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March 1, 2010

March 25th, 1991, Madonna and Michael attend the Oscars together
March 25th 1991, Michael and Madonna at Oscars After Party
2000/1 Schmuley tapes, Michael talks about Madonna
April, 2003, Madonna defends Michael over the Bashir documentary
July 5th 2009, Madonna pays tribute to Michael during her concert at the 02
13, Sept, 2009 Madonna Eulogises Michael on MTV
13, Sept, 2009, Madonna backstage after MTV speech


In 1983, an upcoming singer had just scored her first international hit, ‘Holiday’. Determined to be more than a one-hit wonder, she contacted Freddy DeMann, manager of the world’s most successful pop star – Michael Jackson. In fact, Jackson had recently hired a new manager, which left DeMann free to devote his attention to the lesser-known, but fiercely ambitious Madonna. Madonna, Smashits, 1984: “I thought, who’s the most successful person in the music industry and who’s his manager? I want him.”

Madonna, The 100 Greatest Entertainers 1950-2000, Entertainment Weekly

“The thing that struck me right away about her was that she said she had no heroes,” says Reggie Lucas, the producer-guitarist who wrote “Borderline” and produced her 1983 debut Madonna.

“When I pressed her for influences, she said ‘Michael Jackson,”

Madonna:like an icon., Lucy O’Brien

It was during this trip that Sounds writer Sandy Robertson did one of the first British interviews with the nascent star.

‘I thought “Everybody” was a good pop record. She’d evolved a commercial dance thing that was not considered unhip,’ he recalls.

‘She was staying with her dancers in a poky, tiny little place in Primrose Hill, north London. She came to the door in a gold dressing gown. I thought she was very short and sort of dumpy, with short, short hair. She seemed glad to have press.

She was bustling around, making me tea with honey. She wasn’t as confident as you’d expect — she was quite reserved, but friendly.

She said she wanted to be a female Michael Jackson.’

Madonna, Record Mirror May 19 1984

Q: Have you done the rounds of fame and party circuit?

A: Some. I don’t really like those things. Last week I was invited to a dinner with Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones but those things are really kinda boring. Its more interesting to keep a low profile, not show up at everything.

Madison Square Gardens, Victory Tour, 4 August, 1984,

Michael and Madonna had first met in 1984, when she watched his Victory Tour at Madison Square Garden, New York. Pictures of Madonna from that night:

Madonna, interview during filming of Desperately Seeking Susan, 1984

Mark – Will there be a video album?

Madonna – Yes, for Christmas. Borderline, Lucky Star, and the new video, Like A Virgin. I just made the deal a couple of weeks ago. Borderline is my favorite video so far and in Lucky Star, none of the dancing was planned – I just did it! Or the black-and-white section in Borderline, and the part in Burning Up when I’m on the road. None of that was planned.

I don’t have MTV. I do see videos, I go to Private Eyes (a video club on West 21st Street ). I haven’t seen any good videos lately. I like Sheila E’s video (Glamorous Life). The last video I went crazy over and wanted to see over and over again was Billie Jean (Michael Jackson). The director (Steve Baron) did my first video, Burning Up.

Madonna, Smash Hits Dec 30 1987/Jan 12 1988

NEIL: Was there anyone you aspired to be like?

MADONNA: Well, when I was younger I really liked girl singers like Lulu and those kind of innocent, angelic voices, Marianne Faithfull and that kind of stuff, plus Diana Ross and all the girl groups of the ’60s like the Motown girl groups. Then when I got older my idols shifted ‘cos there weren’t really any female singers I could aspire to be like. From then on I went through an “I want to be like Michael Jackson” phase. I can do everything he can do only I’m a girl! I still idolise him above any performer. He transcends almost every level, appeals to everyone.

NEIL: Is that what you want to do?



NEIL: How did you get to be managed by Michael Jackson’s manager (in those days) Freddy DeMann?

MADONNA: I thought “I must have a manager.” I thought ‘Who’s the most successful person in the music industry and who’s his manager? I want him.” I went out to L.A. to meet him and at the time he was Michael Jackson’s manager. He came out to New York and saw a show at Studio 54 (famous disco club in the early ’80s) I did for Fiorucci and I was so nervous because Michael Jackson’s so incredible live and I thought “If he thinks Prince is terrible — which he did — what can I do?” Then he liked the show.

The Man In The Mirror, MSG 1988

The three circus-like nights Michael performed at Madison Square Garden brought the biggest names in show business. Whitney Houston, U2, Brooke Shields, Bon Jovi, Hall and Oates, Madonna and New York mayor Ed Koch. Backstage, Brinkley complimented Michael’s sister, Janet, on her hair. ”I just love it.” Miko Brando scurried to locate a block of seats so Janet and LaToya could sit together, and Madonna, waiting until the lights went off before taking her seat, talked about how excited she was to see the show. ”Its crazy out there,” noted the material girl.

Madonna, Song Talk, Summer, 1989

Interviewer: You, Prince and Michael Jackson were all born in the same year, 1958–

Madonna: I know. Isn’t that weird? And I think Michael’s birthday is right near mine, in August…there are so many Leos in my life. I’m August 16.

Interviewer: The three of you have had such an enormous effect on popular music. Yet recently it seems that both Prince’s and Michael Jackson’s connection with the world has weakened while yours has strengthened and become more intimate and personal. Do you feel that?

Madonna: Yes. I think because I stay in touch with the world, and I think that Michael Jackson and Prince have really isolated themselves. And they live very isolated lives. There’s so much fearfulness and so much inhibition that comes with when you become a celebrity and you’re in the public eye all the time; I think you really have to fight that temptation to go into hiding and surround yourself with people who protect you and keep life out from you. I don’t want to live that way. I don’t want to crawl into a hole. I don’t want to go around with six bodyguards, you know?

US Magazine, June 12 1989

On The Possibility of Dancing With Michael Jackson:
“I’d love to, but I don’t think he’d like it. I think he has a shyness when it comes to women. He’d probably rather die than dance with me.”

Crotch Grabbing, 1984/1989

Michael had started to use the crotch-grab as a dance move during the 1984 Victory tour but it became infamous when he incorporated it into his Bad video in 1987. Two years later Madonna used it in her Express Yourself video and again in following tours.

“When Madonna did it in her music video for the aptly titled song, “Express Yourself,” critics were shocked by the “crude” and “obscene” move, even calling it “unladylike.” (Come on, people, we’re talking about Madonna!) Madonna herself would counter that Michael Jackson did it first. Her point — women should be allowed, even empowered, to do anything men could.”

Ivy Restaurant, March 15, 1991

Michael & Madonna go dining together at the Ivy restaurant in Los Angeles .


Magic and Madness, J Randy says:

According to JRandy Michael has said,”‘I had my sunglasses on,’ he told J. Randy Taraborrelli, recalling their first ‘date’. ‘And I’m sitting there, you know, trying to be nice. And the next thing I know, she reaches over and takes my glasses off. Nobody has ever taken my glasses off…And, then, she throws them across the room and breaks them. I was shocked. ‘I’m your date now,’ she told me, ‘and I hate it when I can’t see a man’s eyes.’ I didn’t much like that.’

Madonna’s version: “We drove to the restaurant in my car. It was dark out, but he was still wearing sunglasses. I said, ‘Michael, I feel like I’m talking to a limousine, do you think you could take off those glasses so I could see your eyes?’ He paused for a moment, then he tossed the glasses out the window, looked at me with a wink and a smile and said, ‘Can you see me now, is that better?’

“In that moment, I could see both his vulnerability and his charm.”

March 16, 1991

”We’re at the Ivy, and Madonna and Michael Jackson are there together. It was me and Greg Deguire, and an AP [Associated Press] guy,” recalls photographer Vinnie Zuffante. We wait for her to come out, and we hear she’s with Michael Jackson, we didn’t believe it. So we see them and they’re walking out and the maitre d’ says no wait I don’t want them getting any pictures”

Both Madonna and Michael said, ‘It’s OK — no problem.’ He said, ‘No, not at myrestaurant.’ He takes Michael Jackson’s hand, walks Michael Jackson to his limo. He goes back, gets Madonna, walks Madonna to the limo. He has the waiters come out, and the busboys, holding up tablecloths, and putting menus in our faces, so that we couldn’t get pictures. So I hit him in the head twice with the camera — the maitre d’. Madonna says, ‘ It’s OK, you don’t have to do this,’ and the maitre d’ is saying, ‘Not in front of my restaurant.’ He’s hitting me, I hit him in the head With the camera. Madonna starts laughing.
It was crazy.”

Mar 18, 1991

Madonna and Michael Jackson are seen in separate photos as they leave the Ivy restaurant in Los Angeles after dining together Saturday night. The two pop stars caused a commotion when restaurant employees battled with photographers.

Jamie Foster on the Joan River Show about the Ivy date,

She stated that at the time when MJ and Madonna were at the Ivy restaurant, MJ was sitting at the table staring at Madonna’s boobs. This was the only did he thing, he just sat there staring at Madonna’s boobs. Madonna wondered, “What’s up with him and these boobs?” So she took MJ’s hand and placed them on her breast. Jamie says MJ was shocked by this.

The ‘Englishman in New York’ who was in LA that week said the following night he went to her place,

He said that MJ and Madonna had met up at the Ivy and that he’d invited her to Nevvy the following night. The source told him they had started watching movies and then moved on to poker. The radio guy said that Madonna upped the stakes by saying they should play for clothes and it turned into a game of strip poker. At 3am the bodyguards were asked to leave and take Bubbles with them. The source behind the story said that were seen chasing each other around the house in the nude and that afterwards (still nude) they snacked on popcorn and watched old films until daylight.

March 20, 1991

Madonna and Michael Jackson have decided to mix their professional magnetism. “They’re working on a musical project,” say Madonna’s spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg. Record? Video? Concert? “I can’t elaborate,” Rosenberg says. They don’t even know if they’ll work for her label, or his.

They have been friends for a long time, Rosenberg says, but the decision to mesh musicalities was “fairly recent.” Saturday night, the duo was spotted having dinner together at Los Angeles’ Ivy restaurant Jackson is “just finishing” his long-overdue album, says his manager Bob Jones, who expects it in stores by June. Could Madonna be in there? “If (he) comes up with something great, it could be” Jones says.

Fresno Bee, March 22, 1991

Why were Michael Jackson and Madonna dining together the other night? It was strictly professional – they are planning to record together.

Academy Awards, March 25, 1991

Michael & Madonna attend the Academy Awards ceremony together.

According to People:

When he went to the Oscars with Madonna, “it was pouring rain, the limo door opened and Michael got out first,” she told PEOPLE. “I got out right after him, and my bodyguard leaves with Michael under the umbrella. I was left standing in the rain. It was so fascinating to see how people responded to him.”

Madonna biography, Blonde Ambition, Mark Bego:

According to Vinnie Zuffante, although they were both already on the premises,the superstar couple was originally going to stage their arrival for the cameras, but that move was nixed by ceremony organizers. Says Zuffante, “Madonna and Michael wanted to make the entrance, but they were warned by the Academy not to. They had all the security. What the Oscars did was tell all the fans they can’t have any signs, they can’t have any cameras, and they can’t have any binoculars. They were doing that for security reasons, and mainly because Michael Jackson and Madonna were going to go through. But the Academy realized that Madonna and Michael were going to get more publicity than anyone else going there, and they didn’t want that to happen. They weren’t nominees. If Madonna and Michael walked through the front every magazine would have had that picture on page one, instead of Kevin Costner with his Oscar.”

