Glenda Transcript 4-1

November 11, 2009





  1. well im black… and in this transcript i got very defenseive when mike told glenda he wrote her a poem and he didnt wanna potray himself as a typical “nigger” i felt like wtf ” typical nigger” my ass cause he was never one to begin with so who is he to say or even relate to what he is talking about… because he wouldnt know he dont blend in with the real world and his lifestyle was far from typical and as for the nigger part i feel that when mike did all those interivews when the question came up as him being black or whatever he lied beaucse if you had so much pride than a “typical nigger” wouldnt be a thought in his head cause its disepectful,igronant,and sterotypical …. and the sad part about that its that glenda didnt even check him on it…. she should at least said something to correct him like mike “whats that suppose to mean” if she would of did that she would of been a true friend cause friends are suppose to correct the areas where you either lack or where your wrong at…. BOTTEM LINE HE TOOK THAT QUOTE TO GOT DAMN FAR..you lost mad repect / cool points from me Michael Jackson

    • You’re taking it against MJ basing it on a shady highly edited audio? OK.

  2. Man, the convos he has with Glenda are so mundane. I wonder what poem that was? Also, why would Glenda imply they haven’t talked in a while when the last convo was a day or at the most 3 days ago? From July 11th to the 12th-14th?

    • She was joking about not having spoken to him in a while.

  3. I swear when they are talking about the room where Michael sleeps, it sounds to me like they are talking in code. It sounds like they are not really talking about what it seems like they are on the surface. from the part when Michael ask Glenda “are you in my bed?” to the part when Glenda says “I cant believe you like something so ordinary” that whole thing to me seemed like a front for something else, but i could be reading too much in to it that’s just my opinion.

    • Im agree with you. that part is a little rare…

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