized he was talking to Pavarotti and once he figured it out, he turned around and saw MJ laughing hysterically.

Once Seth came to Neverland to vocalize him. He walked into MJ’s bedroom and saw MJ changing his Chimpanzee’s diaper haha. That’s probably my fav story haha

Lastly, Seth insists that Michael was completely ready for his This Is It tour. He says he was in great shape and it would have been an amazing comeback 😦 They worked together for 30 years or so. If you’re interested there’s actually some audio on youtube of Seth vocalizing MJ.

Posted by Nekush on LSA 30th December 2009

Has anyone seen that interview Brian Oxman did for Latin America in Spanish (I cant remember the exact country it was for)?
Because in it they asked him about women that MJ loved, and Brian O. said MJ liked Debbie, and that he and Lisa did love each other, but that there were other women he loved which the public doesnt know about and they will remain private.

Now when he said this I was a bit confused because I thought “What does Brian Oxman know about MJ’s love life?” But then Im guessing Michael or the family must have told him something related to these “mystery” women.

He also commented on how the last time he had seen Michael cry was when they were having lunch together during the trial.

He also said Debbie Rowe caused Michael a lot of problems after they divorced because of the kids. Michael didnt like this at all, and everyone would ask him, as he was going through these troubles “Why Michael, Why Debbie?” and Michael said that having kids with her seemed like a good idea “at the time,” but that he regretted it. I guess he realized this and thats why he used an unknown surrogate with Blanket. I dont know why he didnt do this first!

Brian Oxman also thought Debbie was a nice woman, lol.

Bohwe on Bossip 28th June, 2009

Off topic: MJJ once called Foxy Brown telling her how she was pretty or beautiful. She told the story to Carson Daly  and said she didn’t feel pretty until he said that.

Posted by 1m_the_one on LSA, 26th December, 2009

The show was Later With Cynthia Garrett, she said MJ called her out of the blue and kept telling her she was beautiful, and kept calling her Foxy.

Posted by lydia_ravenswood,  10th January 2010

And I’ve known people who’ve been around him, one in specific is Dawnn Lewis, who’ve been a family friend of mine since I was a little kid, she said he would tell dirty jokes when with friends! I recently asked if she had some videos of times she was with him, whcih is how I got the convo started. She still does, but they’re VHS. I have no clue how ot upload that stuff for you to see. But she said he was a sexual guy, at least vocally. She wouldn’t know about in the bedroom, but the flirting and teasing certainly suggested it.

Posted by Gok, 2nd May 2010

I just know that Mike was not gay, he was straight and loved women very much, as i have already mentioned about his personal driver and friend who was interviewed in my country after Mike’s memorial, so he told a couple of stories about Mike’s love for women, he told us when they were in London and when a hot woman would pass near, Mike would use some armenian words to talk about that woman with Gokor, so that, if his kids were near, could not understand what they were talking about, he wouls say “lavna che Gokor”, which in english means:”isn’t she hot Gokor”, or he would call those hot women pretty fish ,so that the kids could not understand what they were talking about and the fact that he had a woman whom he loved very much and who had been near him for many years is not a secret but her identitiy is kept secret

Posted by an Incogneato 10th April 2010

There were girls affiliated with the Jackson five n one would have sex with Marlon n Michael

Other girl took care of Jermaine

The boys drank alcohol in soda cans on the road

MJ liked older girls as much as 9 or 10 years older and tryed to get them to come to his hotel room

MJ would be caught doing stuf wit the girls n they would laugh

MJ used special words to describe sexual stuff

They fixed their clothes and ran laughing. Did not see sex in action. Somtimes there was moaning from bathrooms in hotels.

Cannot give you his special terms for good reasons.

Not prostitutes

Posted by PhyllisP on Topix, April 4, 2010

After reading the posts in this forum, I’d like to share a little of what I know. My Aunt worked with the Jackson family fromthe early 80’s to late 90’s. She knows them all including Michael. She has described him as a normal heterosexual male. He had normal relations with women and even loved a few.He did a fine job in keeping these relations hidden from the public. He was deeply affected by one relationship in particular (not Lisa) so in a sense , yes he was apprehensive to love deeply again. She does not believe Michael would call upon prostitutes. From her stand point, he did not have attachments later in life, however he had special friends to meet his needs. Although my Aunt has moved on to other endeavors , she has kept in touch with the family to this day. She truly believes Michael was a misjudged soul.

Posted by Venus on LSA 23rd June 2010

I’ve seen MJ up close at a private event once, but never officially met him because he was surrounded by so many members of his entourage. But I could have if I pushed the issue. I would have come off looking unprofessional, though, and possibly demoted to a role that removed me from interacting with celebrities. It’s true about how nice he is and how, if you’re not a rabid fan that’s screaming and could possibly rip him to shreds in a frenzy, he will give you a hug, sign an autograph, etc….

One thing I do remember about that event with MJ, is that he was not wearing his shades and I saw him checking out women. He would do a quick once-over or even look you dead in your eyes for a second and then keep it moving (well, this event was an advocacy-related appearance and everyone was pretty conservative).

Oh yeah…His body was FINE. MJ was about 44yrs old back then. He could have gotten it 3 times everyday and twice on Sunday from me if I wasn’t in my right mind, or if he put a ring on it

Tatum O’Neal

Posted by an Incogneato on 27th of November, 2009

michael told some people that he taught tatum how to kiss. he also said he loved how tatum hugged him and he use to sing her to sleep over the phone. ryan o neal hated michael for years. he claimed to have caught them having sex in his hot tub but its not sure if thats true. mj claimed they were just sitting in the tub clothed. ryan said they were nude and and tatum’s hands “were on mj’s shoulders”…whateve r that means to you all.

Stephanie Mills

Posted by an Incogneato on LSA 31st July, 2007

Very true. Michael really liked her too and she thought for one minute she was going to marry him but his people felt Stephanie wasn’t the right look for him, i.e., too dark, too Black, so they interceded and put an end to it.

Michael is easily led and it wasn’t the last time his management interfered and kept women he liked from being around him.

Same thing going on now. He’s been sexing his ” assistant” or his so-called nanny and his people don’t like it at all. They don’t want to lose control over him.

Stephanie’s desparate ass went on to marry Jeffrey Daniels, the guy who taught Michael the moonwalk incidentially, and he proceeded to beat that ass like it won’t no tomorrow. She’s clingy and dependent and now she’s went back to her gospel roots.

Posted by She Wolf on 19th July, 2009

I heard her song ‘put a rush on me’ was about mj


Okay here goes well you know Stephanie Mills and Michael were seeing each other while he was filming the Wiz right…

Sources say He liked her and all but they never like went on dates just hung out mainly at the apartment Him and Latoya shared.

Latoya told somebody that it was some heavy petting going on.

Stephanie  would stay over and they all would be in the Llving room laughing and playing games on the nights they didnt go to studio 54.

One night she left them up , so they thought , she wanted to sneak and see what they were doing . Because even though they liked each other Mike was saying they were just friends but Stephanie thought other wise.

So Latoya left them up and she waited like 30 40 mins to sneak back in the Living area and saw them Kissing like really hard and heard Stephanie moaning. The moaning surprised her so she made herself known and rushed over to see his hand in her panties and they both jumped up from the couch and after Mike ran into the bathroom smiling and stayed there for like 3 hours.

So when Stephanie was saying he was all man in that interview. They were doing more than kissing.

Latoya said Mike couldn’t look her in the face for a while and Stephanie didn’t come over for a few days.

So Mike and Step had so fingering action going on for a while until Toya caught them.

Diana Ross

The Letter, National Enquirer Messageboard on 2004-06-12

He likes women over the age of 18. Shiiiiit, even before he was 18, he liked women well over the age of 18. It’s no secret within certain circles that Diana Ross was his first. The poor guy thought he was going to marry her but she fucked him over with Gene Simmons and Arne Naess. He was pretty naive back then, so he chose not to see the obvious. Then he was celibate for about 3 years

Posted by *Tink*, MaximumJackson 23rd February 2009,

* (P. Diddy) was interviewd on MTV in 1995 and he said Michael told him that the first time that he ever had sex was with Diana Ross. Basically, Mike told P. Diddy that he lost his virginity to Diana. Now, I KNOW someone remembers this because I remember reading that situation.

Posted by an Incogneato on LSA 19th March, 2009

dont get me started on diana “whore” ross….she’s been passed around more than a blunt on a friday night. smokey robinson, eddie kendricks, barry gordy, she fucked michael when he was young and attractive…

she’s the real “superhead”..bis h was fucking for tracks and status way b4 xtina milian.

she was michael’s first. took his virginity. he was in love, thought they were an item, she broke his heart. diana’s list wayyy longer than that. tracee’s a dyke and her daughter rhonda used to dog her to anybody.

Posted by an Incogneato on LSA, March 23, 2009

to follow up on the diana ross/michael jackson thing…

she straight up broke mj’s heart..so much that he refused to date any other women for a while and seeked the company of kids because adults have hurt him all his life. when diana married another man thats when he broke down and wrote “dirty diana”

also, michael did date brooke shields and they even were talking marriage…but brooke left michael around the time the chld abuse thing came up..thats why mj fell in love with lisa marie…they really were in love. diana ross came back into the picture and tried to rekindle something for press. mj turned it down but lisa was too jealous. this is half the reason why lisa marie left michael. the other reason is religion issues and mj’s work thic.

mj is actually quite humble but he loves accolades and to be loved by millions. he only asks for privacy when you work for him

lisa and michael got serious in 94. diana wanted michael to go to public places with her so she could get some press.

Posted by  She Wolf 19th July, 2009

they were still talking but not as much in the past decade. in 06 mj confronted her about how she did him back in the 80s. the result was them not speaking afterwards.

their “friendship” was never the same after she got married. mj never got over diana. he still wanted a family and a life with her..hence his will.

diana just used mj like she did other men in her life. she got him when he was young and hot and “horny”. basically pussy whipped him for years. they were fuccing on and off during the early 80’s. he’d be the one goin after but they were only together when she wanted. listen to “lady in my life”…who was he singing about…u can hear the beggin in his voice when he sang that. that was to diana. he admitted to some people she was who he was thinking about when he sang that. also it was diana that he wanted to take to the grammys..not brooke. brooke was just for publicity. he liked her…but his body and heart belonged to one female for years:diana.

after he found out she was gettin married he became celibate for a couple years. but then hooked up with other heffas during the bad era. but like i said b4..he was still in love with diana.

i know katherine doesnt care for her. she wasnt feelin it when mj was sent to live with her when he was younger.

right after they were signed to motown records. it was berry’s idea. katherine didnt like the idea of her son living with a grown woman that she didnt even know

She Wolf 07-20-2009

Smh..they only tell itfromwhen he was18.they didn’t go into what was goin on when he turned 20

She Wolf 08-26-2009

hmmmm so i got some “tea”..hot or stale…take it or leave it.

talkin to this certain person again. basically said michael had his first time with diana when he was 20. right b4 off the wall came out. michael was “addicted” to her. called her alot. bought her gifts. katherine knew because he told her. she wasnt happy. he also told janet. told katherine that he was going to marry diana. katherine told him it wasnt gonna happen. told him to watch out. diana got with gene simmons but was still sleeping with michael. he called himself “breaking it off”. so he started hanging out with brooke shields but he wasnt interested in her “like that”. hooks up with diana again.

fast forward a bit. he was still messing around with diana. he proposed countless times to her but she wouldnt ever give him a definite answer. then she up and gets married to that arness dude. had the nerve to send michael an invite as well. dirty diana is about diana. michael considered her to be a “groupie” when he wrote that song.

no real details on the “sex” in itself. i asked…all that was said is diana “had him pussy whipped”.

but its funny how diana AND lisa were goin back to him for years. because if this is true then michael and diana had a sexual relationship for about 7 years.

this person said RIGHT before off the wall was released. which was like in 79 when he was 20. so it had to have been before august like during the summer or something.

he probably felt bad for having sex before marriage. cause back then he was really into the church and the jehovah teachings. he probably felt bad and wanted to confess. but he kept goin back for more so he wasnt feeling that bad afterwards.

i couldnt believe he told janet. cus janet is like 8 years younger..so i doubt he told her when she was like 13 or something .he probably told her when she got married to that debarge guy and he was confiding in her about wanting what she had and what he wanted with diana.

i asked who made the first move. all i got was a guess. that being it was probably michael. because he liked to “chase” the females he wanted. and had been telling people that he was going to marry diana one day. and according to this person…yes . mj wore off females for years after diana. he liked that tatiana chick but we all see what happened after that.

^mj told people he was thinking of her when he sung this song [Lady In My Life]

this person knows nothing about what happened after the bad tour. all the info is mostly diana

She Wolf 09-01-2009

Diana n MJ has always been an open secret in the industry. Tabliods know/knew about them..but they rather run stories about mj being a ‘pedo’ and gay rather than the truth. Diana is the original superhead..everyone knows about her rep. she just hasn’t written a book about her ho’ing it up. Diana is a VERY important component as to what happened to michael jackson.

She Wolf 9-11-2009

also they said diana didn’t like the fact that michael had playboy mags at home.

She Wolf 09-25-2009

diana ross better hope to GAWDDD that mj didnt keep a diary…love notes…pictures (which do exist…trust)… unreleased tracks, hotel receipts…paintings/drawings mj did of her nude…shiddd. hell i wonder if he kept her clothes in a box somewhere….anythin g…cus that relationship is gonna come out eventually. michael kept EVERYTHING. he was a major pat rat.

this is shit that came from someone VERYYYYYYY reliable. no they havent gone to the media because they dont want to. they dont want the attention and they dont want any money from mj’s name.

mj and diana were fucking…for YEARS. she screwed him (no pun) and broke his heart. michael era off the wall and thriller..he was on her HARD. (no pun)

she’s in his will for a reason yall. not just cause he thinks she’s a good mother to her own kids.he was gonna have a fam with that heffa whether she liked it or not….

She Wolf 09-25-2009

BUT janet knows what was going on…but dont expect to hear shit from her cause janet never discusses shit like this in the public. she detests diana tho. its funny she hates diana but sampled her on the janet. album

so i said hate…janet hates no one. but she has a high dislike for anyone that hurt her brother

i dont know what exactly she’s said….but i know she doesnt like dr. janet and mj were like glue back in the early days. it took mj to call and beg janet to divorce the guy from debarge.

and lisa didnt bad mouth michael until years later. cus janet was hanging with lisa for a while after her divorce. shit she was hanging with michael after the divorce.

She Wolf 09-30-2009

from the grapevine…diana didnt like that mj was into porn.

She Wolf 10-11-2009

sooo….all i got for yall at the moment is mj “heard” about diana getting married..but it wasnt confirmed until he got an invite.

She Wolf 10-11-2009

supposedly from 79 to 86…ended when she got married to arness.