A seat filler talks of her night with Michael:

People actually do this? That’s often the response when you tell someone about seat fillers. Yes, at every televised awards show from the Oscars to the People’s Choice, there are grown men and women whose sole purpose is to wait in the lobby until, say, Richard Gere gets up to receive an award. At that moment, a seat filler scurries down to take his seat. When Gere comes back, the filler retreats.

Hollywood’s awards season lasts from September to March, encompassing more than a dozen shows that salute everything from soap operas to rap music. Seat fillers are just as varied.They range from college students to retired people, from secretaries to physicians. Most of them want to see celebrities. “For a poor working girl, getting the chance to rub elbows with stars is a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” said Doris Hemphill, a 47-year-old switchboard operator.

But some fillers prefer to watch the frantic directors and switching cameras. Others enjoy the performances, especially at American Music or Soul Train awards.It’s not too difficult to get into the smaller shows. To work to the Academy Awards, you have to go through ABC and a gentleman named Joseph DiSante, who has gathered and supervised the fillers for the last 19 Oscar nights.

“Last year I used 300 for the Emmys, and I turned away at least that many,” said Deborah McCormick, a Fox network official.

“The Emmys, the Oscars-it’s a closed society. This is the only way other people get to go.”

And for every sob story, there is a seat filler’s triumph. For Beth Anderson, who has worked about a dozen Academy Awards shows, that moment finally arrived last year. “Madonna did a number at the beginning,” Anderson said. “They told me I was going to sit in her seat in the front row. They told me the other seat was for her escort, but I didn’t know who that would be.

“Two seconds before the show started, Michael Jackson sat down,” the aerospace worker said.

“I looked at him. He looked at me.”

The two of them ended up chatting for half an hour until Madonna returned. “He asked me what I thought about this and that,” she said.”

When Madonna came back to her seat, I got up and she said, `Hey, thanks for keeping my seat warm.’

The queen of seat fillers, [Beth Anderson], will make another Oscar appearance. Chances are, she won’t get the front row next to [Michael Jackson] again. But if she is stuck in the lobby, Anderson knows enough to check the bar.”The stars get bored and hang around down there,” she said. Like being inside a bottle of Champagne-that’s how Anderson describes being at the Oscars. “The whole effervescence of the evening,” she said. “Every year I say I’m not going to do it. I say I’m going stay home and watch on television. But then I think about it. “And the smell. The perfumes of some of these stars, I couldn’t afford them in my dreams. It smells gorgeous.”


Mike Walker from the National Enquirer was on Geraldo and said,

Mike Walker said that MJ was about to have sex with Madonna, but she got all weird and started trying to have rough sex with MJ. When she did this, MJ got up and left. But if she would not have did that crazy stuff, Mike Walker said he believes MJ would have definitely slept with Madonna.

The Sun, 7 April, 1991

Pop stars Michael Jackson and Madonna have fallen in love, it was claimed last night.

Rumours of a romance are brewing round Hollywood after the multi-millionaire duo were spotted sharing an intimate dinner.

The three hour meal at Spago restaurant in Los Angeles was their fourth date in two weeks.

Fellow diners say 32 year old acko looked to be starting something. The couple first caused a commotion two weeks ago when they turned up at the Oscars ceremony together – and spent the night giggling in the front row.

Pals of Madonna, 32, say she fancies Jacko like mad and won’t stop till she gets enough.

One Hollywood expet said, “It’s the talk of the town. At first every one thought the idea of a romance was a joke.

“But the more they go out, the more believable it becomes. They look blissfully happy.”

If they are in love, Madonna will be Jackso’s first real girlfriend.

The pair plan a duet single next month.

The Bulletin, 5 April, 1991

The 1991 award for Fun Couple at the Oscars had to go to Madonna and Michael Jackson. Television viewers were still wiping the steam off their television screens from Madonna’s bodytalk rendition of “Sonner or Later (I Always Get My Man)” when a camera panning the Shrine Auditorium audience zeroed in on the two singers sitting together in the front row.

There had been a Madonna-Michael Jackson sighting a week earlier during the busy lunch hour at the Ivy restaurant, a popular industry hangout in West Hollywood. Then, after the Academy Awards, the Talks of the Town showed up at Swifty Lazar’s apres Oscar party at Spago, where Daily Variety columnist Army Archard asked Madonna how she got Jackson out for the evening. “Michael’s coming out more,” she said.

Since being seen together at these venues is often the point of going, Hollywood insiders are naturally wondering what it all means? A Madonna-Michael Jackson album? A movie? So far, no rumours of a romance.

A source who knows both pop superstars well says that Madonna and Jackson hit it off at a party last month and have been hanging out a lot – and talking business a little – ever since. But any talk of a merger has been confined to recording a duet or two, and though Son’s Columbia might like to have MAdonna as a bonus to the mega-deal it just signed with Jackson, the sources says there is no movie in the offing.

Spago Restaurant, April 9, 1991

Michael & Madonna go to the Spago restaurant in Los Angeles . Michael offers to do a duet with her on the song In The Closet but she refuses.

People, April 15, 1991

As anyone burdened with stardom knows, finding a date for the Oscars can be an enormo pain. After all, really famous folk simply can’t be seen with some sweet nobody who waves “Hi Mom” at the camera and spends the evening worrying about credit-card approval at Spago.

And so it was, when Madonna and Michael Jackson, Earth’s top pop stars, faced the who-is-famous-enough-to-be-seen-with-me quandary, they hit on the perfect solution. Since they were already planning a duet for Michael’s upcoming album, Dangerous, and since they both happened to be on all Hollywood’s collagen-enhanced lips anyway—he for his ballyhooed “billion-dollar” contract with Sony, she for her upcoming, already controversial self-ploitation film, Truth or Dare-why not date…each other?

Big dates can also become big disasters, however. So a week before the Oscars, the couple met at L.A.’s Ivy restaurant to plan and, perhaps, trade makeup tips. By Oscar night, all was ready. Michael looked positively legendary in gold-tipped cowboy boots, a blinding diamond brooch and—in a dramatic sartorial departure—two gloves. Madonna, awash in peroxide and pluck, diverted at least some of the attention from her low-cut, pearl-encrusted Bob Mackie gown with $20 million in diamonds, on loan from jeweler Harry Winston. They entered L.A.’s Shrine Auditorium and promptly collected their well-deserved Best Seat honors—front row, two on the aisle.

All seemed fine at first. Michael applauded as Madonna out-Marilyned Marilyn in a vampy rendition of Stephen Sondheim’s Oscar winning “Sooner or Later (I Always Get My Man).” And it seemed everyone agreed that the ermined minx stole the show.

Afterward, things got a little dicey, for Michael at least, when the couple arrived at Spago for Swifty Lazar’s annual Oscar bash. After whispering and giggling in Michael’s ear, the Material Girl abandoned her one-night Boy Toy and hopped over to Warren Beatty’s table, where heavy breathing and light petting ensued. “He fondled her all over,” says a dedicated observer.

But all turned out fine. Michael, tit-for-tat, dandled Diana Ross on his lap before Madonna returned and joined him for a grand exit. Strobes flashed and the partyers cheered—even though everyone seemed to understand that Michael and Madonna’s big night out was about as romantically valid as taking your cousin to the prom. So just what were they up to?

Profiles: The King of the Deal : The New Yorker, 1993

Lazar planned and ran his party in the spirit of Napoleon commanding an army, with Mary as second-in-command. Who but Lazar could have seated the élite of the new Hollywood, like Cher, next to octogenarians? Who but Lazar could have pulled off the ultimate coup of getting Madonna to come to his party after her bump-and-grind act at the 1991 Academy Awards ceremony, still wearing the famous white dress and fur boa, and with Michael Jackson in tow as her date? Major movie stars stood on their chairs to get a better view of Lazar guiding Madonna and Michael Jackson to their places. It was, one guest says, “a kind of apotheosis—Irving’s greatest triumph.”

Dominick Dunne on Larry King Live about this night, December 22, 2004

KING: You also were present when Madonna and Michael Jackson were at the 1991 Oscar party.

DUNNE: You know, that was amazing.

KING: Why?

DUNNE: Because, you know, most of the people at the Lazar party were older folks and so forth, and these two, they were young, gorgeous. And — and he was in uniform, you know.

But Madonna, I’ll never forget her. I mean, it was like what Jean Harlow must have been like back in the ’30s. I mean, the white blonde hair and the silver fox and the diamonds and the thing.

They came in. They were so dazzling. And people like Jimmy Stewart, you know, one of the greats of all time in Hollywood, stood on a chair to get a better look at Madonna and Michael Jackson. I mean, that was the — I mean, they caused such a commotion at that party.

KING: Stars can be affected, then, by other stars?

DUNNE: Absolutely. Absolutely.

KING: So anyone can be star-struck?

DUNNE: I mean, this was the next generation coming along, you see?

KING: Right. Anyone can be star-struck.

Lights Out at the Best Party in Town : Swifty Lazar’s Pals Recall the Man and the Event That Became an Oscar Tradition, Los Angeles Times, March 21, 1994

Barbara Lazaroff, restaurant designer and wife of Spago’s Wolfgang Puck, recalls this scenario: “We’d do all the prep work; Wolf would be cooking all day. Then Mary would show up with the boards for the seating. Then Irving would come in, look at the boards that she’d been preparing for weeks and move people around. Then he’d leave and she’d move them all back. Then she’d leave. It was the same scene every year, but we loved it.

“Something funny would always happen at the party,” she says. “The year Madonna and Michael Jackson came together, they almost seemed like an old married couple.

Newsday, April 18, 1991

Are Madonna and Michael Jackson up to the kissing stage yet? As unbelievable as it may seem, we hear Madonna has confided (OK, blabbed) that she and Jackson “suck face,” but that’s as far as their relationship goes.

Xtravaganza’s RX for Michael, Apr 21, 1991

You can’t get the kind of makeover Madonna has in mind for Michael Jackson from Adrien Arpel. So she’s sending her soon-to-be singing partner for a complete overhaul at the House of Xtravaganza, says the family of downtown drag queens who took voguing mainstream.

“What I want him to do is go to New York and hang out for a week with the House of Xtravaganza,” she said in her interview in The Advocate, a gay biweekly magazine. Two of the house members, Luis Camacho and Jose Gutierez, danced with Madonna on the Blond Ambition tour that was the basis for the soon-to-be-released documentary, “Truth or Dare.”

They could give him a new style because I think that’s really what he needs, she said in the magazine interview. So with a tentative makeover date set for the first week of May, the boys are ready and waiting, they said, in an interview last week, in the mirrored living room of the family’s oneman Senate Ganza lawmaker deejay and record producer David Depino.

The first order of business: a short army style Caesar haircut to show the face he’s obviously proud of, Depino said, next; the glove and the sunglasses the buckles and the boots and apres an hamburger for the vegetarian to put a little meat on Michael’s undernourished bones.

While they plotted the upcoming makeover, Camacho got a phone message that Madonna had called looking for him twice. Let’s call back and tell her we’re dishing her he said dialing her number in Los Angeles. On the road they said the June Cleaver of the boys from the House of Xtravaganza had spoiled them rotten. She was the mother and we were the bratty little kids. We played Christina to her Mommy Dearest and called Warren Beatty ”Uncle Warren”, Camacho said.

