1987/88 — Tatiana Yvonne Thumbtzen

January 11, 2010


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  1. Hello Laciene Gasmiled.
    I am Brazilian and very fan of Michael Jackson and Tatiana Thumzten.
    I loved your blog and all the news of Tati, thank you for posts.
    You have done well by their fine job.

    I ask you permission to edit your blog in the Brazilian version.
    My email is: vania_beautifulgirl@hotmail.com

    Kisses and I hope your response


  2. […] alike. After the performance Michael was rushed backstage and then he was gone like Zoro." https://lacienegasmiled.wordpress.com…chael-jackson/ Was he still so hurt that didn't want to see Diana? Or was he so upset that his album didn't win […]

  3. Thanks you for this blog! I was always curious about Tatiana’s book but admit was never in favor or disfavor of her. I don’t know if what she says in her book is true, but if it is I wonder when MJ says ‘don’t judge a person until you talk to them’ if he ever gave the same consideration for Tatiana? Or perhaps MJ did have negative feelings for her that he never revealed, is it fair to keep her in the dark instead of moving on? It’s very sad that she never moved on w/ her life, never getting married, never having children & her lst relationship was 3 years ago. It seemed she is still very very attached to him. My impression of Tatiana has somewhat changed but I’m not really surprised how Karen Faye was described here. I think that in the end it was up to MJ, w/c was why she was let go, I heard that someone on his camp said MJ was disgusted when he found out Tatiana was a callgirl at 1 time. Is this true or another worthless rumor? IDK, but I still feel bad for the girl, especially the way she may have been treated. I don’t believe DiLeo had as much power as some fans contend, the look in his face as described was of disappointment (perhaps he warned her bec he knew MJ & was relaying MJ’s wish subtlety), Miko seemed to have been very disappointed in her as well. Who the heck knows what happened.

    I wish you would update your blog though & put in the Tatiana interview about her book back in 2005 & her attending MJ’s funeral w/ Majestic & Joe Jackson.

    • The callgirl thing is a rumour.

      Which Tatiana interview from 2005 don’t I have? I’ve put a link to the youtube vid of her attending the funeral at the top.

      I personally believe there might be more to their story, but I don’t know how much. MJ mentioned something about Frank getting “Tate” in trouble on the Glenda tapes, maybe it was about Tatiana?

      I don’t believe he was in love with her but I don’t believe he hated her either. I do think there were people in his life who were jealous of losing his attention and tried to minimize any distractions from him so that coulda happened with her, too.

    • a. MJ’s business and management really was very F’d up and controlling during the cusp of the 80s and 90s.

      b. MJ was attracted to her and flirted her like he did with Ola Ray, and because she was so in love with him read far too much into it.

      c. Also, in parts of the phone transcripts I’ve read [not on here] he talks disfavorably of a girl, and I get the feeling that it’s Tatiana, but I could be wrong. He mentions how it scares him when women run to the tabloids faking relationships with him, and she happens to be on TV which brought up his comment. I believe he said, “She was sweet, but none too bright.”
      Something like that but I don’t remember his exact words.

      • I’m doubtful about those transcripts, especially that segment. Which TV show was Tatiana on in 1990-1991? I’d need to understand why’re keeping these tapes and transcripts secret and why so many of the timelines and details don’t add up in them before I give them much credibility.

        He didn’t just flirt, she got invited to two other video sets, months after TWYMMF had been finished.

        • I see, and I haven’t got the transcripts. At one point they were on another blog, but the person deleted them so now I don’t know where else to find any of them.

          To be honest, I’m a doubtful of them too, I guess there’s no way we’ll ever be able to know for sure if their legit.

          I’ve kind of left them alone. I don’t want to read too much into stuff, that may not even be real.

        • Also I agree that there was something between them, they obviously had chemistry, butI’ve always thought that around that time MJ’s management was kind of shady and controlling. Like Marva King said they watched her for a while too before MJ and her could be friends or together right.

  4. To the person that runs this blog.

    I have visited your website once before and really enjoyed it. It is informative, well written, “cheeky” and playful.

    I have just read the last 2 chapters above “the Paris Pause” and the disgusting T-shirt promo. I find it completely disheartening that this video girl would stoop so low as to exploit Michael’s precious asset, his lovely daughter for cheap self promotion. How dare her?? She ought to be ashamed of herself!!

