Glenda Transcript: 1-4

November 8, 2009





  1. Thanks for posting this !
    is this the complete conversation? because it seems like you let out some parts ( because of the numbers ) and is the story true about that ‘S’ girl? Is it also in the conversation you didn’t post? please answer 🙂 big blankets!

    • Hey, I posted all the transcripts for the audio that is available.

      The S thing… there’s no freely available audio if it exists, people claim to have some audio where he talks about her but they refuse to share it which is suspicious. The transcripts people have posted where he talks about her have a lot of discrepencies so I’m 95% sure they’re faked. There might be truth in them but it’s hard to know for sure because of all the mess surrounding them unfortunately.

  2. Wow it was very interesting to read all parts of the conversation… But my question is where did you get them from? I mean there are like 4 parts in Youtube but I didn’t know about the others… My question is: Are you sure that this is really Michael? When I heard the voice in these Youtube parts… I think it’s him for sure. It’s hard to confuse his voice.:)
    I know it’s a private conversation, I even felt a little bad for reading the private things of MJ but it was so interesting though!
    So thank very much for sharing!
    Love Michael!

    P.S: Sorry, my english is not very good but i hope you will understand what i wanted to say. \\//

    • I included a link to a place you could download all the conversations with each transcript. Here’s another link to download them:

      password: Mike

      The youtube versions are just abbreviated versions of these, these are the original. It’s definitely Mike.

      • Thank you sooo much!!! 🙂

  3. Ok, just started to red this now. I held off for so long listening to it last year because I felt like I was intruding on MJ’s privacy, finally gave in & downloaded the one’s off YT (the 4 parter that started with MJ’s dad) & another that started with the ‘spotted dick’ from a sharing site. So I guess this version is the full complete one then? Bec the other 2 I had started off on different points.

    • I downloaded your audio & just realized it’s the same as mine, except I have the 4-6 mp3 as well, & you’s only ends in 4-5. Girl, where did you get the earlier transcript before the ‘spotted dick’ part?

  4. Hi, I can’t download the audio as the website just apperas “This service is temporarily not available from your service area.” Can you give me other links available?

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