But whenever anything went wrong we were like Madonna. Before each concert they said the performers joined hands and formed a prayer circle. Only Madonna was allowed to talk to the Big Guy which was OK with them.

We’re her accessories, her earrings and her bracelets Camacho explained. She talked in the prayer circle, he said, because she had a lot of things a lot of stress to get off her chest like the coffee was’nt hot enough or the salad wasnt crisp enough.

They miss her they said and when she asked them to make over Jackson they eagerly agreed. She loves the way I dress and wants Jackson to learn from my example said Gutierez 20 perhaps best known for his role as the devil in his mentor’s controversial Justify My Love video. For the interview, Gutierez was casually clad in jeans and a leather vest accessorized by a collection of silver rings and earrings. But for evening wear I’m into what’s out he said. I mean who wears underwear with leather chaps? I’m a fashion victim. Camacho, 21, said he favors velour tights and scandalous shirts but dresses differently each day depending on his mood. One day I might go homeboyish but with really big earrings just to throw off the ensemble. Another day it might be a leather skirt and a bustier he said wondering aloud if Jackson would wear a skirt. He would’nt have the legs for it Gutierez sniffed.

But all the Ganzas emphasized that the makeover will proceed from the inside out. Clothes definitely but it’s more of an attitude change giving him more confidence and more street savvy said Camacho. Not that we’re psychologists but he needs just a talk, a hang, a drink at a lonely bar down in Soho, a trip to the rooftop to let him scream. So the next time he receives an award he can say more than Thank you, said Depino .

Xtravaganza life they said is just that extravagant in every way. At the downtown clubs they frequent Camacho said we strut the club heads held high plumage out and feathers being ruffled Honorary Lauren Hutton Tookie Smith and Ali mcgraw.

I told her Love is never having to say you cant be an Xtravaganza said Depino.I said Throw away that stocking hat and you can be a Ganza.

While members of other downtown houses feel the highpro glow and come for us we vogue them out on the dance floor until they feel this big Depino said holding his thumb and forefinger half an inch apart. Whatever it takes to keep the kingdom . Gutierez said the whole world should adopt the Xtravaganzas nonviolent method of resolving territorial disputes. Imagine if instead of shooting and killing each other they all vogued.

Meanwhile theyre starting with the man in the glove hoping that some of their confidence rubs off .

If we cant do it in one week Camacho said we might as well go out of business.

Buffalo News, May 5, 1991

On what she was doing Oscar night hanging out with Michael Jackson:

“We have been working on a song. The question was, will it be a song that’s out on his next album or will it be something we do at some point in the future? Right now, it’s going to be something we do in the future, because I don’t want to make the commitment to it. I’m trying to concentrate on my film career right now. To work with him, I’d have to spend a lot of time in the studio — videos and all that kind of stuff. It’s not what I want to do.”

Toronto Star, May 5, 1991

Michael Jackson may have accompanied Madonna to the recent Academy Awards, but he doesn’t think much of her as an entertainer, a new unauthorized biography of the gloved one says. “She just isn’t that good. Let’s face it, she can’t sing and she’s just an okay dancer,” Jackson is quoted as saying according to author J Randy Taraborrelli.

Madonna, The Advocate, May 7, 1991

Madonna: I keep telling Michael Jackson, “I’d love to turn Jose and Luis on you for a week.” They pull you out of the shoe box you’re in. Anybody who’s in a shoe box in the closet cannot be in one after hanging around with Luis and Jose. Or me, for that matter.

I have this whole vision about Michael. We’re considering working on a song together. I would like to completely redo his whole image, give him a Caesar — you know, that really short haircut — and I want to get him out of those buckly boots and all that stuff. What I want him to do is go to New York and hang out for a week with the House of Xtravaganza [ a group of voguers]. They could give him a new style. I’ve already asked Jose and Luis if they would do it. They’re thrilled and ready. I said, “Could you give this guy a make-over for me?” because I think that’s really what he needs.

Advocate: Is he up for it?

Madonna: I don’t know. He’s up for a couple of things that surprise me. The thing is, I’m not going to get together and do some stupid ballad or love duet — no one’s going to buy it, first of all. I said, “Look, Michael, if you want to do something with me, you have to be willing to go all the way or I’m not going to do it.” He keeps saying yes.

ST Louis Post, May 9, 1991

IT LOOKS as if Michael Jackson has decided to take Madonna’s advice and completely change his moldy fashion image. Jackson’s representatives have been in touch with several major designers – including Giorgio Armani and Thierry Mugler – and have asked them to submit suggestions about how Jackson might update his sneaker-and-glove wardrobe.

USA Today, May 10, 1991

Do they follow the news of Madonna? Her dating Warren Beatty? A possible pairing with Michael Jackson?  “I never see anything about her in the newspapers!” says Pittman, and adds:  “Her personal life is too confusing.” Her advice to the songstress:  “Lighten up on the sex stuff.”

Chicago Tribune, May 12, 1991

Madonna isn’t even shy about giving advice to fellow superstar Michael Jackson, with whom she’s now writing a song-“not for his next album as everyone says, but perhaps later,” she explains.

St Petersburg Times, May 12, 1991

In Truth or Dare, Madonna is captured in staged contemplation, sprawled in the grass by her mother’s grave. She also is filmed mothering her dancers and leading prayer sessions before each performance. “I guess I have an obsession with motherhood and mothering because I didn’t have a mother,” Madonna says. “All my life I have wondered what it would have been like if I had a mother. . I transfer those feelings to other people and try to be the mother I never had.I’m instinctively drawn to people who need mothering, so that I may live out this fantasy.”

One such person, she says, is Michael Jackson, with whom she’s supposed to record a duet. They were this year’s hottest couple at the Academy Awards ceremony, where Madonna wore a pearl-encrusted Bob Mackie gown and $20-million worth of diamonds. Hollywood wags reported Madonna abandoned Jackson once they arrived at Swifty Lazar’s post-Oscar party at Spago’s, preferring to bump and grind on former beau Warren Beatty’s lap.

Studio assistant on the Dangerous recording sessions:

–Madonna visited MJ in the studio exactly one time. They spent a little while in his “private” room in the back, and then she left. When I asked Michael later about her visit, he said that she “scared” him.

I think we all speculated that she tried to make a “move” on him, but Michael never said. In any event, we never saw her again after that…

Madonna, interview with Michel Drucker in France, 1991

Drucker: At the last the last Oscar ceremony I saw you Michael Jackson. Do you have a project with Michael Jackson?

Madonna:Yeah, we’re working we’re writing a song together and trying to decide if something that we wanna do, you know. So.you know and we’re just getting to be friends too.

Drucker: It would be great to see the two of you on stage.

Madonna :Yeah, I’d love to. He’s (the translator covered her voice and said ”étonnant” which means in the context amazing) but I have to get him to cut his hair. (laughs) That’s one of the rules.

Chicago Tribune, May 14, 1991

… about her on-again off-again cross-dressing video with Michael Jackson (it’s off again)-“He ran away from me,” the Material Girl told reporters Monday at the Cannes Film festival.


Madonna’s recent comments about Michael Jackson needing a make-over “have gotten a little out of hand,” says a source close to Jackson.

If you missed what Madonna has been saying about her new pal Michael, here’s this from the May 7 issue of the national gay and lesbian biweekly The Advocate: “I keep telling Michael Jackson, ‘I’d love to turn Jose and Luis [two dancers from herBlond Ambition tour] on you for a week. They’d pull you out of the shoe box you’re in.’ ” La Ciccone also said, “I would like to completely redo [his] whole image, give him a Caesar—you know, that really short haircut—and I want to get him out of those buckly boots and all that stuff.”

“She’s not going to turn anybody loose on Michael, because she doesn’t have that kind of influence on him,” says the source.

“Nobody controls Michael Jackson. Not Madonna, nor anyone else. He is in total control of himself.”

Asked if there were any chance Jackson might want to respond himself, the source says, “Madonna is the talker. Michael prefers not to. And besides, he doesn’t want to make a fool out of her by commenting.”

Extra, May, 21, 1991

Madonna, US Magazine, June 13, 1991

Did you think your stage show was shocking? How would you feel if you went to see George Michael and he pretended to masturbate onstage? Would that upset you?

It would depend on the context. It’s hard to say, isn’t it? I don’t do any of those things without humour. It’s a bit diffiicult for me to see someone like Michael Jackson grabbing his crotch and humping the ground simply because I feel he’s a very androgynous person. I don’t believe him. So it would depend how it’s used.

Madonna, Rolling Stone, June 13, 1991

Carrie: I read you write songs in fifteen minutes.

Madonna: Yeah, but pop songs are really easy to write. Michael Jackson’s been working on his album for something like three years. I can’t imagine doing that! I’d go insane.

The Record, Jun 22, 1991

“Madonna is everything that Cher was and is, taken to the step of total outrageousness.” He says [Michael Jackson] asked Madonna to the Oscars because he wanted to get people interested in the two of them making a record together.

But Madonna later decided not to pursue the musical collaboration. “I think she thinks of Michael Jackson the way Michael thought of tiny little Emmanuel Lewis,” says Taraborrelli.

Interview with Jennifer Lawrence and Director Lori Petty (what they’re discussing must take place between July 1991-July 1992)

LAWRENCE: I’m going to let you forget this. I know this happened like three years ago, but she told me that if I made this one – whatever, I’m an actress, I don’t do math –

PETTY: I had her do one free throw.

LAWRENCE: She goes, ‘If you can do this, I will give you the bike -’ the bike that’s in the movie. Then I made it and you never gave me the bike. We’ll talk about it later.

PETTY: I didn’t not give you the bike.

LAWRENCE: I know. Somebody put it on a truck and lost it or whatever.

PETTY: Okay, that’s what I’m saying. I would not do that. Madonna did that to me.

LAWRENCE: About a bike?

PETTY: No, about Michael Jackson. She was talking to Michael Jackson on the phone. I said that number twenty three was Michael Jordan’s number which was my number which was why I picked number twenty three in ‘A League of Their Own’. She said, ‘Nuh uh.’ I said, ‘Uh huh.’ She said, ‘No it isn’t.’ I said, ‘Yes it is -’ because no matter what she’s saying she thinks she’s telling the truth which is just not true. I said, ‘This is Michael Jordan’s number. If this is Michael Jordan’s number, then I get to talk to Michael Jackson on the phone.’ She said fine. Then she found out that it was Michael Jordan’s number and I said, ‘Call Michael Jackson.’ And she said, ‘No.’


PETTY: Take that Madonna.

Rocky Mountain News, Sep 12, 1991

Madonna wanted to make Michael over, to play Henry Higgins to his Eliza Doolittle. But shy as he may be, Jackson is willful as well (“Nobody controls Michael Jackson,” said his spokesman at the time), especially when Madonna threatened to send him for a week to the House of Xtravaganza, a clan of Harlem drag queens who are featured in her video Vogue.

Michael resisted, Madonna got bored, and that was the end. Their celebrity alliance served neither.

Re: The Then Unkown Female Voice on In The Closet, Boston Globe, Nov 24, 1991

She sounds suspiciously like an understated Madonna, who planned a duet on the album before she reportedly had a falling out with Jackson after he took her to the Oscars this year.

What others have said about Michael and Madonna during this year:

From Kit Culkin’s (Macaulay’s father) book Lost boy:

In a moment of unintended self-revelation, he [Michael Jackson] told me (with his hand cupped over his mouth in a gesture of ”I shouldn’t”) about how a highly popular female entertainer (I’ll withold the name) had once exposed herself to him (his words) just to see how he would react; a confession that caused him to visibly blush.