She Wolf 01-08-2010

THEY WAS FUCKKIN and i wont hear another word denying it…

soooo…..mj would disappear sometimes. (yes we all know this). and when he would return he would avoid questions about his whereabouts. supposedly katherine was worried because “she didnt like him just leaving without telling her goodbye at least”.

one particular weekend he disappeared and came back “happier than usual” and was “talking about getting married and kids”. this was in 83.

thats all i got for yall. :/


yall keep in mind mj could have been going ANYWHERE when he would vanish from his fam’s house. tmz wasnt invented yet…

they say diana.

She Wolf 7th April 2010

its known rick james HATED prince lol. also someone asked about suzanne de passe…yeah..her and joseph jackson…and gordy. another reason joe hates berry’s guts.

Posted by an Incogneato on 28th November, 2009

mj and diana? after thriller it became difficult for that to continue in secret. he wanted to go public with it, she did not. she ended up marrying someone else and basically this caused michael to go into a deep depression. he got over her eventually but for a long time he didnt even refer to her as diana. he would just say “that woman”. he still loved her though

diana…not sure if she was his first…but the relationship went on for a while. and she didnt like him around other females…

Posted by Honeydipp on LSA, 6th November, 2009

mj loved the movie unfaithful

*coughs*Diana Ross/Robert Silberstein/Michael Jackson*coughs*

Honeydipp 7th November, 2009

Re: Tedd Riley knowing everything about MJ

Dude knows TOO much! I just want too see if I know as much as he does!

Michael was completely in love with Diana Ross and wanted to marry her. In fact, he asked her to marrying him not ONCE but TWICE and she turned him down both times for being “too young” and ended up marrying Arne Naess instead. Michael was heartbroken. I don’t blame Michael for thinking “the relationship was all in his head” especially when the other person “P”d your “C” and were sexing on the regular.

I’ll just say again that Diana Ross was OLDER and Mike’s *FIRST*. When Mike sees something he likes he tends to stick with it. A LOT of the ladies he messed wit are older and are wealthy.

Honeydipp 11th November, 2009

I KNOW he lost his virginity to Diana when she was still married to her first husband. So I would assume at the earliest he was 18/19 yrs. They formed a strong bond early on because of something Michael went through and that he ONLY confided in Diana at the time was occurring. I will say–as most know already–that Michael was HEAD OVER HEELS in love with Diana even when she broke his heart. She was DEFINETLY the love of his life.


Katherine was JEALOUS of Diana and Michael friendship/closeness when the family were moving to cali. Katherine’s like “that’s my son!” Later she got over it/understood when she found out about Mike being m******* and Diana was there for him teaching him art/painting etc. I assume she knew about Mike and Diana affair if all the brothers knew. I’m sure she heard things (i.e. media) and it was plain as day.

Today, Katherine and Diana get alone fine. This is FACT!

Honeydipp 8th December, 2009

Oh, the family KNOWS! Especially the brothers. They would ALWAYS tease Michael saying you ain’t so innocent now. And they ALL know about Diana Ross. Even Mama Katherine. Katherine and Diana get along well now and Diana HAS seen the kids since Mike’s passing.


Well, Diana was his first. The brothers were just happy he was messin’ around with someone. Also, Katherine and Diana have been cordial for years. At first Katherine was jealous of Michael and Diana’s relationship. Kinda like “that’s MY son!” because they were very close when Mike was young. However, after she found out their backstory from Michael and how enjoyable she made his childhood despite the biz n all, she came around.

(re: The Will with Diana’s name)

THIS!Actions truly speak louder than words. In my opinion Diana was the love of his life.

Posted by an Incogneato, 6th April 2010

diana ross was passed around motown more than a syringe. slept her way all the way to gordy. the rest is history.

Billy Dee Williams and Marvin Gaye despised of Diana Ross. Marvin Gaye and many other Motown acts always felt that they were more talented than Diana and if Barry would have invested more time into them that they would be just as successful.

Posted by an Incogneato 3rd May 2010,

About the Lionel [Richie] thing, he didn’t sleep with Diana even though she tried too seduce him.

Brooke Shields

Posted by Nancy LSA, originally posted on 13th August 2005

Well, I read something interesting last week in a magazine (the free supplement you get with the Sunday papers). The British hairdresser Nicky Clarke was talking about his famous clients and one of them was Brooke. He specifically says that he had to change her hairstyle numerous times in the 80’s because she was going out with Michael Jackson and basically needed a disguise.

Posted by Lisa Byrd on Country Connections, June 26th, 2009

Brad! I’m Lisa Byrd, real estate agent w/Crye-Leike Midtown, & have worked with Michael Jackson & his brothers in 1981 in nashville @ Quadrafonic Sound Studios, on 18th & Grand. They were here for two days mixing the final album for the brothers last tour, then had the show at Municiple, (have the tix)! The pic that I’m sending is of the brothers in the billiards room of Quad, pic taken by Don Putnam. the whole time Michael stayed in my office talking on the phone with Brooke Shields, giggling & just a wonderful guy. He had just started his solo career. The one thing that will blow your mind away, that was the year MTV started, and we had it on the tv in that room, & Michael commented “the brothers would never subject themselves to such silliness”. Look who took over MTV within the next year!!! heehee! So Michael was here, and made a big presence then, and always will be in my heart! Lisa Byrd 615-569-4027 ps how do I send you this pic?

Posted by Aelle 31st July 2009

Karen Faye said that Michael proposed to Brooke, and that Michael showed Karen the ring, but Brooke said no. She also said that when she spoke to Brooke at the memorial, Brooke (through tears) said that at the time she felt she was too young to get married.

Posted by an Incogneato on 11-27-2009

brooke and mj were seen going into a hotel room that he was staying in after victory tour stop. she left the next afternoon alone.

Tatiana Thumbtzen

Posted by Dragonsmilk on KOP Jan 17 2005

No… Look Tat likes Michael.. closedeyes.gif she will always defend him and I am SURE she will always have a soft spot for him. . . I don’t think this book is supposed to have shocking details about her and Michael.. huh.gif It was written to tell a story about her life and I don’t think its any secret that her time spent with Michael and on that video was probably the highest point of her career… She is talking about her time spent in Hollywood, her time with celebrities and her time with Michael… She is gearing this towards the Michael Jackson fans cuz she knows we will be the majority of those who buy the book. closedeyes.gif This is a great way to tell her story (her side) and to make money… She knows there is great speculation surrounding her time spent with Michael… but its been years and though she will most likely portray Michael as the flirt he is… she will be honest and say though she wanted to nothing ever happened between them… Does that make Michael gay?… rolleyes.gif No certainly not… We know that… But we weren’t there we don’t know what was going through his head at the time… closedeyes.gif The revelation that nothing ever happened between them does not make her a @#$%$… she will not say she thinks hes gay… thats the media spin.. She will say hes a flirt and a wonderful person… What she will leave out though, is the fact that she was obsessed with him, sent him tons of dirty love letters and followed him like a puppy and that Michael thought she was a bit nuts… but thats another story…

Posted by Dragonsmilk on KOP Jan 18 2005

Correct . . . wink.gif I haven’t heard from this guy.. but whatever.. He was an Mj supporter whether he wanted to defend Michael or he was asked to comment and willing to help Michael like Tat… Look Michael’s family (Joe) others… have always and will always say that Michael loves women which is certainly not a lie… Michael does.. and Michael did like the women hes “dated”… Its not a front… Michael is a red blooded male and anyone who wants to defend him ESP aginst these types of charges will say that.. I iam sure many will testify at this trial about Michael “liking women” and being a flirt… Its no secret… But I am sure this guy fits in with many others who have spoken for Michael in the past.. wink.gif

and I am glad they do… If you know Michael at all you know hes a flirt.. he just doesn’t sleep with every thing that moves lol.gif like most male celebs do…

Posted by She Wolf on 26th August 2009

mj wore off females for years after diana. he liked that tatiana chick but we all see what happened after that.

Posted by deerae on LSA 24th November, 2009

It was Kansas City Missouri that’s where I’m from and I was there for the BSD shows. Ms T did not sleep in her assigned room for 2 nights. I know this because a friend of the family was assigned the group. Michael stayed at Crown Center..not called Westin Crown Center and the rest of the gang stayed at the marriott. Including the pepsi peeps. Our family firend was especally helpful to Karen Faye cause she had broken leg. Karen can verify. Though she will not admit Ms T wasn’t in her room. Sheryl Crow..who is also from missouri had family come up to see her and hang. Tatiana bed had not been slept in. She would be back to the hotel before the camera desended on the hotel.

Radio reports from Crown Center employees in the kitchen said Ms T came in through the kitchen/delivery entrance wearing a baseball cap pulled down over her eyes. I can’t say that’s true but I know she wasn’t in her bed.

Posted onto her facebook wall,

i heard by someone that they were told by a close source to michael that when u got fired michael was depressed and didn’t want to speak to anyone for 2 days!! and that he was also told that you were in europe. he wasnt even told you were fired?

Posted by an Incogneato on 27th November, 2009

michael was angry about tatiana kissing him on stage bc he wanted their relationship to remain a secret. he was highly discreet about his love life during this period in time. he thought she was using him for her career so he had his people give her the boot. she’s been trying to get close to michael ever since for years. YEARS. sent him love letters. if it wasnt for a confidentiality agreement, she’d have told more in her book.

Posted by an Incogneato on 28th November, 2009

from what i understand it wasnt serious. BUT mike liked her and thought she was beautiful. i was told that he was thinking of takin it to the next level. he told katherine that “she’d give him beautiful children”. but that kiss on stage stunt was what made him cut her off. she thought it was serious. telling frank that she was falling in love. frank told michael she was nuts

all i can tell u is she was seen sneakin back in her hotel room. take that info how u will. in my own opinion i beleive he had sex with her. she literally went ape shit after she was fired from his tour. that tells alot

Sheryl Crow

Originally posted by Elektric on Usenet 21st June 1998

Yea, I saw Sheryl on MTV talking about her days with MJ as a backup singer. She was discussing the fact that the other band members would make bets every night as to whether or not MJ would get a ‘woody’ while singing a duet with her on stage.

On a side note, Sheryl also defended Michael, stating, “So what?…If the dude get’s a woody, the dude get’s a woody, it’s only a perfectly normal human function.”…or something to that extent.

Posted by sheebs1019 on youtube in June 2009

(about performing IJCSLY)

She recently said that they would burst into giggles sometimes while performing this b/c MJ was so shy. LOL.

Posted by Tootie1903 on LSA 16th October 2009

(re: Karen Faye talking about Sheryl on her facebook)

They were discussing the fact that Sheryl had told some journalist that she used to make bets on whether or not Michael would get an erection while performing IJCSLY, and that’s how it all started. She (Karen Faye) said Sheryl is a whore and that she slept her way to the top. She basically said that now she’s nothing like the way she used to be then.

Posted by Nancy 14 November 2009

Sheryl Crow also told that fool Howard Stern the same story about MJ getting a boner everytime he would perform with her during the Bad Tour. Sheryl does seem to flip flop when she talks about Mike
Originally Posted by Nancy on 26th November 2009

From KOP board:

(From KOP):

Speaking of the Crow rumours… There’s an old backstage video from the bad tour of MJ and Sheryl where she was teasing him about french kissing. I’ve never been able to track it down since seeing it all those years ago.

So, have ya’ll heard that story from….mmm, don’t remember which bad member told the story but: during the bad tour some band members would frequently bet on whether or not MJ would get hard if Sheryl put one of her legs in between Michael during ‘I just can’t stop loving you’. Apparantly she won a lot.

Does anyone remember the interview she gave some guy I believe it was on MTV, she was outside. But anyway, she said that MJ would always get boners whenever she and him did IJCSLY. She said it got so bad that the guys in the band would be as to whether he got one or not. She was looking all flattered and ish because of it. I used to have it on tape, but like a dummy I taped “Ghosts” over it not knowing until afterwords when I was looking for it. Jetzi didn’t’ even have it, but does anyone else remember this. I think this was back in 2000 or 2001.

Shana Mangatal

Honeydipp on LSA 9th November 2009

Cut Shana some slack! She was urged by the Jackson family (as were others) to speak the media about her relations with Mike to help squash the rumours that he was gay. Michael’s brothers knew about them. They thought this would help with public opinion during the allegations. Michael really didn’t want to get any of them (women) entangled in his situation, but Shana agreed to help. Michael was aware she was going to beforehand.

Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble but, I can also say with 100% HONEST AUTHORITY that although Shana DID have “relations” with Michael she is NOT Blanket’s mother. Nor is Pia Bhatti. 100% AUTHORITY. I don’t know about Omer though, but I think not.

Honestly, I don’t blame ANY of the ladies/groupies in Michael’s life for catching deep feelings quick because Michael was not only smooth, but a MASTER in the art of sending mixed signals. Brother just liked to have FUN.

Honeydipp 11-10-2009

I think Shana is VERY loyal to Michael. I agree that there is more to her/them, I wish I knew what it was!

Michael’s family wanted the women to speak, Michael didn’t. He didn’t want to draw them into the media mess. This I know from FACT!

You are too damn ignorant. It is truly a shame. Shana was ASKED/URGED to speak by the family. I commend her because other women (more recognizable) were urged and didn’t speak up. Alas, I rest my case on this matter.

Honeydipp 01-17-2010

How can I say I know nothing about their relationship? Because I don’t! I do know that the family was set on having women speak up to help sway public opinion and ease the negative press. MJMEDIA, I am speaking on a PR move not a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP now. Both Michael and his family knew beforehand that Shana would speak. Remember the Jackson family is LARGE, so although Rebbie may have not formally met Shana beforehand, she sure as hell KNEW of her, as did others–the one’s who commissioned/asked/urged her. Hence, Shana’s warm greeting. I don’t know the details of Michael and Shana’s PERSONAL relationship, but I DO know that Shana and others were asked to talk, which is why I did not blame her when others in here were for the ET interview. Also, I assume they did have a relationship, as Shana WAS asked/urged to speak by members of Michael’s family, so they MUST have known SOMETHING (i.e. i don’t believe her name was pulled from a hat).


Posted by Girl3277 on usenet 21 March 1998

I’ve head alot of crazy things about Michael and Maddonna.

Another crazy story about the two was the time when Michael and Madonna went on date with each other at the Oscars.When the show was over theywent to Spago’s (A Famous  Celebrity restaurant in HollyWood) and Michael supposedly was nibbling on Maddona’s ear at the table!!!

Posted by an Incogneato on LSA, 5th November 2009

madonna loves black dick. she wanted tupac to be the father of her child. she asked prince and michael jackson as well.

Posted by an Incogneato on 28th November 2009

i heard she signed a confidentiality agreement. and that he had posession of her nudes that came out in the 80s. thats all i know about that

Naomi Campbell

Posted by Patrick Moore on Usenet 30 July 1999

Didn’t she once admit that he had a big one LOL

Posted by Southern_dva, originally on MJJDreamworld, 11th August 2009,

More quotes: “anybody know what happen with Naomi Campbell…..because a friend toll me that she says that she flirted with MJ during the video ITC.(well…we all know about that) But up to a point he was very very HOT…And Naomi says apparently Michael Is Huge!!!”

