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January 8, 2010

The Making of Thriller Part 5: Rehearsing With Ola Ray
Ola Ray Reacts To Michael’s Passing
Reflects on Famous Role
June 25th 2010 ABC Talks about how she fell in love with him and how she remembers him
June 25th 2010 ABC Talks about what base they got up and how he isn’t that innocent

Playboy Magazine, June 1980

Her favorite entertainers were “Michael Jackson, Donna Summer, Ben Vereen, Emry Thomas.” She also listed her turn-ons as “music, men, dancing and romancing, health and nature” and turnoffs as “waiting for something that never comes.”

August 20:

Pre-production begins on the Thriller short film directed by John Landis & choreographed by Michael Peters.

October 11-20:

Michael shoots the Thriller short film in Los Angeles.

December 2:

The 14 minutes short film of Thriller is premiered on MTV.

Jet, 5th March, 1984

Ola Ray, “On The Road With Michael!” Mark Bego, 1984

“He’s a perfectionist for sure, but he was always very friendly with the dancers and the crew. He’s a practical joker. He kept saying, ‘I can’t wait until I do the werewolf scenes so I can chase you.’ I’d say he’s shy, but only when he’s around people he doesn’t know. Actually, Michael seems almost outgoing, at least while he’s working. I could tell just by the way he playfully flirted with me that he likes women. I met Jane Fonda at the studio while getting my makeup done and she asked me to take him a note and give him a kiss and a hug. When I told Michael about the kiss he said, ‘Well…!?’. I think if he finds the right girl, he’ll marry her. But in the meantime, I just don’t think he deals with sex. He seems to be on a different level. I mean, sex isn’t everything.”

HollywoodNews.com, Dec 9, 1984

Before 23 years-old Ola Ray was Michael Jackson’s thrilling video date she was a cover girl for Johnson Products. And although the former No 1 video has all but faded from Music Television play lists you’ll still see her on every box of Classy Curl permanent wave and conditioning treatment.

Look for her on the big screen too She will make her acting debut in the film Fear City with Billy Dee Williams.

During the time she spent with Jackson during the making of theThriller video Ray said in a press release the singer took special notice of her curly locks. He would always play with my hair and say ”Oh your hair is so pretty”

Vibe, May 2001


Presently, she lives in Sacramento, California where, as a single mother, she is raising her 14-year-old daughter. She said in a 2007 interview that she has plans to put out a book and to start a music career. In the same interview, Ola Ray talked about the Michael Jackson Thriller video, reflecting upon its popularity on the 25th anniversary of its premiere.

“I remember that day like it was yesterday,” Ray said. “I am so excited that people are still talking about it, still remembering it.

“I didn’t know that I was going to be a part of history, but that is the way it turned out. I’m thankful.”

Sunday Mirror, 2, October, 2008

Thriller was the video that changed pop music forever… and turned Michael Jackson into the biggest star in the world.

Made by a top Hollywood director and lasting 14 minutes, it was the most expensive pop promo of its era with a thenunprecedented budget of £400,000.

It helped Jackson’s Thriller album to become the biggestseller of all time with profits of £700million.

Ola Ray and Michael Jackson in the Thriller video (SM)

Now, as a 25th anniversary edition of Thriller is released this week, featuring remixes by stars such as Kanye West, we can reveal how the unknown actress chosen to star alongside Jackson was paid just £600.

Ola Ray was a 22-year-old glamour model trying to break into acting in 1982 when she beat hundreds of other hopefuls to the part of Jackson’s girlfriend in the mini-horror movie.

The former Playboy centrefold was a huge fan of the singer and says she was always confident of landing the role. “The minute I walked into the audition I knew it was mine,” she says. “I read a few lines, danced to some music and the rest is history.”

Ola still had to wait two weeks until she got the good news. But she’ll never forget her first meeting with Jackson.

“I was getting changed, so I was crouched down halfnaked on the dressing room floor and he came in and giggled,” she recalls.

“I was used to taking my clothes off in front of strangers.

Michael seemed very relaxed about it.” Ola, 47 and a full-time mum living in California, knew Thriller was going to be no ordinary video. “It helped that I was crazy about Michael and he seemed taken by the fact I was a Playboy model,” she says.

Ola and Michael became good friends during the two-week shoot. She says she loved to flirt with the star, who was then dating actress Brooke Shields. “I teased him, saying I wanted to be his girl,” she says.

“After we shared a limo, I sprayed my perfume around so he’d remember me. He was cute but childlike. Michael then was nothing like the Michael of today. He loved chasing me or jumping out from behind a wall.”

The Thriller video, directed by John Landis of Blues Brothers fame, was a record-breaking success, helping start the MTV phenomenon.

The album is still the biggest seller of all time, with 104 million sold.

But Ola didn’t have a share of the honeypot and ended in financial trouble. She says Michael used to help out with cheques of around £2,500. “I did lots of TV commercials but I wasn’t exactly flooded with work,” she says.

“Everyone thinks I made millions but I don’t care… I wouldn’t change anything.” She saw Jackson a few years later but lost touch.

In 1992 Ola was charged with cocaine possession and after a stint in rehab she left Los Angeles to start a new life in Sacramento, where she lives with her daughter Iam, 12.

Ola says: “I’m just so proud to have been part of something that’s still so special.”

January 27th 2009

Millions lusted after her. Just as many envied her.

Twenty-five years ago, Ola Ray bagged a dream job, and a piece of history, by landing the role of Michael Jackson’s blushing love object in the video for “Thriller.”

Today, with “Thriller” bound for a new life as a Broadway musical, the 48-year-old Ray lives quietly as a stay-at-home mom in Sacramento, Calif.

She made little money from the clip and scored only a few major acting jobs in the last two decades.

“Everyone thinks I made millions,” Ray told the U.K.’s Sunday Mirror recently. “But I don’t care. … I wouldn’t change a thing.”