Andrew Morton’s biography,

MADONNA has had her share of men, but she couldn’t bag Michael Jackson. According to Andrew Morton’s new biography, “Madonna,” excerpted in People magazine, the Material Mom “told one of her lovers that she had tried to seduce [Jackson] shortly after the 1991 Oscars – but . . . failed to arouse his interest.” According to the lover, Madonna and Jackson were on the couch at his place when she put the moves on him. When they touched he would start giggling like a little boy. Nothing happened, he was giggling so much – making Jackson “the man Madonna couldn’t conquer.”

Sandra Bernhard:

“Every time I call her she’s either talking to or about Michael Jackson”.

Press from this year:

Madonna, Michael and The Closet, USA Today, Mar 19, 1992

This time, the Dangerous One and Her Blondness are in the closet. Maybe. Tuesday, E! Entertainment Television reported that Madonna will appear in Jackson’s upcoming video, In the Closet.

“That’s not her voice, though it’s obviously someone who sounds like Madonna.” Rosenberg says Madonna, in L.A., will have no part of Jackson’s video.

Joe Mantegna, talking about the filming of MJ’s Pepsi Commercial, sometime May 4th -22nd1992

Joe Mantegna who worked on a commercial with Madonna in 1992 remembers that Michael was also working on a commercial in a studio nearby. He said that Madonna walked in and Michael was telling him something like, “You know Madonna can be naughty, a bad girl. Sometimes she needs to be spanked.” He hadn’t realized Madonna was standing right behind him.

“Director Joe Pytka tells US she [Madonna] visited him [Michael Jackson] on the set of an ad once: “They hung out for a while. It was a big surprise!”

Ryal Haakenson, An Extra Who Was On The Set,

As it turned out, I averaged 14 hours a day, 5 days a week from Monday, May 4, 1992 through Friday, May 22, 1992. “Body of Evidence” was a movie starring Madonna and Willem Dafoe.

Other things were going on at the studio while we were there, most notably a Pepsi commercial. Michael Jackson was there, and it amused me that some of the older female extras that were working with Madonna every day were awe struck when they saw him.

I saw him twice, once as he walked by, surrounded by bodyguards. The other time, he was by himself driving a little cart with some children in it. I was walking down the alley toward the rest room as he drove toward me. When he saw me he turned his vehicle around and went the other way. Later he drove his cart by our holding area, waving to the women who were yelling “Hi, Michael.” A few times Michael Jackson’s double walked by all by himself, a contrast with Michael and his entourage.

Seattle Times, October 16, 1992

Madonna breaks the unwritten codes of celebrity. When she was in the middle of planning a duet with Michael Jackson, she told the lesbian and gay magazine The Advocate how she wanted to change his image, get him to hang out with a gay dance troupe and write a song that “went all the way, not some stupid ballad or love duet.” Jackson was reportedly horrified and the collaboration was called off.

“What, am I supposed not to tell things?”

No, but you seem to be breaking unwritten rules.

“Yeah, because I’m an outspoken person. I’m opinionated and people ask me things and I say them. If I don’t want to say something I’ll say I don’t want to, but I don’t understand why celebrities become celebrities and then spend the rest of their life hiding. I’m not ashamed of a lot of the things I do, so I don’t feel like I have to hide it. Also a lot of interesting things happen to me and I like to tell interesting anecdotes.”

Were you disappointed that the duet didn’t happen?

“No, not at all.”

You did sound very keen to make it special when you talked to The Advocate.

“No, I mean, I think Michael Jackson is a very talented man, but I think he’s gone past a certain point. He operates in a world that I don’t want any part of. I don’t want to cut myself off from the world. I don’t want to alienate myself from humanity. I could have pushed myself out into his world, but I’ve spent all my time trying to be in touch with people, and he spends all his time hiding, cloaking and padding things around himself. It’s very evident when you see him work.

“Don’t get me wrong, he’s very talented, but I think he’s killing himself. I was interested in working with that part of him. But there’s so many other things in the way right now. I’m an artist who likes to be honest and confront; he operates in a completely different way. We’re like oil and vinegar, oil and water. We just don’t mix.”

Chicago Sun Times, Nov 15, 1992

Singer Michael Jackson reportedly went shopping in an LA bookstore for Madonna’s new book, Sex, wearing a black surgical mask and a baseball hat. The book was out of stock. No word on who Jackson startled next.

Blond Ambition Tour/Dangerous World Tour, Leothong vs Gaultier Corset, 1990/1992

“The body suits of the 1990s were generally worn by women, and then underneath pants. Jackson’s body suits worn over his pants, served as inner-as-outwear, much as Madonna used Gautier’s external corset/body suit in her Blond Ambition tour (1990). Though they were a female fashion, Jackson actually uses them to emphasize his crotch (Madonna did as well), both confusing gender lines and emphasizing male ones.”

MTV Awards, September 2nd 1994

Madonna’s comment on the LMP/MJ kiss:

”Hmm, hum, I thought it was interesting how Lisa Marie curiously turned her mouth away from his. (Looking at the camera) I think she didn’t want to smear her lipstick though. I didn’t think it was anything personal.”

Herald Journal, Nov 19, 1994

Slapped back . According to “Michael Jackson Unauthorized,” the new biography by Christopher Andersen, the oddball pop legend called Madonna a heifer.

Orlando Sentinel, Nov 25, 1994

Not to her face, of course, but Moo-donna heard about it anyway. Her response: “I’d rather look like a cow than a space-alien drag queen.”

Bed Time Story vs Scream, 1995

There are some intriguing parallels between their later works. The video for Madonna’s ‘Bedtime Story’, released in April 1995, was directed by Mark Romanek and showed Madonna alternating between a computerised, ‘conscious’ world and an inner life of fantasy, inspired by surrealist art. Romanek then directed Michael and Janet Jackson’s ‘Scream’, released May 1995, in which they are trapped inside a computer.

The Spectator, Jan 25, 1996

Michael Jackson is furious after hearing Madonna is writing a kiss-and-tell book in which she claims she tried to have sex with him … and he didn’t perform! The two singers were both stark-naked – but when the sexy blonde bombshell moved in on Michael, the King Of Pop froze, say sources. “Michael is mad as hell,” a Jackson family insider revealed. “He told a friend: ‘She’s going to say that I couldn’t. But what really happened was that I wouldn’t. Madonna turned me off because she was so freaky!'”

September 7, Prague, History World Tour, 1996,

Reportedly, being pregnant with her first child made Madonna want to straighten out several things in her personal life that she regretted, one being her ongoing feud with Michael.

“In 1996, Madonna tried to mend their once short lived friendship with Jackson by placing a huge bouquet of flowers on stage for one of his concerts during his HIStory world tour. ”

Michael, Life Magazine, December, 1997

Madonna, Spin, April 1998

Spin : You’re one of the few celebrities who’s grown up in public in a positive way.

Madonna : Me and Michael Jackson [laughs]. Yeah, I guess I have. I look at pictures of myself 15 years ago or watch myself on television or read interviews and I think, « Who is that ? » It’s like looking at your high-school graduation picture and you sit there and go, « What a geek ! Why did I have my hair like that ?»

Spin : So many of your contemporaries have hit the skids, and even great talents like Prince, Michael Jackson, George Michael, U2, and R.E.M. are not so selling huge numbers, are not getting the same respect they once did. You’re still selling records, still moving ahead creatively. Why is that ?

Madonna : Everybody you mentioned is extremely talented, so I don’t think it has to do with talent. It’s a tricky life we lead. You really have to find that place of caring but not caring what people think. Where you are desirous of things and you want to be successful and you want to make music that reaches people but you also can detach yourself from it. That’s really hard to do.

TV Guide, April 11, 1998

TVG: Do you pay attention to the media when it’s not about you?

Madonna: When something’s happening that’s newsworthy. I did watch the Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley interview. And when Ellen DeGeneres came out and kissed a girl. What I think are milestones on TV.

Madonna Style Book, 1999

She cited Michael Jackson as an ally in her battle to break the mould of sexual stereotypes. ”Michael Jackson isn’t very masculine. He looks like Diana Ross. He has those beautiful doe eyes. He even talks like a girl and he’s conquered the world.”

Earth Song vs Don’t Tell Me, 1995/2000

The video for another track from 1995, ‘Earth Song’, shows Michael and various tribal peoples grabbing the soil in their hands, in a gesture of despair. Madonna makes a similar gesture in her 2000 hit, ‘Don’t Tell Me’, but its symbolic meaning is one of optimism and spiritual growth as she revisits the Midwest of her childhood.

Conversations With Rabbi Schmuley, 2000/1

SB: And by the way, that’s what happened to Madonna. Madonna overexposed herself. She’s still a celebrity but she’s not what she was.
MJ: Yeah, I know.
SB: She didn’t even overexpose herself, Michael, through TV and music. It wasn’t that she gave too many interviews. Rather, she overexposed her body. She was a sex symbol. People wanted to know what her body looked like, and she did that stupid, sleazy, disgusting book, and all you had to was buy the book. The mystery was permanently gone.
MJ: I know. I know. Exactly, right.
SB: Like Madonna, who’s often been criticized for taking advantage of the male sexual drive to sort of get all these guys hunkering after her to make her popular.
MJ: Yeah, uh huh. Aha.
SB: What about jealousy from other stars? Is there a lot of jealousy in your profession?
MJ: Absolutely. They admire you and know you are wonderful and great because they are jealous, because they wish they were in your shoes. And “M” is one of them. Madonna is one of them. She is jealous. She is a girl, a woman and I think that’s what bothers her. I think women don’t scream for other women. Men are too cool to scream for women. I get the fainting and adulation and she doesn’t.
MJ:Madonna has never apologized.She is jealous.
SB:She wants to be the biggest star in the world?
MJ:Yes, she is jealous
SB:You can’t understand that. You would say”What are you jealous for? You do your thing. I do my thing”.
MJ:But at the same time she will come to my concert and cry. She comes there and tears rolling down her face for the song and the presentation of the song. There are some good qualities in her.
SB: There are good qualities in her. But you’re saying she allows her jealousy to mask them at times. But if someone does that,they don’t even have to ask for forgiveness because you will just forgive them?
SB: You have around some mean women, as well, who behave in a masculine-aggressive way, like Madonna. You told me that she can be mean.
MJ: Remember the line I told you? Madonna laid the law down to me before we went out. “I am not going to Disneyland, okay? That’s out.” I said, “But I didn’t ask you to go to Disneyland.” She said, “We are going to the restaurant and afterwards we are going to a strip bar.” I said, “I am not going to a strip bar.” Guys who cross-dress [note: House of Xtravaganza, Madonna talks about it in The Advocate]! Afterwards she wrote some mean things about me in the press and I wrote that she is a nasty witch, after I was so king to her. I have told you that we were at the table eating and some little kids came up. “Oh my God, Michael Jackson and Madonna. Can we have your autograph?” She said, “Get out of here. Leave us alone.” I said, “Don’t ever talk to children like that.” She said, “Shut up.” I said, “You shut up.” That’s how we were. Then we went out again and went to the Academy Awards and she is not a nice person. I have to say it. She is not a nice person.
SB: Did the people around you feel that it was important to be seen with her?
MJ: They knew nothing about it. This was totally between her and me.
SB: So you gave it a chance and it didn’t work?
MJ: Yea, I gave it a chance like I try and give everything a chance.
SB: You basically saw that your values do not match those of most Hollywood people.
MJ: No, they do lots of crazy things that I am not into and at the time I was with Madonna she was into these boks, a whole library of women who were tied to walls. She said, “I love spanky books.” Why do I want to see that?
SB: I think a lot of it is the image. She once said something to the effect that she would much rather read a good book than have sex. I think the other vulgar stuff is part of the outrageous image she tries to cultivate.
MJ: She’s lying [about preferring to read a book]. I can’t judge. I don’t know if she has changed or if she [is] trying to claim she has changed.
SB: Why doe she say mean things?
MJ: I think she likes shock value and she knows how push buttons on people. I think she was sincerely in love with me and I was not in love with her. She did a lot of crazy things and that’s how that went. I knew we had nothing in common. But I am pretty sure that having a baby has to change you. I don’t know how much she has changed. I’m sure she is a better person than before.
SB: She has two children now.
MJ: Yea, I know. How would you like getting a phone call and she is telling you that she is putting her fingers between her legs. I would say, “Oh Madonna, please.” She said, “What I want you to when I hung up the phone is rub yourself and think of me.” That’s the kind of stuff she says. She does. When I see her she says, “This is the finger I used last night.” Wild, out of control.

