Glenda Transcript 4-5

November 7, 2009





  1. So who’s this Melissa who was a coordinator & involved with the band that was on MJ’s previous tour – Bad- but wasn’t on Dangerous?

    Also, what’s up with Glenda when MJ is confessing his fears of love & loneliness & she keeps cutting him & won’t let go of that 1 cultural expression?

    • Melissa wasn’t on the Bad tour. She was just supposed to be on the Dangerous tour, but then wasn’t.

      MJMedia/Mysteries/Bestever is the one who made up it meant she was on the Bad tour. But she’s so wrong about everything. LOL

      • “G: Is she going on tour with you?

        M: No… Not anymore………. ”

        ^^^But doesn’t that imply that they were on tour once but not anymore? So I assumed it would’ve been Bad, as it was the previous tour to Dangerous. I didn’t get this from MJMedia btw, just my assumption from above. So it’s your understanding that what MJ meant by ‘not anymore’ was that she wasn’t going to be on the Dangerous tour anymore, not that she was ever on tour before? So who’s your theory as to this Melissa?

        • “Not anymore” means that she was going to be going on the Dangerous tour with him, but for whatever reason she no longer was. If she’d been on the Bad tour he would’ve said something like “not this tour.” He’s talking about her not going on this tour with him but “anymore” suggests she’d previously been going. I wonder if it was because of work that she couldn’t come with him anymore.

          Nobody can figure out who she is. He seems pretty over it when talking to Glenda when he’s on the tour and then by 1993 he’s hanging out with Brooke/June/Lisa.

          • Ok, thanks.

            BTW, just to add, some posters were commenting that the Jackson’s not threatening demeanor was indicative of them being ‘damaged’. I’d like to offer another POV, in many cultures, being non-threatening is encouraged & considered healthy. Actually, to have a ‘threatening’ facade in other cultures is seen as being more damaged that 1 not looking to aggress. I think in the West you equate strength & normalcy to aggression, & this isn’t necessarily so. I’ll give 2 very very blatant examples: Manny Pacquiao & Jet Lee. If you watch the interviews of these guys, they come across as very humble, comical, & very very non-threatening. But make no mistake, if you do post a serious threat, they can take you out very very easily. So IMO, MJ & the bros non-threatening facade is indicative of their upbringing from Katherine, & I find it admirable really, I don’t see it as a clue that reinforces that they are damaged or molested.

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