It just thrills her to have been a part of a music video that changed the nature of the form and helped shoot Jackson’s career into the stratosphere.

It all began in 1983, when Ray, a then-22-year-old model pining for an acting career, turned up at a casting call to play Jackson’s girlfriend in “Thriller.”

The clip, directed by the “Blues Brothers” overseer John Landis, promised to be the “Gone With the Wind” of music videos, the longest and most expensive clip ever made. Hundreds of young women showed up that day.

“I remember it like it was yesterday,” Ray recently told Sacramento TV station KCRA.

“The minute I walked into the audition, I knew the part was mine,” she commented to the Mirror. “I read a few lines, danced to some music, and the rest is history.”

Ray had some prior experience before the camera – though in a far less demure role.

Three years earlier, she purred across the cover of Playboy’s June 1980 edition and also graced its nude centerfold. “[Michael] seemed taken by the fact I was a Playboy model,” Ray has said.

Her time with Playboy coincided with that of cover model Jeana Keough, now one of the bitchy stars of “The Real Housewives of Orange County.”

At the time, Jackson was dating Brooke Shields, though Ray made it known she wanted that spot in real life as well as on screen.

It wasn’t happening.

“He was cute, but childlike,” Ray told the Mirror. “He loved chasing me or jumping out from behind a wall.”

The clip took two weeks to shoot with an unheard of budget of $500,000. Ray knew her part didn’t call for Meryl Streep-level acting.

“I was the girl who went running around screaming,” she told KCRA.

The 14-minute video brought the already hot “Thriller” to a scorching peak. It greatly extended a run on the charts that, eventually, made it the top selling album of all time.

Meanwhile, Ray’s career wasn’t doing quite so swimmingly.

She snagged a bunch of small parts in the ’80s, including playing “Hooker No. 1” in “Body and Soul,” plus cameos in 1982’s “48 Hrs.,” 1983’s “The Man Who Loved Women,” and ’87’s “Beverly Hills Cop II” (in which she played – guess what? -a Playboy Playmate).

For a time she also dated the actor and ex-football player Jim Brown. Soon, however, the work dried up.

In 1992, Ray was charged with cocaine possession, which earned her a stint in rehab.

Jackson helped her out with money from time to time, cutting her checks for several thousand dollars, according to the Mirror.

For a while, Ray blamed Jackson for not getting her more money from the “Thriller” video, but in an interview last year, she said she had forgiven him.

In this decade, Ray gave up life in L.A. and moved north to Sacramento, where various relatives live. She resides there now with her daughter, Iam, 13.

Ray still aspires to an acting career, as well as one in music. In the meantime, she cherishes her memories.

“I didn’t know that I was going to be part of history,” she has said. “But that’s the way it turned out, and I’m thankful.”

May 5th 2009, Sues For Thriller Royalties


Interview With Director John Landis, 26th June, 2009

The purpose of Thriller, in Landis’s mind, was “to give Michael some balls”. The female presence in Jackson’s two previous videos was virtually zero, “so I said I want to get a pretty girl, and I want you to relate to each other sexually. And he went, ‘OK.’

“He was agreeable to everything, even when I wrote that line where he says to the girl, ‘I’m not like other guys.’ I warned him, ‘Mike, this is a laugh line.’ He said, ‘Why?’ And I said, ‘Because, Michael, you are… unusual, and people will laugh and interpret it any way they want to.'”

The next potential problem arose with Ola Ray, the actress Landis wanted to play Jackson’s girlfriend. “We found out she had been a Playboy playmate. Oh, Jesus Christ! I went to Michael and told him and said, ‘Can I hire her?’ He said, ‘Sure’, though I don’t think he even knew what I was talking about.”

Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper, Firpo Carr, October 1 – 7, 2009

Ola Ray (Thriller): Ola was Playmate of the Month in the June 1980 issue of Playboy magazine. After being dazzled by the centerfold the Gloved One selected her out of all those beautiful women who applied for the job of being his love interest in the blockbuster short film, Thriller (1982). According to the former playmate, she and Michael got intimate, though they stopped short of having actual sex. To this day she has their German Grammy for Thriller that Michael said she could keep. She strikes me as a classy lady with a controlled edginess about her. (It’s a compliment.)

Vanity Fair, 10 June 2010

Michael Jackson, a shy pixie in a red leather jacket and jeans, stands in shadow in the theatre’s entryway, talking with actress Ola Ray and John Landis. The camera crew is making final preparations for a crane shot that will pan down from the marquee as Jackson and Ray, playing a couple on a date, emerge from the theater. Judging from th saucy looks she is sending his way, Ray is clearly besotted by her leading man, who responds by casually throwing an arm around her shoulders.

“It’s only a movie,” Jackson reassures his date. “You were scared, weren’t you?”

Landis calls for another take and coaxes: “Make it sexy this time.”

“How?” asks Jackson.

“You know, as if you want to fuck her.”

The star flinches and licks his lips uncomfortably, then gazes earnestly into Ray’s eyes. Landis then gets the shot he wants and calls for the next setup, satisfied. He whispers to me, “I bet it will be sexy.”

He attended services at the local Kingdom Hall and abstained from drinking, swearing, sex before marriage, and supposedly, R rated movies. The gregarious Landis teased Jackson about having watched the R rated An American Warewolf in London. “I said, ‘Michael, What about the sex?’ He said, ‘I closed my eyes.'”

But Landis had precisely the opposite of ‘I Won’t Grow Up’ in mind: he wanted Jackson to satisfy his young female ans by showing some virility.

“The big thing was to give him a girl,” says Landis, pointing out that Jackson hadn’t interacted with females in the videos for Billie Jean or Beat It. “That was the big breakthrough.”

On a desolate city street, Jackson lip synchs to a playback of Thriller as he dances and skitters playfully around Ray.