    It makes me sick to the pit of my stomach, I have lost total respect for her as person. To even think for one minute, that the poor grieving child would be remotely excited about meeting her, minutes after laying her dear Dad to rest, is totally proposterous. If you have lost a parent you will understand this. But also as a woman I simply can not fathom how tactless she can be towards a child and not share this information inorder to protect Paris.

    Please preserve the integrity and dignity of your website by not allowing this level of exploitation to occur on your watch. Michael in life, fiercely protected his Children. Since this is a blog honouring him (even though you are doing an interesting and meticulous job escavating his personal life) please honour Michael’s wishes in this respect and make his kids off limits.

    I am imploring you to remove those 2 chapters “the Paris Pause” and “T’s timely T-shirt” it is exploitative, disrespectful and in extremely poor taste.

    It certainly does nothing for your website (which great by the way)and allow the shameless self promoters to milk their 15 minutes of fame (at any costs) somewhere else. Your website much better than this!

    • I’m sorry you feel so strongly about that but I’m sorry, I disagree. I don’t believe she’s exploiting his children in any way, she’s just trying to find ways to cope with her grief like the rest of us are. A lot of people have been designing Mike shirts and “Justice for Michael” shirts. I don’t believe it disrepects him or his children.

      I’m not linking to anybody else’s online stores, just posting articles that other people have written that hopefully enlighten people furthur about who Mike was and emphasise that he was a human being.

      I actually thought it was touching to see Paris’ response. 🙂

      I find it more offensive to read anything regarding the paternity of his children or their lack of blackness or supposed whiteness. He had people yelling that kind of stuff to him when he’d go out in public, people asking him why his kids weren’t his right in front of their faces.

      It also wasn’t Tatiana advertising these shirts, it was Firpo Carr who wrote that about her. Everything I’ve seen and heard about Tatiana, she comes across as well-meaning with good intentions, even if it sometimes comes back to bite her in the ass! I don’t think she means any harm or intends to exploit anything, even if you believe she does.

  5. Thank you for the live concert. There are not any videos of the kiss? I cannot believe how he sounds exactly like the record.A true genius. Never be one like him.

  6. Also the girl on This is it video had a better walk than this girl I wonder did Michael ever talk to her about her walk. Also this reminds me.

    Have you seen a video of the bed scene in This Is It? I have heard about it many times but I have yet to see footage. Please blog about any TII footage and the girl doing the walk for this song on TII.


    • He didn’t have time to rehearse the “Dirty Diana” bed scene so there’s no footage… sorry. 😦

  7. Is Michael talking about Tatiana or the Princess that JOe jackson mentioned in his book, on the Glenda tapes. Is this princess the S girl?

    Also is Tatiana MIXED if so what is her background?

    • The princess is Princess Stephanie of Monaco, she does the vocals for “In The Closet.” I have no idea about the S tapes.

      Tatiana is mixed black and Cuban.

  8. I was just curious,
    was that Tatiana in Dirty Diana.

  9. I’m starting to understand alot bout Tatiana,I always had a feeling that Michael truly loved her…But after that KISS I think she never moved on….

    Do anyone know were i can find good pictures of Tatiana because i’m doing my own tribute book of Michael Jackson.So far i’m doing a drawing for “The way you make me feel”.

  10. I’m starting to understand alot bout Tatiana,I always had a feeling that Michael truly loved her…But after that KISS I think she never moved on….

    Do anyone know were i can find good pictures of Tatiana because i’m doing my own tribute book of Michael Jackson.So far i’m doing a drawing for “The way you make me feel”

  11. This is story needs to die already. MJ according to Marva King, a singer has said, and her quote is on this website, that she was invited to the recording studio one time, and met MJ, from that point MJ invited her on the Bad Tour. She didn’t sing during the tour , but on the Bad Album. While traveling with him, she said she became one of his playmates.The entourage eased up on her, after they realized that she wasn’t a threat to her. She said that they got into alot of fun on the tour. And that she spent time with him and his family. Sp, maybe when Tatiana kissed MJ on stage, it made him angry, because although he was slightly flirting with Tatiana, and attracted to her, maybe he was really into Marva King, and did’t want her to be upset, over the kiss. or something. Anything is possible. But, at the end of the day, MJ wasn’t going to choose Tatiana anyways, because MJ was always drawn to people who had the limelight, or successful in their own right, and let’s face it, Tatiana wasn’t a big name. Not gossiping just voicing my opinion.

    • No, he wasn’t upset because of Marva. Their thing was in 87, during the promo for Bad.