SB: That kind of thing that Madonna was saying is only shocking at first. Then it quickly becomes humdrum and boring. That’s why she has to push the envelope and become more and more shocking just to sustain our interest in her. When people have their breasts out the whole time then you stop looking. Do you see that as vulgar?
MJ: What she does? Absolutely. She is not sexy at all. I think sexy comes from the heart in the way you present yourself.

Janet/Madonna feud, MTVE news, 2nd of May 2001

Janet Jackson has revealed the reason for her long standing feud with the queen of pop, Madonna. Jackson admitted to British press, that she had had a problem with Madge since the early 90’s.

She revealed that the feud had stemmed from sly digs Madonna had made about her brother Michael, after an attempted collaboration. Janet admitted, that she didn´t like anyone talking negatively about her family, whoever they were.

Michael Jackson, USA Today, 1 June, 2001

Q: But what about your trademark crotch-grabbing?

A: I started doing that with Bad. Martin Scorsese directed that short film in the subways of New York. I let the music tell me what to do. I remember him saying, “That was a great take! I want you to see it.” So we pushed playback, and I went “Aaaah!” I didn’t realize I was doing that. But then everyone else started doing that, and Madonna, too. But it’s not sexual at all.

Madonna, J Randy’s biography of her, 2001

Madonna was 25 before she released a record. She says this is important to understand. Prince signed to

Warners in his teens. Michael Jackson could see himself as a cartoon on TV as a child. Madonna had 25 years to live without scrutiny, to become an adult in a normal way, and this is why she is different.

“They isolate themselves too much,” she says. “If they would just come outside and mingle with humanity, everything would benefit — their art, and whatever relationships they may have. They’ve made such a big deal about being secretive that now it’s going to be even harder for them, because the more you say, `I’m not going to show you, you can’t see’, the more everybody wants to see. It’s just the way it is.

“I could never say that either of them were friends. I’ve spent a good deal of time with both of them. They’re very different people, but I felt the same with both. I felt like a peasant next to them, like this big clumsy farm girl. Like, when I’m hungry, I eat. When I’m thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it. And they have these manners and they’re just so careful about what they eat and what they say. I had dinner with Prince once, and he was just sipping tea, very daintily. I was stuffing food down my face and I was like, `Aren’t you going to eat?’ ” She mimics a delicate, whispered “no.” And I thought, `Oh my God!’ I have this theory about people who don’t eat. They annoy the fuck out of me. It’s something about being in control.”


But going back to Prince and Michael Jackson, it’s never too late to start being a human being. If they could just try being something close to that, then that would be the way to … I mean, f**k salvation in the public eye, I’m just talking about being happy in your private life. Just being able to go to a basketball game or for a bike ride. I can’t imagine either of those guys putting on sweat pants and sneakers and going for a run, playing outside with a dog or just being silly and hanging out with your friends without your make-up on. You know what I mean? I don’t think they do that.”


Madonna was constantly searching for a companion more famous than the past one and that she finally found a man whose popularity surpassed hers: Michael Jackson, the most acclaimed singer of the decade.

They had a date at the Ivy, where they were constantly photographed, which didn’t mind Madonna and Michael one bit. One week later they went Academy awards on march 25 1991.

It mentioned Madonna talking about changing MJ’s look, followed by a quote of her talking about her evenings with him, “I begged him to throw out his sunglasses and he did because I was stronger than him. Then, we exchanged our powder brushes because we both powdwer our noses and we ended it by exchanging bank accounts.”

But if in public Madonna treated Michael Jackson as if he was a weird and didn’t hesitate to wink at reporters who asked questions, it didn’t stop her trying to add his name among her list of celebrity lovers.

She’ll admit to an ex-lover that she tried to seduce him. Nothing happened and he was one of the few men she had been unable to conquer.

Madonna, Q Magazine, April 2003,

Look on the bright side, you could be Michael Jackson. “I haven’t seen that documentary [Living With Michael Jackson], but it sounds disgusting, like he [Martin Bashir] exploited a friendship. Publicly humiliating someone for your own gain will only come and haunt you. I can assure you, all these people will be sorry. God’s going to have his revenge.”

Madonna defending Michael over Bashir, Matt Lauer, 2003

Matt: Still friends (with Michael Jackson)?
Madonna: Oh I haven’t talked to him in ages.
Matt: Did you see the documentary?
Madonna: I didn’t, I heard about it. Everybody was talking about it at one point and describing scenes to me, it sounded horrifying. I wouldn’t want to watch it.
Matt: Horrifying in what way?
Madonna: Well, it just sounds so exploitative. So, I don’t know, I don’t like it. I don’t like people humiliating other people like that. It doesn’t seem right and fair.
Matt: You said this, “Publically humiliating someone for your own gain,” which is I think what you feel Martin Bashir did or done –
Madonna: Yes, mhmm.
Matt: “- Will only come back to haunt you. I can assure you all these people will be sorry. God’s going to have his revenge.”
Madonna: Mhmm.

Friend of Michael’s, Ahmad Elatab, New York Post, November 22, 2003

On the limo ride back, “I asked him about Madonna, seeing Lisa Marie Presley at the house one time, if he was gay, things like that,” the teenager said.

“He was so open, he doesn’t hide anything. He’s a different person when you know him. He said Madonna’s a bitch, and that he divorced Lisa Marie because she wouldn’t have his kids.”

Madonna samples “Can You Feel It” in her song “Sorry,” Oct 22 2005

Believe it or not, Michael Jackson now has Madonna to thank for some extra cash.

The Kabbalah Crier (formerly the Material Mom) has sampled the bass lines from a Jackson-penned song on her new album.

Her tune, “Sorry,” contains a segment from “Can You Feel It?” That’s a song Mikey wrote in 1981 with brother Jackie. It appeared on the Jacksons’ “Triumph” album.

“Can You Feel It?” is credited to the two brothers and published by MiJac Music, Michael’s company. Even though Jackson’s ownership in MiJac is leveraged to the tune of $70 million, he still gets royalties.

And Madonna will have to ante up for use of the sample. There’s talk that “Sorry” will even be a single release from Madonna’s forthcoming “Confessions on a Dance Floor,” which could mean even more dough for Michael.

Of course, he’ll have to split the fees with Jackie, who actually wrote several songs used around the time of the Victory tour, circa 1985.

Ironies abound here, since Michael speaks these days to almost no one in his family, including Jackie.

But even more interesting is that Michael for a long time had a competition going with Madonna in which he would try to top anything she did, according to sources. The fact that she’s now thrown him this bone should feel like a major validation of success to Jackson, I am told.

Observer, November 2005

Madonna : You can just dance for six hours and nobody will bother you and you don’t have to drink. I felt an incredible sense of liberation, and I felt happier. That sense of freedom and feeling independent. I was used to dancing, but only when someone told you what to do. So in the nightclub I was all over the place, I combined everything. Street dance, modern dance, a bit of jazz and ballet, I was Twyla Tharp, I was Alvin Ailey, I was Michael Jackson. I didn’t care, I was free. There was nothing fun or glamorous about my life and I needed some excitement. And believe me, there were a lot cooler people there than me. They were wearing black and not moving much, and I was giving everyone the retarded tingles.

Madonna on Jo Whiley’s radio show, 14th December 2005

Madonna picked When Doves Cry as her alltime lifechanging track on Radio 1 where she’s currently the guest host with Jo Whiley. She muttered something about not wanting to take her shades off, then spoke about how she first heard Doves listening to her walkman while cycling home to her new NY flat when she ‘was just realising what the world may have in store for her’. They played the full version, a few callers sent emails to say ‘Wow, Madonna’s a Prince fan, it doesn;t get any better’ and ‘That song send chills up my spine. Fantastic choice, Madonna’.

Wiley then asked about her about meeting Prince, she said he was very shy, it took two days to bond, he’s very strange, but called him and Michael Jackson both geniuses. Jo Whiley said in spite of them both being “socially inadequate,” and Madonna laughed.

Life With My Sister, Christopher Ciccone, published 2008

(Freddy Demann (MJ’s ex-manager, who manages Madonna) sent Madonna in a Club Med in Morroco to film a video shot fro a french television.)

In the morning we pile into a bus for the four-hour drive to Ouarzazate in south-central Morocco, in the Shara desert, where we’ll be shooting the video. Lawrence of Arabia and, later Gladiator were shot in Ouarzazarte,but it seems to me a long way to go just to make a short video. Freddy, who has gone ahead by plane, is meeting us there.

Once we leave Marrakech and drive toward the Atlas Mountains the landscape change dramtically. No trees, just bare mountains with tiny specks of sheepa climbing around.

After two hours, we realize we are hungry and ask the driver where we can stop and eat. The answer is nowhere. Its Ramadan and Muslims aren’t permitted to eat or drink until sundown. We are about to protest when there is an almight bang.

The bus has broken down. We are on a deserted mountain road. There are no cell phones, no restrooms. Our driver can’t start the bus. He tries radioing for help, but discovers that we are out of range.

So he gets out and starts messing with the engine. By now, its one in the afternoon. We are all hot and sweaty, and it looks as if we’re going to be stuck here for hours.

Madonna has a major meltdown. ”We’re in the middle of the fucking desert. Where the fuck is Freddy? What the fuck are we doing here? I can’t believe he did this to me.”

I can’t stop myself from cracking ”Wonder if Freddy ever sent Michael Jackson through the desert in a bus?” More bitching and screaming.

Her trainer, a touchy feely girl, strokeas her arm”Stay cool, Madonna. Everything is doing fine. Let’s meditate.” She croons.

Madonna slams her hand away. ”Get the fuck away from me, it’s too hot!”
Later two men in a truck picks them up:

Its nighttime and cold now. One of the drivers turns on the radio, and a pop song blares through the speakers.

He smiles at Madonna and says “You heard of Michael Jackson?”

“Just shut up, shut the fuck up, shut the fuck up,” she shrieks. I put my hand over her mouth.

“Madonna, just be quiet. We need them to drive us to destination.”