Landis has barely rehearsed the scene because he is hoping for some spontaneous sexual energy between his actors and has asked Jackson to improvise. Ray, who looks deliriously smitten, it supposed to keep the beat with each footstep. Landis puts his hand over his eyes and quietly shakes his head as she repeatedly messes up the tempo, necessitating many takes. Jackson remains charmingly frisky in every one, hugging her as he sings, “Now is the time for you and I to cuddle close together…”

Ray has made it clear to Jackson and everyone else that she wants the cuddling to continue after the “Cut!” Michael is very special, not like any other guy I’ve met,” she says, kicking off her high heels and settling into her set chair after the scene wraps. “Since we’ve been working together we’ve been getting closer. He was a very shy person, but he’s opened up. I think he’s lived a sheltered life. He knows a lot of entertainers, but he needs friends that he can go out and relax and enjoy himself with, instead of talking to his mannequins in his room.”

The congenial atmospher on Thriller seemed to have a salutary effect on Jackson. He delighted the crew by hanging out on the set between shots, and although he didn’t say much, he responded graciously to anyone who approached. Landis frequently got him giggling with horseplay, once lifting him up by the ankles and shaking him upside down while Jackson shrieked, “Put me down, you punk!”

He would also enjoy a secret interlude with Olay Ray.

Vanity Fair writer Nancy Griffin, who was on set during the 1983 filming of “Thriller,” talks with director John Landis about Michael Jackson, and with Jackson’s co-star, Ola Ray, who reveals for the first time in depth the relationship the two shared offscreen.

The flirtation progressed. “I had some intimate moments with him in his trailer,” says Ray. How intimate? “Let me see how I can say this without, you know, being too…” She pauses. “I won’t say that I have seen him in his birthday suit but close enough,” she says, laughing. Because he was shy, she tried not to scare him by coming on too strong.

She describes their involvement as “a little kindergarten thing,” saying that she thought it “important for him to be around someone who would make him feel comfortable.” She describes their intimate moments as “kissing and puppy-love make-out sessions – and a little more than that,” but refuses to say more. “I’ve already told you more than I’ve ever told anyone!”

Ryan hung out with Michael in his bedroom, which had a mattress on the floor, toys everywhere and illustrations of Peter Pan on the walls. They talked about music – “I was amazed that Michael didn’t know who U2 was” – and the girls they had crushes on. Jackson revealed how discombobulated he had been by Ola Ray’s sexual allure after a dance rehearsal with her. “He started getting all nervous and stuff,” says Ryan. “He said, ‘She’s adorable, she’s adorable. She’s so hot!” It was just so funny seeing him that way.”

Griffin reports that Ray got romantic advice from Jane Fonda, who was shooting a workout video in the same studio where Ray got her make up done each day. Ray tells Griffin that “Miss Fonda said, ‘Be yourself-just be sweet and talk to him about things he might be interested in or like to do. He’s a Jehovah’s Witness, so you should talk to him about religion. Maybe he will want you to go to church with him one day.’?”

Ray, who has never spoken at length about Jackson before, tells Griffin that “every day, Michael came and sat and watched me. He was in awe of me. He was always in my face trying to learn to do things with makeup like I did.” Jackson asked Ray to give pointers to his own makeup person-”I have a shine on my nose that I can’t get off” Jackson told her. According to Ray, as she was advising Jackson’s make up artist on what to do, she said to Ray, “‘Girl, don’t you know that no matter how much powder I put on his nose it’s going to shine? Do you know how many nose jobs he’s had?’ Then Michael started laughing, because I didn’t know he had had nose jobs!”

After Jennifer Beals turned down an offer to co-star, Landis cast the unknown 23-year-old former Playboy Playmate. “I auditioned a lot of girls and this girl Ola Ray-first of all, she was crazy for Michael,” Landis tells Griffin. “She had such a great smile. I didn’t know she was a Playmate.” Jackson signed off on Ray, then reconsidered the seemliness of cavorting with an ex-Playmate and came close to derailing the casting. According to Landis, “I said, ‘Michael, she’s a Playmate, but so what? She’s not a Playmate in this.’ He went, ‘O.K., whatever you want.’ I have to tell you, I got along great with Michael.”

Ray says she watched Jackson switch from silly to businesslike with ease, and Landis tells Griffin that when he barged unknowingly into Jackson’s trailer while Jackson was meeting with Jacqueline Onassis (then an editor at Doubleday, and there to discuss Jackson’s memoir) the star coolly said, “John, have you met Mrs. Onassis?”

At the premiere…

Ola Ray looked for jackson before the lights went down and found him in the projection booth. He told her that she looked beautiful, but refused her entreaty to come sit in the audience. “This is your night,” he told her. “You go enjoy yourself.”

Ola Ray also sued Jackson on May 5 2009, for nonpayment of royalties. “I got the fame from Thriller,” she says, “but I didn’t get the fortune.” (The suit is ongoing) In 1998 she fled Los Angeles and the casting couch syndrome that plagued her during the years following Thriller.

Ray enjoys hearing from Michael Jackson fans on facebook and twitter. “I can’t walk down the street without people recognizing me.”

Ray tells Griffin that she thinks about Jackson every day, with considerable regret. “I just wish I would have had the opportunity to be a little bit more in his life. I bet he would have been happy with me. It would have taken someone like me who would not put pressure on him or play him for his money or anything other than that I wanted to be with him for who he was,” Ray says. “I had no other agenda than that.”

Ray has since abandoned Hollywood-”There were so many big-name directors who told me that if I wanted to do films I had to sleep with them,” Ray says-but recalls the shoot, and especially her co-star, with great fondness. “That walk with Michael, when he was dancing around me and singing, I felt like I was the most, I don’t know, blessed girl in the world. Being able to do that and being able to play with Michael, and having him play around me. I felt so in love that night. You can see it in my eyes. You can see it for sure.”