  12. Hi!

    Thanks for the blog! 🙂 I have Tatiana’s book. I heard so many things about Tatiana. Most of them were bad comments… So I decided to order her book, to build my own opinion about it. And it was a good idea. I understand Tatiana. Of course, it’s her version and we don’t know Michael’s. But my impression was, she was a girl who just wanted to “find her way”. She wanted to become successful. And I think it’s not reprehensible. 🙂 And then she fell in love with somebody, with Michael… And from the viewpoint of a girl, I understand her. I don’t agree with everything she did. But at the end, she’s a human being. And we all make mistakes. Greetings from Germany.

  13. We will never know why MJ decided to cut Tatiana off, because he never gave an answer.We really can’t go by fans opinons or family members, because they are not him.Tatiana gave her side of the story, and MJ remained silent on the issue. MJ cut people off for so many reasons, he never discussed it, and we would probably be surprised about the reasons why, and his employees didn’t have that much control over who could speak to him and who couldn’t.

    • His employees didn’t control who he spoke to, but they did influence him. MJ’s people didn’t always have his own interests at heart, I think that’s obvious.

    • THIS is the best comment I’ve ever read by a fan regarding the Tatiana/Michael “situation”. Michael cut people off and NEVER gave you a real reason. I guess he was one of those “when I’m done, I’m done” type of guys. I Love him for that! LOL

  14. MJ was a grown man. He changed entourage every few years. If he was thinking about Tatiana, than the people that kept her away from him, he would have fired them, and hired new people and made an effort to find her. This was a man with money, all those times that he would go off and noone would know where he was, why didn’t he be a man about it, and go hunt Tatiana down, and make it right?Or have an investigator find her? He knew the woman was still in love with him. Even if it was 10-20 years later. MJ had moved on, and the fans need to accept that. When MJ wanted people in his life, than they stayed in his life, no matter what. According to Theresa Gonsalves, she always had access to MJ up until after the trial. Shana Mangatal said that they never stopped talking. Whitney Houston said he cut alot of people off, but would talk to her on the phone. And Kai Chase said that his people didn’t want to pay her the amount she wanted, so she left, but MJ and the kids requested her to come back. So, all this talk about MJ being controlled, puhleeze. Everyone wants to say it’s MJ people, now I’m going by his actions in This Is It, MJ was in total control of everything. People just need to wake up. This is not a fantasy. This is real life, and MJ was man enough not to put Tatiana on blast and tell his side of the story.

    • Have you spoken to anyone who knew Michael?

      I don’t see what being a grown man has to do with people telling him things that aren’t true. These people you talk about still having access to him… he didn’t have the trust issues with them. I don’t believe anything Theresa says, either.

  15. As long as she was getting poppin with MJ behind the scenes, that should have been good enough.

  16. Hey just thought of something. I’m sure you’ve heard the rumours about Tatiana being a high class p. And on top of that she apeared in the book “Once More With Feeling” about high class p experiences with celebrities. That’s exactly what MJs song “Who Is It” is about, and I always wondered why he’d write a song like that. I’ve heard this is the reason MJ fired her, because he found out. I could be wrong, but I do think it’s possible there was more to them than was reported.

    MJ I has people sign confidentiality agreements when they work with them, so I wondered if she’s barred from revealing other things.

    It would make a hell of a lot more sense if they’d had a real relationship and he broke things off making this the reason she’s STILL not over him after over 20 years!

  17. i meant to say that obviously MJ and Tatiana had a mutual flirting thing going on in real life. He invited her on to the set of “Speed Demon”. She should have kept it private and not kiss him on stage. That’s what I meant.

  18. Not to say anything sexual, just that MJ and Tatiana were flirting with each other backstage. It was meant as a joke, that’s it. People are so touchy when it comes to MJ. It’s not that serious. I just meant to say that it was part of the show, the kiss wasn’t.

    And Tatiana was never a prostitute. She wrote a book with former hollywood pros, and she and other women went on t.v. to talk about their reputation being tarnished about being in a book with pros. Once again people are speculating on people they never meant, or had actual conversations with face to face. This is what irritating to me, people act like everything they read , see on t.v. is real. Like things aren’t embleshed. Sometimes, MJ fans do and did him more harm than good. If MJ never talked about incidents or women in the public he had his reasons, respect that and move on. His feelings for Tatiana was his alone, he knew how he felt and people need to respect the fact that he wanted that private, and should stop trying to analyze his feelings based on fanfiction, songs,etc.