Madonna’s Introduction to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, March 11, 2008

So then of course, I needed a manager, right? So, I asked myself, “Self, who
is the most successful artist in the business today?” and Self answered, and
a high, squeaky voice “Michael Jackson.” So, off I went to LA, to find the
man who managed Michael Jackson, to make him my manager. Cut to Freddy
DeMann, another man I want to thank, the ultimate mac daddy manager slick
back hair tan smelling of expensive cologne big desks smoking a cigar, yup,
he drove a Porsche. He gave me a ride back to my hotel in that Porsche. By
the time we got there, he was my manager. (cheers and laughs) And there was
no monkey business, okay. Giggles…. He gave me… I’m just kidding. See he
(looking at Justin Timberlake) rubbed off on me. This speech was not meant
to have a lot of sexual innuendos somehow. He’s bringing sexyback. Okay?
I’ll get you fu*ked! Um, okay, so, we had an amazing 15 years together, and
I learned a lot from him, so thank you Freddy DeMann.

Madonna, Associated Press, May 6, 2008

AP: You, Prince and Michael Jackson turn 50 this year. Will you be throwing a big, joint party?

Madonna: If there is, I am not throwing it. I am tired of throwing parties!

AP: Maybe you all could do a Rolling Stone cover together.

Madonna: Really? (smiles) I don’t know. Ask them. I am a little bit tired of being the one who always has to ask everything. You are going to have to go to them.

50 Twins, August, 2008

Madonna’s statement, June 25, 2009

“I can’t stop crying over the sad news,” Madonna says. “I have always admired Michael Jackson. The world has lost one of the greats, but his music will live on forever! My heart goes out to his three children and other members of his family. God bless.”

The Mirror, 28 June, 2009

In 2006, he came close to moving to Britain – at the suggestion of on-off friend Madonna. The two were linked in the Nineties. Madonna’s biographer said: “Many of the men in her life have been arm-candy. She flirted with Michael Jackson.”

Madonna, PR Inside, July 4th, 2009

Madonna credits her “normal childhood” for not falling victim to superstardom like Michael Jackson – insisting having such a credible career so young was “unearthly”.

The Material Girl superstar told the world of her grief after hearing of the Thriller hitmaker’s death last week, confessing to fans she couldn’t stop crying in the hours following his passing.

The tragic demise of her most famous contemporary came as an extra shock as she was putting plans in motion to make a special appearance at Jackson’s London comeback gigs.

But the star will never have the chance to perform with Jackson – admitting it is a devastating blow as she has always looked up to him.

She tells Britain’s The Sun newspaper, “I am so terribly sad about Michael Jackson’s death. I don’t know what artist wasn’t inspired by him.”

“To be able to do what he did at such an early age was unearthly, everybody grew up in awe of him.”

Madonna looks back on her short-lived friendship with Jackson in the early 90s with fondness – insisting she loved to “pick his brains” about his musical talents.

She explains, “To work with him and become friends and hang out with him, was exciting for me. I used to love picking his brains about musical stuff.”

And Madonna recognises she became a completely different person to Jackson despite similarities in their phenomenal success – blaming his tireless entertaining schedule when he was just a child.

She adds, “Obviously we have very different personalities – he was a lot more shy than I am. That’s because I was allowed to have a normal childhood and he wasn’t, so there was a vulnerable side to him that made you want to take care of him and protect him.”

However, Madonna insists she will always remember both sides of Jackson – admitting the star completely changed when he stepped off stage.

She says, “He was a real paradox, one of the world’s greatest performers and obviously very confident on stage, but in real life he was shy and you really felt for him. ”

Madonna will pay tribute to Jackson with by involving a Jackson lookalike in her Sticky & Sweet tour when it returns to London’s O2 Arena on Saturday.

The Sun, July 4th 2009

Madonna has revealed she was ”in awe” of Michael Jackson, and is devastated by his sudden death last week.

Madonna is “terrible sad” about the death of Michael Jackson.

The ‘4 Minutes’ singer is due to play London’s O2 arena tonight (04.07.09) and tomorrow (05.07.09) – the venue where Michael would have staged his comeback shows later this month – and is planning to dedicate her performances to the King of Pop.

She explained: “He was the King who inspired us all. I am so terribly sad about Michael Jackson’s death. I don’t know what artist wasn’t inspired by him. Everybody grew up in awe of him.

“To work with him and become friends and hang out with him, was exciting for me. I used to love picking his brains about musical stuff.”

Michael – who died of a suspected cardiac arrest in Los Angeles last week, aged 50 – appeared alongside his brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon in the Jackson 5 from the age of seven.

Madonna insists it was Michael’s early induction into the world of fame which made him so unusual.

She told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “To be able to do what he did at such an early age was unearthly.

“Obviously we have very different personalities – he was a lot more shy than I am. That’s because I was allowed to have a normal childhood and he wasn’t, so there was a vulnerable side to him that made you want to take care of him and protect him.

“He was a real paradox, one of the world’s greatest performers and obviously very confident on stage, but in real life he was very shy and you really felt for him.”

Madonna also revealed she had offered to sing with Michael – who is survived by three children, Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11, and seven-year-old Prince Michael II – at the 50 shows he had planned in London.

She joked: “I don’t know what we could have done together. I could have carried his bags for him maybe.”

Now, the 50-year-old singer has decided to pay tribute to Michael during her upcoming shows.

Madonna Touring Poland, 16 August 2009

During the concert, Madonna also paid tribute to Michael Jackson, who died in June.

A Jackson impersonator did the King of Pop’s signature moonwalk dance move while wearing a sequined jacket, white T-shirt, white glove and white socks, while a large photograph of him as a boy appeared on stage.

“Let’s give it up for one of the greatest artists the world has ever known,” Madonna shouted, and then segued into a performance of her old hit “Holiday.”

2 Setptember, 2009

The Net has been abuzz for a bit that Madonna will make an appearance at the Video Music Awards in New York next weekend. Even though the queen’s rep shot down that possibility to Marc Malkin last week, we hear MTV isn’t ready to give up. So how might they entice Madge to hop onboard the very hyped show this year? By dangling the M.J. card, obviously.

We hear the VMAs are going to have a “big” Michael Jackson component, and execs are dying for Madonna to pay tribute to the King of Pop, because really, who else can?

Sunday Times Culture, 20 September, 2009

The 36 songs on Celebration document the succession of skilfully selected producers and writers —John “Jellybean” Benitez, Steve Bray, Pat Leonard, William Orbit, Mirwais, Stuart Price — Madonna has worked with during her career. Other collaborations — with Prince, with Michael Jackson — either went off like a damp squib or failed entirely. Of the Jackson collaboration, she says: “We spent a chunk of time together, and became friends, but it never happened. I wrote a bunch of words and presented them to him, and he didn’t want to go want to be provocative. And I said, `Well, why come to me?’ I mean, that’s like asking Quentin Tarantino to not put any violence in his films. I felt like he was too inhibited, too shy. Well, I’m shy too. When you’re writing with somebody, you immediately become shy, because, unless you’re already good friends, you can’t be honest and say, ‘That’s the shittest thing I’ve ever heard: You’re afraid to say that you don’t like something because you don’t want to hurt their feelings, or you’re afraid your ideas are shit; and if you reveal those cards, they’re not going to want to work with you.” Surely any musician in the world, I think, would kill to work with her. But of course that’s not the point. Madonna needs to want to work with them. It’s never the other way around.

“The first thing that came into my head,” she continues, referring now to Jackson’s death, “was the word ‘abandoned. I feel like we all abandoned him and put him in a box and labelled him as a strange person. And it used to pain me to see people go write such horrible things about him, accuse him of being a child molester, and all these things that nobody had any proof of — because, you know, I’ve had plenty of things I’ve been accused of. When I adopted David, I was accused of kidnapping him, for God’s sakes; and it’s very hurtful, and people love to jump on bandwagons. The lynch-mob mentality is pretty scary.”

As Madonna said in her tribute to Jackson at last week’s MTV awards, she lost her mother at six, and he lost his childhood. Both engaged in a long search for something to fill those gaps. Madonna is still looking, but alive. Something armoured her on that journey that was missing in Jackson. What advice would she give to her 24-year-old self, about to release her first single and blast into the limelight? “Don’t take it personally,” she answers without a pause.

19 October, 2009

Britney Spears was featured in a video clip during “Human Nature” in your Sticky & Sweet show. She’s stuck in an elevator and starts to go crazy. Is that how you analogize what’s happened in her career?
Yes. Didn’t that explain what I thought? “I’m not your bitch, don’t hang your shit on me.” I just think people should mind their own business and let her grow up. I think everyone goes off the deep end at one time or another, and she, like Michael Jackson, didn’t really have a childhood, so there are some inherent problems in that scenario. I have a lot of compassion for her, and I hope that she can find balance in her life. I don’t know how bad her meltdown was. One can’t believe everything one reads

Madonna, Rolling Stone, October 19th 2009

Do you cry often onstage?
[On the Sticky & Sweet Tour] there’s a moment right before I sing “You Must Love Me,” which is such a sad song, when I’m not linked up to time-coded video, when I take a moment to talk to the audience. On this leg of the tour, I cried when I was making a speech about the two men who worked for the scaffolding company that were building my stage in Marseilles [who died in a collapse]. I cried when I found out Michael Jackson had died.

You and Michael were born in the same month, August of 1958. What was it like to witness a kid your age do what he did?
I was madly in love with him, totally smitten. He was mind-bogglingly talented. The songs he sang were not childlike at all.

When did you first meet him?

I met him in the early Eighties, when I first started working with my manager, Freddy DeMann, who at the time was managing Michael Jackson. I saw him play at Madison Square Garden, and I was blown away. He was flawless. There was a party at the Helmsley Palace Hotel. He was very shy, but it was a thrill for me.

Were you jealous of him?
In a good way. I’d wished I’d written “Billie Jean” and “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’.” What song didn’t I love?

Ten years later there was talk of you recording together, and you went to the Oscars with him.
There was a period of time when we hung out. He wanted to work with me, I think he wanted to get to know me, and I wanted to do the same. When you write with somebody, it’s a weird experience, you feel vulnerable and shy. When I worked with Justin Timberlake I felt that way. To write songs together is a very intimate experience, like getting tossed into a juggernaut. “On your mark, get set, create!” You have to get past these hurdles, which are, “I want to impress this person, but will they think my ideas are stupid? What if their ideas are stupid? Can I be honest with them? Will they be offended?” You end up talking and gabbing and socializing, and you have to do that in order to get to the next level, to be creative. So that’s what we were doing: watching movies, having dinner, hanging out, going to the Oscars, being silly, seeing if we could work. He got relaxed. He took off his sunglasses, had a glass of wine, I got him to laugh.

You’re the only other entertainer in the world who can relate to enduring that level of scrutiny. Why did it destroy him?
All I have are my opinions, I wasn’t very close to him. It’s good to have a good childhood and a sense of yourself in the world before people start telling you who they think your are. Where you can make mistakes and have a sense of innocence. It gives you a sense of confidence. I don’t think he started off that way. Did he have any sense of himself outside of the world of being adored and famous? It’s hard to survive like that. I think he felt insecure about the attention he got, and had a love-hate relationship with his job. He didn’t seem to have any close friends. And in the last decade, everybody abandoned him, or wrote him off as crazy. People have said so many things about me that aren’t true, and I never once had a second thought that the accusations against him might be true. But he didn’t seem to have a way to deal with that, publicly or privately, and it can destroy you. When he died, everyone was saying what a great genius he was, but it’s important to appreciate things before you lose them. It’s a great tragedy.