ABC 20/20 June 25th, 2010

Ola: When I think of Michael I think of innocence. I think of love. I think of a very brilliant performer and his love for and passion for music and dance.
ABC: If I walked in your house in Sacramento, would I see anything that would remind me you of your time with Michael?
Ola: Yes. I have a huge poster of Michael, just of himself and then  I have the 25th Anniversary album. Then I have a picture of us walking together in the video. So yes, I see Michael every morning when I wake up.
ABC: Two weeks you spent with him, what point did you realize you were in love with him?
Ola: When we did the dancing, when he had to walk around me and flirt with me. Coming from out of the movie theatre and we did the little walk – dun dun dun – to the beat. He had to dance around me and flirt with me, that was when I was like Oh my God, like Ola, I could not believe I was the girl, I was the one chosen.
ABC: When did you tell him that you were in love?
Ola: I didn’t. I didn’t tell him. And that’s one thing I hate the fact that I didn’t really get a chance to tell him how I really felt about him.
ABC: Why didn’t you get a chance to tell him?
Ola: Because I didn’t think I would never see him again. I thought I would see him again. I never thought Michael wouldn’t be here. If I had known he wouldn’t be here, I would have told him a lot more.

ABC, June 25th 2010

Ola: He got to flirt with me. He got to play with me, touch me and flirt with me. So that was great.
ABC: what’s that like to have Michael Jackson – Michael Jackson – playing with you, flirting with you?
Ola: What it’s like is like… I got to fall in love. And I’d never been in love before.
(Narrator: Their relationship would deepen in Michael’s trailer.)
Ola: We would just sit in his dressing room and we’d talk about food, religion, why he couldn’t date me (laughs). You know, why we couldn’t be as intimate as I wanted us to be.
ABC: Why couldn’t he date you?
Ola: Well… he told me that there was someone else that really liked me on the set and he couldn’t cross that line.
(But some lines were crossed all the same)
Nancy Griffin: I think things got pretty sexy between Ola and Michael. Some very sweet kind of physical interaction going on beteen the two of them.
ABC: First base, second base? (laughs)
Nancy: Uhhh… I would say not first, I would say second base… maybe… third.
ABC: do you think it was farthur than he’d ever been with another woman?
Ola: I wouldn’t say that. (shaking head) I don’t think he’s that innocent. (laughs, speaking while laughing) He’s not that innocent. He definitely knew what he was doing. In his own little way.


  1. I have heard so many stories about Ola being picked. I wonder which one is true. I heard Michael hand picked her and was turned on by her playboy photo. Who knows?

    • I think it’s true, and I think he was very flirty with her, but was with Diana at the time, although she believed he was with Brooke.

  2. Hey Girl,

    Make sure you pick up the new issue of Vanity Fair (with Elizabeth Taylor on the Cover). There is a piece called The Thriller Diaries retracing the filming of Thriller. John Landis, Ola Ray and others are interviewed and Olay now says that she and Michael *did* have some “puppy love” make out sessions in his trailer. She said it was kissing and “a little bit more”. She said said she didn’t see him in his birthday suit but “close enough”! … Tantalizing. What IS “a little bit more” Ms. Ray????

    • I just read that part… WOW is all I can say, Ola has totally blindsided me. What was she doing kissing Mikey and getting him close to naked????

      Thanks for letting me know, I love this news! 😀

      • I’m sitting here like this :O. I knew there was SOMETHING! Sadly the media is probably going to ignore this completely, or play off of the nervous child thing. MJ knew exactly what he was doing, I know that. LOL, I wonder what else she’s holding off on. Someone needs to tell her to spill, it’s her DUTY to prove MJ right!

        LOL, girlhad better tell us somethin’ in that book.

    • The Vanity Fair article isn’t very reliable though. If people actually read that entire article, they’ll come to realize that the writer wrote a collage of a story based on other reports, videos up on YT to PRETEND as if she was there remembering the event, & at the same time putting up BS along with the truth.

      • I’m confused, Nancy Griffin was on the set. Which parts do you believe are untruthful?

        • All her insinuations on MJ, did you read the entire article? She was there alright but notice that her stories are all from previous records, added in her BS unto it. I’ll try to look for the entire article & post it here. But I don’t like reading it, I’ve only read it 2x before, it pisses me off for further rereading. Vanity Fair wasn’t exactly known to be fair to MJ in the past.

          • I really can’t brig myself to reread it, it’s long & it’s a very frustrating read but I’ll repost what I posted about it before:

            & btw, people often misread articles or quotes to fit their desired mind set. One ex. is when the 3 bodyguards said they know of 2 women MJ dated. Everyone immediately assumed ‘at the same time’. Sure they could’ve meant that & it just slipped, but they could very well have meant dated 2 women on 2 separate occasions. Same thing with this Ola Ray Vanity article.


            I read this a while back & it didn’t sit right with me the 1st time I read it, didn’t it rub you guys the wrong way? Read the article again, notice the POV of the article? It all comes from the author, her recollection, her story. It seemed like a collage of ‘other interviews’, video shots/clips from YT, rumors & ‘more’ made to fit into 1 story here in Vanity Fair. The entire article REEKS of tainted bias. Like the 20/20 interview, the 3rd base part came from the mouth of a reporter. Even the Ola Ray here said that no sex was involved. It’s not surprising she had a crush on him then, she admits that in her later interviews as well. So what? Most girls or his video girls fell hard for MJ, Tatiana anyone? Besides, I don’t see the big deal if they kissed or hug, he was a man, not some regressed 10 year old boy people. People are just making a big fuss over it because they can never imagine or accept MJ as a sexual being who may, yes, actually kiss a girl at some point in his life. Sorry if I’m coming on too strongly here, but I thought you guys already know about all the revelations of MJ’s sexuality. It’s been coming out for a year now, he was no asexual people.

            PS. & btw, all the ‘nose references’ should be clues enough as to what kind of article & author this is.

            The link for the entire article is up there for anyone who wants to read it.

            • Oh & just to be clear, the post was made in defense of Ola Ray, I find her pretty sincere. You might wonder how I worded my post, so…

  3. Why didn’t she say this earlier? It just makes me think she wants attention. She’s done so many interviews and now they kissed? Okay.