June Chandler

The Letter, National Enquirer Messageboard on 2004-06-12

Then he was celibate for about 3 years, before becoming involved with a pretty, blond employee of his, an actress from a popular ’80s/early ’90s sitcom, a singer that nobody cares about anymore but was the sh.it back in the day, some groupie/secretary, June Chandler (the mother of punk bitch Jordan who got jealous of mommy’s relationship with Michael)

Posted by an Incogneato on 11-28-2009

june chandler? only that her husband was very jealous of michael from the moment they met. not sure if they had sex or anything

Lisa Marie Presley

The Letter, National Enquirer Messageboard on 2004-06-12

Then he was celibate for about 3 years, before becoming involved with a pretty, blond employee of his, an actress from a popular ’80s/early ’90s sitcom, a singer that nobody cares about anymore but was the sh.it back in the day, some groupie/secretary, June Chandler (the mother of punk bitch Jordan who got jealous of mommy’s relationship with Michael) and, of course, Lisa Marie. Lisa Marie was the only one he allowed himself to become more than just sexually involved with since Diana, that boy was sprung. Lisa Marie, however, led him to believe they would have a family of their own, but stayed on the pill anyway because even if she said she was a rebel, the little bitch didn’t want mommy dearest to get mad at her for having a lil black child. Mike found the pills, split, messed around with a couple of other women with the goal of getting one pregnant just to hurt Lisa (he can be an as.shole sometimes, true) and eventually knocked up Debbie, which, (if I didn’t love and adore his children and think think they saved his life) I would say was probably one of the biggest mistakes of his life.He was never faithful to Debbie after they married, never even wanted to marry her but Mike doesn’t like to break his mother’s heart. He and Lisa continued having sex until 1999 (they weren’t “together,” they were just fucking), until he met his third child’s mother

Posted by She Wolf on LSA, 1st August, 2009

Mj must have had that good good cus lisa stayed stuck on him for years.

And I heard mj loved her album.

Posted by She Wolf on LSA, 2nd October, 2009

third…I remember years ago I read a story about lmp and how it was when they first got intimate. it said mj kept most of his clothes on while he took all hers off. anyone read that?

I can’t find it online but it was in an article. it was saying something like mj took her out. took her to her hotel. was talkin to her. then all the sudden started kissin and caressing her. took her clothes off. kept his shirt on but unbuttoned it. it didn’t say if they went all the way but I think it said lmp ‘claimed’ that was the first time he touched her like that.

Posted by Southern_dva, originally on MJJDreamworld, 11th August 2009

“There was this friend of LMP who gave an interview about what Lisa told her about their sex life. And she said that Lisa said he overwhelmed her and took her breath away!!! She said Lisa is pretty experienced and not easy to impress. They went at it back to back even the first time. He bought her lingerie had her get her belly pierced. This lady actually said “Michael is very kinky”! She also said he likes it standing up, outdoors and risky places and sometimes sings as he ….(yeah that)!!! ”

Karen Faye on her facebook, 5th October 2009

In the Rabbi’s tapes Michael says that also LMP wrote to him a lot of letters after the divorce: she wanted to come back with him and promised to give him all the babies he wanted!It is true? Have you ever seen these letters?…and Michael sayd “NO”… ???Y ou said the love each other… and he said NO??? … but… may be he lost the possibility to be happy with her!!! This make me cry…

Karen Faye Kissinger Michael let me read one letter that LMP wrote to his mother, wanting to get back together. The letter did state she would give him the children he wanted. Unfortunately, she had begged him to come back before, and when he agreed, she filed for divorce the next day. So he did not trust her because of what she did the last time he gave in. He was very hurt.

Posted by Ohgirl on LSA, said by Karen Faye, 8th October 2009,

And I also read this, from a link from her [Karen Faye’s] FB to anothers face book. it was broken in parts but I put them together:

“Lisa didn’t intend to actually go through with the divorce, but when she saw that Michael was not personally willing to dispute it, she figured “what the hell am I doing.” Priscilla difinetely was in Lisa’s ear at that time. “Look, he is not even fighting for you, he used you and tossed you out like old ettuce”

Michael would get angry with Lisa for no reason, he would litteraly give her the silent treatment. It got to a point were Lisa would send letters to the studio asking him “what did I do to you.”

Some times she would confront him and ask, “what am I to you.”

After he married Debbie it was a massive blow to her ego and who she was as a woman, she had transformed herself for him. He would buy her things and say, “wear this please.” some of us thought he was trying to change her, Lisa thought it was sweet and romantic.

So to answer everyones question, yes Lisa did want Michael back, Michael became a different person after the birth of Prince. He was very attentive, he became the man after the divorce that Lisa wanted him to be through the marriage.

Posted by cess27 on PionyExchange, Nov 8 2009

One of my cousin, is a chef, he works at the Ivy restaurant in LA  from september 1997 until june 2001.

I’m fan of Michael,and  in 1998 my cousin saw Mike and Lisa at the Ivy and it was ” hot ” between the couple.  She touched his knees, his hands, they ate the same dessert in the same cup it was ice cream!  Listen, both of them drinks wine and at the end they were a bite happy, drunk, in the funny way. They laugh of lots and took pictures with the chef, the boss of the restaurant and the team in the kitchen.

They seem very happy, and they cameback at the Ivy together until 2001 my cousin told me. My cousin speaks very well american and all the chef in this restaurant knew than Lisa wanted more than to be just a friend with Mike.

When you go to the restaurant with a friend, you don’t touch the legs , the face, the thing between the legs :ninjar: of your ” friend “. And the kisses of course!

So they enjoyed a lot together, but it was know than Lisa wanted Michael. When my cousin told me this, I didn’t believe him but one of his collegue told me everybody know in Hollywood, than Lisa will always be behind Mike, if he needs her because she just say yes for everything when it’s Michael who ask.

Posted by an Incogneato on LSA, 27th November, 2009

all i can tell ya about lisa is they were having sex wayyy before they got engaged. she wasnt even divorced yet.

Posted by an Incogneato on LSA, 28 November, 2009

Re: Birth control pills

im not sure about lisa. i dont know much. but i do know that michael did disappear on her. but he did that to everybody. he didnt like being tied down for too long

Honeydipp 11th December 2009

Michael was BITTER. Contrary to popular opinion LMP LEFT MICHAEL and he never quite got over it.

Posted by Nancy on LSA 26th February 2010

(originally from KOP):

About where Nicolas Cage comment about about him not bweing the Gloved-one as a reason for his divorc with LMP, comes from:

He mentioned the glove comment on a late night entertainment show in the UK that doesnt run anymore. It was called Entertainment Tonight and was narrated by two british people, and guy and a girl. Its not the same ET you folks get in the US. I didnt tape it though cos i know i wouldnt have caught it in time so i cant produce it to prove what i saw.

Posted by Nancy 2nd March 2010

Art of the comeback“ von Donald Trump (geschrieben 1997)

I have the book “Art of the Comeback” by Billionaire Donald Trump written in 1997. Here are some of the excerpts of what Michael and Lisas good friend Donald Trump said about Michael and Lisa Marie’s secret relationship in the book. Donald said all this happened in the early nineties (94) at the height of the Michael Jackson madness. Donald made a comment on how a waitress was so nervous to serve Michael that she dropped the food. Donald said Michael had a spell on everyone at the restaurant when they realized he was there. At this particular New York restaurant, Donald asked Michael about what’s going on in his sex life, Donald was surprised Michael said he had a new girlfriend. But at first Michael did not want to talk about it. But Trump kept pushing him, asking who was his new girlfriend. Michael said it was a girl named Lisa Marie. After Michael said Lisa Marie, Donald didn’t say anymore. Then Michael changed the subject and they went to another topic according to Mr. Trump. A couple of weeks later, Donald got a call from Michael asking if he could down to Mar-a-Lago with him. Donald said absolutely, and they flew in Donald’s plane together. Michael had a small group of people with him. Donald said he and Michael did a lot of talking while flying down to Mar-a-Lago. As they were flying down to the Florida mansion, Donald said Michael asked would it be possible for his girlfriend to come over and say hello and even stay at Mar-a-Lago with him. Donald said sure, he looked forward to meeting her. Donald asked Michael if it was the same girl, Lisa Marie. Michael said yes, it was, and Lisa Marie arrived sometime around 8, about an hour after they got to the house.

According to Donald Trump, when the doorbell rang, the butler answered, and a beautiful girl walked through the door. Donald said I dont think people realize how pretty Lisa Marie Presleys face really is. Donald said she got the best of Elvis and Priscilla. Donald also said he didnt think Lisa Marie has ever been recognized for her incredible glow. Donald proceeded to say, when Lisa arrived, Michael went running down to the living room, greeted her with a hug, and then took her off to look at the ocean. When they came back, they were hugging and holding hands. Donald said they seemed very much in love. Donald said there was no doubt in my mind that they DEFINTELY had something going on.

During the weekend according to Donald Trump, he saw little of Michael and Lisa Marie, since they stayed up in the tower. But they did make a mistake on a Sunday afternoon trying to sneak out of Mar-a-Lago and go shopping in disguise on Worth Avenue. Well, according to Donald, the paparazzi found out and all hell broke loose. Michael and Lisa Marie had to be driven back to Mar-a-Lago with the paparazzi in pursuit. The rest of the weekend was absolutely wild. Donald said hundreds of cameras surrounded Mar-a-Largo as Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley were stationed in their lovenest tower rising high above the house. However the press didnt bother them, or Donald, but Trump said it was quite a frenzy.

Posted by Clouddancer 23rd April 2010

Hi Girls, it’s Maree in Australia, the aussie yana girl whose story was posted in the first thread..I’m still around, but I got so hooked on the Ladies threads I decided to read them all…still gettin thru them, I’m about half way thru the 2nd one..shit gonna take forever, but I’m gettin there..
I recognise some of the names..Attagirl are you now Always on my mind? I love your posts…
For those of you that don’t know my story just google “my yana experience” it’ll come up.

Now to the good stuff, I have a little tea, and because this has come from someone I know that works in the aussie music industry, it may not be known.
Yesterday I attended a funeral where I bumped into an old friend who has been a sound engineer here for years, and he knows Molly Meldrum really well, Molly is the dude that interviewed MJ here a couple of times, this guy is really reliable and is actually the brother of one of our biggest pop stars, so he doesn’t do bullshit, and doesn’t like tabloids, cos his brother gets written about too, so I believe this…
ok…when MJ was here for the History concerts in Nov 96, as you all know he married Debbie who was 6 months pregnant with Prince, she just flew into Sydney that very day, the day of the wedding, and it was a midnight wedding at the hotel, after the ceremony she left the hotel and stayed with “friends” at Moore Park…that’s the suburb where the Sydney Cricket Ground is, where the concerts were…so she didn’t stay with MJ on their wedding night…IDK who the friends were, but Moore Park is not an area where celebrities live, so it’s a mystery who she was staying with…now to the bit that had me intrigued to say the least…LMP was in town!
IDK when she flew in, whether it was before or after the wedding, but she was here…she flew in under strict secrecy, no one knew she was here, and was whisked straight to the Sheraton to meet MJ…that’s about a 30 minute drive from the airport…I asked my friend did he know if MJ and Lisa were on together, and he said, “of course they were fucking, what else would she be here for…”..so there you have it…wow was all I could say..lol..
IDK how long she was here for, but I tell ya, that was brilliantly covered up, I followed MJ around Australia, and there was no hint of her anywhere…but I did see Debbie several times in Sydney, not in the other cities…don’t know how long Debbie was here…I never saw her with MJ though, only with security out and about on her own.

Someone mentioned on the 2nd thread, (I found this just recently), about a yana girl talking about a hickey on MJ’s neck, or was it a bug bite…that was me, I did see a red mark on his neck, and I did blame a bug, and I got eaten alive by mozzies that night…but now I’m not so sure it was a bug bite…if Lisa was here???? who knows…lol..
anyway, if I hear anything else I will certainly post it…my friend and I exchanged numbers…
I will keep in touch ladies and hopefully catch up one day!
OK…back to the 2nd thread…
LMAO @ some of the tags…oh and just remembered, I know Loretta Bolton, the Sydney yana girl that did a Munich…her pics have been posted here….she heard that she made him change his pants, but she doesn’t know if it’s true…she’s hoping it is…lol…she said she did whisper naughty things in his ear, but she refuses to tell anyone what she said…”that’s between him and me” is all she’ll say.

Clouddancer 23rd April 2010

IDK, I wasn’t there, but I do know people that were there…I could probably find out if I made a phone call or two, but I must say, celebrities seem to be more relaxed down here for some reason…maybe it’s b/c we don’t have the tabloids like in the US and UK…not as much, and things say relatively quiet unless it’s something that directly involves Australia like the MJ Debbie wedding for example…that was huge here, b/c it happened here. Celebrities will always come here for vacations, and it’s not always for the good weather..they can get around without being hassled. I have a friend, a fellow MJ fan, whose not really into forum’s, who actually met MJ in Sydney down at the harbour near the Opera House…he was just chillin with his security team in a cafe and was being left alone…he actually spotted my friend with her little daughter and called them over to his table!
I also heard that when LMP toured here a few years ago with her band, (and this is unconfirmed b/c I wasn’t there…I wouldn’t go out the back door to hear her “singing”), that at one of her Sydney concerts she was talking up about MJ to the crowd after someone in the audience was handing up glasses of wine to her all night…she apparantly said after someone called out something about MJ to her, she said “oh you guys know I was married to him?” I thought yeah, of course we know, we don’t live under rocks down here..lol..then she mumbled under her breath something about great sex and then said “sorry, shouldn’t have said that, I’ve had too much wine”…..IDK how accurate that is, it’s just what I’ve heard from people that were there, but knowing how relaxed celebrities are with Australian crowds I wouldn’t be surprised.

Clouddancer 23rd April 2010

I remembered something else just after I posted this, but got interrupted with a knock on my door…do y’all remember that supposed quote from Nic Cage..that his marriage to LMP failed cos he doesn’t wear a white glove? Well, that’s true, he did say that at some industry party here in Sydney…several people heard him say it, and he also said he honestly believed that LMP dumped her random unknown fiance to be with Nic in a huge attempt to make MJ jealous…she thought MJ would take more notice of Lisa being with a celebrity than with an unknown dude, and Nic also believed that Lisa was so in love with MJ that she couldn’t think of anything else but getting him back and he doesn’t blame her now for it all, cos he knows what it’s like to love someone that much who doesn’t love you in return. She went to pieces when she realised that MJ wasn’t taking her back.

Damn that girl played some men..

Clouddancer 23rd pril 2010

IDK if Lisa flew in before or after the wedding..it don’t matter really does it, she was doing a married man..we all know that. I do know that MJ stayed in Sydney 2 extra nights that were unplanned cos he met a family with a sick child and we had shitty weather for a couple of days..tropical thunderstorms and he wouldn’t fly in bad weather..the last Sydney show was the 16th, and the next show wasn’t until the 19th in Brisbane, so he didn’t really have to rush up there straight away.

