Glenda Transcript 3-1

November 1, 2009





  1. What are tehy talking about here? “are the baby moving?” What does he mean when he asks that?

    • It sounds like Michael is in a relationship with someone and Sam is cracking a joke about the possibility of this girl getting pregnant so Mike laughs and says that he’s careful, there won’t be any babies.

  2. Ahh, thank you. Do you have any guess who that could be? The woman who cheated on him?

  3. The beginning part is rather creepy. The DH campers would love to read this part I’m sure.

    But this transcript is so edited & cut, it’s hard to take it seriously. Everything is out of context, you don’t really know what you’re reading. It can be made to look or read like anything, like the Bashir interview. & I’m not feeling this guy, nor his wife, hard to believe MJ would confess so much to people who hardly say anything. & from what I’ve heard MJ always had his radar up, especially around adults, & their responses from these transcripts or the audio seem very shallow & superficial. I’m just not feeling any of these Glenda transcripts at all.

    • DH? MJ had his radar up around some people, but he would suss people out, it seems he felt fairly comfortable with Glenda. Sam he is much more held back with, he seems very alert with Sam, careful with what he’s saying.

      But he was still holding back stuff, he even tells her that later “there was some shit I didn’t want you to know.”

      But the transcripts are real, the audio is real…

      • DH- Death Hoax

        I’ve read it from various accounts of him, there was also a vid on it on YT I believe. What do you mean by he would ‘suss people out’? What does the term mean?

        I didn’t say the audio/transcripts are fake, I meant they’re were heavily edited to paint a particular pic of MJ. Like Bashir’s doc, the vid is clearly real, not fake, but still heavily edited. Which is why I’m not taking the Glenda transcripts too seriously tbh, I just don’t trust it is all.

        • He would figure people out, see if they were on his level. People like the Cascio’s, Teddy Riley, Frank Dileo, Steve Manning, he dropped his guard around.

          He only played the KOP role for people who couldn’t handle anything else.

  4. I dont understand this part. Who hell is Sam??? What happen with Glenda??? MJ doesn`t very comfortable with this woman.

    • Sam is Glenda’s husband, you can’t hear his deep masculine voice?

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