  19. I was a big Michael and Tatiana fan till I read her book recently, which I found in a garage sale. I actually thought her and MJ did have a secret relationship. They made a cute sexy couple.

    But in her own words they did not have a relationship or even go on a single date. There was a picture of her and MJ at an awards show (I think the ESPYS) where in her own words MJ blatently ingnored her twice, once on stage when he took the award from her and a second time backstage where he looked her dead in the eyes and walked straight past her, according to her memoirs. Her so called invite to the set of “leave me alone” she actually had to beg MJ’s assistant for permission to go to the set. I cringed many times through out the book most of which is published above.

    Her own book made her look like a fanatical obessive mentally unstable fan and I personally think she could have been more than that to MJ had she played her cards right. She was young at the time and she had a very severe case of MICHAEL-MANIA. Worse still she decided to publish the book at 45. I guess she really needed the money.

    I felt bad for her and even worse for MJ at the extent to which she hounded MJ for years about money he never owed her or never agreed to pay her. I tried to be sympathetic to her plight but Michael come out as the victim in my opinion.

    And also I did not like the fact the she made a public liar out of Mrs Katherine Jackson, having gone on national TV in 1993 to claim she had a 1 year affair with MJ, when Mrs J called into the show to endorse her claim. I believed her at the time. She later says in her book that she lied on the show about the affair. I just feel if you have agreed with a third party (especially someone as well respected as Mrs Jackson) to perpetrate a lie you should stick with it.

    I now believe there was no way MJ would have had anything romantic with her. There are so many huge character flaws, which she highlighted in her own book, in her own words. As for a possible marriage with MJ, I doubt it. I am sure if there was anything deeper to her relationship with MJ other than her fantasies, she would have sold it to make buck.

    But I do wish her well though. She still looks awesome at 50. I hope she now has a career outside of being “MJ’s girl”, has a wonderful family and a great life. I hope she has moved on. The best way to honor the dead especially someone as phenomenal as MJ is to live a honorable fufilled life.

    Ps love your blog Rocky!!!!

    • Wait..

      She didn’t beg for the LMA invite.

      She didn’t make a public liar out of Katherine. The family asked her do what she did to help support MJ, she did it for them. It wasn’t in anyway about trying to make anyone look bad. I guess people can be mad at her for retracting her claim, but what about the family asking her to lie in the first place? The family did it with Shana too (except Shana did have some kind of sexual relationship with him, but most people speculate it wasn’t the 7 years she claimed)

      When did she ask for money?

      I don’t think he wanted to marry her or anything, but he liked her. I think he was suspicious about her like he was suspicious about a lot of more public women. I feel like I gotta stick up for these girls though. The one thing that gets my gonads about them more than anything is when people try to find reasons why Michael Jackson – a lovely, normal, sexual guy – can’t have it in himself to be sexually attracted to a girl.

      I reserve all my rage for the women who took him through the coals publically like Lisa Marie… anyone who’s stood by him has my kudos.

      • Excuse my earlier comment, it was complete speculation. But I do think there was more to their story than has been said.

        Joe and Katharine asked her to speak out for MJ and she did, but she obviously screwed that up. Personally, she sounded like she was lying to me [whether or not she was] that’s how I thought she came across, but I haven’t seen it in a while so maybe I’m wrong.

        • She didn’t look comfortable.

          I think the family asked other women to come forwards… I’m guessing Tatiana was the only one willing. :/

        • ya probably. ii dont think they would’ve asked anyone he hadnt really been with, besides it’s not like theyd hav too. Obviously the others didnt want to get involved.

          actually ii wonder if MJ DID hav some type of confidentiality agreement with chicks he was with. Of course he couldn’t if they were famous like him, but really its amazing that not one single one has come forward. then again theres the fact that if any did the media probly rejected him to go along with Their portayal of him.

          By the way, when’s your next update? Looking forward to it

          • I’ve heard about confidentiality agreements but IDK. I really think the girls he dated just weren’t interested in seeking recognition for it which is probably why he dated them in the first place. Tatiana messed that part up 😉

            I think they were career women who would’ve been embarressed to be considered some kind of fame whore, you know?

            I’m putting an update together right now that’s just about the stuff that’s been posted by people online… And I gotta do a Debbie update. I’d love to know if people really believed they had any sexual relationship…

        • I’m positive that they conceived prince and paris naturally.