Debbie Rowe

Posted by Paroikia on LeoDicaprio usenet 29th June 1998

i saw him last time again, when after his munich-concert i was invited to a party in “bayrischer hof”, where he staid with his “gang”. he was there with his wife debbie (the next shock) but they left immediately to their suite.

did you know, that michael is very often in munich, cause he loves it so much, and that the last time a lot of people (organised by the radio-station) went to his hotel, with bavarian music-instruments, and played in this horrible bavarian style michael jackson-songs ? you should have heard this. one hour later i was still crying of laughter. even m.j. laughed a lot and said, if he listen to this, he is thinking about to stop his musician-career. was a funny action.

The Letter, National Enquirer Messageboard on 2004-06-12

Mike found the pills, split, messed around with a couple of other women with the goal of getting one pregnant just to hurt Lisa (he can be an as.shole sometimes, true) and eventually knocked up Debbie, which, (if I didn’t love and adore his children and think think they saved his life) I would say was probably one of the biggest mistakes of his life. He was never faithful to Debbie after they married, never even wanted to marry her but Mike doesn’t like to break his mother’s heart.

Posted by Tootie on LSA 15th December 2009

(about a Brian Oxman interview)

Okay, he didn’t mention Diana/Brooke/Tatum. He said that Michael and Lisa Marie were in love. That when he married Debbie, Brian asked him why he did that, Michael answered “because it’s the right thing to go”, he said that Michael liked Debbie, and thought she was a beautiful woman but the women who were the most special to his heart were the ones he never mentionned to the press.

He also spoke about Michael’s philantropic work, his addiction to prescription drugs that began with the pepsi commercial accident.

Posted by Nekush on LSA 30th December 2009

Has anyone seen that interview Brian Oxman did for Latin America in Spanish (I cant remember the exact country it was for)?
Because in it they asked him about women that MJ loved, and Brian O. said MJ liked Debbie, and that he and Lisa did love each other, but that there were other women he loved which the public doesnt know about and they will remain private.

He also said Debbie Rowe caused Michael a lot of problems after they divorced because of the kids. Michael didnt like this at all, and everyone would ask him, as he was going through these troubles “Why Michael, Why Debbie?” and Michael said that having kids with her seemed like a good idea “at the time,” but that he regretted it. I guess he realized this and thats why he used an unknown surrogate with Blanket. I dont know why he didnt do this first!

Brian Oxman also thought Debbie was a nice woman, lol.

Posted by Nancy March 28 2010

(originally from KOP):

(Re: a pic of Katherine and Joe sitting on one of MJ’s Harley for a photoshoot with People magazine while MJ was away on the Bad Tour.)

MJ’s been riding bikes since he was a kid. When he spent the summer in Vegas in 02, he took the kids to a motorcycle museum at 2am one night and told the tour guide he had just ordered a new Ducati. Also when MJ and Debbie got married it was reported he gave Debbie her first Harley.

YANA Girls

Originally posted November 13, 1996

This happened at Michael’s first Sydney Concert; only hours before his marriage.
There were many moths at this concert, and during the first moments, many hundreds seemed to dive towards the stage. It seemed that Michael, in his silver, had burned them up in his light.

A faan was soon invited on to the stage. (Wish it had been me). She was a big girl, in a Janet type white top, some bare belly. She was kissing him, and running her lips along his neck, shoulders and body, like she was tasting Michael’s salty sweat through his shirt, for about 1 minute. Then Michael kind of politely disengaged, and just stood there briefly; She was going to grab him again, and he bowed to her, exactly like a Disney Movie Prince, incredibly graceful. She looked for a moment as though she would dive on top of him, pining him to the floor; but she caught on and made the right gesture, raising him up again. Then he knelt, and grabbed her around the legs like fans do to Michael. She was screaming and looking around. He stood up, and she threw herself on her knees and did the same back, hanging on very hard. She began kind of brushing her head around, almost washing his crotch area with her hair. She seemed to have him off balance, and he ended up having to hold onto her a little to avoid falling backward. She then started to move her head around even more. Frankly, she could have been arrested for public obscenity. This went on another minute, and I thought that Michael may have delayed it to hide something. Then the bodyguard came out seeming irritated; Michael acted reluctant to see her go, hanging on to her hand until the last; She tried to break away again, the bodyguard, who had her about the her wrists; lifted her off her feet for 2-3 seconds and kept walking, an impressive feat of strength. People who had been in the stands afterwards said that she looked to be giving him a head job. No one cheered or anything, but the girls near me started giggling nervously, and moaning. This was much more erotic than anything I’d been led to expect. This girl, Loretta, was on TV next day, saying;

“He’s beautiful, His hair is really soft.and his skin is so soft, and he’s strong. When he holds you he’s really strong. And he smells beautiful.” (Loretta lifts bottom of her shirt up and smells the inside hem.) “I’ve got him all over my shirt. He’s so beautiful, his smell is so nice.”

When Michael later came back to the stage, a girl behind me yelled “OH MY GOD, HE’S CHANGED HIS PANTS!!!”
All I can say was, Loretta, you were one hell of a buck’s night.

Originally posted by Grudgegothhi on Screamezboard 22nd April 2001

MORE INFO on this
(on the KOP, Lisette posted this)
you think that’s bad, you aint seen nothin yet!!!(LOL)on one of the history concerts it seems the yana girl mj pulled outta the crowd had a little sumthin planned….as soon as she got up to mike, she dropped down to her knees, and began doing her best to make mj-ahem- “rise to the occasion”. she basically mauled his crotch with her face, and HE LET HER. he liked it. aside from his initial startled expression, the look he wore was the same kind you see on a purring kitty-cat. and he definitely had on no draws that day–lets just say everything rose as planned and was clearly visible. SOME PEOPLE THINK VIRGOS ARE SHY, AND FRIGID……oh, nooooo. not mike. MIKE IS A FREAK, AND YOU KNOW EXACTLY HOW I MEAN THAT. dont let the high voice fool ya. ….jamillachicken.. … (ps. ive seen the tape of this twice, but my friend who had it recently moved back to russia, with the tape!!!! darnit!!! have any of you seen this also????)….’milla. ….

The Yvette Groupie Story

Originally said to have been posted on a forum to discuss sexual encounters with celebrities in 2002 (I have heard that this story has been lurking around the internet since at least before the trial so this might be true)

someone told me about this site on saturday
so i thought I´d check it out, you guys are pretty funny, I want to tell you about something that happened between me and the man himself, you don´t have to believe me and you can put me on blast all you want but the person who told me about the board (does josie post in here? What´s her name?) knows that I´m not some crazy groupie wannabe, so here it goes..my name is yvette, I´m songwriter/producer and I´m 27 years old. I probably shouldn´t be saying this but I don´t think anyone will care too much.

I had sex with Michael Jackson in November of 2000. I was asked to submit a few songs for inclusion on Invincible. I was invited to work with him, working on harmonies and vocals and stuff. we became kinda buddy – buddy during the course of the time we worked together. I thought he was flirty with me but I fugred that I must have been imaging it because I thought mike was gay and if he wasn´t, that he only was interested in white women (I´m black latina), but one day mike asked if I wanted to come chill with him and some other people back at his place, I agreed.

during the night I became convinced that mike was definitely flirting with me. he´d whisper things into my ear, grab me around he waist, things like that let me tell you, michael jackson looks sexier than any of you would ever imagine, when we hung out he wasn´t wearing any makeup, he´d wear sweatpants and a baseball cap. he looked so normal and he really does have ths sexy presence around him, the little mannerisms he does — biting his lip, pressing up against you. I never thought Michael Jackson was sexy before but I sure do now

when the get-together was winding down, I thanked Mike for the lovely evening and got ready to leave, Michael asked if I´d like to stay. I agreed to stay and we started talking, mike was really talkative, I think it had something to do with the six glasss of wine he drank through the night (who knew michael jackson drank?!?) he started asking about if I had a boyfriend I told him no I got really bold and sked if he had a girlfriend and he said no.

then (in full flirt mode I asked him if her ever got lonely (I kinda sang it, think the janet jackson song “I get lonely”. I was tipsy, as if that excuses it haha) and he kinds laughed and said “yeah, I do sometimes” then he leaned in and kissed me.

at first it was kinda soft but once he figured out that I liked it he got more aggressive and started moving he hand (huge hands by the way) up my shirt and started undresssing me. i went to undo his pants and he stopped me and said “no, not here…come with me” (considering how hot I was at that point, cruel choice of words)

so I followed him to his bedroom which was really freaky looking. there was mickey mouse stuff and toys and jesus paintin all over the place. It almost got me out of the mood. almost. anyway, he pretty much threw me onto the bed and ripped off the rest of my clothes. I finished undressing him, and boy was I in for a suprise. Let´s just say michael jackson has a lot to be proud of. I´d say he´s almost 9,9-1/2 inches long and really thick.

I think mike noticed me staring with my eyes wide open because he said “so you approve?”, I smiled at him and started going down on him. I could barely take all of him in my mouth, while I was licking and sucking michael was making these noises, I barely could keep from laughin. he kinda hisses and “hee-hee”s. no kidding.

when he was getting really excited he stopped me and laid me back on the bed. he spread open my legs and kissed up my things. when he got to my pussy he started lickin my clit faster than anyone ever has. he´s lock his lips around it and suck, too. he had me too wet for words. then he stuck a finger inside me and started finger fucking me. right before i was about to cum he stopped and asked if I was on the pill, I told him yes and then he entered me.

it hurt a little at first because he´s so big (and I´m definitely not a virgin) but once he eased himself in it was hot as hell. he has some rhythm, I´ll tell ya. he was rocking it like I´ve never been rocked before. he kept on pushing my legs farther and farther apart, he went deeper and deeper, he was so deep, I thought he was going to split me in two i came and after that he told me to get on top of him.

I got on top and started riding him, he was grabbing and messaging and licking my breasts. it felt so good. I started working it, rotating my hips and michael made these little gruntin noises and mumled something like “oooh, it feels so right” (I like to think that he was talking about me in you rock my world, although I don´t really think so). then he grabbed my hips and turned me on my belly and entered me from behind. he´s kinda kinky. I wouldn´t have thought it but he was spanking me –such a big turn-on. we did the doggy style thing for a while and he came inside of me. he pulled me next to him on th bed and kissed me everywhere, he was really sweet even if he did fall asleep five minutes later.

I spent the night and the next morning he said how great the night before was and offered to take me home. I declined and hailed a cab. later that day when i was back at my apartment he had tons of flowers delivered to me with a handwritten card that said “thanks for last night, you´re beautiful. M.J.” I was there when mike finished the vocals on my song, but we never hooked up again. I´ve seen him him a few times at various events and he´s always very warm and nice but now that I think about it, he doesn´t seem like the type who wants relationship, just sex. i don´t regret having sex with him, and I´d do it again, he was easily the best I´ve ever had. I wish he would have used my song for the album though haha. I have to wonder how many women he´s had. Anyone have any stories? Am I special or is this a normal occurrence with MJ? I´d love to hear from the rest of you.
Okay my friend said that it was posted on July 16, 2002.

Blanket’s Mother

Posted by Calimerogirl on KOP 20th March 2002 (Blanket is about 7 weeks old and the story won’t break until August)

Reply to clarify the rumor of a 3rd baby in NY I am one of the frenchies that met mj when he did some shopping last sunday.

We did see a baby in the arms of a woman in the disney store. We assumed that this woman was his/her mother. Theree was absolutely nothing to jum to the conclusion that it was mj’s baby. We didn’t see either of them afterwards. The woman and the baby wew not in the limo when we met mj in it, we only saw Prince and Paris.

Posted by BartSimpson09 on KOP on 22nd March 2002 (Blanket is about 7 weeks old and the news won’t be released till August)

I know for sure that MJ will or will have a new baby……….

Thats all im allowed to say………

JMO responds, saying they don’t believe them, but includes some details the waybackmachine didn’t save about the previous person’s posts:

Re You know Bart, I’m really confused now. Technically, we shouldn’t even be talking about this but since you have

brought this out on messageboards, I have a few questions.


First of all, you stated (on the MJNI mb I think) that a third child was ON THE WAY for MJ and that it will be announced soon which was basically why you had ‘permission’ to talk about it. If I’m not mistaken you hinted that this bit of news constituted the ‘non-musical’ part of this ‘big announcement’ fever that’s gripped all MJ fans. However, you went on to say that you were not allowed to give out details regarding the mother etc. Fair enough.
Soon, there was another post by ‘Kadou’ (I think ) who said that fans in NY spotted MJ with a newborn baby but that too was denied later by a fan who was actually there. I believe Sugar Rose also denied the baby rumor. Since you stick to your guns about this whole baby story, I’m sure everyone wants to know who told you all this in the first place because it sounds EXTREMELY unbelievable. Moroever, who has given you ‘permission’ to announce it and why are you suddenly so shy when it comes to disclosing any more details like who the mother is ?
As you were the one to bring it onto a message board I think you owe it to all the fans to explain why you are so convinced about this….because this isn’t one of those usual tour or sony-dispute rumors……

The Letter, National Enquirer Messageboard on 2004-06-12

He was never faithful to Debbie after they married, never even wanted to marry her but Mike doesn’t like to break his mother’s heart. He and Lisa continued having sex until 1999 (they weren’t “together,” they were just fucking), until he met his third child’s mother, fell very much in love with her, but he is his father’s son, so he wasn’t entirely faithful to her, which is why they split up shortly after she found out she was pregnant. From that time, up until right before these new bullshit allegations broke, he was pretty much a dog.

Posted by an Incogneato on LSA, 27th November, 2009

blanket’s mother is not a surrogate. she was michael’s girlfriend and she ended up pregnant. she broke up with mj bcus she didnt want to become another debbie rowe.

Posted by an Incogneato on 28th November, 2009

she kept in touch with mj and saw blanket. i hear she didnt “sell” her baby to michael like debbie did. only reason blanket’s mother wasnt around is b/c she didnt want to be famous.

Honeydipp 11th November 2009

I would like to state that although I KNOW Liz and Mike definetly had a *thing* at some point. I DO NOT believe she is Blanket’s mother in anyway. However, I DO believe Mike had a relationship with Blanket’s mother.

Honeydipp 30th November 2009

Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble but, I can also say with 100% HONEST AUTHORITY that although Shana DID have “relations” with Michael she is NOT Blanket’s mother. Nor is Pia Bhatti. 100% AUTHORITY. I don’t know about Omer though, but I think not.


Posted by MyOpinion on Usenet, Oct 29 2003

LaToya said that backstage at the BET awards, he was standing there looking at her saying “She is so beautiful.” Of course, we know that Beyonce has a HUGE crush on MJ. She has made no secret of her admiration and “crush” on him. She was asked on MuchMusic if she could be with anyone in the world, on a deserted island, who would it be? She said Michael. She was also asked who she would like to star in a movie with, she said MJ. This was before she hooked up with JayZ, but I have no doubt that she have hooked with Michael, if given that opportunity.

