1980 :: Jane Fonda

December 2, 2009

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  1. So about this skinny-dipping with Jane…and staying in her cabin for about a month. Where can we find out more?

    • LOL if someone has the edition of Golden Pond with her commentary she talks about his skinny dipping there. I don’t have it, but I’d love for anyone who does have it to transcribe that part. 😉

  2. I bet MJ skinny dipped & did a whole lot more to a harem of women we will never even here about! I think MJ purposely played only w/ Tatum as a publicity stunt, she was too young for his taste I think, Maybe it was the older gals he relished? Someone on an MJ board suggested MJ had a thing going w/ Liz Taylor behind the scenes, I admit every single 1 of us were shocked by the suggestion as she was an older woman who looked her age when she met MJ. But the poster had suggested why would MJ look for a ‘mother figure’ in the older women he surrounded himself w/ if his own mother was supposedly an ‘angel’? Maybe these ‘mother figures’ were in fact the very women he was attracted to? Didn’t La Toya find a naked pic of another older lady in MJ’s drawers back in NY?

    • Don’t forget his porn mags, “Over 50” “44 Plus” I don’t think Diana Ross was the only older woman he had a thing for…

    • I wondered about the mother figures too? Was he trying to make Diana jealous or was he looking for a celeb mother?????

  3. She was a fake ass bitch. After he died she said she couldn’t understand why he wanted to be her friend. WTF why didn’t you ask him that question back in 1983? Oh yeah she was too busy kissing his ass all because he was the biggest star on the planet with zero haters then.

    • Im glad you pointed that out, that kinda bothered me when she said that! I thought that was kinda cruel too! I mean you would think if someone younger than you went out their way to befriend you that you wouldn’t question it & be a good friend to them. & how I didn’t like & wonder what she meant by saying, he had his demons or issues-I hope she wasn’t hinting around that she felt he was an pedo or drug addict-if that ever comes up that’s what she meant on MJ. She’s most definetely off my list & I won’t watch my fave flim of hers,’Barefoot in the Park’-anymore! 😦

  4. Jane Fonda made so many enemies because in 1972 because she went to North Vietnam while the U.S. was at war there and made statements to the enemy. She is still known as “Hanoi Jane” for that. I’ve even seen bumper stickers in the last few years that still say “I’m not Fonda Hanoi Jane”.

  5. yeh, i heard jane fonda say tht she had an idea mike tried 2 seduce her or wanted 2 x i wouldnt blame him jane fonda was soo pretty in her time x

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