          For one thing, having treated him for years in private and seen the him at his most insecure with the vitiligo stuff, he’d have obviously been comfortable with her.

          There was a rumour that he’d tried to bleach his scrotum [as a treatment] and that she’d treated him for it. There’d have to be some kind of trust for him to have been ok with that.

          Also it can take months to become pregnant through artificial insemenation. Prince and Paris were conceived and born back to back. In LA and then in Paris. He’d been seeing Lisa at the time to and had told her to visit him on tour so that she wouldn’t run into Debbie.

          I don’t really know for sure if they had something romantic [and i doubt it]. They’ve admitted that their relationship was strange, which is true. She was his good friend who offered to have his child.

          As for the blind people that say Debbie might not be the biological mother either way . . . I don’t think they even deserve a comment.

          Excuse my little rant LOL. Anyway that’s what I think, and I’m pretty sure that that’s that.

          And yeah, I guess that he and those girls did have a trust thing, it just confuses me because of all those people he has trusted and then been betrayed by. But the people who’ve betrayed them I guess are different because he was trying to help them in some. Girlfriends are obviously a different kind of relationship.

          • MJ seemed to be more wary of who he gave his heart to the most, more than any of his business dealings.

            They may have tried IVF but I do believe they had sex before that and maybe even during the marriage just casually…

            The people who don’t she’s the biomum… these people exist???

        • Yeah, but apparently he was good at choosing the right people when it came to that.

          Personally, I think it was natural conception. [and casually on the side too]. I know all three of them are his biologically too. Not a lot of people know but Prince looks exactly like Joseph’s father Samuel. MJ evn said in the Bashir – excuse me – BaSHIT documentary that when Prince was born he immediately thought of his grandfather and Randy, all three of them do have the same headshape.

          And Paris obviously looks like Debbie, but as she gets older you’re able to see that she actually looks a lot like LaToya too.

          And Blanket, well, his face speaks for itself.

          And yeah, after MJ died that kind of thing was coming up and even when MJ and Debbie were married.

          There’s someone on YouTube that makes all these great comparison videos in proving that they’re his.
          There’s some other people too I think.

      • actually he was thinking of marrying her and had strong feelings for her,you could get the information if you ask seximamma1222 from youtube if you have a youtube account

        • MJ never wanted to marry her, it was some journalist that has a crush on all of MJ’s women that suggested it in the post above. You see how quickly some unsubstantiated drivvel now automatically becomes internet fact.

    • Thanks Ximmi for your impressions after reading Tatiana’s book. I’ve only seen a lot of excerpts thus far, but I totally concur with your impressions, given that she admitted there was never a romantic relationship or even a single date between her and MJ.

      If she comes across as a bit mentally unstable and obsessive now in a book this many years later, imagine what she was like at the time. She blamed several of his employees for keeping her away from MJ, when it seems most likely that the biggest entertainer in the world had asked them to keep her away after they all quickly realized she had emotional problems. Her problems probably became known in the industry and damaged her career, which likely wasn’t helped by these writings, as beautiful as she still is.

      Unfortunately, the Jackson family seemed to have manipulated and taken advantage of her feelings to get her to lie/pretend, presumably to counteract sexuality rumors about MJ in 1993 and even when he died, which just confused her even more. MJ picked her for the video because he thought she was cute, but I don’t think he toyed with her feelings like his family did.

      • 1 thing I find intriguing in her book though is how she tries to get it across that she didn’t have anything sexual happen with anyone, not De Niro, not Prince. & her 2005 advert for her book seemed like she was trying to get MJ’s attention & she was advertising to him that she was available & single. I think the entire book was to try to get MJ’s attention, telling him she was available & she didn’t have any guys between the or after Bad.

        • Hmm, I hadn’t thought about the last part.

          She was definitely trying to get back his attention though, all the women who went public seemed to want to do that.

        • That is why the words “delusional and obsessed” will forever be associated with Tatiana. How could you publicly advertise yourself to Michael as being available in one breath, yet in your next breath doubt his innocence in the 2005 child molestation case on the same national tv show.

          Why imply in her book that Michael was more interested in little boys than being with her and allow someone to question Michael’s sexuality in your book. Thanx for your new entry “Michael’s kid female friends” showing this not to be fact.

          All this, at a time when Michael was fighting for his life??? That book could have had serious implications for Michael. That trial broke Michael’s spirit from which some say he never fully recovered.

          • Why imply in her book that Michael was more interested in little boys than being with her and allow someone to question Michael’s sexuality in your book.