Posted by Sippy on TMZ 24 July 2009

Latoya Jackson and MJ were backstage at one of the award shows as Beyonce was performing, and MJ kept commenting that “she is soooooo beautiful,” as he watched her, to which Latoya apparently, becoming annoyed he was just caught up in Beyonce’s good looks, snapped at him, “and she’s TALENTED too, Michael..she’s TALENTED too.”

Posted by Honeydipp on LSA 7th November 2009

Beyonce and (…) was before Beyonce and Jay Z. B and J got together in 2002.

I’ll just say that the MAIN reason there is today a “Beyonce and Jay Z” is because there once was a “Beyonce and …(fill in the blank)”

If I told you, I’d have to k*ll you! No, LOL, jking! I am NOT a sh*t stirrer. I DO NOT bullshit! Believe or not Michael Jackson and Beyonce had “relations.”

IDK Beyonce and I are about the same age. If she’s anything like me she grew up having a crush on Michael. Only difference is she’s a huge superstar and got the chance to meet him. Put myself in that situation…Y’all know how charming Mike was. I think Beyonce like men with SWAGG and Michael was oozing it, especially around that time in his 40s.
EXACTLY! Beyonce has made no sercret of this.

Yes, they had dealings as acquaintances and contemporary’s. Destiny’s Child was in one of Jay Z’s music videos. However, they were NOT together romantically until 2002. Sure Jay was trying to holla at Beyonce from time (i.e. 2000) with no luck. That is until Michael played matchmaker.
TRUST, Beyonce caught Michael’s eye and more.

Honeydipp 7 November 2009

I can tell you for a FACT that Beyonce’s Daddy (Matthew Knowles) did not know at the time. Very few people did, they were madd creepin! He would have blew a casket! Matthew ain’t dumb. Michael was more close in age to him than Beyonce. Public knowledge of this *thing* would have reduced Beyonce’s appeal and more–not that she cared at the time!–Michael knew this. In fact, it started off as a way for Beyonce to escape her Daddy’s control (i.e. her career, dating, weight, etc.).

Honeydipp 11-07-2009

Re: Karen Faye saying MJ didn’t like big butts and thighs
Now I know for a FACT this Bish is not only a HATER but a fullfledged LIAR! It’s a Shame I can’t expand more on this topic, but Karen Faye is a LIAR!

Honeydipp 11-08-2009

Michael Jackson HOOKED UP Jay Z and Beyonce! He set that sh*t up! They better be touched, especially since Beyonce was soooooo reluctant to “see” Jay at first!

Honeydipp 11-08-2009

Age and Beyonce’s career were issues for Michael. Sure had Beyonce’s parents known they would have taken major issue. However, for Beyonce these were all NON issues; she didn’t care.

Girl, I’ll say you started off warm and then entered some cold aspects. They met before the 30th anniversary concert. To my knowledge they never went out on public dates/restuarants together. Most of their time was spent indoors. They were straight CREEPIN. Beyonce was SPRUNG and I don’t blame her.

From everything we know about Michael and his relationships with women its obvious that he doesn’t like to hurt a woman’s feelings if they are REALLY feeling him, right? He’s said this. You have to remember that Jay Z was TRYING and FAILING to get at Beyonce from time, UNTIL Michael intervened. Beyonce was NOT giving Jay Z the time of day! And yes, a Black man is going to set up a meeting between his friend and his current woman WITHOUT her consent, if he is NOT feeling as STRONGLY about her, as she obviously is about him. Michael did not want to break Beyonce’s heart and have her hate him, and he succeeded by hoooking her up with her future HUSBAND Jay Z!

PRECISELY! They were messing around. Michael was just having fun. Beyonce was CRAZY IN LOVE/SPRUNG and talking bout ********! But, NOT without reason. Michael was part to blame for Beyonce thinking like this because of something he did. Michael was worried because Beyonce was getting in too deep and he KNEW he wasn’t the right man for her (i.e. age, careerwise, etc.).

Honeydipp 11-10-2009

Michael did not want to be an ass. Beyonce was writing him love notes and sh*t. Remember Beyonce was YOUNG. The “relationship” (if you can call it that) was not long. Although at one point it went VERY FAR; sh*t got SERIOUS. But, alas it wasn’t meant to be.

Honeydipp 11-10-2009

Girl, Jay Z KNOWS! You Crazy? Dude knew bout Michael and B at the time. Jay Z was DESPERATE to get at B. B was DESPERATE to NOT talk/meet Jay because she knew he liked her. Beyonce was unwilling to give Jay the time of day. She thought he was madd UGLY and was in love wit MJ. That’s why Michael had to trick her and set it up without her consent!

Yes. I don’t know what else Jay would think they (B and MJ) were doing in Mike’s hotel suite. Jay knows what was up. However, I think Mike downplayed the his “thing” wit Beyonce when talking to Jay. You do not wanna know how many people in hollywood play “pass da p*ssy”!

Honeydipp 11-11-2009

REALLY???? No offense, but I KNOW you don’t know who i am! Michael and Beyonce Fu**ed, plain as day! They were Fu**ing so often/much that a young Paris walked in on them! Mike knew in his mind in was not right but you can only control your body so much.

It may seem that I am focusing the most on Mike and Beyonce and I am ONLY because I know the MOST details about their relationship.

No I did/do not work for Michael/at Neverland. Girl, I just KNOW! Lets leave it at that. As I said before I comment when I Know the truth about something. Also, Beyonce had a spare key to one of Mike’s condos at the time. Beyonce would go there to get away from her father and DC3 obligations/stress and “relax” even when Mike wasn’t there. This is where they usually met up.

As I’ve stated before Michael hooked up Jay Z up with Beyonce. We know Beyonce and Jay got together in 2002. I really don’t care what media sources say that they got together before this, its a lie. Beyonce is quoted as saying she’s been with Jay Z since she was 19/20; girl is lying. That’s about how long Jay was trying to get at her to no avail. Anyways, to answer your question She Wolf, Michael and Beyonce were creepin for serveral months from about fall 2001 to late spring 2002. This I know for a fact!

Honeydipp 11-11-2009,

Girl, go reread my post I said a YOUNG Paris and you best believe a 3 year old can walk! During this time Beyonce met and interacted with Mike’s kids. Specifically, on the day Mike set up Beyonce and Jay Z at in his hotel suite he told Beyonce he was going to drop of Prince and Paris at his mother Katherine’s house (Encino) a usual 15 minuite drive. Mike wasn’t gone too long before Jay Z came up to the suite for a “meeting” with Mike. Also, Mike purposfully left his celly in the suite so he couldn’t be contacted by Beyonce because he knew she’d be flipping out. Gotta give Mike props he planned and executed amazingly!

Honeydipp 11-11-2009

Not that I owe yall anything. This “story” is news to me. All I know is that MJ and Beyonce were fuk.ing for serveral months and it is EXACTLY as I’ve explained it. Things started to get serious and Michael wanted out and to not be an ass. Also to the best of my knowledge, Kelly and Michelle had NO IDEA at the time, if this is how this “story” is portraying it. Very few did. Though who knows now.
you are insisting that this info would not be disclosed in “guy talk”, how would you know this? Specifically, how do you know that I am a guy?

I said Paris walked in on them sexing. I DID NOT say she walked in started her questioning (3 year old, come on) and ran out crying while they continued, which is absurd!

Honeydipp 11-16-2009

You mean I write like one, right? The way I described the “Paris incident” is the way it was relayed to me.

Honeydipp 02-01-2010

Oh, of course she has met Prince and Paris. In fact she used to play candyland wit them when they were younger. Just statin the facts…
Honestly, I’m not going to dwell on this issue too much but I am POSITIVE in the future (it could take months, years, even decades) that the truth about Michael and Beyonce will be brought to light. I mean people are just beginning to realize/accept Diana’s true relationship with Michael. Just remember that Honeydipp told you first!

There are certain details, which I can’t/won’t spill. Sorry, no offense! Beyonce’s actions/reactions speak louder than words. The girl must feel just a bit guilty. I just wish an interviewer would ask Beyonce or Jay Z how they really got together and receive an HONEST answer.

Posted on KOP 26th July 2010

I don’t know why fans are so upset at Diddy. He wasn’t lying at all.

It should be common knowledge that Michael had a huge crush on Beyonce.

He always talked about how beautiful she was and how she would be the perfect woman for him. I mean dude would go on & on about her. Did he envy Jay-Z? What man didn’t.

But he did blurt out doing one of our conversation “I wonder if that’s her type” I told him Jay-Z and Beyonce been together for a while now. And that she probably was more charmed by personality.

Mike had a great sense of humor. Like every other man on the planet. His eyeballs were glued to the TV when Beyonce’s Single Ladies video came out. Joking about some of the lyrics in the song.

I won’t get into any of that right now.

He talked about gorgeous women all the time.

But I think most of all he admired Beyonce’s work ethic. And success as a young black woman. Many people don’t know this But Beyonce was lined to make a surprise appearance doing the This is it show(s). They needed to work out the scheduling.

I believe they were leaning more towards her doing the last show. Michael wanted her for ‘The way you make me feel’

I guess it’s safe to say he liked her walk.

Joanna Thomae

Originally saw this posted on the Michael Jackson Flirt thread on MJJC but it got deleted, Summer 2009

The INVINCIBLE Virgin signing: There was this blonde (Joanna Thomae) girl that came up, she said she was from Paris..and then the guards want her to leave, but Michael goes: “No, Wait! Wait..you`re from Paris?”..I can`t hear what she answers, but then Michael goes : “You`re staying at your friends house?”..after she answers he asks: “You`ve got a phone?”..and he was holding her hand all the time… He wanted HER PHONE NUMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he told her : “write it down here” and he wanted to give her a picture to write on but his bodyguards gave her some paper and were taking her away and just kept repeating to him “we will take it Michael, we will take it for you” (while laughing silently). Gosh that was brilliant! And the fact is that he INDEED called her coz she was seen around him many times after that event and it is known as a fact that she stayed at his Neverland ranch.

Posted by FOREVER Michael Jackson Yahoo in August 2009

however she claims to have had an intimate relationship with Michael she said this to my friend on myspace

“me and michael were intimate, thats all im going to say. Im not going to spill our sex secrets.

We split up cause i was living in france, him in america. And it got to hard, so we thought it would be best to stay friends.”

Giselle Samson

Posted on Youtube by @rsprags8 on October 2009

“The girl in the red? as one of Tara’s top models who did spend several months at Neverland and she did spend intimate days and night with MJ! Today she stated MJ is her Idol and assisted to launch her career after ATM!”

Grace Rwaramba

Posted by an Incogneato LSA, 31st July, 2007

Michael is easily led and it wasn’t the last time his management interfered and kept women he liked from being around him.

Same thing going on now. He’s been sexing his ” assistant” or his so-called nanny and his people don’t like it at all. They don’t want to lose control over him.

She’s the tall, darkskinned Black woman that’s always with him and his kids. Yeah,she gave him some.

(re: Grace getting pregnant)

It could be said that’s exactly what she’s been trying to do but you didn’t hear it from me.

She come from Africa and she need his money to help her folk back home.

Broke men give the best sex don’t you think lol

but in answer to your other question, yep, his family, handlers

the jacksons are paranoid, they don’t trust nobody, and don’t dare have more control over moneybags I mean Michael, than they do. the parents think everybody else is to blame when their kids screw up.

Posted by Nancy, 5th April 2010

don’t know anything about him kissing a woman, there were fans that saw that though. I do have footage taken from a fan outside the hotel when Michael was in Germany. On it, you can see Grace in his room at night (whether she stayed there or whether she was the one he kissed, I have no idea) and you can also see her in his room that next morning and is wearing what looks like a robe.

I bought this footage from a fan, so I’m sure other people that were there that day have this same footage. I don’t have any way to upload it on my computer, or I would post it for you guys.
Fans said they saw him kiss a woman close to his height.

HOWEVER I have a friend who was there that night and saw nothing . . . So… thats up to you to make of that what you will…

The fact that your friend was in Berlin and saw nothing, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Unless she was in front of MJ’s windows 24/7. BUT SHE WASN’T THERE 24/7. I SAW MICHAEL KISSING A WOMAN. And 3 of my friends who were there with me saw it too, so it wasn’t my imagination.


  1. Girl, thanks for posting, I’ve read or heard a few before but I think I need time to let it all sink in & comment. 2 things though, I don’t believe his management controlled his personal life as some are saying, I think MJ used his his aids to take the heat whenever he did something that may have been unpleasant like breaking up w/ a girl, or firing someone. MJ doesn’t like confrontations, he let others take it for him. 2nd, about the Beyonce & Paris walking in on them, I heard this from another poster. A poster on another board who isn’t very credible. I don’t know if she was owning up to the tale as her own or if she just retold it when she heard it from Honeydip. I need to clarify it though w/c is w/c as this poster was going around supposedly saying she was MJ’s psychiatrist w/c is highly doubtful.

    • LOL! Okay, that last poster sounds like a nut… likely stole it from LSA.

      I do believe his management got involved with his relationships but indirectly. I believe they told him things to make him paranoid about them (MJ’s sensitive points: going to the press, his money and being cheated on). I definitely believe they didn’t like the idea of anyone taking his attention away from them. I believe this for reasons beyond the stories posted here. His management and his family didn’t like to lose control of him. There’s a reason why MJ was so secretive about his love life that goes beyond the press, he was secretive even with those who knew him.

      It’s true that he would never fire or dump anyone directly though. He would get someone else to do it or just find an indirect method to subtly end a relationship, it’s why so many women are still left hung up on him ’cause they never got closure.

      • Kitty, do you personally find Honeydip credible? I haven’t had time to check the thread yet.

        • Well, she says things about Diana, Shana that I believe are true… so why would the other things not be true, you know?

          Do you not believe her?

          What she says is definitely interesting. And it’s not some psychiatrist/JRT craziness. 😉

  2. Well, I guess I like to background check everything you know? & that thread on LSA is looooong! I mean 1000+ pages? YIKES! How the hell can I check that! I’ve had experiences of certain posters who are kinda nutty! Serious whackjobs claiming to know inside info w/c I took w/ a grain of salt but enjoyed their sexual stories all the same (because well, it’s MJ you know, lol!). Later on they expanded their inside infos into a brother’s psych, into MJ’s psych, until the tale ended up w/ her f^cking MJ as a source of her tales. But the girl was a hater obsessed about MJ spreading lies about him, ie. he gave himself Vitiligo, he cross-dressed, etc. So I’ve learned to be wary of posters until I have a focus on their characters you know?

    Honeydip does say things that I personally believe in but sometimes you notice people will mix in the truth w/ half-truths & lies to convince people of their tales you know? Like that poster I mentioned, she said things w/c I personally believed in but she would mix in her own agenda-filled made-up BS, as well as things more juicy into the mix.

    BTW, Kitty, I no longer get any email notification when you reply!

    • Yeah, I’ve been through a lot of those crazies… cross dressing LOL! There’s one on a forum currently claiming MJ was manic depressive and used hookers but her story is full of holes… and you saw the girl here talking about how Mike was so inspired by his grinding on her that Janet used it in her tours, that story wasn’t even worth the time it took to read.

