Sexuality & Dancing

April 14, 2010

The Crotch Grab

An Inability To Keep His Clothes On

The G Spot Finger & The Body Stroke

Interacting With The Girls Onstage With Him

Suggestive Dancing In Videos

With The Girls In His Videos


  1. eventhough he always used to day that his way of dancing is not sexual and it’s just art: OK Mike if you think like that..but you’ve been wrong baby….
    If I see his body move: the only thing I can think of is having sex while dancing on stage…..or like he’d say: dancing the dream…..
    I love you Michael.

    • lol it’s cute, he says that but he totally knows what’s he’s doing, he just didn’t like talking about it.

  2. Michael’s work was always artistic never sleazy!

    But it was sexy as hell! Wow Those videos above, wow how hot. Naomi was a lucky lady and LMP I see why she was sprung!

  3. love these gifs, love reading about michael!

  4. Oh GOD !!!!!!! *DIES*

  5. That g spot finger…

  6. *dies* is so right..this man is such a turn on and he knew i.. he knew we all would be at his feet- he knew women and he knew what they love and how they love it! for sure…that s why we love him more than anyone..and we always will Mikey sweetie

  7. Can someone let me know where I can find that clip were he takes off his belt???

  8. Girl, love the BOTDF gif! That stroking is so sexy! Like a pimp telling you blatantly this is my girl! What a man! My hormones are wrecking havoc bec of this man!

    Hey, you should put in the gif where he’s spanking Seidah’s butt!

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