  4. She had said that MJ just walked into her trailer once, while she was dressing. She was half-dressed and bending on the ground, MJ walks in and just stares at her. Ola was like, she didn’t mind it cuz she was used to being half-dressed in front of people. You can read this in the article by Firpo Carr , MJ and his video women, either on his website or LA Sentinel.com This is my theory on MJ and Ola Ray, with factual reasons. Ok, MJ meets Ola and is really sexually attracted to her. And because she was a playmate, was most likely intriguing to him. She was his sexual type. Let’s face it, people have a sexual type and a romantic type. At the time, Brooke Shields was his girlfriend, i.e. romantic type. He never really spoke of Brooke Shields in a physical matter. So, he flirts with Ola childlike and all, but he wanted to basically get with her. That is why according to Ola Ray, they were doing something.I believe her because that video MJ couldn’t hide the fact he was into her. So, because Jane Fonda was his friend and wasn’t she a hippie, she caught on to the vibe MJ was giving off, and listening to Ola in awe of MJ, she probably thought, my boy MJ is young , he needs to have experiences in having fun. So, she urged Ola to pursue MJ. And so MJ and Ola had whatever they had. Life puts them on different paths, and noone knows what went down between them when they were young. But one’s thing for sure is that they were feelin each other. Ola and MJ weren’t that good of actors to fake that chemistry.

    I don’t know why but when Ola said that MJ just walked into her trailer and just stared at her, for some reason that was hot. Ola please write a book and in detail. lol.

    I wil say this, hopefully it won’t offend anyone. MJ loved all women, but I think on a sexual level, his preference was for the sistas. Whenever he did a video that was more sexual than loving a sista popped up.

  5. Maybe she didn’t speak on this…

    she offered her stories to the tabloids, press and they wouldn’t buy it because it would have ruin their plans to paint MJ as a freak.

    Maybe she did go to the media, but MJ and his camp got wind of the story and had the media to kill the story. Remember, MJ and the media had a working relationship, his camp would sell stories to the press, and it was a cool relationship until MJ stop feeding them info.

    Maybe she did tell the press, but his people got hold of the story and killed it. Back then MJ was building a brand becoming a International Superstar, and he had to break racial barriers. If the media found out that he had hooked up with a Black Playboy model, his crossover appeal would have been destroyed. When he hooked up with Brooke Shields, that really pushed him into crossover appeal, she was pure, Ola was a playmate. Do you honestly believe that the cookie cutter American press and family values, etc would have wanted their serene pure white children looking up to a man that was dating a nude model. So his people could have ended it.

    Maybe Ola and MJ talked about only discussing this, in case of his death, to let people know he did like black women and was straight.

    This also helps his legacy because people want to say MJ was DL.So the estate gave her permission to talk about it. Personally, I would discuss every detail, every freaky conversation, every physical contact. lol, well I hope she does. I want to know. I bet she could tell some really juicy info.

    BTW: why would she not come out now, if she would have came out with it doing the Thriller-Dangerous era, that’s when Brooke and MJ were hanging out. It would look bad on MJ part, that he had Brooke visiting him on the set, and while having intimate moments with his co-star. That’s messed up, MJ or not. That’s doggish.So Brooke is all giddy on the set, and MJ getting his flirt on. And if Ola Ray is any kind of woman, like me, I would have been doing some flirting while Brooke was on the set, giving him all kinds of sexy faces, making that man giddy like a schoolgirl. lol

    • I still thinks she wants attention. I believe him walking in on her and those things because she’s said it a few times. She always said she wished more would have happened. Now she’s saying they were making out. I don’t believe it because her story is not consistent. She’s really just looking for attention. Now if she would have said this from the get go I would believe it. I can only believe what she’s been saying all along.

      • When Jane Fonda told Ola to give him a hug and a kiss and he said, “well” do you think she didn’t give him that kiss?

        Maybe it was why he joked that Brooke was on the set when she wasn’t and had Ola go looking all over for her

      • Maybe by “more” she meant, she hoped ‘sex’ would’ve happened. I mean there plenty ways to interpret ‘more’, it can be sexual or it can be romantic or whatever, ‘more’ is pretty general & vague.

    • And one more thing. Since Michael was seeing Brooke at the time and she came to the set too I doubt he would have been making out with Ola like that. That would have been wrong and I don’t see Michael ever trying to hurt anyone’s feelings. That’s another reason why I think she’s lying.

      • He wasn’t really seeing Brooke though…

        • So he wasn’t seeing Brooke? I don’t understand then.

          • Not really. I think he liked her briefly but it didn’t go very far or for very long. She was dating someone else in 83/84 too.

      • Yeah but according to Slash, just when MJ was supposedly seeing LMP, he was seeing Brooke. & around the same time, he was also supposedly courting June Chandler, so you really never know. & as for Brooke, we don’t really know what type of relationship or understanding they had, it could’ve been just about anything.

    • WOW, that’s actually a very sound theory! I’ll have to let it simmer for a moment though.

  6. This makes me upset about MJ’s life. He should have gone with his own choices, his own opinions and feelings. This man lived his life in a fishbowl, because those around him convinced him that women couldn’t be trusted,or that his career should go this way. And at the end, they benefitted from it, and he’s dead. Sad. That makes me sick, to think that those around him over the years didn’t just want him to be happy. Him and Katherine said that he would have to marry a woman that has as much money as him, or fame. MJ should have openly dated women he wanted, and not care about the consequences. I know some hate on Ola Ray but obviously there was something between them. He should have pursued it,atleast in private. But he had a thing about pleasing people, and poor Ola wasn’t the “all american type”. MJ life should teach all these celebs to just live their lives, cuz no matter what, the media will take you down.