            She didn’t say that, her shitfaced publisher did in a press release to get attention for the book.

            • She did…. read her book cover to cover for free on Jetzi.

              I hate it when people do not take responsibility for their own actions and try to blame someone else.

  20. Hi! This is Risako from Japan! I was wondering if the extract of Shmuley’s tape below refers to Tatiana. I got this from the forum somewhere.
    MJ: That’s why it’s my job to cast the girl, because it’ my job to think they are cute. So I can do that if I really like them, like some of the girls you see in my videos. I have cast them because I really like them and it caused a problem afterwards because they start to really like me, and I don’t want to get that serious, and it becomes a problem sometimes.
    *skips down*
    So how often do you find that women really get clingy?
    MJ: What do you mean?
    Like you said, it supposed to be a professional thing. You just film something with a femal costar but afterwards they become attached.
    MJ: Yes it happens.
    How do you break the news to them that you don’t reciprocate?
    MJ: When they see me running the other way. Yeah. Some of them follow me around the world and it’s hard.
    That probably makes them chase you even more because they probably are drawn to that boyish shyness. To be sure, many women like “bad” boys. But for the same reason, a lot like shy guys. In the same way the believe that they can redeem the bad boy and polish up this coarse diamond, they believe the same thing about the shy guy. They think, ” Only I can bring him out of his shell.” But I guess for a while with you running halfway around the world from them, they get the message. But you never tell them directly?
    MJ: No, because it would hurt them too much.

    And about the Nina book that I told you before, I read it all through and found nothing sexual, but the fact that he was really shy. One day when he was touring Japan for Bad, he had a doctor at his hotel room. As soon as he realized the doctor had a young nurse with him, he went to take his sunglasses and wore them and asked Nina to let the nurse wait outside.

    I love both shy Michael and sexy Michael lol!

    Oh! I have a question about Debbie. Is she going out with Schaffel lol? I see photos of them together on the way to watch TII and also lunch or something, but I do not understand why she does that.

    By the way the Schaffel movie of private home videos will be shown on the 25th this month in Japan. The estate has never approved it but Schaffel is lying that it is approved by the Estate.

    By the way, Joe’s book is going to be out on the 1st of July in Japanese. It’s title is “To son Michael ~a will to heaven~”.

    They seem to think that Japanese know nothing about them and sadly it’s true. Few maniac fans only know that Schaffel ain’t no friend of MJ.

    • I think it’s about Tatiana, but he tells on himself when he says “girls”… finding out that Ola was crazy about him and Naomi was offering him her oral services, Shana was also in one of his videos…

      Aww that’s so cute about the nurse!

      The Schaffel/Debbie thing is weird because of what she said in 2005. I really don’t understand it. Are the home movies he’s showing in Japan going to be different from the one that’s been aired already?

      Joe’s releasing his book in Japan??? I wonder if it’s an updated version of the one he released in Germany…

      • Naomi? Oral service?!I think I’ve missed that one out, lol.

        I think the Schaffel movie contains only of home movies you can see on youtube. IDK. It just makes me sick. New fans after his death seems to be excited to watch it.

        Theresa book is also translated in Japanese and had five stars in the amazon.jp. Holy moly.

        Julian auction came to Tokyo tower to earn some money.

        You know it makes me feel that Japanese are really naive when it comes to MJ(;_;)

        And yes my fan friends and I were saying the same thing about Joe’s book lol. I don’t want to buy it, but I guess somebody will buy it and have some reports on the net, so I will tell you if it’s different from the German 2005 book.

        Thanks for the reply!!
        Lots of luv from Japan!!

        • Sorry! Joe’s German book was 2004, not 2005.

    • Hey, this is from Yukido, his back up dancer from DWT and she was in BoW and Ghosts, could you tell me what the real translation is?

  21. heyyyyyyyyy

  22. hey do you know who this youtube user is seximamma1222 then if you do she said in one of her videos she commented that michael used to ask karen faye what room tatiana was in and that it would always be the wrong room because she was lying so michael had to always ask miko brando or bill

  23. you guys don’t listen to senoritavilleta’s blog she talks about tatiana which is really stupid and a waist of time! oh and also you should go to youtube and type in generationchange09 and look at every single vido she made and she talks about the tatiana haters and she really makes sense and tells the truth

  24. Hi Tatiana er sorry racheljanice. Seximamma1222 may have pics of you but they are not the authority on MJ’s love life and they contradict your story you remember the book you wrote to make a fast buck off Michael when things got really bad for you the one where you implied MJ might not be into women because he was not interested in you (sour grapes)and you also implied that he might be guilty of the child molestation charges in 2005. I am not surprised there are Tatiana haters people just don’t like seeing MJ get blatently exploited like the way you have done for over 20 years. Get a life.