On Sofia Boutella of “Hollywood Tonight” auditioining for a role on This Is It,March 11, 2011

Michael Jackson was so impressed with dancer, Sofia Boutella — star of the late icon’s new music video for “Hollywood Tonight” — he was ready to offer her the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to dance alongside him on his This Is It concert series at the O2 Arena in London. Unfortunately, she was still under contract for Madonna’s Confessions Tour at the time and couldn’t get out of it. Seeing how disappointed Boutella was, Jackson turned to a couple of his collaborators and said: “I used to date Madonna. I should call her.”


  1. When I hear the tapes of Michael telling it, and read the transcripts of him speaking to Rabbi Shmuley about how Madonna would be in tears and crying after she watched him perform a show, I want to point and laugh at her yet I want to cry for her at the same time. How painful it must have been to watch him and realize that his success on that stage and in life was because of pure, raw, God-given talent. In comparison she merely comes across as a master of self-promotion AND THAT’S ALL!

    But I laugh because she tried to seduce him in a crass manner only to discover that he only responded to genuine character, sweetness and class.

    And my favorite of all…as the woman who had 98% of gay men falling at her feet and worshiping her, if Michael had any gay or bisexual tendencies at all, HE WOULDN’T EVEN LET HER BE HIS HAG!!! LOOOOOOOOOL!!!!! His rejection of her was solidly round and complete.

    Then when she tried to talk about how he should change his look and style, she seriously forgot (snap 3 times across her face) that MIKE SET THE TRENDS! She was always just a guest at HIS party.

    And can we talk about the 1991 Oscars. Like a gentleman he always let her walk ahead of him because he had class and manners, but where does everyone’s eye fall? They fall on him, not the faux-Marilyn.

    Yeah, I laugh at her and cry for her at the same time. Her money couldn’t buy talent and her character couldn’t pull in a King on any level or number on the sexuality scale. I’d be crying, too.

  2. I don’t know if you know, but in some biographies of Madonna they’ve mentioned a couple of things. Like in Madonna by Andrew Norton
    They mention that Madonna attempted to seduce MJ, but he rejected her pr something I haven’t seen it in a while though.

    Also in J.Randy’s biography of her there’s some stuff.

    • This part?

      According to Andrew Morton’s new biography, “Madonna,” excerpted in People magazine, the Material Mom “told one of her lovers” that she had tried to seduce Jackson shortly after the 1991 Oscars — but “failed to arouse his interest.”
      According to the lover, Madonna and Jackson were on the couch at his place when she put the moves on him. When they touched, he would start giggling like a little boy.

      I hadn’t read the book so I didn’t have the exact quote, do you have it?

      • I’ve seen that quote before and I believe it. Don’t get me wrong, he may really have been curious but from everything we heard from him, he truly didn’t want to have sex outside of marriage and perhaps he could see right through Madonna, that she just wanted to prove that she could just get ANY man she wanted, but the BUCK stopped at Mike.

        Does anyone remember, on that Oscar night they attended together, she sang the song “I Always Get My Man” from the movie “Dick Tracey”. Michael was set up as the “real life” version of her getting whatever man she wanted. He played the role for her outwardly, but privately it wasn’t happening.

        • Wait what, you don’t think he had sex outside of marriage?

          Girllllll LOL! You need to talk to his siblings about his experience of sex outside marriage 😀

          I don’t believe he had sex with Madonna, I do believe she tried though…

      • Yeah, that’s it. I found it in Madonna by Andrew Morton. If you can’t find the book, I could email you the words.

  3. As much as I love every member of the Jackson 5(since their first performance on Ed Sullivan – original broadcast), I find it hard to believe much of anything they say about Michael. They have too much of an investment in the world believing he was completely straight…but tell me what you know anyway, GIIIIIRRRRRRLL!!! LOOOOOL!!!

    Unfortunately I don’t have access to those Jackson’s that I wouldn’t believe, so I have to rely on your EXCELLENT research and mind boggling, stunning sense of detail. This blog is so off the hook, it’s a wireless phone!! 🙂 I know, corny, right? But true.

    I don’t know what happened with Diana, but I do believe she played with his head something dreadful. I read Tatiana’s book and even corresponded with her slightly and I think he had a lightening quick attraction to her, but despite whatever happened, his attraction didn’t last. I thought maybe Marva King was a strong hook up but even she described their connection as the two of them becomming “playmates” which is just an odd way to describe an adult relationship. I just don’t believe Mike was “studding” it up like lots of people fantasize.

    As for Madonna, to get so close to the goods and have them slip through your hands (literally) without a second glance, I think I’d jump off a bridge. Seriously!

    • IA with you about those two girls being short things, but remember that Marva was under the radar… that changed things for him. If Tatiana had kept herself on the DL she might’ve had a different story… Marva hasn’t said anything much, but she called herself a “playmate” which is only a word I’ve seen Playboy used to describe adult relationships of a whole different nature… *whistles*

      LOL! I * believe that the brothers and the sisters know about Michael’s girls and when they say something about them it’s a very good thing to listen 😉 People seem to have this idea that when people talk about Michael getting around that they’re covering for him and sort of bigging him up because they feel it helps his reputation. So many stories get dismissed because people have this media idea about who Michael was… that’s why I put the Sex, Love, Playboy thing together because when you remove the editorial and tell yourself to forget about who you’ve been told he is by people who don’t know him… a whole other person emerges. This person is too consistent for it to just be some fabrication to make him seem hetero and not a virgin or whatever.

      Another thing people seem to forget is that MJ grew up with 4 older brothers and a younger one… and these were some of the horniest most-getting-around-dudes I can think of. Then there’s his father, who’s like the King Splinter of Ratty Men. Do people really believe that MJ was surrounded by these guys and somehow was the young ingenue amongast them? All of them were raised JW by his mother too, and Randy was younger and JUST as bad as the others so I can’t see it being a baby brother thing.. I’m just sayin’. 😉

      LOL Madonna played it wrong. She thought MJ was submissive and a push over… MJ’s kind of ridiculously classically masculine, he likes to be the one seducing you, you know? Having her do all that stuff to him was the wrong approach. I think it’s funny though, I totally imagine them being able to have a good kind of friendship if she’d gotten over herself. And she’s been pretty much the most graceful public date he’s had… she stuck up for him with Bashir, and the monologue she gave and especially the word “abandoned” was a really earnest self aware thing to say… people like Lisa Marie say they tried to save him, they fail to mention how they kicked him in the dirt when he was down….

      Anyway. 😀 Wow this comment was longer than I thought it’d be!

      • You know I really don’t like Madonna but ever since MJ dies I’ve looked at people in a whole new light. People who you thought didn’t have any integrity or dignity had them better than most (Madonna) & people who you thought were of the highest caliber sold their souls a long time ago (Oprah). I also appreciate & respect her for coming out & saying what many aren’t, MJ was abandoned. Unlike LMP who still continues to blame others for every mistake, never owning up to anything. She tried to save him? I doubt it, she abandoned him but I wonder if she’ll ever get the courage to admit that. I agree w/ you, Madonna had the wrong approach w MJ! From what I’ve read, he likes to take the reins in the relationship, he’s old fashioned, he was the seducer! Didn’t that Pratt woman say MJ was macho & very flirty? I think MJ was tired of women throwing themselves at him & were too aggressive, listen to Rock w/ You – he is seducing you in that song! That is who I believe MJ is, a seducer!

        • I think it’s so interesting seeing how much grace Madonna has about Michael than LMP did. The “abandoned” comment… when she said that I was just in tears, ’cause it was so true and it meant so much that she would say it. Madonna also defended him very strongly against Bashir and was trying to mend their friendship at the HIStory concerts etc. But Madonna is pretty self aware and IMO pretty emotionally smart (she may do some dumb things but she owns up to it and herself)…. both things I don’t believe Lisa is.

          Agree sooooo hard about LMP… annoys me no end that some fans give her so much leeway because she was just an angry ex girlfriend and “we don’t know what it’s like to be in a relationship with MJ” etc…. baloney. She was ashamed of Mike and she had an excuse from 2003-2008 to play up th victim card and everyone believed it because we should all pity anyone who had to marry and sleep with Michael Jackson. Ugh.

          I think it’s funny how classically masculine MJ was. I think anyone who threatened his male ego got their asses booted and quick. 😉 And that’s what Madge did when she hurled herself at him and wanted to take him to gay bars and give him make overs, she assumed he’d be submissive… I think sexually he was kind of obviously dominant and I think it’s funny that most people don’t realize it…

      • So what exactly was the deal with Marva King? And what in the world does she mean by “playmates” anyway? 😉 And coming from a straight woman, Marva is STACKED. Gorgeous woman with a body that most men dream about. I’m still trying to figure out how I never knew about her friend/relationship with MJ all these years. Is there anyway of finding out more about them?

        • Welllllllllllllllllll… she was married at the time….

          She has a facebook, you could be brave and try to ask her…

  4. I will wave that flag for Madge, that she defended him after the Bashir debacle and she admitted they all abandoned him.

    About Marva King, for the 2 of them I really wish she meant “Playboy” in the magazine sense of the word, but she used it in terms of his regular pranks and assorted silliness.

    However, I have a theory. I believe someone very high up who pulls the medias strings, whether individual or as a group, is very invested in the public viewing Michael as asexual – whether with women or men, but mainly with black women. I definitely caught all those times back in 87 and 88 when he mentioned being in love with Diana and how no one would take him seriously. And he continued to say it and the media never latched on.

    I downloaded the FULL video of Stephanie and him at the Century Plaza for the Boy Scout Award thing and he was holding her close and checking her out and laughing and giggling with her and flirting and he even did something to her while crossing in front of her that made her scream in front of everyone (some private teasing thing that the camera can’t see) and you NEVER see those pictures of them standing together alone as a couple. Once in a Blue Moon you see that photo of him with her looking up toward him, but all those pictures floating around the internet of that event and you never see any of the 2 of them standing together alone. I just find it very strange. You even hear on the tape one of the photographers saying loudly, “OK, just Michael and Stephanie” and they stand there with the whole press core snapping shots of them for a good fat commercial free 20 seconds. Where are those photographs? Just sayin’.

    So, what did the Jackson siblings say? 😀

    • I agree about the black girls thing, for sure. We’ve been lead to believe the girls he checked on were Tate, Brooke and Lisa. Nobody paid any bit of notice when Mike publically looked or hit on any ethnic women. Just like with the pedo gay asexual bullcrap it didn’t go with the story the media was selling so they overlook it. Heck, Mike was TOTALLY flirting with Beyonce in 2001… nobody even paid attention to it.

      Why do you think she meant playmate in just a fun friendly way? I know she said they goofed off together, but she also said he was checking her out (checking out her beautiful panelled top my ass! :D). I don’t believe they had a huge love affair, but I wouldn’t say nothing happened between them so fast 😉 I just need these women to start cracking or finally get asked the right questions!

    • Hey, could I ask where you found the video of them at the Boy Scouts of America Awards together, and how I can find it?

    • Girl, can you link the video of Steph & MJ? I’d like to see it myself as well!

    • I share your theories on the media vs MJ btw!

  5. I think we can start looking forward to libraries full of books as the years progress. People will definitely start to crack as they get older, and I don’t mean that stupid freak who works for Dr. Klein who claims that he was Michael’s lover because Michael hugged him and told him that he loved him. Heck, Michael told EVERYBODY he loved them in his last few years. He said Michael’s shirt was off, well of course it was, he was at the frickin’ DERMATOLOGIST!! The doctor has to see your skin from time to time to treat you. That guy and Klein are both off their rocker.