      So far she hasn’t said anything that made me feel she was doing it for attention… I’ve posted everything she’s had to say here, so she never changed her story about anything. I’m absolutely willing to admit I might be wrong about her though…

      • Girl, well I sure have been missing out by not visiting LSA! It might take me a year to read up on that thread! I’ll comment more tomorrow, I need my sleep, it’s 2:16am here! I will say this though: some of what you posted gave me pause, some made me wonder & some I absolutely believe in! Well Honeydip did say that it will come out some day, so all we have to do is wait! I do think something went on w/ MJ & Beyonce, I just don’t know to what extent you know? If it was only flirting or more?

        Thank you for posting this Kitty, I’ll definitely RE-READ all of it tomorrow! I LIVE for this stuff!

  3. Hey Kitty! I’m still awake because I have serious insomnia! Anywhoo, you have my email address right? If it’s ok w/ you can we email? I have some questions about Honeydip.

  4. * When the second false allegtions broke, as we all know, the media had a field day. Days after it broke, a former NL security guy came foward and decided to talk about Mike. He said that this was the ONLY interview that he was going to do regarding Mike. He said that he worked with MJ as a bodyguard during the night shift from 1988-1990. He said that he never saw MJ sleep in the bed with children. He said that everytime he saw him, he was always with a woman. He said when MJ took this woman in his room, they were doing something but it was not watching Bambi. LOL. Man, I will never forget that story.
    ^^^^I think I read that article somewhere, I know I saved it! When I find the link I’ll post it!

  5. I think this was the article – http://floacist.wordpress.com/2007/08/11/jacksons-former-security-chief-speaks/

    • I already have that one on Love, Sex, Playboy… I was hoping he’d done a more specific interview LOL

      • Sorry about that, I forgot it was on there!

        I’ll be honest Kitty, I don’t think I believe Honeydipp.

      • I understand.

        “I will say that that was one of the reasons I found her more credible, not less.”

        • I really really really would not be surprised. And if I ever found out…

  6. Thank you as always! I would be interested in more of what Karen Faye had to say (know she’s controversia)l. Is there a place anywhere, that anyone knows of that has archived some of her facebook postings?? I missed all that…

    • Ahh, I have some of them saved I’m just reluctant to post them because her opinions seem SO biased and I believe she only saw the DisneyliteMike and not the real Mike. I don’t like the idea of people quoting her as some kind of gospel.

      I might put a Karen Faye section together and dump them all there though?

      • That’s a good idea Kitty. So that in case I come across a KF fan, I come across many KF fans who deny her very own quotes. Nice to have a place where everything she ever said is posted.

        • LOL! I just wish I had screencaps, she used to delete so much of what she would write so she could deny it all later. I still can’t believe she denied the psychic thing.

      • LOL! I wish you had the screen caps too! But who would’ve thought that you needed to anyhow? She turned out to be a surprise that’s for sure!

      • I believe you’re right about KF She only knows about the Disney version MJ! LOL!

        About the other thing, I don’t mean it that way. I mean Joe would surely have known about it & it would’ve been w/ his consent for something like that to happen when he watched his kids like a hawk at that time. I don’t think it would’ve gone over his head. He would have to have sold his son off & I just don’t believe that. I’m assuming the implication is BG no? I don’t think I could buy that as well as MJ continued his mutual respect for the guy long after.

  7. Thank you for putting this together! I’m not sure how much of this I believe, but it’s very interesting nonetheless.

    Is it known who Honeydipp person is? Are they from the industry? What are their sources?

    Also, I heard that the first letter (to NE) was from Frank Tyson (Cascio).

    Yana girl’s post reminded me… There are quite a few Yana girls’ stories out there, and some of them are very sweet. Maybe they deserve a separate post too 🙂

    • I’m not sure who Honeydipp is…

      Frank Cascio denied writing the letter, I need for whoever wrote it to come back and share some more though.

      • It was supposedly by a former head of security who retired by 2002.

        • Well, in this case I don’t belive it. Like Michael would confide his whole love life to a security guy!
          I call this BS unless this Frank is either DiLeo or Cascio 😀

          • You don’t believe the story or that it was written by someone in security?

            Mike’s security are the reason his private life is so damned private LOL!

            I don’t know who wrote it but I believe it.

    • Well, 1st, it’s not just some security guy, it’s the head of security, 2nd I would imagine MJ’s security, particularly the head of security would be more privy to this stuff tan anyone else on MJ’s camp. Sometimes it’s not about confiding, but about witnessing. 3rd, ill Bray anyone, that guy was MJ’s head of security for 25 years ever since MJ was a little kid. He was like a surrogate father to MJ, so MJ did get close to those who worked under him & yes that includes security guys.

      • Bill Bray was probably the only one who was with MJ for so many years – and somehow I don’t think that it was him who wrote it 😉 Of course security could have witnessed some action, but not ALL of it, starting from Diana Ross, and up to 2005. It’s either someone Michael confided with, and then it must be someone REAL close, like Frank Cascio, or those are made up stories. I don’t know what to think.

        Also, I’m not inclined to believe in MJ/June Chandler, because in that infamous phone conversation between Evan and David Schwartz one of them (I think it was Evan) said that Michael couldn’t stand June, and he told so himself. He liked to hang out with Jordie, but he didn’t like June. Could have been a cover, of course, but I don’t think so.

        • I don’t think it was Bray either but you said, MJ could never be close to a mere ‘security guard’, I beg to differ. I don’t think a lifelong chief of security should be easily dismissed just like that. Again, it’s not about confiding but more about witnessing. & yes, I believe some, ie. like Bill sure did witness things from then until he retired. Who else would’ve been w/ him on the clock like a shadow? His mom? His 2 previous wives or gfs? The post was from the National Inquirer & was made by the head of security & though I find Cascio credible & believe he knows things about MJ, it just isn’t him. I’m sure some of those security personnel especially the Chief would be privy to a lot of MJ’s women & ‘guy talk’. Watch the Invincible signing, you’ll see some guy talk going on their w/ a mere security guard.

        • Oh, also, if you read the trial transcripts, Messereau was implying that something did occur between MJ & June, ie. he was courting her, ie. buying women he liked jewelry, ie. he bought June Chandler jewelry.

          • Not just jewellery… a love bracelet….

        • Evan said MJ couldn’t stand June because he knew David cared about June and didn’t want to see her get hurt. Evan was trying to turn David against Mike.

          In her own transcript she talks about having her food delivered to his room…

          Nah, I think security definitely got a feel for what Mike was up to. Bill Bray knew everything, Wayne Naggins also knew everything that happened up till he left… I actually think they know more about Mike than some of his friends do, I think he had a lot of Glenda’s in his life who only got the watered down story, but the security actually witnessed it all…

  8. hey girl,it’s clouddancer the yana girl in Oz…just found my posts above..lol, your site is amazing, good work!
    If you ever decide on a section for yana girls, let me know, although my story is available if you just google, “my yana experience”..see ya on LSA! xx

  9. Again, thank you for keeping everything updated!

    From her stand point, he did not have attachments later in life, however he had special friends to meet his needs.

    ^^^Couldn’t this have been Shana? A friend w/ benefits but still, a friend. I just don’t think their relationship was just a fling, I think there may have been something more than just sex behind it for her (even if it was at his family’s urging) to have come out to defend him & for him to continue to keep in touch w/ her after. He could’ve just dropped her, if she was some fling getting out of her place like he did w/ Tatiana.

    By the way, I’ve recently been reading threads on Pam Anderson, want to know your thoughts on that!

    • I think there’s a few Shana’s….

      Man, I’d LOVE to find out about Pam and Mike! Everyone’s been talking about how that kid said it was really him behind the mask, which is pretty awesome if true. I mean, we definitely know that they met up, she’s never denied that, but she says they were talking about a music video… uh, what music videos would he be doing back in Aug/Sep 2008? Mike had a thing for Playboy sooooo… I hope he hit it or at least was dating her for dating purposes, it’d make so many people lose their minds, it’d be amazing.

      • It was Carlos who asked her & she said it was MJ. Also, her assistant said it was MJ as well. I’m on an MJ board w/ 3/4 threads about Pam! People trying to discusss the walk, the gesture & Pam’s height. I was checking, Pam’s height is listed as 5’6-7″ but there’s a pic w/ David Spade & it’s very clear that w/o her heels, she’s actually smaller that 5’5-6″ Spade. More like 5’3″ at most? I don’t know if it was MJ behind the mask but I can see him doing something like that & I sure don’t believe they met over an MJ video? A video in 2008? Hold My Hand that got leaked? Still, Pam does not DOES NOT look nor fit what MJ puts in his videos as an MJ girl. No way no how! I think they met for other reasons. & I don’t think Pam is as ditsy as her image portrays, she seems smart to me actually! I wouldn’t mind MJ hitting that, w/ condom pls! But at the very least I think they may have dated, who knows where it went or didn’t go!

        • I like Pam, I think she’s a sweetheart. She’s never come across as someone who’s mean or nasty, she’s a huge animal rights person and she loves her kids and kids in general… and she loves Playboy and he loves Playboy…. ;D

          I thught it was Vivienne Westwood’s assistant who said it was also him?

          My problem is just with the London thing… I hope the BG mention it.

          But I really don’t need to know if they sexed… just going on a date that had no businesse connotations would say enough. 😉

        • I have just carefuly picked my jaw off from the floor. Now I know Mikey was no choir boy, thats for sure. His er “black and white video erotica/artistic expression” (you know the bit at the end) clearly tells a very different story. But I disagree with you NenaB, I hope Mike did NOT do the horizontal moonwalk with her, even w/condom thank you very much!!!. We love him too much. But I do like the Beyonce-Michael hook-up……. interesting.

      • No, you’re right it’s Vivien my mistake. Yeah, she doesn’t impress me as mean or nasty either, that’s the worst type of person IMO.
        she loves Playboy and he loves Playboy…. ;D-

  10. Yes, Pamela Anderson deserves a spot here! 😀 Apparently they had some interaction in 2008 in Malibu.

    In comments they also linked her twitter where she says she misses Michael…

    • Yup, we’ve been talking about that somewhere else… I was shocked. ;D Only because it was in London and I had no idea how he’d get to London and back to LA/Vegas without any attention.

      I sure hope he hit it and I hope she spills and yes, definitely including her on my list, I was gonna include her anyway but now I side eye her even more…

      • Oh, I’m sure Mike could sneak to places without attention all right, if he wanted. I read a story somewhere (I think it was B&W magazine) that during one of his European trips or tours he wanted to take some time off and fled to London, where he spent a couple of days chilling out in private, with no one even knowing he was there.

        I think actually a lot of the frenzy around his movements was initiated by himself. I mean, of course fans adored him and followed him, but it often were his people who tipped them off as to where he was going to go next.

        • That was in Rome, he snuck out without his guards. He did that a few times, back when he was younger he did it a lot more but the 70/80s were easier ’cause there wasn’t any TMZ’s or camera phones. He also went out with Lisa Marie down Fifth Avenue before their marriage… had to come back running when people spotted them. There are those picture of MJ in Hawaii with Jimmy Safechuck hanging out looking at turtles at night and they tell the fans asking for photos that they’d snuck out without the guards noticing. I love stories like that 🙂 Maybe I should do a section on MJ being a sneak! LOL

          Do you think his people did that? I’m not sure… it seemed mostly like he’d arrive somewhere and word of mouth that he was there would start and he’d be flooded. That and his follower fans who trailed him everywhere anyway. There’s a funny video where some people start acting like MJ is in this restaurant in LA that he isn’t anywhere near… within minutes there’s just like 50-100 people outside the restaurant singing his songs, chanting his name, flashing their camera phones, begging for a glimpse… the restaurant people are totally confused ’cause he’s not even in there. And this was in like 2007, when he was supposedly “over.”

        • Lol, where does that story about the Fifth Avenue come from? I’ve never heard of it! (though I haven’t got your LMP post yet).

          I know from people who used to follow Michael around and stand by his hotels, that his security ppl alerted fans about his plans. Once in Moscow, for example, the guards told fans that he was going to go to the Red Square. Of course, all the people rushed in there, and by the time Michael arrived it was already crazy. He got out of the van, made a pathetic attempt to walk, and got mobbed in 5 sec. There’s even footage of that on YouTube.

          It wasn’t always like that, I suppose, but he did that sometimes, I don’t even know why. Or his people did. On the other hand, his visits to hospitals and orphanages were pretty quite, as far as I know.

          • It’s on the LMP page when they stayed over at Donald Trumps’ place.

            I didn’t know he alerted people… he was a huge sneak though, lots of stories where he would try diversionary tactics, use different cars, people in his clothes, different hotel rooms, and all the crazy disguises he would wear. This is a story of a trick he did with the Beegees back in 97

            Sunday Mirror

            From the cinema-sized lounge of his amazing home in Miami, the Bee Gee told me: “I got a call one night from somebody who said Michael was staying at a hotel in the area and would like to pay a call on me, so I said `Sure, bring him over.’

            “Half an hour later Michael duly turned up on my doorstep with a minder.

            “He came in, liked the place, sent to his hotel for some things and stayed with us for the next six days and nights.

            “He loved to watch television – particularly news coverage of the fans keeping a vigil outside the hotel where he was supposed to be staying.

            “He thought it was very funny watching them watching what they thought was his bedroom window while he was here all the time.

            LOL 😀

        • LOOOL.
          Yes, please do a post about the sneaking Mike! 😀


    • Capital letters mean you have inside info? LOL doubtful….

  12. I don’t really believe that Beyonce’ rumor either.

    But, i’m not gonna kill someone else’s theory on it.

    Believe what you wanna believe. That’s what’s so fun abut mj’s love life.

  13. I don’t believe it because it doesn’t make sense that Matthew Knowles would be ok with Jay-z and not MJ. Come on, be realistic. Any father that is looking at the interests of the child would push for a mJ hook up over a Jay-Z hook up.

    If people aren’t giving sources, than it’s most likely fanfic. Why do people not trust Karen faye? She was a personal friend and employee.

  14. People don’t trust karen faye because of some alleged selling mj merchandise or whatever, but the reality of it is that it’s a fact that mj called her back to do his make-up for This Is It, and sadly did his make up for the funeral. I’m taking the word of a woman that was his friend and close employee, a woman that didn’t sell him out to the press, about his vitaligo, his addictions. A person that was a close friend/employee for almost 40 years. Over someone who won’t name sources, only insiders. if they know so much about mj life, than they should say, my name is Joe …, and this is what went down. I mean Arnie Klein wasn’t afraid to tell his version of life with MJ. Why the secrecy? People hate on Karen faye, because she breaks down the facade, and tell the truth.

    • If you trust Karen Faye so much how can you believe Romonica or Theresa? Karen Faye has scoffed at all their claims.

