Glenda Transcript 2-1

November 6, 2009





  1. WOW, I haven’t downloaded the audio for this 1 yet here because 1-4 is taking so long. But I wonder if Glenda understood hat MJ was trying to tell her? This was a sad entry for me, tanks for posting the transcript. It’s different reading something sequential or something that was making sense.

  2. You know, in all the pics of MJ in the 00s, especially those highly airbrushed jet/ebony mags, I never found him as beautiful on there as the candid unairbrushed pics taken of him around that time, from 2002-2009.

  3. I am sad for him too; to be so lonely and misunderstood and with a Father like Joe and a mother like Katherine( she’s suspect too). This dude was so underappreicated.

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