    I’m going to see Diana Ross at Radio City Music Hall on May 19th mostly because I’m curious to see what kind of tribute she’ll have for Michael. And I will be sneaking my Flip Video Camera in there to either video tape or just use it as a tape recorder to tape the tribute. I hope I can get some good footage.

    • You reckon? I’m worried it’ll just be the JRT’s and Halperin’s whose bios will be considered “the official word” in the future :/ I’m so skeptical about every bio I read about anyone now because of them…

      LOL GIRRRRRRRRL take along a sign that says “Did you or did you not fuck Michael Jackson senseless at some point from 1978-82” from me 😉

      • LOL! That would certainly be EPIC! I wonder if anyone would have the GUTS to finally do that to her? & all the cameras catching that sign on international tv?

      • Funniest thing I’ve ever read! Haha. Not really the content but the context it’s in. I really wish this thing with Diana Ross would be confirmed already. I should read the section on her but I don’t think I’m going to like what I read considering I think Mike’s great love was a bit one-sided. Then again, I don’t think anyone can love as much as Michael did.

  6. WILL DO! She must have done something to him to make him say “I’m crazy about you.” in front of his whole family and the world, the way he did at the very end of this video:

    That’s not how you talk to your so called “Second Mother”. LOOOOL!

    I don’t think “the official word” will be the JRT’s and Halperin’s and I think the more time goes by, people will learn the real details of the legal issues, just like with Charlie Chaplin. Charlie was forced to pay child support to one woman even though it was proven by blood test that the child WAS NOT HIS. The court of law wanted to make some strange point about dead beat fathers, but they went about it completely the wrong way. Not only that, Charlie WAS tappin’ it with these underage actresses and the one that he actually DID get pregnant, Leta Grey, he married her.

    I think the way the world responded when Mike died was the true measure of what they really believed. If the world really believed Michael was guilty of child molestation, the internet would not have broken the day he was killed. The media would not have reported his death for so long if people didn’t want to hear everything Michael.

    And all the people who complained about them reporting it for so long, well, I think they’re all freaked out because the witnessed AN ASCENSION…

    …and who among us wouldn’t react strangely to that. 😉

    • I think the way the world responded when Mike died was the true measure of what they really believed.
      And all the people who complained about them reporting it for so long, well, I think they’re all freaked out because the witnessed AN ASCENSION…

      Wow, you’re giving me a lot of hope girl, I sometimes almost give up! But I think if we all continue on having the media on blast (notice how I learn a lot of slang American words via the internet? LOL!) & trying to uncover & present the real MJ, we will get him vindicated finally! I pray & hope history will not look kindly at what happened & what was done to MJ. & the people who were part of the witch hunt will be remembered as witch hunters, no more.

      • “I pray & hope history will not look kindly at what happened & what was done to MJ. & the people who were part of the witch hunt will be remembered as witch hunters, no more.”

        I hope so too, I just wish this was presented before he died, not after. Although there are some that have been on the case long before that (Aphrodite Jones)they can barely get mainstream.

        But on Madonna, I really could see them getting along better if it weren’t for certain circumstances.

        She was also one of the few brave enough to speak the truth on the celebs and medias behalf on their treatment of Michael.

        It still bothers me that the celebs I can point out treated him like crap before and AFTER he died.

        But I am getting sick of being included in that group of people that abandoned him. Especially from others that don’t even know me or my history with him.

        Although I will admit I cooled down a bit on him because he was on a understandable hiatus. Having your own personal witch hunt from most of the world can do that to you.

        But other than that he always held a soft spot of my heart.

        • I’m sorry but why would you be included in the list of celebrities that abandoned MJ? & how are you connected to him?

        • Lynton Guest also wrote a book back in 2006 detailing Sony’s conspiracy against MJ resulting in the trial. I have yet to read it though as it’s not available in my country. There were a few writers or journalists who supported MJ, unfortunately they didn’t get much media support for standing up for him.

  7. “Agree sooooo hard about LMP… annoys me no end that some fans give her so much leeway because she was just an angry ex girlfriend and “we don’t know what it’s like to be in a relationship with MJ” etc…. baloney.

    She was ashamed of Mike and she had an excuse from 2003-2008 to play up th victim card and everyone believed it because we should all pity anyone who had to marry and sleep with Michael Jackson. Ugh.”

    Yeah, we don’t what it’s like to be married to Michael or in a romantic relationship but that gives you no pass talk mess about him in public or the media. Especially if said media is usually vicious towards him.

    Both of them did wrong in the relationship but the way she did him after that was beyond messed up. That will always rub me the wrong way.

  8. “I’m sorry but why would you be included in the list of celebrities that abandoned MJ? & how are you connected to him?”

    No not a celebrity, just a young fan (born 1990) but a lot of people, some who aren’t even fans of him, throw the “you didn’t appreciate him” accusation around too loosley.

    I did the same thing at first but then I looked deeper. I realized that the media did not change their attitude about him overnight and I did not know everyone on this planet to know their fan history. If you need proof of the media treatment after his death look for certain Youtube clips.

    “Lynton Guest also wrote a book back in 2006 detailing Sony’s conspiracy against MJ resulting in the trial. I have yet to read it though as it’s not available in my country. There were a few writers or journalists who supported MJ, unfortunately they didn’t get much media support for standing up for him.”

    I need to check that book out but it’s sad isn’t it? If you use strong facts and proof, the people that are too brainwashed will not take you seriously or will ignore you entirly out negative feelings for the man. There are some that will listen but I always fear that people don’t care.

  9. I get frustrated at all the LMP fan support as well but what gets to me are the fans who are willing to throw MJ under the bus for ‘being a bad husband’ for the way LMP acted. It’s so frustrating & I usually just tend to ignore them because what else can you do if previous discussions will not sway them to see both sides? 1st, they’re taking LMP’s that it was all MJ’s fault why the marriage fell apart because MJ like a gentleman didn’t say 1 bad thing about her all throughout her trashing. How is that fair to take the word of 1 person & this 1 person has not exactly shown themselves to be a person of integrity or principles over someone who has? 2nd, let’s consider MJ was a bad husband – is that reason enough to put his life at stake w/ her malicious insinuations of him being a molester or a evil manipulator who should be suspected of evil crimes? Timing & tact is everything, she chose the worst time to attack him & what’s worse, she sided w/ his well-known enemies. She sided w/ the lynching party when an innocent man’s life was at stake. There’s a limit I believe, a line you shouldn’t cross, bad husband or not, she crossed it definitely. There is no excuse for that whatsoever.

    I agree, people took her side because they thought that she was the one to be pitied here, the one who had to marry a guy like MJ. You could see it in her face on that Sawyer interview, she was cringing & she was embarrassed. If she truly was sincere & wanted to just speak out, why choose his biggest detractors to continue on her MJ bashing? What did she expect? All her actions, her words, her lack of words, her expressions, lack of action, show that this was a woman on a vendetta. How far should a vendetta go, really? & people make fun of Tatiana hung up over MJ for 20 years, but IMHO, LMP was a lot worst than Tatiana. LMP knew 1st hand what the media was like, I would’ve preferred she abandoned him to the rabid dogs instead of turning into one & further antagonizing the situation.

    I don’t think it’s fair to attack MJ’s new fanbase, especially the younger ones. Afterall, the only way to keep MJ alive is through his fans & you need young ones for that. I know exactly how you feel about it Ash but I somehow feel guilty because I feel like I abandoned him in a way. I’m from the Philippines & we’re not as celebrity focused as it is in the US, I’ve never even read any tabloids prior to MJ’s death. In fact, it was something I was thought to avoid, I don’t follow the personal life of celebrities but the tragedy imposed on MJ has changed that. In the past, I just didn’t want to get involve in all the personal private dramas of the man & was just waiting for a new album or tour, something to do w/ his music or dancing. We never got that in the end, & now after reading much on him, I know why.

    That’s my fear as well, we read & educate ourselves to enlighten people of the media’s dogmas but will they be open enough for it? Or do they prefer the negativity instead? We need to keep up hope though, w/o it there won’t be anyone to defend & vindicate MJ.

  10. “I don’t think it’s fair to attack MJ’s new fanbase, especially the younger ones. Afterall, the only way to keep MJ alive is through his fans & you need young ones for that.”

    Yeah your right, I don’t think it’s fair to attack new fans after he died either. They either were haters that saw the light and deeply regreted their past actions, weren’t exposed to his music before, just weren’t fans before or just like you said a new generation.

    But I will admit that like before I was still a fan but he wasn’t doing anything at the moment. I was just passing the time until he did do something.

    “I’m from the Philippines & we’re not as celebrity focused as it is in the US, I’ve never even read any tabloids prior to MJ’s death. In fact, it was something I was thought to avoid, I don’t follow the personal life of celebrities but the tragedy imposed on MJ has changed that.

    In the past, I just didn’t want to get involve in all the personal private dramas of the man & was just waiting for a new album or tour, something to do w/ his music or dancing.”

    It’s funny you mention the celebrity focus because I never really noticed that the USA does that more than other countries, lol.

    I never really was that celeb crazy either, I basically saw them as people too but with more money and talents. But there are times that I get curious which is why I’m on this site, lol.

    But I would never read tabloids or take them seriously. They’re kind of like fantasy movies; you think they’re interesting and entertaining but you don’t think they’re real.

    “That’s my fear as well, we read & educate ourselves to enlighten people of the media’s dogmas but will they be open enough for it? Or do they prefer the negativity instead? We need to keep up hope though, w/o it there won’t be anyone to defend & vindicate MJ.”

    That’s what I want more than anything. All of this crap that Michael went through was just unnecssary and I want people to open their eyes to that.

    To the admin thank you for sharing this well reasearched site and giving us a new side to Michael whether some things we’ll probably never know are true or not.

    But all of the stuff posted is something we should think about. Sorry for all my comments. =D

  11. rockforeveron: I’m replying down here b/c there was no space to do it up there, so this may seem out of place. 😛 But I didn’t even know that Marva was married during the time that she and Michael were friendly. Thanks for that tidbit. And I don’t think I’m brave enough to ask her anything about it on fb! I wish I were! 😀

    • I thought something had happened between them too when I first read her interview but then I found out she was married. MJ thanks both her and her husband and the 2/3 year old son she had at the time with him in the Bad album I think.

      • Yeah, from reading that interview one gets the impression that she could’ve not only been single but also quite taken with him and tickled about him checking her out. From the way she recalled their interactions, you wouldn’t know she was married at the time of them. I’m pretty sure nothing happened, but her comments still seem suspect to me. lol

        Regardless, thanks for the info! And sorry for going off topic, but when something catches my attention I have to ask! 😉

  12. I feel that it wasnt fair that since MJ rejected her thats he should’ve said those things,but i do give her credit for at least trying to make amensa and own up to what she did.Nowas for LMP….I CANT STAND THE BITCH!!!!She was the worst and in my opinion,marrying this bitter bitch was one of Michaels biggest mistakes.

  13. In my previous post I said it wasn’t fair that michael rejected Madonna.That was a mistake.Michael did the right thing.I would’ve rejected her too.she has a nasty attitude and is very unlady like.But I give her credit for not kicking him while he was down.and for apologizing when it wasnt too late.

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