    I find this really pathetic that this page is linked to your myspace page. STOP EXPLOITING MICHAEL. I am sure there is a name for what you have.

    Yes you know me.

    • Huh? What in the what? Who knows you?

      This isn’t a Tatiana site… LOL

  25. seximammma1222(real name:itatiana renee) from youtube is going to put up the kiss you know from michael and tatiana and she said that she will be going to California in Los Angeles to deal with the kiss and get the ok to get the video up and the date that she would be putting it up would be june 25th or july 1st, well some where between that lol 😀 so im just telling you guys just in case if you did’nt know so you could check it out. oh yeah and i almost forgot that the reason is that she has all these rare videos and interviews of tatiana is that her mom used to work for sony and that she used to work for michael jackson to. so itatiana renee like knows everything about tatiana and michael because her mother was actually there. sorry i talk so much im only 11 years old my bad!

    • You know, more than 8 months later, with almost 1000 duped subbers on the sexymama youtube channel, a personal endorsement /acknowledgement by none other than Ms T herself (re:the video) at the Forever Michael event last year, alas, still no sign of the elusive video of the “kiss” between Michael and Tatiana that was promised, guaranteed even to MJ fans who subscribed.

      Great Scam! Shame on you!

      I see another good scam on horizon. Watch!

  26. LOL!!!!! Tati has 11 year olds handling her publicity now. Hehehehehe.

  27. I would first like to compliment you on this site, I’ve searched far and wide for some answers, any answers to the questions that I’ve had in my head regarding Michael. This is by far thee best site of its kind and you have helped to shed some light on some of the topics that I have thought long and hard about. Your research is greatly appreciated.

    Now, I would like to, I mean love to pass along some information to the masses that isn’t widely known. As we all know, the truth is all too elusive when it comes to Michael Jackson and for good reason. He has been built up to be many things, none of which are positive because this would call into question the credibility of anyone who has ever reported on him as a homosexual or a child molester, labels that even if found to be untrue, are labels that one can never rid themselves of.

    Google, bing or whatever you must do but type in “Was Michael Jackson Framed?” The untold story by Mary A. Fischer, GQ Magazine 1994. This never referred to, well written article tells the story of the first child molestation case in depth, the cast of characters and how everything unfolded and ultimately unraveled to spell his doom. This article is confirmation that when media gets a hold of something and puts a slant on it to fit their formuli, there is no point inwhich you can return.

  28. Have you all noticed that when she kisses him, her leg is ALL up in between his LEGS!!

    • Yeah that was…. CRAZY!!!! But I wish I had her book though. And GREAT story!!!! =)

  29. Do you really believe she had someone fake to be Katherine on the phone in 1994? LOL

    The BRE Awards were in 1989 and Tatiana was supposed to be there…

  30. Thank you so much for this site, its amazing.

    MJ’s bodyguards put a post on Tatiana’s wall saying she was spoken of with very kind words.

    Did Tatiana reply back to that or did they say anything else?


    • You’re welcome 🙂

      No, she didn’t respond.

  31. hey good website i reallly love tatiana and michael
    i have hear that michael and tatiana slepping in the same room while the bad tour do you know anything about that??? michael was sad about losing tatiana he didn´t spoke 3 after tatiana was fiert said a band member

    lots of love
    good bless always

    • I’ve heard lots of rumours about her sneaking in… she’s never said anything about it though.

      Do you know which band member said that?

      • oh okay thank you very much
        no sorry i find it out right???

        i belive they loved each other sooo much

  32. was it a frenchkiss?????????????????

  33. Tatiana is so delusional.

    If Michael wanted to marry her, he would have – its very simple. There is no conspiracy going on. No one was keeping you two apart. Everyone who knows Michael says he is the boss and he gets what he wants. He makes the decisions. He was a 50 year old man – he could have contacted her at ANY time during his life. He had no problem contacting other people. Michael refused to take Tatiana’s calls she made to him via his secretary, NEVER acknowledged the Valentines Day card she sent him, fired her from the tour, AND had security guy Bill Bray block her from his trailor. If a guy doesn’t respond to you multiple times, its really time to move on. I wonder why she couldn’t get the hint? I can understand why Michael avoided her. She needs to stop obsessing over a relationship that never existed.