  15. Hi! Wow I love your blog, it’s really interesting to see how some stories get around. Just wanted to say that the letter is part bold truth and part bullsh*t to protect the not so innocent, lol. I know the person who wrote it and their heart was in the right place. At the time they felt they did the right thing. Not everything they wrote about was actually something they witnessed or was relayed to them. For things they didn’t readily know about they piggy backed off of what Michael had already spoke about in public.

    Also I’ve looked and it doesn’t seem that Beyonce was ever in the same place long enough to have had such an extensive affair with Michael. I don’t know what went on between them but it seems to me that Honeydipp person heard a rumor and then ran with it. Alot seems embelished.

  16. Hello, I know who wrote it. It wasn’t Frank Tyson or a security gaurd, not directly anyway.

    A man named Marvin worked for Michael in security. His nephew was quite taken with Michael the few times he got to meet him. He even went with his uncle on a few trips when Michael said he would love to have him along. He, Marvins nephew is the one that wrote it. Most it was he heard the rest he pieced together from his own assumptions. He really was sick and tired of people believing all these ridiculous things about his idol. He just wanted to set the record straight I guess and kind of say “ha! you don’t know him at all”.

    This blog really is amazing, it must have taken a lot of passion to put this together. There’s alot here I didn’t know or even consider! 🙂

  17. Yes Marvin Butts. Because Marivn is my Godfather and a long time friend of the family. When his nephew came back to Ohio we hung out a lot, that’s how we became close and formed a bond over MJ, comic books, etc. lol.

    • Could you tell Marvin Butts or his nephew to get on here and clear some things up? 😉

  18. Pls can somebody tell me more about mj and that women called “Yvette”?
    I really dont know if that storie is true!!!

    • Nobody knows anything about her other than that she’s supposedly Black/Latina, was 25, and was working with him in 2000.

      I believe it because of the small details she mentions that nobody publically knew at the time she posted the story online – that he liked Black/mixed girls, that he drank wine, that he’d hang out in sweatpants with no make up, that he had casual relationships, the fingering thing… 😉 I believe it.

  19. I’m just sayin’ that maybe that could be false!!
    Because is a bit unusual to ear that kinda things about mike!!!
    But now that u tell me that’s true i believe u!!!
    And that fingering thing is HOT!!!
    I didnt know mj was like that!!!
    That girl “Yvette” was lucky as hell!!
    Gosh i wish it was me!!
    I think im gonna search e litle bit more about her, i found her story credible, and interesting!!!
    If i found something about her ill tell ya!!!
    And can you add to you email!!!
    because i just wanna somebody to talk about mj, none of my friends like im, and i just need someone to discuss moore about is relationships, the truth about im, and the “all man” he was!!
    My email adress is: raquel.babe@hotmail.com
    Pls add me!!!

  20. How can you believe Yvette’s story? This girl just wrote about her sexual fantasy with MJ. lol

    • Because I know the story has been around for a while and there were things she mentioned that weren’t common knowledge at the time.

      • This Yvette story is not true. It is a fan fantasy or she is lying. She has nothing to lose. It did not really tell us anything new about MJ. Most people knew MJ drank alcohol, ate meat and stayed in his PJs or sweats all day at that time before the trial.

        Besides MJ didn’t get down like that. He was smarter than that, trust. You guys credit MJ for being a genius but then he is an idiot around women, he was not. I am not saying MJ didn’t have sexual relationships with women that the public do not know about, because he did. But this one is not true. The women he fucked would not give details for any reason and not because of a confidentiality agreement. There is something called respect and integrity. Trust me on that one. I am waiting for the Bodyguard’s book they can potentially out one of them, but even then I don’t think they would out of respect for her.

        • Most people knew MJ drank alcohol, ate meat and stayed in his PJs or sweats all day at that time before the trial.

          Not true and when did Yvette talk about meat? But people did not believe he drank regularly or went out in sweatpants without make up or JRT wouldn’t have had an audience. I could give you links to King of Pop, Usenet, websites and Yahoo groups from 1998-2003 and they definitely did not believe that

          The women he fucked would not give details for any reason and not because of a confidentiality agreement. There is something called respect and integrity.

          I hate when people say stuff like this…

        • Why do you hate it when people say that? LOL? You have a lot to learn. And there shall be plenty that shall remain unsaid.

          • Because it’s such a cop out. How do you know that none of the women he’s ever been with would ever type things out in an anonymous forum? Have you spoken to each of them individually?

            I guess it bugs me more when people act like they have inside info they don’t have…

        • Lol!!! No!! You just hate the integrity aspect of my statement because you fully understand that concept, you know integrity and respect in a relationship you know. But you hate it because it doesn’t work to your advantage. You want all the dirty details and that would mortify MJ. Just because Michael is no longer, here does not mean that the woman has no loyalties to him. And if you really knew Michael, deep down inside you know I am right.

          When you say cop out?? Cop out of what?. The need for everyone to know your personal intimate business or your loyalty to your lover and maintaining your own privacy. Its simple really.

          There are other aspect of Yvette’s story that do not jive, but you will probably be upset if I pointed it out to you. And by the way there are several versions of this story out there. Not really sure which version you have, probably the more believable one. Not the version where she said she was 18 and MJ was 42.

          Sorry if I made you feel I have inside info, I certainly do not want to bug you, far from it. One would not want to “type things” of any real relevance to MJ on any site for fear of being chewed out if it doesn’t fit your man whore image of Michael.

          Like I said earlier, you have a lot to learn. But you will get there.

          • out if it doesn’t fit your man whore image of Michael.

            I don’t have a manwhore image of Michael at all. How funny.

            The version I have is the original, the version that has been around for years and not the version that was rewritten for the specific intent to be a fanfic.

            You just hate the integrity aspect of my statement because you fully understand that concept, you know integrity and respect in a relationship you know. But you hate it because it doesn’t work to your advantage. You want all the dirty details and that would mortify MJ. Just because Michael is no longer, here does not mean that the woman has no loyalties to him. And if you really knew Michael, deep down inside you know I am right.

            What does that even mean? Talking about having sex with someone anonymously means there wasn’t “respect” or “integrity” in that relationship? Some people just like to confess or brag or maybe she really did want to see if others had had similar experiences.

            Like I said earlier, you have a lot to learn. But you will get there.

            I’ll stay right as I am, thanks. LOL! And I know you didn’t have any inside info, but acting as though you know the intent of everyone he’s dated or the reasons he might’ve had sex with them sure makes it sound like you wish you did!

            Some people are gonna be shocked when the truth starts coming out. Everyone I know with real info just keeps telling me that..

        • Your argument is very lame to say the least. But I think you do get my drift or sadly may be not.

          How am I supposed to know the intention of EVERYONE Michael dated or had sex with? But then again neither do you. I won’t even argue with you. There is no point.

          And let me just say this for the second time I do not have insider info FOR YOU and I do not want YOU by any means to think that I do. I am more than comfortable with that idea. I am not one of those. It is completely irrelevant to you, if I have inside info or not because it won’t fit the man whore image of MJ your trying paint here.

          ^^^^^Some people are gonna be shocked when the truth starts coming out. Everyone I know with real info just keeps telling me that.^^^^^^

          Now that is true!!!!!!And you will be one of them!!!Lol!!! Don’t worry I’ll help pick you off the floor.

          • It is completely irrelevant to you, if I have inside info or not because it won’t fit the man whore image of MJ your trying paint here.

            I’m not doing any of that, if you interpret something as being a “manwhore” then that’s your own interpretation.

            Now that is true!!!!!!And you will be one of them!!!Lol!!! Don’t worry I’ll help pick you off the floor.

            Maybe you should try cracking this joke with his siblings, I see Tito laughing already.

        • I think it is vulgar to name drop, but I also see someone laughing hysterically. But to tell you who would be giving you insider info. And we have already established categorically I do not have any.

          • And we have already established categorically I do not have any.


        • OH!!! LOL!!! I almost missed that!!
          Yes, thats true!! None for you!!!!

          Rockforeveron asked:
          ^^^^^^How do you know that none of the women he’s ever been with would ever type things out in an anonymous forum?^^^^^

          Based on your tirade here, your ignorance, lack of objectivity and just simply not having a single real clue about Michael or his sex life. You are fishing for info just like the rest of them (his family included). If the women had half a brain, they know not to say a word especially on a platform like this. And Michael picked them smart.

          So you answered your own question perfectly. People like you do not deserve to know.

          The Yvette stories (all of them) are fan fantasy fiction. But please go ahead and defend it, it only adds to your lack of credibility. Its a pity really because you have one or two really good posts on this site.

          Anyway rockforeveron, Stay well and cozy in fan fantasy land!!!!!!
          Its a good place for you. I’ll let you have the last word.

          • Based on your tirade here,

            That there’s a possibility the Yvette story can be real? How crazy of me.

            your ignorance

            I guess researching and sourcing things and also knowing people who know things makes me ignorant.

            lack of objectivity

            The reason I post the Yvette story is because I am objective. How do I know if it’s not true or not? I personally believe it’s credible, doesn’t mean everyone else has to. You can create a blog where you dissect and tear it apart.

            You have no idea how many stories about Mike being a “manwhore” I haven’t posted… y

            and just simply not having a single real clue about Michael or his sex life.

            I don’t pretend to know things I do not. I’ll say that much. Unlike you…

            I’ll let you have the last word.


  21. I think Yvettes’s story is real!!!
    I mean i think, mj did that thinks with her!!!
    At first i didnt belive it too but now i have study more her version and i tink its true!!!

  22. I would love to read this Yvette story. Sounds interesting.

    • I posted it above, it should be highlighted in red 🙂

  23. Gurl, im here literally everydau, waiting for new uploads!!!
    OMG, i just L.O.V.E this blog!!

    • Aww glad you enjoy it 🙂

      I’m working on putting together some more…

  24. Hey rockforeveron, I wish I could get one of them over here lol. They’d probably look at me like Im crazy.

    Oh my, Adama are you saying you know one of the women Michael dated? It’s not any of the “S” nonsense is it? No offense to anyone but I can’t believe Michaels fans would be so easily fooled by such a ridiculous story.

    • They were the ones hanging out on the Enquirer board to begin with! LOL They have a lot to answer for

      They could do a question and answer session

    • @ Sunny, Who is “S” ??? Another Yvette or Utopian/fictional girlfriend?. Can you please post her fanfic fantasy, I love a good laugh!! Or could it possibly stand for “Sunny” LOL!!! Good plant!!!

      I see Mary now has her MJ sex story out. Have you checked that out lately.

      • I love a good laugh!

        Same, thanks for coming by again.

  25. Dayummm…
    Gurl im addicted to this blog!!!
    My mama was like: sarah come to the table, before i whoop your azz up.!!!
    tHAnk GAWWD that you made this blog.

  26. I’m just confused…
    Do you think mj was a virgin during the bad era?

    • Not for a second. Why?

      • Because, i have ppl sayin’ that during the bad era he was still a virgin…

  27. Is there any truth to that Yvette story because I’m having a hard time believing any of it?

    • LOL It depends on who you ask. You can choose to not believe it or believe it.

  28. I read on another site that during the 2005 trial, the defense witness list included a woman named Yvette C. Bergeron, however the defense never called her to testify. Some people believe this is the same Yvette as the one in the story circulating the net. Does anyone know who Yvette C. Bergeron is and how she could be tied into MJ or the 2005 case?

  29. ^^^^^Some people are gonna be shocked when the truth starts coming out. Everyone I know with real info just keeps telling me that.^^^^^^

    Now that is true!!!!!!And you will be one of them!!!Lol!!! Don’t worry I’ll help pick you off the floor.

    I’m just curious, what’s left for anyone to be shocked about? MJ has been sexually linked with elderly women, men, underage boys, “mother” figures, “beards”, prostitutes and even Bubbles. He’s even been called asexual. Apart from him having a “normal”, stable relationship, what’s left that would be shocking to anyone?

  30. hey rockforeveron check out this video from youtube.. looks like mike had a girlfriend during 2004 i mean she is eating off him


    • Her name’s Monique, she was a friend of Randy’s.

    • The video was removed! what happened???

  31. Heyy I just wanna ask if you’ve made a post of Omar Bhatti’s story? Thanks

    • Omer is the son of Riz and Pia Bhatti. The end.


  32. Hi rockforeveron. I wanted to know if you have a copy of the Defense Witness List or if you remember reading it? Was there anyone named Yvette on it?

  33. Sorry to be a bug again but there’s a section where someone posted what his favorite movies were and one of them was face/off. Then it says: “face/off (google it to see who was in that movie..interesting.. )” Who was in the movie that would make it interesting for Michael to like it? Thank you again.

  34. Just to add to the blackbelt bit: there’s Will Smith’s account during B/W filming: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSBguGqe3r4

    & we have this from the president of the United World Karate Association, Daikaku Chodoin: http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/fl20090709jk.html

    “Chodoin’s desire to heal and save the world struck a chord with Michael Jackson: Since their first meeting in 1997, The King of Pop and the King of karate got along royally. In 1998, Chodoin presented Michael with the Honorary Chairmanship of the United World Karate Association and a godan (fifth degree) black belt.”
    “Michael asked me to show him some karate moves. He could do them immediately, totally perfectly. He could have been a brilliant athlete. I asked Michael to help me put karate into the Olympics Games. He talked to International Olympic Committee chairman, Juan Antonio Samaranch and we were told that if we could unite all the sects of the martial art, karate had a chance to be an Olympic sport. Hopefully 2016 will be our year.”

    • Thanks for that, I think the BG have mentioned him doing martial arts at home too.