    • I think MJ was a lot stronger than fans give him credit for, at the end of the day he made his own decisions in life. & I think many fans tend to trivialize & black&white the complexities of people, human interaction & the entertainment industry. Just because 1 group is banging very loudly, making loud negative salacious noises, does not make them true. remember that the very same thing was done to MJ & the mob mentality took over in siding with the louder voice, let’s be more cautious now shall we?

  7. MJ didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling, but let’s be real and honest about this thing. MJ was a young adult male. He had a playboy model trying her hardest to get with him, and he was attracted to her, what makes people think that MJ was so sweet and serene that he didn’t have intimate moments with Ola. why? because Ola finally admits to it, or because he was so in love with Brooke at the time? Please MJ people have came out and said that Brooke was more into him,than he was into her. He even said that Brooke would ask him out, he never asked her out, because he was too shy. Be honest, noone knew the real MJ, M and Ola flirted with each other. His own family came out and said that him and Brooke weren’t serious he was dating other people. MJ loved that attention Ola was giving him, and he most likely played on it. He could have had people to tell him when Brooke came on the set, or told her what time to come up there as not to get caught.

  8. I think Brooke was just his PR girlfriend.

    • I think it was the opposite, hewas herPR boyfriend 😉

    • I agree.

  9. All I want to say is : What did Latoya say. We all know she lied about the family abuse and the child molestation garbage, but did she lie about the other stuff, I think not.

    • What do you mean?

      • LaToya’s book is up on Jetzi, complete.

  10. that I agree with you about their relationship.Using articles and latoya book as a reference.


    • Okay and that’s another thing – MJ went celibate from 1983-1986. Which actually makes her story more convincing to me ’cause if she said they’d fucked I woulda side eyed it ’cause I heard he gave that up.

      I think MJ just said that because he didn’t want to hurt her feelings – he always did stuff like that LOL Said that but at the same time got his groove on 😉 There was another on-off lady in the picture at the time and he also had his torch for Diana Ross going on. So he coulda just been trying to not get too caught up with that.

  12. so you are saying that he just didn’t want to have sex with her, and was playing mind games with her, I can’t believe that. cuz that would be cruel and unusual punishment.

    • Not sure about mind games, but I think he wanted to fool around with her, just not have anything serious. So when he realized she was really into him, he tried to let her down with a gentleman type reason. Maybe he was hoping she’d like this other guy and forget about him.

      I’m sure he made sure she was satisfied a little 😉 Which brings us back to the foreplay thing… yeah, Ola says he knew what he was doing.

  13. So basically MJ was only sexually/physically into her, that’s it. Do you think that because she was in Playboy, he had the preconceived idea that he could be with her with no strings attached. But didn’t she say that she visited him in the studio during the BAD era? He should have told her.

    • She also said when she visited him in the studio that she kissed [never once said it was on the cheek].

      But yeah, I agree with rock, he was real into her, but when he saw that she was gettin’ a bit TOO into him he let her down easy.

      You guys remember what he said in the Rabbi Tapes, right, about when he chose his video girls he had to be into them, but they tended to get too serious or fall in love, and he didn’t want to take things that far [something of that nature].

      Quite frankly, I think his video girls were obviously chicks that he was into physically, and we all know how he’d get all flirty with them [telling Tatiana that she had a sexy walk], unintentionally leading them on with whatever he was doing to them in his trailer ;].

      I completely believe that MJ was a drug, all the ladies that got a hit, and still lovin’ him hard today [Ola, Tatiana, etc.] or are REAL bitter [Lisa, Sheryl, Debbie].

      Hope you don’t mind my interrupting.


      • “I completely believe that MJ was a drug, all the ladies that got a hit”


    • Well, didn’t she say that she was on another studio beside his & she visited him then? Not exactly that she went to the Bad studio just to visit him?

      • Yeah, she just said she was in aother studio, but I think that I read somewhere it was during the Bad sessions, so yeah.

  14. Now this may sound weird to some, but what happen between Ola and MJ seem really sexy to me. This is my take. Ola and MJ have instant sexual chemistry, obviously, and so mj being discombobulated with her, gives he clues, having fonda, write the note, and telling ola to take it to mj, and to kiss him. mj asks for the kiss. and then the make out sessions in the trailer, the flirting with her on the set, and telling people how attracted he was to her. now, let’s take this a bit further. isn’t possible that even though mj told ola that he couldn’t date her because someone else liked her, and he couldn’t go there, but in the back of his mind, i bet mj was like, i could have ola anytime i wanted to have her and can take her as my girlfriend, all the while looking at the person who had the crush. that had to be an ego- booster for him. i wonder if mj flirted with ola in front of the person. and the person who had the crush on ola had to be naive, to think that mj was just this playful man-child who was innocent. so unless ola and mj was real quiet, or the trailer walls were sound proof, than anyone walking by would have heard the sounds from it. i know you said that mj probably told her that, so she wouldn’t get caught up, but come on, i’m not buying that. ola stopped from telling everything. now the story between ola and mj is one sexy story. too bad mj didn’t make her his girlfriend, they would have been hot, and people wouldn’t have looked at him as a man boy. and the thing that I must commend Ola on, is that she didn’t describe him as asexual,she’s actually making MJ come out as the P.I.M.P. in this situation. Who carries a torch for almost 30 years ? now that’s game.

    • Sorry but I’m not buying this from Ola. To me she is lying. And it’s not because I don’t want to believe that Michael fooled around once and awhile, but really she strikes me as kind of regretful that she didn’t get to have the relationship that she wanted with MJ. So she goes and tells a few white lies to make her story interesting. Now she talking about 2nd and maybe 3rd base. WTF what you mean maybe 3rd base. 3rd base is touching of the genitalia. What part about that is she guessing about? She’s just riding off the media’s fascination with Michael’s personal life and sex life after his death. I find her comments silly and immature. She seems to still have the mind of a 22 year old. I just wish Janet would come out and tell the truth. At this point she’s the only one I would believe 100%.