    If Michael wanted her around, he would have kept her around.

  34. That message the BG’s wrote on her facebook wall is very interesting I must say….And it seems that maybe he still cared about her, I guess. But their whole relationship is confusing as hellll! Really, when I read her book I felt so sorry for her because I didnt understand like her,why Michael didnt want to talk to her anymore and straight up ignored her. That was really rude of him IMO, especially when he didnt even say thank you to her when she got someone to make a huge painting for him on his birthday. That seemed so unlike Michael to me. Very strange. Maybe there is more to the story that we dont know about I suppose. I hope in her new book the unanswered questions will be explained. And back to the BG’s quote, I wonder how exactly did her name get brought in the first place tho? I would love to ask them that, but I dont think they are answering questions anymore.

  35. Tatiana was just hired as a video model who pushed her feelings unto Michael. The truth is that tatiana embled Michael secret girlfrien who he wrote the song TWYMMF for. He liked Tatiana but never loved her. Again she was just hired as a video model, nothing more and nothing less. She really does need to stop trying to extend her 15 minutes of fame as she looks ridioculous, to all that are in the know. Now that’s the truth!!

  36. @Jane

    I forgot about the huge painting she sent him for his birthday! Again, NO RESPONSE from Michael. Not even a thank you card or phone call!

    You can’t force someone to love you. If you keep persisting, you start to look crazy.

  37. I Love U 4evermore Tatiana Yvonne! 🙂 ❤ ❤

  38. Gosh I read the whole thing, it’s addictive!

    First of all thank your work putting all this together 🙂 All these stories are doing my head in because I don’t know what to believe! They also contradict eachother and some seem like they’re too unrealistic but you can never be sure…
    Second of all, I can’t but feel kind of sorry for her. Even if she did misinterpret things this is still how she perceived it. Imagine the frustration of not being able to talk to Michael just to know what she did wrong. I probably would have gone all mental on his ass – lol! She doesn’t even seem to realise that she sounds like a fanatic fan but still, I feel for her.
    I really really enjoyed reading about Prince! Made me kind of emotional to read that he was annoyed about her interview on Michael. All this gossip makes me feel guilty but at the same time I can’t stop researching it…

  39. This is an interview Tatiana did after Michael passed, on E! I never saw it before

    and she said they didnt have sex

    and the last time she spoke to him was in 1991… :s

    I read her book months ago and dont remember her talking about talking to him during that year? Did she, or is she making this up??

  40. hey can you please tell me what in this newspaper are standing with the headline wacko jacko enjoys sexy smacko??? it´s really hard to read it

    thank you very much

  41. Thank you for siding with Tatiana. I really hate it when fans bash her and other women in MJ’s lives. I feel so sorry for her.

    Anyways, I emailed Jennifer Batten (guitarist who performed alongside Michael in some of his tours, including the BAD tour) to ask her if she had actually SEEN or HEARD Michael angry about the kiss. She said no, that she only heard he was from other people.

    • omg can you gave me the email adress from Jennifer Batten?????
      he was angry about frank or?? that he had fierd tatiana

      u have made my day =)

  42. I hope that Tatiana learns to move on soon. She can still get married, adopt children, or whatever she wants to do and keep a special place for Michael in her heart. Nothing wrong with that. It has got to be a horrible experience to keep “putting salt in the wound” so to speak everyday. I wish that she did listen to people in the early 80s / 90s that told her she needed to move on. I think she would be in a better place emotionally if she did move on.


  44. I saw an interview where Michael’s fans get the privilege to ask Jennifer Batten questions about how it was to work with him on his BAD & Dangerous tour, it goes on for just under an hour & my dear friend was kind enough to post it on Youtube she’s called TheWayUMakeMeFeelMJ, it’s highly under-rated. Anyway, one of the fans asked Jennifer if she was there at the night of the kiss where Tatiana kissed him. Jennifer said she was there that night, quote from Jennifer:-
    ”Ohh yeah! That really pissed him off, because that wasn’t part of the deal” then she laughs.
    The fan says ”Yeah, because I saw on the internet she got fired after that… Like he must’ve been really upset..”
    Jennifer:- ”Yeah well it’s really not cool to do that onstage”
    Just thought I’d share that with you all! It’s really a lovely interview.

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