  35. Hello everyone!
    My name is, let’s say, Mary and I am 37 years old. And what I have to say to you is that Michael Jackson was a normal human being with faults and habits and even vices. I keep on reading in this site and in many others people trying to picture Michael as a saint, an angel, a perfect human being on one hand and at the other hand, people trying to make Michael seem like a weirdo, a freak, a man from outer space in different newspapers and all sort of articles on the internet. And nothing bothers me more than this because I had the chance to know Michael and I know that in his private life he was a normal guy, a guy that liked women, that liked to flirt and to have fun, a guy that liked to have an affair, just a guy. I am not going to deny that on stage Michael was and always will be a God, I am not going to deny that his talent was beyond real and I am not going to deny that he was indeed a great soul, that loved people and his biggest goal was to help others. No, I am not going to do that. But what I am going to do is destroy that image of a saint that you want to create about him. An image that he never wanted or liked. An image that started to surround him just because he liked to keep his private life private and because he was more of a gentleman than a thousand men together. But still, he was a man, a beautiful, talented, famous and rich man that could have any woman he liked and that did have any woman he liked. You will ask how I can be so sure, oh well, because fortunately for me, I am one of the women Michael Jackson wanted at some point of his life. Yes, Michael Jackson used to have casual sex with his fan girls and I was one of them some long time ago.
    I had the chance to meet Michael at a meet and greet session in 1999, I was 26 back then and I was a fan since I could remember and when a friend of mine told me about this meet and greet thing I got so excited. I guess is needless to say that I spent one week before the meeting to “fix” myself. I got a new haircut, skin treatments, new clothes and I even wore high heels, a thing that I don’t usually do. Well, all went well at the meeting session. I got in with my friend and 2 more girls, we met Michael, he hugged us all, we took some photos, asked a few questions and then sadly, we had to go. Nothing happened in there while we were with him that would hint me to what was in store for me later. Not a look, not a smile, not a touch, not even a wink, nothing. Michael acted with all the same way, he smiled politely, he hugged us respectfully, he received our gifts blushing and talked with his soft spoken voice with all of us.
    But as soon as we walked out the door, hyperventilating, of course, I was in for the biggest surprise of my life. I just managed to get to the exit door with my friend when one big black and very tall guy patted me on my shoulder and whispered me that he has something to tell me in private. I got a little worried, I thought that maybe I somehow offended Michael or maybe I did something wrong. The guy probably noticed I was worried because he smiled and whispered again in my ear that I have nothing to be scared of and then he asked me to follow him, alone. I left my friend in the hallway and I followed the black guy into a back room. There he told me that Mr. Jackson asked me to wait for him until he finishes the session because he wants to get better acquainted with me. I started to laugh and asked if I’m on candid camera but when the guy remained serious I knew that it was not a prank. Of course I agreed to wait for “Mr. Jackson” and so I did for 2 long hours. I was left alone in that room with some refreshments, a TV set and a few magazines. After about half an hour the guy came back and told me that Mr. Jackson asks if I need something, something to eat, a special drink or anything. I said no but still some few minutes later the guy came back with some champagne and some fruits on a big plate. I was too nervous to drink or to eat anything so I kept pacing the room quietly for the next hour and a half when the door finally opened and the black guy appeared again in the door step. “We can go now miss.” He said and I followed him like a good doggy. We walked through a long corridor and we got outside through what it seemed a back door. A black limousine was waiting for someone, for me to be more precise. The guy guided me to the car, where another big black guy was standing in front of the door. My guy whispered something to the other guy and then that guy entered the car and after just a few moments the door opened and there he was, Michael Jackson in flesh and bones smiling warmly back at me. “Come in, please.” Were the first words he told me and I did as I was told. I got in the huge limousine and I sat next to Michael. Of course I was too excited and too nervous to be able to speak. I usually am a very talkative person, not very shy but now I was lost for words. As soon as the car started to move Michael started to talk, he was trying to make me feel comfortable and more at ease. He was not shy, not blushing, not stuttering, he was just charming. He explained to me that he liked me a lot and that he wanted to know me better and that if I agree he would like to spend some time with me that evening. Ha! Of course I said yes and as soon as I did Michael pulled me closer to him and gave me a big kiss on my left cheek. “Great. Thank you!” He exclaimed. The drive was not long and soon we were in front of a small building, surrounded by acres of gardens. It seemed we were in an oasis or something like that, very beautiful. Michael smiled and only after he already took my hand in his he asked if he could take my hand. We both laughed and then we entered the house. It was simple but full of style and glamour. Michael walked me into a big living room and then he excused himself for a few minutes and disappeared with two of his bodyguards while I remained with the third one. He didn’t say a thing and I didn’t either. When Michael came back he was alone and he sent away the third guard also, we were finally by ourselves. I noticed Michael had changed clothes, he was now wearing a pair of black jeans and a colored tee and his hair was pulled back in a pony tail. He sat next to me and hugged me and kissed me once more on both of my cheeks. “I am so glad you came.” He said and again he thanked me. I found it funny that he kept on thanking me for a favor he was doing me, taking me with him, in what I believe it was his secret hide-out. So I laughed. He asked me why I laugh and I told him. He laughed too and he told me that he doesn’t see it like that, like is doing me any favors and finally we agreed on the fact that nobody is doing no one favors, that we are just two friends spending some time together. The next couple of hours were fun, we talked a lot, he was very funny, making jokes, telling all sort of interesting stories and also listening to what I have to say. After these two hours I was feeling so relaxed and at ease with him, I was feeling like I knew him forever. So I guess that is how I got the guts to ask him why he picked me to come here with him. That’s the first time I saw him blushing but he went over it quickly. He told me right in my face that he liked me a lot and that I am beautiful and sexy. The next question that came out of my mouth made me blush like crazy as soon as I realized what I said. “Do you do this often?” I asked him. For a few seconds Michael didn’t say a thing and I was so afraid I ruined everything but then he started to laugh and I could sigh in relief. “No, not very often.” He said blankly and then he added “I mean, you know I am still married so it’s a little difficult.” I was amazed by his sincerity so I felt I could ask him anything so I did. I asked him about his marriage, about his both marriages in fact, about his kids and a lot of personal stuff. He answered me with no restraints. He told me that he doesn’t love Debbie and that their marriage is about to be finished but that for now she is still his wife and the mother of his children and that he has to respect her so that’s why his get aways are very rare. He told me a lot of things and that made me realize just how normal and human he is. How he also makes mistakes, how he also gives in to life’s small pleasures, how he also is made out of flesh and blood.
    Long talk short, I ended up making love to Michael of course. Not once, not twice but three times that night and two more times the next morning and afternoon. And let me tell you that those were the most wonderful sex experiences I had in my life. And not because he was Michael Jackson but because he was indeed a great lover, so hot and sexy, so passionate and loving, so caring, so thoughtful and most of all so experienced, just amazing.
    I know that probably by now you are all in a disbelief state but believe me, this is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Michael Jackson was a normal man that liked to have a little get away from time to time.
    I am not going to lie now and say that it was love at first sight like in the fairy tales and that after that night we ended up together until death parted us, I’m not going to say that Michael fell in love with me or that we kept in touch too much. Unfortunately for me, no. It was not like that. After that night and the afternoon that followed Michael was leaving town and on his way he dropped me home. We kissed one more time in the limo in front of my house, he thanked me again for a wonderful night and I thanked him and then we parted ways.
    Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that Michael was rude or insensitive or anything less than a gentleman, NO. He did explain me the night we spent together, not sleeping even for a minute I must add, that his life is very complicated and that as much as he would like he won’t be able to keep in contact with me very much. He asked me to understand him and not to judge him and he also promised me that he will never forget me. I won’t say that I wasn’t feeling madly in love with him at that time and that I wouldn’t have loved to stay with him forever but I understood that it was just not possible and I was well aware that whatever happened that night happened with my total approval and wish and there was no one to blame or to judge. I was feeling blessed for such an opportunity even if it was just a one night stand. Anyway, one brief moment I did gave in my feelings and when Michael promised me he will never forget me I asked him this one thing that was so bothering me. I said “Michael, will you please remember my name?” You see, I am not going to say that I was a saint myself but I wasn’t very used with one night stands either and thinking that at some point he might remember this night as a whole but not my name and he will say in his head “Ohhh, what a great night I spent with that brunette girl, God what was her name?” This thing freaked me out so badly that I had to ask him that, almost having tears in my eyes. He was so nice and sweet. Right after I asked him and I realized that I was about to cry I got scared again that I blew all the night away, that he will just think that I’m another crazed fan and that he will send me away in an instant. Instead, he was so gentle. He promised me that he will always remember my name and then he hugged me and he told me this “Mary, I don’t want this to sound as a cliché but I do believe in fate and destiny and in God. And if God has something more in store for the two of us be sure that our paths will cross again.” He probably said that just to comfort me or maybe he really believed in fate, who knows? The important thing is that he was thoughtful enough to comfort me and that alone speaks for the special man he was.
    Anyway, two days later I got a knock on the door very early in the morning. Opening the door, a very big black guy wearing black shades was standing on my door step holding a big flower bouquet and a note. He handed it to me and left without saying anything else than goodbye. On the note it was written “Thank you for the wonderful moments Mary.” It was not signed but I knew immediately who sent it.
    And this was the end of the story for then. But then 2 years later I got an early knock on the door again. And again a tall black guy was standing on my door step with a flower bouquet and an envelope. In the envelope there were 5 VIP tickets to Michael Jackson’s 30th anniversary special and a note that was saying “I hope you will be able to make it Mary.” And this time it was signed with his initials, MJ. To be honest I cried when I saw he still remembered me as he promised, that he still remembered where I lived and that, most important, he remembered my name. Of course I planned to go to the concert but unfortunately, just 3 days before, my mom died. In the midst of all the pain my mother’s death caused me and all the funeral thing I totally forgot about the concert and about Michael. But after a few months I found myself crying with the VIP tickets in hands and I decided I had to find a way to tell Michael what happened and why I wasn’t able to go to his anniversary. Long story short, after a lot of days spent in search of an address or an e-mail I finally found something and I sent Michael a short letter in which I told him what happened with my mom and then a few things about how my life was going since we last saw each other. 1 month passed and then I got an answer. Again the early knock and the black guy holding an envelope and one single white rose this time. Inside the envelope it was a small letter from Michael himself, in his own hand writing in which he was expressing his condolences for my loss and he was telling me about his life too, about his projects and goals and about how happy he was that I wrote him. He was also promising me again in that letter that he will always remember me and my name and the nice moments we shared. I wrote him back thanking for the attention he was giving me but sadly I never got an answer back and I thought that was all.
    But then the whole Hell broke loose in 2005 and I felt I had to let him know that I stand by him and that I don’t believe any of the stupid things media says. I wrote him a very long letter and I got back a simple note saying just “Thank you Mary!” You see, this simple note impressed me so much. With everything he had on his mind he still took time to reply me and he again showed me that he remembered my name and our talk that night. In spite of the torment he was put through those days he found it in his heart to take a minute and show me that he still remembers.
    Then the trial was over and he went away and I knew that there is no way I could get in touch with him again. But once more he surprised me. In April 2009 I was already living in another place so one afternoon I received a phone call on my cell. It was a woman asking if I am Miss Mary and then telling me that Mr. Jackson wants to send me something and that he needs my new address. I almost fainted on the phone and I almost fainted 5 days later when at my door step showed up a white tall man this time with a flower bouquet and an envelope. The envelope contained 1 VIP ticket this time to the first This Is It concert in London, 1 flight ticket and 1 reservation for a room in a well known hotel in London. The note beside the tickets was saying just this “I can’t wait to see you again Mary. It will be magic.” Signed Michael, just Michael.
    I never replied to that note although this time I was not going to miss the concert for anything in the world. I just thought that I will show up there and give him a little surprise. But I guess God chose to surprise the whole world by taking Michael away so soon and so abruptly. I cried a lot that day I found out he was gone. I cried a lot the days that followed that day. I still cry sometimes when I remember him and our brief moments together and I fight with God for not giving me the chance to see him one more time. Maybe it would’ve really been magic as he promised me. But it seems that fate had nothing more in store for us, it seems that we were not meant to be together, it seems that Michael was right once again. Everything is in God’s hands.
    So this is my story. It is a true story that I wanted to share with Michael’s fans to make them understand for once that he was indeed a very beautiful, caring, thoughtful, nice person, that he was kind and loving and that he valued and respected people but just that, he was not a saint, he was not perfect. He was just a guy, with normal needs and faults. One thing he told me that night is this “Mary, this is me. This is who I am, as you see me now. A guy that have been married and divorced, a guy that married again for an agreement, a guy that cheats on his wife, just a normal guy. I’d rather people call me a cheater than a weirdo. I’d rather they would judge me for my human errors and not for a skin disorder I didn’t ask for or some stupid rumors I did not spread.”
    And this is what I want to do now for Michael, let the world know how normal he was. Maybe everyone will stop call him names and start call him human.


    sorry for posting in the comment section did not know how to notify u. P.S i not the Mary. Saw the story on lipstickalley

  36. I recently read a book by Sharon Oreck called “Video slut”. She was the video producer on MJ’s in the closet video and she had this to say following a major fit thrown by Naomi on set :
    Sharon… Naomi drawls in her broad British accent. I’m just not getting it together with Michael, and I don’t know whats going wrong. Herb said you could tell me what to do. Naomi, if in the end you can’t count on Michael to come to you, maybe you should just think about going to him. All of a sudden Naomi’s face lights up, as if she has just heard the solution to The Da Vinci Code. Then we see Naomi pull Michael over for a confidential tete-a-tete, after which Michael literally leaps away from her and disappears into his trailer. Herb is summoned to the trailer and emerges to ask me ” what exactly did you tell Naomi to do earlier?” Nothing really, I just told her to dance closer to him. Why? Michael said that Naomi asked him if she could, uh, uh, suck his cock!After the video shoot MTV hosts an event called MY DINNER WITH MICHAEL. Sharon Oreck said” I saw Herb making his entrance past the paparazzi with Naomi, who appeared to be ten sheets to the wind at least forty paces before she even got to the bar. “Naomi! Herb!” the photographers shoutas Herb attempted to steer Naomi down the red carpet. How’s the video?” ” I want to suck Michael Jackson’s cock!” Naomi dutifully tried to inform the free press as Herb shoved her in the door while attempting to gag her with his spare hand.

    • What? Is this on the book?

    • Thanks for posting this! 🙂 Will add it to my Naomi page

  37. Girl, just wondering if you ever came around to reading that MJ/Beyonce fanfic from the KOP boards? Bec it really is a very well crafted fic, kinda realistic too in a satire sort of way. I read all of it in 1 go, it’s that good! I think you might find it of interest.

  38. hey i have hear that michael and tatiana sleeping in the same room while the bad tour

    can anyone show me the site where this standing with michael jackson and shryl crow??? please

  39. I don’t believe the random sex stories. Mike was conscious of AIDS etc. Why would he put himself in danger like that. It just don’t sound plausible for a brotha that aware.

  40. Did anyone see this on Youtube yet? Michael is obviously POed at Diana because she married Arne Naess.

    • And you can tell he couldn’t hide it, even though he tried.

  41. ummmm….i dont wanna sound like a crazy jealous ex girlfriend which is even crazier considering i was never his girlfriend but oh my fucking gosh…. im so fucking jealous of every lucky ass girl that actually did sleep wit michael… and that mary hick is gon make me fucking kill her in fucking sleep cause im so jealous…lol…. and i no longer let haters just tell me anything and i belive it….all the haters do is talk shit all fucking day.

  42. about michael of course. aint nobody tha i know got the balls to hate on me

  43. I have been trying to figure out who the author of the Enquirer letter is talking about when he speaks of an actress from a late 80’s early 90’s sitcom. Does anyone think that it might be Jasmine Guy? She was in his liberian girl video and I just watched a youtube video of the “1989 soul train awards” and after he received a award for man in the mirror he points to someone in the audiance and the camera panns to her. ??? I found it curious
    I know that she was rumored to have been dating Eddie Murphy but I distinctly recall her saying that he sexually harrassed her on set and I don’t think they dated.

    • It is supposed to be Jasmine Guy, yup.

      • REALLY! I wonder if Eddie Murphy played a roll in their break up? I remember hearing all sorts of things back then about them dating. Atleast until she came out with the sexual harrasment statements.

        • I don’t know, Eddie seemed all over the place with women back in that time frame.

          It’s still just a rumour, but would love to hear more from Jasmine about meeting with him, she has said he told her he loved her work…

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