Glenda Transcript 2-2

November 4, 2009





  1. IDK about this, how long was Glenda & MJ recorded? It was during the Bad tour? Why would Sam record them for so long? Very fishy to me. Of course, I’m just reading this, haven’t listened in a while since downloading is taking forever. & what does he mean about dealing with Anorexia during Bad? Wasn’t that tour MJ at his healthiest? I know he hated eating 3x/day but he did it & it was the time he stopped being a vegetarian & ate meat & proteins.

    • They talked during the Dangerous tour. You can see above that the year is written when these conversations were being taped. it’s in early 90s. Like 91 and 92.
      And the Anorexia thing… I didn’t know he dealt with it back then, too. Probably he really didn’t like to eat, he said it during an interview, so this could cause problems. It’s good he overcame it successfully!

      • Oh, I was referring to the convo after that, that 1 stating it was sometime after the Bad tour. So I’m assuming these convos were around 1989 to 1992? Who tapes convos for 3 years? As for the anorexia, IDK, maybe but maybe not. He is a dancer afterall, an athlete & these types are usually very particular about their weight or health. I’m a bit too wary about calling it anorexia, I’m not an American or a Westerner, but I find sometimes people who are particular about their weight or health are too easily called anorexic or something. They can’t just be without the exaggerated labels sometimes.

        • If he was dangerously anorexic I guess I would’ve assumed it was during Thriller or maybe TII, but BAD MJ had a lot of meat in his bones, he stopped being a vegetarian around that time too.

          • I think he might’ve just meant an eating disorder, but after his death showed signs of autoimmune disease in his stomach I’ve wondered if perhaps eating was just uncomfortable for him sometimes, especially during flare ups.

  2. How would you guys KNOW how or what he was eating? It’s not like you lived with him or anything.

  3. anorexics are not always thin, they’re often just disordered in their eating habits & body image

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