      • Janet will never talk about any of his private life publically. Some people online who do know her do blab though…

        • I know and that’s why I would believe her over anyone else because if she did decide to say something I know it would be truthful. If push came to shove though I’m sure Janet would come to defend her brother. It will happen one day. I wish she would write a book and it doesn’t have to be of an explicit nature. Just to confirm some things is all I would want.

          • I know Janet knows things, probably a lot because she could keep a secret, but I can’t see her ever revealing anything publically unfortunately….

            She might write a book when she’s 80 or something… I think a lot of the Jacksons will hit the memoir trail in like 10-20 years…

      • Janet? Trust Janet? I’d trust Joe, LaToya & Jermaine combined over Janet! Please!

        • & I don’t think MJ was open about his sexuality to any of his sisters, my personal opinion of course.

          • Janet knows up until Mike left for Neverland in 88. Mike and Janet were super close.

            She alludes to knowing about things;

            Blender 2001

            BLENDER: Tell me something about Michael that will surprise me.
            JACKSON: [Looks at me for what feels like a very long time] I don’t know. I don’t knowwwww. That will surprise you? I can’t think of anything. There are a lot of things I could tell you that would probably surprise you, but I don’t think it’s really anyone’s business.

            But given that most people are surprised by the bits of his behavior that they’ve heard about, what’s most likely to be
            surprising is something that’s completely banal.
            I don’t know. I don’t want to talk about that. I don’t want to talk about it.

            [Silent, still looking expectant]
            [Laughs] I don’t know! I don’t want to get into talking about my brother.…People say all this bullshit about him being this and that, and all the negative stuff. But the truth is, honestly, he’s a great guy. And he’s one of the most giving people I have ever met. In my life. Now, you see, that’s like…

            I’m not finding that surprising.
            See? That’s what I’m saying. I’m sorry I’m boring you, but…he’s a great guy. But that’s not surprising.

            Well, you tried.
            No, I didn’t try. There are a lot of things I could talk about that would be surprising to you, but it’s nobody’s business.

            [Laughs] I can think of a couple of things…but I…can’t. It’s too private.

            [Silent, looking patiently expectant]
            No! I can’t! It’s too private! That’s way out of line! I’m his sister. I’ve got my brother’s back. I’m sorry.

            All the brothers liked to brag.

            • The thing though is on another interview she describes MJ as being young or implied his naivete about sex at 21. I think most of what she knows of MJ’s sexuality came from 2nd hand accounts, through LMP or the brothers. She wasn’t even in speaking terms with him when she made than interview. & I honestly don’t trust her to tell the ‘truth’. She has an agenda, another opinion of mine of course.

              • LOL from LMP????

                From when MJ was a kid till he left to Neverland she knows a lot. I doubt she’ll ever speak much about it though, she’s as private as he was. But privately she talks. She was as freaky as he was, MJ always said they were the most alike.

                • I guess I just don’t think she has 1st hand info, bec she knew MJ as a little kid when they were close & she described him as an innocent naive boy with sex. Well, LMP did have sex with MJ, so she is privy to his sexual habits.

  15. why do people assume Janet would know anything about Ola and Mj intimate encounters? They were brother and sister, I seriously doubt, MJ would tell his sister about getting it poppin in his trailer, and if she did, why would she go to the media, and be like, My brother MJ was getting some from Ola Ray in his trailer, and he said, blah blah. That doesn’t sound right, Janet has never divulged anything about MJ personal life. She never mentioned his disease, and she knew before her other siblings.

    Back to Ola , she could be telling truth, she said she kept a journal. And what’s the big deal, Ola is making MJ out to actually be the man in this situation. He flirts with her, and then when SHE WANTS TO GO FURTHER, he tells her no because someone on the set likes her, and didn’t want to basically hurt them. But he still does things with her. So, in other words, I want you on the physical level, … She is still sprung after 28 years. How is she lying, it’s like she said that MJ was her man. All she said was that they had private time, and that they were supposed to meet up in Vegas, but never did. Once again people are speculating on something that they have no first hand knowledge of. I believe Ola.

    • Janet knows things, the brothers liked to talk and Mike liked to brag.

      She would never publically talk about it though.

      • How do you know MJ liked to brag? LOL! Spill it girl!

    • My brother tells me things all the time. He doesn’t say it in an explicit nature but he will brag about women he slept with in a funny way. Kind of like how Will Smith used to act on the Fresh Prince. That’s how my brother is and he’s 4 years older than me. I’m sure Janet knows something and like I said before I wouldn’t expect her to describe things in explicit detail, that would be weird.

      And is that all you think about? Somebody making him out to be a man? We know he was a man!! I’m just looking for truths. You would rather have potential lies instead of the truth as long as it makes Michael look like a man? I believe Ola is just adding new things every time she opens her mouth. Sorry but I get a sense of fakeness in her. First she said nothing happened, then it was make out sessions, now it’s 2nd base maybe 3rd. Are you people serious? I just want the truth and to me Ola is way too desperate for an affiliation with Michael other than just business.

  16. I believe Ola because two people collaborated her story that was there on the set, that would have seen MJ and Ola in his trailer. And sure she changed her story, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Maybe , she wants to help his legacy by dispelling those nasty rumors about MJ being asexual or homosexual. If she was lying, I seriously doubt that his nephews would willingly take pictures with her. She has no reason to lie about MJ, it’s not like she was ordered to testify during the trial. And of course she would want the attention that comes with telling her story.They were young adults attracted to each other, and he was MJ who wouldn’t want the world to know that there was chemistry between them.

  17. I’m looking for truths as well, but the fact of the matter is that Michael Jackson was plagued by nasty rumors of being asexual, gay , pedophile, eunuch, etc. those images destroyed his credibility with alot of people, even though it wasn’t true at all. So, when women come out and say surprising information such as Ola’s testimony that is a good thing and needs to be addressed. I’m interested in truths, and that is why I believe Ola because people on the set have collaborated her story. Yeah I’m interested in stories discussing his manhood, because he was destroyed by those hateful rumors. I, believe the truths as those that spent time with him and talked to him, rather than heresay from people that never talked to him on an intimate level.

    • That doesn’t sound like looking for truths. That seems more like looking for any story that’s going to dispel the rumors that MJ was gay and what not. I know he wasn’t gay. I know people are always trying to label him as gay and it’s refreshing to hear things like this. But people like Ola know that there are so many fans looking for these types of stories. Just like that one chick, I forget her name because she’s not important but she was on that vh1 special saying she was Mj’s pen pal and now she’s writing books talking about they had sex. They are playing off the fact that we tend to go ahead and believe these things because it is in fact what we want to hear. We buy their books and they make money off of us. I used to believe everything I heard from these crazy women too but now I’ve narrowed it down to getting the juicy info from either Diana Ross or Janet. The chances of that are slim but at least I know they wouldn’t lie. I’m not here for these obsessed liars playing off of the fans like that. Maybe I could believe Ola if her story was consistent. She changes it too much for me. There’s a video on youtube of her doing an interview and she saying she wishes she would’ve kissed him on the lips or something like that.

      • I agree with you. Ola’s been too inconsistent for me to believe this latest version of events being told after he’s passed away. He did obviously think she was attractive, which she was. However, I think she’s engaging in some opportunistic embellishment of their limited interaction decades ago, much like some of the other women.

        • Exactly, she always used to say she wished she had did more with him. In another interview I think it was for the 25th anniversary of Thriller (I’m not sure) but it went along the lines of “if I would’ve known better I would’ve kissed him right on the lips.”

          • Do you have a link to this story? I’ve never heard this.

  18. What I’m saying is that there is a possibility that she is telling the truth, because she was there with MJ. Sure, she changed her story, but MJ had change stories alot as well.

    • I guess we can agree to disagree. I wasn’t there so I don’t know if she’s lying either. I’m just speculating that she is because her story has been inconsistent and the fact that she always wished she had done more with him makes me believe that she’s just basically telling people what she wished she would’ve done and giving the info out as facts.

  19. @rockforeveron July 16, 2010 at 4:11 pm

    I’ve been looking for it. I haven’t seen it again. I don’t know if it was a written interview or a video. But all I remember is they asked her did she get to kiss Michael on the lips and she said no I was so young I didn’t know any better. But if I could do it again I would’ve kissed him right on the lips. Maybe you can find it. You’re much better at this than me. When I find things like that, I don’t even think to save the link or anything like that.

  20. This is very interesting.Now i am confused did Ola say her and Michael made out? wow i didn’t know he was into that type of kissing.

    I also want too Thank you for making this website i have learned so many things about Michael that i thought i would never know.. Thank you so much 🙂

  21. Me too … we’e all addicted to his drug

  22. i heard that michael and ola had a romance but they were secretive about it. that’s why no one knew




  24. i kinda believe ola. i wish they wouldve done more just i could read about it. a girl can dream cant she? i belive that she really liked him but i think its pretty f’d up that she sued him and he helped her broke ass. im just saying. when she was ass out he helped her and she sued him like right before he ….left us… 😥 but oh well… such is life.

  25. I don’t believe Ola. She is too inconsistent. She had 25+ years to say something….anything….why now? She has given many interviews over the years and never even hinted that anything happend before. Ola sued Michael in 2009 for royalties and now she is writing a book. I guess I am suspicious of anyone who has something to sell. She has been trying to get money from Michael for many years now.

  26. I believe her. She seems sincere and truly loves Michael. Michael was a man, and at the time a young man with normal, sexual feelings for women he was attracted to. Also put into consideration that he was a JW, and I am sure that weighted allot on his shoulders, when making the decision not to go all the way with Ola. Next, he wasn’t in love with her, so i am sure that had something with it too. i give Ola allot of credit; she could have gone on every tv show, and talked about her encounter with Michael, like Tatianna did, or made it look like Michael was her “boyfriend”..She doesn’t exaggerate. In fact, she seems to be holding back allot of information. As far as saying one thing-and then saying another-at another time..This could be her conscious..she probably didn’t want to say anything at all! And then decided too. I get happy hearing about Michael’s experiences with women. Although I always knew that he was a normal man, when it comes to his sexuality..It is always good to be valided. Michael really never found his true soulmate. Lisa Marie was not his true soulmate. She couldn’t even understand his genius, let alone his heart to help heal the world. I do believe that loved each other. But it was not the kind of love tha is forever..it was not in that spiritual level. Michael was a beautiful, unique- genius, who was so spiritually connected to God, it would have took a woman of equal spiritual essence and the same intersts in life, for him to have found her. Mcihael was an extremely rare jewel he never found her, because he never met her. Maybe his twinflame is still down here..and Michael is watching from above is just waiting patiently..RIP, Michael, you were a gift for God. thank you for showing us what LOVE is all about..

  27. People say that she’s lying. If that’s the case, why is it that recently, Ola and his nephews are seen in pics together? If there was bad blood between MJ and Ola? For all we know, MJ could have paid Ola to say that she was suing him, just for a story, since his concerts were coming up. MJ was known for concoting stories and selling it to the tabloids. I.E. The hyperbaric chamber story. The tabloid show proof that MJ sold them the story.

    For Ola to give the interview in tears, there’s alot that she’s not saying.

    Ola had twitter at one point, and she was being attacked by another twitter. The person was telling her that she and Mj never had a relationship. Ola was like, you don’t know about me and MJ relationship. She no longer has that account, but you can still read her tweets.

  28. I wish that i was d one that danced thriller with michael. To tell u d truth i am really in luv with him. And ola were so beautiful in that video . I really admire u a lot. And i wish that what happened btw u and michael that night would happen to me. I mean, i would be chosen to play d role of being his girl. But this time will fall in luv with me, in reality and he will ask me to marry him. I really admire u alot and u are my role model.

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